or the stubble

Back when older paladin designs were trending I sketched this little number and my darling @poopue colored it so beautifully. It’s been sitting in my drafts for at least a month so I did some minor edits on it and here it is. 

I don’t know I put Lance like 27 and Pidge 24 here ??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I found some overlays and masks that I like.  I also recategorized them so they weren’t all in the same skin section and can be used with other stuff.

The difference is subtle but I like subtle!  First screen is with the new overlay, lips, and nose things.  Second is without it.  I don’t think I like the overlay on the guy, it wiped the details of his face out.

The stubble is by Baufive and I changed it from makeup to a skin detail.  Since it’s not a beard, it can be combined with other beards.

You know what? Straight up. I love the respect we all collectively have for Mark Tuan. I love how we as aghase sit here and literally encourage Mark to be the quiet type. I love the encouragement and support we give him for just being him. I love the love that his band members -his brothers- give him for being the quiet one. I love how everyone looks at Mark when he speaks and actually listens because he’s actually speaking because he has something to say.

I love Mark Tuan because I relate to him. I love Mark Tuan because GOT7 would not be GOT7 without him. I love Mark Tuan because he worked hard for where he is. I love Mark Tuan because he hasn’t changed since he became an idol. I love Mark Tuan because he is Mark Tuan. He’s important. Not just pretty. But smart, and kind, and funny. He slays every day as well. Like damn bby you pretty af always. **stubble Mark wrecks my bias every single time**

~Jade Out~ ✌✌


She’d never been to his new apartment before, but the moment she’d entered the building she could tell it was going to be extremely nice.

The door was left open for her and she walked in to find him…

He’d gotten rid of the stubble and cut his long hair off, and looked exactly like the day she’d first met him. Of course on top of that his shirt was left unbuttoned. As he gets closer she notices his hair is wet, and the heavy scent of cologne hits her nose.

Neptune: “You look…fresh.”
Revan: *Laughs* I’ve been called worse.“
Neptune: "I can’t believe you spend all that time growing your hair, only to chop it off.”
Revan: “I was asked to for a shoot. *shrugs* Just hair.”
Neptune: “You mean the shoot? Which I’m going to be assisting in?”
Revan: “Bingo. Can I get you a drink? Or water.”

He pulled her closer for a hug and she instantly wrapped her arms around him, wanting to feel the warmth of his body. Her face was pressed against his bare chest and after standing there hugging him for much longer than necessary, she scowled.

Neptune: “Put a shirt on while you at it.”
Revan: *Grins* Technically, I’m wearing one.“
Neptune: "Then why can I see your nipples?”
Revan: “You like my nipples.”
Neptune: *Sigh* Yeah. You have any whip cream?“
Revan: *Bursts out laughing*
Neptune: *Trying not to smile*
Revan: "Sadly no. But I’m sure we can find a recipe.”

Facial hair? On women? Amazing! Shaved facial hair? Great! Stubble? Fantastic! Thick hair? Awesome! Don’t let anyone make you feel like less of a woman if you have any kind of facial hair. This goes for cis and trans women.

I saved you a seat.

“Oli, Oli, Oli,” Oliver just smiled as he let Marcus’ a very very drunk Marcus pull him into the circle of his arms as he sat on the stool at the bar.

All around them people were going mad with dancing about and cheers. Oliver couldn’t fault them the world cup was a brutal match this year and for the fist time in a long time Oliver himself hadn’t had to play. While Marcus brought his team to victory.

“Alright love what do you say we get you home hm?” Trailing a hand down Marcus’ stubble covered cheek and the keeper just grinned himself. He loved seeing Marcus happy enough to be so…free with his affection.

“I saved you a seat, though,” The chaser actually pouted. It was distracting enough that Oliver took a second to realize there were no other stools around.

A chuckle. “Oh yea and where’s that supposed to be?”

“On my dick-” Marcus yelped as he was shoved back and off his own seat.  

“Oh Merlins tit-” Oliver cursed as he hurried to try and get Marcus back up and on the stool. He will absolutely deny the fact the stupid joke made him shove his boyfriend off the stool. He will deny it till the day he dies.

Inktober 031: scruffy, long-haired college boyfriends for @notallballs, who is the worst and the best all at once <3

Tools: Zig Cartoonist Sumi Ink, a dip pen with a Manuscript Leonardt Drawing Nip (DP801), Strathmore Bristol Board, Copic Opaque White