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At first i was angry. Then i grew depressed. I didn’t know if i could accept this new life. I pulled away from God. I questioned His goodness and His love for me and figured He wasn’t going to answer my prayers, anyway. But eventually i realized i couldn’t face this trial without God. I finally poured out my heart to Him and asked Him to help me handle my losses well. To show me how joyful my dependence could look. To give me grace to deal with whatever i was given.
—  The Scars That Have Shaped Me

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....i'm asking about your headcanons about elves

you are an amazing person, truly. 

(these are all about elves in my interpretation of the Silmarillion btw, which honestly only uses the canon as something like a guideline :D )

- physically, elves are huge. A short elf is still going to be over 6 feet.  Thingol is close to 9 feet tall, Maedhros and Turgon are pushing 8 feet. The half-elves may be a bit shorter, but they’d still be incredibly tall compared to men. 

- You know Dragon Age II? as far as i’m concerned, that is a GOOD elvish design. i like the almost cat-like face shapes. That said, i take it further bc, as you’ve probably seen in my art, i HC elvish eyes as being all one colour. The calaquendi have incredibly bright coloured eyes, whereas the moriquendi have very dark eyes with just a bit of colour around the iris. All elves have cat-like eyes, so they reflect light. bc that’s cool. Also, the EARS. The only elf in the movies with decent elvish ears is Tauriel, just saying.

- elves are incredibly telepathic. Galadriel talking telepathically with Gandalf at the same time as talking normally with Elrond and Saruman? totally normal. Most elves have a level of mental shielding - for lack of a better description - so that they don’t hear EVERYTHING. There’s also a level of empathy going on, so it’s pretty hard to hide your emotions around elves. Some are mentally stronger than others, e.g. Maeglin, as shown through this:  “Then he called him Maeglin, which is Sharp Glance, for he perceived that the eyes of his son were more piercing than his own, and his thought could read the secrets of hearts beyond the mist of words.” and this is Maeglin as a 12yo. Honestly. I also headcanon Caranithir (and i’m pretty sure i got this from a fic but) as being incredibly telepathic but not having much control, especially around mortals. Hence why he is in a bad mood all the time.

- The telepathy thing also accounts for how clannish elves are. This is based off a Maori concept of relationships, so i’ll try to explain (and this is an incredibly simplified explanation, i’m sorry). The Whanau is your close family, including extended kin such as cousins / aunts / uncles. Your Hapu is, for lack of a better description, your community. Your Iwi is your clan (or the canoe you trace your lineage from but that won’t apply to elves bc, you know, immortal). So if we take Feanor as an example, his whanau is the House of Noldoran, his Hapu would be his House and all the elves pledged to him personally, and his Iwi would be the Noldor. It’s not perfect and i need to think about it more, but essentially what i’m trying to say here is that clan ties are very important to elves and it’s more than just blood or allegiance, there’s a mental link there too. 

- each Iwi (again, using the maori term due to a lack of quenya) has an affinity to some element of the natural world. I.e the Teleri are tied to the seas, the Sindar to the woods, the Noldor to the stone. This affinity affects their magic. For example, the sindar /sylvan elves woke the trees and taught them to speak, can weave enchantments and illusions through their forests (see Eol and Thranduil), can generally speak to the birds and animals with ease. 

- also, although i tend to draw elves of as many skin colours and races as i can, i tend to base the aesthetic of each iwi on the aesthetics of cultures that i admire here in the real world. So the noldor are based off Indian aesthetics, with the bright colours, lots of jewellery, sari, etc. The Teleri are based off polynesian, the sindar off Maori, etc. Currently the Vanyar are based entirely off the Netherfield Ball scene in Pride and Prejudice (2005) but that will probably change. 

- Now i know Tolkien said that elves don’t really have magic, but really, fuck that. I want elves who are so incredibly magical by nature that mortals can’t comprehend it. i want elvish magic based in music and song. I want the noldor to sing power into their fortresses to enhance the strength of stone. I want elvish forges that burn hotter and stronger because of the magic sung there, and elvish weapons that can never be replicated because of the unique nature of the music that enchanted them. i want elves who can casually call on fire, or ice, or water, who know the secret songs of the world, who can hear the echos of the Ainulindale in the very matter of the world. 

la dee da, but this post is getting very long. There is more, especially in regards to individual elves (Hello, Maglor), but i think i’ll stop here. I’m not sure how well i articulated my headcanons, so feel free to ask me questions about these!!! :D  

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How do u design the robot forms of the homestuck characters like where do u get ur inspiration

basically i simplify the muscles of a normal human for the bod and design the faces with the …. shape vibe i get from the characters. as long as everything looks like it interlocks your robot will look nice and good. as for the shape vibe, dave has round glasses so he is a round boy and dirk is pointy and curvy. its kind of difficult to explain i think i might do my first proper real tutorial on how i design robots because theyre a lot of fun

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Today was not shaping up to be a good day.

Granted, the past few weeks had been pretty damn awful. Insomnia’s fall, his father’s death, just… everything. But Noctis had said his piece in the Royal Tomb; cried and yelled like a petulant child until he numbly took on his new responsibility. The dust was settling, he needed to do his duty and remain steadfast in the face of what was to come.

But it was so damn hard.

Yay watch me shameless project onto my faves because this damn anxiety won’t leave me alone lately xD


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no offense but stop! romanticizing! the same female face over! and over! and over! what about girls with huge lips? thin lips? chubby cheeks? asymmetrical cheekbones? small eyes? funny-shaped eyes? tiny foreheads? huge foreheads? girls with thin eyebrows? girls with monobrows? girls with wide noses or crooked noses or tall and strange noses? what about anything besides the same facial features I see again and again on my dash?? I know there are beautiful and strange girls out there, show me them!

I was thinking about my old OC’s and a lot of friends are doing revamps of their old OCs so I wanted to do the same and it really helped me feeling better about my art. Those are OCs I created when I was about 18, I think. The brunette girls name is Chloe and I think the blond girls name is Ash. They were designed to fit in a story I had in mind back then. They used to fall for two different guys but today I noticed that they are way better off with each other :) Ash is a Rebell and Chloe is more mature than her other friends but I think they balance each other out just nicely :)


6x04 • 6x09

Do you like games, little man? Let’s play a game. Run to your brother. The sooner you make it to him, the sooner you get to see him again.

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Prompt: Poor, underpaid, overworked Chihoko Pizza Delivery employee has to deal with unreasonably angry Mafia boss Victor. This has happened on many occasions. This time he's had it. He fights back.

“For the last time, I don’t know anything about your b–”

“Stop lying to me, you worthless piece of rotten fish. I can see the call log history.”

The sigh at the other end of the line sounded beyond defeat. Victor could nearly taste the sweet, savory success. Generally, Victor did not consider himself to be the jealous type. Yuuri was perfectly entitled to having friends and connections outside their relationship, but something about Chihoko rubbed him the wrong way. Maybe because it was that unlike all of Yuuri’s other friends, Yuuri never brought up Chihoko in conversation. Unlike his journalist friend Phichit or the cadet Minami, who often cropped up when Yuuri was chatting to Victor about his day.

But there was radio silence on Chihoko. And it bugged Victor.

Since the day when Yuuri oh so trustingly handed Victor his phone to show him a few cute photos of puppies during a date that had the both of them melting. And Victor had really not meant to invade Yuuri’s privacy. He was just curious about how exactly Yuuri had saved his name amongst the contacts, only to be flattered to see that he was listed in Yuuri’s speed dial.

Except there was one problem.

This ‘Chihoko’ was ahead of him. And it wasn’t any of Yuuri’s friends, or relatives. Normally Victor wouldn’t have thought anything about it. But next to the name 'Chihoko’ was a little '♡’ symbol. And THAT Victor wasn’t all that okay with. Not when a quick and sneaky (and admittedly very very very guilty) check of Yuuri’s call log showed that he called this 'Chihoko ♡’ every week. Usually quite late in the evening. On days he told Victor he couldn’t meet for a date because he was “working late.”

So maybe, perhaps, it was possible, that Victor got a bit uncharacteristically jealous.

“Look, sir, if you’re not going to order–”

“I’m ordering you to keep your paws off my Yuuri!” Victor snapped, wondering if it would be too dramatic to track 'Chihoko ♡’ down and remind them that swimming with fishes was still as effective a technique as ever, despite it being a bit old fashioned. Probably too dramatic. Besides, Otabek had mentioned being out of town for the weekend…

“If you keep this up, I’m going to call the police–”

“You call him and it’s the last thing you’ll ever do, Chihoko. I will personally ensure it.” Victor growled out his warning, heard a choked-gasp from the other end of the line, and then pressed the 'end call’ button hard enough he could nearly feel the screen crack. He felt oddly satisfied with himself for the rest of the day.

That was until Yuuri called him later, apologizing and saying that he had to work late again and that he would probably not be able to make their scheduled date. The regret in Yuuri’s voice was genuine, but Victor still bristled just a little, until Yuuri continued and asked if Victor still wanted to come over to Yuuri’s place even if it would be later than originally planned, for an eat-in dinner.

Victor’s foot snagged on the carpet as he hastened to reply with a delighted, “Yes, yes, of course!”

“Cool. I don’t think I have anything at home I can cook quickly, would you mind if we ordered a pizza or something? It’s not great but… I thought it’d be nice just to relax on the couch with you and be a bit lazy after how crazy this week has been…”

There might have been another pang of guilt at the center of Victor’s chest, with the knowledge that the reason for Yuuri’s increased amounts of overtime had a direct relationship to the escalation of tension between Victor’s and JJ’s gangs. So of course his answer was, “Anything you want, darling.” He could practically hear the blush spreading across Yuuri’s beautiful face, still getting used to the sweetnames Victor dropped so frequently.

“Okay, ummm, I’ll see you at my place at nine then? Can you order from Chihoko’s Pizzeria? They’re my favorite, and they don’t charge delivery for a large.”

Victor froze. Choked on a bit of air. Shattered into a couple million pieces of embarrassment and then puzzled himself back together. “Uhh, yeah, sure, of course! Not a problem.”

Turned out to be a big problem.

Victor had to fumble through several dozen excuses and explanations when their Hawaiian arrived at the door with no pineapple, no ham, a sprinkling of cheese in the shape of a sad face, and several servings of anchovies.

Victor never called Chihoko ever again.

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Hi! I struggle a lot with drawing eyes, especially with shape and size :( but I love the way you draw them! Do you have any tips or tutorials???

Thank you!! well, eyes are a really particular thing in an artist style i think, and also something that can give a lot of expression and emotion to characters. I’m not really good at explaining my own drawing style, but i’ll try to give you a few tips that i use a lot to start drawing/sketching.

1) the size; i think face proportions play and important role here, starting to where to position eyes so they actually make sense. I start doing the circle and the crossed lines to make a mental map of the face

Also the cross makes easier to imagine the direction the character is looking at and so, where the eyes and the gaze is directed to, for example Pidge here may show us…

So, once you directed the face and positioned the eyes, you can start drawing on top, that’s a first step, so now you use what you’ve done to start the real thing and EXPERIMENTING!! 

2) the shape; here i can only say that it’ll depend on your liking and what kind of drawing style you’re after. In my case i like to make them inspired in real life eyes, but a little bigger and rounded, it dependes on the character tho, and the expression you’re trying to achieve: for that i usually play with how open or close is the eye and the final tip of the eye, which i lift, for example if it’s for a cat-like eye, make it more rounded, for example for kids or surprised expressions, or i draw it down, for sad or tired eyes.

The rest is to complement the eyes with the eyebrows (which is a strong game in my opinion) and well… go draw drAW DRAW!!

There and on is a lot of practice and observation, and eyes and expressions will come out naturally :) I’m also still learning all this so if you need any help you can check my ‘art-help’ tag, with tutorials and reference about drawing that i’ve been collecting. 

Hope this helps!! (◡‿◡✿)

@ the anon who suggested metatron!akechi: i love and cherish you and i offer you this boy 

As she stared in awe at the sketch hanging on the wall of his room, he gazed, spellbound, at her face. He noticed how her eyes would turn into the shape of a cashew when she smiled, and somehow he was left breathless.

“Did you draw this?” She pointed to the sketch. It was a rough sketch of an empty street. One of his favorite.

“Yeah.” He nodded.

“Wow,” she said, admiring his work,

“How did you even come up with this? It’s so simple yet so beautiful. I can’t take my eyes off it.”

“Well, that’s a question I’ve been wanting to ask the universe.”

“Hmm?” She blinked at him, not having a single clue on what he was saying.

“You,” he began, “how did the universe come up with someone like you?”

“With just a smile, you effortlessly drowned the weight of the world on my shoulders. With just a look, you simply take all of my breath away,”

“And I really, really can’t take my eyes off you.”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #148 // Can’t take my eyes off you

practicing a new style! ; w ;