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Inspired by @perfmishka and her lovely Destiel wedding invitations, my Casgirl family banded together to congratulate Dean and Cas on their impending (or recent) nuptials! Was there ever a couple more deserving of a Happily Ever After? (They damn well better get it too…)

To those who contributed: @silvie111, @daughter-of-the-rain-and-snow, @gneisscastiel, @cas-essence, @bend-me-shape-me, @starsinursa, @babyinthetrench (and here’s where I pray I remember everyone’s tumblrs correctly), a great big THANK YOU, I love all of your adorable faces. Shout-outs to the rest of the fam, @magnificent-winged-beast, @sactownbrowns3, @naruhearts, @deaneatscake, @saawek, @bae-in-a-trenchcoat

Alright. So good news, bad news.

Good news:

My money troubles are (mostly) resolved. My credit union is replacing the money stolen and will deal with PayPal for me.

Bad news:

My ear/throat situation is a little complicated. Doctor said my ear drum was the opposite of swollen (retracted I think she said the word was?). Basically my inner workings are fucked up on that side of my face and I’m just gonna have to wait it out. I have some meds to help ease the pain but I’m in no shape to do anything but sit at home and rest.

On the first day of my vacation no less…

But at this point I’m just glad to have my money back, so I’ll take what I can get.

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i love how you draw patton and logan, even though they essentially have the same face and glasses, the differences your style adds to them suits their respective personalities perfectly. patton - slightly round glasses, hair looks soft and bangs have a round shape. logan - square glasses, hair looks straight and head a lil square. i just love looking at it. it's so them

aahhhh tysm!!! Honestly, that’s my favourite thing about drawing them, I’ve been lowkey hoping someone would notice haha
They’re like - the same but total opposites? It’s so much fun to try and make that show through whilst drawing them ;; v ;;

~3~ Getting the Work Done

Rus watched G work from a distance, altering his stance with nervousness. With Aliza so close to the twisted doctor- if you call twenty feet being incredibly close, he was edge. Yes, G’s workshop was large enough, even for Rus, but he hated this.

Creating bodies for ghosts seemed impossible to him. If not impossible, then dangerous. He knew all about souls, about determination, but would that be enough?

Aliza took note of Rus’ discomfort; she would soon leave G to his part of the work, but for now she was much too intrigued with the endoskeletons. After yet another bundle of silent minutes, she asked, “Will you shape their faces to look like your Frisk?”

G nodded, using his tools to twist screws together. “Of course I will. Both my darling and that red brute’s handicapped wife look exactly the same. It would not make sense to alter their looks.”

Aliza frowned. “And what of the fourth?” She asked.

G sighed, halting his work for a moment as he thought about it. “I will have to approach Papyrus about the last one. I am unaware of the structure of her face.” He did not like the idea of approaching anyone else; the last thing he needed was anyone trying to stop him in fear of hurting their loved and lost ones.

Aliza nodded, returning to silence as G got back to work. It wasn’t difficult to gather the amount of metal he would need; Rus had incredible strength and got it all to G’s house in no time whatsoever. This attracted the attention of the others, but only for a moment.

G had to find leather next, tearing apart unused furniture, manipulating and fabricating it to his desire. The silk was next; as it turned out Aliza sewed exceptionally and offered to help cover their bodies.

He was thankful he didn’t have to create any reproductive systems or give details to parts unneeded. Even that was personal for him, despite Frisk having the same body and posture. He would have fun with the face, he decided, carving and molding the curves of her face and body, leaving the jaw slack enough to talk, the eyelids just right.

In his excitement, he did not notice Aliza finally leaving with her uncle, deciding to leave the madman to his work. As interesting as his work was, it was far late for the both of them, and they both would need rest for tomorrow.

Frisk watched her lover from afar, enjoying the satisfying look on his face. It was precious moments like that that she enjoyed; seeing the pride glow from him, his relaxed posture. It felt nice that he was working on something different. It also felt nice to not be experimented on, even if she was okay with it.

She held her child to her, her beautiful baby, and wondered which Aliza she would grow to look like. She liked all of them, but her own especially. Baby ‘Liza cooed in her sleep, causing Frisk to smile and walk away from the noise. She would leave her husband to his interesting work.

It seemed like he needed the peace and quiet. 


@mercy-monster I warned you about the spam, I WARNED YOU XD Don’t burn me later please.

All involved belong to Undertale/@axetale . I have no copyrights, just a crazy imagination like everyone else.

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Why do you think they're scary?? (Talking about F6)

{It’s completely a matter of taste honestly, I’ve just never liked bishounens… My aesthetics lean towards rounded shapes, very expressive faces and big eyes with life-filled pupils, so it kind of clashes with the placid, angular image bishounens give off.

…That and compared to matsus they’re just freaking perfect which feels off. But as a joke, it’s one of the show’s best jokes, and the first one ever no less, so the F6 are kind of a thing I love to be scared of. It’s a gud.}

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Hi my name is Max and I am 14 I want to cut my hair (it's really long) to make it look more masculine but my mum won't let me because she says it will make my look bad but what she means is that I will look like a boy which is bad to her because I have not come out to my family yet just four of my closest friends I don't know what I should do. Do you have any advice. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Try too look up short hair cuts for “women”/ androgynous people on google. It might give you a better idea of what will suit you and your face shape. Then you could show these pictures to your mum and say that you think it would suit you and she would be reminded, that there are many people with short hair, whatever gender they are.
You could also show her pictures of famous women with short hair and say, that this is a trend now and that you want to follow this trend.
If you get a more “feminine” haircut, you can also probably style them with hair wax or something at home to make it look more masculine. Many hair products are made for men and they have a really masculine scent, which might help you feel more comfortable.

I also don’t know if that is something you like/ want, but you could try chin length hair and an undercut on the sides/ back. You could style this as kind of like a “man bun” thing :)

I know that it might trigger you dysphoria to look at “womens” haircuts, but if you want to/ have to stay closeted towards your mum, you might have to say it like that. You are still 100% a man, whatever haircut you have and whoever it was made for!!

If you have a more specific question or need help with something else, please feel free to send another ask! Also if other mods/ followers have suggestions, please add on!

I hope this helped a bit, best of luck to you, Max!

Mod Ethan

i’m getting a lot of salt and angst over that post almost entirely from young, white artists so i’m just gonna drop one statement on it.

obligatory “i’m white”. obligatory “i’m not the best artist and am still always learning”. obligatory “i was a beginner too”. fact of the matter is, though, that what i brought up in that post is not endemic only to beginner artists. it’s something i see very technically skilled people doing, and it demonstrates a very fundamental flaw in the notion of “aesthetic”.

altering a character’s features as portrayed in their canon (or god forbid, an actual real actor) so their complexion is creamier, their features are narrower, and their hair is smoother is a deliberate choice. art is translating lines and shapes into something cohesive and recognizable. you choose to make those lines.

if you are using the wrong ones, you lose cohesion.  stylization does not mean recognition is lost. 

the situation described by my post can range anywhere from ignorance to the notion that the human face is not a template with interchangeable potato head parts all the way to a malicious belief that non-white features are ugly.

i’m not making accusations one way or another.

but i am saying that it’s very, very noticeable and the hurt you might feel by me calling you a fucking gremlin doesn’t really compare to people seeing themselves be erased in art. i am not engaging anybody directly over the matter because quite frankly 90% of the angst on that post is from teens. get better. use references. don’t be defensive when someone points out offensive behavior.

and that’s all im gonna say on the matter! 

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Can you please tutorial on head shapes? I can't seem to get em right

I really hope this could help even a little bit!!! Have fun!!
(I never done tutorials before, or tried to explain this kinda stuff to anyone so sorry if it’s kinda shitty,,,,, also sry for my janky handwriting)

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How do you draw a closed snoot? Amd also how do you draw an open snoot from the front?

I draw closed snoots pretty much the same way as opened ones, as illustrated in this one tutorial i did a bit ago! Same goes for drawing opened mouths from the front. 

for closed muzzles, I tend to do placement lines for where the base of the muzzle connects to the face (and also as a marker for where the bottom of the eyes are gonna go!) and a line down the center of the muzzle to help me place the nose and make the upper lip indent shape! This is something I honestly don’t do too much bc I mostly forget but it helps SO MUCH

end result from using said guidelines hfhfh

as for opened snoots, here’s a lil thing using the same formula as my first tutorial;

Firstly, I start out roughing out where I want everything to go! The purple line in the right image helps me place the top corners of the mouth, where i’ll be dragging the lines for the sides of the mouth in a sec. This is a good time to map out how you want your expression to go, since the corner of the mouth I find makes it easier to connect everything else as you’re going along. 

After you get that sorted, drag the lines (blue lines) down from the corners (it’s perfectly fine if the lines don’t match up with the corners, it doesn’t have to be exact!), which are the rest of the mouth. Now is a good time to go in and tighten up/stretch the mouth shape to however it’ll benefit your character/style/expression. My sona has pretty round shapes, so I keep things rounded for her most of the time. (unless i’m exaggerating her expression, then things tend to get a little bit sharp and asymmetrical)

Annnnnnnd then you go in and start adding details! Teeth, tongue, etc. You can see I kinda shortened the lower jaw shape lines a bit after everything since I noticed the mouth was a bit too wide/sliding to the right.. Just so it aligns with the top part of the jaw a little easier!! this is pretty much how I do all my mouth/muzzle stuff, so I hope it helps a bit!

Context: The party just failed a long series of Intimidation checks on a cultist they were interrogating. At one point the Paladin had to make a Dex save to dodge a glob of spit from the cultist.

Later, the Cleric needs to make a Dex save for the same reason.

Cleric: “I willingly fail. I take it.”
DM: “You take a big fat glob of spit to the face.”
Cleric: “I use Shape Water to send it back into his face.”
DM: “….roll Intimidate.”
(rolls 14)
DM: “That one got to him a little. He wasn’t prepared for that one.”

I was thinking about my old OC’s and a lot of friends are doing revamps of their old OCs so I wanted to do the same and it really helped me feeling better about my art. Those are OCs I created when I was about 18, I think. The brunette girls name is Chloe and I think the blond girls name is Ash. They were designed to fit in a story I had in mind back then. They used to fall for two different guys but today I noticed that they are way better off with each other :) Ash is a Rebell and Chloe is more mature than her other friends but I think they balance each other out just nicely :)


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Do you like games, little man? Let’s play a game. Run to your brother. The sooner you make it to him, the sooner you get to see him again.

mike gets a video camera

some cute headcanons involving mike recording the losers!! also this is kind of got hella long so sorry haha

  • oKAY so let’s get started…

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@ the anon who suggested metatron!akechi: i love and cherish you and i offer you this boy 


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i went pumpkin picking today and they had goats u could feed and pet and this lil guy loved just resting his head in peoples hands and i wanted to share that with u

fucking good gracious… he’s beautiful……….. thank you……