or the second most attractive for that matter

  • attractive person: looks don't matter!
  • me, an ugly: *can't make friends*, *can't get into relationships*, *is second choice for everything*, *can't get away with most outfits*, *can't take pictures featuring myself*, *has severe trust issues over anyone seemingly liking me* ok
between the devil & the deep blue sea (m)


Words: 28,455. (rip)

Genre: Pirate Jimin au + smut, fluff, angst.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader.

Summary: “No matter the endeavour you were on, no matter the storms you encountered on rocky seas, or the possible threat of encountering blood-thirsty pirates, no one intrigued you or intimidated you more than the thought of him, of Park Jimin, the most notorious of pirates, the most brutal of men, the devil incarnate.”

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Unexpected (Ethan x Reader)

Requested : Yes, by the wonderful @kissdolan, thank you so much for requesting this

Summary : Ethan is chasing after a beautiful model until he notices her average, photographer friend. 

Word Count : 2665

Warnings : Fluff, very cute Ethan

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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

It’s important to remember that two people can feel the same way and still use different labels - without one of them being wrong or bad! 

I’ll illustrate this with an example: Let’s say we have Peter and Henry. Both feel sexually attracted to only men. Both feel romantically attracted to all genders. 

Peter might identify as panromantic homosexual because both parts of his identity are equally important and it’s important to him to have labels that show how his romantic orientation differs from his sexual orientation. Henry identifies as pan. To him, that’s what matters, that’s the only label he needs. Who he feels attracted to in which way is his own personal definition of pansexuality, no second label necessary. 

Who of them uses the right label(s)? Both do. 

They both use the label(s) they feel describe them best, the one(s) they feel most comfortable and happy with. And that’s all that matters! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom  

anonymous asked:

Betty's family sent her away because she was "crazy". Jughead is her therapist (or if she's in an asylum her doctor) . Will he help her get out?

This is a great prompt! Thankyou so much!

“Elizabeth, it’s lunchtime! Time to leave the library dear.”

Elizabeth Cooper glanced up from behind the countless rows of books, her permanent space in the corner was littered with neatly organized piles of worn out paperbacks and she currently had a hardcover edition of “Howl” clutched between her fingers. Placing the book gently on top of one of the piles she made her way over to the elderly nurse, most of the workers at the Pembrooke Asylum were terrible, angry and cruel, they treated the patients like animals and had little to no respect. Not Nurse Muggs, she adored Elizabeth and often went out of her way to keep the other workers from taunting and abusing her.

“Now love, rumor has it we have chocolate pudding for lunch today! Sounds delicious doesn’t it?” The elderly brunette placed a reassuring hand to the sixteen year old blondes shoulder.

Elizabeth smiled, a crooked kind of smile, her dimples poking through and her haunting green eyes shining.

Nurse Muggs smiled back softly
“Oh love, one day we’re gonna get you to talk, you can count on that.”

No. Elizabeth thought sadly, no you won’t.

Elizabeth Cooper didn’t speak, she hadn’t breathed a word in two years. There really wasn’t much to say, she couldn’t speak, not even when her brain screamed, not when her muscles pulled and tugged and blinding pain shot through her mind. She couldn’t speak.. she wouldn’t speak.

“Betty!” Veronica Lodge, her absolutely crazy in the greatest way possible best friend rounded the corner, shiny pearls and dark purple fingernails coming in full view. “You would not believe what Archie just told me!”

Veronica Lodge had been admitted two weeks after Betty, the scene was still perfectly clear in the silent blondes mind. Veronica had entered Pembrooke Asylum the picture of calm sophistication, the security guards escorted her into the building like some type of paid bodyguard, the only way you could tell she wasn’t like the other teen socialites was the fact that her beautiful black and white plaid dress was dripping in blood and her hands were cuffed behind her back. Veronica Lodge had killed her father in cold blood. While most of the state had called her absolutely nuts, she was ruled mentally unstable and forced to live in the asylum until her eighteenth birthday. Betty knew the truth, Hiram had stolen money, ruined families, forced suicide on her friends parents, at fourteen years old Veronica knew better and had “killed the bastard before he could cause anymore harm” at sixteen she still didn’t regret it, further cementing her place at the asylum. She didn’t care that Betty didn’t talk, they communicated threw pen and paper and symbols. They were best friends and that’s what was important.

“Well listen up” Veronica continued “there’s an intern. He’s our age! And he’s gonna be sitting in on therapy sessions, that’s a total violation of our rights! I guess we all signed some stupid agreement when we came in that says it’s okay but I totally disagree. None the less, I hope he’s atleast cute. Apparently Pops knows him and it’s supposed to help him out on his college applications.”

Pops was the Pembrooke lead therapist, he worked with the toughest cases, it didn’t matter to Betty she wasn’t going to speak, she never had and this new intern wasn’t going to change that.

By the time they made it to the cafeteria, Veronica had worn herself out with all the talking and told Betty she had to go make sure Archie had grabbed the right sweater from her room. Standing in the food line always made Betty’s palms sweat, there were always so many people and options and the mess hall crew didn’t take to kindly to her not speaking.

“It’s Helen Keller!” A bulky older man named Griffin barked out, slamming his spoon down and calling his friends from the kitchen over
“Would you look here looks like the mute doesn’t know what she wants for lunch? Let me help you with that?” Another large boy chuckled, slipping down a heap of different foods on her plate. Betty swallowed hard and placed her tray gently down and began walking away, not before they screamed after her,

“Hey Freak! You forgot your food!”

This happened everyday and she never turned around, it was always the same, no matter what. However today, something was different… suddenly the cafeteria had gone quiet, turning around slowly, she saw what had sent the normally obnoxious boys into silence.

The most attractive looking boy Betty had ever seen currently had Griffin cornered into a wall, hand fisting in the older mans chef jacket as he came nose to nose
“It would do you good not to bully anyone in this damn place. Especially not a girl. Watch your mouth.” Then he dropped him, his eyes finding Betty’s and holding her stare for a few seconds too long.

Then the tension lifted and the cafeteria bubbled with chatter again, Veronica had joined Betty at some point and whispered low in her ear.
“That must be the intern, rumor has it his name is Jughead Jones. And he’s coming right towards you.”

Suddenly she was breathing in a new scent, cigarettes and grass. Jughead smiled at Betty

“Those guys are dicks. My names Jughead, I’m kind of… working here for the summer… it’s nice to meet you.”

Betty stared at him curiously for a moment before dropping her apple on the ground. The dark haired boy was quick to drop down and grab it for her, unfortunately by the time he lifted his head the mysteriously silent blonde was gone and he was left staring at the open doors, his eyes confused and his chest thudding…

what the hell was this feeling? And why the hell did he miss her presence already?

Spit Or Swallow

Requested: No

Pairing: Gerard x Reader x Frank 

Warning: Smut, Fluff

   Gerard held your hands in his and rubbed soft circles with his thumb.

   “I leave in two days.” He said softly. You sniffled a little and smiled.

   “I’m excited for you. Really. It’s not like we were dating or anything.” You said pulling your hands away to wipe your eyes. “I’m glad you got into collage. And a good one too.” You said warming your hands with the coffee in front of you. Your gaze wandered around the small cafe you and Gerard visited frequently. Best friends with benifits. Thats what he called your relationship. You chuckled a little and he smiled at you.


   “I’m just gonna miss you. And you’re the best lay I’ve ever had.” You said laughing a little. He rolled his eyes and grinned.

   “Same to you. No one will ever know how to push my buttons like you do.” He said making you giggle.

   After another hour of banter it was time to leave. You said your goodbyes. The last time you saw Gerard was as he drove away towards New York, off to college.

   You pulled your cropped School Of Visual Arts sweater down a little as you walked into the bar. An old fling sent it to you one of the few times he’d mailed you stuff from college. You looked over the current contense of the bar. The usual. No one new. No one interesting. Except there were some people on stage this time. Live bands in these local dive bars never particularly interested you. You watched the loud performance for a few seconds as you waited to get the bartenders attention. The bassist looked familiar. You couldn’t tell why. You might know him? Michael? Mitchell? Doesn’t matter. The guitarist was cute. He was shorter than most guys you’d liked. He had dark hair. The lighting of this bar sucked. From what you could see of his face he was attractive. You glanced once over and the lead singer. His back was to you and he was on his knees yelling into the mic. His presence sent a pang of familiarity through you but the bartender interrupted your thoughts. You ordered your drink and waited as he prepared it. When he was done you took the Jack and Coke and sipped it slowly. You downed another one and after a few minutes you felt someone brush past you and stand next to you. You turned to see the sweaty guitarist. He looked at you a smirked.

   “I’m Frank.” He said looking you over. You smiled slyly.

   “Well Frankie, I’m Y/N.” You said swirling the ice left in your glass. He quirked and eyebrow and smiled showing surprisingly nice and white teeth. 

   “Frankie? Well aren’t you bold? What are you up to tonight?” He asked placing a hand on the small of your bare back. His warm hand set your skin ablaze. 

   “Nothing yet.” You said playfully placing your hand on his chest. He looked down at your hand and then back up at you. He reached up and grasped it with his own. Without a word he gently pulled you off the bar stool and towards the backrooms behind the stage. He pushed you into the first unlocked and empty one. You glanced around the surprisingly clean bathroom. He pushed you against the cold tile and roughly pressed his lips to yours. You wrapped your fingers in his hair and tugged. He moaned and dug his nails into your hips. He loosened his grip trailed one hand up your bare stomach and kneeded at your bra clad breast. You whimpered and he smirked against your lips. He pulled away and you flicked your gaze from his kiss bruised lips to his lust blown eyes. He helped you pull your sweater off and unclasp your bra. He leaned down and began sucking on your neck amd he toyed with your nipple. His rough hands groped at you and you felt him rub his erection against your thigh. You reached down and palmed him through his jeans and he groaned against your skin.

   “Suck me off.” He said pulling away from you. You dropped to your knees quickly and began undoing his belt when the door flew open. 

   “Hey we’re busy!” Frank yelled at the guy who stood in the door way. You caught a flash of his black hair and pale skin as he shielded his eyes. The man chuckled and smiled.

   “Sorry man I-” He started before dropping his hand and making brief eye contact. You started at each other in shock and horror. 

   “Gerard?” You asked frozen in place. Here you were, topless and on your knees with someone who you assumed to be Gerards friend. And this also happens to be the first time you see him in years. 

   “Y/N?” He asked softly. He looked good. Better. He was taller. Slimmer. His features were gaunt. Vampire like even. Frank looked between the two you and pulled up his pants.

   “You know eachother?” He asked as you hurried to your feet and covered yourself with the old sweater, Gerards sweater. Gerard gave a nervous chuckle.

   “Yeah. We used to fuck.” He said diverting his gaze to Frank.

   “Yeah.” Is all you could muster out. You looked over him again and noticed his erection. He got hard. Seeing you about to suck off his friend. Same old Gerard. Into just about everything.

   “Oh. Then I think I should go.” Frank said clearing his throat.

   “No.” Gerard said quickly. You and Frank looked at him in confusion. “It’s fine. You can go on. I’ll piss somewhere else.” He said giving you a small nod and leaving. You and Frank looked at each other and you shrugged, ignoring the growing pit in your stomach.

   “Let’s go somewhere else.” You said picking up your bra and putting it on.

   “If you want. My place is down the street.” He said buckling his belt and putting his hands in his pockets. You nodded and slipped on the sweatshirt.

   “Yeah sure. Lets go.” You said taking his hand and leading him out of the bathroom. On the journey put of the bar you passed an open green room. One guy darted out.

   “Frank.” He called out. You both turned to look at him and your stomach flipped. Mikey. That’s his name. He was also Gerards younger brother. Mikey looked at you and cocked his head. You waved a little and Frank waited impatiently for him to finish his thought.

   “What?” He asked.

   “Oh yeah. Um Ray says he needs you back by 10 tomorrow.” He said trying not to stare at you too long. Frank nodded and said a small thanks before continuing to lead you out and to his car. You got in and he reved the engine to life. The car ride was silent and tense. You could feel how hesitant Frank was to fuck you now. You and Gerard had an obvious past. He pulled up to an apartment building and one of his neighbors buzzed you in at the door. Once inside his place Gerard had seemed to be forgotten. Upon closing the door he’d pressed you against the wall and had you shirtless. He attacked your lips again and rutted his hips against yours. You worked on his buckle and he undid your jeans. You shimmed out of them and pulled away from him. You took off your bra as he pulled off his shirt and kicked off his jeans. He ran a hand through your hair and tugged on it, exposing more of your neck. He sucked harshly making you cry out in pleasure. He placed his hands on your hips and ran his thumbs over the waistband of your panties. He ran one hand down your stomach and slipped it in. You shivered as he used two fingers to spread your folds. He ran them across your slit and and hummed against your neck. He pushed them in and you bucked your hips. He pumped them rapidly and used his thumb to rub your clit. Something Gerard knew you weren’t particular fond of. Gerard knew every button to push. But this wasn’t Gerard. It was his friend, Frank. He pulled away and placed his arms around your waist and you placed yours around his neck. He slapped your ass lightly, signally you to jump. As you did so he adjusted his grip to your thighs and carried you towards what you pressumed to be his bedroom. He kicked the door gently open and took you to the bed. He dropped you down and slipped out of his boxers. He got a condom from his bedside table and rolled it on his painfully erect dick. He got in position above you and you wrapped your legs around his waist giving his better access. He pushed in slowly and gave you a few seconds to adjust. He began rocking his hips gradually gaining speed. You dug your nails into his back and he took the hint, slamming into you harder and faster. It felt good. Not great. Not Gerard. Every touch touch, every brush was deliberate with him. Thinking about Gerard pulled you from reality. A few moments later Frank came cursing. He pulled out and you laid there for a second, taking a deep breath. Having thrown away the condom, Frank laid next to you and sighed.

   “You didn’t finish.” He said. You looked over at him at shrugged.

   “Don’t worry about it.” You said sitting up.

   “Is it because of Gee?” He asked. There was no anger or even sadness in his voice. Just curiosity. Your eyes widened a little.

   “What?” You asked faining confusion. He rolled his eyes.

   “There’s no way you guys just fucked a few times and that was the end. Gee was shaken up seeing you. Even Mikey. And you were wearing one of his college sweaters.” Frank said getting up and pulling on his boxers. He tossed you your panties and you slipped them on.

   “That was a while ago. It’s nothing now. He probably forgot about me until tonight. I’m not worried about it.” You lied. He cocked and eyebrow and you watched him leave the room. He came back moments later with his phone in his hand. You watched him text someone quickly. You looked at him questioningly and he smirked.

   “Don’t worry.” He said simply. You watched him skeptically as he placed his phone on the dresser and sat down next to you. “You’ll see.” He said leaning in and kissing you more gently. He placed a hand on your hip and the other toyed with your nipple. You moaned softly into his mouth and began tugging at his hair again. He groaned and pushed you on your back. He trailed kisses over the hickeys he’d previously left and ran the pads of his thumbs over your skin. *Buzz*

   Someone was asking to be buzzed in. Frank smirked against your neck and got up. He shot you a sly grin and told you to wait. He closed the door behind him and you waited patiently on the bed. You toyed with your hands and jumped a little when the door opened again. You looked up to see Frank accompanied by Gerard. Your jaw dropped a little and Gerard smiled.

   “We never got to properly say our hellos did we?” He asked licking his lips and looking over your mostly naked frame. He shrugged off his leather jacket and placed it over the back of the chair in the corner. You nodded. He chuckled and sat down in the chair. Frank sat down on the bed next to you and you gave him a ‘What the hell’ look. He smiled and watched Gerard expectantly. He got up and stood in front of you. He bent down and took your face in his hand. “I hear he didn’t make you cum.” He said cooly. You watched Gerards eyes glint as he looked down at your kiss swollen lips. “Because you were thinking about me. You know thats quite rude. I think you should apologize.” He said leaning in closer to where his lips barely ghosted over yours. “Suck his cock.” He commanded letting go of you. You stared at him and nodded.

   “Yes sir.” You said turning to Frank and palming at his already hard dick. He watched you with fascination as you pulled him from his confinements. You bent down, sticking your ass in the air, and took him into your mouth. He shuttered a little and you began bobing your head.

   “Oh- fuck.” Frank groaned tangling his fingers in your hair and pulling your farther down. You relaxed your throat and let him. You felt two hands on your hips. Gerard dragged your panties down and let them fall around your knees.

   “Still as pretty as the last time I fucked you.” He cooed. You wiggled your ass a little to tease him. He tssked and spanked you. He moved to lay on his stomach facing you with his chin in his hands. “I think you’re forgetting this is punishment kitten. But you love this don’t you?” He asked whipping away your running mascara as Frank thrusted upwards into your mouth. He tightened his grip in your hair and shoved your head down so your nose touched his pelvis. He shuttered as he came in your mouth. You tighted your lips around him and pulled off slowly with a pop. You sat up and looked at him expectantly. “Spit or swallow?” Gerard asked. Frank cocked his head to the side. 

    “Swallow.” He said. You obeyed and he watched you in awe. Gerard rubbed your cheek affectionately.

   “You’ve been great kitten. Now I’ll make you cum like you havent in years.“ He said. You quickly laid down next to Frank who watched your every move. He ran a tumb over your nipple and over your stomach and looked at Gerard.

   “You really have a hold on her don’t you?” He asked smiling as he felt your now errect nipple as he graced over it again. Gerard smiled proudly.

   “It’s beem a few years but she still knows who fucks her best.” He said placing a hand on your thigh. “She knows I know her better than anyone. I can make her squirt whenever I want. Make her scream.” He said fondly running his hand up and leaving it at the apex of your thighs. Frank quirked and eyebrow.

   “You can make her squirt?” He asked looking down at you and smiling. Gerard nodded and grinned. You took his hand that rested next to you and took two fingers into your mouth. He licked his lips and watched as you took his fingers from your mouth. You looked down to see Gerard spreding your legs apart and popped the fingers out of your mouth. You watched him dip between your legs and level himself with your heat. You dropped a hand down and into his hair tugging him closer. He chuckled and licked a thick stripe up your heat and bumped against your clit. You cried out and gripped his hair tighter. You looked up at Frank who moved to suck on your nipple and rolled the other between his fingers. You moaned and pushed towards Gerard. He smirked against you and wrote his name with his tounge on your clit. Your eyes rolled and Frank gave the same attention to the other bud. Frank sat up and looked down at your slightly open mouth and attacked your lips in a needy kiss. He bit at your lip and placed a hand on your hip. You removed your hands from Gerards hair and gripped Franks bicep. Gerard sucked harshly on your clit and your thighs clamped down on his head. He held tightly to your legs as came close to the edge. When he felt you tense he stopped. You whined at the painful cease of contact. Frank pulled away and tugged your lip between his teeth. You looked down at Gerard who just smiled at you. You dropped your head back down on the pillow.

   “Please Gerard.” You begged. He moved to sit across from Frank and rubbed your cheek softly.

   “Sorry doll. Frank wants to see how pretty you look when you squirt. You’re doing amazing.” He praised leaning down and capturing your lips in a soft kiss. You missed how warm and inviting he was. You tangled your hands in his hair and pulled him closer. You felt Frank move between your legs and gently tease your entrance with his fingers. You shuddered and scooted towards him. You heard him chuckle and push two fingers into you. You moaned into Gerards mouth and placed a hand on his thigh. You ran it over his zipper and pulled it down. He helped you push his jeans out of the way and pull out his erect dick. You ran your thumb over his slit and spread precum over his tip. He pulled away leaving a trail of spit connecting your mouths. You propped yourself up and took him into your mouth. He gasp softly and sat back as you began bobbing your head. Frank began pumping in and out faster making you squirm. You moaned around Gerard making him buck his hips. You took him deeper and flattened your tounge against the underside of him. He pushed your head down more and you gagged. Frank flicked your clit with his tounge and your body jolted. You pulled Gerard out of your mouth and began jacking him off with your hand. He looked down at you and watch your face contourt in pleasure as Frank hit your g-spot. You pumped Gerard faster and looked up at him. He gave you a hazy smile and you took the tip back in your mouth. He moaned and pushed your head down again and held you there as he came in your mouth. You slowly pulled off of him and swallowed. Frank hit your g-spot again and you cried out urging him to continue. He hit it again and again until your vision went black. A few seconds later you slowly came to and saw Gerard smiling at you. You looked down at Frank who was looking down at the soaked sheets. Gerard leaned down and kissed your forehead.

   “Good girl.” He said helping you sit up. You rested your head on his shoulder and he rubbed your shoulder softly. Frank stood up and stretched. You looked at his fully erect dick.

   “Do you want me to-” He cut you off with a laugh.

   “No don’t worry. I can do that later. You’ve done enough to night.” He said finding his boxers and pulling them on. You stood up and rubbed the back of your neck a little as you began the search for your clothes. Gerard zipped his pants up and picked up your sweater. He looked down at the faded logo and chuckled.

   “You kept this? After all these years?” He asked as you took it back and out it on.

   “Hah. Yeah I did. I couldn’t have gotten rid of it if I wanted to.” You said slipping on your panties and reaching for your pants. You pulled them on and turned back to Gerard. “Wanna drive me home?” You asked. He nodded.

   “Sure. Same place?” He asked picking up his jacket.

   “Of course.” You said turning to Frank who sat on his bed still only in his boxers. “And it was nice meeting you Frank. I’m sure I’ll see you again soon.” He stood up and hugged up.

   “Can’t wait.” He said slyly. You laughed and he showed you and Gerard to the door.

   Once back down on the street you followed Gerard to his car. You got in and he paused before starting the car.

   “What? Did you leave something?” You asked. He shook his head.

   “No. I just missed you.” He said starting the car and driving down the street.

   “Well we should get coffee tomorrow. Catch up. I’m sure a lots happened with you.” You said watching the street lights go by.

   “Yeah.” He said quietly. The rest if the car ride was silent. He pulled into front of your apartment building. You walked up the stairs in quiet. You unlocked your door and turned to say goodnight to Gerard.

   “Well. It was nice seeing you.” He said pulling you into a hug. You burried your face into his shoulder and stood there for a moment. With his chin on your head he mumbled “I don’t want to let go.” He said laughing at himself. You laughed and pulled away.

   “You could come in?” You offered. He smiled and walked you backwards into the apartment and kicked the door closed with his heel. He kissed you softly and you pushed off his jacket. He placed his hands on your lower back and pushed up your sweater. He softly trailed his fingers over your skin and you pulled away breathlessly.

   “Bedroom.” You said. He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He carried you to your room and dropped you down on your bed. He hovered over you and leaned down to whisper in your ear.

   “I’ve been waiting to have you to myself when I saw you on your knees in that bathroom.” You chuckled and kissed his nose 

   “Well then this is your wish come true isn’t it?”

   “Damn right.” He growled and attacked your lips again.

   Later that night you lied in bed next to Gerard, sharing a cigarette. He wrapped a sweaty arm around you.

   “I’m glad we ran into eachother.” You said turning into his side and closing your eyes. He nodded and took a final drag from his cig.

   “Me too.” He said stubbing it in the ashtray next to him and shutting his eyes.

   “Goodnight.” You said quietly He hummed in response and left it at that letting you both fall asleep in silence.


also on ao3

Peter will probably never get used to having MJ in his bed. Not even in a just-had-sex way. In a chilling-on-top-of-the-covers way. She’s lying down on her stomach, laptop open in front of her, feet in the hair. A rebel strand of hair falls in front of her eyes, no matter how many times she blows it away. She’s beautiful. Peter has always known that she is. He has eyes and a brain, after all, and MJ is super attractive, no doubt. But like this, soft and unguarded, a pencil stuck between her teeth, she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. On earth or otherwise. And he’s been in space. He knows his shit.

“Michelle Jones is taken,” she tells him, not looking up from her screen.

He’s sitting in the floor, working on his suit and pretending like he isn’t distracted every five seconds by her long legs. It’s the middle of summer and she’s only wearing shorts. He’s so distracted.

“Maybe add an initial, Michael B. Jordan style? Michelle J. Jones?”

She wrinkles her nose, unconvinced. Too deep in her thoughts to insult him about his dumb idea, though, which shows how much she cares about the thing. Her first proper job as an actress, paid and everything, one-way ticket to the actors guild. Except some white actress from the 70s stole her name. The drama.

“Don’t like the alliteration,” she answers. “It won’t roll on the tongue of whoever will announce my Oscar.”

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(part 2) | (part 3) | (part 4) | (part 5) | (part 6) | (part 7)


soulmate au where the first words you’ll hear your soulmate say are inscribed on your wrist. 

warnings: a little self-worth questioning
word count: 1134

“I love you.”

It’s three words, along the inside of your left wrist in plain, black ink that never fades, and it’s been there for the past ten years. You remember when it first showed up: the searing pain that you’d felt and the way you’d clutched your wrist as the words had appeared, but more than anything, the excitement and joy and relief you had felt, because you had a soulmate, and not everyone is as fortunate. And for ten years you laughed and smiled and searched for someone who’d say those words– for those to be the first words you would hear them say.

Except– you never found anyone. And now the words on your wrist are a painful reminder.

Everywhere you go you see people walking hand in hand with others and talking about their soulmate, asking you about yours and telling you not to worry and it never ends. You don’t know who your soulmate is. You don’t know when you’re going to meet them. You don’t know what they look like or where they are or what their wrist says. You don’t fucking know and you’re wondering if you ever will, because who in their right mind tells someone they’ve just met that they love them?

And maybe– maybe you’ve walked past them on the streets. Maybe you’ve sat beside them in a bar or bumped into them somewhere or maybe they’re living with you, in this tower, and the thought makes it so much worse because you’re not even worth their attention. It makes sense, you suppose, because you’re nothing special. There’s Steve, honest and loyal and so caring that it makes your heart hurt, or Tony, who can figure out the most complex problems within seconds, or Sam who makes you laugh so hard you’re clutching your sides in pain, or Wanda or Nat or Rhodey or Clint. They all have something that they’re good at, some quality that makes them attractive, more so than simply the way they look. And you? You’re painfully average. It doesn’t even matter if you have a soulmate because when it comes down to it – if it comes down to it – would they even want you?

It’s near midnight and you’re a mess. Your hair is akin to a bird’s nest and your chest feels incredibly heavy as you stare at the eight letters. Your eyes burn, tears threatening to spill out like the night before and the night before that and the night before that because that’s become your life. And you know just how weak you’re being, but god, it just really fucking hurts. You hate it. You hate the words on your wrist, despise the way the simple black font taunts you, because it’s probably a mistake– some glitch in the universe that left you with this– this– thing. This thing that everybody that you know has, and everybody’s found the person it’s linked to, and some of these people have even lost them and now they have a solid black line in place of words like Steve and Nat but– at least they found them.

It’s just you left, between everyone that you work with. You and Bucky. But Nat’s told you that Bucky doesn’t remember what was on his arm before he fell, and that he doesn’t care much for it because he ‘doesn’t believe in the soulmate bullshit anyway.’ So really, you’re just crying for yourself.

There’s a knock on your door, then Steve’s walking in. “Hey Y/N, Natasha’s looking fo–“

He sees you, crouched on the floor with your back against the wall, and his expression changes instantly. There he is, compassionate, caring, loving Steve, fussing over you and making sure you’re doing okay and what happened and is everything alright? And then you’re laughing, the hollow sound escaping your lips before you can stop it, because fuck, look at how stupid you’re being, crying over something that you can’t even control, making yourself look like an idiot in front of Steve. So you push him away and wipe your eyes and stand up.

“It’s fine– I’m fine.”

Then you’re leaving the room, faster than you’ve ever walked before. You don’t want to talk to Steve and it’s best if he forgets what’s just happened and the first step to that is pretending like nothing went down in the first place. And didn’t Nat want to see you, anyway?

You head towards her room, stumbling over your feet because you’re walking so fast and you reach her room, turning her doorknob while taking deep, calming breaths, and then you open the door just a crack and–

You freeze with your hand on the doorframe.

Bucky’s there, sitting behind Nat, mouth beside her neck as she leans back on him, eyes closed, chest rising and falling slowly. His mouth is tracing a path down to her shoulder and he takes his time, relishing in the taste of her skin.  

“Barnes,” she gasps when he hits the curve where her neck meets her chest, and he lifts his head to look at her. His fingers tangle themselves into her red locks, and her green eyes meet his blue ones. She opens her mouth to say something but one of his fingers comes up to rest on her swollen lips, cutting her off. Bucky shakes his head, and you turn to leave because you should really leave the two of them alone and plus, whatever Natasha has to talk about probably isn’t even that important and you really don’t want to see Bucky whisper things into your best friend’s ear and–

“I love you.”

Your heart stops.

There’s a burning sensation on your wrist, and it wraps itself around your left arm and spreads upwards, until it’s encompassing your entire body and you’re ready to scream in pain, except– no sound comes out of your mouth, because your throat has closed and it’s becoming hard to swallow. You stare down at the black letters, but they’re not black anymore; They’ve faded to faint white lines, barely noticeable, like the ones that lie on the wrists of your parents and your siblings and all your other friends.

You’ve waited for this moment for ten years. You’ve cried night after night and felt hopeless and told yourself that the universe made a mistake and that the words on your wrist were put there by accident. You’ve imagined every possible way this moment could have gone: a grand wedding, an intimate night, maybe meeting at a bookstore or a coffeeshop or over the phone or on a vacation. You’d travel together and live together and maybe have children together. You’d imagined you’d be happy. Together.

You had never imagined you’d find him with his lips on someone else’s.

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turn-ons for levi, eren, and jean?~

Jesus Take the Wheel can be heard playing faintly in the background. Forgive, lord, for I have sinned. 


  • Not to sound like a broken record, but Levi is going to need someone who can keep up with him both physically and mentally. He’s not the type to take much BS from anyone, so maturity is an absolute must with him.
  • Looks really don’t matter to him. I feel like he can appreciate an attractive person, but one of his biggest turn-ons would be self-confidence and skill to back it up. That is really attractive to him.
  • In terms of general appearance, Levi is more of an ass man. His actions are super subtle but, if his s/o catches him staring, he’ll smirk a little just to confirm their suspicions. 
  • In the bedroom, I see Levi being a dominant person, but someone who can keep up with his pace and challenge him for control is really sexy. Although he might not verbalize it, someone who pins him down for a little bit is 👌.
  • While he isn’t one to make tons of noise, hearing his partner and knowing that he’s having a serious affect on them excites him a lot. 

Note: Mod Spookzz actually did NSFW headcanons for Levi, so it’s here if you want to read those as well!


  • To be completely frank, this boy would think someone with a mean right hook is more attractive and appealing than any pretty person he could ever stumble across. 
  • More than anything, I think Eren would be attracted to a really compassionate and idealistic person quite like himself. Looks are pretty irrelevant to him; it’s all about the personality. 
  • I really think Eren would find his partner’s neck to be the most attractive feature, in terms of body. Pressing them up against a wall and having them shiver beneath him while peppering kisses to the side of their neck? All good things.
  • In order to date Eren, you really have to get along with Armin and Mikasa/his family in an AU. Having someone who is on good terms with them is SUPER important to Eren, since he’s definitely a family-type of person.


  • Out of the three, he is definitely the most likely to be attracted to someone’s looks. Not to say that is all that matters, but he’s definitely the type to be attracted to features first, personality second. 
  • That being said, Jean’s type might surprise you. Although he claims to like pretty and popular-type girls, someone who doesn’t put up with his BS and calls him out whenever he’s being an asshole; someone who can challenge his realistic way of thinking and encourage optimism inside of him.
  • I think Jean might actually like someone who can take charge in the bedroom. He’ll definitely try to be dominant and might put up a fuss, but he’ll be putty in his s/o’s hands. 
  • Jean wouldn’t be opposed to PDA, either. He’s definitely the type to brag about how wonderful and beautiful his s/o is, so having someone who goes along with his shenanigans would be helpful in his relationship. 
  • Aside from facial features, I can see Jean really liking legs. Considering that they are in uniforms a lot, seeing his s/o’s legs exposed would really make him flustered in his own way.
Not Everyone Can Be a Sugar Baby

So I saw this post earlier to brownstatuesquesugarbaby and it really stuck with me enough that it’s still bothering me now. Without roasting the anonymous asker over the coals which is never my intention, the anon did say something that really bothered me which is that she or he is afraid of becoming addicted to sugaring because you receive the money for “little to no work”…

Now that strikes me as being a little shady, but I digress. I wanted to first address that point by saying sugaring is hard work. It’s exhausting emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. There is a massive amount of time you spend prepping and bettering yourself that you don’t get paid for, you have to deduct it out of whatever allowance your SD deems you worthy enough. The job doesn’t come with benefits. There is zero job security. You get jerked around a lot. You have to constantly worry that if anyone discovers what you do that it will literally ruin your life. You have to basically be an actress most of the time. Like any other person who works in a sales industry (because this is a sales industry, you are the product, the salesperson etc.) you have to develop a thick skin and be creative in your sales pitches. I could really go on and on and on.

Which brings me to this point: not everyone can be a sugar baby. I’m not even talking about, “oh you aren’t pretty enough” or whatever non SBs think I’m talking about. First, no matter what you look like, somebody finds you attractive. Second, whatever stereotype you have of a Sugar Baby, throw it out of your head. I’ve been in this long enough to know that SBs come from all nationalities, all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, all educational backgrounds, etc. There is no stereotypical SB so throw that out of your pretty little head right now.

People don’t talk about this enough, but most girls aren’t successful. In my experience, and this is all I have to go on because there’s no numerical data out there on this, but in my experience most girls are not successful at being SBs. And we, the girls on the internet who glamorize this lifestyle, need to be more honest and say that for every one of us, there’s another girl who failed.

Not everyone can be a successful SB because it’s hard. It takes an emotional toll so hard that it takes someone with a lot of steel in them to stand up to it. You’re going to be rejected. You’re going to be hurt and taken advantage of. You’re going to eventually develop feelings and have to realize that what you have with that person isn’t real. It’s difficult to lie to your friends and family. It’s difficult feeling isolated and alone. It’s difficult feeling the judgment of the general public. It’s difficult to keep trying and keep looking and keep putting yourself out there when things fall apart.

To be a SB, you have to be able to bury your emotions. You have to be able to put aside your real feelings, slap on a fake smile and play the part of the fantasy. You have to be able to manipulate without feeling guilty. You have to be intuitive enough and intelligent enough to know what your SD or POT’s next move is so you can stay ahead of him. To be a really successful SB, I think you have to be a little bit cold-hearted, you have to have some steel in you, you have to be charismatic, you have to be manipulative, and you have to be a good actress. 

This isn’t romance, this is a job. It’s a job with its own challenges, and it’s a job that not everyone can do. 

So when you say something like, “I want to get into sugaring because it looks so easy and fun!” you’re being insulting and also, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Why I think Sherlock and Molly ended up together in s4 finale

Because the second time he told her he loved her, his facial expression was that of someone making a deduction - like he was deducing for himself, that he really loved her.

We know why he keeps bottled up his emotions - ever since his childhood friend died, her tries to keep a cool emotional facade and never shows how much he cares about the people who are most important to him, lest he loses them.

That’s why when in previous seasons when Sherlock said that Molly mattered the most, that no one would ever guess, I felt like something was odd here. 

Sure, he felt attraction to the Woman but I don’t feel it went much deeper than that, otherwise his sister, who has an IQ higher than that of fuckin Newton himself, would have made Sherlock think that the coffin was meant for Irene (she wanted to see him in emotional context and during his trials, she made him think that all the people he truly loved were in danger… and there was no mention of Irene. Well, you can argue his parents weren’t involved but that was because it could have pulled her into the emotional context as well and shattered her illusion of being on a plane with her mother sleeping.). 

Sherlock friggin lost his mind after that scene, when his sister told him “look what you did to her/ to yourself” and we see him in his emotional context. Thinking that Molly would die, saying that he loved her made him more emotional than we’ve ever seen him (somehow I don’t feel like this would have been his reaction if he had to say it to Irene, only to realize she’s been safe all along). And I felt this was because his emotionally cool facade broke and he had to deal with all the pent-up, repressed feelings he was feeling. He felt angry that he had to confront feelings that he was perfectly okay repressing, because they make him weaker, because they make him deduce wrong. (And most of the time his deductions were wrong involved Molly). That’s why I think he felt safe in being attracted to the Woman, because yes, she distracted him, but he behaved like a man who was distracted by a woman, not by his own feelings for her. 

And that’s why I think he was so distraught in the end. Sherlock was never one for caring much if his loved ones felt emotionally wounded by his words. Sure, he’d feel bad and apologize but he wouldn’t have an emotional breakdown over it (high-functioning sociopath, remember?) 

So when does a sociopath have an emotional break down? When it has something to do with his own feelings, like realizing he might actually love a woman, he might actually be weakened by his own feelings, that he wouldn’t have had to if it wasn’t for the whole situation. Plus, I think the relief he felt when he realized she was safe enforced his emotions even more.

Lastly, the ending sequences. Molly, looking happy, coming inside Sherlock’s apartment like she belongs there. This doesn’t say “Here’s one of Sherlock’s not very significant friends who had a crush for him and he had to make her tell him she loved him and then told her lol sorry it was because I thought you were gonna die, chill, I don’t love you really. And she chilled and went back to skipping inside his apartment everytime she went to see him, looking all satisfied and happy.”. 

Controlling (Reid X Reader)

Originally posted by visions-of-brighter-love

Title: Controlling

Request: uuuhHHHHHH REID X READER WHERE THE READER IS A TOTAL BADDIE?!?!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally do anything else I just gotta read about Reid w a baddie 😤😤😩

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Triggers/Warnings:  Smut

Words: 617

A/N: Lmaoooo I love this, sure thing babe! I hope I did this alright and I hope you like it! Keep em’ coming! Xoxo

A/N 2: If there is any piece I did that you want a sequel to, let me know and I’ll try my best! Xoxo

A/N 3 : This isn’t great in my opinion, please don’t shit on me for it lmao


The flashing neon lights burned your eyes and the thumping music was making your ears ring, but it didn’t really matter to you. You twisted your hips and rolled your body around the dance floor, making even some of the most attractive guys at the club look at you and wink. Your best friend was in the middle of dancing…well more so grinding on some guy. It was quite entertaining to watch her lure him into a sexual trap.

A couple seconds later, she pushed him away and gripped your arm. “Hey Y/N,” she screamed over the loud ass music and into your ear, “Let’s get a drink.”

You laughed as she pulled you away from the noisy room and into the tamer bar room. The place had a bar and stools lined up against the wall and then booths opposite, where only one group of adults sat. There was about seven of them chatting, but you didn’t pay much attention to them and ordered up a cocktail with your friend.

(Reid POV)

Spencer had completely zoned out from anything his teammates were saying. Their laughing and chattering had left his attention. A girl with a golden dress and the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen had just walked in and was now sitting a few feet away. He watched as she laughed with the girl she was with. Her body was fantastic, her curves were literal perfection and just the sight of you was making him hard.

He felt a nudge in his side and turned to see Derek smirking at him. “Come on pretty boy, take a chance.”


Your conversation was put on hold when you felt a tap on your arm and turned to see the cause. A younger man with the most beautiful brown eyes was staring at you. He was so pure and innocent looking that it just made you want to pounce.

“Hey there,” he awkwardly spoke. “I’m Spencer.”

He had the cutest smile you had ever seen. Your friend had slipped off back into the dance room, leaving you with the extremely handsome stranger. Being the wild partier you were, you grinned back and tightly gripped his sweaty hand. You stood up from the bar stool and dragged him out the EXIT door into the back alley, ignoring the curious stares and smirks from his friends.

“Um…Miss…I,” he tried to speak, but you instantly cut him off with a kiss. His lips were softer than ever and your slightly drunken self was already worshipping him. He surprisingly didn’t hesitate to kiss you back, slipping his tongue deep into your mouth and cupped your ass in his hands.

He lifted your left leg, cradling your entire body as you two continue to making out in the midnight summer breeze. Your pussy was throbbing for him and you wanted him inside you so bad at that moment, but you had to play it cool.

Pulling away, you kissed the tip of his nose and brushed your hand against his crotch, making him grunt in sexual frustration.

“See ya round handsome,” you whispered in his ear as you turned on your heel and headed back inside.

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So what sort of girl would interest gaara?

Originally posted by kazekage-gaara-forever


  • Gaara’s childhood has a lot to do with who he would like to be with in the future, he was surrounded by people who were prejudiced and didn’t accept him over something trivial. He would definitely fall for someone who was over all accepting, open and without judgement.
  • He won’t take interest in someone based on their looks. He would have see them doing something that makes him wonder about them, like maybe he sees them protecting someone or helping someone different. Details like that would make him notice a person initially.
  • Gaara has seen a lot in his life and he’s seen people around him hardened by their lives. He would be most intrigued by someone who has managed to maintain a childlike innocence to them and believes in the kindness of people. This person would likely be selfless to the point of being self sacrificing and the would also be very kind but definitely not a pushover
  • Gaara is amazed by people who stand up for what’s right no matter what and fight to protect what matter to them. The would be interested in a person who can take a stand against injustice and inspire people to change their wrongs. That’s probably the quality he would find most attractive about a person.
  • Personality wise Gaara is most interested in people who take care of other. He finds that quality extremely admirable. He finds it difficult to like people who only look out for themselves first and put others second. It’s just not something that aligns with his moral values since Gaara would always put the needs of his people first before his own.
  • He would most likely be intrigued by someone with a similar background. Like someone unique and misunderstood or if they have had a difficult background but still came out really strong. He would feel that he would he has a connection with them and that he can relate better with them.


One of the most important things an equestrian needs is to be brave. Most of us think we are. We know with a single bad distance, with a single fall, a single crash, in one second … everything we’ve worked for, from riding to living could be taken away from us. We’ve all experienced shit go down. This sport attracts many but only few were born to ride. With every bad distance, every fall, every crash, this sport tests us. Tests our bravery. Trying to find the real equestrians. The ones who get up, learn from our mistakes, and keep trying no matter how terrifying it seems. The ones who were born to ride.

-Hannah Bruni

What Makes "Us" | Yoongi

sup, hey, how ya doin!
anon request; can I request a Yoongi scenario where you work with BTS so you’re good friends with them and you come in to work one day really upset because a guy who’d been leading you on rejected you?
hey-o guys, so how are you?
first all thanks to the anon who requested this and i’m also sorry it’s coming up really late. I was suppose to write earlier, but my lazy ass fell asleep, that’s why i’m here are 2;30 am writing for you guys, but probably won’t be posting it until the morning.
i really hope you all in enjoy it, and thanks for reading!
no warnings just a heel of a lot of fluff, and some swearing
note; y/n- aka you- is a one of the make up artists for bts.
*yoongi’s point of view*
y/n walked in to work, happy as always, but some how she seamed even happier. that beautiful, white smile spread across her perfect face. her nose scrunched as she smiled, it was one of those things no one really noticed but i seamed to love so much.
“hey y/n,” jimin smiled at her as the door closed behind her, catching the attention of pretty much everyone in the room. whenever she walked into the room it just seamed a lot bigger and everyone just seamed to smile more, but i guess they do say some peoples smiles are contagious. she walked over to me slowly as her eyes were glued to her phone. “why are you so happy today?” i asked her as she reached me with a wider smile then she had as she walked into the room.

she giggled a little before putting her phone away, “well, i met this guy the other night. saturday, yeah Saturday. and we’re going out for dinner,” she cheered.
oh, okay, i guess what makes her happy may not make her happy. i couldn’t help but lose the smile that was on my face, but i want to be happy for her so i could try and fake smile at least.
i some how found some way to push my cheeks up and smile, even though at this point i felt quiet depressed about what was going on. “wow, i’m so happy for you,” i lied to her, i hated lying and i especially hated lying to her but what am i suppose to say?
am i suppose to say “oh, that’s nice and all but i’m a jealous fuck and don’t want you to date anyone else other then me,” or maybe i could have said “no, i’m so happy for you. and you’re not aloud to have a boyfriend if you’re not with me,”. she’d think i was a complete jerk!

“what’s the matter with you?” she asked, as i forgot; she can always read me, and she always knows when i’m lying. i fake yawned and rubbed my eyes slowly. “just tired,” i lied again, hopefully that was more believable.
she looked at me. “i can see that, the bags under your eyes are gonna be hard to cover," she explained. hell, i’m not even tired, what is she trying to say?
i yawned again, trying to make the lie even more believable. "don’t be doing that in the photo shoot. you’re a ugly yawner,” she chuckled, jokingly, “well, i apologise for not yawning attractively like every other human being on this earth,” i replied sarcastically making her laugh once again- god, i do love her laugh, and i love it most when i’m the reason that melody is leaving her mouth.

~ next day ~
it was the second day of the photo shoot and y/n was late, she’s never late. something must be the matter, because i’m seriously not lying when i say she’s never, ever late.
“hey, where’s y/n?” i asked our manager, “i don’t know, she texted me saying she was going to be a little, but i didn’t think she’d be this late,” he explained “i’ll have to have a serious word with her when she arrives,” he added sternly, “no, don’t. it won’t be her fault, shes never late so if she is there must be something wrong,” i replied trying to convince him not to get angry about it. i don’t want y/n having the manager on her case, expecially when something is obviously wrong.

moments later y/n walked in, but her pearly smile wasn’t there, it was a miserable sulk and the bags under her eyes were almost black, not to mention her eyes were actually red and puffy.
Okay, something is seriously wrong.
“sorry i’m late, i promise it won’t happen again,” she explained to our manager before walking over to do my make up. “sorry i’m late, yoongs. i best hurry up today,” she said, pulling out her massive makeup bag and laying all the products out. y/n sniffled a little. “hey, what’s up? you were super excited about this date with this guy. aren't you happy now?” i asked her, placing my hand on her soft cheek. “it wasn’t a date, would you call it a date if they brought their girlfriend and some other guy to date you?” she said moodily. what? how could this guy do this to her?
she’s been so so happy for the past week, since last saturday, and i’m guessing it’s about him. and i know y/n, she wouldn’t fall for someone unless she knew that he was giving her some sort of signal.
“of course he’d have a girlfriend, why would someone as handsome ass him date something like me?” she sighed starting to apply the makeup onto one of her brushes.

i stopped her. taking the brush out of her hand and placing it on the side.
“guys, me and y/n are just gonna have a little talk outside. can we wait a little bit to start to photo shoot?” i said, making it seam like i was asking but i really wasn’t and within seconds i was rushing out the room with y/n’s hand in mine.
“don’t you ever say that again,” i demanded.
“what?” she asked, confused. “what you said back there. i don’t want you to say that ever again, okay?” i explained “anyone would be lucky to have you. y/n you’re amazing,” i added, putting my hand on her shoulders. she smiled at me then sighed out, her eyes full of sadness and hurt. “i was so stupid, like he’d actually like me,”.

“i know you, y/n, he must have given you some kind of sign for you to actually want to go out with him. he played you, and he lead you on,” i said, calming her as i could see she was close to tears.
“but i liked him, yoongs, and i kind of really wanted to be happy and date someone. someone who liked me for me. not for my looks, not like i have any [don’t doubt yourself y/n, you’re beautiful], and for me,” y/n explained, and tear slowly sliding down her cheek. 
i looked at her gone out, my face full of disbelief. and before i could even stop the words from falling out my mouth they had already been said; “date me then,”. she chuckled a little, making me frown as well as she looked towards the ground.
“wow, thanks for mocking me yoo-” and she looked back up at me to see the hurt expression that was plastered on my face. “- you were joking, right?” she asked mid sentence. my emotions got the better of me, and i couldn’t- i didn’t want to- try and hide it. a blush spread across my face as i smiled towards the floor and at both of our pair of feet.

“yoongs,” she sighed out, "it’s okay, you don’t have to explain. i understand,“ i spoke out staring to walk back in. and as i was about to open the door, her small hand reached out and grabbed the bottom of my arm. "i never said that, did i?” she said, “well, you don’t like me like that and i think you’ve made that-” and within monets her lips were pressed against mine.
it was an exchange that last probably no longer then 30 seconds but it felt like minutes, hours, days, an eternity even. “i like you, yoongi, and i always have. i just didn’t think you liked me back, so i tried to forget about my stupid little crush on you because i knew it could never happen,” she said, pulling back from the kiss, slowly.
i chuckled and looked at her with a smile, almost as bright as the one she wore yesterday. “nothing could be further from the truth,” i replied “I’ve always liked you, from the moment i sore you,” i added.
and seconds later we were kissing again, this time with more passion and intensity, more love and more desire. “so, what does this make us?” i asked her, politely and she looked back at me with that cute little smirk she plays on her face from time to time.

“i guess that makes ‘us’, us.”.
hey-o, hope you enjoyed it and i’m sorry if it’s extremely crappy. i’m currently writing this at stupid oclock in the morning whilst watching the originals season 4. so at this point i’m tired and extremely depressed about what’s going on in my tv show.
anyway, before i start mopping about “always and forever” i’m gonna go.
thanks so so much for reading.

requests are open- reacts, moodboards, ships, scenarios/imagines and au’s.
and this is my masterlist, in case you wanna look or read some of my shit.
- love ya all!
- kala
previous past;
taehyung- stigma

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victuuri but they're in outer space

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Victor asked. His hair shone like starlight under the LED overheads, designed for conserving power for the duration of the USS Agape’s eighteen-month mission. The gold of his command shirt was the brightest color by far, drawing Yuuri’s eyes away from even the magnificent sight in the bay window behind him.

The Earth, all round and green and white and blue, so very blue. As blue as Captain Nikiforov’s eyes as he turned them back on Yuuri, his fresh-faced and distracted First Officer.

There should be nothing else on Yuuri’s mind but the sight of wide-open space, in this moment. He’d trained his whole life for this. He’d waited twenty five years for this sight. But he could look at nothing but his commanding officer and feel joy, feel fear, and feel the strange and mortifying attraction he’d acknowledged when he first chosen Victor as his idol long ago.

He was the most distinguished alumnus of Starfleet Academy; a true genius, a prodigy in all things navigation, language, and discovery. And he had chosen Yuuri for his second in command, despite the fact that dozens of graduates (some even twice Yuuri’s age) had been desperate for this chance.

Why me? Why now?

But does it matter?

“Yes, Captain,” Yuuri answered, and swallowed back the fear. Everything, everyone he knew was on that planet, now microscopic—entire lives, entire cities, so small they were invisible to the naked eye.

It certainly put things into perspective, Yuuri’s anxiety notwithstanding.

Victor laughed; the sound echoed off the thermoglass, off the bulkheads, and echoed down the spacious halls. Yuuri drew in on himself; Victor, oblivious, reached out to pat him on the back. “Yuuri, please, you can call me Victor when we’re not on the bridge. We’re going to be living and working together for the next year and a half. It’s the least you can do, please, for me.”

How could Yuuri deny him? He lowered his eyes and nodded, still starstruck (not by the galaxies they would be facing, exploring—but by the man himself before him). 

“Come on. I’d like to hear you say my name at least once,” Victor said with a bright smile.

“I just don’t want to disappoint you!” Yuuri felt the words tumble from him unexpectedly, the hot, embarrassed blush following closely behind. He clapped his hands over his mouth and mumbled, “…Victor.”

Victor’s cheerful expression softened into something gentle, private. His hand, where he had patted Yuuri’s back, drifted up to rest on his shoulder, heavy and comforting. “You won’t disappoint me. You’re capable of amazing things, Yuuri. You’re full of surprises, I know it. You may even surprise yourself.” 

Victor winked; Yuuri hoped Victor couldn’t feel the heart palpitations that had to be shaking his whole body.

And then Victor stepped closer and slid his arm around Yuuri’s shoulder. “Come on, Commander Katsuki. Let’s go greet our crew.”

As Victor led him away, Yuuri had only a moment to take in the view of the Earth; it would be more than a year before he would see it again. But the last thing he saw was their reflection—tall and broad, short and slender, silver hair and black, command gold and science blue.

They looked good together.

(Yuuri hoped they would work together just as well.)

“Yes, Victor,” Yuuri answered.

Being near Victor’s warmth was worth the cold of space.

Deal | Hwasa (Mamamoo)

Deal | Hwasa (Mamamoo)

word count: 3.1k
genre: smut, gang!au
warnings: kidnapping, handcuffs, mention of murder, mention of prostitution, mention of sex slaves
Caught You | Deal

When you startle away, body flinging upright on what appears to be a bed, you’re snapped back into a laid out position by heavy metal cuffs secured around your wrists. They’re looped carefully through the wrought iron bars of the headboard, leaving you with no room to escape. You probably wouldn’t get very far even if you could find a way to bend metal. Besides the smooth silk sheets that hang loosely around your waist, jostled by your hasty movements, you can feel that there’s nothing protecting your body from anything that could be lurking around here. You’re not even sure where “here” is since it’s not any of the back rooms at Lush and the expensive decor is certainly higher than your apartment. So aside from being cuffed to a bed, you have a few other problems involving the fact that you’re naked and in a foreign place. For all you know someone’s planning on killing you.

Then again if your hazy memories of what could be last night or weeks ago depending on how long you’ve been asleep, you’re somewhere only the members of Mamamoo can find you. That doesn’t sound very safe seeing as they’re the notorious gang that’s been plastered all over the media for months, but it’s better than the door opening and you not having an inkling of an idea as to who will greet you. As if the universe was timing the event to sync up with your internal monologue, the door across from the bed swings open. The woman you assume is Hwa Sa steps in and kicks the door shut behind her. There’s the telltale click of the lock and you’re suddenly not so sure the calm you felt just seconds earlier was truly warranted.

There’s nothing obviously menacing about the woman in front of you. If anything she screams sex on legs, but the deliberate way she stalks towards you reminds you a bit too much of a cheetah sneaking up on its prey. Even her eyes give off a predatory glint as she skirts over your current state. You should be embarrassed. A complete stranger so openly appraising your exposed body, but you suck it up and stare back at her with what you hope is an equally heated look. You brought this on yourself, but hell if you’ll go down without even a little bit of a fight. Hwa Sa just smirks at you and sits down next to you on the bed.

“Look who’s finally awake. I thought Byul Yi-unnie had killed you.” She teases. The same husky voice that had punched desire straight into your gut does it again and you immediately clamp your thighs together in what you hope is a discreet manner. The worst thing you can do right about now is show weakness. It’s apparent that all of them know what you’re up to, somehow, but you won’t back down now that you’re this close to exposing them. Your hopes for your jerky movement having been missed by the blue-haired girl are dashed when her hand shoots out to grab your thigh. Her sharpened nails lightly drag over your sensitive skin through the thin barrier of the sheet and you shift around awkwardly.

“Stop moving so much.” She huffs before swinging her leg across yours so she’s seated on your thighs. She’s not particularly heavy but the heat of her thick thighs caging around yours does little to douse that fire that she started ablaze. You fall still anyway, not wanting to push whatever patience she has for your situation. She nods to herself once you fall still.

“Okay, now we can get somewhere.” She shifts around on your lap before fully settling herself. “Young Sun-unnie sent me to interrogate you and she said use any means necessary, so that’s what I’ll do.” The name Young Sun is new to you but you have bigger things to worry about. You can’t tell if she’s informing you of this information or reminding herself of the task at hand. Either way it gives you a few seconds to steel yourself for what’s about to come. You’ve never been faced with such an ultimatum since this is the first time you’ve ever managed to get caught by the people you were after, but “any means necessary” usually means pain. You’re tough enough that you can deal with small doses of pain like slapping or hair pulling, that was just how most girls fought back when you first worked as a stripper, but a gang member could more than likely kill you with their bare hands no matter how attractive they are.

“First question: why were you trying to find us?” She asks carefully. Her thick lips are pressed into an unapologetic line as she awaits your answer. Should you tell her? They must already know half of the reason you’ve been so pressed to find out more about them if they could single you out in a club full of other dancers. The Byul Yi girl even knew your name, so what’s with the pretense. You seal your lips and look away.

“Oh, come on, [Name]. Just answer my questions. The quicker this is over the quicker we can figure out what to do with you. Good behavior is a guarantee that we won’t kill you. We prefer obedient toys.” Hwa Sa says matter-of-factly. Toys? All this time you had thought Mamamoo was just the typical drug dealing, money embezzling, loan sharking type of gang with an average body count, but her words sound as though they dabble in the realm of human trafficking as well. That’s where you draw the line. You could dance for money but letting people sleep with you for the same money that could buy you popcorn at the movies wasn’t something you were ready to take part in. You dodge her question by asking another.

“You’re gonna turn me into a prostitute?” It wouldn’t be that hard seeing as you’re attractive beyond average, but because of that you’re also well-known. As a journalist you get your picture spread around quite a lot as the woman who busted one dangerous crime ring or another. It would be hard to make you disappear without a little bit of backlash. Your company has the police monitoring you just to be sure that you don’t get caught up in this exact type of situation. Depending on how long you’ve been gone there will definitely be some sort of uproar going on at least at the office if not on the news and newspapers yet. You wonder if the girls are aware of this little fact.

“You’re too good to be a prostitute.” Hwa Sa decides, “You’d be our personal little doll. No one but us will get to touch you, so don’t worry.” Her words sound reassuring as if the life of a sex slave is made more appealing by being shared amongst only four women. Regardless of the fact that they’re all lovely to look at you can’t imagine it being very fun for you in the long run. Besides the fact that you’ll undoubtedly be hoarded away from the rest of society, you’d probably die after a few weeks. Byul Yi knocked you out in under an hour and you’ve been out cold for who knows how long. If the rest of them play as rough as she does you’ll wither into nothing just from overexertion and dehydration. There are probably chickens that die in more dignified manners.

“You can’t keep me here.” Hwa Sa blinks at you then smirks like she finds your declaration amusing.

“And why can’t we?”

“The police will be looking for me after too long of my not reporting back to work.”

“You think the police will be worried about a missing stripper? I’ve heard of housewives up and leaving their family without anyone batting an eye. You’re not that special sweetheart. Pretty, but not special.”

“Aren’t I though? You asked why I was trying to find you guys. Well, here’s your answer: I’m a journalist. It’s my job to hunt down leads about criminals and publish it in the news. I was trying to take you down. Now that I’m gone my company will have the police looking for me because if they find me they’ll more than likely find you, so I hope this place–wherever we are–isn’t in Seoul because it’s the first place they’ll be looking.” As you explain the gravity of the situation, Hwa Sa’s knowing smirk drops into a grin scowl. You’ve somehow gained the upperhand and you can all but see a plan formulating in her head as she tries to get around the situation she’s unknowingly put herself and the rest of the girls into. Not to say it’s her fault since it was Byul Yi that came in, guns blazing, and fucking you into oblivion. Had she just tried to negotiate with you you probably could’ve come to an agreement that didn’t immediately involve the police, but she’d been hasty in her planning and you’d been lax in your self-control which spiraled out into this mess.

“You’re lying.” Hwa Sa suddenly declares. You squint up at her. “You’re just trying to scare us into letting you go.”

“You think I’d lie about the police coming for me? For what? To get out of being a sex slave?” Hopefully you can turn this around on her. “I’ve slept with one of your members and you think I’d give that up to go home to bring a stripper. That job is all tease and no release. I’m not that dumb.”

“Obviously you are. I’m not falling for it, so tell me why you’re really after us. The truth or I won’t play so nice with you.” You’re not sure what she wants to hear at this point. You’ve told her the truth and she doesn’t believe you. There’s not much else to go on from there. Either she listens or she doesn’t, and it doesn’t matter either way because the police will start looking for you once they realize something’s gone amiss in your pursuit of the truth. No matter how annoyed they get with you sticking your nose in their area of expertise it’s still their job to keep you safe. Plus you become a helpful asset when you help track down criminals they couldn’t find on their own.

“That’s the truth. Take it or leave it.” The slap she administers to your face is fast and hard. You neck statins with the force with which it’s snapped to the side. You groan at the unpleasant feeling.

“Just tell me why you’re here!” She shouts. At this point it looks like she’ll be willing to take anything but the truth as just that. You could probably tell her you wanted to join and she’d eat it up. That’s not actually a half bad idea. It’s not unheard of for strippers to join gangs just for the money and extra clientele. In all honesty, that’s probably what Hwa Sa has been waiting for you to tell her; so you do.

“See; that wasn’t so hard now was it?” Her plush lips settle back into the same sly smirk that adorned her face when she first walked in. “But like I said, ‘you’re too good to be a prostitute’ and we’re not looking for new members.” Her voice has suddenly taken an aloof tone and anxiety twists in your gut like barbed wire. If they don’t need more members, then they don’t need you and uselessness isn’t a coveted trait around the underground. You squirm on the bed, still mostly pinned by Hwa Sa’s godly thighs, your wrist stinging as the metal handcuffs start to bite into your skin.

“Don’t look so worried,” Hwa Sa reassures you, “The option of being our plaything is still on the table.”

“I–I don’t want to.” You spout out stupidly. Hwa Sa quirks a perfect brow at you and you bite your lip at how dumb you sound. How would a prostitute be different from a personal sex slave? Easy, it’s not. Hwa Sa seems to think so, too.

“It’s not,” You look away from her to try and formulate a halfway believable excuse. “I just–I’m afraid I won’t be good enough.” That was a complete lie. You aren’t the type to sleep with half the city just because, but out of your small amount of partners no one has ever said you weren’t good. Some even called you for another round. But Hwa Sa doesn’t need to know that. You just pout your lips and avoid her eyes like the whole situation is embarrassing to you. A hand slams down on the bed next to your head and Hwa Sa is suddenly leaning so close to you that if you shifted forward even a fraction of an inch her lips would be on yours.

“I saw how you let Byul Yi-unnie fuck you,” Her other hand lands on your cheek, slowly moving lower; over the curve of your jaw, down the column of your neck, along the slant of your collarbone, lingering in the valley between your breasts before shooting down to hike your leg around her hip. The silk sheets slide lower still, barely protecting Hwa Sa’s shorts from being ruined by the growing heat between your legs. Instead of letting your single layer of protection remain Hwa Sa yanks it away. You don’t drop your leg from her hip. Instead you wrap both legs right around her and press your bare badly against her like a koala.

“What are you doing that for?” You pout and look away. “Baby, you know I’ve seen you makes before, right? And you didn’t seem to mind me staring at your boobs until a second ago.”

“I was a bit tied up.” You deadpan with a rattle of your cuffs.

“Good, you can stay like that.” She starts to get up and your heart freezes in your chest. She can’t leave you tied up. You wrack your brain for anything that could get her to stay, get her to uncuff you, until you realize she’s not leaving. Hwa Sa just stands at the foot of the bed, just staring at you. After a few beats of silence she starts tugging her shirt over her head. One after another her clothes drop to the floor until she’s completely naked.

“Let’s see if you’re really as bad as you say.” You tug hard on your restraints as Hwa Sa climbs over you again, your fingers reaching out to touch her gorgeous honey skin. You let out a noise somewhere between a moan and a whimper when she presses her body against you, and your legs lock around her waist. She stares into your eyes few an intense moment before kissing you, hard. You kiss back with equal vigor, your hips twitching to press against her. Hwa Sa happily swallows your noises of satisfaction as you grind against her stomach.

“Fuck, don’t do that,” She groans into your neck between sucking dark bruises into your skin. You continue regardless only to stop when her hand slips between the two of you to glide across your clit. You cry out, cuffs clanging against the metal as you try fruitlessly to touch her. “God, baby, how are you this wet already?” She teases, pulling her hand away to hold it up to the light. Your arousal shines on her fingers before getting licked off by her tongue. The whine that rips from your throat is more akin to a kicked puppy than a human as your mind runs wild with how she could use that tongue on you.

“Hwa Sa,” She smirks down at you, grabbing a handful of your breast and teasing your nipple with her still-wet fingers.

“Yes, baby girl?”

“Eat me, please.” You pant. You’re getting so wound up and she hasn’t really done anything yet. Hwa Sa tilts her head thoughtfully with another one of her smirks tugging at her lips.

“Only if you promise to return the favor,” You nod aggressively, doing whatever it takes to feel those pretty lips and perfect tongue against you right now. Hwa Sa unhooked your legs and moves up your body. Your tongue pokes eagerly out of your mouth as she turns around and drops her hips against your face. You can tell what she’s doing, but still react like you’ve been electrocuted when she spreads your thighs then presses her tongue flat against your clit. You muffle your moans against her pussy, reveling in the taste of her as she licks into you with the same feverish intensity she had kissed you. Each swirl of her tongue leaves you flying higher, closer to your release and you happily return the favor tenfold. Your lips wrap around her clit and suck hard, rewarding her with a playful finger thrusting inside her when she moans against you again.

You feel like you’re melting. All you can feel is her. Hwa Sa’s glorious thighs cage you in, her wet pussy rocking desperately against your mouth, her lips kissing your lower lips while two fingers press against your g-spot. You’re so close to the edge that your legs shake around Hwa Sa’s head as she mutters the dirtiest things into your thigh. She comes before you, your mouth floods with the taste of her as her fingers fuck into you faster. You come seconds later with a shout of her name. Both of you collapse against the bed in blissed out fatigue. After a few minutes Hwa Sa moves to uncuff you. Just as she’s tossing away the offending object the door opens again and Byul Yi and the one you think is Young Sun step in. Young Sun looks amused at the sight before her, but Byul Yi looks livid.

“Unnie, wait! Before you get mad at me: she agreed to be our go-to girl for whenever we need to fuck.” Hwa Sa sputters quickly. You can’t remember explicitly agreeing to those terms, but you don’t say anything to correct her. It doesn’t work to pacify Byul Yi, though. The grey haired girl storms out of the room without saying anything.

“Don’t worry about her, sweetheart,” Young Sun says as she walks up to stand next to the bed, “Byul Yi has always been a little possessive.” Hwa Sa scoffs.

“A little?” Young Sun gives her a pointed look that shuts up whatever tangent the younger was about to go off on.

“She’ll have to learn to share, ’cause from now on this,” Her hand shoots out to cup your sex, “Belongs to all of us now. Remember that, Hye Jin.”

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30 Eth 💘

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30. “Stop being so attractive!” (Ethan Dolan)

With summer break in full swing, you were making the most of it spending it with your boyfriend, Ethan. Even if that meant, sitting behind a camera for hours on end, watching them film video after video for their fans. 

Their entire process never ceased to amaze you, how they would become these focussed, driven social media influences from being awkward goofballs just seconds before, once the camera light turned to red, recording their antics.

What you enjoyed more than you’d like to admit, was admiring just how handsome Ethan was. No matter what hairstyle he sported, what colour he chose to strut, he looked so effortlessly handsome. It was a blessing to your eyes and everyone else’s and your chest would always swell with pride, knowing he was yours.

Today morning, Ethan and Gray had a photoshoot with Teen Vogue and as always Ethan had plans on taking you along with him. Excited to see how a professional photoshoot took place, you could barely hold it together. You were out your door the minute you saw Ethan pull up in your driveway. Watching Ethan shoot videos was one thing. It was a whole other level of eye-gasm watching him model. 

Once you had reached the set, Ethan and Gray were ushered into green rooms for outfit changes and makeup. While they got fitted, you wandered around, taking in the white backdrop, the gigantic camera lights, the music blaring to set the mood and assistants and costume designers running helter skelter, preparing everything before the photographer arrived.

Soon though, it was time. Standing a distance away from all the camera gears, you patiently stood, sipping on your frappuccino as the boys walked over, signalling the start of the shoot.

As the camera shutter went on, the boys switching poses and expressions as frequently as they switched outfits, the excitement that was full to bursting inside of you started to fade, replaced with an emotion you couldn’t quite put a finger on. You looked around, the straw from your drink sticking to your lower lip, as you took in the fawning looks some of the on set employees, close in age to the Twins, cast at the boys. 

Biting your inner lip, you walked off, trying to brush away the annoying feeling that had started to sour your mood.

Settling down on the couch in Ethan’s vanity, you scrolled through your phone trying to keep yourself distracted, looking up only when you saw Ethan walk in, worry evident on his face.

‘Babe, everything okay? One minute you were there and then you weren’t. Is everything alright?’ he asked as he walked towards you, taken aback when you jumped off the couch and stormed towards him.

‘You!’ you hissed jabbing a finger in his face.

‘Me?’ he asked thoroughly confused and shocked by your behaviour.

‘Yes, YOU! Stop being so attractive! It’s annoying and unfair and not right and just -’ you stammered, flailing your arms around you, desperately looking for words to explain how you were feeling.

Breaking into a heart wrenching smile, Ethan chuckled softly, grabbing your arms before pulling him to you, wrapping his arms around you.

‘You have nothing to be jealous about, babe!’ he said, trying hard not to laugh.

‘Ya right, says the king of the gene pool.’ you grumpily answered back.

Still laughing, Ethan took a step back, cupping your face in his as he softly pressed his lips against yours.

‘I’m sorry?’ he replied, humour and amusement making his face even more beautiful.

‘You better be,’ you pouted, slightly embarrassed but still offended and mortified by his perfection, as you buried your head back in his chest that was rumbling against your cheek, Ethan having thrown his head back, laughter taking control at your little rant.

I keep thinking about the implication that bisexual women calling themselves lesbians meaningfully expresses their desire for other women and being blown away at how obviously biphobic it is to imply that bisexual women, by default, don’t see their attraction to women as important. First of all, if it wasn’t important to them they’d probably call themselves straight, and second of all bi women don’t share the same relationship to men among them and “I’m bisexual no matter my partner’s gender” is such a bedrock of most bi people’s self conceptualization.

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hi!!! do u have any harry potter au's u know and could recommend please? thank you so much!! (:

OMG YES now hp!aus are definitely up my alley (I might have written a few myself lol) I’ll hook you up dw 

the world is in your palm now so take a breath and calm down by fifty-one sunsets (idyleski) | junghope 
I can’t do this,“ Jungkook hisses to Jimin, eyes following Hoseok who makes his way to the table.

Chapter 20: The Dank Dungeon Detention Disaster by Merixcil | zico/suga
After one of Kyung’s schemes gets found out, Jiho and Yoongi wind up taking the fall (Hogwarts AU)

it’s a flashlight, not a wand by hakho | yoonseok
Hoseok stumbles into what is most definitely not his home in the middle of the night. or AO3

It’s a Flashlight, Not a Wand Pt. 2 by hakho | yoonseok

95z and the Horrifically Attractive Hufflepuff Head Boy by sheepishfiction
Taehyung is an unregistered Animagus and Jimin is not that bad at Charms. Jungkook spends an excessive amount of time in the first stall of the second floor boy’s toilet. But none of these things matter, because holy shit, Kim Seokjin.

i’m sorry for my silence, my love by hakho | namjin
Seokjin doesn’t want to talk about what happened last Christmas. Harry Potter!AU 

I Need U - Chapter 6: Harry Potter Au by ifyou | yoonseok
we stumble into the mirror of erised together. we look into it. neither of us know it’s anything special. we just see our reflections 

I Need U - Chapter 14: Harry Potter Au - Potions by ifyou | yoonseok
“you are already dating someone else, and during our love potion unit, you get asked to explain what you smell, and of course you’re gonna be smelling things that describe your partner right? uhm, but then why are you explicitly describing me…?" 

always tickle a sleeping dragon by paradoxicy 
a series of bts one-shots in which jungkook is a brooding, emotionally constipated slytherin and hoseok can’t shut his big mouth up (and yoongi is secretly shagging hufflepuff’s prefect, kim seokjin). 

are you a dementor (because you take my breath away) by pearhunt | vkook
It’s not like Taehyung chose to help rising star Quidditch player Jeon Jeongguk. Even if he’s a Hufflepuff, he’s still allowed to hate Jeongguk’s guts. 

Amorbrall by basilpyrrhic | vkook
V is literally a world class idiot and Jung Kook is all talk. 

pathetic fallacy by shikae (39smooth) | (fuckign amazingsdjhbfdbespiu) 
HP Wizarding War!AU. Don’t let the light go out. Remember. Never let the light go out. 

The Second Circle by Merixcil | Jin/Hyosang 
How to grow up together (told backwards) - Hogwarts AU 

Wicked Witchcraft: You Arouse the Need in Me by hunchul | namseok (absolutely bae) 
also known as 5 times namseok got caught and one time they didn’t. inspired by/based on kore-chan’s numerous hp au fanarts

Amortentia by Tosun | yoonmin
Jimin didn’t think his love potion would actually work.

Happy reading, my young padawan!
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