or the second most attractive for that matter

  • attractive person: looks don't matter!
  • me, an ugly: *can't make friends*, *can't get into relationships*, *is second choice for everything*, *can't get away with most outfits*, *can't take pictures featuring myself*, *has severe trust issues over anyone seemingly liking me* ok

I just saw gifs of the scene where Ragnar and Ecbert argue over where Athelstan would have been most safe, and you literally cannot tell me that Ragnar was arguing in defense of just his platonic bestie. Neither was Ecbert for that matter, but I haven’t seen anyone try to claim Ecbert wasn’t in love.

So yeah, as far as Ragnar Lothbrok goes in the series canon, I refuse to think he was anything other than bi/pansexual. He was intrigued by Athelstan from the second they met, attracted to him soon after, and then they proceeded to build a lasting friendship. Following his death, Ragnar felt lost, abandoned, guilty, and above all, heartbroken. He even converted his religion for Athelstan, which is seen as being a huge deal. So while platonic may describe the literal aspect of their relationship, it doesn’t describe how Ragnar felt. 

Maybe they’re right. That I’m not that beautiful that can catch everyone’s eye in just a split second. I’m not that intelligent that could easily pass challenges. I have that face that won’t attract most of the people. I don’t have those perfectly shaped body. In short, I won’t really be your first choice. But one thing I am sure of is that I can make you happy with the simple things. I would make you the happiest for your smile is the only picture I’d want to see. And I will love you with all my might. No matter how hard it gets, I will not get tired making you feel the love you deserve. 

hi hi a friendly reminder to all of you who find smoking attractive…

there are those of us who get physically ill when looking at anyone smoking/cigs/etc. - it takes two extra second to tag it for me and others. thanks

Best text i've read about this subject!

Okay, since this situation has been very discussed since episode 3x05, i just found the PERFECT text about all this, and it was written by the amazing Shaunna murphy.


Here are the most important topics in Shaunna’s article:

The sexual chemistry that Simmons had with Will from the second they officially met (after he imprisoned her to determine that she was real) was palpable, but also a sad reminder that no matter how great Jemma Simmons is when she’s paired with Leo Fitz (the fantastic Iain De Caestecker), the two — in my opinion — have never displayed an ounce of sexual chemistry. 

  • Don’t shame Simmons for having feelings for someone else.

“Every human being on this earth has the right to be attracted to whoever they want to be, even if there’s another person waiting in the wings who loves them as much as Kel loves orange soda. Fitz is that person for Jemma — she knows it, of course — but she’s NEVER, in over two seasons, been able to reciprocate those feelings, which has occasionally been painful to watch. That’s why I was thrilled — thrilled! — to see Simmons take Daniels as a lover, in a sexual encounter that she initiated, and then completely fall in love with him. It felt natural, it felt right”.

  • Don’t turn Fitz into a sad sack. 

“Is there anything worse than spending multiple episodes watching a character cry and mope around about someone who isn’t reciprocating their feelings? We’ve seen Fitz be beaten down by life a lot lately (for legitimate reasons; that Ward-induced brain damage scenario was awful), so if “S.H.I.E.L.D.” wants to keep this character as likable and fun to watch as he’s been the past two years, they’ll give him a reason to keep going, stat”.

  • Don’t put them together for the sake of fan service. 

“If “S.H.I.E.L.D.” wants to keep Fitzsimmons as lovable and special as they are, they won’t force them to hook up. It’ll inevitably lead to them hurting each other (most likely Jemma hurting Fitz, because she isn’t in love with him), and literally no one wants that”.

  • Don’t utter the words “friend zone.” Ever. 

“As Daniels said, Fitz is Simmons’ “favorite word.” She loves that man to death, so to dishonor their extremely special and unique science-buddies friendship by turning it into nothing but unrequited sexual feelings would be a shame”…

All i have to say is:

The Thing You Love Most About Him


The thing you love most about Ashton is his laugh. It doesn’t matter what the joke or the story was, Ashton’s laugh always is the funniest part. He will never fail to brighten your mood with that laugh of his. It is contagious, adorable, and out of this world attractive. You could be having the worst day ever, and just his little giggle will make you smile from ear to ear.


The thing you love the most about Luke is his awkwardness. He gets so cute when he has no idea what to say or what to do. He’s just this beautifully strange mixture of penguin and awkward human. You can ask him anything, and automatically he will get uncomfortable…Or, at least he will look uncomfortable. You love to tease him about it alongside the boys, and he just laughs because it’s true.


The thing you love the most about Michael is his sarcasm. Mikey can be the sweetest guy ever as well as the most sarcastic lad ever. It makes you laugh until you cry and your eyes light up with pride. His sass is constantly on point, which is why you would never want to be caught in a fight with him; however, you love to see him get sarcastic with others. It entertains you, but he knows you would have his back in a second if things got out of hand.


The thing you love most about Calum is his smile. It is the most attractive thing ever, and most times it makes you fall in love with him all over again. His smile could light a billion rooms. You loved seeing him happy, and what better way to show his happiness than through a smile? Calum knows the effect his smile has on you, and he uses it to his advantages.