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White people a week ago: Little Wayne is literal trash. He looks just like all the other niggers with face tattoos. He’s teaching our children to do drugs and it’s his fault that Tommy uses the word bitch at Thanksgiving that one time.

White people now: honestly, I respect Little Wayne. He is so brave to speak out against the hypocrisy and injustices of BLM. I would consider him a great role model.


I really like the idea of Dipper introducing Ford to all the sci-fi shows and stuff that he missed while he was in the portal.

when you talk about boys and piercings with @ravenclawboys​ this happens so please please imagine neil fucking josten with a nose piercing. 

  • okay okay lets say that nicky really wants to get his ears pierced so he drags neil and allison with him to go get it done.
  • while nicky is getting his ears pierced allison is sitting next to him, fucking holding his hand cause nicky can’t handle needles
  • she’s rolling her eyes but a smile is still on her face 
  • neil on the other hand is roaming around the tattoo shop they’re in 
  • he starts talking to one of the tattoo artists because they’re an exy fan and neil is always ready to talk about fucking exy we all know he is
  • about halfway through this conversation neil notices the little hoop threaded through the artist’s nose 
  • and he’s immediately intrigued
  • he lowkey finds the nose piercing super aesthetically pleasing 
  • so we also know that neil has no fucking impulse control so he’s like “i want it. can you give me a nose piercing?” 
  • the artist doubles as a piercer and they’re lowkey surprised but only say, “sure man i can give you a nose piercing.” 
  • neil is fucking grin and he’s lowkey thinking about how andrew’s gonna react 
  • but he brushes off any thoughts of andrew and just follows his new buddy into the room that nicky recently left.
  • allison and nicky are looking at him curiously, nicky’s ears slightly red
  • neil just fucking grins at him, teeth showing and eyes fucking sparkling
  • “im getting a nose piercing.” 
  • allison immediately places a bet that andrew is going to love it, nicky is a little hesistant
  • he has no doubt that neil will look goodwith a nose piercing, he just doesn’t know if andrew woud like it
  • okay fast forward to them heading back to the dorm
  • the first thing neil does is head up to the roof where andrew is of course smoking. 
  • andrew must’ve heard neil coming because by them neil drops down next to him there’s another cigarette in his hand
  • andrew silently hands neil the other cigarette glancing at neil out of the corner of his eye
  • in that small little look he catches the tiniest glint of metal looping through neil’s nose
  • andrew immediately stiffens, neil is now staring straight at him full out grinning. 
  • “do you like it??” 
  • andrew doesn’t say a single fucking word, he just stubs out his cigarette before clambering to his feet and stalking off 
  • neil is confused af but he doesn’t really take andrew’s reaction to heart
  • instead he makes his way back downstairs wandering into matt’s room where everyone has sort of gathered 
  • all the other foxes immediately notice his new piercing 
  • all of their first question is “what did andrew think?” 
  • allison is grinning, waiting to hear if she won the bet or not 
  • neil just shrugs, “i don’t know, he didn’t say anything” 
  • nicky shoots allison a smug grin before holding out a palm which she grudgingly slaps money into 
  • HOWFUCKINGEVER later that night neil steps into the room and andrew is just standing there in the middle of the dorm 
  • he stalks over to neil asking “yes or no?” through gritted teeth, his eyes stuck firmly to the hoop in neil’s nose 
  • neil of course says yes and andrew smashes their lips together, furiously biting down on neil’s bottom lip 
  • neil that night goes to bed with a triumphant grin on his face which andrew promptly kisses away
  • (neil never tells allison that she actually was the one who won the bet) 

Do you ever connect with someone so well that you honestly think you made it up in your head? Well Tumblr did that for me. I met my best friend, @midwesternstandards on here five or six years ago and we finally met to face earlier this year. “In Omnia Paratus” means Ready for Anything. It’s also most known because of the tv show Gilmore Girls. For each of us, this tattoo means something different, but also our ideas are very similar. It brings us together no matter where we are in life, no matter what troubles we are going through. What ever changes we are faced with. We can always fall back on each other.

Tattoos by Kyle and Berry from The Asylum Tattoo in Ames, IA

@thesuperkenz said :  DamiTim and “you can’t get tattooed drunk, come back in the morning and if you still want my name on your ass we’ll talk” AU, please

LOOK WHO IS ALIVE YES YES I AM POSTING A PROMPT omg so much still waiting in my box I’m sorry everyone T.T This is a “no super hero” AU, meh


Tim was turning on his heels, twirling around the shop. “That’s… Quite a chance that place isn’t closed ‘till midnight.” He mumbled, his voice slurred. Bart and Conner were behind him, Bart with an apologetic look on his face, the other smiling like mad.

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The Gotham Rogues got drunk once and decided to get a tattoo of an R for Rogue. Some Rogues, like Two-Face or Penguin, hide the tattoos others, like Query and Echo, show theirs off at any opportunity. Joker and Harley on the other hand both have them in places that only the other had seen.

The adventure zome turned me onto the idea of having a celebrity’s face tattooed on your chest, and then having other body parts of them scattered across the rest of your body like “what’s that tattoo on your neck?” “Oh that’s Beyonce’s left arm”

justin bieber is literally complete trash. it takes some kind of bitch ass attitude to resort to saying your ex girlfriend “used” you for fame because she said that he should care and consider his fans’ feelings. he cried for a year about how they were truly in love and how he would never let her go. he’s the one that’s been creepily posting throwback pics of her on his Instagram, while she ignored them. he’s the one who has her face tattooed on his arm. not the other way around. selena verbatim said that she was “beyond done” with justin and did not want to comment on their relationship. her comment wasn’t mean in the slightest way and she was defending his fans from his shitty attitude. it’s so nasty when men go back to the “they used me” excuse just because their exes realized how shittt they are and call them out on it. justin bieber is a sexist, racist, insensitive asshole and i do not ever want to see his face in this website ever again. he’s out of chances and if you support him, you’re just as disgusting.


“I’m the kind to sit up in his room.
Heart sick an’ eyes filled up with blue”.


Ah, love…