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I really like the idea of Dipper introducing Ford to all the sci-fi shows and stuff that he missed while he was in the portal.

At Eleven

Another Jay Park fluff.

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You never liked arguments. For one, you were not the type to bite back at people. No, you’re too scared to do that. So you would stay quiet and let the other person lash out what they are feeling until they calm down. Or worse, they get angrier at you.

The latter was what happened between you and Jay.

You lay in bed, back flat against the mattress and eyes staring at the ceiling. You’d long forgotten when you put your earphones in, but the row earlier with Jay—which involved him the only one speaking for most parts—lingered in your mind like it’s happening right before your eyes at the moment.

“If you don’t like it, just tell me. How else will I know?” Jay told you on your way home, as calm as he could, but you could hear the irritation in his tone.

The thing about Jay is he never yelled at you. Maybe when you’re not in the same room and he would call you, but not when the two of you are fighting. Shouting didn’t really solve anything. And you didn’t do well when people raised their voice at you. It only made you fall quieter; more resolved to swim in your own space.

Jay understands you like that.

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I want to ruin this world. I wanna pull it to pieces and I want to watch it burn.
I have so much built up anger and in don’t know in what direction I should fire it at so I become angry at myself and I become angry at the trend and hope around rainbows and fun fetti

Neil watched as Andrew’s head tipped back, lips parting to allow a thin trail of smoke to dribble out. He gave it a few moments before he blew it away with a sharp puff.

“Can you do the thing where you blow it out of your mouth and breathe it back in through your nose?” Neil asked him.

Andrew looked at the cigarette curiously before taking another drag and trying as Neil suggested. His face scrunched up when the hot smoke burned his nostrils. He rubbed at them and scowled, while Neil watched and chuckled.

They were sitting on the roof of Nicky and Erik’s apartment complex in Berlin, invited there for the wedding which would be taking place in just a handful of days. Aaron, whom Nicky had chosen for best man, and the groom in question, were out with Erik’s mother flower shopping, while Erik was at work. Neil and Andrew had, mostly politely, declined the offer to tag along.

It was strange being back in Berlin, it having been so many years since he and his mother had stopped there in their globe trotting escape. It was familiar, and at the same time unsettlingly alien.

“Who do you think’s gonna cry when Nicky walks down the aisle?” Neil asked, after a time.

Nicky, a stickler for tradition despite his non-traditional leanings, had insisted that someone was going to walk down the aisle to the wedding music. Ms Klose had offered to stand in in place of his absent mother, and Nicky had been close to tears at the mere thought of such a gesture.

“Erik first, probably. He’s gonna take one look at him and start crying, which will set Nicky off. They’ll exchange their vows with snot running down their faces,” Andrew replied.

Neil chortled at the imagery. “You’re probably right, actually.”

There was another drawn out silence. Andrew occupied it with finishing his cigarette and lighting another, while Neil watched on. He stared with open fascination at the tattoos on Andrew’s hands, the only part of his finished sleeve visible around the arm bands and leather jacket, worn to ward of the cold autumn night. He found himself smiling as he read the words on Andrew’s knuckles. чёрт. So fitting.

“What are you wearing to the wedding?” Neil asked after a time.

“Not a fucking suit, that’s for sure.”

Neil snorted. “What, does it kill your vibe? Not punk enough for you?”

“Shut your whore mouth Josten or you can examine my knuckles more closely.”

Neil smirked, unoffended by the veiled accusation that he had again been staring. He’d come to realise it didn’t bother Andrew nearly so much as he implied. “So what, leather jacket?”

Andrew turned to level a look at him, cigarette dangling from his lips. “Works well enough for most occasions.”

“But it’s a wedding.”


Neil shook his head, smiling, exasperated.

“The fuck’s your problem, Abram?”

Neil’s smile turned into a chuckle, which grew steadily into a laugh the more Andrew glared at him.

Eventually the nonsensical giggling grew annoying enough that Andrew threw away his half finished cigarette and moved abruptly closer, reaching out to crook a finger under Neil’s chin. Neil smelt tobacco on the breath that ghosted across his cheeks, glimpsed a hint of warmth in the dark hazel eyes that stared unflinchingly at him. His giggling stopped but the smile remained firmly on his face, impossible to remove with Andrew like this.

“Something funny?” Andrew asked, his voice pitched low and quiet, almost a whisper. It was startlingly intimate; given they were alone.

“You’re a fashion snob. It’s hilarious.”

Andrew’s fingers gripped his chin, pulling him closer. “Says the man who wore the same three shirts for five years.”

Neil’s grin softened. “I guess we balance each other out, then.”

Andrew frowned at the cheesiness of the line, or maybe the sincerity of it, but didn’t pull away. 

His other hand moved to Neil’s crooked thigh, resting there lightly until Neil inched closer, demanding more. They were nearly nose to nose now, the air between them charged with something indescribable. Maybe want, maybe need. Neil ached to close the distance.

Andrew’s gaze dropped from his eyes, staring at his lips instead. Neil licked them, almost subconsciously. Andrew’s grip tightened.

“How about I convince Nicky to let you wear the jacket, if you wear the queer pin.”

Andrew rolled his eyes, and the heady tension diffused. “You’re a fucking idiot, Abram.”

“I think it’s fair! You get to be supportive and punk, best of both worlds.”


“That’s not-”

Andrew silenced him with his lips, closing the hairsbreadth distance. Neil’s complaints turned to enthusiastic compliance, and he opened his mouth under Andrew’s touch, welcoming the other inside. Andrew cradled his face, the grip tight, a tattooed hand holding him steady as his lips seared and claimed and drove Neil insane. Neil’s own hands didn’t know where to go, so he settled for the lapels of Andrew’s leather jacket, and used them to pull him closer.

No matter how many times they did this, no matter how many years had passed, Neil was always shocked by the intensity that Andrew kissed him with, the unconcealed passion and need that manifested in those lips against his; biting, sucking, licking, skilfully taking Neil apart till he could do nothing but clutch him tighter, kiss him harder.

This was the world, and the world was this.

(Later, when Andrew showed up to the wedding- a small gathering in a beautiful garden- wearing his nicest leather jacket, Nicky was too busy sobbing into his now-husbands’ shoulder to notice. Though if he had seen the small rainbow with the words ‘Here and QUEER’ underneath pinned to his shoulder, maybe he wouldn’t have minded.)

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in your [amazing] Kayleigh Day lives au - do the boys still have the face tattoos? like maybe they were drunk once and got them done? or maybe they're not on the face but another part of the body? or maybe they're not numbers but something else? idk just wondering

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

They don’t have the number face tattoos and all the hierarchy they entail, but other tattoos are definitely a possibility *wink wink*

This, however, definitely happened:

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who’s speaking), bold-and-dumb-drunk-Kevin gave way to I-am-sad-and-will-curl-up-on-this-bench-forever-drunk-Kevin halfway to the tattoo parlour

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sappy ask: can i kiss you? zevran/warden ;)

The fire has burned low. Only embers remain, the ghost of warmth. The room is dark, full of shadow, and she lies on her side, back to the door. Defenseless. Such an easy thing to kneel upon the bed, press a blade to the soft flesh of her neck. “My Warden,” he says, “If I were any other, I could have killed you.” Her eyes open instantly, and she smiles into the pillow. She rolls over onto her back, looking up at him. She wraps her fingers around the metal.

“You won’t be killing much with such a dull blade,” she says. She shifts, pushes herself up. One hand pressed into the mattress, the other reaching for his face. Her hands trace the edges of the tattoo upon his face. She tucks hair behind pointed tips, follows the shell of his ear. She lands upon his cheek once again, and she smiles as he closes his eyes, leans into her touch. The dagger is cast aside as he leans forward, presses his forehead against hers.  

“You should have it sharpened before we march to Denerim,” she says and he chuckles under his breath as his eyes open.

“I have plenty other sharp things, fear not,” Zevran tells her. “I will keep you well protected.” She wraps her arms around his neck, pulls him back into the bed with her. They lie on their sides, facing each other, wrapped as closely as possible. Legs entwine with legs, his hand drifts from shoulder to hip, keeping a tight hold on her.

“I knew you would come tonight,” she says.

“Waiting for me, were you?”

“Yes,” she answers.  

“I am going to kiss you now, mi amore,” he says, not waiting for her permission, and he swiftly follows through on his promise. A hand cradling the back of her neck, shifting to stretch himself on top of her. His hand slips from knee to thigh as he settles himself between her legs. He braces himself on the bed with an arm, careful to keep most of his weight from her. Her hand threads through his hair, keeps him close. Her mouth opens to his, and his tongue is wet and warm in her mouth. His hand is still drifting upon her thigh, pushing up the loose nightgown she wears.

They take their time with it, a slow thing full of gentle touches and soft whispers. He stays close to her, her breath hot upon his ear. He treasures each low moan, small gasp. Her hands fist in his shirt, flatten against his back, struggle to find a position that suits. They flutter and shift, moving down his spine, bracing against his thigh, back to wrap themselves around his neck. “My Warden, my lovely Warden,” he murmurs, bares teeth against her neck, kisses the mark he has left.

“Please,” she groans, “don’t leave me.”

“I am here,” he assures her, finding her lips with his once again.

There is no time for such things the next night. The next night they stand before a burning city, a horde of darkspawn, an archdemon that screams to the stars. His hand reaches for hers, holding tight. He raises her knuckles to his lips. “I am here,” he tells her. “I love you.”

Couldn’t sleep, so I finally got this done for you m'love! Again I wrote this on my phone, so I’ll make some edits and such in the morning! @edwardthreeway

“If you’re good, maybe I’ll show you my other tattoo” Sam Drake x Reader

Jerking a little woke you.

When you woke, you looked around the room in slight confusion. You don’t remember being on this far end of the sofa, in fact, you don’t remember falling asleep on Sam’s lap. The last thing you remember is sleeping with your legs across his lap and your head on the armrest. But here you are; cuddled up against Sam’s chest, while his arms are wrapped around you like a toddler with a new teddy bear.

When you first started dating Samuel Drake, the last thing you thought of was him being a hugger. Kisser? yeah, but never one for always hugging you, no matter where you are; making dinner, brushing your teeth, sitting at your desk, even laying upright in bed, he always found a way to have his arms around you. It didn’t bother you, it surprised you.

“Sam?” You mumbled against his chest, rubbing your cheek against him since your arms were firmly locked in place on your stomach. Gaining no answer you tilted your head up and chuckled. Sam was knocked out too. Head rolled back against the sofa, his neck completely exposed.

“Your neck is going to hate you.” You whispered.

Tilting your head a little more against his shoulder, you managed to get a better view of his tattoo on his neck; 4 birds flying upwards on his neck, slightly faded clearly indicating he has had them for a long time. You’ve never asked him about it, you always wondered what was the meaning behind them. To you tattoos had to have some kinda meaning, whether it be in remembrance of someone passing, an important achievement in someone’s life or that special day. You never understood people when they got a tattoo “just for the hell of it!”. So what was so significant about this one?

Wriggling a hand free, you feather-lightly run your fingers down his neck, against the tattoo, your eyes studied them. Sam shivered at your touch, making you jerk your hand away slightly.

“You don’t have to stop…” his voice was rough as he slowly woke up “…I like your touch.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you…” you smiled up to him, he promptly shakes his head.

“No no! Don’t apologise.” His voice was groggy as his cheek rests on your crown and his arms tightened around you. He slouches a little to get comfy.


“Hmm?” He mumbles a reply.

“I’ve always wondered…” resting your head on his shoulder again, your run your fingers back down his tattoo “…what’s the meaning behind this tattoo?”

You felt his breath stop a little in his chest, before he let out a sigh and sat up straight. He rolls his head against the back of the sofa and stares up at the ceiling. You started to regret asking him that, clearly there’s a big meaning behind it.

“You don’t have to tell me if-”

“Remembrance…” he cut you of as he continues to stare at the ceiling.

“Remembrance?” You repeated, tilting your head. Making his turn to you.

“I…don’t want to go into huge detail…” his brows furrow a little bit as he looks down.

“You don’t have to.” You smile.

“It…reminds me that even in my darkest times, I’m able to become free from it and choose a new path…” his eyes dart back to you. You furrow your brows at him and he sees the worry in your eyes. He blinks quickly “…you know, some sort of shit like that.” He chuckles, trying to lighten the mood. Your brows still furrowed.

“Sam, if you ever need someone to talk to or help you…” you place a hand on his cheek “…you know I’m here, okay?”

He stares at you for a moment before he smiles “I know you will be…” He chuckles again a little and pushes you down against the sofa, you falling back with a laugh and yell mixed. He’s towering over you now.

“But that’s just a simple meaning behind one of my tattoos.” He smirks down at you.

“One? You mean you have more?” You dart your head up and down his body. He laughs.

“If you’re good, maybe I’ll show you my other tattoo.” He begins to lean down, your face flushed before a smirk graced your lips.

“I’ll try my best then…” running your hands through his hair “…if not, I’m going to find out what that other tattoo is, one way or another.” You giggle.

“Can’t wait for you to try.” He winks, landing his lips against yours.

Bleach characters, Ichigo and Hisagi are dating! Your reactions?

As requested by anon. :)

Rukia: …

Rukia: T-two men with spiky hair and muscles are dating each other?

Rukia: …

Renji: Is your nose bleeding?

Rukia: NO


Kazeshini: Dude, our shinigami are dating!

Hichigo: I know, isn’t it great? They must be embracing their inner darkness!

Kazeshini: You and I are gonna get to fight all the time! Beside each other! Against each other! Both at once!

Hichigo: Fuck yeah!

Kazeshini: Fuck yeah!

Hisagi: I have such a headache right now and I don’t know why.

Ichigo: Me too!!


Rose: Wait…but didn’t Hisagi once play, just, really terrible guitar in front of Ichigo? Yet Ichigo is still dating him?

Rose: My worldview is being shaken!!!!!

Shinji: Maybe Ichigo has bad artistic taste. I mean, he does wear dorky T-shirts with number puns.

Rose: Omg, you’re right! I feel so much better! Thanks, Shinji!

Ichigo: Yeah, thanks, Shinji.

Shinji: I’m just saying you guys will be great together.


Kensei: Well. Let’s hope that being around Ichigo motivates you to get a bankai, Shuhei.

Kensei: Ichigo got one in three days, you know.

Hisagi: I-I’m not going to fight my boyfriend, Captain!

Kensei: I thought that’s what Ichigo likes to do for fun?

Kensei: Try not to die.

Hisagi: …thanks for your support, Captain.


Renji: Dude, if dating Hisagi makes you want to get a tattoo, come talk to me!

Renji: I’ll make sure you get something other than the number 15 tattooed on your face!

Ichigo: I would never do that!

Ichigo: Shuhei totally prefers numbers to be on the chest.

Kensei (elswhere): I just felt a chill and I don’t know why.


Matsumoto: Ahhhhh you guys will be so cute together!!!

Kira: And you’re both dangerous looking but secretly cuddly but also super secretly have a demon living in your soul. So that’s perfect.

Matsumoto: And now when I’m shopping in the human world I can store my clothes in Ichigo’s room AND have Shuhei carry them for me!

Kira: So really everyone wins.



Tosen: This can only be a good thing for Shuhei. Kurosaki Ichigo is fearless in battle. Perhaps he can teach Shuhei how to handle his fear.

Ichigo: If you’re ever afraid, Shuhei, just remember - you have a friend who can heal any injuries and even bring you back from the dead!

Ichigo: Wait…..no. That’s me.

Ichigo: Just try not to die, I guess.

Hisagi: …thanks so much, man.

Ichigo: Any time, babe. Any time.


Ah, love…

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There are 2 options: H&L got each others faces tattooed on their arms and that's why they're being so sneaky OR they just got silly tattoos and they're doing it on purpose to make us suffer. why are they like that and why I love them so much anyways???

Mmmmm….. option three: instant and sudden, albeit glorious, death for me. 😂😂😂

Bun Head - A.I.

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This is dedicated to my wonderful friend @sweetvengeancee

Ashton dug through his locker for the keys to his car cursing himself for not cleaning out his locker last week like he told himself he was going to. His flannel was tied tightly around his waist as papers fell from his locker as he groaned, tilting his head back as he closed his eyes sighing. There was too much he needed to do for him to not have the keys to his car. That was the responsibility that came with him being the oldest child of a single mother with two younger siblings.

“You alright, Ashton?” Paulina asked walking up to her locker directly next to his own. His breath hitched at the sound of her voice, turning his head to see the brunette, her hair up in a high ponytail, green bomber jacket over the black leotard he knew was under it. It always was. She always went right from school to the dance studio in the hub of their small town. But to be honest, he really only knew that because his sister was one of her students, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, not including the weekend competitions they had scattered throughout the year.

“I can’t find my car keys,” he muttered scratching at the back of his head as she laughed moving to his locker, reaching up to the top shelf, pulling down the keys she knew were there, although he forgot at least once a week. “I would’ve torn apart my entire locker.”

“I know,” she said back simply, the side of her mouth quirking up in a small smirk as she opened her own flawless locker, completely pristine compared to his own. He took his time observing her, looking over every curve of her body. She closed her locker once her things were removed, saying a quick goodbye to her locker buddy before walking off.

“You’re an idiot,” Calum said from behind him causing Ashton to jump slightly, turning his head to see Calum leaning against the locker next to him, cigarette already out of its pack tucked behind his ear ready to be lit. “You’ve been hopelessly crushing on this girl for how long now? Five years?”

“Shut up,” he said rolling his eyes, pulling out a few books he needed before shutting his locker, cursing himself when he realized his keys were in there.

“Why don’t you just ask her out?”

“Because, I’m me, and she’s her. She’s funny, smart, and has a great personality while I, on the other hand, would probably be classified as weird,” he said back, finally grabbing his keys, shutting the locker door.

“You never know until you try, Ash…why not try tonight considering you’ll be at the studio with her anyways.” Ashton sighed, twirling his keys in his fingers. He knew Calum was right, but it was a matter of getting over his fear of rejection.

By the time Ashton had finally made himself look somewhat decent, to his standards of course, Lauren was ready to stab him with a fork. “Ashton, I’m going to be late because of you!”

“Your class doesn’t start for another hour. I don’t understand why I need to drive you so soon,” he groaned, grabbing his keys as they both said goodbye to their mother, heading out the door quickly.

“Because, right now is Miss Paulina’s studio time where she practices her duet with Rian and she leaves the windows and doors open for us to watch her! So hurry up, Ash, because this one is going in the competition.” He rolled his eye’s at his sister’s complaining, but drove to the studio nonetheless, secretly wanting to watch her dance as well. The drive to the studio was only five minutes, Ashton parking right in the front of the parking lot as he and Lauren walked inside, Lauren muttering a quick hello to Michaela at the receptionist desk who waved as she finished the phone call, Ashton following Lauren to the large window of Studio C as the music slowed down, Ashton catching a glimpse of the end of the dance, Rian’s tattooed arm caressing Paulina’s face while his other hand held him up as he laid on top of her, lower half in between her legs as his forehead rested on hers while she caressed his face looking as if she was ready to kiss him, Ashton’s stomach turning with disgust as he walked away from the window. He knew he had no right to be pissed off. She wasn’t his girlfriend, but it still hit him hard enough to piss him off.

The next day was like any other, Ashton showed up thirty minutes before the homeroom bell sounded making sure he was able to grab all of his things and a quick brew before heading in to be counted for attendance. He had just opened his locker when he heard the sound of Paulina’s voice, as well as Rian’s while they made their way in his direction towards her locker. “I think we’ll do fine at regionals, Ri,” she said twisting the lock on her locker for the combination slightly surprised the dirty blonde next to her had yet to say good morning like he did every day. She was sure it wasn’t coming when his locker door closed and he walked away from them without another word. “Good morning, Ash,” she called out watching as he raised his hand in a little wave, no words escaping him as he walked away without a sound, a huff leaving her as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“What’s his problem?” Jeff asked making his way towards his two friends, pecking Rian on the lips softly as Paulina rolled her eyes ready to make her way towards her first class. The day passed by slowly for her, mostly because it bothered her how Ashton could’ve gone from having a normal conversation with her just the day before, to suddenly ignoring her without a cause. By time lunch hit, she was more than ready to confront Ashton on her own, quickly remembering that he had a study session she couldn’t interrupt, quickly settling for one of his friends.

“Hey, Luke, can I ask you something really quick?” Paulina asked catching him on his way to his girlfriend’s locker, walking in sync with the blonde as he flashed a dimpled smile at her.

“What’s up, love?” he questioned, slowing down his pace because of his long legs to keep in stride with her.

“Is Ashton acting weird around you today?” she questioned as they reached Michaela’s locker, Luke delivering a quick kiss as he shook his head snaking an arm around her waist.

“Not that I’m aware of. Why? Did you notice something?”

“He flat out ignored me this morning, so I was just wondering if I did something wrong,” she sighed out looking down at the toms covering her feet before looking back up to her friend and her boyfriend. “If he mentions anything, can you let me know?”

“Of course. If I don’t see you later today, i’ll see you at the studio alright?” Michaela questioned as her friend nodded towards her before she left with Luke.

When Ashton walked out of his tutoring session, he was surprised to find Luke, Calum, and Michael waiting for him right outside the door. “What’s up guys?”

“You’re an idiot,” Calum said crossing his arms over his chest. “I tell you to talk to her to ask her out, and now you’re ignoring her. Please tell me what the fuck happened in a span of twelve hours, because I’m confused.”

“She had to ask me what was wrong because you never ignore her and now she’s trying to figure it out. So please, Ashton, explain why you’re ignoring her,” Luke added as Ashton tried to keep a stone cold face. His friends would kill him if they found out the reason he hadn’t spoken to her was because he was jealous.

“It’s nothing,” he said back simply starting to walk away as they followed him.

“Well did you go to the studio?”

“I did. And then I left. She was busy rehearsing with Rian and I didn’t want to disrupt,” he shrugged back. No one responded to his comment until it finally clicked with Michael.

“Wait a second…you’re jealous,” Mikey said as Ashton continued walking to his locker ready to trade books for the last two classes before the last bell rang. “You’re seriously ignoring her because you’re jealous?”

“I’m backing  off what’s not mine. Rian isn’t an ugly guy and she probably fancies him, so instead of waiting to get rejected, I left. And now I’m giving her space. What’s the big deal?”

“Rian’s her dance partner, Ash, doesn’t mean they’re together. You’re being a pussy,” Calum groaned as Ashton took his books for his last two classes and stuffed them in his bag. “Talk to her, Irwin,” he said pointing to his friend before walking away. He rolled his eyes, making his way to his last two classes just wanting the day to be over so he could go home and bang on his drums a little.

Paulina walked out of her last class with Michaela heading towards her locker in silence, quickly spotting the dirty blonde sifting through his locker. “I’ll see you at the studio,” she said, Michaela rolling her eyes, but walking away to find her boyfriend as Paulina walked to the boy, shutting his locker startling him. “I’m mad at you Irwin.”

“Hey,” he managed to get out without a stutter as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“You know, the nice thing to do when someone pisses you off is to tell them, especially if they have no idea what they did wrong.” He took his lip between his teeth as he watched her. “Now, Ashton.”

“I was just giving you space. Figured Rian wouldn’t want me stealing your attention,” he muttered as she looked at him confused.

“Why? Did Rian say something to you? Why didn’t you tell me?” she questioned as he shook his head.

“He didn’t say anything to me,” Ashton added, Paulina even more confused than she was before. “I just figured since you two are so close and everything he wouldn’t appreciate another guy flirting with you.” She looked at him with a confused expression until realization hit her.

“Ashton…Rian’s gay,” she said simply as his mouth formed an ‘o’, his face turning a light red color. “Wait, why did you think that?”

“I went to the studio yesterday to ask you out and I saw you and Rian.” She bit the inside of her cheek letting Ashton’s words sink in.

“It was just a dance, Ash…he’s as gay as could be. He’s even dating Jeff, to be exact,” she said as she grabbed his hand. “But, you were going to ask me out?” his face darkened even more as he nodded his head, a smile appearing on her face. “Well, I get out at eight tonight if you want to come get me from the studio, maybe grab some dinner or something.”

“I…uhh…yeah. I can get you,” he stuttered watching as she leaned up kissing him on the cheek.

“I’ll see you later, Ashton.”

when you talk about boys and piercings with @ravenclawboys​ this happens so please please imagine neil fucking josten with a nose piercing. 

  • okay okay lets say that nicky really wants to get his ears pierced so he drags neil and allison with him to go get it done.
  • while nicky is getting his ears pierced allison is sitting next to him, fucking holding his hand cause nicky can’t handle needles
  • she’s rolling her eyes but a smile is still on her face 
  • neil on the other hand is roaming around the tattoo shop they’re in 
  • he starts talking to one of the tattoo artists because they’re an exy fan and neil is always ready to talk about fucking exy we all know he is
  • about halfway through this conversation neil notices the little hoop threaded through the artist’s nose 
  • and he’s immediately intrigued
  • he lowkey finds the nose piercing super aesthetically pleasing 
  • so we also know that neil has no fucking impulse control so he’s like “i want it. can you give me a nose piercing?” 
  • the artist doubles as a piercer and they’re lowkey surprised but only say, “sure man i can give you a nose piercing.” 
  • neil is fucking grin and he’s lowkey thinking about how andrew’s gonna react 
  • but he brushes off any thoughts of andrew and just follows his new buddy into the room that nicky recently left.
  • allison and nicky are looking at him curiously, nicky’s ears slightly red
  • neil just fucking grins at him, teeth showing and eyes fucking sparkling
  • “im getting a nose piercing.” 
  • allison immediately places a bet that andrew is going to love it, nicky is a little hesistant
  • he has no doubt that neil will look goodwith a nose piercing, he just doesn’t know if andrew woud like it
  • okay fast forward to them heading back to the dorm
  • the first thing neil does is head up to the roof where andrew is of course smoking. 
  • andrew must’ve heard neil coming because by them neil drops down next to him there’s another cigarette in his hand
  • andrew silently hands neil the other cigarette glancing at neil out of the corner of his eye
  • in that small little look he catches the tiniest glint of metal looping through neil’s nose
  • andrew immediately stiffens, neil is now staring straight at him full out grinning. 
  • “do you like it??” 
  • andrew doesn’t say a single fucking word, he just stubs out his cigarette before clambering to his feet and stalking off 
  • neil is confused af but he doesn’t really take andrew’s reaction to heart
  • instead he makes his way back downstairs wandering into matt’s room where everyone has sort of gathered 
  • all the other foxes immediately notice his new piercing 
  • all of their first question is “what did andrew think?” 
  • allison is grinning, waiting to hear if she won the bet or not 
  • neil just shrugs, “i don’t know, he didn’t say anything” 
  • nicky shoots allison a smug grin before holding out a palm which she grudgingly slaps money into 
  • HOWFUCKINGEVER later that night neil steps into the room and andrew is just standing there in the middle of the dorm 
  • he stalks over to neil asking “yes or no?” through gritted teeth, his eyes stuck firmly to the hoop in neil’s nose 
  • neil of course says yes and andrew smashes their lips together, furiously biting down on neil’s bottom lip 
  • neil that night goes to bed with a triumphant grin on his face which andrew promptly kisses away
  • (neil never tells allison that she actually was the one who won the bet) 
Boa Hancock + Snake face tattoo

@thesuperkenz said :  DamiTim and “you can’t get tattooed drunk, come back in the morning and if you still want my name on your ass we’ll talk” AU, please

LOOK WHO IS ALIVE YES YES I AM POSTING A PROMPT omg so much still waiting in my box I’m sorry everyone T.T This is a “no super hero” AU, meh


Tim was turning on his heels, twirling around the shop. “That’s… Quite a chance that place isn’t closed ‘till midnight.” He mumbled, his voice slurred. Bart and Conner were behind him, Bart with an apologetic look on his face, the other smiling like mad.

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