or the ogden


New Piece! You guys loved my Lupus pin so much that I thought I’d explore the concept a little more. Max out the brightness on your screen to get the full effect. ;) 

Prints will be made available soon! The constellation will be embellished with stamped gold foil–it’s gonna be incredible when it’s all ready to go. 

And remember, the coupon BsKNEES gets you 20% off on my shop until the end of the year! 

re: the whole “lefou is gay!” shit:

the original cogsworth was voiced by david ogden stiers, a man who happens to be really fucking gay

the live-action cogsworth is being voiced by sir ian mckellen, a man who also happens to be really fucking gay

if ANYONE in this whole fucking movie is gay, SURELY the one who’s been played by TWO VERY NON-HETEROSEXUAL DUDES should be gay



I’m so sorry I’ve been absent lately, guys! It’s been a combination of work I can’t talk about + my laptop being out of commission. Posting from mobile is a really uncomfortable experience, which is why I’ve been more active on my Twitter and Instagram

Anyway, I have some Good Boys™ for your enjoyment here! If you’d like to grab prints, you can do so on my shop. I never posted the full page of Bucky, so I’m excited to finally show him off! 


A cosmic mermaid among the asteroids for my little sister, who asked me to do one offhandedly about three years ago. It started as a warmup… but it got very quickly out of hand. Even so, it only took me an evening!

Definitely gonna be making prints of this one, so keep an eye out. <3