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What: A Nine and Rose AU of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (mostly inspired by the 1995 mini-series presented by the BBC and A&E)

Why: ascballerina, in her infinite wisdom, requested just this when she was gifted with the prompt of her choice for my 500 follower fic giveaway.

Who: wholockgal (my betababe!)

Where: AO3, Teaspoon, Fanfiction

When: Every other Friday, alternating with The Symptoms of Return.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

The Reverend Doctor Williams felt a flutter in his belly. Miss Rose was quite the prettiest young lady that he thought he had ever seen (even if he did usually prefer young ladies with dark hair like his cousin Martha- though Mr. Smith was clearly very taken with her, and that young man had more to offer a young lady even than Dr. Williams did- or cousin Oswin- though she was plain of face and uninteresting in conversation, and of little appeal to Doctor Williams other than her brown hair- or of Miss Oswald- who was quite an altogether pleasant companion, if not quite so pretty as his older cousins, nor of quite so clever and sweet a disposition either), and he was quite sure that she would impress his patroness, the Lady Cassandra O'Brien.

The Doctor found his cousin, Mr. Pete Tyler, in his study.

“Sir, I should very much like to command a moment of your time, If I may?”

Mr. Tyler looked up from the book he had been examining, his expression polite and bland.

“My dear Dr. Williams, you may indeed have a moment, provided you spend it well. I have not so many left that those I do have are not valuable.”

Dr. Williams blinked in surprise for a moment, and then smiled. “Yes, of course. May I sit?”

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C is for Cigarettes

Third of the crack-off ficlets to go with venvephe‘s fluff-off and listentotheshityousay and coffeeinallcaps’s angst-off.

Merlin wonders again for what must be the one hundred and fifty ninth time now: “What did I do to deserve this?”

It’s a pity because he should really be having quite a pleasant time right now. He’s in one of the side rooms in their London headquarters, ensconed in a fine velvet chair and reclining on silk cushions. There’s a glass of fine scotch by his side and a Louisx cigar in his hand but all he wants to do right now is be anywhere but here.

It had all started from one simple little off-hand remark:

He had been going over some unusual surveillance results with Harry regarding their latest mission target, some rich megalomaniac as usual, when Eggsy had sauntered by and whistled,  “Damn, he’s even got a cigar in hand and all. I’ve only ever seen cigs in my life.”

And then he had walked off.  

So of course Harry had gone straight out to procure a box of the finest cigars he could find from this fancy shops in the middle of nowhere like all posh shops were and brought them to the office the next day.

Beside him, Harry heaved a massive sigh. “Eggsy, if you make one more phallic joke about this I will personally-”

”Shut my mouth up with something much longer and thicker, yeah?” Eggsy grins shamelessly and he leans forward towards Harry, waggling his brows a little.

”…Be quiet and smoke your cigar,” Harry mumbles back but the look in his eye  shows he is clearly entertaining the idea in great detail right now.

Merlin just looks at the scotch in his glass and grabs the entire bottle instead.

The Lights Fade Out || Chapter Fourteen

Title: The Lights Fade Out (Part 14/15)
Rating: T
Summary: —AU, all human— It’s been a year since John came home from the war, and for the first time he’s living alone and trying to find his way. Meeting Rose Tyler doesn’t fix everything, but she at least makes it a little better.
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Author’s Notes: This is one I’ve been playing with for a while now. It’s my first time really attempting to write any form of Nine, so I’m hoping it goes well.

General Story Warnings: This story deals with PTSD – including flashbacks and nightmares – and eating disorders in later chapters. Specific chapters will have warnings as well.

*******CHAPTER WARNING: Eating Disorder*********

John was a bit surprised, to say the least, when he looked through his peephole and saw Jackie Tyler standing on the other side of the door.

He very seriously considered not opening it.

But that would be rude and a part of him was curious, so he put on a brave face and opened the door. “Hullo,” he said cautiously. Charlie peeked around his leg to see who had come to call.

“Hullo John.” Jackie’s voice was just as cautious and uncertain. Well that was interesting. “Can I come in?”

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1. Spell your name with song titles from your music 

K-kiss me by ed sheeran

I- If you by big bang

R-Ring my bell by girl’s day

S- Shake that brass by Amber of f(x)

T-This is gospel by P!ATD

E-Everlong by Foo Fighters

N- National Anthem by Lana Del Rey

2. Why did you choose your URL?

Self explanitory plus that fact that I realized how many people literally tell me it when they are angry at me and are telling me to get my head straight.

3. Middle Name

elisha .-.

4. If you could be any fictional/fairy tale creature what would you be?

Can I be a time lord? if not, the dragons that aided in inventing firebending \m/ >:DDDDDDDDD 

5. Favorite color

red and black

6 Favorite Song

I can’t have a favorite song. it is too tough but there are a couple songs that I hold dearly. like. dearly. and main ones are Hold On Till May by PTV, Beautiful by Amber, Scars by Saywecanfly

7. Top four fandoms

1.kpop. but more specifically, f(x),mamamoo, t-ara, big bang, the ark, girl’s day

2. the rock fandom. hella rad. make good gifs. nice. 

3, homestuck. (I like watching them from afar xD I never got passed half of act 4 or 5. too long. no time. sorry.)

4.between atla/lok & doctor who.

8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
becuase i see other people with my same interests. and when big shit happens. we all freak out. good or bad

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A Boy in the Woods by Dolls and Things
Via Flickr:
Young Yaret Fairfax’ day in the mountains. This set is inspired by Yaret’s childhood in Northumbria. The part of Cheviot Hills was performed by the lovely Watkins Glen State Park in Upstate New York.

This set is inspired by Yaret’s childhood in 7th Century Northumbria. The part of Cheviot Hills was performed by the lovely Watkins Glen State Park in Upstate New York.


One morning in the summer of his ninth year Yaret woke up before sunrise, roused by a feeling of anticipation. That night he dreamt of flying which meant he was growing; he didn’t know how he knew, but he liked it. He left his sleeping alcove in the main hall, stepped over bodies around the fire pit lingering in the last embrace of slumber, and went outside. He enjoyed those last moments before the daybreak. He knew, the milkmaids would raise first, then the slaves, then the rest of the household, then quiet would be ruined with the human and animal noises, smells of cooked food, buzz of feeling, thinking, doing. His cloak around his shoulders, he crept to the storeroom, packed some bread, filled a small skin with mead. As he passed the gates, he waved to the sleepy guard at the watch tower, and was acknowledged with a lazy nod; then his light feet carried him away from the village, leaving the rising sun behind him.

Yaret didn’t bother to wear long trousers on this hot day, content with short breeches. The simple sleeveless tunic reached just above his bare knees. His shins, on the contrary, were well protected by the hose made of the softest lambswool. Wrapped neatly by the leg bindings, the hose came over the finely tooled leather turn-shoes. A small pouch at his belt contained everything the boy needed: a copper tinderbox, a wooden salt box, some fishing hooks, a whetstone, and a spool of rope. The seax on his belt was a perfect tool for any job, from building a shelter to skinning a dinner. He didn’t expect to return until next day, or maybe even later – as long as there were berries and mushrooms in the woods and trout in the streams, he wouldn’t starve. He was free, free of scholarly or social obligation, free from the incessant noise of human activity only more annoying as it was accompanied with the same relentless feeling of estrangement.

Yaret walked west obeying the only call he cared to heed, that of his heart. Today, it called for the mountains. He turned off the road right after he passed the blooming flax fields, cut through the flowery patch crowded with the wooden trunks of beehives, and stepped into the forest. As he walked deeper into the wilderness, the trees changes from white birches to golden pines. The early morning light poured through the forest canopy, long beams of light stretched between the tall pine trunks like rolls of transparent cloth on a giant’s looms. Up and down the hills he went, climbing so high he could see the peaks breaking through the clouds in the distance, then running downhill, sinking in the mist over the heather-covered peat bogs of the valleys. Higher up the pines gave way to spruces. Yaret’s sharp eyes could discern each needle, but if he squinted and looked through the thick curtain of his eyelashes, the needles began to sparkle like in winter, frosted to a crystalline clarity. Then, with a little turn of mind, he could see the world differently, as if lit with a powerful backlight, the same way a solid green leaf reveals an intricate lace of veins when held against the sun. And then, beyond the usual bird song and insect buzz of the warm summer day, he could truly hear the forest –  the glorious harmony of the silver strings, the music of life force that saturates every living thing.

Seeing as I’m in an angsty Rush/Gloria mood I’ll continue and talk about one of my headcanons (which has already probably been talked about..so sorry if it has).
I think that in Rush’s psyche Destiny replaces Gloria. His passion and for the ship and desire to protect it is somewhat similar to the passion he later displays for Mandy. This could very well be the reason that Destiny appears to Rush as Gloria several times imo.
I personally don’t think this is too creepy, because of why this happens to Rush.
In the beginning I think his obsession with the 9th Chevron equation was an attempt to escape Gloria’s illness. After she died, he felt guilty that the equation had taken his attention away from her. To make his neglect of her “worth it” he had to find the answer…it couldn’t be in vain.
This is also probably a part of the reason why Rush dials the Ninth Chevron instead of Earth. He’s only got this one chance to do it…and he isn’t going to let it pass.
Once they’re on the Destiny I think his initial reason for preventing his shipmates from leaving are based in safety concerns. It’s only once he finds the pattern in the cosmic background radiation that he becomes truly obsessed with the Destiny. The reason is similar to why he became obsessed with the equation: he’s desperately trying to give Gloria’s death meaning. “If we discover more about the universe, because I was motivated by her death, it will have been worth something.” is a thought I could see running (probably subconsciously) through Rush’s head. The pattern is a possible explanation for the universe’s existence, it indicates that the universe is not random, that things happen for a reason. That, in my opinion, is why Rush is so obsessed with it. Not only does his being there to study it give purpose and meaning to Gloria’s death, the pattern itself indicates that things might not be as random as they seem, and hence says that Gloria’s death was not the act of random genetic mutations-but very possibly was part of a greater pattern or purpose.


like everyone trying to find out how the twins are different and JOHNNY MAC COMES IN WITH “one definitely has a crown on her ninth upper tooth.”


anonymous asked:

How to move on after I finished watching "healer"?

Try watching somehing as endearing, like Falling For Innocence and Master’s sun. Or maybe something deeply moving like it’s Okay That’s Love. For me, the only otp that hit me really hard after healer was the one in Two Outs In The Ninth Inning (those two took my soul when i least expected it). But I don’t know if i should recommend this drama to you ‘cause it’s very different.

The Lights Fade Out || Chapter Thirteen

Title: The Lights Fade Out (Part 13/15)
Rating: T
Summary: —AU, all human— It’s been a year since John came home from the war, and for the first time he’s living alone and trying to find his way. Meeting Rose Tyler doesn’t fix everything, but she at least makes it a little better.
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Author’s Notes: This is one I’ve been playing with for a while now. It’s my first time really attempting to write any form of Nine, so I’m hoping it goes well.

General Story Warnings: This story deals with PTSD – including flashbacks and nightmares – and eating disorders in later chapters. Specific chapters will have warnings as well.

*******CHAPTER WARNING: Eating Disorder*********

Rose shifted nervously, frowning as she stared out the window. She had been uncertain when John had suggested Sunday lunch at his aunt’s and uncle’s. The thought of another family dinner right on the heels of last week’s disaster was kind of nerve-wracking.

“It’ll be fine,” John assured her as they pulled into the driveway. “They like you already.” He’d lost count of how many times Doris had asked him when he was going to bring around his pretty neighbor.

They got out of the car and John grabbed Charlie, leading Rose up to the house. He let them, calling, “Aunt Doris? Uncle Alistair?”

“Kitchen!” Doris called back cheerily. “Well, I am at least.”

“Where’s Alistair?” John asked as they walked into the kitchen. Doris was standing at the stove, stirring something in a pot. “Didn’t kill him, did you?”

“His body’s in the garden, my lilies will look beautiful this summer.”  Doris looked back at them, winking at Rose. “Nice to see you again, Rose.”

“And you Mrs.—”

“No no no none of that,” Doris cut her off at once. “Call me Doris, please. Mrs. Lethbridge-Stewart makes me feel old. Don’t you start,” she added at John, who snapped his mouth shut at once. “Go down and get your uncle, dinner’s almost ready.”

“Is there anythin’ I can do to help?” Rose asked politely as John obediently disappeared into the basement and Charlie went to settle on a dog bed in the corner.

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Pregnancy Series: Picking Names (Janoskians)

This is the ninth preference of this series, read the previous ones here.


Sophia, Emma, Sage, Alexis.” You listed baby names for your abby girl, but nothing really stuck out. “This book was twenty dollars, there better be a fucking name we like in here.” Beau mumbles, flipping through the pages of the baby name book.

“You know what?” You said, Beau looks up and nods, “I really like boys names for girls, I think we should do that.” You say. “Okay, worth a shot.” Beau shrugs. 

“Logan, Drew, Corbin, Sawyer-” You cut him off, “Sawyer!” You yell. “Sawyer Grace Brooks.” Beau grins, rubbing your swollen belly. 

Your Outfit


Liam Payne from One Direction saved your life, literally. It used to be really bad, but his background story and where he was inspired you. It was no doubt that you wanted to name you baby that.

Since you picked the first name, you let Jai pick the middle name. “James.” He puts you off while you were telling a story about a fan you met. “What?” You ask. “James… Liam James Brooks.” Jai clarifies. “I know, James for James, Yammouni.”

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Don’t think of it as picking names for twins, think of it as picking names for two individuals.” Luke says, you had really been stressing to pick out names. 

“Now, tell me your two favorite names.” Luke orders, grabbing your hands. “Cameron and Tristan.” You answer. 

“Cameron Beau Brooks and Tristan Jaidon Brooks.” Luke whispers, rubbing your belly.

Your Outfit


You and Daniel hit a brick wall with names, so you decided to take it to twitter. All the guys tweeted asking for names, and the name with the most retweets in the hashtag would be the one you would pick. 

After two weeks, Logan and Ryan had the same number. You really liked both names, so you and Daniel decided to wait until you saw him to see which name best fit him. 

Your Outfit


You loved cutesy, girly names, so when you found out you were having a girl, you already had a whole list picked out. You had given James your list a few days ago and he hadn’t said one thing about it. You were worried that he didn’t like your names. 

“So, I picked.” James says, sitting on the bed next to you, you jumped up, getting excited. “Emily Elizabeth Yammouni.” 

Your Outfit

i have never been kissed. only twice on the cheek during a very light version of spin the bottle at a sophmore debate tournament. no one had ever held my hand in the hand holdy way but one time my ninth grade boyfriend, who was a less charming, more realistic version of dr. spencer reid, went to a movie with me and put his hand facing upward on the edge of his seat and i think thats the hallmark move to initiate holding hands but i didn’t process it soon enough. its fine though i am just concerned that i will have no interesting experiences in my high school years to make this all worth it.

2lonelyhearts said:Hey! I love your fan art, all of them are amazing! Could u do a sort of angsty/romantic one with Ninth and Tenth doctor trying to pull on Rose hand while the metacrisis is on the otherside trying to pull the other. Rose is looking at the metacrisis.