or the movie where xavier just makes a lot of stupid faces

Invisible|| Logan Howlett

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The funniest thing about a months worth of OML fics is that this anon was the only person to ask me for a Young! Logan request and here we are! This is my LAST Logan fanfiction probably until June or July. Thank you all so much for the prompts! I had so much fun writing them!

I am completely sucked out of ideas so this is all around bad

Prompt (Requested by Anon) - Ever since she joined the school, the reader has done everything to get Logan to notice her, but is always overshadowed by Jean since they have similar powers. During a training simulation the reader snaps, loses control and accidentally hurts another student which causes her to run out. Found by Logan hours later, she confesses to him; completely oblivious to the fact that he has always noticed her.

Tag List (½) : @house-of-penguin @drewkelliii @weasleytheking @agirlinherhead @itsbrittbrattt @xavier-chxrles @rivertales @cleanslates @acidcryst @hookedonawolverine @liveourlifelikenobodyelse @katiedreamy

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They Were Right (Alex Summers)

Word Count: 2.2k

Warning: Swear words

A/N: based off of this post from @kurtwxgners + Flashbacks and different pov’s are italicized because y’all know Im the queen of excessively using flashbacks to show character development. ;)

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It was mid-January and you couldn’t help the cheeky grin that poured over your features as you skipped to your best friends’ side. They all smiled back widely, sharing looks, and asking why you were in such a good mood. Honestly it was a mix of everything; the atmosphere, your new clothes, the weather. You loved the winter time and even though Christmas passed a few weeks before you were yet to come off the high of the holidays. Shrugging lightly your lips quirked up giddily as your fingers traced the lace detail in your skirt, “probably just the new clothes”
Everything on your body was new to your collection; from the skirt Jean had bought you on new year’s to the boots you had begged Alex to get you for Christmas.

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Something You Can’t Replace

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Word count: 1011

Summary:  Hey! Can you do a Charles x reader after XMA where he’s insecure about his (lack of) hair and she tells him that she’s ok with it even though she’s miss grabbing them during sex :3 thanks !!! And it ends with fluff >

Warnings: I swore a bit so if you don’t like swearing oops too late. Charles deserved to be cussed at tbh

A/N: Story time! When I first saw XMA it was also my first time seeing a X-Men movie. I instantly loved Charles and his beautiful hair and I DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS GONNA BE BALD EVER! ONE SECOND IT WAS THERE THEN IT WAS GONE??? but I got over it and the truth is I love Charles no matter what’s on his head. I still freaking loved his long hair god it gave me liiiiiife I wanted to pull touch it. I said touch. 

I take requests so everyone is very welcome to send me some! 

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