or the long stretches of comfortable silence

Cheesy Souls

 Peaceful silence hummed in the living room. Most of their Pokémon were outside frolicking and playing around. Some of them snugged and slept cosily in the house. The young couple sat comfortably on a long sofa. He sat on the right side of the sofa, his back was rested against it and silver eyes lazily staring at the television across the room. She sat on the left spot of the sofa, her left side against it and legs stretched until soft thighs rested on his lap. Hazel eyes darted to the television as well, though her mind was racing and spiralling with something that finally twitched a simple smile.

 “Hey Silver.”

 He didn’t reply verbally, but startling silver eyes did turn to her direction. A single eyebrow raised in question, patiently waiting for whatever nonsense that she wanted to say.

 And boy, was he right about the ‘nonsense’ part.

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A Someday Home (Benny x F!Corrin)

A submission by @raccoon-macaroon (AO3 Profile)

Benny took a deep breath as he stood in front of the door to Corrin’s private quarters. He had been invited to visit Corrin fairly often lately, but he still got nervous. Steeling himself, he knocked at the door with two quick knocks. He heard the sound of a chair scraping the floor and someone hurrying towards the door from inside.

“Hello Benny!” said Corrin brightly, “Please come in. Make yourself at home.” Benny mumbled a “thank you” and seated himself in one of the armchairs Corrin had put in her room for guests.

“I had Jakob fix us some tea,” said Corrin, bringing over a tray. She set it on the table and seated herself in the chair opposite him. She fished her work out of a basket next to her chair and Benny took his out of his satchel. They settled themselves comfortably and began their usual routine. A long silence stretched between them.

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anonymous asked:

We're driving down a long and mostly empty highway, the radio is playing softly in the comfortable silence. I drive as you lean your head lazily against the window watching the scenery pass. The moon is full and lights the land in a white glow that is comforting in the late night hours. I hum softly to the music and you try to stay awake, but I encourage you to sleep.You're not sure when, but you blink and then we've arrived, excited to leave the car and stretch. ~Please be my Valentine?

Okay, I’ll be your Valentine! ^-^

I really want to know who you are, anon ~

Closed starter for @dysfunctionaljoy

Admittedly, this was a weird place for Eli to be. Staying friends was always what he wanted, with one notable exception, when he broke up with someone. He let so few people in that those who managed to work past his defenses he wanted to keep. And the ending of his relationship with August had been the same. It was important to him that they stay friends since they hadn’t ended in a bad place. 

“Hey,” he greeted, shooting the man a small smile as he settled in across from him at the coffee shop that had been their regular in the recent months. “It’s been a while since the last time we got coffee,” he murmured. The fact that he didn’t even trip over his words once or resort to long stretches of silence spoke of his comfort with the other man.