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My mom is like super academically smart and i was telling her how i feel stupid in my history class and how liek she is so much smarter tahn me. and she was like “you know how in hockey you tell me that some players would have been better than the legends because they play during a harder time?” and i was like “yeah” and she was like “That’s like you, you’re playing with learning disabilities. if we adjusted your grades they would be just as good as mine were!” 

like. mom. pls. im supposed to resent you for my childhood no one said you could be thoughtful.

One day in early spring he had so far relaxed as to go for a walk with me in the Park

like those walks are so precious to Watson that he writes about them like that, followed by

where the first faint shoots of green were breaking out upon the elms, and the sticky spear-heads of the chestnuts were just beginning to burst into their five-fold leaves. 


For two hours we rambled about together, in silence for the most part, as befits two men who know each other intimately.”

asfhhgfdsdfghjhgfds he enjoys so much their walks in the park :’)

A Lasting Memorial: Part 3

AN: This is the third and final part of the I Love you trilogy. The response to this series has been amazing. I hope you enjoy the finale.

Part 1, Part 2

    Selena stares at the picture; she just stares. Life had never been fair, she had learned that early, but this was downright  cruel. To have one’s child taken from them was a cruel and horrible punishment. And though she knew it wasn’t her fault, Selena blamed herself.

           She had left you with Bruce not long after you were born. A series of nights had led to your conception. She had been young then, only twenty, and she had not been ready to be a mother. Her lifestyle didn’t allow for it. You couldn’t be a cat burglar with an infant at home.

           She had placed you in a stunned Bruce’s arms, and thought that would be it. She’d had no intention of seeing you again, or going back. Your presence was left as a mystery to the public.

           And then one night, she had snuck back in. Through the window and into your nursery. You had been awake, staring up at s kitten mobile. Bruce had been snoring in the chair near your bed. She had picked you up and cuddled you. You had been her kitten.

           Over the next eighteen years she had come in and out of your life a various times. She had always made sure to bring something with her. She had snuck into your birthday parties as a member of the help, to watch you blow out candles. She had followed behind on your first date.

           She had been there for big moments, and Bruce Wayne, man that he was, never said a word. He had allowed her the access you needed. He had allowed her to be a mother from afar. But she wasn’t a mother anymore, because her daughter was dead.


           She doesn’t turn around; her fingers just clutch the picture tighter. “Selena.”

           A light green hand lands on her shoulder, and Selena can’t help it, she lashes out. Her fist flies, and she hisses. Harley catches it. Slowly she lowers her fist but Harley doesn’t let go. That’s what does it, the tears start to roll, followed by sobs, and gasps for air. Harley holds her as she sobs, as she fights, and screams, and lets the emotions run through.

    It takes upwards of an hour before she simply collapses. They sit in silence for several hours, when the first vine comes through. Ivy follows a second later. She joins the silence as she sits on the window sill.

    “She didn’t do anything wrong.” Selena’s voice is rough from crying. “She was a good girl, an amazing student. She didn’t steal or do anything bad. She got citizen of the month, and perfect attendance. It’s not right. She had a life ahead of her.”

    “This world is screwed up Selena. We know that better than anyone.”

    Selena nods, “Still, it should have been me. She was good, I’m bad.”

    Ivy stares out at the window, “The world is rarely that black and white. Remember the night she was born?”

    Selena lets out a laugh, “I remember being scared out of my mind.”

    Harley laughs, “We were all scared. You were screaming, and had fluids coming out of you. But that first cry …” Harley smiles at the memory.

    Ivy smiles, “We vowed to keep her safe.” There’s another moment of silence before she asks, “Have you talked to Bruce?”

    Selena shakes her head, “Not since he told me. I doubt he’ll ever want to speak to me again, I clocked him pretty bad.”

    “You were upset. You’d just lost your daughter.”

    “So had he.”

    “Yeah, but he got to say goodbye.”

    Selena nods her head, “He raised her, was there for her. He deserved a goodbye. I didn’t even give her a way to contact me. She only saw me when I wanted her to.”

Harley places her hand over Selena’s, “You need to say goodbye.”

“I’m too late Harley.”

She shakes her head, “No, you’re not.”

It doesn’t take much to break into Wayne Manor. Selena had been doing it for years after all. Harley and Ivy follow behind her, right to the headstone. Selena stares at it for a moment, before her eyes flicker to her friends. They both give slight smiles before backing slowly away.

Alone, she faces her daughter. “I’m fashionably late … like always. This time I missed the party. I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sorry that I couldn’t hold you, or reassure you. You must have been so scared. My little kitten. You deserved a better mother than me. Better than a woman who snuck in your window to read you a bedtime story, or talk about boys. Someone who could have celebrated your birthdays with you, or at the very least attended your funeral. I’m so, so sorry.”

“Selena.” Bruce’s voice is soft, as his arm wraps around her. And for the first time in years, she allows him to hold her. She curls into his chest, and allows herself to fall apart, and like always Bruce supports her.

When she can’t cry any more, he hands her a tissue, and piece of paper. Hesitantly, she takes it, and begins to read,


We’ve had an unconventional relationship my entire life, it seems only right that we should have an unconventional goodbye. I want you to know that you were enough. That I love you, and I know you loved me. You did what you could to give me my best shot and I’m so grateful.

Thank you for being my mama.

    Selena clutches the letter to her chest, and turns to Bruce. He opens his arms and she walks into his embrace. Silently they feel the ground begin to tremble and watch as a tree slowly comes to life behind the head stone.

    Selena smiles at Ivy, “Thank you.”

    The woman nods, “It seemed appropriate. A lasting memorial.”


3x18 - Abra Kadabra

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m kind of freaking out about my exams in a few months so I haven’t had a lot of time. I want to post but making the gifs is what takes a lot of my time.

I decided to post today because of this episode! Caitlin is finally Killer Frost! The last 4 minutes was definitely my favourite part of the episode. I expected Caitlin to somehow become Killer Frost in this episode but I didn’t expect her to die/nearly die! I don’t know whether she died and Killer Frost took over her body, or whether she just lost control after using her powers to heal herself. Hopefully Caitlin didn’t die because I definitely want her to come back! I feel as though, maybe not in this season, but she will come back somehow. She is the heart of the team and it will just be so sad to see her go. It will be interesting to see what they do with Killer Frost and how the rest of team Flash will handle this. Hopefully Barry will be the one to bring her back. I feel as though, if she does come back, she will not forgive Julian for making her lose control. She did say that she would rather die, but Julian took her necklace off anyway. He did save her, obviously, but she will probably never forgive him. I liked that, even though he was heartbroken, Cisco refused to take off her necklace because that was what she wanted. I really do love their friendship. Also, I loved that Caitlin stayed awake during her own surgery. It just shows how strong she actually is!

No Second Chances - Part Four

Summary: You were still learning to be a hunter when you fell in love with your colleague Arthur Ketch. Your situation wasn’t easy in the first place, your feelings were just making it harder. Though nothing could have prepared you for what you were about to witness.

Words: 1094

Pairings: Arthur Ketch x Reader, slight Arthur Ketch x Mary

Warnings: Angst

A/N: just a heads up that the next part will be the last one so… enjoy this…


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Originally posted by tinysofia

Summary: You faint while on the journey and that causes feelings to surface.

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,037

Warnings: Its quite shit lmfao. I’m not happy with it.

Requested by: @clairese1980

A/n: I’m absolutely shit at writing romantic scenes because I absolutely have no experience with relationships at all lmfao. So beware the last part is pretty bad.

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arthritis is more than joint pain.
it’s feeling like your bones are breaking. your frame gets molded into an unnatural form. uneven and curved. it makes standing, walking, sitting, laying down, and moving very painul and difficult. flares last days. an your always uncomfortable. the worst part is your bones are deteriorating and you can’t stop it.

this is what arthritis is. a deteriorating bone disease. that disfigures it’s host. think about that next time you think it’s just joint pain.

Weeks had passed since your conversation with Jimin and you had been able to work with some attorneys to work on reevaluating Jimin’s case. Due to Jimin’s lack of knowledge and his good natured intent, the lawyers weren’t able to wipe the charges, but they were able to reduce his sentencing. You felt a heavy feeling melt away when the judge agreed to the change.

Jimin stood in front of JiHyun’s door, his arm frozen as he was about to knock. The guards had come into Jimin’s room earlier that night and told him that his sentencing was changing and he would be put on parole. He knew that you had done it to help him, but he needed to make something right before leaving the house for good.

JiHyun opened the door before Jimin could knock.

Hyung? He asked, the confusion on his face made Jimin chuckle a little.

Ah, you still make that face! Jimin exclaimed and JiHyun rolled his eyes.

Hyung, we need to be in our rooms. JiHyun responded, but Jimin shook his head.

Not until 9pm, but I need to tell you something. JiHyun looked at him expectantly and Jimin took a breath. I’m leaving tomorrow. My sentencing has been changed, so I will only have to do parole. JiHyun wanted to interject, but Jimin stopped him. It has nothing to do with you being here, Y/N helped with reevaluating my case. But on top of that, I won’t be here for you. Now I know you have been running from the law and you’ve been living in the States, but hear me out. I have spent my life worrying about you. And now I can’t do that. You have to pay for what you have done, so I will let you. But I want you to know that I am always there on the other side. Now for my advice, keep your head low, be nice, and just try to stay out of trouble. The guys here are incredible, but they can be sly, so be careful. Don’t give Hobi your personal information. Don’t bet anything against Tae. And above all, don’t tell Yoongi about any systems he can hack. JiHyun laughed a little and nodded.

Hyung, right now I need you to just be my brother. Not my protector. JiHyun replied and Jimin gave a tight lipped smile.

I don’t know how. Jimin said and JiHyun placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder.

Tell me that everything is going to be okay, try to make me calm my fear. He said and Jimin sighed.

JiHyun, everything will be okay. Just be careful. He responded and hugged his brother.

The next day Jimin walked out of the house after saying his goodbyes to a confused and disgruntled group.

We are really happy for you. Jin said as Jimin gave a little bow, picking up his bags.

Are we really though, hyung? Because Jimin just woke all of us up early to rub in the fact that he gets to leave. Yoongi replied in a monotone voice and Jimin chuckled. Yoongi gave a little smile as Jin threw his hands in the air.

Just be happy for him! He exclaimed and Jimin waved once more to the rest of the group as he headed for the door.

You stood on the other side, your palms sweating as you waited for Jimin to come out. As he made his way down the front stairs and looked at you, he smiled widely. Without a second thought, he dropped his bags and spun you around in his arms. There was a spark, a passion, a connection that you couldn’t quite pin down, but it was something that your psychology professor had talked about. You could hear your professor in your ear, repeat the term.

A mixture of high levels of adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin, cause for your heart rate to rise, your mind to go blank, and various other physical reactions. The mixture I’m talking about is love, folks. You could hear that mixture over and over again. And you knew it was real.

Time passed and you continued to grow in that love. It was more than a chemical reaction, but it became your life. Jimin was there, every step of the way, and you were there for him, through it all. 

I can’t even tell you the meaning I find in Brennan packing her stuff in her office.

You see her with the dolphin necklace - part of her mom - and the photo with Max at her wedding - part of her dad.

Temperance Brennan. This woman, 12 years ago, didn’t know what happened with her parents and barely had anything to hold on to from them. She was robbed that part of her, and she spent the last 12 years taking part of that past back. The resolution she found with her mom, the relationship she was able to build again with her father. she has them in that box, but it’s not hiding, (like she hid and took her years to open the presents from that last Christmas). She has them with her. Always. In the woman she had to become to survive that loss, the woman she become after knowing that past didn’t had to define her.

Christine and Max are part of her. And it’s not the pain she once felt, because they left a hole. She will always feel that hole, but the last 12 years, she was able to fill that hole and become whole again, through the resolution about the past, the relationship with Max, the friendship and love she slowly accepted from everyone around her.

and now, that necklace and the photos, are something to keep forever, because she loves them. And piece by piece, it made her the woman she is today.

And we all love and look up to that woman so much.


Peaky Blinders Season 4 | NEWS

‘Peaky Blinders’ Adds ‘Game Of Thrones’ Aidan Gillen; Charlotte Riley Returns As May

With Season 4 of BBC Two period gangster epic Peaky Blinders having begun shooting last week in Liverpool comes news of further casting for the next installment of the Shelby clan’s saga. Game Of Thrones‘ Aidan Gillen has joined Steven Knight’s award-winning drama along with Happy Valley and The Last Kingdom actress Charlie Murphy.

In what’s sure to be the subject of much speculation among series fans, Charlotte Riley is also set to return as May Carleton, the champion horse trainer and former lover of Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby. Riley last appeared in Season 2 which cliffhanged in part on who Tommy would choose as a bride. That was quickly resolved in the first episode of Season 3 when the conflicted gangster married Grace Burgess (Annabelle Wallis), who shortly went on to meet her demise from a bullet meant for her husband.

There’s no word yet on Gillen or Charlie Murphy’s roles, nor confirmation at this point of what Riley’s return means. The casting news follows last week’s Deadline exclusive that Adrien Brody is a also new addition to Season 4.

Knight says, “We have a dream team gathered for series four of Peaky Blinders, coming to us for love of the series which is great. Adrien Brody, Aidan Gillen and Charlie Murphy give us a wealth of talent to work with. And with Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley returning, we couldn’t have hoped for more.”  (x)

How to block anti recast Tumblrs:

First go here and fill the last part with the name of your main Tumblr blog:

https://www.tumblr.com/settings/blog/(insert the name of your blog here)

Then look for the “Blocked Tumblrs“ option and open it.

This is the list we have of well known anti recast, pro artist actively stalking and insulting other people. Feel free to block them all if you like, you will have to input their username one by one (sorry, we know it’s hard work), but it will be worth it.

Sorry for the really long list: (updated)

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We are sure there are many, many more each day using fake accounts (sometimes they abandon one account and open another, some accounts change topics to pretend they are completely different accounts and have nothing to do with dolls) to continue bringing us down on this wonderful hobby. So keep an eye out for them and the first anti recast thing they say, save yourself the trouble and block them. ❤

Remember when you block someone they will not be able to follow you, reply or re-blog, but if they use the specific website address, they will be able to read and see (not interact) everything you do or post in your blog.

This is a friendly advice from the:

Admin Team


We hear all anti recast haters are using this list as a “badge of honor” and they say “now they know it’s safe to buy from this people”, please, do not assume that for a second.

Most anti recast community members  have hidden hi quality recasts on their crew (indistinguishable from the legit, metal plate on the head and all, no shrinking, same weight, usually from Volks LE, Luts, Soom, and Iplehouse, since it’s easier to say you lost the box and COA because this are “old dolls”and you moved to another house, or it’s almost untraceable to the original owner and you got it used), or might play you either way as they did before recast not sending items and such.

Some people are just BAD. We made the list for our own personal reasons and because we actually think the part of the bjd community WE represent will have a better time on Tumblr by blocking this haters to begin with.

But that does not imply this people is “honorable” or “trustworthy” in any way. Before recast existed as a thing, many of this people scammed others in the hobby. Then they became antis or “pro artist", and because all the hate was focus on the recast issue, seems everyone forgot what this (now popular) members of the community did. We have not.

Do not take this list as “a list of trustworthy bjd community members” or a badge of honor because it is never a honor to be among haters and bullies who bring hate to a lovely, wonderful hobby.

Merry Go Round // Min Yoongi

My first fanfiction! Hope u guys like it. Any comments and advices are welcome :) enjoy!

Genre: Fluff 

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Total words: 1510


“AAAAHHH AT THE LAST. IM HEREE!” you screamed as soon as your feet brought you outside Brisbane Airport. Aah, it’s nice, isn’t it? Going holiday on your own, without having to worry about money and who will you meet here. Just you and yourself. Your phone vibrated. It’s the uber. The driver was already in the parking lot waiting for you. You quickly pulled your suitcase and tighten your grip on your hand bag. Squeee! The adventure will soon begin!

The uber successfully brought you the hotel within 10 mins after you cheerfully told the driver that you are running away from your home and trying to have an adventure in here alone. Quite dumb for a girl that is clumsily wandering around someone’s country without friend or family, but you can’t help it. Your heart flattered like it’s going to explode any time.

“Hello! May I help you?” The receptionist greets you warmly. You smile back at her

“Hi! I booked a room here.” You hand in the booking information to her. The receptionist clicking this and that on her computer, then giving you the room key and smile at you. Again.

“Your room is number 1709 at level 12. Enjoy your holiday in Brisbane!” After a thank you and little grin, you walk away and walk in to the lift while checking your phone. 189 messages unread. You chuckled. Some of the messages are from your friends that are asking about your crazy idea, and 70 messages are from your mom. Well, duh.

You texted a reply to your mom, saying that you arrived at Brisbane safely and that you will call her soon. Yeah, soon. After your father has calmed down. He must be very angry right now. You’re imagining your father nagging by himself on your parents’ room with red face and blood veins appeared in neck and hands. You chuckled again.

TING! The lift had arrived at level 12. You came out of the lift and quickly dropped your jaw. The hotel’s design is so pretty! “Ah, I could stay here forever” you cried. The next minute, you already took out your phone and start taking pictures of the hotel interior and post it on your Instagram story.

Hyung! Don’t walk too fast! Everyone is still behind!” Someone shouted.

“Ah! I don’t care! I just want to lay in my bed ASAP” Someone answered.

You turn your head to see who were talking, but you see nothing. You pouted. Why, in the world, are there another Koreans in here?! The main point why you decided Brisbane as your runaway destination is because there will be more foreigners and English. Not another Korean language! You pinch your cheeks and trying your best to smile. It’s okay. You can just ignore them and try talking to the receptionist, or the bellboy, whatever. As long as the convo is on English.

“1707, 1708, 1709… Found it!” You open the door and screamed as soon as you saw the room. Seung Mi was really reliable on choosing the hotel room. You can clearly see the entire Brisbane city from the window. Don’t forget the Brisbane river that looks so pretty from up here. You opened your suitcase and put out some clothes in the cupboard.

“O-K-A-Y! First destination is Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern art!” You checked your uber notification, saying that the driver will arrive around 50 mins and read the schedule that Seung Mi has planned for you. Yeah, you really bad at planning things. You turn your head to the kitchen where sachets of coffee, tea, and sugar are neatly placed.

“But first, coffee” you grinning. Because of your father, you love coffee so much, all kinds of coffee. Ah, you suddenly miss your father. You scoff. Already?

The sound of the kettle wakes you up from a quick flashback with your father. When the coffee is done, you sit on the couch that is facing the window and press the play button on your phone. Dear John by Taylor Swift slowly take over the faint sound of carn honking.



You jumped from the couch. That was your father’s scream, yes, you used it as your ringtone when he calls you. Aw, your butt is hurting. You cursed at your phone, mumbling that you really have to change your ringtone soon or else something shameful will happen. You sit back again in the couch. It’s dark already.

Wait, dark?

You check your phone. You got one miscall from Dad and it’s 7.20 pm right now. And there is a text from the uber driver, saying that he already in the main gate since 6.

Oh, shit.

You quickly grab your shoes while wearing your white ankle socks. You wear your peach bomber jacket, black hand bag and wear a black mouth mask in the top of your head, another habit. You were running through the hotel corridor and just realized that you still holding your shoes instead of wearing it. You stopped and wearing your shoes.

“Is anyone else wants to go down?” Someone asked from inside the lift.

“AH! Wait for me!” You run to the lift. It was half closed when you jump inside. You tried to breath properly after that ridiculous marathon. Aside from you, there are 7 other people inside. All of them are boys. They are wearing black hats and the same black mouth masks as you, but they wear it on their mouth. Not head. One of the boy with light brown hair chuckled a little when he saw the mask on your head. Ew, screw off.

“JUNG JIYOUNG! PICK UP YOUR PHONE!” Everyone in the lift were surprised, Mostly you.

“JUNG JIYOUNG! PICK UP YOUR PHONE!” You press the green button.

“Yes, yes, Dad. Hell-“

WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL YOUR MOM?! YOU DISGRACEFUL LITTLE THING! YOU SHOULD CALL ME OR YOUR MOM AFTER YOU ARRIVED AT THE HOTEL! WE WERE WORRIED SICK! LOOK HERE! YOUR MOM WON’T EAT ANYTHING SINCE THIS MORNING!” You place your phone away from your ear. Ah, you dead meat. Everyone in the lift could clearly hear your father screaming. Lucky they did not get Korean language.

Or so you think.

One of them was giggling. You turn your head around, and the giggling stopped. But the boy in the light brown hair was shivering, trying his best to hide his laugh. The other boy with purple hair kick him slowly and bow his head at you.


“IM HANGING UP!” You screamed and press the red button. Your Father is on it again. This time, the boy with pink, dark brown, and 2 brown haired boys giggling. Your face is completely red.

The purple haired boy trying to shut them, while he himself trying his best not to laugh. You turned your head to the black-haired guy that is staring at the floor, looks uninterested. Well at least there is someone that think this thing is not hilarious.


You quickly run from the lift into the main gate. Before, you turned your head and the boy with pink and light brown hair waved at you.

What a bunch of weirdos.

“Oh my god I’m soooo sorry! I fell asleep!” You give the uber driver a bow. Unfortunately, he laughed.

“Nah, nevermind. You give me time to rest from this tiring job” said the driver. This driver looks a bit similar with your dad.

Oh, come on. Hello? Adventure is calling!

“So where should I take you?” ask the driver. You give him the picture of the Brisbane wheel “Aahh, Brisbane wheel! Okay. Put on your seatbelt please” You do what the driver told you to.


“Enjoy your holiday!” You smiled and waved at the uber driver. See? Even the uber driver told you to enjoy your holiday! You send your father a quick message, saying that you promise you will call him tomorrow morning.

Your father replied. Oh, so fast. He said that he will wait and that he will lock the door for you if you forget to call him again. You chuckled. This man is so stern yet so caring.

You walked to the Brisbane wheel. “My, oh my!” You screamed. Brisbane wheel is so pretty with lights dangling around. You cheerfully go to the line and wait patiently. The line is not too long. After paying, you get inside the little room. When the employee is going to close the room, someone barged in and quickly sit in front of you.

“Sorry, I’m late” he said.

The employee thought you’re with him, so she smiled at both of you and close the door.

“Eh, what?”

Kind of Like Narnia (Part 4/4)

Raphael (2014/2016) x Reader

Notes: LAST CHAPTER OFFICIALLY. Mainly bc @llturner7 wanted it so bad,, I GOT YOU GIRL xx

Word count: 794

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

Another argument. Another makeup, just to argue again. It was hurting you, and it was hurting Raph just to keep doing this to yourselves. What was the argument about today? You wanted to go up top with April so you could have a feel of the New York nightlife, but Raphael took that as the notion that you were going to the club to get felt up by random men. He did not like that idea, not at all.

Even Splinter was fine with you going, and he was still in protective dad mode.

You reacted badly though. You called him a coward, and told him that it was no wonder why Leo was leader, because he couldn’t do anything for himself, let alone his brothers. He left to the gym after that, and you went topside by yourself.

Currently sitting on a random New York rooftop, you sipped the juice box you brought with you, you watched the lonely people walk around the streets, the drunks stumbling out of the bars. There didn’t seem to be problems with the world, just a lot of lost souls. But then again, it wasn’t your world.

Your world was gone to you a month ago. Now it was just you and [P/N], living in a sewer in a New York that wasn’t yours. Donnie still hadn’t found out how to get you back. It was apparently going to take a miracle, and you had ran out of miracles a long time ago. It was cold. It was raining. You weren’t dressed for this cold weather.

[P/N] didn’t have a problem staying with the turtles in the sewers. In fact he loved it. He spent most of his time with Splinter surprisingly. You just assumed because it was all the nice smelling candles and the aura of the room. It calmed the very energetic animal.

You on the other hand, just seemed to stick out in the lair like a sore thumb. You’d asked April if you could move in with her, but she told you her landlord wouldn’t let anybody who couldn’t pay rent stay in the building. You tried getting a job, so you could get out of the lair more, but nobody would hire you. You were at a dead end, and you didn’t like it at all.

“Ya don’t like it here do ya…” A blanket, a thud and he was sat next to you.

“I feel out of place. Like none of you want me here. It might just be my head, but-”

“I do want ya ‘ere babe. I jus’- I’m sorry.”

“Me too.” You leant your head on his shoulder, sniffing to keep back the tears. “I guess I’m just homesick. But I only get homesick when we argue.” He was running his hands through your hair. He remembered it calmed you. You might have just made a huge revelation to yourself. So big, that it made you start crying. This was it. You were going to pour your heart out to him and he couldn’t stop you.

“You’re my home, Raphael.” He stopped, dropping his hand.

“Come again?” he looked down at you, his heart skipping beats and his stomach doing somersaults.

“I- I’m homesick because you’re my home. When we argue, I feel like you don’t want me here.”

He was holding you. Back against the wall and you in his lap. He was crying too. You were pressed against his plastron, not that you minded much though. “I-I do want ya here babe, I really do.” You wrapped your arms around him, feeling the tears fall from his face on to your head.

“If I somehow disappear tomorrow-”

“Ya ain’t goin’ no where alright? I can’t lose ya [Y/N].”

“Raph listen… If I disappear, I want you to know that, when you look up at the stars, it’s the same sky I’m looking at too. Because no one can change the galaxy, and no one can change fate.”

“But yer staying fer as long as ya can, right?”

“Yeah Raph, I’m staying for as long as I can.” You heard him whisper a ‘oh thank God’ as he gripped you tighter.

You both probably sat there for hours, just being with each other, and occasionally crying a little bit. It was the first time the both of you acknowledged that there was a possibility that you might disappear from that world and return to your own, and it hurt. But as long as you were with him for now, you were okay. You both were okay.

The End 

egelantier replied to your post “actually, have a sample”


It’s part of the Consort AU fandom came up with last fall, as a joke, and then we started discussing it seriously and now I’m like seven thousand words plus notes in the hole of a canon-divergent AU for Nirvana in Fire where Jingyan meets Mei Changsu about five years before canon begins, falls in love with him without consciously realizing who he is, and marries him. 


Eduardo: “hey guys” he shuffles slightly trying to see where he could lay down “ill be just over here i don’t need anybody ANYWAYS” he screamed the last part just to get the both lovers attention “ill be laying here ALONE” he stade laying in the ground angrily looking at from the opposite way of both of them