or the distance to the doors

Lexa probably has a fucking nerdy ass sword collection on one of the floors of her ridiculously tall tower and one day she takes Clarke there but she’s really serious because this is an important matter for her and clarke’s like ‘what’s wrong??? Is something happening???’ And Lexa just casually goes 'no, I’m showing you my weapons’ and proceeds to open this secret door or something and the walls are just full of various swords and grounder weapons. She then proceeds to show Clarke her favorite weapons(that she’s named) and Clarke just stares off into the distance because jfc how the hell did she fall in love with such a fucking nerd

Old Friends, New Beginnings

-Maria was resting on the couch in her home on Naboo. Naboo was her home planet but the house wasn’t the same. Her childhood house was burned down by the Empire…..she didn’t hear the ship land a ways away or the footsteps closing the distance between the ship and her door-


Saturated the door screen texture - CHECK

Added presets to the radio - CHECK

Tested the vintage chair - FAIL.

What the phuq is up with Alpha Mask Threshold? There is not one single consistent setting that I can find that universally works. This is set relatively low and pictures 5- 8 show the progression of tilt visibility.

Horizontal AMT is a bit of a challenge anyway - in S3 it would give a strange grid pattern from certain angles depending on where you are viewing and from certain distance. What is so damned annoying with this is there is a soft render on most things with the exception of these harsh/choppy transparencies. I am curious if I were to try the Phong-Alpha shader if that might help. Normally used for transparencies like glass, it might give a softer look to the seat area. This, currently, is just not going to work.

It’s the visual embodiment of my week. Suuuuuuuuucks.

Plus? They updated workshop so I could patch my game to test these objects/textures I have been working on. I even ‘splurged’ on the garden (variety) stuff pack. So … luxurious. sigh.

Hiding in Plan Sight

Eve was staying in Douglas’s old cabin in the woods. She had decided to stay, but she had been keeping her distance from everyone except for Douglas who insisted on checking up on her to make sure she was still around.

She opened the door about to go out for a walk in the woods when she saw Thomas standing there on the porch. She looked away from him. “You shouldn’t be here. Malina will get mad.”


Safe In Your Arms (Matthew Espinosa)

Listen to:

Safe In Your Arms by Cory Lamb


   I am running. I am running as fast as I can to the one person I need most at the moment. The rain is pouring down on me and I do not seem to care at this point. I just want to get to him, he is the only one who can make things better despite how bad they are. I have to get to him. I need to get to him. I continue to run through the rain as my wet hair and clothes is clinging onto my skin, making feel slightly uncomfortable. I finally see his house in the distance, feeling somewhat relieved. I run across the yard and up the porch steps, clutching onto the cold doorknob once I reached to it. I open the front door and was invited by the quietness of the house. Please be home, I thought. I quickly make my way up the stairs and down the hall to his bedroom, hoping he was in there. Once I open his bedroom door, I saw him.


   He is sitting down at his desk, I guess coming up with more ideas for a vine, like he normally does when he is bored. He turns around in his chair, fully aware that someone has basically barged into his privacy. I can tell that he is worried when he saw me standing there helpless because he quickly shot up from the chair and moved closer to me. “YN,” he breathed. I moved in closer to him wrapping my arms around his torso and resting my head against his chest. His strong arms wrap around me as well, only pulling me in closer to him. “Is everything okay?” He whispered. When he asked me that question, I could not help it but to cry. His hand moves in small circles on my back, trying to calm me. “Okay,” he said. “I’m here.” His other hand runs through my wet hair and he pulls away just slightly to look at my face. “Baby, you’re soaked. Come on, we need to get you in the shower and put something warm on before you get sick.” He said with worry evident in his tone. I did just that and he was with me the whole time.

   Matthew gives me his sweatshirt and sweatpants to wear. I walk out of the bathroom with him following closely behind and when I reached to his room, I feel his hands reach to my waist from behind and he pulls me into him. “Do you want to tell me what’s wrong?” He whispered against my shoulder. I place my hands over his and squeeze them. I feel my eyes burn and they start to water slightly as I thought about the events that had happened earlier that day.

   "M-my grandfather,“ I started, "He, um. He,” I stuttered, but could not finish. Matthew understood almost immediately and he turned me around in his arms, placing his right hand on my neck softly. His thumb sweep over my cheek ever so lightly, making me love his touch even more.

“I’m so sorry, baby.” He whispered, kissing my forehead softly.

“I was there when it happened.” I choked out, wrapping my arms around his torso once again. “I can’t believe he is gone.”

   "Shh,“ he hushed me. "He is in a better place now, babe. He is going to watch over you everyday making sure you are okay and I know that you are going to make him proud.” That’s all I need from Matthew. I just need him to tell me that everything is going to be okay and hug me close to him. He makes me feel safe in his arms and that is what makes me fall even more in love with him. We stayed like that for a moment as I let out soft cries. He pulls away slightly only to lead me to his bed. He lays down, pulling me down with him. I lay next to him as he wraps his arm around me and his free hand plays with my hair softly. He lets me cry quietly as he leaves soft kisses on my forehead causing me to close my eyes. I knew that I made the right decision of coming to him. Regardless of what I was going through, I felt safe and content with being next to him in that moment. He is all I ever need. 


“*going for a walk papy.” Sans called behind him as he shut the door. His ‘walks’ were an almost weekly occurrence now. They gave him space to clear his head and refocus, that this was real.
He had barely taken three steps when he teleported to a cliff staring out over the small town they lived near now. Sans removed his jacket, laid it underneath a tree, then he walked to the edge of the cliff and sat down. Sans took a deep breath and concentrated.
He could see each building, creating a tiny, snakelike pattern of roads weaving around the tiny houses. From this distance he couldn’t see the individual bricks, only the reds oranges and yellows that made up the walls. The slate grey rooves were slightly damp from yesterday’s shower. He’d slept through that, unfortunately.
Surrounding the meek little village was a thick forest. As autumn approached the leaves were slowly turning to burnt umbers and yellows, creating a peaceful forest of green and orange.
“*maybe pap and i could take frisk and toriel out some day and collect some leaves.” Sans wondered aloud.
He smirked to the thought of his brother dashing around to find leaves, laying back and looking up at the grey sky.
Sans jumped slightly as water hit his forehead. He looked around as he realised it was beginning to rain. He glanced behind him at the large purple trunked tree behind him, but decided against taking shelter. If the human world was anything like Waterfall back in the Underground, the rain would be pleasantly warm.
So Sans stayed where he was, gazing up at the sky and the gently drifting clouds above, as the setting sun cast its rays across the clouds, turning them a variety of purples and pinks.
Sans shivered suddenly.
Sans shook off the thought of the cold. He wasn’t done with his ‘walk’ yet. He sighed happily and started to trace pictures in the air, using the clouds as guidelines.
Sans laid there for a long time, smiling to himself. He could feel the cold beginning to seep into his bones, but he was so relaxed that it didn’t even matter to him.
Slowly, once his mind had slowed down enough, he sat back up. Underneath the rain, the towns colours had changed, becoming more rich and melodic. Sans began to hum a tune that the scene reminded him of, making it up as he gazed out at the peaceful town.
Sans shivered more violently, breaking his tune up for a second. He chuckled quietly, standing up and receiving his jacket from underneath the tree.
Sans teleported back after one last glance at the nearby town.
“*hey bro, i’m back. rain’s pretty, isn’t it?”
“*yea, just chilled to the bone.”

((So this one was really fun to write!! I absolutely adored imagining Sans getting distracted by a view. Welp. I’m up to date. Now to post today’s one.))

I'm a volunteer at the SC state headquarters in Charleston. We are woefully understaffed and need your help desperately if we want to pull off the upset on February 27th! If you're within driving distance please, PLEASE come lend us your support. We need a
We need your help! If you have a car or know someone who does please come lend us your support
By Imgur

Boosting this because Bernie Sanders campaign needs your help if you live in or around Charleston. We cannot do this without each other! 

We are located at 821 Orleans Road in Charleston, SC.

There’s only about a dozen of us here full-time with a slate of volunteers coming through all the time but it’s not enough! We need to knock on another 300,000 doors before election day if we want to pull this off and I am but one man with a car.

If you can knock on doors, great! If that isn’t your style, WE NEED DRIVERS DESPERATELY. Please come support the revolution if you can. With the win last night we have a real chance to get the win here, we just need the numbers in the field to help us bridge the gap. x

*requested* the signs grocery shopping together

Aries: “IM PUSHING THE CART BITCHES, OUT OF MY WAY” *rolls off into the distance*

Taurus: *runs to free samples* “I want them all please”

Gemini: “I…I…I brought list guys, we need bread, peanut butter, and…”


Leo: “Gemini, loosen up” *shreds list*

Virgo: *in the cart while Aries is running through the aisles*

Libra: *harassing the cashier* “so uh.. You come here often?”

Sagittarius: *climbing the shelves* “I’M THE RULER OF THIS JOINT!”

Scorpio: *selling drugs to customers at the door* “GUYS WE ARE MAKING BANK”

Capricorn: *throwing everything on the shelves on the floor* “HAVE FUN CLEANING HOES!”

Aquarius: *singing at the top of their lungs*



Think Fast [Jungkook]

Genre: Angst; Mild Fluff; BadBoy!Jungkook

Members: Jungkook x Reader (You) ; Minor appearances from other members

Part: 1/?

Part 1 | Part 2

Summary: He was only supposed to stay one night. 

He circled around you on your porch, sharp gaze lingering on the glimmering house key in your hand. Lifting a single finger up to his lips he smiled, nodding towards your front door a few feet ahead of you. Sirens blared in the distance, partially drowned out by the rain pounding against the roads. Despite being soaked to your core, you didn’t feel the chill.

You could only hesitantly stare at him.

And the smile he gave you.

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funkysockzlover asked:

Goku and Vegeta are SO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER ALL THE TIME LATELY. It's cracking me up cos how many times in the past has Vegeta gone out of his way to stand apart from the group, to lean against something in the distance, to turn away from Goku - and now its like, lets stand inches apart and drag a chair from the other side of this table to talk to Bulma and get flustered when she gets mad at us and sleep over together - I BET GOKU FOLLOWED VEGETA TO HIS ROOM TILL BULMA CLOSED THE DOOR ON HIS FACE


First things first I just want to remember you that after that glorious scene where Goku and Vegeta touched each other Vegeta literally cleaned his face beucase, you know, Kakarot’s germs, ew:

Vegeta always tries to stand apart from the group, specially when “group” involves Kakarot. It’s impressive how things have been changing in DBS between them, really. I mean, they even held hands when it was completely unnecessary. After that things escalated quickly. 

“I’LL EXPLAIN IT AGAIN, LATER”, Vegeta is totally used to Goku’s stupidity. He’s more patient and that’s obvious the outcome of living with Goku. That’s beautiful. How many times do you think they yelled at each other until Vegeta finally get that Goku’s oblivious like a brick wall and learn to live with that?

I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS. There’s NO FUCKING REASON Vegeta is not by his wife side after months away from her, just to sit next to Kakarot. He literally loathed any kind of contact or proximity with Goku and now… It’s just natural. That mean that after some weeks Vegeta stopped to push his bed away from Goku’s, perhaps? Because he’s so surrounded by Kakarot that life doesn’t even make sense anymore.

LOOK AT BULMA GRABBING GOKU’S CLOTHES AND SHAKING HIM AND VEGETA GOES “BULMA!” BUT ALL I HEARD WAS “DON’T TOUCH KAKAROT LIKE THAT”, honestly. He wouldn’t give a shit about that scene some years ago but now he’s a little bit worried before the possibility of his wives punch each other.

But that’s is my favorite scene. Goku is back on earth after months. But he fucking slept at corp. capsule? Instead of, you know, GOING TO HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN? What the fuck? And he’s not even totally awake and is already after Vegeta? I HAVE FEELINGS, SO MANY FEELINGS. And yes I support the idea that Goku followed Vegeta to his room till Bulma closed the door on his face (and Vegeta was “Bulma!” again).

Goku: Let’s go.
Vegeta: * obediently follows Kakarot.* 


City of Ashes - Malec

Having a key

Alec heaved a theatrical sigh, shrugged, and led the way up the stairs. He unlocked the door to Magnus’s apartment using a thin silver key, which he tucked back into the breast pocket of his jacket the moment he’d 􏰜nished, as if he hoped to keep his companions from seeing it.

Teasing bae

What—” Alec began, and broke of as Magnus laughed. “That’s not funny.”

“You’re so easy to tease.” (Magnus)

keeping him in sight

Magnus was watching Alec out of the corner of his eye while Alec stared o􏰄 into the middle distance, scowling.

Comforting his nerves

“Maybe he meant me,” said Alec. Everyone looked at him in surprise. Alec so rarely made jokes. He smiled nervously. “Sorry,” he said. “Nerves.”

“There’s no need for that,” said Magnus, reaching to touch Alec’s shoulder. Alec moved quickly out of range, and Magnus’s outstretched hand fell to his side.

Alec laughing

“I know who you are, but…” Maia looked dazed. “You look so … so … shiny.”

Alec made a noise that sounded very much like a laugh stifled by a cough as Magnus’s thin hands wove a shimmering blue curtain of magic around the werewolf girl.

Jace talking about the couple

Jace had listened to this short speech with a smolder of fury sparking his amber eyes to gold. “No,” he said now, “but you are the only warlock we know who happens to be dating a friend of ours.”

For a moment everyone stared at him—Alec in sheer horror, Magnus in astonished anger, and Clary and Simon in surprise. It was Alec who spoke first, his voice shaking. “Why would you say something like that?”

Jace looked baffled. “Something like what?”

“That I’m dating—that we’re—it’s not true,” Alec said, his voice rising and dropping several octaves as he fought to control it.

Jace looked at him steadily. “I didn’t say he was dating you,” he said, “but funny that you knew just what I meant, isn’t it?”

“We’re not dating,” Alec said again.

“Oh?” Magnus said. “So you’re just that friendly with everybody, is that it?”

“Magnus.” Alec stared imploringly at the warlock. Magnus, however, it seemed, had had enough. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back in silence, regarding the scene before him with slitted eyes.

Magnus keeping quiet for Alec’s sake

She was thinking of Simon, leaving for a house that no longer felt like home to him, of the despair in Jace’s voice as he said I want to hate you, and of Magnus, not telling Jace the truth: that Alec did not want Jace to know about his relationship because he was still in love with him. She thought of the satisfaction it would have brought Magnus to say the words out loud, to acknowledge what the truth was, and the fact that he hadn’t said them—had let Alec go on lying and  Magnus cared about Alec enough to give him that.

Awww eyes for one

“Yes,” Magnus said, tearing his eyes away from Alec long enough to scowl.

When he’s happy Alec wasnt with Jace

“Where were you all night, anyway?” Magnus asked, his voice sour. “With Alec?”

“I couldn’t sleep, so I went for a walk,” Jace said. “When I got back, I bumped into this sad bastard mooning around the porch.” He pointed at Alec.

Magnus brightened. “Were you there all night?” he asked Alec.

Magnus knows its his future parents-in-law

Alec and Isabelle’s father.

Magnus’s head went up with a snap.

Magnus protecting his boy under the influence

Words seemed to be pouring out of Alec in a torrent, while his parents looked on in confusion. Isabelle and Magnus were staring at him with expressions of nearly identical astonishment. “I’m seeing a Downworlder. In fact, I’m seeing a war—”

Magnus’s fingers moved, quick as a 􏰊ash of light, in Alec’s direction. There was a faint shimmer in the air around Alec—his eyes rolled up—and he dropped to the floor, felled like a tree.

after ‘sobering’ up, still protecting his ass

“I mean, I’m not seeing anyone. And it’s not important. Or it wouldn’t be if I was seeing someone, which I’m not.”

Magnus looked at him as if he were an idiot. “Alec’s been delirious,” he said. “Side effect of some demon toxins. Most unfortunate, but he’ll be fine soon.”

The truth

“He’ll come,” she said. “If he told Alec he was coming, he’ll do it.”

Saving him

Magnus Bane was sitting opposite him, regarding him with amber cat’s eyes that glowed in the dark.

His teeth began to chatter. “What—what happened?”

“You tried to drink the East River,” Magnus said, and Alec saw, as if for the first time, that Magnus’s clothes were soaking wet too, sticking to his body like a dark second skin. “I pulled you out.”

The care

Magnus reached out to touch Alec’s head. “You, on the other hand, might have a concussion.”

Aww my babies fighting kinda

“I know you don’t have to help us out—it’s a favor—”

“Stop. I don’t do you favors, Alec. I do things for you because—well, why do you think I do them?”

Boyfriends love

“I didn’t want you to drown,” he said.

House in Natsumidai is a minimalist house located in Chiba, Japan, designed by Camp Design inc.. The project is a one-room renovation of a 45-year old housing complex. The clients, an eldery couple, wanted an environment in which they could co-exist while maintaining a reasonable sense of distance. A series of sliding doors were utilized to create separation between the programs when needed, but also open up the space to maximize light.

The Girlfriend (Maknae Line)

Request: BTS introducing you to the boys as their girlfriend.

A/N: This is the second part of the mini scenarios “The Girlfriend” containing the maknae line. I hope you guys enjoy. Scenario request are opened.

Hyung Line

-Admin D


Today you were finally going to meet the members of the group your boyfriend, Jimin, was in. You looked at yourself in the mirror for what seemed like the 100th time. You heard the front door shut as you smiled at your reflection. You walked downstairs to greet your boyfriend.

“Jimin! You’re early,” you said placing a peek on his lips.

He distanced himself staring at you smiling,”You’re so beautiful. They’ll think I’m lying about you being my girlfriend.“

You playfully pushed at his arm,” Jimin-ah quit it.”

He chuckled as he held out his hand and you happily took it as you both walked to his car. 

On the way to the park, you were quiet fiddling with your fingers feeling the uneasy feeling creeping up inside of you. Jimin stared at you taking a hold of one of your hands rubbing his thumb against your knuckles. Soon enough you arrived at the park. 

“You should call them to see where they’re at,” you suggested as you looked around the area for a group of males.

“They’re over there!” Jimin said pointing ecstatically at his group members, who were waving at him.

“Jiminie are you sure she’s your girlfriend?” Namjoon asked once you two were nearing them.

You laughed as Jimin whispered an,”I told you so.”

“She’s very beautiful isn’t she? And she’s all mine,” he said pulling you closer to him. You blushed at the innocent act smiling widely as you looked at the set of six boys staring at the two of you. 

“Hello,” you said shyly bowing your head. 

“Aww they make such a cute couple,” Jin said gleefully.

You laughed as you looked up at your boyfriend.

“I make it cuter don’t I?” he asked you.


“Just so you know they may try to embarrass me so whatever they tell you is most likely a lie,” your boyfriend warned you.

“For the fifth time I get it,” you said rolling eyes.

After five months of being together, you were finally going to meet your boyfriend’s group members. Due to Taehyung’s busy schedule you never really were physically together and spend all the little free time you two had together to video call. On occasions, one of the boys would appear but Taehyung would shoo them away.

Now you were finally going to meet them. You knew about them from interviews and when Taehyung would talk about them. It always left you wondering if he ever talked about you to them.

The sound of a cluster of voices overlapping each other caught your attention. You straighten your posture as you sat with legs crossed holding your boyfriend’s hand.


“In here!” Taehyung yelled.

You smiled as you saw the familiar boys in front of you.

“Hello,” you said as you caught them by surprised. 

“Why didn’t you tell us she was coming over. We could’ve worn something more presentable,” Namjoon scold your smiling boyfriend.

“Hello (Y/N). It’s amazing to finally meet you! Taehyung always says so many kind and lovely things about you,” Jin said smiling warmly.

You blushed as you turned to your pink face boyfriend.

“Jin,” Taehyung said looking down at his hands.

“It’s really nice to meet you as well Taehyung tells me about you guys also,” you said smiling.

“It’s probably embarrassing things isn’t it?” Jimin asked.

You laughed as your boyfriend looked to the side as all the boys complained to him about not keeping his mouth shut.


You were waiting patiently for your boyfriend, Jungkook, to arrive from practice. He told you to meet him at the little cafe you two usually go to on dates so he can pick you up to meet the boys.

You’ve been with Jungkook for almost half a year and yet you haven’t met his group members. You understood that there really wasn’t a possible way to meet all of them since just going on dates unnoticed with Jungkook was hard enough already. 

A few minutes later you saw the familiar black mask and grey hoodie as you stood up to meet him. 

“So before we go with the guys I kind of want to say something,” he said rubbing the side of his head.

You stared at him with furrowed eyebrows,”What is it?”

“You see…They kind of don’t know that I have a girlfriend,” he said slowly.

“Jeon Jungkook,” you said biting the inside of your cheek from not screaming at your boyfriend,”Tell me you’re joking.”

He shook his head,”I never got around to it. I thought they would suspect I had one but I thought wrong. I left hints and they seemed clueless.”

You scratched the side of your head as you let out a long sigh,”Let’s go. Before I make a scene.”

The ride to the dorms was silent and the atmosphere was awkward as you remained angry in your seat. 

We’ve been together for half a year and not once did he tell his group members he has a girlfriend. He had to be joking, right?

The both of you got out of the cab not saying a word to each other as you reached the door to the dorm. 

"One more thing jagiya,” he said as he turned the knob slightly opening the door.

You looked at him preparing to rip his head off when he opened the door.

“Happy 6 months,” a group of boys said in unison as you walked further into the dorm.

There were streamers, light pink balloons, and the boys holding a poster that says: Happy six months jagiya. 

You turned to look at your boyfriend who was smiling brightly at your shocked expression. 

“Nice way of meeting the boys and celebrating our six months together right?” he asked.

Brittana Hangout

Santana couldn’t help but shake her head hearing about that darn cat again. After leaving her place like she promised Britt she would do. She walked outside and the sun was shinning bright, it wasn’t that cold, but Santana had bundled up her coat. Walking the short distance that it would take to arrive at Brittanys place from her own. 

Santana wouldn’t do this normally for anyone but her Best friend, Brittany. She and her do everything together, Like yang and yang. Stopping at house with flowers lining the front yard and seeing the spot that Brittany had fell out of the tree months back. She clambored up the small steps and brought her hand up to knock three times at the door. She pulled her cell phone from her pocket and replied to a few texts, waiting on the porch of Brittany.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Pairing/Characters: 2009!phan

Genre: Angst, kinda, Fluff, kinda, Comfort, kinda. DRABBLE.

Word Count: 673 (yikes short I know)

Warnings: Implied family issues

Description: Sometimes Dan’s parents argue. A lot. Phil wishes he could do something to help.


He could faintly hear Phil’s voice coming from the headphones that had slipped off of his head in his rush to turn and look towards the bedroom door. It was still closed, but tonight it was so loud that it might as well not even been there.

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3 is the number of minutes it took for you to lose your eyes in his. You’ll never get those three minutes back. You were looking at this eyes, the color of them. You were waxing poetic and losing track of time. What you don’t realize is that you’ve been lost since those first few minutes. 

11000 miles is the distance between you. surrounded by oceans. 
tidal wave limbs and salt slicked skin. you drive down separate
coasts, when your sun sets his rises, and what you wouldn’t give
to see it rise in his eyes one more time. 

47 is the first number you associated with him. It came with too
many laughs, too many takes. It took 47 tries to get it right. You wish that you could have another take at this.

2 is the number of knocks it takes to get him to answer his door. He answers with tired eyes. When he takes his hand in yours he touches it like its familiar, like he’s known you this whole time. Twin smiles crack across your features. You feel like you’ve known him all along as well.

400 is the thread count in the sheets at the hotel that you stay in. cotton bare and worn. rough against your skin the way his hands are calloused and the ridges of it run down your spine. He leans across the bed like he owns it, leans across the bed like he belongs to you and for a moment you left yourself think there is nothing outside of these four walls as the rain splattered against the windows.

13 is the number of promises that he made to you. He said them when he thought no one could hear. He said them across airplane seats, in hotels, said them in your own home, across your own tattered sofa. He made you a promise across a pool table and when you shot the number eight in the hole you felt like you were the luckiest person alive.

8 is the day of the month that you lose him. You lose him to wicker furniture and a thin white dress, petal soft skin and lips pinker than yours. Their hands clasp and their arms swing back and forth. They look like school children and you can’t help but think this is playground jealousy. You let wine coat your lips and burn your throat and you lose track of how many bottles it takes to feel numb.

Infinite is how he made you feel, endless in his pursuit to have his hands across you. His mouthful of lies and his hands reaching, reaching, reaching. Reaching to close the distance between you. to tear highways off of maps and swallow the seven seas. A vast and empty space, you wounder is this is how you’ll always feel. Infinite is how long Atlas holds the heavens, how long Tantalus resides in Tartarus and you don't know which one you relate to more.

—  A.E., zero is the number of times you let it happen again