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  • Jason: That test was hard.
  • Annabeth: What did you get for number 5?
  • Jason: 42.
  • Annabeth: Me too!
  • Percy [grabs shovel]: Not me
  • Jason: Number 8 was Kansas right?
  • Annabeth: Yeah!
  • Percy: *starts digging hole*
  • Annabeth: And 10 was-
  • Jason: Hydrogen!
  • Annabeth: How did you do?
  • Percy [lying in hole]: Bury me.

New York Times is tracking everyone that has been accused of sexual misconduct that is facing consequences and fallout since the allegations against Harvey Weinstein broken on October 5th. 

There are 34 names on their list right now. There are many many more who have been accused, and who have resigned, but this is the high profile ones.  

You might notice some similarities between the members of the list: there are some clear trends. For instance, every one of them is a white male. 

Then there are the differences, usually in the response. Some are apologizing and immediately looking for ways to make amends, others are vehemently denying the accusations to the point of insulting their accusers. 

This list is going to get longer as more people find the courage to come forwards. As long as the country continues to listen to those that step up to speak, and as long as society continues to trust them, this list will keep getting longer. 

And that’s a wonderful thing. 

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“tell me you don’t feel the same” said by a crying Lance to a Keith who’s about to leave to the blades again; possibly after episode 6 ends? (i need those,,,,klance moments,,,my lifeblood)

  • roman: how's the most beautiful man in the world doing
  • virgil, not even looking up: i don't know, how are you?
  • roman: [voice cracking] fine
  • logan: we all have the sAME FACE