or the cloak

Dreamt I was in Oklahoma in a small town and a travelling car salesman was telling me stories about his life but I realized he looked like Ricky from trailer park boys and he morphed into a hooded, 7 foot tall bird skeleton and the whole Oklahoma façade faded away and I was actually standing in a ankle deep sea of blood under a stormy sky and ricky the bird man showed me his grave



The show will air on freeform in 2018!

Destiny 2: In Memoriam
  • Titan: Hey, what's Cayde-6 doing with all those hunters over there?
  • Warlock: Oh they're just in mourning for all that we lost to the cabal.
  • Titan: Ah yes all the guardians we lost.
  • Warlock: Um well...
  • *meanwhile*
  • Hunter: I was saving that cloak for a special occasion!
  • Cayde-6: Thank you for sharing. We've all lost many cloaks here. But remember, this support group is here for you.

I haven’t animated in so long??

The marauders everyone

Credit to @fralle-chan and @remusyoulittleshit