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‘Moho’ callout post

Now I’m warnin’ ya kiddies, shit’s about to get graphic
( @moho-milk-town-and-power-down )

You know that one fellow popular on tumblr about making two fictional characters fuck eachother, right? Y’all may call her as your ‘bean king’, the one true god ‘Moho’…

but i’m here to say

she’s not what she tells everyone she is..

See here, Being a detective that I am, I have proven that she is not JUST a furry in disguise… but..


…. a fokin’ Weeb…


It doesn’t stop there kiddies.

moments later…

she reveals that…

She’s sexually attracted to Barry Bee Benson..
YES! I CAN HEAR YOU GASPING “b-but ивана,, just bc she called a bee daddy doesn’t make her fully attracted to be-” shut your fucking mouth-hole voice in my head,,
What if I told you..

She has fully admitted to the illegal crime that is to “fuck bees”
*slams paperwork on table*

I have even found visual proof of all of this!!


if this is not enough evidence, you’re blind. WAKE UP AMERICA

What do you mean I’m making this post bc im pissed that my wife cheated on me with a bee//


I’m not racist towards bees,, just,,-

–F-Fuck bees man,, 
I’m just so

Hurt q-q

*coughs* SO! Next time on Dramaalert nation™ we’ll have a full on discussion about the 100 reasons why Pent is best daddy-


Where in Dipper realizes that going dark-side isn’t exactly what he’d thought it’d be like.

polsnr  asked:

You're so right, Carmilla's special. It was the first ever web series I ever watched! I've really tried watching "Couple-ish" a few times but I stopped at episode 3 or 4 because Sharon's fake brit accent is SO ANNOYING (amongst other things). I appreciate the hard work that goes into it, I know putting a show out there is a big deal and all but I just couldn't. However, I've watched GWC 'Til Lease Do Us Part and I really liked it! Especially season 2 I thought was the best one. Love your blog!!

Yeah after studying film and television in college, I have a big respect for any type of production.  They’re long hours, a lot of planning, a lot of organizing, but it is so rewarding to see the final product.

I don’t think I’ll be watching any webseries.  Heck it’ll be a long time before I get invested anything anymore bc Hollstein is so special.  Natasha and Elise’s chemistry is so special.  I’ll never find anything like this again.

  • Yang: Are you ever gonna let me meet your parents!?
  • Blake: So far, they don't seem to like the blondes that I've chosen in my life.
  • Sun: Why would that be?
  • Both: ...
  • Sun: I was totally in the right.
  • Yang: Don't worry Sun, I would've done the same thing.

“I’m the biggest asshole you will ever meet. I will tease you about things and make snarky comments. My first language is sarcasm. But if I decide I want you in my life and you make me happy, I will do whatever it takes to keep you. If I know you’re having a bad day I’ll go to the store and buy your favorite ice cream and surprise you with it. Need a ride somewhere? You got it. Let me buy lunch today just because I want to. I’ll send you funny memes or pictures of baby animals to cheer you up. Lets sit and watch your favorite show even though I can’t stand that one actor. I’ll gladly proofread your paper at 2am the night before it’s due. I’ll call you just to tell you about something I saw that reminded me of you. I’ll send you a random paragraph about something you did three weeks that I found adorable and can’t stop thinking about it. I will keep a running list of things you mention you want, so I can get one for your birthday. I’ll make a playlist with songs we both like so we can listen to it in the car. I will draw you a picture everyday for a month and then cover your walls with them. I’ll read your favorite book in a day just so I can see what it is you love about it. Want a list of the things I love about you? Great it’ll be about 60 things long. I’ll write you a letter when I’m bored and mail it to you even though I see you in class. I’ll learn how to make your favorite meal. I save every picture you send me, even selfies, so I have something to look at when I miss you. If I see something that I know you will like I’ll buy it for you without a second thought. I will go ice skating with you even though I can barely stand up. I’ll drive 20 hours round trip just to see you for 2 days. Need help with your homework? I’ll do my best. You’re performing in something? Great when is it. I’ll go to that concert with you even though I have no idea who the band is. I will love you with my whole being. And I will still be the biggest asshole you ever meet.”

Another fic I will never write is about Dinesh and Gilfoyle both being trans men and navigating their relationship/their transness together. They both have a difficult time dealing with society’s expectations of what a man is, and their feelings about “passing” vs being their authentic selves. Includes:

-Dinesh hating binding so he wears oversized shirts and a sports bra instead
-Gilfoyle feeling guilty about enjoying binding, he doesn’t want to admit he relies on an outside source to feel manly
-Both of them having a difficult time figuring out if they want top surgery, dinesh because his chest is small enough that he’s not sure if surgery is worth it, and Gilfoyle because he wants so badly to overcome his chest dysphoria himself without surgical intervention
-Dinesh having a lower voice than he used to because of testosterone but his neutral speaking voice is still kind of high pitched. He can force himself to speak in a lower voice but he doesn’t want to, he just wants to talk the way he does naturally
-Gilfoyle loving his long hair but he feels like he needs to grow out his beard in order to “counteract” it. Sometimes he thinks about shaving his beard, especially when he feels Dinesh’s clean shaven face, but he can’t bring himself to do it
-Dinesh not wanting bottom surgery because the idea freaks him out, Gilfoyle saying he doesn’t want it because it will never be close to the real thing but one of the reasons he wants to become a tech giant is because he wants to afford whatever new experimental surgery might become available, so it’s an option for him should he decide he wants it
-generally Gilfoyle wanting to reject cissexist ideas of what it means to be a man but mostly conforming to them anyway because that’s what makes him feel comfortable, and being jealous of Dinesh for having less dysphoria and less hangups about being non traditionally masculine
-generally Dinesh not conforming to traditional masculinity and not wanting to stretch himself into a masculine caricature, and feeling like Gilfoyle is more of a man than he is because his dysphoria is worse and he’s more concerned than Dinesh is with being a conventional “manly man”
-both of them wondering, “do I want to do [masculine thing] just because I’m trying to pass, or do I really truly want it for myself?”
-basically it would be a bittersweet look at Dinesh and Gilfoyle trying to become/be themselves, and feeling close to each other because they share a lot of the same experiences but going through patches where they aren’t on the same page at all because they don’t understand the other guys thought process/feelings about his masculinity

Send me a number and I'll talk/rant/gush about...
  • 1: A fond, childhood memory
  • 2: A song that means a lot to me
  • 3: My favorite local food place
  • 4: My job/school
  • 5: What I believe in
  • 6: My favorite four-letter word
  • 7: An awesome game I like playing
  • 8: My first fandom
  • 9: The first time I kissed someone
  • 10: My computer
  • 11: The place I live in
  • 12: What I first wanted to be when I grew up
  • 13: My celebrity crush(es)
  • 14: Something I'm looking forward to
  • 15: Something I'm dreading
  • 16: My favorite book
  • 17: A memorable first encounter with a person
  • 18: The last time I'm cried
  • 19: My hero(es)
  • 20: My greatest fears (excluding oblivion because dozens of other nerds who read TFIOS will say that)
  • 21: My sense of humor
  • 22: A date I went on
  • 23: The outfit I'd wear all the time if I was in an anime
  • 24: The best birthday I've ever had
  • 25: A story I'll never get tired of telling
  • 26: My guilty pleasure(s)
  • 27: My music taste in middle school
  • 28: The place I want to go to the most
  • 29: Someone I look up to
  • 30: The weather where I live
  • 31: Something I haven't done in awhile that I used to do
  • 32: What I'd do with a million dollars/my regional equivalent
  • 33: My thoughts on money
  • 34: My history with memes
  • 35: The last thing I ordered on the internet
  • 36: Who I'd be in a fantasy world
  • 37: Roleplaying
  • 38: My favorite type of weather
  • 39: The last time I got out of the house
  • 40: The last time I laughed really hard
  • 41: The last time I spent the night at someone else's place
  • 42: The last movie I watched
  • 43: What I want to know most at the moment
  • 44: Politics
  • 45: Chris Pratt
  • 46: A moment when I had butterflies in my stomach
  • 47: The nicest thing ever said to me that I remember
  • 48: One thing I live for
  • 49: The obligatory crush number where I will be forced to talk vaguely about them or describe my boyfriend/girlfriend/datefriend in a gushy manner
  • 50: I dunno, butts?

cosmicama  asked:

Just wondering, have you heard of the app Year Walk? You do have to pay for it but it's the best horror game I've ever played, honestly. It's based on Swedish folk stories. Pretty chill, if you like that sort of thing. Thought I would share. (Freakin' love your blog btw.)

Oh I’ve not heard of it before, but I probably won’t play it cuz I have a personal policy that I’ll never pay for apps. Tho I did check it out, it does look very very interesting! Love the style of the graphics. Thanks for sending this in!

To anyone keen: 

Game plot (contains spoilers): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_Walk

Link to the trailer on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/269050


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Movie Surprise
  • Dipper: But - !
  • Bill: No.
  • Dipper: Bill, honey, please, for me??? *puppy eyes*
  • Bill: nOOOOO. No, no, no, no and No. *chomps on foodies and continues watching TV*
  • Dipper: *huffs and pouts* ... Please?
  • Bill: ... Dipper, no, it's special...
  • Dipper: But I like surprises... Sometimes. *blushes* Only when they're from you at least.
  • Bill: *sighs and hovers down*
  • Bill: *smushes Dippers cheek and stares at him with one eye*
  • Bill: Promise you won't freak out...?
  • Dipper: Is it good or bad?
  • Bill: I don't know, depends on how you react Pine Tree.
  • Dipper: *contemplates*
  • Dipper: *nods* Alright, I won't have a spaz attack.
  • Bill: *chuckles* Alrighty then!
  • Bill: *snaps fingers*
  • Bill: *cane grows longer*
  • Bill: *thin black arms becoming shapely and tan*
  • Bill: *legs become Legs*
  • Bill: *triangle becomes torso*
  • Bill: *head pops out with an eyepatch*
  • Bill: *dusts himself off before snapping, top hat appearing in his hand.
  • Bill: I know this is a bit fancy, but I -
  • Dipper: *lunges at him*
  • Dipper: *snuggles him full friggin force*
  • Dipper: This is the best surprise ever...
  • Bill: *chuckles and pets his head* Now, I've heard that there's this thing called... "cuddling" in the human world? You meat sacks usually do it on the couch or in bed, right?
  • Dipper: *giggles and drags him over* Why yes, yes we do, now come on, the movie's back on.

daisesx-deactivated20140225  asked:

holy crap luke that drug bust prank is the best thing i've ever seen hahahaha. did you have any idea it was a prank?

We all had an idea and questioned that it was a prank the whole time but we also kept in mind that it could’ve been real because nothing like that has ever happened before and it was set up amazingly, so we did obey their commands, just incase. They even had a lady who was just there to carry around a search warrant. They also had a sniffer dog (which wasn’t really doing it’s job lol). We also thought that no one in their right mind would trespass into private property and go to that extent just for the sake of pranking someone. We genuinely thought that we were set up (meaning someone had framed us) and of course we were scared, anyone would of been scared. I’ve never seen that much drugs in my life, only on T.V. But I did a few things just to sought of ‘test’ them. I purposely reacted violently to see how they would respond to my outburst. I knew it could’ve gone either way, but thankfully, due to my outburst, the agonising terror was over after they took me outside and gently informed me about their ‘little’ prank. Unfortunately for them, the joke was meant to carry much further and we were supposed to be taken to the police station. If it went any further though I think I might have thrown up, and I have a really strong stomach lol.

its-a-comic-relief  asked:

Mr Wheaton, do you have any interest at all in running for political office yourself in the future? I've been following you for years on tumblr and you are a man whose beliefs i would vote for.

I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think I’d ever get elected, because I have no patience for bullshit. At this time in my life, I think I could be more effective on the outside, helping support good people when they run for office, applying pressure via civil rights organizations when they get elected, and doing my best to change things that way.

3:47 am: lucky to
be immersed in a
love that feels as
if i have known it
all along, but before
him, had no idea
how it liked to be

4:57 am: i am 
interrupted by 
reminders that i
am not the only
one who does not
think i am good 
enough to be loved.

5:21 am: i’ve always
been one to fall in
love with soft, kind
things; this is no
different. i still cannot
understand the way
he sees me.

11:46 am: there is a 
reason i do not love 
the people who do 
not think i am good
enough. we would
share the only similarity
that could harden,
dissipate, this staggering
promise, this refusal to
participate in self-

9:57 pm: i love those 
whom i love because they
are not afraid of goodness.
he is the best thing i have
ever known; i will never
know how to stop trying
to be better. 

11:59 pm: do we ever
accept that we deserve
the things we long for?

—  “a day of thoughts in the body of crippling insecurities and fierce love”, Emma Bleker

anonymous asked:

I still remember when I worked at a small tax firm as a tax intern for about 2 months and my boss fired me because "I wasn't getting the hang of things" and "maybe [my boss] didn't train me correctly". It was one of the best jobs I've ever had and I thought I was doing really well because no one said anything bad about my work, but I suddenly got fired. Since then I had trouble finding jobs in the same field and I feel like such a failure

anonymous asked:

If you care about the life of the child so much than why don't I hear more about pro-lifers trying to help children that have actually been born? Instead of harassing women why not do something that actually makes a difference like paying for the supplies you need to care for a child. One thing I've noticed is that after the child is actually born pro-life people don't want anything to do with them.

I have never heard of any prolifers walking away from anyone who is in a crisis pregnancy. There are thousands of centers that help women with housing, food, clothes and also to get back on their own after having the baby or after giving the baby up for adoption. As prolifers, we care about both the mother and child. We want the best for women and abortion is definitely not a good a choice for women. Have you ever thought how an abortion is performed? It is a scary thing. We do not want any women to go through that  terrible degrading procedure. A lot of women had die from it and millions of babies. It is never a good thing when a Life is lost to the evil of abortion. So, as prolifers we try to help women get through a crisis pregnancy. Both lives matters. 

Be at peace!

cometoburnyourkingdomdown  asked:

I absolutely loved all the adorable couple scenes we got for CS yesterday - but I'm really quite annoyed with Regina and it's making me resent the show a little bit. Like, you were going to murder this woman and Emma saved her. then because she saved her and brought her back you were going to murder her, AGAIN. Regina has no right to be acting this way and I don't like that Emma's being so forgiving? basically screw Regina, protect Emma at all costs! (sorry needed to vent)

I totally get the frustration, believe me. I think what Adam said should be taken to heart though. Emma was the bigger person last night. Regina definitely doesn’t deserve it, but Emma has always been BETTER. And I think that really showed in the episode.

Like don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the things Regina is allowed to get away with and I am 500% DONE with her character tbh. But I don’t begrudge Emma for TRYING. I ultimately don’t think it’s going to work out, because I really see Regina’s arc taking a wholly different path come 4B, but I do understand that need to try and get along.

And also, anytime the subject of forgiveness comes up, I’m always reminded of a quote from Buffy, one that Giles said, that always really spoke to me.

“To forgive is an act of compassion, Buffy. It’s-it’s… it’s not done because people deserve it. It’s done because they need it.”

And in the case of Emma and Regina, the fact is that Emma can be bitter and angry (basically, she could let herself be REGINA), but eventually you pick your battles and you decide, for YOURSELF, what kind of person you want to be.

And I think Emma has always wanted to be the best version of herself. She’s got a good heart, and I think she’s spent enough time being angry over things she cannot change.

Do you dwell, like Regina seems to want to do, or do you, pardon me, let it go?

The thing is, from everything we know about upcoming events in the show, I don’t see these two ever sitting around singing campfire songs. But I for one am actually very glad we won’t see Emma stooping to that baser level. I don’t want to see a catfight between the two of them. I don’t want to see them being best friends. I do want them to coexist, and in that, one of them HAS to be the bigger person. And it’s very clearly NOT going to be Regina.

Writing has always been an escape for me. I know that. But I never let myself do it, why? I’m always ‘busy.’ Doing what? I do nothing. I write in my head all the time, but it never reaches paper, it always gets lost somewhere between mind and pen. I think my veins are clogged with words. I miss you.
—  my best friend in a letter to me