or the beef i bought for dinner

For the anon who ask for 2D’s S/O sending him a sexy photo, I accidentally deleted it, so here ya go!

2D gazes longingly at his phone, kicked away into a corner of the room. He taps his foot impatiently, wondering if he can make a dash for it while Murdoc isn’t looking and grab it, just to let you know he’s rehearsing and can’t respond for a while.

He glances at Murdoc, who’s fiddling with the strings on one of his guitars, muttering angrily to himself.
“…piece of shit…cheap pile of junk…never would’a had this problem with El Diablo…”

2D glances at his phone again, watching as the screen lights up and it dings loudly with a message alert. Murdoc growls.
“Turn that shit off!”
2D scowls at him.
“Well I would, but you kicked it away from me,” he responds, and Murdoc gives him a murderous glare.
“Fuckin’ turn it off,”

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The ramen I bought myself for dinner to treat myself and cheer myself up has turned out to be spicy and I feel so betrayed and emotionally exhausted that im currently crying my stress out over a bowl of cheap ass boiled fucking noodles three cheers for adulthood

Hongki: A friend’s friend is working part time at a restaurant that sells meat. She said Seventeen came to the store.

Seventeen: Ah, this. This is kind of daebak.

HongkiTheir bill came out to 1,470,000 KRW (approximately 1240 USD). What did you guys eat?!

MingyuWe had meat that day. It was a company dinner, and we ate a lot. After we finished, we said, ‘How much did the bill come out to be?’ The amount that came out was what you just said - 1,470,000 KRW. We ate Korean beef. Our CEO bought it for us.

Hongki: You guys should have eaten more then! If it was 13 members, two managers, and some staff, it must have been about 20 people.

Seventeen: No, it was less than 20. The staff didn’t come with us. It was two-three managers [and us].

Hongki: I understand because you’re at that age where you eat a lot and grow a lot.

Shinjiro Aragaki Social Link

Female Persona 3 Portable Route.
All dialogue for all options included! 

Starts September the 7th

Shinjiro: …Yeah? You want something?

>  You feel a wall between you and Shinjiro…

>  As the leader, maybe you should be friendlier with him…

>  “Want to go for a bite?”

Shinjiro: … What, with me?
Shinjiro: Okay…
Shinjiro: I don’t know any fancy places, though.

>  You decided to go eat with Shinjiro.

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 *Three kinds of abalones (Soybean paste, Sake lees、soy sauce paste )

I cooked popular Miso Nikomi Udon ( 味噌煮込みうどん ) of Nagoya last night.

I ordered it from Nagoya (山本屋本店).

The taste was authentic and the udon was chewy.

And I grilled beef tongue that I bought at Sendai.

I don’t cook alotta Chinese eats, partly cuz I could never cook Chinese eats as good as my mom, but mostly cuz peeps in my family don’t really like Chinese eats, TBH. Most Chinese dishes are variations on the same mother sauce made from garlic, soy sauce and cooking wine, so the difference really is in the execution.

I dunno what possessed me today, but I had a hankerin’ for beef broccoli, so that’s what I made for dinner tonight. It’s actually pretty easy to make. Here’s how:

  • I bought a crazy-expensive piece of organic ribeye steak at Whole Foods, which I sliced thinly, then marinated the sliced beef for a coupla hours in a mixture of honey, tamari, hoisin sauce, freshly minced garlic, and freshly minced ginger.
  • As my wok was heating up, I added a coupla teaspoons of mochiko rice flour into the marinating beef slices and mixed it up a bit. 
  • In the hot wok, I added some peanut oil and some more freshly minced garlic, then stir fried the beef until it was brown and slightly crispy. Then I added some broccoli (which I steamed in the microwave for a bit), and stir fried everything some more. 
  • Then I added a splash of Chinese cooking wine, then a dollop of oyster sauce to finish it off.
  • Voilà! I served the beef broccoli over white rice. It was pretty good! You should try it!
Picnic on the Island!

I read an article today about how important sleep is, and yet here I am, 1am, starting a blog post. Thirty years old and doing life right. 

Well, truthfully I just got home and my apartment is too hot to sleep, so blog post it is!

I’ve been looking forward to Thursday all week. Why? Oh perhaps because I was meeting three of my friends at the for a sunset picnic on the island! This is actually my third time doing this (umm, romantic?) activity this summer. The first time was with my brother, second time was with my favourite gay friend, and tonight, the third time, was with three fabulous lady friends - to give you an idea of how much action I’m getting this summer! :)

The weather threatened rain, but either way we decided to give our plan a shot, and I’m so pleased we did!  We met at the St. Lawrence market at 5:30pm and it was gloriously empty. We bought buns, cheese, avocado, tomatoes, grapes, and roast beef, which came to a grand total of $4.90 each - not too shabby for a *delicious* dinner. 

We then walked over to the ferry docks to head over to the island. While waiting for the ferry to leave Veronica spotted this monster fish in the water!

Considering I thought nothing could survive in the Toronto harbour - very cool!

The city was hazy. Actually, my photos make it look way nicer than it was. Toronto looked like it was siting in a white cloud. 

But as you know, rain, clouds, or shine, I love me a good view!  For Toronto friends, we took the Center Island ferry, and then did the 35 minute walk over to Ward Island. Thank goodness I wore my chub-rub shorts under my dress, because whoa, there is no way my thighs would have survived otherwise. 

Once we arrived on Ward Island, we put down our blanket, laid out our spread, and… 

ate our delicious dinner! I’ll post a screen shot of my Weight Watchers points below, but I pre-planned this meal as I knew what I’d be eating - I actually put my points into my app this morning!

I was only going to eat half the bun, but it was so fresh and soft, I decided on the whole thing. 

And although there wasn’t a sunset, we watched our view turn from day to night. 

You know how Instagram and blogging and facebook and social media make everything look lovely and awesome? Well, not pictured: 3.2 thousand mosquitos! Big, fat, hungry mosquitoes! It was so awful. 

After we ate we had to quickly wrap everything up, because jeesh, sitting on the grass being a meal wasn’t fun. Luckily these mozzies were slow fliers (umm, because they were so fat from eating people over the summer?) that it was easy to squish them.

While we waited for the ferry to arrived we admired the view. 

I just found this new “reduce noise” feature on the app I use to edit photos (Filter Storm - which I love btw), and I am thoroughly impressed.  All these photos were taken on my iPhone 5 - and the originals are quite grainy, but these look pretty sharp, right? 

I loved the colours reflecting on the water! I always thought people edited them into the photos, but nope, Toronto’s lights really do glow!

The ferry then pulled up, so we hopped aboard and headed back the mainland. 

It’s now (so so sadly) getting dark earlier, so the night was still young (9:30!) so we headed to Amsterdam Brew House for a drink. I actually had pretty bad cramps today, so I opted for a Diet Coke instead of a beer. Oh! And while we were sitting on the patio we saw a weasel run by! It was so odd and weird, but apparently there are lots along the waterfront? Well, at least that’s what the server told us. 

I then headed home, and now here I am, and as I noted above, here’s my WW screen shot.  I went into my extra weekly points, but I’ve been really good so far this week, so I didn’t mind at all. 

One of the most common Weight Watchers questions I get is how do I track random meals. And, well, I suppose I just do my best. I make assumptions and guess, and often settle on something similar to what I’m eating, but not always spot on.  I’m happy with the points as long as I did my best, and added everything. 

Also, see those “Activity Earned” points below? Well the app said I got 10 extra points for yesterday’s run… ummm… no.  I get 29 points a day, so there is just no way that I get 10 extra points for a 5k run. NOPE.  So yea, I don’t plan on using those. 

And on that note, I see this post took me half an hour to write. Blog dedication, y’all, look at me go! 

And now it’s Friday! It’s Friday! And I must sleep, but the lonnnnnnnng weekend is THIS.CLOSE!!!! 

my dad just came into my room wrapped in the justin bieber blanket (they bought it to wrap picture frames during the move), stole a piece of beef off my plate from dinner, and announced “the biebs and i are going to bed”