or the bed

everyone always talks about jesus of suburbia and i would like to take a moment just to talk about homecoming because. i am so thankful that song exists.


Taeyeon x Yuri - a graduation gift for @kwonyuri

Hey there! I know we’re not that close or anything, but I just wanted to say congratulations on graduating top of your class. As a gift, I’m finally revealing who I am per your request 😁 - I mean, it’s almost been an entire year of being anonymous! O_O I’m very proud of you and I’m pretty sure everyone else is too! Sorry I’m not really good with expressing everything with words and that the anonymity is gone now :/ Hope everything goes well in your upcoming years of education, you continue to do well, and hopefully we can be friends! -M Anon  🌹

If anyone wants their heart to be murdered by feels this lovely Thursday, take a listen to ‘Oceans Away’ by Arizona and think of Bellamy up in space thinking of Clarke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Tagging @hawthornewhisperer and @reblogginhood and @craniumhurricane and @apanoplyofsong because I need to share the pain with everyone.

anonymous asked:

Who is your sempai?..

Wow… actually, I have a lot of senpais…. *_*

They’re people I admire and respect a lot, wonderful persons with an incredible art. Some are friends, actually, but they’re still senpais !

Okay, so ~ : 
Kiacii, Xed, Paintingit, Unu, Nini, Milei, Keru the green, heaventale, perfectshadow, sansybones, deusn, pepper-mint, youmna, Nekophy, Azrael, Chronictale, Yuki Akamura, U-kun, Becky, tc-96, yoralim, None, Lyoth, yugo, blackgum, Noko, Rahaf, Alaina, Voidless, ask-glitch-and-squick, Miyako, Neofox, comyet, mooncatyao, wilart, bevsi, yukinko, camila, Joku, Zarla, zandraart, Kitten, Jakei, CQ…. 

And I might forget one or two maybe ? ^^’

They’re the persons motivating me to draw everyday, to be honest ! (with so many, I can’t loose motivation, I guess :’>)