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Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler examines a Tiger tank with SS-Hauptsturmführer Herbert Zimmermann (left), the commander of the 8./SS-Panzer-Regiment 2 of the Das Reich Division, Kharkov area, Ukraine, 24 April 1943. In the hands of the Waffen-SS the Tiger will rule.


I’ve read a lot of comments and reactions regarding our dearest leader’s current condition. I’ve read comments blaming TS ENT for this. Yes, they may be the one behind this and they’re doing it again — forcing to do this and that, but we still don’t know who wants to do these activities (since they’ve signed an agreement before, I think), especially the upcoming comeback. It’s either the company’s choice or the artist itself since we all know that B.A.P is so passionate in their job, especially Yongguk and they really want to make good music for us to enjoy. We don’t know what might happen in 2019, right? So maybe they’re cherishing the moments. However, doing things they may enjoy excessively might still lead to conditions like this. Maybe he ended up with this condition due to tiredness, pressure, and anxiety about their comeback because he wants us to enjoy and be happy about the 2nd full album. That is how much he loves us — BABYs.

These are just my opinions and I’m not sure for some, of course, but it’s been decided. Let’s just respect the decision of TS ENT, B.A.P, and Yongguk and stop the blames because everything is already done and decided. I think he will be worrying more if he read the negative feed backs about the decision. Let’s just wish him a fast recovery, and miracles might always happen. Let’s pray for him and give him more love and support. We are their BABYs, right? Let’s look the other side of the coin. We know how strong our leader is, right? He can get through this with the help of our love, support, and prayers.

Also, let’s not forget to cheer for Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, and Zelo for the successful comeback and promotions!! ^^

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What is your favorite character? :D

i am guessing you mean from RWBY.

Mother fuckin Yang Xiao Long is my fav.

like really, for all the tags with her there are 161 pages worth of Yang. I can make like a whole post why I love her because I pretty much am like Yang but she is my baby and I love her and she needs to be happy again