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Auston Matthews - Part 15

Ya’ll are lucky af that I love you 

I can’t help but peek over my shoulder at Auston as he closes the door behind him. The moonlight glances off his skin, he isn’t wearing a shirt which I think is just a little bit crazy, but I’m also not complaining. I again think that pictures just do not do him enough justice. Auston turns and starts towards the hot tub and before he can see me looking, I quickly turn my attention to my hands under the water. Alex and Breyana giggle beside me and I shoot them both filthy looks.

               Auston jogs to the hot tub, I’m sure regretting his decision to not wear a shirt or rob out. He quickly jumps in, splashing all three of us in the process and getting a splash back from Breyana. I pointedly ignore all of them and focus my attention skyward, only now I can’t focus on a single thing. Stupid fucking boy.

               “Was this your idea, Auston?” I hear Alex ask him.

               “Kinda, I just prodded mom and dad in the right direction. Mitch told me about this place, his family used to come here,” Auston answers and I have never had to fight myself so hard to not look at person.

               “You wanted to come someplace cold?” Breyana asks, without looking at her I know there’s skeptical look on her face. “I hardly believe that, something must have gotten your attention up here.”

               Auston is silent for a moment, all I can hear is the jets of the tub.

               “A new point of view,” he finally says. My eyes snap to his, my mind instantly going to last night when I sang that stupid song in front of him. I open my mouth to say something but I can’t think of a single thing to say, so I just smile and look down at my hands again. I can feel Breyana and Alex staring at me, but I ignore them as usual.

               “Is that a bruise on your shoulder?” Alex asks and I hear Auston hiss in pain and look up in time to see Auston swatting at Alex’s finger as she pulls it back.

               We sit in the hot tub for another half hour before Breyana decides to go to bed, I consider following her but I refuse to get out of the tub in my bathing suit in front of Auston. Breyana climbs out of the tub and exchanged a look with Alex before saying goodnight to Auston and I.

               I get a bad feeling in my stomach as I look at Alex, her eyes darting between me and Auston as she keeps up her conversation with Auston. Sure enough, less than ten minutes later Alex yawns and my stomach plummets. She wouldn’t dare.

               Alex meets my gaze and I shake my head at her, my eyes pleading. She just looks back at me, a stupid grin tugging at her mouth.

               “Don’t,” I mouth at her, still too stubborn to follow her out of the water.

               “I think I’m going to head to bed now too,” Alex says, exaggerating another yawn and stretch before clambering out of the tub. I make a small noise and refuse to look at Auston, silently urging him to go inside as well.

               “Night Auston, Y/N,” Alex says, a funny tone to her voice. She gives me one more look before turning and walking towards the house.

               I suck in a deep breath and press my lips together, suddenly incredibly shy. I pull my legs up against my chest and in desperation to look anywhere but at Auston, I look skyward again, only seeing blurry spots above me.

               “Not gonna talk to me?” Auston breaks the silence and I cringe.

               “I’m not ignoring you,” I murmur, my eyes still up.

               “I didn’t say you were ignoring me, it’s just you haven’t said two words to me since we got here,” Auston counters and moves his hands through the water in front of him. I can feel the rush of water and am reminded how close I am sitting to him, half naked and incredibly awkward.

               “Not used to a girl not throwing herself at you?” I respond without thinking.

               Auston is silent a moment before answering.

               “Actually, not really to be honest. But who says I want you to throw yourself at me?”

               I finally look at him, a skeptical look on my face and he chuckles.

               “Alright, I’ll give you that one,” he admonishes, not even a little embarrassed while I turn scarlet.

               I can feel his eyes on me and I shift under his gaze.

               “Looking for something?” I snap at him, pulling my knees even tighter to me, my only line of defense.

               Auston just laughs and tilts his head back, I try to ignore his now exposed neck but find it impossible.

               “So, sit in silence until you decide to go to bed?” He asks and I scowl at him.

               “Or you can go to bed,” I mutter, he looks back down and I quickly move my eyes to the water at my feet again.

               “Silence it is then,” he says and stretches his legs out in front of him, putting them directly in front of me and moves his hands behind his head. His eyes are closed and I take the opportunity to openly examine him.

               There’s a small cut on his chin from a few games back, along with a small bruise around it. I notice a couple more bruises around his collar bone and the one on his shoulder that Alex poked, I smile at the recent memory of it. Resting my chin on my knees, my eyes move to his arms, still behind his head. I have yet to see a single hair on this boy besides on his face. My eyes slowly move up his arms and back to his face and sigh with relief that his eyes are still closed and I didn’t get caught staring.

               “Looking for something?” Auston says, throwing my words back in my face and I scowl.

               “Excuse me?”

               “I can feel you staring at me.”

               “I am not!”

               “You’re getting awfully defensive,” he replies, his eyes still closed.

               “You’re being ridiculous,” I mutter, thoroughly embarrassed.

               “You can keep looking, I don’t mind,” he adds and I consider splashing him.

               “Shut up,” I reply and a grin breaks across his face.

               I try to find something else to get my attention and my eyes fall onto the controls over where Alex had been sitting. I stretch my legs back out, careful to avoid Auston’s and move silently through the water, switching seats. I lean over the controls and read the options. I can feel Auston watching me but he doesn’t say anything.

               I press various buttons, making the jets more powerful and less, adjusting the temperature and the colors of the lights. There’s one more button near the jets that I haven’t done anything with and when I flip it on Auston grunts and moves slightly in his seat. I glance at him and raise my eye brows as his hands leave behind his head and go down into the water near his shorts.

               “Little warning would have been nice,” he grunts at me and my hand flies to my mouth when I realize what happened to shield my giggle. Auston sees anyway and narrows his eyes at me before laughing as well.

               “Least I know where to go if I get lonely tomorrow,” he mutters and I blush furiously, choosing to ignore him.

               I stare at him a moment as he relaxes back into his seat, now that I turned the switch off again.

               “Are you sore after games?” I ask, genuine curiosity getting the better of me as my eyes stray to his bruises again. He isn’t the only hockey player I know, I was my dad’s helper from the time I could walk, so I know a lot of players around the league, young and old. However, I never actually talk hockey with any of them, or ask them questions.

               Auston doesn’t seem to mind and his eyes fly open again. He glances at the bruise Alex poked and shrugs.

               “Sometimes, tonight I am a little but it was a rough game. Not too sore for other activities,” he adds, an alluring tone in his voice and I can’t refrain this time, my dignity is at stake, so I splash him. He blinks at me several times, wiping at his face.

               “Did you just splash me?” He asks, narrowing his eyes at me and I feel everything below my belly clench again.

               “Don’t think so, jet must have got ya,” I reply, refusing to let his stare get to me.

               He shifts forward in his seat, his eyes impossibly dark as he stares at me and his knee grazes my foot which is resting on the seat beside him. He glances down in the water at my leg and doesn’t shy away from sliding his eyes all the way up my leg, torso and back to my face.

               I gulp and shift in my seat, regretting my childish act already.

               “Are you sure it wasn’t you?” He asks again and I shake my head.

               “Nope, not a chance,” I say and put on a bored look, though I am very much the opposite of bored. “You know, I think I might go to bed.”

               “Go right ahead,” Auston gestures his hand towards the house. “By all means,” he adds, his eye flashing down to near my belly again and I curse myself. Talk about backfire.

               I hold his gaze for a moment then can’t actually hold a real yawn back, it has to be after two in the morning.

               “I really do want to go to bed,” I admit. “Alone!” I add, seeing his smirk.

               “Like I said, by all means,” he says again and I scowl.

               I reach for my towel and make to stand up but hesitate.

               “Turn around,” I demand.

               “You naked?”


               “Then why do I have to look away?”

               “Because you’re a pervert.”

               Auston laughs with his reply. “Am I really a pervert if you like it?”

               “I don’t like it!”

               “Like what?”

               “Like you!”

               “Are you sure?”

               “Yes! Stop asking questions!” I start to get flustered, my cheeks heated and I want to kiss the smirk off his face.

               “Then go to bed and I’ll stop asking you questions,” he says simply, putting his hands behind his head again.

               I huff at him and gather every ounce of confidence I possibly can before putting my hands on either side of me and raising myself out of the water. I want to hurry as fast as I possibly can but also don’t want to fall on my face. Thankfully, my legs are long and I easily climb out of the tub, surprised at my own gracefulness. I snatch my towel and wrap it around my shoulders, leaving my legs bare because, well they’re just legs.

               I turn back to face him and his smirk is gone, he’s staring at me with dark eyes again and I quickly take a few steps back.

               “Goodnight, Auston,” I say gently, and because I’m not out of the tub and he’s still in it, I let my eyes travel the length of his body with exaggerated slowness. He sucks in a breath and I quickly turn away, walk to the slider and slip inside. It isn’t until I get upstairs and out of his sight that I let my face break into a beaming smile, the adrenaline still pumping through my body.

               I slip into my room and into my pajamas, when I move to the door to flip off the light switch I hear someone coming up the stairs. I pause and listen to Auston walk past my door and wait until I hear his door shut as well, just a few feet from mine. What am I doing?

               I shake my head and flip off the light, laying down in my bed, I hope that sleep will take me soon. But the longer I lay there, the less I feel like sleeping and the more I think about my meeting. I can feel my heart start to beat faster and I feel none of the pleasure of adrenaline that I felt when climbing out of the tub. What am I going to do? I ask myself over and over again.

               I lay there for another half hour, my phone screen tells me so, and still no sleep comes. My heart is still beating too fast and I can feel my blood pressure rising. Stop freaking yourself out, Y/N. You have several days to make your decision. I keep telling myself, chanting it like it’s my lifeline.

Before I realize it, there’s tears streaming down my face and soon there’s full blown sobs. I roll over onto my stomach and shove my face in a pillow, very aware of the fact that Auston is sleeping on just the other side of the wall.

               The sobs are uncontrollable, but it feels so good to cry, like I just turned the tea kettle and the steam is slowly letting itself out. However, while it starts out feeling good, I can’t seem to stop and soon a miserable feeling takes place of the relief. The sobs are painful and I know the pillow is doing little to muffle me.

               After a few more minutes I think I hear a soft tapping on wood, though I can’t tell when it comes from. I compose myself for a moment and look around my room before hearing the tap again. I realize it’s coming from right by my head, from on the other side of the wall. I sniffle and reach out, very softly tapping back. There is a moment of silence and I hear a pattern of taps again. I mimic the pattern back and wait for the next one.

               This goes on just a little while longer and I feel my heart rate going back down and my body relaxes, the sleepy feeling I had before finally coming back. The taps get slower and my reply taps get even slower. Finally, he knocks three incredibly slow times and I try to raise my wrist to tap back, but my eyes shut before I even twitch a finger. 

These days I was watching “Trolls” clips and pictures, when suddenly I noticed something strange, a bit unsual about a character. What? About who? Well, I’ll show you right now, and I hope I caught it right. 

I started to look closely to the Trolls’ teeth, almost involuntarily. Yeah, pretty strange and odd you might think, but let me explain. XD Their teeth, just like their ears (Branch is an exception) or fluffy bodies, were rounded: no canines or fangs whatsoever, just round, inoffensive teeth. 

Harper, for example: cool character, heterochromia, of course, but normal and rounded teeth.

And what about Cooper? I see rounded and crooked teeth. Nothing too strange here.

Guy Diamond? Rounded teeth, like the others.

Biggie? Rounded teeth, again.

In conclusion, all the members of the Snack Pack (I left out some of them, but they all have rounded teeth, you can check ther images), and even Poppy, had rounded teeth.

And ok, all this cute and colorful Trolls are perfectly normal. 

But… am I crazy or wrong if I actually say that Branch has canines? XD Watching the movie again and again, I noticed this little particular about him: his teeth seemed sharper, in my opinion, like little “fangs” or more accurately, canines.

I really don’t know if I’m right, maybe it’s just an optical illusion and the perspective/framing fooled me, but think about it: Branch has pointy and moving ears, very sensitive to sounds or danger and, according to these pictures I took, he seems to have little canines. I can’t say that he “evolved” and became like this because of his hard and tough life (or maybe he needed to lacerate food, like fibrous meat or plants with his teeth? Idk, that doesn’t sound right to me. :/), living as a survivalist in the wild woods, because that would be scientifically wrong (I mean, a human wouldn’t change his/her body and grow teeth, claws or bigger ears in that kind of situation, that would take generations and generations of evolution). But Dreamworks, really… the more I look at Branch, the more he doesn’t seem a Rainbow Troll (as they confirmed in the movie and on the toys’ boxes) to me. XD

I think Branch could have been a little more “interesting” (no hate with this words, I love that little, hysterical and crazy-prepared dork the way he is) if he was a different type/species of Troll. So, what do you think? 

Chihuahua Problems:
  • Rob and I: *cuddle*
  • Trixie: hello humans. I see you're getting close. I'd like to be close as well. Yes I know I just hid under the table for an hour, hoarding that pizza crust you gave me and growling at you, generally being anti-social, but now I suddenly wish to be a part of this nice little family unit we have going on here. Mom, dad and pooch. Don't mind me, I'll just squeeze in riiiiiight between you- HEY! Hey dad, I see you trying to hold mom's hand! Don't you see me right here needing all of your attention! I have ears that need to be scratched you know. Cute, floppy little ears! NO! DO NOT PUSH ME OFF THE COUCH! YOU CAN KEEP TRYING BUT I'LL JUST KEEP JUMPING BACK UP UNTIL YOU GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR LOVE! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO BE AFFECTIONATE WITHOUT ME!
V is for Visual Impairment (22/26)

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Fic 22 of 26 in the CMO’s Log – A to Z series.  Click here for a listing of all the fics in this series!  V is for Visual Impairment.
Word Count: 4597.
vision loss, anxiety, surgical procedures.
Rating:  Teen+.
Author’s Note: Requested by my cinnamon roll @fandomheadrush – this fic got away from me.  I just started writing and couldn’t stop.  A lot of it is written from personal experience (word to the wise: don’t ever detach a retina if you can help it, it really effing blows), and I’ve left the procedure very much the same as the way it’s performed today just because from what little I know about physics and lasers, even 200 years from now we’re not going to have the kind of technology required to close a large retinal tear without invasive surgery.

CMO’s Log – A to Z – V is for Visual Impairment

Your head is still reeling as you swing your legs over the edge of the bio bed you’ve been lying on for the better part of the afternoon and your ears are still ringing.  You’d been involved in an explosion on an away mission, and while you’d been armored well enough that you’d avoided shrapnel injuries, you’d been close enough to the epicenter of the blast that you’d been knocked on your face by the shockwave that followed the detonation.

As soon as you’d been beamed back up onto the ship, you’d been rushed to medical with the rest of the team and thoroughly checked over.  After looking over your scans and monitoring your condition for a while, Dr. McCoy had finally pronounced you fit to leave medical, and you’d jumped at the chance.

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Requested by anonymous

“Oi [Y/N]”.
You looked up from your homework and smiled at George. You had become rather close to the Gryffindor over the past little while and you couldn’t lie. You liked being around him.

“Oh hi”.
You looked over at Fred who was standing behind his brother. You gave the other twin a shy wave. He just looked away from you

“I’ll see you later George” Fred said gruffly. With that he walked away making you frown.

“He can’t stand me”.

“He just doesn’t know you like I do” George said rubbing his neck with his hand.

You sighed picking up your things “it’s because I’m a Slytherin. I get it. Maybe George… it would just be better if we stopped talking”.

Before you could leave however George grabbed your arm “you don’t mean that”.
He was right. That was the last thing you wanted. If you were being honestly you had started to fall hard for the ginger but what were you kidding. A Gryffindor and a Slytherin? It just wouldn’t happen.

“I care about you a lot” George admitted lightly squeezing your arm “no one can change that understand? [Y/N] I love you”.

I think of you being all used up, 
emptied into the mouth of your job, 
your family, your books… and all I want 
is to have my little sip, my little swallow… 
all I want is to lay you down and 
carve out a little ivory piece of you
from the whole tusk… to be just mine… 

It won’t hurt much, letting me cut 
my private portion from your soul… 
but it will hurt a little… a little bit forever…
and a little bit more each time I hold you, 
my part of you, close against my skin.


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Top 10 most fuckable girls and guys


  1. Natasha can put her thighs around my neck any day of the week if you know what I mean.
  2. Diana already owns a lasso, so…
  3. Elektra could kill me and I’d probably thank her.
  4. Wanda’s got that ‘crazy but hot’ thing going on.
  5. Felicia’s into cats, right? I wouldn’t mind cleaning her with my tongue.
  6. Selina, see above.
  7. Claire Temple gets points for being literally the only sane person in this city and looking good doing it.
  8. Jessica Drew can climb me like a tree.
  9. Jessica Jones. I mean, definitely don’t get too close to that train wreck, but if you’re just looking for sex she’s probably okay.
  10. Harley’s probably as big a freak in bed as she is everywhere else.


  1. Jason has some serious daddy issues, but I bet it translates into pretty decent sex.
  2. Steve makes me feel all kinds of patriotic.
  3. Zach seems a little desperate, but I’m sure he’s eager to please.
  4. Clint never misses his mark.
  5. Barney because have you seen those arms?
  6. Barry. Can you imagine fucking someone who can vibrate?
  7. Pietro, see above. Speedsters, man. All kinds of handy.
  8. Oliver. I’m sure he had a lot of time to learn some new tricks on that island.
  9. Dick. His name is literally Dick. If he’s not good in bed, something’s gotta be wrong.
  10. Miles. Those spider-powers gotta be good for more than just climbing buildings.

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Sorry if I'm spamming your inbox I've never been so into a crossover before this one. I'm picturing when Victor introduces Yuuri to Lev and Alisa for the first time. The thing is Yuuri has somehow not seen pictures of them yet but from how Victor talks about them he's expecting a couple of little kids and nervously wonders "how do you talk to kids, will they like me?" Cue this 6'4 boy and 5'10 girl showing up like "Uncle Victor is this your boyfriend? He's shorter up close! He's adorable too!"

(2/2) OMGGGGG HONESTLY THO, IF YOU DEscribe lev’s personality to someone they’d literally think it was a child lol Yuuri’s probably like I can’t wait to see the little cuties and then he opens the door and this big ass 6 foot guy comes out jumping around yelling hi 

thank you for your msgs, they are great!! 

This is literally the only picture I have of myself (new phone sorry) BUT HEYO IM ADRIAN AND WOULD LOVE TO MEET SOME NEW PEOPLE. I high key need new friends. I would prefer if you were in close time zones to me it’s currently 8:41 pm for me i live in California. I guess a little info about me (this will just be a ramble) I absolutely love indie, alternative rock, classic rock, 80’s music, and rap. I love photography and studying on drug trafficking and drug wars. I shall be turning 18 in February. I’m fun and outgoing BUT IM REALLY SHY AND AWKWARD AT FIRST SORRY. Uhmmmm what else. I love the rain too it’s relaxing for me. I love any art that appeals to my eyes. If I like it I like it ya know. I’m really not sure what else to put on here other than this being my 3rd time posting? I can’t remember.
You can message me through tumblr or kik me @whycantichoose please send a picture of yourself first so I know who I’m speaking with :) I look forward to chatting with you and whatnot

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Prompt request: Daryl falls for a girl who he feels is too good for him due to his "redneck" background vs her sweet nature. Little does he know, she adores him.

You smiled up at Daryl as he walked beside you, he grumbled a little as you moved into a skip, you looked forward “Wanna go to the library with me Daryl” you asked he gave a small nod as you lead him towards the building that housed Alexandria’s library.

Daryl followed closely behind y/n as she lead on as he had an internal battle in his mind, he really liked this girl she was a sweet heart and didn’t seem to care or judge him on his roots but on the other hand some one like him never got a girl as sweet and beautiful as Y/N he didn’t deserve some one like her.

The library was empty when you and Daryl entered it you grinned up at him before leading him over to a dusty lounge before you wandered off to find a book to read, you moved straight for the Grimm fairy tales that you had found last time and moved back to sit with Daryl. You leaned on his shoulder as you both read the books you had chosen, you smiled up at him as he read the adorable concentrated look on his face making you almost giggle, before moving back to your book.

You spent most of your time with Daryl, you had always been  a loner anyway and you and Daryl had just managed to click, Daryl and you seemed at ease in each other’s silence and you had slowly fell in love with him, you felt lost if you didn’t see him during the day and all your little moments made you feel complete, You had not told Daryl how you felt but you wanted to tell him.

After a couple  of hours of reading you put your book down sitting up you  found Daryl looking at you “I need to tell you something” he murmured you nodded letting him continue  "I really like you Y/N, you light up my life like no one else has but I no you most likely don’t feel the same so if you don’t want to hang out any more that’s cool “ you startled eyes widening before shaking you head “Daryl I adore you, your the only person I have let myself become close to I really like you as well, I might even love you” you stopped watching as his eyes grow wide “Really?” he questioned you nodded silently as he moved forward bringing you into a hug before drawing back and moving hesitantly forward to press a kiss to your lips.

The Perfect Day - Ben Mendelsohn/Reader (One-Shot)

Uhhh… so… this is my first attempt at writing a fic like this, I’ve been writing fanfiction for like half my life but I have never attempted anything close to it until now… and umm… it’s basically just Established Relationship MendelFluff? I have to say though, I couldn’t have done this without the help of @spacecapes who has been my constant cheerleader throughout all of this, listening to my rambling and hyper caps messages!!! to @theblackwook who gave me the inspiration for this idea, my darling little sister, you’re the bestest!!! and to ALL of my Mendo Fans, this one is for you!!! ^^

Summary: Reader is sick at home on a rainy day, but is soon surprised by her Boyfriend with dinner and a movie!

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9392432

Dull. Gloomy. Miserable. Those are just some of the words you think of while staring out the window as the rain continues its endless downpour; normally this would be the weather that gets you happy and cheerful, a romantic feeling of watching the rain while sitting by the window with a cup of hot cocoa, a good book and a warm blanket to complete the mood. Today however, the sky looks bleak and depressing to you. Part of the reason you feel that way is because of the ridiculous cold you’ve been dealing with for almost five days now - the fever thankfully seems to have broken in the morning - not to mention the dry and irritating sore throat has you even more grumpy because of course you can’t have a cold without a cough. The other part however… has more to do with loneliness… it’s been three days since he had come to see you.

Of course you know that if he could, he would have never left your side at all, but you had insisted that he keep his appointments, promising him that you would be fine until he was free to come visit. And besides, the two of you still had plenty of opportunities to text message each other. Being the girlfriend of an actor meant that there were a lot of compromises to be made in the relationship and you understood all of that. Except on days when you were stuck home alone and sick.

“Girlfriend.” You say the word out loud while flicking through your phone.

It is a strange word to say to describe what you are to someone else. Your relationship has never needed labels and names but still, this is after all, the first serious relationship you are in and the way it sounds to your ears is pleasant. And yes, even the thought of your boyfriend is enough to get you blushing; the two of you have been together for several months now and have fallen into a comfortable routine, but there is that young love feel too.

“To call or not to call is the question?” One finger hovers over the contact selected on your phone - Ben Mendelsohn - for a minute, you are tempted to call him, but a quick glance at the clock reminds you that he’s still busy at his photoshoot. “Maybe later.” You resign yourself to send a quick text message instead.

Hey! Hope the shoot is going well.

I’m feeling much better today so don’t worry.

Talk soon.


That is the last thing you remember before suddenly being woken up to the sound of your doorbell ringing. There is no time to check how long you’ve been sleeping for, but judging from the pitch black darkness you glimpse outside the window as you untangle yourself from the blanket on the sofa, you realize it must have been a few hours.

“Coming!” Your voice has improved enough to get the damn bell to stop ringing.

Grumbling under your breath, you walk over to the door and unlock it, wondering who could be at your apartment at this hour. When it is opened though and you see who is standing there, you can’t help but gasp a little.

“Ben! What are you doing here?” Eyes wide in surprise, you stare at your boyfriend who appears to be completely drenched from head to toe. “You’re soaking wet! Is it still raining? What happened?”

“Hey Y/N.” Ben says with a grin as he holds up a bag, “I brought dinner. And forgot my umbrella.” He adds sheepishly.

That doesn’t surprise you, but it also doesn’t stop you from pulling him inside the apartment and locking the door. Without saying another word, you take the food from his hands and place it down on the counter, after which you take him to your bedroom and present him with a towel and a fresh set of clothes.

“Change. I don’t want you falling sick too.” You tell him sternly, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Whatever you say darling,” Ben replies as he starts to dry his wet hair ruffling it up, “But hey, if I did fall sick then you’d take care of me, wouldn’t you?” He enjoys teasing you every now and then, it’s his way of making up after being apart from you.

“Yes, I would. But that’s not the point. How did you manage to forget your umbrella when you were the one who messaged me this morning to remind me about the storm?” Ideally you would have left him to change, but seeing as how he had closed the bedroom door while you were still inside, it was better to make sure he got out of those wet clothes as fast as possible.

“Well… the photoshoot ran longer than I expected and we managed to get it half completed, the outdoor schedule got pushed to next week ‘cause of the weather. I must’ve left the umbrella in the studio, but by the time I realized that, I was already a block away from here so I just ran over.” The jacket he wore was folded in the laundry basket, but you could see that his blue shirt underneath was completely wet as well.

A minute later however, he had removed the shirt and was wiping the water off his chest with the towel, seemingly oblivious to your stare as you watched him quietly, forgetting to continue your lecture, or what it was even about.

“See something you like?” His teasing voice breaks you out of your reverie and the blush returns to your cheeks.

It’s been many months since you and Ben started dating, but being the gentleman that he is, the two of you are taking things slow… and even though you have seen him without his shirt before… it doesn’t change the fact that your heart gets a little erratic seeing him standing in nothing but black pants. That are also wet. Maybe you should give him some privacy after all.

“I… I should get dinner ready.” You change the topic quickly, turning to leave before he can stop you.

“I’ll be out in a minute darling.” He says, chuckling as he slips on the sweatshirt, one of his own, that he’s left in your drawer.

In the kitchen, you busy yourself with unpacking the food - Chinese - from your favorite restaurant, complete with hot soup that should do wonders for your throat. All the while, you try not to think about Ben and his shirtless look that had you practically ogling, but when you reach the bottom of the bag and discover a second smaller bag inside, your curiosity gets the better of you. There’s not just one or even two but a lot of DVD’s.

“Surprise.” Ben’s voice startles you momentarily; he’s changed and dry now, as he comes up behind you and slips his arms around your waist. “I thought that since we missed our last date because of filming and because you’ve been recovering from this cold, we could have a night in.” He rests his chin on your shoulder and pulls you closer to him, distracting you from setting the table.

“Chinese food and my favorite movies. Sounds like the perfect date to me.” You say with a smile, but the sniffle of your nose reminds you that the dreadful cold isn’t quite gone yet. “If you stick to me all night long, then you’re definitely going to catch my cold.”

“I don’t mind. Do you know how long these past few days have been for me Y/N? I should have just stayed here…” There probably was more to that sentence, more that Ben wanted to say to you, but instead of letting him finish, you turn around and put a finger to his lips, interrupting him.

“I told you that I was going to be okay, didn’t I?” You reassure him, “And I am. You weren’t going to cancel all of your appearances just because I was a little under the weather now were you?”

“Maybe. I was thinking about it, but then you convinced me otherwise and you were right to do so.” Ben replies and comes even closer to you as he gently kisses your nose. “Next time I won’t worry so much.”

“Good. Now if you don’t mind, I’m starving… I had a light lunch and apparently fell asleep for the whole day.” Though the urge to just fall into his arms is very strong, you manage to get away from his hold long enough to heat the food.

A quarter of an hour later finds the two of you sitting down together, eating dinner as Ben tells you all about his day; the press conference in the morning followed by a round of interviews that led into the photoshoot and how the storm outside had caused them to cancel the rest of the shoot which would have otherwise gone on until midnight at the least. Once he was done however, he turned the talk to you. And even though there wasn’t much to tell, you mention to him that your writing is making progress and after lunch you were relaxing with a cup of tea before dozing off for a nap.

“I think I should finish the dishes before we start movie night.” You tell Ben once dinner is over.

We’ll finish the dishes. You wash, I’ll dry and that way there’ll be plenty of time to see at least two movies.” He is up and in the kitchen waiting for you before you can say anything to him.

“You’ve just spent the whole day working, I’ll deal with the dishes.” You try to tell him that it’s not a problem to clean up on your own but he’s having none of it.

“This is my way of relaxing after a long day of work darling, coming here, having dinner, doing the dishes and then watching a movie together.” Ben doesn’t need to mention that you’re still recovering because he knows that won’t stop you from keeping everything neat and clean.

“Okay, okay… I’ll wash, you dry.” There is no point in arguing with him, he always wins, and it is nice to have someone helping out.

Before he gets started however, Ben has the perfect idea to speed things up. He grabs a remote from the kitchen counter and turns on the MP3 player. A little music and a helpful hand does make the cleaning up go faster. Once you have finished and Ben gives you your medication for the night, the two of you settle down on the sofa with a pair of blankets with the DVD’s all laid out on the coffee table.

“These got left behind at my place last week when you came over,” Ben has his hands laced together under his chin as he speaks.

“Well we have been trying to see these back to back for a while now.” You tell him, leaning against his arm, your legs tucked under you.

“Hmm… so… Y/N what do we start with?” He muses out loud.

There are eight movies to choose from. All of them are from your collection, the Star Wars movies. From Episode I to VII. And even though you and Ben both know that the obvious choice is to start with ‘A New Hope,’ you can’t help but wonder if he really is up for watching one of his own movies. For as long as you’ve known Ben, he doesn’t seem to really like seeing himself on-screen and yet, the Rogue One dvd is laid out too.

“Oh, I don’t know…” You decide to check if he is up for it, “I can’t really choose a favorite. ‘Empire’ is my number one but…” Your voice has that playful tone to it as you pick up Rogue One in your hands.

“But…?” Ben is watching you, a smirk on his lips as he plays along.

“3.5 is probably my second favorite. There was just… something… special about it.” This is the first chance in a long while that you’ve been able to tell him just how much this movie means to you.

“Oh? Really? And why is that?” He doesn’t take his eyes off you, but there is no time to falter and you keep the game going.

“The characters of course!” You exclaim happily, “All of them are my favorite, I can’t just pick one. Jyn, Cassian, Baze, Chirrut, Bodhi, Galen… even K2-SO.” And it is true, the movie had made you love all of the characters, and more.

“What about the villains?” Ben quietly asks you, “I think there were one or two of them.”

“Oh. Yes. Darth Vader.” You say while nodding in agreement,  “He’s always been a favorite and he was amazing in this movie too.” There is a hint of laughter that you manage to keep under control for now.

“You know there were other villains too.” He says as a way of reminding you.

“Tarkin! How could I forget!” You’re completely involved in this discussion and hopefully this is one time where you might actually win against him.

“And?” Ben isn’t about to give up just yet; he knows that you have the DVD in hand but you’re purposely not looking at it.

“And… the Deathtroopers. Very nicely done. I liked their look.” Of course you can’t forget to mention that.

“I’m sure there was one more villain in the movie.” He fixes your gaze with a stare that makes you forget what you’re supposed to be saying for a minute. Or maybe two.

“Was there? I can’t remember. I don’t think there was… unless…” You blink and turn away for a second, making it seem like he’s winning.

“Unless what, darling?” He sounds curious now, wondering if you’re about to give in.

“Oh. No. No, Kylo Ren is in Episode VII…” You suddenly say, biting your lip to stop the laughter that’s building up inside you, “But… there may be someone else in Rogue One that I forgot to mention.” You add as an afterthought.

“And who would that be?” The look on his face is priceless and you almost feel sorry for dragging this out as long as you have but you can’t deny the excitement either.

“Saw Gerrera!” You say proudly, making it seem like you had forgotten about him completely instead of selectively omitting him out of the initial list.

“He isn’t a villain.” Ben says to you pointedly.

“No. Probably not. I guess that’s all there is.” And with that, you cross your arms and think this is it.

But if there’s one thing you know about Ben, it’s that he is very patient and will let this play out until he gets you to admit what you’re trying your best not to. For as long as you can anyway.

“You’re forgetting a certain… dressed in white… caped… Director…” Ben reminds you, spelling it out in all but name.

“Hmm… no. It doesn’t ring a bell. White? With a cape?” You frown for a moment and make a show of thinking deeply.

“That’s not what you said the last time we talked about the movie. Would you like me to remind you what it is you said Y/N?” He’s closer now, much more closer than he had been when the discussion had started and this time you can’t tear your gaze away from his so easily.

If there was any indication of Ben’s next move, you were too distracted by those blue eyes of his to notice. Even when his hands had slid down to your waist… as he began to tickle you.

“Ah! Oh! Ben! Don't… No! Stop!” Tickling was your biggest weakness and he knew it all too well.

His fingers were soft and quick as he brushed against your skin, you couldn’t stop squirming and giggling, trying to get him to stop… but not pushing his hands away either.

“Say it.” His voice was firm but he didn’t stop grinning as he tickled your waist.

“Okay! Okay! Fine! I’ll say it!” You gasp in between each word, knowing that this is where you give in to him.

“I’m waiting.”

“Orson Krennic is my favorite and I love him the most.”

In an instant, the tickles stopped and you are able to catch your breath, while still laying down against the pillows. One hand covers your face as you hide the blush in your cheeks and steadying your breathing, but it doesn’t stop you from peeking at his face and seeing his smirk.

“Your words, not mine.” He says to you, and he is right about that. You had said as much, word for word the first time you had told him about loving his role as Krennic and how much you loved the character.

“Yes well… I can’t help it if he happens to be a sexier version than most of his counterparts.” There is one last card up your sleeve for you to play.

And this time, your words cause him to blush, just a little, but it’s there and you can see it in his cheeks; in the midst of those freckles and those blue eyes that take your breath away every time you look into them. He isn’t good with compliments but he doesn’t mind it when you compliment him, even if it makes him blush… most of the time.

“Sexier than most? Is that so?” Still, Ben does know how to turn the tables back on you, as he leans down, closing the distance between you and him.

“I mean… I just… I think that if you’re asking me to compare… Krennic is on the list along with Danny and Gerry.” You change the answer a little but are completely honest about it. That was a trick question and you know it and you know that he knows it too.

“That was a nice save.” He whispers and is about to kiss you when you stop him with a finger on his lips again.

“Cold. Remember?” It is annoying to you as well but he doesn’t say anything else on the matter and instead places a gentle kiss on your forehead before pulling you up.

At that very moment, your cold decides to intervene in the moment and you sneeze. Thankfully, the tissue box is nearby while Ben immediately grabs the blanket and wraps it around your shoulders. Once he makes sure that you’re warm and settled in comfortably, he sets up the DVD player and the two of you soon begin to watch ‘A New Hope.’ For the next hour or so, both you and Ben keep the commentary going as you watch the movie for the first time together. Somewhere in the midst of this, you realize that, in spite of everything, whether it’s the rain booming and thundering outside or you being sick, having Ben by your side, his arm draped around you while occasionally stealing glances at each other, this has turned out to be the perfect day. And you wouldn’t change anything for it.

amélie is turning eighteen in three weeks holy mary mother of god!!!!!!!!

so, as evidenced by the title, your friendly neighborhood blogger is turning eighteen in three weeks. i am also dangerously close to 200 followers on this blog, so i have decided to do a joint giveaway and follower appreciation, not just for this little multimuse nightmare, but for my clea strange, over at @shadowsurrounded. I just want to say how thankful I am to all of you wonderful people. thank you for following me, thank you for liking the starter calls, thank you for sending the memes, thank you for indulging in my ooc ramblings, thank you for being the awesome people you are. a writer is nothing without readers to appreciate the work, and you guys have done more than your fair share in being absolutely flawless and wonderful. therefore, beginning now and ending at the start of february 9th, 2017, three lucky ducklings will be receiving 20-30 icons of the face claim of their choice, in the style you have seen me use ( provided, of course, that there are enough online screencaps available ). the rules, as always, are quite simple:

  • please be following me to participate
  • it’s fine if you follow me because you saw this post, just don’t unfollow immediately afterwards
  • as mentioned, this will last only up until 
  • i will message winners, but if i do not receive a reply back within twenty four hours, i will pick someone else
  • both likes and reblogs count, though i ask you to reblog this only once

and now, under the cut are some people i wanna single out for special appreciation, some peeps i’ve interacted with or chatted with, people i’ve clicked with here or on other blogs, or even just people i especially admire. but, fear not, if you follow me just know that i love you dearly and appreciate you very much

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tiniest-ven  asked:

I love your WIP of converting and making the toddler hair a little longer! It's the first time I've seen a TS4 that is really close to my own, so it makes me excited for its future release.

That’s really cool I’m glad you like it :D ❤️❤️❤️

Honestly, I got a lot to say about this whole drama that has happened in the last day and I might write something up tonight when I get back to work (because I’ll be spending most of the day sleeping since I have to go in early today), because some of this hits a little close to home. I’ll write breifly on some of what he’s done, though.

Basically what Gerg’s main form of manipulation this time is isolation, among his usual manipulation (though he’s used isolation in the past, he’s never been this open about it). And being isolated from your friends group and even your family is absolutely scary and depressing and shitty. My ex isolated me from my friends group because he didn’t like most of them for incredibly stupid reasons and let me tell you how much that shit fucked me up. I still have a hard time trying to get around with hanging out with local friends because of it.

And the whole branding thing with “I am a liar” on her lower back? That’s going way overboard, even more so than the “Lillie” tattoo. Like, the fuck is going to get a tattoo that says that they’re a liar? That’s the stupidest fucking idea I have ever heard.

That contract though. And also those things where he compared Taylor to who the internet sided with… Like, who cares that she still lives with her folks? I know plenty of people my own fucking age who still live with their folks because, guess fucking what? MONEY IS AN ISSUE FOR PEOPLE. Gerg’s a fucking moron, omg.

I will absolutely have ore to say about this later tonight, so I’ll refrain from typing up too much right now. But those were some of the things that were bothering me more.

How Trump Ruined My Relationship With My Psychiatrist

Whoo, y'all.

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while because it’s not really in my nature to talk about political things, nor is it something I like to do to put one of my doctors, someone whom I’ve respected and has essentially taken care of me for years, on blast, but this happened. It is what it is. I’ve got to move forward from it, and I’m an author, so of course I’m going to write about it.

A couple of months ago, just before the election was coming to a close, I had an appointment with my psychiatrist for my regular check-in. If you’ve ever been to one of those, you know the drill. You go in, talk a little bit about how you’ve been feeling, you get your prescriptions, and peace out. I’ve been pretty lucky that my doctor was a little bit like a psychologist. He listens as long as his patients need, never rushes anyone out of his office, and offers bits of advice. I’ve always enjoyed being his patient for the six-plus years I’ve seen him.

But then we come to this last appointment. #lesigh 

Okay, let me back up a tiny bit first. I’m obviously not going to name my doctor, but let me give you a little description of him. He’s in his mid-late fifties, I’m guessing. Maybe even his sixties. He’s definitely nearing retirement. He’s a widow, I know that for a fact. He’s from somewhere in South America and has a very strong accent. He primarily treats Spanish-speaking patients. Whenever he sees me, he tells me he’s going to pray for me. Every. Single. Visit. He tells me he’s going to pray for my chronic pain from migraines. He tells me he’s going to pray for my general health (as I’m HIV positive). He tells me he’s going to pray for whatever mental health stuff I happen to be struggling with. He tells me he’s going to pray for my family or my writing or whatever else. You name it. He’s always going to pray for me. I always simply thank him because it’s a nice gesture, and I appreciate it. I’m not religious, but dude, if you want to pray for me, I’m not going to stop you or get offended by it because it means something to you, and I appreciate that. 

But never once, not a single time, in over six years, has he asked me my religion. Keep that in mind.

All right, back to the appointment. 

I was the last patient that day. I typically am because I am a night person, and he schedules his patients late afternoon/evening which I appreciate. I had a terrible headache (what else is new), so all I wanted to do was go through the motions and GTFO. I was there to talk about my mental health, get my pills, and leave. 

We talked about the normal stuff for a few minutes, and then he asked me if I was voting. Or who I was voting for. (I can’t quite remember his wording.) I told him I had already voted as since I am disabled I was able to mail-in my ballot.

He then asked me, “So, I hope you voted, then, for Mr. Trump?”

Since he called him “Mr. Trump”, I knew immediately he was a Trump supporter. And I knew, even more, I did not want to have that discussion with him. I tried to avoid the subject as deftly as I could because I didn’t feel like it was his business who I voted for, even if I was a Trump supporter. Also because I was not completely a Hillary supporter either. I chose her because Trump is a giant, steaming, stinking piece of shit, not because I liked Hillary. She’s pretty awful, too. She’s just less awful. 

Well, he wouldn’t let it drop. He kept trying to pry who I voted for out of me. I kept getting more and more uncomfortable. He said all of the Trump supporter bullshit we all heard all election season – “He’s a fabulous businessman. He’s not a politician, and that’s what our country needs. He says what he thinks! etc” He went on and on and on, trying to convince me why I should vote for Trump even though I had already voted.

I should interject here and say that I have a deep respect for my doctors. I almost think of them as authority figures, which I know is stupid, but I can’t help it, so as he was pestering me, I felt like I couldn’t question him back. I wanted to ask him how he could possibly support Trump when I was almost certain he was an immigrant. How he could do that to his daughter who worked as the receptionist in the office. I wanted to ask him what he thought about what Trump said about women and immigrants, but I didn’t because I felt like it wasn’t my place to question him. Even though he was questioning me. WHY DID I FEEL LIKE THAT? I SHOULDN’T HAVE, AND I REGRET IT.

Eventually, I got so uncomfortable that I began to tell him the truth about my voting history which is that I had not voted/participated in the political process since I was eighteen (the Bush/Kerry election) because I generally don’t trust the government. I am a borderline conspiracy theorist. (I know this isn’t going to be a popular opinion, and I don’t care. This is why I don’t discuss politics. It’s divisive as fuck, and we’re all gonna believe what we want. And that’s okay.) I tend to believe that our votes don’t really matter. That the only opinions that mean a goddamn thing are those of the rich white men in power in Washington, so my poor, disabled ass doesn’t mean a damn thing. As far as I’m concerned, they might as well throw our ballots in a barrel and light them on fire. And this election pretty much proved that to me.

Anyway, he nodded in typical psychiatrist-style, but then he kept pestering me about who I voted for. Pestering me to vote for Trump. This went on for a good thirty-odd minutes. And then he said the thing that sent me over the edge. The thing that made me flip my shit. 

I can’t remember what either of us said to lead up to it because it was all so circular, and I had gotten so frustrated I was just ready to get the hell out of there.

I only remember him asking me, “Are you Muslim?” This is where my patience ran out. I had remained polite and calm throughout this whole thing, but at that question, I couldn’t anymore.

I snapped my head forward, making eye contact with him, and practically yelled, “No. I’m not religious at all!” I was so angry at this because never once had he asked me my religion in six years. Never once when he’d prayed for me over and over and over and constantly told me God was going to bless me. That God was going to take away my headaches and my depression and anxiety. Blah blah blah. And then he had the gall to ask me that? What the actual fuck?

He smiled, and then he said something that hit me like a fucking bomb. And made me explode like one, too. He said, “Good. Because I wouldn’t want you to get jihaaded.”

I sat there, dumbfounded, for a good three seconds because I legitimately did not know what to say. What the hell is “jihaaded”? I was so blown away that my first reaction was to put my head in my hands and to laugh. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. But after that little burst of laughter left me, I got really, really pissed off because you can corner me about my political preferences, but you cannot get Islamophobic like that on my ass without me losing my damn mind. I don’t care how much I respect you. Does he have Muslim patients? I don’t know, but either way, that’s so fucked up.

I put my hands on my knees, and I was like, “All right, you wanna know who I voted for? I’ll tell you who I voted for. I hadn’t voted since I was eighteen, and I told you why. But I choose to vote in this election because even though I believe our votes probably don’t count for a goddamn thing, I hate Trump so fucking much that even if there is the smallest, most minuscule of a chance that my vote could reverse the chance that he could be our president, I had to do it. Because if I didn’t, and it could have made a difference, I would regret it forever. Because he’s one of the biggest pieces of shit I’ve ever seen. Literally, everything that comes out of his mouth is garbage. He makes my skin crawl. He’s disgusting. So, no, I did not vote for Mr. Trump.“ 

I’m sure I said more than that, but I was so heated, I can’t remember verbatim. He sat there, with his hands on his lap and a pleasant smile on his face, the perfect picture of a psychiatrist, the entire time as I lost my damn mind. I was so fucking angry I could barely see straight, but after that, he finally let me leave. 

I took my prescription, and as I waited for my ride to pick me up, I had to do breathing exercises to calm me down. I was shaking so badly. When my brother-in-law picked me up, I was so upset, and I had to call my BFF when I got home to talk about it. I suspected that I wasn’t going to want to go back to him, but I let myself sleep on it because I didn’t want to make a decision in the heat of the moment. 

I know for sure that I am never going back to him, though. I can’t. The whole ordeal was so inappropriate. I told my other doctor about it, and she was completely blown away. It should have never happened. Perhaps if he had only hounded me about my voting preferences I could have overlooked it because this election made people crazy, but the Islamophobic shit was too fucking much. I can’t. I just can’t. He was a pretty good doctor to me for all these years, but it’s not something I can get past. 

Now I’m in the awful, horrible process of looking for a new psychiatrist. Especially as someone with phone anxiety and agoraphobia. It’s my damn nightmare. But it’s sort of good for me, though, because I have wanted to start seeing an actual therapist, too, and this has given me that kick in the ass.
So, that’s the story of how Trump ruined my relationship with my psychiatrist. What a fuckshow, eh? I only wish that I had stood up to him more about why he held the beliefs he did, and even more so about how completely wrong and hurtful his Islamophobic statements were. Honestly, though, I was there to talk about my panic attacks, and I was bombarded. Not to mention I had a migraine. I was overwhelmed and just didn’t know what to say other than to get him to shut up about Trump and let me leave in peace. I’m not sure if he has Muslim patients, but I truly hope he doesn’t after that.

When I told my other doctor about it, she told me that he could get in serious trouble for what he did if I chose to report him. I never did. Perhaps I should, but I don’t know. That’s not an easy choice to make. Either way, the whole thing sucks. 

You know I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate this specific line from their dialogue.

“Are you going to become friends with me or not?”

Because yeah, most of the times people get to meet someone and little by little depending on how close they feel to the other, there’s always this silent agreement between both parts, and they know they don’t need to say it in order to understand their relationship.
But you see, Otabek asking Yurio to be his friend and being direct about it, it’s not only part of Otabek’s straighforward personality.

But it was something necessary, the point had to be made, it had to be evident that Otabek wanted to become friends with the other boy, because the fact Yuri’s never been asked to become friends with someone is A HUGE step regarding his personal character growth.

The way they decided to phrase this proposal, had a much bigger purpose.

You see, we know Yurio’s been skating since really, really little. Right now he’s 15, he’s been skating along the course of almost his entire life, and it’s fair to assume during all those years he never had the chance to find someone he could call a friend.

He has been moving to different places because of this. He has grown in a type of environment, where he had to see everyone as a possible rival.

He had to show results in order to keep on climbing.

I can imagine making friends was the last thing in Yurio’s mind, after leaving home… when obviously there were priorities he had to work for, before anything else.

And now we come back to these two set of scenes:

For Yurio, having someone come, and want nothing more than to establish a relationship like this, straightforward, without any roundups, was exactly what he needed. Someone coming to him and asking something he never got the chance to experience before… it was about time.

And I repeat, he is just 15 years old. Many people have put Yurio on the spot and called him for acting rude and harsh towards others, and yeah I can see why. Of course being young doesn’t excuse him of any type of attitude, but there’s always a reason behind every fault, which is fair to take some time to understand.
And the fact he might have never got the chance to interact with someone outside an ice rink, the fact he might have never got the chance to experience a relationship with someone he could later call a friend and just talk about things as any other normal teenager, then that actully explains a whole lot the origins of his agressive attitude. The nature of such behavior has formed itself thanks to years of competing competitively between kids his age, between older and younger people… competing for a place so many could have taken away if he had let his guard down.


Ice skating is a competitive type of sports you perform individually, there’s no team, or players which depend on you (unless it’s a pair skating). So this boy, at such young age, he had no time to think about things kids his age normally would. And of course that might be a price to pay. Both his dedication and time will bear fruit, but at the cost of other things, making friends is one them.

Now, he is standing besides another boy, he doesn’t even remember meeting, and he just wants to know why the other decided to talk to him. Yurio has not even a clue what the other might want from him. A challenge?, a declaration of rivalry between each other?
Yurio sees each of his relationships in that kind of light. Possible rival, a new coach, (annoying parents lol), there’s no in between because until now, he’s never got the chance to experience other type of relationships.

Otabek, straight up calling it what he wants it to be, opened a whole new sight for Yurio to see, he helped Yurio understand something he wouldn’t have if those words would have been said different. “Would you be my friend..?” that was necessary, Yurio needed to hear that.

And see here, the joy in that smile, he looks so comfortable, he has finally the chance to experience what is like to have a friend (to talk about things he likes, things he enjoys doing), something that seems so common, something most people take for granted, and for the first time in 15 years… of course he must have been ecstatic.

I’m willing to bet from now on, it’s just a matter of time to see this boy change, we will see him mature and grow. But it’s also fair to remember Yurio’s the type to state what he thinks, he is agressive and rushes his words without control, but there are things that’ll come to his life and they will help him along the way (like Otabek), and that’s one of the things Yuri on Ice has been trying to portray since episode one… with both Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. Having someone who believes in you, getting a chance to improve, which in no way means changing who you are, it just means you learn from others, you make yourself better. And for Yurio this is just the beginning.

person: omg did you hear about camilla leaving 5h?

me: little mix are a british girl group formed in 2011 during the eighth series of the UK version of the x factor. the band is comprised of four members; jade thirlwall, perrie edwards, leigh-anne pinnock and jesy nelson. the girl group is known for their flawless harmonies and acapella performances, their ability to sing and dance at the same time as well as their close friendship. their fourth studio album glory days which features bop after bop after bop is available to stream and buy everywhere now.