or that there's a video to confirm that

There’s this theory going around that the Poke Pelago guy is Lusamines husband and I think its really interesting so I wanted to make a post about it.

When you talk to Gladion after the main story he tells you his Dad disappeared during an experiment (presumably because of an accident with an Ultra Wormhole) and his Dad was the first one to confirm the existence of the Ultra Beast and Ultra Wormholes.

And if you go talk to a certain person in the research lab he says:

So if Gladions father really was the first person to discover the Ultra Beast then he must be this Mohn guy which means that this dude

Could be the father of Lillie and Gladion. His hair does somewhat resemble Gladions. 


Well well i was rewstching the Evillustrator since its my favorite episode, and what do i find? Its nothing confirmed but when the class discovers Nathanael’s crush on Marinette, everyone looks surprised or confused… and then theres Adrien, who looks kinda … tense? I would bet he was frowning when i was watching the video.
Im not saying anything for sure,but he sure looks kinda tense/upset at the scene


…This is what I’ve been thinking about the past few days..

I found a good video that includes some voice clips from the confirmed cast for the korean osomatsu dub!! Karamatsu’s really similar in my opinion and I know for sure that osomatsu’s voice actor is very capable 

I can’t wait till it airs in june…!