or that spring seemed to disappear

Supernatural School Pt. 2

Part 1 (X)

It always takes time to sort yourself out after a reaping, even a relatively pleasant one. That’s why, even though you’d like to rejoin Sam, Amanda and Lexi in the cafeteria, you head back to the dorms.

You don’t feel any different after. Some legends say that you eat the souls of the dead, praying on them for sustenance. You’d like to say that Reapers never do that, that they never commit such a heinous crime, but you’ve been around long enough to know better than to lie. There are words for Reapers who eat, none of which you’d dare say here. Names give things power and eaters get more than their fair share to begin with.

You shiver under the blazing sun and try to turn your mind to more pleasant topics.

You are halfway back to your room, when you see Ms. Jan, Mr. T and Principal Finn rushing towards the animal husbandry building. Mr. T’s upset enough that his mane has burst free of his button-down shirt though he’s the only one of the three so affected. Ms. Jan, all banshee characteristics gone, is composed as she leads the group, strides long and purposeful. Principal Finn is listening to her seriously, his wheelchair rolling over the grass easily, with a grim expression on his face.

This is, of course, until he sees you.

You keep your expression blank as Principal Finn says something to Ms. Jan and Mr. T, gesturing for them to go on, and then directs his motorized wheelchair towards you.

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redheadedwhat  asked:

So, Dany is 'The Stallion Who Mounts the World' and 'The Prince That Was Promised', is she also 'Azor Ahai'? Or are all three different versions of the same legend/prophecy? And since Jon is also a PTWP and most say he is 'Azor Ahai' could he be considered TSWMTW? Sorry if these questions seem sort of like 'ugh, semantics!', but I'm just trying to figure out which prophecy belongs to which character.

I think all three legendary figures are part of the same legend – or to be more accurate, there are multiple legends and prophecies all based around the same historical event. The Long Night was worldwide, and multiple cultures have legends of a great hero who ended it.

…the Long Night, when a season of winter came that lasted a generation—a generation in which children were born, grew into adulthood, and in many cases died without ever seeing the spring. Indeed, some of the old wives’ tales say that they never even beheld the light of day, so complete was the winter that fell on the world. While this last may well be no more than fancy, the fact that some cataclysm took place many thousands of years ago seems certain. Lomas Longstrider, in his Wonders Made by Man, recounts meeting descendants of the Rhoynar in the ruins of the festival city of Chroyane who have tales of a darkness that made the Rhoyne dwindle and disappear, her waters frozen as far south as the joining of the Selhoru. According to these tales, the return of the sun came only when a hero convinced Mother Rhoyne’s many children—lesser gods such as the Crab King and the Old Man of the River—to put aside their bickering and join together to sing a secret song that brought back the day.
It is also written that there are annals in Asshai of such a darkness, and of a hero who fought against it with a red sword. His deeds are said to have been performed before the rise of Valyria, in the earliest age when Old Ghis was first forming its empire. This legend has spread west from Asshai, and the followers of R’hllor claim that this hero was named Azor Ahai, and prophesy his return. In the Jade Compendium, Colloquo Votar recounts a curious legend from Yi Ti, which states that the sun hid its face from the earth for a lifetime, ashamed at something none could discover, and that disaster was averted only by the deeds of a woman with a monkey’s tail.


In the annals of the Further East, it was the Blood Betrayal, as [the Bloodstone Emperor’s] usurpation is named, that ushered in the age of darkness called the Long Night. Despairing of the evil that had been unleashed on earth, the Maiden-Made-of-Light turned her back upon the world, and the Lion of Night came forth in all his wroth to punish the wickedness of men.
How long the darkness endured no man can say, but all agree that it was only when a great warrior—known variously as Hyrkoon the Hero, Azor Ahai, Yin Tar, Neferion, and Eldric Shadowchaser—arose to give courage to the race of men and lead the virtuous into battle with his blazing sword Lightbringer that the darkness was put to rout, and light and love returned once more to the world.


The Last Hero of Northern Westeros legend is another one of these historical figures who stopped the Long Night.

How the Long Night came to an end is a matter of legend, as all such matters of the distant past have become. In the North, they tell of a last hero who sought out the intercession of the children of the forest, his companions abandoning him or dying one by one as they faced ravenous giants, cold servants, and the Others themselves. Alone he finally reached the children, despite the efforts of the white walkers, and all the tales agree this was a turning point. Thanks to the children, the first men of the Night’s Watch banded together and were able to fight—and win—the Battle for the Dawn: the last battle that broke the endless winter and sent the Others fleeing to the icy north.


“I found one account of the Long Night that spoke of the last hero slaying Others with a blade of dragonsteel. Supposedly they could not stand against it.”
“Dragonsteel?” The term was new to Jon. “Valyrian steel?”
“That was my first thought as well.”


Which interestingly bears resemblance to a story of Azor Ahai:

“I looked at that book Maester Aemon left me. The Jade Compendium. The pages that told of Azor Ahai. Lightbringer was his sword. Tempered with his wife’s blood if Votar can be believed. Thereafter Lightbringer was never cold to the touch, but warm as Nissa Nissa had been warm. In battle the blade burned fiery hot. Once Azor Ahai fought a monster. When he thrust the sword through the belly of the beast, its blood began to boil. Smoke and steam poured from its mouth, its eyes melted and dribbled down its cheeks, and its body burst into flame.”


Melisandre believes that the prophecy of Azor Ahai Reborn and the prophecy of the Prince that was Promised are the same thing. (Whether she’s right or not, we don’t know, but Maester Aemon doesn’t correct her when she makes that claim.) Since she uses the names interchangeably, it’s hard to tell what the differences between the prophecies are, but both seem to refer to a hero who will be born under a bleeding star, amidst salt and smoke, who will wake dragons from stone. Only TPTWP seems to be connected to the concept that “the dragon must have three heads”, however, and only TPTWP was prophesied to come from the line of Aerys and Rhaella.

And as for the Stallion Who Mounts the World:

“What does it mean?” she asked. “What is this stallion? Everyone was shouting it at me, but I don’t understand.”
“The stallion is the khal of khals promised in ancient prophecy, child. He will unite the Dothraki into a single khalasar and ride to the ends of the earth, or so it was promised. All the people of the world will be his herd.”

–AGOT, Daenerys V

A Dothraki prince that was promised in prophecy– that’s way too similar to “the prince that was promised” for me to think that they’re not connected. Especially since “the ends of the earth” is a good definition for what lies beyond the curtain of light at the end of the world, where the Others come from. Or, in a previous iteration of history, whatever lies beyond the Five Forts. Note also the ancient Valyrian prophecy that the Doom of Man would come from Westeros.

Anyway, who’s who or who’s which? I don’t think it really matters. Jon and Dany are Azor Ahai and they’re the Prince that was Promised, because the dragon must have three heads, because they are the song of ice and fire, because the first Long Night was stopped by Hyrkoon the Hero, Azor Ahai, Yin Tar, Neferion, Eldric Shadowchaser, the Yi Tish woman with the monkey’s tail, the Rhoynar singing hero, and the Last Hero. There are multiple aspects of both prophecies, and both Jon and Dany will fulfill them. (As will a third person, perhaps, maybe with more aspects of the Last Hero.)

Regarding TSWMTW specifically – because Dany is likely to be the only one to majorly interact with the Dothraki, especially the dosh khaleen, they’re likely to only recognize her as the Stallion. But it’s possible Jon might be recognized as well if he eventually encounters any Dothraki, or if we get more details of that prophecy it’ll match things we know about him. We’ll just have to wait and see…

It’s Okay, It’s Okay

I was feeling…well, I broke down the other day and it got worse when I realized the one person who I wanted to notice…didn’t. But others did. And that got me more emotional. But I’m better now, and I’m sorry to the people I did worry, who did notice me.

So thank you @recklesssketches @the-wickedness-that-is-zai

Summary: Sometimes Felix disappears without a word, and Bridgette’s the only one who notices.


No one really paid attention to Felix in the first place, so it was easy for him to skip classes, avoid going home.

His teachers missed his name during attendance, usually marked him present when they catch it later because “hey, that Agreste kid was there; he’s just quiet, is all” and he got high grades so who really cared what he did?

His father usually left reminders via email for him if something came up, too busy with his own work to check on him personally. The staff knew he didn’t eat much so it was no surprise if the meals they made were left untouched by the door of his room.

Honestly, Felix could disappear from the face of the earth completely and no one would notice.

Well, except for her. She noticed everything about him.

Bridgette remembered it was that time again; early spring when the skies were clear but weather still cool and windy. It was the same weather years ago, when she had learned her one and only friend had moved away without a single warning.

He disappeared every year, around this time, she learned. No one really noticed until she had asked a classmate the first year after seeing him again.

She figured it had something to do with his mom.

Bridgette knew she shouldn’t worry; he did this regularly and always returned, safe and sound, like nothing had ever happened. But the point was that she was worried, and she seemed to be the only one who was.

When was the last time someone really worried about him? Really noticed him? Perhaps there had been more, but they had all come and gone, and he thought he could disappear like usual.

But he forgot about his girlfriend.

Bridgette climbed up the rose trellis, just like had had shown her, and leaped over the wall, landing with a soft thud on the grass.

She let her feet lead her, and memory nudged her along the paths that he had brought her through.

“This had been our secret gateway, in a way.”

“You’re the first person, aside from me, to come here in a long time…”

“I think she would have liked me showing you this place.”

“I think…my mother would have liked you, Bridgette.”

Bridgette smiled softly as she sat down under the peach tree, reaching for his hand.

Felix shuddered at her touch, as if he hadn’t even noticed her approaching, and he immediately leaned his head against her shoulder.

“It’s okay to miss her, Felix,” she murmured, stroking his hair. “Just because things have changed…it doesn’t mean you’re unloved.”

“Not even my father noticed I was gone longer than usual,” he whispered. “Why are you always here for me, Bridgette? We got off to such a rocky start.”

“We did,” agreed Bridgette, tilting his head up slightly and pressing their foreheads together. “But look how far we’ve come. You don’t have to be alone anymore.” She closed her eyes. “You can open up to me too.”

With that, Felix broke down, burying his face in the crook of her neck, his muffled sobs filling the otherwise peaceful garden. She hummed softly in turn, stroking the small of his back and running her fingers through his hair.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” she said softly. “I’ll always be here for you. If no one else, then me. You’re never alone, Felix.”

Do You Hear the People Sing?

Hi there! Just your friendly neighborhood cat addict coming in to bring you another FFXV headcanon ^^ Today/tonight’s scenario:

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Chocobro Theatre AU!

I’m a total sucker for the performing arts, and have wanted to write this for a while now ^^ Thought this would be better than just the ‘Grease’ headcanons as well ^^’

Hope you all enjoy this :D


- Anguis: Latin for ‘snake’

- The nicknames I mentioned near the end of each profile corresponds to a deity across various types of mythology.

- Cantor: A class in fantasy games which is normally a cross between a priest/dancer and a bard.

- There is a “Notable Roles” section at the end, basically who I think they would’ve played IRL :D

Little Promo!: Spot the reference I made and I’ll write you anything you want ;) 

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Noctis Lucis Caelum

- He was born into a family who was well-known throughout the entire theatre community, a theatrical dynasty if you will. The Caelums were revered for their impeccable acting, a talent which has only seemed to grow stronger every generation.

-  As son of the current “King of the Theatre”, Regis Lucis Caelum, he was already expected from birth to become just as big a star as his father. Since he showed an affinity for the theatre at such a young age, many had already dubbed him as the “Chosen King”. They all believed that he would be the one to usher in a new era in the history of performing arts.

- As a child, Noctis had already been subjected to plenty of formal training: acting, dancing, singing…you name it, he’s most likely taken up at least three classes about each plus their various sub-categories.

-  At the age of eight, he met with a terrible accident. The Insomnia Theater had suffered one of the worst fires in history due to an escapee from the nearby mental asylum (a schizophrenic named Marilith Anguis) . Noctis had one of the beams collapse on him, causing his spine to suffer serious damage.

- After recovering in Tenebrae with family friends (the Nox Fleurets), Noctis has since then refused to perform. Gone was the poster child of the performing arts world. He was now merely a shadow of the young boy “destined” to bring back the theatre to it’s former glory.

- However, thanks to childhood friends and fellow prodigies Gladiolus Amicitia and Ignis Scientia, he was able to gather the strength to perform again. His confidence only grew as soon as Prompto Argentum was introduced into the troupe.

- Thanks to the accident, Noctis couldn’t dance as well as he used to. The pain medication he regularly took also played a part in the decline of his performance levels as well, making him quite sluggish and therefore, only limited to a certain number of performances a week (preferably at night, as he tends to doze off more in the daytime).

- Even with these handicaps, his acting and singing have only gotten better over the years. He really gets into the character he’s playing, no matter who it is. It’s almost natural for him, as if he were donning a second skin. His voice makes the audience feel exactly what they’re meant to feel at that particular moment in time, and very strongly. His talent, plus his strange work schedule, have earned him the title “Prince of the Night”.

- But despite all the praise and accolades, Noctis honestly hates the attention and the pressure put on him to succeed. He also isn’t too fond of the fact that the other theatre families are pushing him to marry Lunafreya so young, all so that he may sire the ultimate diva child. There are times when he just disappears, sometimes for weeks on end. Surprisingly, the other three are also nowhere to be found during these times as well.

- During these disappearances, there is always a band composed of four masked young men calling themselves “The Brotherhood” who come into town, their performances unique in the way that they seem to combine their original music with little theatrical skits. Though all of them are quite skilled, no one has ever really heard of them before. They seem familiar, especially their lead singer/actor called ‘Somnus’, but no one can quite put their finger on exactly what makes them so…

Notable Roles: Marius in ‘Les Miserables’ | Kurt von Trapp in ‘Sound of Music’ | Danny Zuko in ‘Grease’ | Melchior Gabor in ‘Spring Awakening’ | Link Larkin in ‘Hairspray’ | Tony in ‘West Side Story’

Prompto Argentum

- He was adopted at a young age by one of the couples working as stagehands at the Insomnia Theater. Rumors are flying around that he is actually the son of someone from the rival Gralea Company at the Niflheim Theater, however.

- His parents, busy as they were with their work, mostly left the blond to his own devices. During those times, he would sneak over to the theater and watch the many performances being held there (courtesy of a spare backstage pass his parents provided him with). He fell in love with the world of performing arts at first sight, and usually spent his free time practicing the songs and dances he secretly recorded from the shadows of the theater. He practically knows all the performances by heart.

- At the age of eight, he lost his parents to the fire that nearly took Noctis’ life. He soon became foster son to the head of lighting and sound, Cor Leonis. He quickly picked up the tricks of the trade from him, and eventually came to work part-time at the theater when he turned fifteen. His artistic sense quickly elevated him to head of stage design and promotions. The entire troupe immediately fell in love with the cheerful boy.

- When he turned sixteen, there was an incident where both the main and understudy for the role of Boq in “Wicked” couldn’t perform that night. Cindy, who had accidentally seen Prompto during one of his “practice sessions” while she was checking on the mechanics of the stage, immediately volunteered him for the role. Needless to say, he did an excellent job and became one of the lead actors of the troupe from then on.

- He and Noctis met and became friends during the theater’s production of “Spring Awakening”, being the Moritz to Noct’s Melchior. The pair hit it off instantly, and their onstage chemistry was pretty much explosive. He’d been paired with Noctis ever since, and eventually got to know Ignis and Gladiolus during a production of “Hamilton”. The four had become inseparable ever since.

- This boy was born to hand jive! For someone who was mostly self-taught, he has the moves and skills of a professional. He is one of the most skilled singers and dancers in the company, his energy and the way he lights up the stage when he performs earning him the moniker “Cantor of Summer”. (Of course, his confidence needs a little work…)

- When he’s not performing, he helps out around the various departments. Need to have a costume fixed? Sure, he’ll take it to Iris right away! Vyv wants someone to help him make the posters and flyers for the next show? Roger that! Cindy needs help with fixing some of the mechanical props? Be there in a flash! ;)

- Even as a permanent member of the acting cast with firsthand knowledge of how everything is going to go down, he still tends to record videos of every single practice session. He has them for his private viewing (and practicing!) pleasure at home, studying everyone (especially himself) extra carefully so he knows not to bump into anyone, to adjust his movements during a certain scene for maximum impact, etc. This guy is constantly called a perfectionist by the other performers. However, Prompto confided to Noctis one day that it was mostly because he just didn’t want to get in everyone’s way.

- Whenever Noctis disappears, Prompto seems to vanish along with him. Whenever “The Brotherhood” come into town, fans of the blond find themselves immediately drawn to the group’s sunny lead guitarist/dancer ‘Frey’. Maybe it’s because the boundless energy reminds them of their favorite stage actor? Who knows…

Notable Roles: Moritz Stiefel in ‘Spring Awakening’ | Mark Cohen in ‘Rent’ | Boq in ‘Wicked’ | Alexander Hamilton in ‘Hamilton’ | Nino Quincampoix in ‘Amelie’ | Dimitri in ‘Anastasia’

Gladiolus Amicitia

- Like Noctis, he was born into a family well-known throughout the entire theatre community. Unlike the Lucis Caelums, however, the Amicitias were known for their prowess in dancing. Their choreography is said to be second to none, an entirely different art form within itself.

- From a young age, Gladio had already been trained in the various forms of dance: from ballet and contemporary to ballroom dancing and even hip hop, the eldest Amicitia son has pretty much studied and mastered almost every dance style there is to know, including his family’s signature style (a combination of street, interpretative and Latin).

- He has been training with Noctis and Ignis ever since they could all walk, the three forming the ‘Holy Trinity’ of the Insomnia Theater. He didn’t get along with them as well as he does now, however. When Noctis came back from Tenebrae a changed child, he was quite harsh on him the first couple of months and the two would get into constant arguments over practice (or the lack thereof). With Ignis, he thought the bespectacled boy was being too easy on their friend.

- Gladio’s good opinion of both Noctis and Ignis was cemented, however, when he caught the two doing their best to teach Iris how to perform a particularly hard bit of choreography she had been trying to master for around a month. He had since reconciled with the two and took it upon himself to teach them everything he knows, acting as both their brother and teacher up until present.

- When Prompto first joined with the troupe, he immediately found himself amused by the jumpy then-stagehand. Seeing the blond perform on stage lit a competitive fire in his heart, and he challenged the teen to a dance-off the following day. Both of them were completely exhausted and couldn’t make it to rehearsal after that, but their friendship was cemented from then on, only growing stronger after working together on ‘Hamilton’.

- He’s also the troupe’s self-appointed protector alongside his father, making sure the other members of the company don’t get into any trouble (mostly Noctis and Prompto). The scars he gained on his face and body could attest to that: the first (a vertical scar on his face) due to a drunken brawl during one after-party, and the others (the other one on his face + the one on his chest) from when one of his former mentors, Gilgamesh Benkei, was about to lash out at Clarus over a heated debate about ballroom dancing.

- This man seems to be blessed by the gods of dance themselves! Not only is he a prodigy when it comes to dancing, but his choreography is also considered some of the finest in the business, second only to his father Clarus. His work, whether on-stage or on paper, is said to have a distinct sense of gracefulness and quiet strength. Because of this, he is known by the title “Dancing Duelist” among his peers. Noctis and the others poke fun at him for his nickname though, joking that he should be called the “Dancing Noodle-ist” instead due to the large man’s obsession with Cup Noodles.

- When not in the theater, working out or messing around with his friends/Iris, Gladiolus can be found in one of two places. In the morning to late afternoon, he will most likely at the local community center, where he usually holds an amateur dance class for kids. If it’s evening though, he normally can be found having a drink and catching up with former mentors Cor Leonis and Gilgamesh.

- He is nowhere to be found during Noctis’ disappearing acts, seemingly vanishing into thin air along with him. When “The Brotherhood” makes their appearance at around that time, fans of Gladio’s work gravitate towards ‘Kratos’, the group’s (mostly) shirtless drummer/lead dancer with a crow tattoo. Wonder why…

Notable Roles: Friedrich von Trapp in ‘Sound of Music’ | Radames in ‘Aida’ | Chris in ‘Miss Saigon’ | Rocky Horror in ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ | John Laurens in ‘Hamilton’ | The Baker in ‘Into the Woods’

Ignis Scientia

- Like Noctis and Gladiolus, Ignis was born into a theatrical dynasty of his own. The Scientias were renowned for their exceptional voice quality, able to perfectly sing almost any song that could be performed in the world of the theatre.

- Ignis was considered a prodigy in his family at a very young age, his voice being described as that of an angel’s. He was allowed to meet and learn from the biggest names in Broadway and opera, causing his growth as a performer to be exponential. By the age of nine, he was already considered one of the best singers of his generation.

- This did not change as he grew older, as he did all he could to make sure his voice was always at peak condition. In his pursuit for perfection, he also met with and trained under many of the big names in both the live and animated movie industries in order to further develop his acting skills and delivery. The extensive training, together with his own natural talent, allowed him to portray almost any role required of him. (Yes, even a woman at one point…But that story is for another time.)

- He was paired with the young Caelum since childhood, the two showing exceptional amounts of talent that could take the entire theatre world by storm. In line with this, the two had basically the same education in the ways of the theatre. They were practically considered inseparable, further affirmed as the two grew older. Though sometimes, the young Scientia felt more like a caretaker to Noctis… (The mom and dad jokes the other troupe members made when Gladio befriended them didn’t help matters any either)

-  Ignis, while he admired Prompto’s skills as a performer, was very wary of the blond at first, not very fond of the way he would constantly pull Noctis away from practice to go to the arcade. His opinion of the teen was changed, however, the night Gladio got his first scar. He saw how Prompto was ready to take the blow meant for Noctis despite the fact that his legs were shaking like crazy, and instantly knew how much he cared for his brother.

- This man is a jack of all trades, able to do pretty much anything and everything that is requested of him in any performance. You want him to act like a seventy-year old revolutionary? Sure, no problem. Put on an impromptu performance of “Nessun Dorma”? Just give him a few seconds to vocalize. Do back-up dancing for five performances straight? A quick warm up, and he’s ready to go. He has a variety of nicknames in the troupe because of his versatility. Among them are “Mr. Perfect”, “The Fiery Bard” and “Liquid Fire”, the last two in relation to his talent and his passion whenever he get up on stage.

- Ignis is not just a reliable performer. He’s generally reliable overall in all matters of the theater, from maintenance of props and costumes to management of the troupe’s finances. The thing they ask him to do the most, however, is to cook for them in between performances. The members of the troupe jokingly claim that his cooking is the reason why they do so well, as they can somehow “obtain bits of his talent from each bite”.

- When he’s not practicing or taking care of the troupe (his best friends in particular), Ignis likes to create his own plays (as if he weren’t amazing enough ffs). So far, he has written around ten of them, each with their own sets of musical scores and choreography. Some of them have even been performed in the theater, the most notable being “Izunia” (about a healer hailed as the savior of the people only to be betrayed by the gods and everyone he loves). He’s currently working on his magnum opus called "XV”, a three-act play about a prince and his three ‘brothers’ on a journey to bring back light to the world.

- Whenever Noctis disappears, Ignis also does so without a hint as to his whereabouts. With “The Brotherhood” in town during those times, fans of Ignis always find themselves drawn to the band’s bass player/singer “Apollo”, his calm yet fiery aura reminding them of their angel of music. Can’t imagine why though…

Notable Roles: Enjolras in ‘Les Miserables’ | The Phantom in ‘Phantom of the Opera’ | Frank N. Furter in ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ | Aaron Burr in ‘Hamilton’ | Munkustrap in ‘Cats’ | Billy Flynn in ‘Chicago’

Beauty in the Breeze | Yoongi

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: Drunk Yoongi always did make up the worst nicknames. 

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When people tell you to have fun while it lasts, they really mean it. Four years went by in a flash, even if it felt like an eternity. With high school long gone and college in the palm of your hand, you look back on the four years of extra hell you had subjected yourself to. It really wasn’t all that bad; you had the grades and the guy yelling out random beats to Boom Chicka Boom in a drunken stupor in the dead of night while the two of you laid in an empty field.

“Yoongi,” you tried calling once, lazily turning your head to face the milky complexion of the other who didn’t seem like he was going to stop any time soon. “Yoongi!”

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Nudge Theory

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 2238 (Act I)

A/N: A five act mini-series. The reader and Castiel must work together to solve the curious case of the missing Winchesters. Fluff, smut, and a plot for kicks. It was originally going to be three acts, then I got invested because Cas is adorable. Now it’s outlined for five acts. I’m not sorry.

(not my GIF)

Nudge [verb] –

·       “Coax or gently encourage someone to do something.”

“Sam? Dean?” Your voice reverberated off the tiled walls of the sprawling bunker, announcing your arrival, tone becoming tinny when they failed to respond, “The door was unlocked. I let myself in.” Feet clanging on the metal staircase, you endeavored to make your presence known - the last thing you wanted to do was catch experienced well-equipped potentially trigger-happy hunters off guard in their own home. You made your way over to the map table, tossing your bag on a chair, eyes roaming the spacious room for any signs of life, “Guys?” Silence greeted your ears. Grumbling a muffled expletive, you dug the phone out of your pocket, scanning for any new messages, scrolling back to confirm that Sam’s text yesterday did indeed ask you to meet them here, in Lebanon, in the bunker, to ride back up on a big case. You owed them more than you generally cared to acknowledge in their presence, and dropped everything to show, no questions asked - and they had the audacity to be somewhere else when you arrived. Breath puffing out your cheeks, you noted with amused annoyance that you’d never been stood up by two men at the same time, let alone brothers. You hastily typed a where-the-hell-are-you-it-better-not-be-buying-beer text to Sam, muttering under your breath, “Freaking Winchesters.” Your finger hesitated over the send button, soft footfalls heralding the approach of someone in the hall. Shoving the phone back into your pocket, trembling adrenaline-fueled fingers instinctively brushed the cool metal of the pistol tucked under your arm. Releasing the safety, you withdrew the weapon, backing up to the stairs, steadying your aim at the doorway, “Who’s there?”

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Identity of The High Priestess

Before the new season of Samurai Jack started, I rewatched the entire series so that it was fresh in my mind, and one thing really bothered me. In the episode ‘Four Seasons of Death’, Jack meets Spring (I’m not sure if that’s actually what her name is…). Her character bothers me the most of any because she clearly had malevolent intentions towards him, but her motivation is never known (although you can probably assume its to do with Aku) and when Jack realises that something is off with her, he fights her very briefly, and then she seems to disappear. But that’s the thing, she didn’t disappear. After Jack goes off, she’s still there watching him and she smiles in this sort of way like she knows something or she achieved something.

But what?

So I researched a little more into her character cause she was on my mind, and guess who voices her? GREY DELISLE. THE VERY SAME ACTOR WHO VOICES THE MOTHER OF THE DAUGHTERS OF AKU. Now, my theory is that Spring and the Mother of the Daughters of Aku are the SAME CHARACTER.

I think this because:

1) Wel,l same voice actor
2) Her motivations were never clear but she clearly wanted something
3) We’ve been seeing a lot of old faces and considering point 2, I reckon she’s gonna pop up
4) We haven’t seen the mother’s face
5) When Jack was with her he kept getting visions of Aku, now there could be several reasons for this but one of them could be that she aligned herself with Aku and something, maybe his instinct was telling him to get away. 
6) When Ashi cleans off her burns, she dresses in a spring sort of attire

Now these are all kind of loose links (especially the last point) but I feel like Spring is important, and it’ll be interesting to see if she does come up again, whether to confirm my theory of not.

But if she does turn out to be the mother, then it could potentially confirm the ‘Jack is the real father of the Daughters of Aku’…

(Jack Frost x Reader) - Until Next Time (Challenge)

Not a Daryl fic but a little story for @writingforweirdlings ‘s movie challenge!

Movie: Rise of the guardians

Pairing: Jack Frost x Reader

Warnings: none

Plot: Reader is the Spring’s spirit and it’s always in competition against Jack…however something is gonna change between them


20 March, last day of winter.

When this day come I feel super happy because it’s time to get back to work!

As the spirit of spring, I wait the end of the winter with trepidation, ready to fill the world with a lot of colourful flowers.

I think that a world without flowers, is really sad…or at least it’s what I feel right now.

The snow is almost disappeared, but gardens, streets and trees seem so empty without the magic of Spring.

“I know it’s a day earlier…but a little flower won’t hurt anybody”

With a little twist of my hand, a little purple flower came out from the bare garden.

That was enough to make me smile, it’s so cute!

“Well,well,well, aren’t you early?”
Turning around I notice a white haired guy.

Jack Frost.

“Oh c’mon Jack, winter is so boring and dull, I tried to decorate this little garden”.

Jack laugh at that: “Every year it’s the same with you; winter is so much fun! There’s snow, children play outside…”

“…you freeze to death and throwing snowballs isn’t funny! It’s annoying!” I interrupt him.

Jack just smile before disappearing.

“Jack? Where are you?”

“Right here”

He was right behind me and that made me squeal.

He starts to laugh loudly, almost falling down.

“It’s not funny Frost!”

“Actually, it’s hilarious” he says, wipping a fake tear away from his eye.

Once his laughs stop, he stare at me: “Actually, I thing there’s something you’d like to do in winter”.

I cocked my head to the left:
“Which is?”

“Ice skating!”

At first i was reclutant but I didn’t want him to think that I was a scaredy cat.

“C’mon (Y/n) I show you” he extend his hands to me, a little smile on his face.

I take his hands and I find myself in the middle of an frozen lake.

Squealing and almost falling I wrap my arms around Jack’s neck.

“(Y/n) relax!”

“I can’t, I don’t want to fall!”

“Hey…” his voice was so soft.

I lift my head, my face and lips are very close to his.

I’ve never notice how handsome he is.

“I’ll help you, I won’t let you go”.

Nodding I turn around and let him guide me.

“See? Move your feet like this…”.

I wasn’t paying attention…I was distracted by his closeness.

I didn’t know that Jack’s body could be so warm…having him so close to me makes me happy.

Suddenly I feel Jack’s body detach from me:
“Keep going like that (Y/n)!”

I move my legs and feet the way he told me to and, surprisingly I was skating! 

“I did it!” I say smiling, skating toward Jack.

“Yes you did it!”.

He brings me into an hug and start to spin me around, elicit giggles from me.

When he finally stops, we stare into each other eyes:
“So…are you having fun?”

“mmh..I don’t know” I answer cheekily.

At thatm Jack lean down toward me, and lay a sweet little kiss on my lips:
“What about now?”

Smiling and with a little hint of red on my cheeks, I push him away, skating away from him:
“Ok flower, I’m gonna get you!”He screams at me.

And so we spend all day like that, playing and laughing on that frozen lake.

Finally midnight came, meaning that Jack has to go…meaning that I’ll not see him again until the end of spring.

“So…it’s time” I say sadly


Suddenly Jack pull me into him and gave me a long and slow kiss:
“Don’t be sad…I’ll see you again, we have to wait just 3 months, then you’ll be free”.

“Why we have to realize our feelings just before we have to separate?” I sighed.

“Because we are idiots” He say with a smile.

“Well…until next time then” I say after giving him a peck on his lips.

“Until next time, my love”.

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Dr. Jeon (Jungkook x Reader)

Rated : M (smut)
Genre : Fluff
Plot : You have an gynecologist appointment and you’re late.

I was late again ! She really is going to kill me this time… i have my monthly gynecologist’s appointment in less than 5 minutes but my train decided no to work and now I’m running in the street of Seoul trying not to get smashed by a car. Of course I decided to wear heels today, to make things more fun. I kept running looking at my watch every five seconds, no the time isn’t going to stop, yes I’m going to be late. My gynecologist, dr. Bloom is a very nice woman, but she hates late people, one time I arrived 1 minute late and she didn’t want to take me. My feet were starting to hurt… I took off my shoes and continued running, the people around kept staring me. Then when I thought nothing could be worse, it started raining. You probably guessed it, i forgot my umbrella at home. I took my purse and put it on my head, better that than nothing. Thankfully I arrived at the medical center. I must look like a drenched cat or something anyway Dr. Bloom probably won’t care she’s probably more angry about the fact that I’m 5 minutes late.
I went straight to the waiting room, there was no one. Maybe I should just knock in the door … no let’s wait. 5 minutes passed and still nothing. I put my shoes back on, tried to straighten my wet hair and went towards the door. As I was about to turn the handle, the door opened and I was face to face with a pair of dark brown eyes that I haven’t met before. The owner of those eyes was tall man, light brown hair, broad shoulders and perfect face wait did I really think “perfect face” I guess I did.
- You’re not Dr. Bloom. Smooth Y/N, great first impression.
- Indeed. I’m Dr. Jeon and you must be miss Y/L/N.
His voice is so silky, not deep but deep enough to make me shiver.
- How do you know my name ?
I must sound so stupid right now, please stop looking at me it makes me feel all sort of things.
- You have an appointment and you’re 10 minutes late. He said calmly.
- I’m so sorry, my train was late and
- Just enter.
I passed by him and sat on the chair in front of his desk.
- So monthly check up right ?
Why is he so sexy… focus Y/N he asked you a question.
- Yeah … are you replacing Dr. Bloom ?
- Only for today, hope you don’t mind.
- Not at all ! I said a bit too quickly.
- Great. Let’s begin shall we. If I read correctly you’re on the pill ?
- Yes, and it’s fine I have no side effects.
- Great. Are you in a serious relationship ?
He looked at me waiting for my answer. Isn’t that a bit too personal ? Does he ask it for himself or for a medical reason ? I have nothing to hide anyway, it’s not like my love life is full of surprise…
- I’m not… I said, trying to avert his gaze.
- Multiple partners then ?
- I haven’t had sex for 4 months now.
Woah where did that come from ? Maybe he didn’t want to know that I’m frustrated as hell ! It’s too late now… is he looking at me weirdly ?
- I see … do you pleasure yourself then ?
- Why do you want to know that ?
- You’re tense. Seems to me like you don’t release enough pressure. Orgasms are healthy for you.
He said with a smile. My head is clouded right now, all I can think of is him kissing me with those rosy lips. I started biting my lip unconsciously.
- Stop biting your lip. Go lay down there please, also take off your pants.
I did as he asked, thankfully I was wearing some nice black lace panties. He went to take some instruments and stopped in front of me.
- Open you legs for me.
My heartbeat quickened, I was hot suddenly.
- Can I take off those ? He asked, his breath caressing my calf.
- Go ahead. My voice was trembling.
His hands went up my legs slowly, he took the side of panties and slide them down.
He took a cotton bud and inserted it in my womanhood. I was already wet and he hadn’t done anything.
- Everything seems to be normal. You can put your clothes back on.
What ? Maybe I just imagined things but I saw the way he looked at me … I’m not the only one affected by the other. I decided to take my luck, after all he was right I have so much frustration in me it’s unbearable.
- Dr. Jeon are you sure can’t help me with this ? I’m so wet…
I said with the sexiest voice I could muster.
He stared at me, his face was now inches from mine.
- You don’t know what you’re asking for Y/N.
he whispered in my ear. I wanted him to touch me so bad. I couldn’t wait anymore so I took his face in my hands and kissed him passionately. He finally responded to my kiss, his tongue fighting for dominance. He kissed my jaw and went down to my neck, biting and sucking it. I let out a loud moan.
- You’re so eager already and I haven’t even touched you. He said with a smirk.
His hand traveled down south and I could feel his finger teasing my pussy lips, I rolled down my hips trying to take him all.
- More please ! I begged.
- Shut up you slut, I’m the one who makes the rules here. Understand ?
- Yes master.
Suddenly I felt four fingers entering me, I screamed, the pain quickly disappeared and was replaced by waves of pleasure. He had taken off his blouse and I could admire his sizzled abs and toned chest. I wanted to touch him.
- Don’t touch. He said while slapping my hands.
He teared off my shirt, I wasn’t wearing a bra. He stared sucking on my nipple harshly while still fucking me with his fingers, I was going crazy.
- Come suck me.
I eagerly went down and took off his pants. I palmed him through his boxers, he seemed huge. I let his penis spring free, he indeed was huge, will it even fit in my mouth ?
- Quit staring and start working slut.
- Yes master.
I gave him a few strokes before licking the tip, he let out a groan. I caressed his balls while I took him in my mouth inch by inch.
He pushed my head and forced himself in my throat, I choked but he was in to the hilt. I started bobbing my head up and down, licking and sucking as best as I could.
- You’re doing so well baby. He said while throwing his head back in pleasure.
He put his hand on the back of my neck and started fucking my mouth at a fast pace.
- You’re such a good slut taking me in so well. He said huskily.
I didn’t know a blowjob could turn me on so much. I started to get impatient, i wanted to get fucked, hard.
- You’ve been a good girl. You deserve a reward.
He pushed me towards the desk and made me sit on it.
- Put your legs on my shoulder baby I want to eat you up.
Seconds later his tongue was on my pussy, licking and sucking on my clitoris making me arch my back and scream.
He continued fucking my pussy with his tongue, I could sense a warm feeling in the pit of stomach, I was going to cum soon. He started sucking on my clit while entering four fingers inside of me. I exploded in his mouth breathing heavily.
- You’re dripping and so open for me. I can’t wait to be inside you.
- Please fuck me ! I screamed.
In one swift motion he was fully inside of me, the stretch felt so good and I felt so full.
- God you’re so tight and wet. Do you like my big cock inside of you ?
- Yes yes I love it please move faster !
He went out and completely slided back in making me moan loudly. He was now fucking me at a frantic pace, hitting my pussy in all the right places.
- Turn around I want to see your ass.
I put my hand on the desk and arched my back, showing him a great view.
- You’re so beautiful Y/N… he said before slapping my ass. The sting made me jump a little.
He aligned himself to my entrance and slide back in, he was in so deep. He started making long hard thrusts hitting my g sport repeatedly. He took my hair and pulled on them harshly.
- You like being fucked like a little slut right ? I love how stretched out you are. You want to cum baby girl ?
- Yes please master make me cum !
A particularly hard thrust right on my bundle of nerves made me cum, tightening my walls around him.
- Fuck, I’m going to explode.
- Yes fill me up with your cum !
He was spilling his juice inside of me, I could feel his warm release coating my walls. He collapsed on my back, breathing heavily.
- My name is Jungkook.
- Nice to meet you Jungkook. I said with a smile.
We both put our clothes back on silently, not knowing really what to say. As I was ready to leave he took my wrist.
- I know it should have been the other way around but do you maybe want to get some coffee sometimes ? He asked shyly. So cute.
- Yes sure, here I’ll give you my number. Call me.
- I will definitely.
- Have a nice evening dr. Jeon.
And I was out. I can’t believe I just did that, but damn did it feel good.
I was in my bed when I suddenly received a text message : “hey it’s Jungkook, I can’t stop thinking about you. Tomorrow at 8pm ? I’m taking you out to dinner. Sweet dreams”.

Don’t Cry, You’re Beautiful- A Bughead One-shot

Request: Betty and Jughead don’t know each other, he is the leader of the serpents, and she’s the smartest, most innocent girl in her class. But then her grades start slipping and she withdraws herself from all of her friends, because behind closed doors, her mother abuses her. She covers up all the bruises, but she’s started skipping school, getting herself into dangerous situations because she’s stopped caring. One day, as she’s about to end it all at Sweet Water River, Jughead finds her, and then I’ll leave all the rest up to you

Warning: mentions of abuse and attempted suicide

Read on AO3

Jughead Jones– Riverdale’s resident badboy. No one messes with him, and barely anyone talks to him. He likes it that way. He doesn’t like people getting in his business when they don’t need to.

But it hadn’t always been that way. Believe it or not, Jughead used to be bullied by the ‘cool’ kids–it was a given with a name like Jughead. He had one friend, Archie Andrews, and that was it. He was weird, he was bullied, but he was happy.

Until everything changed, that is. Jughead’s mom left with his sister, his dad turned to drugs and alcohol, and even joined the local gang. And Jughead–Jughead shut down completely. He aged the day his mom left, having to take responsibility for his dad. He even shut out his only friend Archie because he couldn’t handle the sad looks he gave him.

His dad eventually became the leader of the Serpents, and Jughead joined to bring in more money to pay the bills. He didn’t do much, but his reputation was made the second he joined the gang. Jughead Jones is not to be messed with, and he doesn’t care about anyone.

Except he does care about Betty Cooper. He doesn’t know her, has never spoken to her in his life, but he has always watched her.

He knows that she was good friends with Archie, neighbors and everything. He knows that she’s a cheerleader, head editor of the school newspaper, in the student government, and on the party planning committee. She seemed to do it all, and have it all, even being top of the class. She always had a smile on her face, her clothes pristine, and never a hair out of place. No one would ever assume that something was wrong.

No one except Jughead. He spent years watching her every move, so he noticed when everything started to change. When her smile weakened, when her face fell, when Betty Cooper became not-so-perfect.

It started at the beginning of their junior year. Jughead was more moody than ever, due to his dad being sentenced to prison for a drunk driving accident over the summer. All of his father’s responsibilities had now landed on him, leaving him with a certain power over the gang. Not that he wanted it, or anything, and it made people even more scared of him.

Around this same time, he first noticed Betty slip. He was in class with her, biology, and he noticed her low grade on the test they had just gotten back. He watched as she stared at it for a good minute, before she forced a smile and turned the paper over. It happened again in english, a low score on an essay. Again, Betty just put on a smile a hid the grade, pretending it didn’t happen.

One day at lunch, Betty was sitting alone instead of at her normal table with Archie and Kevin. She was staring down at her food, picking at it with her fork instead of eating it. Jughead watched from the other side of the lawn, sitting on his own like usual. She pushed her food around the entire lunch, until she got up and threw it in the trash, walking out before the bell even rang.

Jughead noticed the little things about Betty, that no one else seemed to. How quiet she was all the time, how her clothes seemed to be baggy, and how she’d stare off into space when people were talking all around her. Everyone else just seemed to go about their lives, not paying attention to the broken girl in front of them.

He remembered back to that night during the summer, one of the many times he was out late at Pop’s. It was raining that night, almost monsooning, so Jughead was alarmed when Betty came in by herself, soaking wet. She had her hood up, her hair out of its normal ponytail, and she seemed winded, as if she was running. She sat in a booth on the opposite side of the restaurant and removed her head, but let her hair fall in her face. The waitress went over to her to ask for her order, but something stopped her when Betty looked up. The waitress, a kind, older woman, slowly reached out to Betty’s face, but Betty quickly turned her face away, quickly placing her order. The waitress frowned but walked away, and Jughead just sat there, watching as Betty put her face in her hands and hunched over. He wanted to help her, wanted to go over there and sit with her, but he couldn’t. Being in a gang didn’t make him any less of a coward.

Jughead didn’t see her for the rest of the summer, and when they got back to school, she was different. She kept her head down, held her books close to her chest, and only spoke when she needed to. She was no longer the perfect girl next door that everybody knew, but nobody knew it.

At the same time that Betty Cooper was falling, Jughead Jones was rising in the ranks of the Serpents. People began to favor him over his dad, and he gained a new family when he lost his actual one. At school, even the teachers feared him, and Jughead almost missed social interaction. At least now he and Betty had something in common, like when she’d occasionally sit on her own at lunch, or sit in the back during class. Though everything changed, only one thing stayed constant– Jughead never stopped watching Betty. He knew that if she ever noticed him she’d run off screaming, but he didn’t care. He cared about this girl that clearly was calling out for help but didn’t know how. He knew what that was like, he had been there before. If anyone would be able to help her, he’d like to think it could be him.

Her condition only worsened as the year went on, Jughead noticed. By Christmas, Betty was swimming in her sweaters, and she never wore her hair up in the sleek ponytail. She’d still sit by her friends and pretend everything was okay, but Jughead could see right through her.

He saw her once over break. It was the day after Christmas and Jughead was at Pop’s like he always was. Betty was already there when he walked in, sitting alone at the counter. Jughead stopped in the doorway, shaking the snow off of his hat and watching her hunched figure. After a moment of deliberation, he finally sat down only a few seats away from her. Pop poured him a cup of coffee , and he noticed Betty nursing a similar cup. He tapped his fingers on the counter, watching her. She was looking out the window at the snow lightly falling. Her skin was pale, and she had dark bags under her eyes. She stared down at the cup of coffee in her hands, her sweater sleeves pulled down to her knuckles. Jughead watched her until she finished the cup, thanking Pop as she stood up and grabbed her coat. He noticed the way she winced as she lifted her arm to slip through the sleeve. He watched as she pulled a knit hat down over her ears and exited the diner, disappearing into the snow.

When they returned to school, Jughead didn’t see her at lunch anymore. He knew that she still went to school because of the class they had together, but he didn’t see her anywhere else. He didn’t even hear about her when he eavesdropped on her friends conversations. It was as if Betty Cooper ceased to exist.

Eventually winter turned into spring, the snow melting with the change. Everyone seemed to be happier, eating outside for lunch and having a good time. Except for Jughead and, well, Betty.

At the end of march, the day before spring break, Jughead watches Betty exit school and start walking the opposite way she normally walks. Jughead has watched her long enough to know she leaves to the east of the school, but here Betty was walking west. Curious, and also concerned, he gets in his truck and slowly starts following her. She’s walking fast and doesn’t seem to notice him as he continues at a safe distance.

Betty eventually reaches the edge of the woods by Sweetwater River. She’s weaving through the trees as Jughead parks the truck, jumping out and following after her. He loses her in the trees, and frantically runs around to try and find her. There’s a bad feeling in his gut as he looks around for her, panic setting in.

He finally finds her in a small clearing by the riverbank. She’s standing on the edge, looking down at something in her hands. He steps closer and sees it’s a pill bottle, and there’s fresh tears streaming down her eyes. He watches her open the bottle, angling it towards her hand to dump them out when he finally interrupts her.

“Betty!” He rushes out, walking forward. He obviously startles her, causing her to spin around so fast the pill bottle falls to the ground, the pills spilling out. She doesn’t bother picking them up, staring at him with what Jughead guesses is fear in her eyes. He takes another step forward, holding an arm out cautiously, but she stumbles back, shaking her head.

“What are you- why are you here?” She asks frantically, gripping onto her jacket. Jughead notices her hair is in a ponytail so he can finally see her face. There’s a bruise along her jaw and a small cut on her cheek, right beneath the dark purple bags under her eyes.

“I followed you,” Jughead admits quietly. Betty gasps and steps further back, her foot in the water. “Not like that! Please, don’t be scared.”

“I know who you are. I know what you’ve done,” Betty whispers, hugging herself tightly as tears continue to stream down her pale cheeks.

“I promise I’m not going to hurt you,” Jughead assures her. She looks doubtful, so he slowly takes off his hat and leather jacket, completely exposing himself to her. “I’ve seen you, Betty Cooper. I’ve seen you these past few months, how you’re hurting.”

Her eyes widen in disbelief, and she slowly shakes her head. She’s shaking now, and Jughead wants nothing more than to hold her in his arms.

“I don’t know what you’re going through, but I know it must be hard to go through it alone. You’ve shut out everyone in your life, your grades are slipping-”

“How do you know that?” She interrupts. Jughead feels his face heat up, looking down at the ground bashfully.

“I’ve watched you for a long time. That’s sounds creepy, I’m sorry. I mean-” he sighs, looking back up at her. Her eyes are wide, glossy with tears. “I know you don’t know me, and you probably don’t want to, but I want to know you. I want to help you.”

“I can’t be helped, Jughead. You don’t understand,” Betty tells him, her voice breaking.

“I understand that you have people who care about you, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve spoken to them. I understand that this isn’t the right thing to do,” he says gently. He takes another step forward as she chokes out a sob, a round of fresh tears falling.

“You don’t know anything about me,” she grits out. She drops to her knees and scrambles to pick up all the pills, hands moving frantically on the ground.

“Betty, please!” Jughead rushes to her side, kneeling down with her and grabbing her hands. She tries pulling away, tries pulling the hand full of pills up to her mouth, but he doesn’t let her. She’s full on sobbing by now, begging him to let her go and to let her die.

“Please, I can’t do this anymore! I’ve tried so hard, I just can’t,” she sobs out. Jughead feels a few tears fall from his eyes, but he doesn’t let go. He fights until she finally stops, her sobs preventing her from fighting back. He lets go of one hand and takes the pills from out of her hand. He stands up, ignoring her sobbing protests, and chucks the handful of pills into the rushing water.

“No!” Betty screams out, running into the water to try and salvage them, but to no use. Jughead grabs her around the waist, from where she’s hunched over and grabbing at the water, and pulls her into his arms, almost knee deep in water. She tries to struggle out of his arms and go further into the water, but he holds tight until her protests subside. He lets her cry into his chest, hands fisting his shirt as they remain standing in the water.

Jughead tries to walk her back to shore, but her legs give out when he so much as inches back. He steadies her before leaning down, putting an arm behind her legs and picking her up. She’s crying and shivering in his arms as he carries her back, but she has stopped struggling.

When he gets her back onto the riverbank, he slowly sets her down. Within a few seconds, not wanting to leave her alone, he grabs his jacket and drapes it around her shoulders. He sits beside her and maneuvers her legs to lay over his lap, holding her close to his chest. She shivers in his arms, but her sobs have quieted down, silent tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Why did you stop me?” Betty asks quietly after a few minutes of silence. Jughead looks down at her to find her staring at the river.

“I did what any person would do,” Jughead tells her. A breeze blows over them so he tightens the jacket around her shoulders, pulling her even closer.

“No, you didn’t. No one else followed me here, no one else threw away the pills,” she whispers, looking up at him with wide eyes. Jughead’s throat suddenly feels dry at the thought of not being there and letting her go through with it. He breathes in deep through his nose, looking out at the river.

“Like I said, I see you. I always have,” he mutters. He can feel Betty still staring at him, but he can’t look back at her yet. She can’t see how weak he is right now.

“That doesn’t make sense. You’re in a gang, you don’t let anyone even speak to you. You’re…you’re you, and you don’t even know me,” Betty argues.

“And you don’t know me,” Jughead retorts, looking back at her. She flinches slightly, curling up against his chest. “I’m sorry. I didn’t- I didn’t mean to snap. I just-”

Jughead is suddenly overcome by emotions, tears flooding his eyes. He sucks in a breath and looks away, avoiding Betty’s gaze.

“I’m sorry,” Betty whispers, clutching at his shirt. He takes a deep breath to calm himself before he looks back at her, more tears running down her face. His eyes drift towards the cut on her cheek, his hand coming up to rest softly on her jaw. He runs his thumb gently across the cut, but she flinches away, trying to hide her face behind her hair.

“Don’t,” Jughead says, brushing the hair out of the way. She looks up at him with wide eyes, her bottom lip trembling. “Don’t hide from me, Betty.”

“Why are you being so nice to me? You don’t owe me anything,” she mutters, wiping away a few tears. Jughead smiles slightly, caressing the side of her face.

“Someone needs to be,” he shrugs. She looks up at him, eyes flicking across his face, studying him. She seems to be contemplating something, her brow furrowed. Jughead just watches her, stroking his thumb across her cheek, wiping at the flowing tears. She seems to decide against telling him anything, for now, instead laying her head on his shoulder. He cradles her in his arms, and they sit like that, enjoying each other’s silence. When the sun starts to set and it starts to get cooler, Jughead realizes it’s getting late.

“We should get going,” he tells her. She freezes in his arms, and he feels her breath quicken. “Hey, hey, what’s wrong? What is it?”

“I can’t go home, I can’t. It’s not-I can’t go back,” Betty says frantically. She starts shaking her head, burying her face in his neck and mumbling things he can’t understand. He shushes her, petting her hair to calm her down.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. You come home with me, alright? I’ll keep you safe,” he assures her, his face in her hair. It takes her a moment, but she nods. Her breathing is still erratic, but she sits up straight, wiping her face. He gives her a soft smile, moving her hair behind her ear. She smiles tearfully, letting him pull her up. She leans on him as they walk to his truck, and Jughead keeps his arm tightly around her waist. It’s a start, and they still have a lot to work through, but it’s a start.

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Raven eyed Beast Boy’s…unusual getup with a healthy mixture of apprehension and amusement. The green-skinned boy donned a skin tight suit of a different variety than his typical uniform; this one was red and blue, with black lines creating a web-like look that accented the suit. It clashed heavily with his skin, but the changeling didn’t seem to care. Rather, he seemed content as he leaned across the counter and chattered with Starfire. 

She trailed her gaze across his lean form, admiring the…nice…view she had of his assets. Sure, Robin may have been known for his fine posterior, but Raven had to admit that Beast Boy was definitely not lacking in that department. His current getup proved as much. 

The costume was, as Raven understood, a part of the play he was in at the local theatre. He was playing the role of a superhero of some kind; fictional, of course. Raven had some quiet fears that they’d only cast him due to his celebrity status as an actual hero, but, he seemed happy with it, so she kept those concerns to herself. Why he was wearing the costume now, however, she didn’t know. 

Which was probably for the best. 

Beast Boy was always flitting from one idea to the next, and Raven always found it was just best to let him enjoy himself at his own whimsy. Besides, Raven didn’t mind the suit. He looked…good. 

Very good. 

She snuck another glance at the shapeshifter, her brows raising at the sight. Okay, he had looked good, when the weird mask was off. She suppressed a giggle and dropped her attention back to the book nestled in her lap. 

Full masks like the one he was wearing now tended to look a bit funny on Beast Boy, mostly because his ears stuck out a little. It was sorta cute, really, and Raven had to bite her lip to keep from giggling. It certainly didn’t help that everyone else in the room was painted with humor at the sight, either. 

It was then that the dreaded alarm went off. Raven tossed her book aside with a sigh and strode to the elevator, bracing herself for the inevitable. 

Raven muttered her mantra under her breath, her fingers twitching as her black energy danced across her fingertips. With the flick of her wrists, she launched some debris at their latest excuse of a villain, scowling as the idiot managed to dodge her blows. 

The Titans danced across Jump City’s rooftops, chasing a Red-X wannabe as they tried to break into a branch of Wayne Enterprises. It was annoying and increasingly becoming a waste of their time. 

This thief was hardly a threat, after all. She could feel the adrenaline-fueled fear pulsating from them, doing nothing more than giving her a headache. Raven urged herself onward, flying after the idiot as they leapt across another gap between buildings, nearly killing themself in the process. “Just stop,” she seethed. “You’re doing yourself no favours.” 

Their perpetrator said nothing, choosing instead to leap and dodge her every move, somehow managing to just dodge the grasp of her magic. Raven seethed, energy crackling from her fingers. This had to end soon; she was definitely getting a migraine.

 Raven launched another bolt of dark energy, only to hiss as the perp dodged it again. Stupid criminal. If they could just sit. Still.

It was then that Beast Boy rolled into her line of sight, that ridiculous costume still clothing him. She paused mid-fight, blinking as he charged at the thief. 

“Surrender, thief!” he shrieked, launching himself onto the perpetrator. All action ceased as the two tussled, throwing punches and grunts as each tried to better the other. At one point, the thief managed to push Beast Boy off, and Raven watched in what felt like a trance as they began to pull some sort of rope off of their utility belt. Beast Boy staggered on his feet and shook himself, charging at the suspect once again. “You aren’t gonna get away this time!” he yelled, right as he collided with them. 

A few things happened at once, then. The perp tripped, their rope flying from their grasp. Beast Boy and the thief then collapsed onto the roof, a fight erupting between them. They rolled around, the thief clawing to get free. Then somehow, someway, they broke free and scrambled to their feet, Beast Boy hot on their heels. 

Except neither of them seemed to realize the edge of the roof was right in front of them. The Titans let out a collective gasp of horror as both hero and villain disappeared over the ledge, the sight springing everyone back into action. 

Raven flew over the edge, her heart pounding in her chest. She had to catch him, before he-

She halted mid-air, blinking in confusion. There, hanging in a tangled lump of rope, was the ridiculously clad changeling. “Beast Boy?” she said, flying closer. “Are you alright?” 

“Yeah, I’m good,” he said, his voice muffled by the fabric covering his face. Raven could feel pain dripping off of him, and she rolled her eyes. 

“You’re a horrible liar, you know,” she said with a small smile. “I can feel your pain.” Raven reached forward and snagged the fabric of his mask, gently tugging it off of his head. A rather ruffled looking Beast Boy grinned sheepishly at her, his face red, presumably from being upside down. Raven ignored his goofy expression and laid her hand on his chest, allowing her healing powers to ebb through his body. 

“Thanks, Rae,” he murmured softly. Raven smiled, her heart catching in her throat. 

“Of course.” 

Her gaze quickly became entangled in his, and Raven found herself lingering rather close. Her hand trailed down to his face, cupping his cheek in her palm almost instinctively. She could feel his breath tickling her lips, and Raven had a sudden desire to see what his lips tasted like. 

She kissed him softly, butterflies erupting within her stomach. 

The kiss was brief and innocent, yet still left her breathless. Raven bit her lip and peered down at Beast Boy, who seemed dazed. “Whoa,” he said. “That was, um, I mean…whoa.” 

“Hey, Grass Stain, you alright?” 

Cyborg’s call interrupted the two. Raven widened the gap between them, suddenly embarrassed. 

“Yeah, I’m good!” Beast Boy hollered back. “Just, someone get me outta here, please!” He flashed Raven a bashful grin. “I’ve got plans later, anyway.” 

Raven hid her smile, those damned butterflies growing stronger. Luckily for her, she was starting to get used to the sensation. It kind of felt…nice. 

Almost as nice as kissing him. 

Ah, this was fun! It took me a bit to figure out how to proceed, but hopefully it’s cute! :D Enjoy, anon! 

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The Price 7/?

Summary: The Swan and Regina seem unconcerned about the possibility of war coming once more to Misthaven. Killian experiments with magic to slightly less disastrous effects than the last time he was left unsupervised.

Chapter List: One/Two/Three/Four/Five/Six


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Chapter Seven

It doesn’t take him long to discover there is tension between the two sorceresses he finds himself stuck with in this derelict castle. He rarely sees them in a room together where whatever conversation they’re having doesn’t devolve to an argument, and even away from each other, they seem eager to point out the faults of the other. The Swan is more civil about it, preferring to sway the conversation elsewhere the moment Regina is brought up, but Regina herself seems to hold no such qualms, and Killian finds himself, more often than not, defending the Swan, regardless of whether or not she should be defended.

It’s strange - Regina has quite clearly known her far longer than Killian, and yet, even the qualities which drive Killian to annoyance on a daily basis, when being dissected by this interloper in the castle, are met with a stubborn wall of resistance.

Regina finds it amusing, and seems to find no issue in teasing the both of them about Killian’s ready defense of all the Swan’s least likeable qualities.

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the parent trap pt10 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (10/12)

Words: 1.8k

Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. what happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp?

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(Y/N) rolled her eyes at Archie as he once again let out a frustrated groan. She looked up at the red haired man, trying to note the differences from when she last saw him. She remembered the fear that shone in his eyes as she said goodbye to her daughter. She remembered the way his eyesbrows were furrowed and how he kept his tears back. She remembered it so clearly. She remembered how much she wanted him to beg her to stay and not leave. She remembered the pain she felt when she left her daughter and boyfriend behind. Even though, Archie Andrews was distressed at the sight of her, he knew that groaning wasn’t going to get them anywhere.

“Why did you leave?” he asked her, sitting down with his back against the doors. “God, I can’t even remember the reason why you left.”

“The twins,” (Y/N) spoke with all intentions on changing the topic, however she was interrupted by Archie snapping up from his previous position and making his way towards her.

“Don’t you dare change the subject.” He grumbled “You d-don’t get to do this to me, (Y/N)! You don’t get to change the subject this time.”

“Archie,” she sighed “I really don’t want to argue. Look, it was ten years ago and you’ve clearly moved on, so let’s not dwell on the past.”

Archie looked at her, his eyes begging for her to do something, to say something else. She was in no way right. He had moved on but it wasn’t so clear to him anymore, not when she was there a mere metre away from him. “No, please, let’s dwell on the past. Tell me why you had to hurt me so bad, (Y/N), because I deserve closure.”

“I left because you really hurt me, Archie, not only that you physically hurt my brother. Archie, we were arguing constantly. I didn’t want the twins to grow up in an unhappy environment.”

“Unhappy? If you think the environment Amelia spent her first nine years in a happy environment, you must really be mad.” He let out a deep sigh as he saw her bow her head slightly, afraid that he might just see the tears in her eyes. “You know, (Y/N), just because you took the arguing out of the equation, it doesn’t mean the environment became this happy place with sunshines and rainbows. I don’t blame you for leaving. God. I blame myself.”

“It was a joint thing, Arch. No one was to blame, really.” she smiled “Let’s not argue, for the sake of Aria and Amelia.”

“They know?” He asked, looking at her as she moved over to sit next to him. “They know about each other?”

(Y/N) nodded, grinning as she looked him in the eye “You did such a terrific job with raising Amelia.”

“What do you mean?” His tone sounded confused and childlike, reminding her of all the times she had spent with him throughout her childhood and teen-hood alike.

“Arch, they found each other at camp and switched on us. I’ve had Amelia for all this time. She’s such a wonderful girl. You’ve done a better job than I ever would’ve.”

“Wait, so I-I’ve had Aria all this time?” Archie asked, his eyes glimmering “Why didn’t I see it earlier?”

(Y/N) raised an eyebrow at him, nodding her head slightly urging him to tell her what he wanted to say. She didn’t want to interfere with him, in case she would disrupt his train of thoughts. “There was this one time, I caught Lillian, you remember her, right? Well, I caught her crying whilst she was looking at Amel-Aria. I didn’t think anything of it, I just thought Lil was proud of her.”

“Oh God, I miss Lillian, she was the only one in the Andrews household who kept me sane.” (Y/N) commented, earning a playful nudge from Archie. “So, I’m guessing we’ll be in here together for while. Catch me up with things.”

Aria and Amelia sat on the cushioned seats, waiting for both their parents to come downstairs. Betty, Jughead, Kevin, Lillian and Veronica were all nearby, waiting in anticipation, much like the twins. Despite the size of the hotel, the seven of them knew that it was just a matter of time until Archie discovered he was under the same roof as his ex-girlfriend. However, it was unknown to them that it had already happened and in the most cliché fashion.

Archie and (Y/N) sat facing one another, their stomachs aching from laughter.

“Oh god, remember that terrible 1963 film you absolutely loved?”

“Loved? I still love that film.”

Archie grinned at (Y/N), seeing her eyes light up from the mention of the film she loved so dearly. “It was the worst thing I had to sit through.” Archie commented, causing (Y/N) to throw a mint at him.

“No, you’re mad. The film is amazing.”

“You only found out about it in our ninth grade literature class. I genuinely told myself I was going to break up with your nerdy ass after you made me watch it the week after.”

“What stopped you, eh?” she raised an eyebrow at him, causing him to grin once more. He couldn’t remember the last time they were like this, without the arguing and without the stress of being parents.

“The Mantle brothers adored you and they were terrifying.”

“Ollie and Reggie. How are they? Oh my god, Tom must be so big now.”

“He’s developed a little crush on Amelia. It’s adorable.”

(Y/N) gasped as Archie continued to catch her up on the Mantles. She had missed so much in her home town. Betty and Veronica never caught her up in this much depth. She beamed as Archie began to talk about the places she used to love.

“Do you think they’re fucking?” Veronica asked, causing Betty to punch her arm.

“Ronnie, the twins are literally eleven.”

“And? Their parents are nowhere to be seen. Only evidence they’re still alive is Miranda acting as if she knows exactly where he is.”

(Y/N) pushed herself up as the lights came on. It seemed as if they two of them had been stuck in the small space forever, although it had only been roughly two hours. “So, what’s going to happen now? We can’t separate the twins now.”

“I guess, I’ll have them for six months and you have them for the other six.”

“How will that work with them being in school?” (Y/N) frowned “We can’t exactly make them move half way through the school year.”

“I could probably move back to Riverdale, get Aria and I a house, maybe ask Jug to move back with us.”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that, you have your shop and your grandparents would be absolutely gutted if you left them once again.”

Aria sighed, she had been waiting for her mum to arrive since twelve in the afternoon and it was nearing six in the evening. Whilst everyone had gone back to their rooms, she stayed sat in the lobby waiting for her mother to finally arrive. In the corner of her eye, she spotted them. Her mother and father sat at the bar, discussing like old friends would. Nothing about them seemed romantic and Aria disliked it. She wanted her parents back together. God knows, what the girl would do to make it happen? Her mother threw her head back in laughter, whilst her father took a sip of his drink, his eyes crinkled up from his smile.

Aria wanted nothing more than to run over there and shout at her mother for skipping their breakfast plans to spend her entire day with a man who was no longer hung up on her, but she noticed the way her mother gave him quick glances when he looked away, almost as if she was afraid for Archie to catch her looking. Aria may have been young but she recognised it then. The look of defeat on her mother’s face as she accepted that the path she had chosen was unrequited love. They didn’t seem to have a romantic vibe because it was a one way thing and nothing broke Aria’s heart more. Nothing could ever make her frown in a childlike manner as the thought of her father not returning her mother’s love for him to her.

(Y/N) looked away from Archie and saw her daughter looking over at them with a small frown on her face. She nodded her head over, inviting her to join them, but Aria shook her head before walking towards the elevators.

“Is Archie still alive?” Lillian asked the trio who were all sat in (Y/N) and Aria’s hotel room. “Wait, is (Y/N) still alive? The pair of ‘em seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth.”

“Room service and Netflix whilst we wait for our ever so loving (Y/N) to reappear?” Veronica raised her eyebrow at the group in front of her. “By the way, Amelia is covering for Archie and told Miranda, he was out buying her something special.”

Aria walked into the room, out of breath, almost as if she had climbed up the stairs and ran around the corridors. Her face red and his breathing hard. “Mum,” she said in between her breaths “Dad, bar.”

“Ri, you okay?” Betty asked, springing up from the bed, making the rest of the group chuckle.

“No worries auntie Betty, I’m getting my breath back now.”

“What’s wrong? You sound like you’ve just ran a marathon?” Amelia asked, practically rushing over to her twin sister.

“Mum didn’t turn up for breakfast because she been with dad.”

“So they’ve seen each other? Is that why no-one can get in contact with either of them?”

“Aria! It’s time to leave!” (Y/N) shouted as she stood in the corridor, facing Archie. His eyes never coming off her.

“I’ll send Aria back in time for your wedding, I can promise you that, Archie Andrews.”

“Actually, the wedding’s off.” he frowned.

Aria and Amelia stood listening behind the door, giving each other a high-five as their father confirmed their suspicions. Although, Aria was sure her father no longer loved her mother, Amelia had spent every last breath convincing her otherwise. Behind them, Jughead, Veronica and Lillian let out a squeal, whilst Betty shook her head in shock.

Archie took (Y/N)’s silence as his cue to continue. “She hated Amel, no, Aria. God, I’ll never get used to that.” he chuckled slightly as (Y/N) nodded her head in agreement. “I couldn’t marry her. Not like that. I should’ve ended it before it got to this point.”

“What made you change your mind?” (Y/N) raised her eyebrow, looking at him with a playful look on her face.

“You. You did.”

As a child and later a teenager, Tammy Lynn Leppert won almost every beauty contest she participated in. She also worked as a model and had started a film career, with small roles in the movies “Scarface” (1983) and “Spring break” (1983). It was after she finished filming the latter, in July 1982, that she started to behave strangely, according to her family. A year later, she went missing.

Tammy was last seen on July 6th, 1983, when she was 18 years old. That morning she went out with a male friend and never came back home. The friend claims that they got involved in a verbal argument and she asked him to let her out of the car. He dropped her near a gas station in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Her mother Linda says that Tammy changed after going to the wrap party for the shooting of “Spring break”. According to her, after coming back from it she seemed withdrawn, increasingly paranoid and believed someone was trying to kill her. Later, in March 1983, while she was filming “Scarface”, she had a breakdown on set after witnessing a scene of someone getting shot. She had to quit and go back home. A few days before he disappearence, she had another meltdown. Her mother took her to a mental hospital to get an evaluation, but aside from determining there were no drugs in her system, nothing came from that, even though she spent 72 hours on observation. She disappeared the day after her release.

There are several theories in this case. One is that Tammy ran away willingly because of family problems, a mental illness or another reason. Another, believed by Linda, is that her daughter saw or experienced something in that party that made her a target. Suspects that have been linked to this case are serial killer Christopher Wilder and John Brennan Crutchley, who kidnapped and raped a woman in Florida in 1985 and drank her blood until he almost killed her, which earned him the nickname of “Vampire Rapist”. He’s a suspect in several murders and kidnappings, but was never tried for them and committed suicide in 2002, while serving a life sentence.

to keep you warm

pairing: victuuri
words: 8374
rating: teen and up
tags: emerald city inspired fantasy au, witches, ice and fire powers, fate & destiny, opposites attract, pining, fluff, mild gore, happy ending, kissing, implied chris/phichit, yuri is the best wingman even if it’s chris who is more helpful, heavy on metaphors

summary: How do you love someone who you can’t touch? Simple – with a force of burning fire, enough to melt your heart.

or simply the fic where Victor is the Witch of the North and Yuuri is the principal apprentice of the Rising Sun and they can’t be around each other without someone getting hurt (it’s Victor, it’s always Victor)


A/N: below you will find the fic, accompanied by art the incredible @maniacani did for me, so please go take a moment to appreciate her beautiful work! I’m so happy with how everything turned out ahhh YALL GO COMMISSION ANYA RN SHE’S WORTH ALL THE MONEY I PROMISE!!!!!

ps. it might be a good idea to read on ao3 ^u^)b


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Learning How to Love, Childhood Friends AU

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been so inactive as of late, university and family are kicking my ass and I’ve had a few more obligations than usual. I plan to get back to the original story ASAP, but wanted to offer this to any mystic messenger newcomers or past readers in the meantime. This particular piece was a special gift for my amazing friend @talesofbiro that I found while I was preparing for the next chapter of LHTL, and forgot that I didn’t share it here. Since I’m rather fond of this particular work, I figured I’d do so now. I hope you all enjoy it, and a very happy new year to you all despite my acute absence for the start of it!

Note: MC will be referred to as Ha-Yun in this story in the third person instead of blanks or Y/N. There are only mild spoilers for Jumin’s route.

As usual, thank you so much to all who have read/liked/reblogged/replied to my original posts. I am beyond grateful for all the wonderful reactions and excitement that followed my previous chapters. 

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like me to tag you in future chapter posts, as I am more than happy to do so!

To those of you who haven’t read the first chapters of LHTL or the Vampire Jumin fic and would like to, here are links to each:

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Vampire Jumin: Of Secrets and Love

Vampire Jumin NSFW

Cavities are coming kiddies, it’s time for the sweet hurt/comfort fluff!

The Power of a Flower

Thirty minutes before his next lesson, and the monotony was as stifling as ever. He stared listlessly at the slate walls of the C&R lobby where he was told to wait with Driver Kim, anticipating his new tutor’s arrival to drive him to the Han residence. His father had wanted to show him around the office today. And though it was fun to be led around and told with sincere gravity the importance of his future, he was going back to the mansion soon. A place filled with empty rooms and an even more vacant, perpetually smiling staff; each robotic inquiry regarding the state of his health more unsettling than the last. As proud as he was to fulfill his father’s legacy, he couldn’t help the restlessness in his limbs at the prospect of returning home. He wished he could spend more days talking with Jihyun, or sitting in the garden to read, or simply spending some time with his thoughts. But whenever he expressed that desire to his father, he was always met with the same response.

“This is for your own good, Jumin,” He would say, patting his shoulder affectionately. “I know you’ll be an even greater director than I am someday. You’ll have plenty of time for that when summer comes along.”

Jumin never had the heart to argue with his father after that, conceding that he had a fair point. There would be plenty of time; meanwhile he had a necessary role to fulfill.

So he waited, ever the loyal and diligent son everybody decided he was. Eventually, Driver Kim went to retrieve the car while Jumin was left behind with the security guard as usual; a huge, vigilant mass towering before him. Under the familiar shadow Jumin let out a small sigh, his shoulders curling in as he waited. Before he could wonder what level of algebra he would be met with today–always a fascinating challenge–he jumped when a finger prodded his shoulder. Brows furrowing, he turned to meet a pair of sapphire eyes shining back at him curiously.

There stood a little girl in faded jeans and a cerise shirt patterned with ivory flowers, like the kind that grew near the playground he and Jihyun so often frequented. He frowned as a measure of apprehension deadened his limbs, confusion invading his thoughts as he wondered what it was she wanted. Another little girl and her mother trying to play house again, perhaps?

“Hiya! What’s your name?” She asked brightly from the other side of the bench.

He blinked, surprised. Had she never seen a tabloid? He fiddled with the little cufflinks at the end of his sleeves, a gift from his father. “Jumin Han.” The cool, regular shape of the smooth metal soothed him.

“I’m Ha-Yun!” She smiled when he finally responded.

He stared at her and she giggled at his blank look. Either she was of a separate mind all together, or she was incredibly bubbly by nature. Regardless, he couldn’t help but find the optimism infectious despite lingering skepticism, his shoulders relaxing in the confines of his suit as he followed her beckoning to the adjacent main hall.

“My papa’s busy fixing the lights in the offices, so I came exploring! It was boring in those big gray squares.” She grimaced as she remembered, as if the thought had been torture enough. “But I heard there was a pretty garden at the very tippity top of the building.” She whispered the last part conspiratorially, as if it was meant for his ears alone as she held out her hand. “Want to come see it with me?” It was an earnest request, no threat of unspoken disapproval or forced kindness in a single syllable. She just wanted to go see flowers, if her shirt was any indication.

He gazed at her hand for a long moment, unable to understand why he was even considering risking his father’s rage over a random stranger’s proposition. Perhaps it was something about the way those eyes sparkled at him, joyous and unrepentant. She was not in the least unsettled by his apathetic mien or the consequences sure to follow such a reckless decision. But most of all, maybe it was the way she had approached without a moment’s hesitation to invite him along for an adventure; to her Jumin Han was little more than a name, just another boy at school or on the playground.

“Do you know where the garden is?” Jumin asked quietly, still a bit wary despite his decision to join her.

She lowered her hand and shook her head, but she was no less unperturbed. “Nope, but I know the elevator had a map next to it!”

He raised a brow as he followed her with measured steps towards the company elevator at the end of the hall, surprised at how observant she was. People that had worked here for years knew nothing of the garden at the top of the building, yet she had pinpointed the location in a matter of seconds in the short time she was here. No less than that, she had also chosen a time in which the halls were veritably empty, as most employees had now returned to work after the collective lunch break that left them meandering and dashing about the building.

He watched with mild amusement as she moved as stealthily as possible, looking back and forth and grinning whenever she noticed him behind her. She was already staring at the map when he neared her position, leaning forward to trace the floor number. He gazed with fascination at the waves of hair that obscured her face–a warm golden brown like the gourmet chocolate his father loved so much–with a few strands here and there lighter than the base color. His hand lifted to touch it, enthralled with the hue, until he remembered that it wasn’t acceptable behavior and began fiddling with his cufflinks again. He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable just to satisfy his curiosity.

“This one! Floor eighty-three!” She declared triumphantly, pressing the ascension button on the elevator and tapping her foot as she waited, her head oscillating to a silent rhythm.

She was so different from the other children he’d met; in her own little world despite sharing this moment with him, content to stand beside him in the silence. But then, perhaps he had little room to speak. He often overheard his instructors and father say the same thing about him with various levels of approval. And her disposition didn’t seem estranging so much as endearing. He wanted to be here and share in this moment with her, wanted to discover more about why she wanted to see flowers and why there seemed to be music in her mind and why she had asked him to come along. He had so many questions and yet he had no voice to ask them no matter how welcome she made him feel; afraid that a single word from him would break the spell and she would disappear, as fleeting as she was captivating. Instead he simply waited alongside her, entering as the door opened and watching her press the floor number with a spring in her step.

As soon as the doors closed he approached the console and utilized the override his father often did to ensure they could get to the desired floor without any interruptions, holding down the door-closing key until they arrived. Ha-Yun stared at his outstretched hand and flat expression inquisitively, but otherwise made no move to stop him.

When they reached their destination without incident she jumped out of the elevator as Jumin exited with sure footsteps, the doors slinking closed behind them. He flexed his numb fingers to coax the feeling back into his arm as she stood frozen mere steps away from the threshold, taking everything in for a long moment. He watched her expression morph from curious excitement to breathless awe, enchanted by the enormous window panes letting in every last shred of sunlight and illuminating the room full of flowers of every hue. From roses, to orchids, to lilacs, to zinnias, to any flower imaginable; they were all here. And by the looks of it, Ha-Yun hadn’t expected such a stunning arrangement or thorough display, a veritable rainbow of blossoms there for her perusal.

Jumin simply observed, her inability to decide where to start adorable. But she did eventually make a beeline for the white ones, searching the flowerbed for something as she scoured every inch. Silent as a shadow he waited, his ears trained on the elevator. He might not be in all that much trouble for wandering off, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t be without the proper authorization. If anybody asked, it would be a simple matter of explanation that he was the one to suggest the excursion while she was the one to follow.

“Found it!” She hopped up with a small bloom in hand, cupping it gently in her hands and cooing over her find as he looked on with fond satisfaction.

He was taken aback when her head rose and sought him out, cobalt eyes fixating on his still form before she rose from her crouched position and approached him. His hands immediately sought out his cufflinks, restless digits pushing the metal squares in and out of their niche until she was about a foot away from him. With deft fingers, she reached forward to tuck her favorite flower into his caught pocket right beside the lilac handkerchief his father had gifted him a few months ago. He blinked and looked down as she retreated, intrigued by the star-shaped blossom peaking out from the onyx fabric.

“There,” She murmured, a soft smile on her face. “It matches your suit perfectly, I had a feeling it would.”

When he looked back to her, he noticed the flower on his chest matched the ones strewn across the bottom right corner of her shirt. “What is it called?” He asked, before he could think to wonder why the information mattered.

She had already begun perusing the orchids when she turned around to find him caressing the flower with delicate strokes of his thumb. “Jasmine, it’s my favorite!” She replied cheerfully, grinning at the sight of a faint blush on his pale cheeks.

As she continued to explore each section he returned to where she was searching before, looking for another jasmine blossom. Nothing seemed to meet his standards until he found one shaped to perfection, picking it with extreme care while he waited for her to finish. He settled for watching the wonder bloom across her face each time she recognized a familiar flower, enraptured and more beautiful than any of the silken petals surrounding her. He felt no impatience with this uncharacteristic indolence, only indulgent contentment as his silver eyes followed her unerringly. From time to time she would beckon him to observe her find, too ecstatic to keep it to herself; and each and every time he would appreciate the discovery with her. When she had finally had her fill she spotted him and trotted back with a sheepish smile, eyeing the sun’s progression in the sky with a measure of trepidation.

“We should probably get back,” She explained, concern creasing her features. “Papa will be worried. And I’m sure your papa will be looking for you too. I’m sorry I kept you so long…”

But Jumin shook his head, holding out the jasmine he picked out with a small smile. “Not at all, I enjoyed myself.” He murmured, reaching out tentatively until he shrank back when her eyes widened. But she just leaned forward, letting him place the bloom behind her ear. “Thank you for today.”

She beamed at him and took his hand within her bronze one, leading him out of the garden towards the elevator. He felt a foreign warmth pervade him from head to toe as they walked together, starting from where their hands were joined and unlike any other bliss he had ever known as her fingers closed over his. He had never felt so…comfortable, so connected to another person in his life. He had his father, who loved him dearly but was rarely ever present. There was his mother, who was often more preoccupied with keeping her figure and the latest Lucy Button handbag than being anywhere near him. There were the attendants at home who were all too afraid of losing their position to speak to him earnestly. The only bond that could rival the feeling was the one he shared with Jihyun; but there was a distinct difference he couldn’t quite place, a variation he had no name for. But it ceased to matter as they entered the elevator, the thought lost as they descended back down to the lobby. Instead, he became plagued by the thought that he may never see her again, his hand tightening slightly over hers. As soon as he did she looked over and noticed his crestfallen expression, the radiance now gone as his free hand tugged at his cufflinks.

“Jumin?” She asked. Shocked, he blinked, removed from his train of thought as he looked up with wide eyes.


“We’ll meet again someday, so please don’t be sad. I’ll make sure of it, I promise!” Fierce determination hardened her expression as she gazed at him, a stubborn will that went unmatched by any he had ever seen before. So much so that he felt no doubt–despite what his usual pragmatism suggested–that she would find a way. Looking up to her tall form it almost seemed like she could move mountains to do whatever she pleased, and she was more than clever enough to achieve any aspiration with her perceptive nature. He’d always been so used to others looking to him for guidance, others expecting him to lead and decide how things must proceed that it was strange to meet an equal. She didn’t need anybody to make a decision for her, she could have taken that journey alone and been just fine.

Which begged the question: why did she ask him to come along? She didn’t seem like the type to grow lonely no matter how much she enjoyed extraneous company. So what was it that made her ask him? Had she known who he was and what that meant all along? But she was too sincere for that, nothing about their adventure felt forced so much as done on a whim within a window of opportunity.

Before he had the chance to ask the doors slid open to reveal the back of his father’s trademark suit, a finger tapping against his arm as he stood next to Driver Kim. Jumin sighed, knowing the coming hours wouldn’t be pleasant but unable to feel any bitterness or regret. He was always cautious to follow the rules, one incident wasn’t a cause for too much trouble. The worst that would happen would be an acute scolding and a demand to make up the work he missed. Otherwise his father trusted disobedience was more a matter of circumstance than haphazard rebellion, and no cause for severe retribution.

“I’ll see you later! Thanks for everything!” She enthused before she scampered off towards the stairs, climbing up three steps at a time to wherever her father likely was. He resisted the urge to go after her and make sure she didn’t hurt herself, wishing she had stayed just a moment longer. Shaking his head, he approached the pair of men and explained where he’d been, stoic and neutral as ever though his father glared with vehement disapproval. Jumin was surprised, however, to find that his gaze softened when he mentioned Ha-Yun’s desire to go see the garden, evidence of their excursion clear on his suit. Rather than a berating he was met with boisterous laughter and a clap on the back, pride beaming from his father’s face. Though Jumin didn’t quite understand why at the time, he figured it was better than being met with vitriol over something as trivial as a day’s lessons lost.

He never imagined that the magnitude of his father’s retribution would be nothing compared to the years of wondering if he’d ever see her again. As a boy his days were spent searching the playgrounds and streets for that mysterious flow of hair, memories of the sun-kissed shade of her skin chasing him as he watched the other children play tag among the flowering jasmine. Though the chances of encountering her were low, her fervency made him hopeful. He often spoke to Jihyun about what happened, appreciating his insight and optimism that he would see her again. The heart was a funny thing; no matter how focused he was his instructors would often find curious doodles of star-shaped blossoms in the corners of his worksheets.

But years passed and the potency of the memory diminished, his months consumed by preparation and study for his future position as director of the company. He would come to the decision that there was nothing to gain by seeking her out and holding on to that hope. There was no time for something impossible and futile. If she hadn’t appeared in over a decade, the likelihood that she would return was infinitesimal, and therefore negligible. It ceased to matter, and thoughts of her became scarce; she simply became another unreconciled disappointment to bury among the rest.

There would be those off days, however; as he was walking the streets surrounding the C&R building or attending another gala, when he would hear her name clear as a bell. And his head would whip around to the source, slate irises ravenous for a glimpse of her as they tore through the immediate vicinity. But it was only a lesson on how emotions made a person foolish and overzealous, his gaze pinpointing a stranger much too young or much too old to be the Ha-Yun he’d been expecting. Their hair was always the wrong color and their eyes didn’t sparkle the right way and they were woefully inattentive. Eventually Jumin couldn’t be sure what hurt more; the fact that it was not her or the fact that he could never erase the hope that it someday would be.

Just as he was beginning to defeat the habit the RFA gained a new member by sheer chance, an unexpected intruder approved by V. Though the circumstances surrounding the young woman’s entry were highly suspicious, her words were so resolute and shrewd that he had trouble believing she was a potential threat. She sounded more like a remarkable individual ensnared in a number of unfortunate circumstances, equally as confused as the other members.

Her name? Ha-Yun.

The shock struck him so hard when V addressed her that the phone fell from his hands to his desk, his blank stare looking past the dimming screen. No, he insisted, it couldn’t be. It was just another coincidence. Probability was being cruel, as per usual.

But it didn’t stop him from monitoring her responses to the members closely each day, including himself. And she proved to be perceptive, witty, and jovial; all things reminiscent of her. Even greater than that, it felt as though that tenuous connection he remembered feeling had been rekindled and strengthened with every shared conversation. He often found himself waiting during the day for the moments in which he could join the messenger, knowing that she would be there. It became a safer place for discussion than he could ever remember the chats being, his words met with equal enthusiasm and meaningful intent. Much to the RFA’s consternation, they often grew absorbed in their discourse and shared similar views no matter the opposition they faced from the others.

For the first time in what felt like ages, he didn’t feel alone.

As the saying went, however, nothing gold can stay. The excitement of her arrival was drowned in a surprising change of heart from his father, his newest companion demanding that Jumin marry her student. Convinced that it would better both Jumin and the company, his father implemented drastic and invasive measures to force his hand. No matter how many times Jumin protested with legitimate concerns and reasonable explanations that it was neither fair nor productive to force a marriage with a near nonexistent company, he would have none of it.

At an absolute loss Jumin confided in the messenger, his only resource left. Unsurprisingly, most of the RFA assumed he was exaggerating. How forceful could his father truly be? What of Assistant Kang’s increasing work load? He was just faking and complaining, other people had more difficult things in life to contend with. And perhaps they were right, his concerns were often of a smaller magnitude compared to those of lesser means.

But Ha-Yun vehemently opposed every word of it. She declared that it was Jumin’s right to decide what made him happy in life, that defying his father’s demands didn’t make him an unreasonable son or a terrible person. When his father’s betrayal had been overwhelming, she believed every word of his retelling and the genuine anguish the events had elicited. Above all else, when everybody had either doubted or abandoned him she had planted her feet at his side and extended a hand, tenacious and unshakeable in her desire to help him. Even when there was nothing he could do for her–he couldn’t even do something as simple as send her a bodyguard to watch over her under the threat of the hacker–she stayed. And it no longer mattered if she was the original Ha-Yun or not. All he knew was that she cared more for him than anybody ever had in his life, and that he wanted to keep her in his life.

He never anticipated that she would be the one to come to him, under Assistant Kang’s request no less. When he opened the door to the penthouse–confused and paranoid and desperate–there she stood. Much to his dismay, all he could do was stare, his vocal chords failing him indefinitely. Calm and radiant, she met his eyes without any measure of discomfort or reluctance.

“Hello Jumin,” Her smile was thoughtful and kind, with a hint of apology. “I’m sorry I kept you waiting so long.”

Brows furrowed, he opened his mouth to reassure her that he understood how cumbersome afternoon traffic could be, until her hand rose to place an obscuring strand of hair behind her ear. Doing so revealed animated sapphire eyes blazing with intensity and conviction, and a hair clip adorned with an intricate jasmine. All he could do was stare for a long moment, feeling as though he’d been sucker punched.

“Ha-Yun?” He managed to say, breathless.

She beamed at the recognition in his voice, “That’s me!” She affirmed before she sobered. “It’s great to see you again, Jumin. I could only wish it had been under better circumstances. Are you sure you’re okay?”

And all of a sudden, everything made sense. Because “Want to come see it with me?” sounded strangely identical to “Are you sure you’re okay?” She hadn’t been lost or confused or lonely that day. On the contrary, she had been worried about him.

Without thinking he reached out and tugged her into a tight embrace, holding her close by the waist as he buried his face in her hair. “Now I am.” He murmured lowly, as if he couldn’t bear another second mere inches away from her. Steady hands reached around to his back, soothing him with light, ataractic strokes; not in the least unsettled by his gesture. Almost as if she had wanted to hold him just as much as he wanted to hold her. The thought filled him with a hope he didn’t think he would feel ever again. “Thank you for everything, Ha-Yun.” 

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kirigakure saizo x mc (unnamed)

a/n: ANOTHER REQUEST I’VE NEVER GOTTEN THIS MANY BEFORE. THANK YOU SO MUCH. *SCREAMS* anyway, saizo seems to be very popular with these requests (not that i’m complaining)! this one is for @ashnashunthoo from this list, prompt 18 - underwater kiss!

Saizo learned at a young age that serving under Sanada Yukimura also meant serving under Takeda Shingen, a fact which was both entertaining and irritating. It wasn’t that he didn’t get along with Shingen—in fact he hadn’t ever had a real problem with him, surprisingly—so much as the fact that Shingen liked to increase morale in what Saizo found to be the most frivolous ways possible.

He would almost call them family outings, such was their style; Shingen would gather all his most war-torn men, and a few necessary servants to attend them, and set off on the road. He almost never told them where they were going, and it had a tendency to make Saizo itch with anxiety.

Not that he showed this, but he was sure those he kept in his company could see the stiffness in his shoulders as they walked along. It was always bad enough when Sasuke asked if something was wrong, Momofuku perched on his shoulder—worse when a certain stubborn, familiar, cross-dressing cook from Kyoto keeps sneaking glances at him and biting the inside of her (or, currently his) cheek.

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rainyyafternoons  asked:

That post you made about lion switching; I think you're right about them not being able to form voltron bc in the trailer Hunk (I think it's him) says something like that

yes! so in the trailer (which i’m assuming everyone’s seen but if not it’s {here}) that alien dude says “Where’s Voltron?” and Hunk goes “We can’t form Voltron anymore” and Kolivan says “That cannot stand”.

So it’s unclear whether this means: (1) we can’t form Voltron because we’re down one Paladin and therefore only have four Lions (because Shiro is missing) OR (2) we can’t form Voltron even though we replaced a Paladin because we’re not bonded properly anymore.

One thing does spring out at me though: Hunk says “We can’t form Voltron anymore.” Not “at the moment” or “right now”; anymore. That, combined with the fact that they’re out on a mission and it seems like business as usual suggests that some time might have passed between Shiro disappearing and the trailer. If it was immediately after Shiro’s disappearance, I’d expect Hunk to say “we can’t form Voltron right now” - ‘anymore’ suggests some time has passed and this is the new status quo.

Some other evidence to suggest a bit of a time jump: Kolivan and the Blade of Marmora are openly working with Voltron, and they seem to be pretty comfortable with each other. Hunk and Lance are like… chillin on a mission with Kolivan, and there’s a whole SWAT team of Marmorans jumping out of a spaceship. This looks like the New Normal for team Voltron.

And that… raises all sorts of questions. How much time has passed? Are they still looking for Shiro? Does this mean their search for Shiro was fruitless and they don’t know what else to try? Is this causing a rift in the team? Who’s on team “we have to keep looking no matter what” and who’s on team “we have to be pragmatic and keep going”? Who’s on team “it’s time to let someone else try and pilot the Black Lion” and who’s on team “how dare you stand where he stood”? If there has indeed been a bit of a time jump, what has Shiro been doing this whole time? 

I have questions, my dudes. I HAVE QUESTIONS.

It happens so quickly: one moment, the road is clear, and the next, a clutch of Saviours are bearing down on them like a hurricane sweeping towards the shore. Gunshots and people swearing filter through the dust kicked off of the road, the whistling through the trees which flank either side of the highway. Jesus’s heart slams into overdrive as he spins around, trying to get a clear view. Dante and Eduardo are making progress, pursuing the attackers into the dust cloud, and behind him Tara is shouting as she deftly takes down walkers with clean shots between the eyes. Jesus cuts through the dust, working his way over to Daryl, who lets off a few shots with his rifle before letting out a grunt of pain and crumpling over his knee.

Time stops as Jesus spots the splash of blood on the pavement, and Daryl, caught off guard by the injury, is immediately pulled down by walkers. There’re only two, but they’re strong and undaunted enough to overpower Daryl, who disappears beneath their grasping, skinless limbs.

Jesus springs forward, but he’s not fast enough, tripping over himself and swearing in his head oh God come on let me get to him, watching a bullet blast through the head of one walker and slamming his knife into the skull of the second. Daryl is able to get upright; there’s blood on his hands and legs but he seems cognizant, though he lets out an agonized sob when he bends his leg to sit up on the asphalt.

Eduardo and Tara gather to surround the two of them, guns raised, and Jesus doesn’t even ask if it’s a bite before frantically ripping and pulling back Daryl’s pant leg to reveal the wound. It’s a gunshot, a through-and-through, and he’s bleeding a lot.

“Fuck, fuck…” someone is swearing, Jesus thinks it’s Daryl or it might be himself. He plants his gloved hands over the wound to apply pressure, spinning around and grabbing for something, anything, until he finds a cloth in his hand. It’s an extra shirt, he realizes, and he doesn’t know who gave it to him but he quickly replaces his hand with it, tying it tight around Daryl’s leg, just under the knee, staunching the seeping blood.

“We gotta…gotta…” Jesus mutters, reaching for Daryl’s hands to try and support him up. Daryl lets out a groan as he straightens his leg again, panting and whining through the pain but standing just the same. He can stand. Jesus thanks whoever’s listening for the small mercy—but gunshots still ring out around them, popping through the bark of trees and ricocheting off of the asphalt. They haven’t run into Saviours like this—ones who shoot first and antagonize later—but ever since the last battle drew Negan out, the entire faction has been a powder keg, ignorant, terrified, and worst of all, over-armed.

“We gotta get you back to Hilltop, come on, it’s not far—” Jesus mumbles, reaching out to touch Daryl’s arm, only to have it pushed away.

“No!” Daryl yelps, pain evident on his reddening face. At least it’s not turning white, Jesus thinks with growing horror, as the image of Daryl reanimating and lunging at him makes his stomach turn. “Lemme go. I’ll lead ’em off.”

Eduardo and Tara hear the comment—it’s hard to miss it with the determined way Daryl shouts it, his voice cracking over the chaos around them. They both shoot Jesus anxious looks that he returns, at a loss. His mind can’t even comprehend what Daryl said, white noise filling in between his ears as the surrounding gunshots pound in his head.

“No, no, Daryl,” Jesus moans, “don’t. You can’t—” Tears spring to his eyes. This can’t be. This can’t be it.

“Get me on one’a their bikes,” Daryl shouts, pointing at an overturned motorcycle. Eduardo and Dante rush forward to upright it, setting down the kickstand and then returning to sentry. Daryl stumbles over to it and Jesus grabs him, supporting him as he swings his uninjured leg over and digs into the pedal. He lets out a cry of pain that he tries to bite down as he lifts himself up on his bleeding leg, stifling a whimper. He slings his rifle onto his back and stares at Jesus.

Jesus’s eyes are wide, his mouth slack and blood pounding in his ears. The voices crying no please no not now quiet and there’s nothing but silence and cold. Daryl’s dagger-sharp expression is grim, but his gaze doesn’t waver from Jesus’s.

“Listen, I’m—” Daryl begins, voice dragging out of him like it weighs a ton.

“Don’t,” Jesus protests, “can’t—”

“Listen!” Daryl shouts as gunfire sparks up anew in the distance. His eyes are vibrant through the smoke and dust and they narrow into a desperate glare. “I ain’t never got to say goodbye! Not to Beth, Glenn, my brother, none’a them! So let me say it!”

Jesus’s eyes feel hot as he leans closer, puts his arms around Daryl’s neck, rests one hand on his shoulder, the other cupping his head, sifting through thin, sweaty locks.

Daryl blinks at him a moment, lips twisted in a melancholy frown, eyes dark. He licks his lips like he wants to say something important but words just don’t work. He opens his lips.


Jesus breaks down sobbing. He squeezes his hand in Daryl’s hair, knowing he’s pulling tight enough to hurt but everything in his body hurts at once.

“Hey,” Daryl whispers, trying to get Jesus to look at him again. Agonizingly he looks up, catches Daryl’s gaze, and sees it the kindest and most vulnerable it’s ever been.

“Goodbye, Daryl,” he mutters back, leaning in to nuzzle Daryl’s nose with his own. Their foreheads come together, Daryl’s face still twisted in pain as he leans nearer, turns his jaw to place a kiss on Jesus’s lips. It’s quick, just a see you later, be back soon kiss, and for a moment Jesus can actually imagine that’s all it is before Daryl pulls away and the sound of battle comes back.

“Drop your stuff on the side of the road, make it look like y’all ran away,” Daryl calls out, and the group immediately complies, tossing bags and spent firearms on the pavement, “hide there in the bushes—” he points to a patch of brush in a ditch—“and come back out once I led them off.”

Adrenaline carries Jesus off of the road, and he, Tara, Eduardo and Dante skid into the bushes, throwing themselves low to the ground and listening through the ash cloud as Daryl’s bike revs up, the engine so loud it sends a shooting pain through Jesus’s head. He can’t see straight. Daryl’s last, ringing, “this way, motherfuckers!” echoes out and then fades as he speeds away. More motorcycles spring to life soon after, and a truck engine joins them before they fade off too, the shouts of angry young men following, along with the tired groans of a few interested man-eaters.

It seems like only seconds that they wait in the brush before emerging again, though Jesus’s wrists have fallen asleep beneath him. The walk back to Hilltop seems to go just as quickly, as he makes it in sort of a half-conscious daze, eyes red and itchy and ears ringing. They report what happened to Maggie who takes the news with a grim look and then gets back to her work.

The trailer seems emptier than ever, Jesus realizes as he steps into it alone for the first time in months. For a while it housed five, and now it’s only one again. He should be out working, planning for their next assault, but he can’t even think. Can’t move. It happened so quickly. He can only see Daryl falling beneath a pair of grasping biters, looking him in the eye, then disappearing down the highway.


The night is one of the longest Jesus has experienced, though he sleeps soundly, like a child who’s sobbed himself to sleep. He’s so tired he can’t even lift his head when a light flickers on out on his porch, like someone’s come to check on him.

He does, however, find the strength to move when he hears the faint hum of a motorcycle’s engine in the distance.

13w13kw | efflorescence (hoshi)

flowering, blooming, blossoming

w.c. 1k exact | fluff | tagging the sweet @dumbbelle ♥ | listen ♡ | ml

You’d always noticed how everything around him seemed to spring to life.  The plants, the people, the atmosphere.  As if he brought about a jar of sunshine, something small but always able to make people smile, the flowers blossom.  Even in the dark of twilight, when the sun itself had long disappeared beyond the horizon and the moon had taken its watch amongst a milky curtain of stars, he was always alight with happiness and warmth.

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