or that she called him papa

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I don't know why ur actin up for attention. You're okay as a writer, but there are much better ones in the fandom who have far less recognition

You see. It all started when father returned from the war. He had never been an affectionate man, as much as I can recall. But after the war, the small nods and brief glances from him that I had grown to look forward to had disappeared.

He was quick to anger and quicker to drink. Sometimes I’d awaken in the middle of the night to find him standing in the middle of the quiet farm, bathed in moonlight and despondent. His eyes would be fixated on the moon and stars, unblinking.

“Papa,” I’d call to him, “you’re scaring me…”

Of course, he didn’t respond. He never did. Somehow, his silence instilled more fear than his anger. The eerie quiet when I wished so badly to know what he was imagining.

The chores on the farm soon fell on my shoulders, as my mother came down with a chest cold that never seemed to go away. Some days were worse than others for her. I remember running to fetch the doctor in the middle of the night when she couldn’t keep from coughing. Walking through the old wooden thresh hold he greeted my father, who sat unblinking once again in his rocker with the usual bottle of liquor in his calloused hand. The light from the candles flickered, showing glimpses of his eyes which were wide with madness.

Seeing now the state he was in, the doctor simply tipped his cap and tended to my ailing mother. And soon after that, the talk around town began. Not so quiet whispers accompanied by piercing eyes when I made my way into town to fetch mothers tonic or liquor for papa.

My trips became less and less frequent. Not only because I couldn’t handle the gossip, but it seemed papa would do something drastic every time I left. One day I found him in the coop snapping the necks of the chickens inside, feathers flying everywhere as the few remaining tried to escape his grasp.

“Papa! No!” I screamed for him to stop.

He dropped to his knees with shaking hands. It was the first time he had spoken to me in what seemed like years. His voice was more hoarse than I remembered.

“I’m…sorry,” he spoke through tears.

Heavy with the shame of what he had done, he dragged himself off as I took care of the mess and contemplated how we would get our eggs now. I didn’t see papa again until that night. He came stumbling inside near dawn, crashing around our old farm house in his usual drunken stuper and calling for my grandmother, who had passed some time ago.

Why am I seeking attention? Who knows…but reading this message I think back to those chickens and their snapped necks. Who can say why, but perhaps I am jealous of them a bit. For at least, even in a brief moment before their deaths, they felt my fathers touch. Something I never had.

“Much better writers with far less recognition?” I chuckled and inched closer to you.

When the fandom approached me, asking me to hand-choose which followers went to which blogs I was shocked, but proudly took on the task. Just as I had taken on the burden of my families farm, I would also carry out this task to the best of my ability.

I moved my lips closer to your ear, letting them ghost over the skin as my fingers delicately tucked your hair to the side. My warm breath was seeping into your pores as you waited for me to respond.

“I know,” I whispered so softly, “now unfollow me, bitch.”

Latina!Annabeth Headcanons

I’ve been working on these since I sent the ask to @demidorks (i hope u like!!) and I’m finally done!!! 

  •  Annabeth is from Costa Rica, and calls everyone ‘mae’ and clicks her tongue when they say something stupid. 
  • Ticos curse like sailors, so she would slip into a string of profanities for something small like stubbing her toe or something hitting her. 
  • When Percy came back from Ogygia, she almost beat him up with her shoe and called him “un maldito hijueputa” over and over to the point that CHB still teases Percy about it. 
  • Annabeth, despite being Latina, is still white as hell, so her family calls her “papa sin sal” as a joke. 
  • Annabeth LOVES Juanes, but when Leo and Reyna find out, they ridicule her so much for it. 
  • Annabeth is Catholic like most Latinas, but doesn’t go to church regularly, and when she and Percy get married, she’s almost reluctant to go back to her childhood iglesia, but Percy insists that it would be perfect. 
  • Annabeth’s father marries a gringa, and she doesn’t approve of her and her dad’s constant cursing, so they only curse when they’re not around her. 
  • Leo and Reyna have trouble understanding Annabeth when she speaks Spanish because tico spanish has so much slang. 
  • Just Annabeth being Latina and Tica (but white af) like me!!!!!!

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Okay, so I love your blog and I love lance even if I hurt him so, but like I've always had this headcanon that lance is a momma's boy all the way. But he's mother is a hardcore religious woman and when her son comes out to her being bi or pan or even trans and ect, she is so confused and tells him it's a phase. So, lots of he's insecurities bloom from that conversation with his mother. But even in that case, his father is actually more supportive and open to it and maybe even a couple of 1/?

of his siblings are supportive of him. But the fact that his mother still tells him it’s a phase which hurts our poor boy. Or even, his family becomes divided. Half of them team with his mama and the other half with his papa and he can’t help but feel like it’s his fault that this rift in the family has been caused because of him and his “stupid and unimportant” feelings. He starts to hate himself more when his parents argue and his siblings look at him in either disgust or sympathy. He just 2/?

feels utterly terrible and it starts to fester into self loathing and self harm and it’s continues to get worse as he gets older and this quote on quote phase isn’t a “phase”. He is just torn up about himself and what he’s caused in his family and so, he’s like Imma apply to the garrison because I’d like to be a pilot anyways and maybe it’ll help the family out. So, he gets in and his family is happy and proud but there is still some distance with his mother and other family members. 3/?
father is still super supportive and lance talks to his papa about any and all crushes he has throughout his life since he discovered that he had feels around 6th grade? Idk but like at the garrison he’ll casually mention that one chick he flirted with and it’s like all his family is into it but when he talks about this hella handsome guy it’s only his father and a few siblings who stay on the call. Which makes lance feel so small and he’ll stop half way after noticing and be like “actually 4/?
he wasn’t that cute” then proceed to his classes and how he’s working hard to be a fighter pilot in hopes his mom will be back but she never returns, even when the call ends. Cue lance laying in bed crying. Then cue him blowing up one night saying he didn’t ask to be this way but he is this way and he is sorry. Screams that he misses his mom and siblings and he feels bad that he likes guys and girls and he is sorry for being indecisive and selfish for liking both genders. Screaming and then 5/?

even throwing away any makeup and/or face masks his older sister got him. Just exploding in the room and hoping, praying that hunk won’t enter at that moment. He just can’t handle not being loved by half his family anymore, did his mother not realize the impact she has on him??? He is grateful for his father, but he was always a momma’s boy at heart. Then he makes it to fighter pilot and after that break down on the call, he remembers half his family just stopped talking so, what’s the 5or6/?

7: what’s the point. He still stays in some touch with his papa at times, but doesn’t tell him that he is a fighter pilot because he is only there since Keith left. He was only there, not because he was good enough, but because they needed the spot filled. More self hate and anger towards Keith. Then he gets sucked into a space war he didn’t expect and is worried because what about his family?? What about them??? But then he realizes that only half… [continued on 8]

realizes that only half of them are probably worried, the rest are probably happy that he was gone. He was the shameful one anyways. And he is terrified to tell the rest of the team. Sure, pidge came out as female instead of being the male she pretended to be (I stand by they/them pronouns for pidge tho), but it’s different for him. He is so scared that it’ll ruin his only other family. He doesn’t want his space family to be torn up about it like his biological fam was. So, he 8/?

9: overcompensates by flirting with females all the time. Trying to oversell himself as straight in fear of destroying his space fam and them hating him and kicking him off the team. But then he slips up. He accidentally flirts with a male hottie alien or maybe even some gay shows for Keith. Klance or something, but he let’s it slip and the team sees and oh no he can’t have this. He screwed up and cue panic attacks and some self harm. So, now he unintentionally came out and everyone is going to…[continued on 10]

now he unintentionally came out and everyone is going to hate him. He is terrified and scared and basically either locks himself in his room and sneaks out or inside blue. Maybe trains at night because he needs to be useful to stay as the Blue paladin, right?? He needs to be good to stay because what if hunk is the only one okay with him liking all the genders? What if they find him disgusting? What if he has destroyed the only other people he considered family?? So, he over trains, doesn’t 10/?

11: stop training. He keeps going because he can’t be comic relief now. He has to be a bigger and better asset to the team. Now that they know, he has to find something more to keep him there. Blue didn’t pick him or care for how he feels, who he ends up loving, right?? That has to be right but what if the rest of the team doesn’t think so, what if they decide they don’t need him. So, he keeps training. He goes to team training and goes on missions but never talks to anyone unless it’s mission or training related. He doesn’t go to bonding or meeting unless absolutely necessary since when they look for him, they can never find him. He even begs the mice to keep his hiding spots secret. They obey his request but don’t approve. Only because they know he needs time. So, the days turn to weeks and eventually it’s a month. One night he goes hard and he is malnourished since only people contribute enough get to eat enough. He gets beat up badly, barely wheezing out to end the simulation. His vision is spotting and some cuts are reopened on his legs, arms, hips. His ribs could be broken, definitely bruised at the very least. When he wakes up, he falls into hunk from the cyropod and hunk scolds him in so much worry and even some tears because “ you could have died lance!!!” Lance listens and apologizes. Hunk is about to get the others… [continued in 12]

Hunk is about to get the others. Lance begs and pleads because he can’t face them. He doesn’t want it to happen all over again. He begs hunk to refrain from letting everyone know he’s out of the pod. Hunk is very very hesitant but agrees eventually. He gets lance food and helps him into his room as quickly and carefully and quietly as possible. And eventually the team finds out and bangs on Lance’s door to talk to him. When he does answer finally, they ask him why he even trained to the 12/??

13: the point of exhaustion and even possible death. He takes their words, sometimes wincing because he’s fucked up. He is useless after all and couldn’t even improve without screwing up and almost dying. Then he feels a hand on his knee, concerned looks staring at him and then reference the scars on his body. They ask why he said nothing, why he didn’t tell them he was hurting, what is hurting him, how long. And lance just shakes his head saying he just needed to better, he’s fine. He just needs to sleep, he will be fine. They don’t need to be concerned. But pidge is like what do you mean?! Are you crazy?! Hunk agrees calmly saying that they are here for him. Keith practically screams “Lance you aren’t okay. Don’t fucking say that. Don’t fucking lie to us!” And lance just breaks. He screams and yells and stands with balled fists. He screams at how they don’t even acknowledge him as anymore than comic relief or a dumb flirt. He screams on how he is sorry for being a screw up, how he fucks up, how he is terrible and he knows he doesn’t have a thing, he has nothing compared to them. He knows and he knows that he is terrible. Then he says that he is sorry for being selfish because he is bi/pan/ect… he apologizes for being the way he is and he is so sorry he let it slip. He keeps blaming himself and saying sorry, telling them he wishes to go back fix his mistake. He just keeps apologizing to them. Then coran is the first to say that him loving anyone wasn’t bad or a crime and they weren’t going to exile him or anything. But lance starts to blubber out that he knows how this ends, that every one will either hate him

 Everyone will either hate him or disapprove of him because he is bi/pan/trans or even genderfluid/ect… or the team will be divided like the rest of his family was. And he just cries now, saying that it was his fault then and now it is his fault again. He just fucked things up. He didn’t grow out of the phase his mama said he was going through. He starts to sob on how he is sorry for being like this. He ruined his biological family and now, “I’ve ruined this one too.” Then hunk scoops him into a hug because hunk didn’t know this, he assumed that his family was okay with this and had gotten busier lately which was why Lance’s calls with his family were less frequent than the last year. Then it becomes a group hug. Everyone is in shock because wow, they didn’t even know these were the thoughts lance had. That he had before he had come out accidentally in front of them. They didn’t know he felt worthless and scared and useless and like a 7th wheel and was petrified of how they’d react to his sexuality and/or gender (if wanted). How could they be so blind?? Shiro feels like a failed leader. He didn’t count or depend on lance enough. Shoot, he didn’t even take time to know him. Allura feels like she’s just neglected lance. Not even considering that he was flirting with her to be friendly and try to cover up who he was. She just runs her hands through his hair murmuring soft apologizes because she failed as the first in command, not properly looking out for her paladins. Hunk is so upset with himself and devastated that he didn’t notice earlier. He didn’t even realize that lance felt like this under the surface. He didn’t see the signs and when he did, he didn’t push it. What kind of best friend is he?? Pidge wants to call him stupid and an idiot for thinking no one cared, but they reflects back to the times they told him he was annoying and to leave because he was too dumb to understand. Pidge cries into his chest and refrains from cursing him out. They keep repeating that he is important and that he is the best big brother they  could ask for besides matt. Because pidge realizes lance was only trying to help her get to sleep or eat. Keith is shaking while in the group hug. But he just hold the piece of lance he has close and tells lance that he is so valid and that he matters. Keith tells him sorry for trying to fight so much when it was obvious that lance wasn’t into it. Keith just wants lance to be okay. Coran continues to say that he can love whoever he wants. Female, male, non-binary, ect… that lance is accepted and loved all the same as before. He just tells him that no matter what, he is loved and if he doesn’t feel it, then they’ll make sure to get better at showing. Lance just keeps crying as they hold him. He feels happy but is so scared still. It’s a slow process to get lance to be completely okay. He is happy that nobody really minds that his sexual preferences and/or gender identity. Even if his family family is torn on it, his space fam isn’t.

Bonus: when his biological family gets word from the garrison, it shatters them. His mama dies inside because her beautiful child is gone… forever. She didn’t love him enough and now he was gone. She becomes a mess because why did she shun him away at times?? For what? Whoever he was loving at the time? She should have accepted her baby as a lover to all instead of how she treated him, how parts of the family treated him. His papa is just a stone on the outside. He always knew that lance struggled with himself and knew that some of the students at the garrison would call him inappropriate slurs because his son was who he was. He just stays strong for his family, all his children and his wife despite how she had treated their baby. But when he is alone in the middle of the day, he breaks. He wishes for his son back. He misses him and wonders if his son knew that he could die during whatever testing was happening. Because he knew his son was hurt and had he pushed more, had he gone up to visit and reminded him more that he was perfect as himself, maybe his son wouldn’t have died. His papa just wonders if it were accident or if lance had done it purposely because lance didn’t want to live in this world. “Mijo, regardless, you were too good for this world anyways. At least you’ll see the stars up there.”

This was hella long, and made by @darkrosesforangels and I have nothing else too say, just that this is beautiful.

title: mama says
rating: K
pairings/characters: papasuke, sarada
summary: you’re nothing like your mother; everything like your mother
author’s note: sasuke has recently returned to konoha (permanently) and has begun to train with boruto. sarada is around 14 here and a chuunin. ps: feedback is always much appreciated:)

Sasuke Uchiha sits perched in a tree, high above the west side training grounds of Konoha, reserved for newly minted chuunin. He watches his daughter and her team train as Konohamaru Sarutobi shouts about them staying in formation. He asses the children and reasons that the team is well balanced; each child holds their own strengths and their weaknesses are counteracted by the abilities of their teammates.

Naruto’s dobe—son—tellingly, is the most gifted when it comes to chakra. He’s proficient in his taijutsu skills, unlike Naruto, thanks to Hiashi Hyuga who’d rather be damned than have his grandson be clueless as to even the most basic secrets of the gentle fist. In his time training with Sasuke, he’s been able to perfect his rasengan; it varies slightly in chakra nature from his father’s and the Fourth Hokage’s, but it’s powerful nonetheless, and he wields it with confidence as if he created the jutsu himself. Sasuke had to hand it to him, despite his cluelessness, recklessness and stupidity, Boruto was confident and brave—definitely his father’s son.

Mitsuki’s skill is slimy, gruesome and leaves even Sasuke with the slightest pang discomfort. How or when Oorchimaru taught his spawn the body distortion techniques he used so frequently (and frighteningly, Sasuke recalls), was beyond him. The blue haired boy was as precise as he was mysterious, and despite the vivid, raw memories of his old mentor flooding back to him with every move Mitsuki made, Sasuke couldn’t help but feel bad for the boy. He was clearly talented, but he couldn’t imagine how cautious others must have been of him—scary talent wasn’t always as cracked up as it seemed in the shinobi world.

Then there was Sarada, who, he’d never admit to, but, watched over a bit more carefully than the others. He watched as she trained with the diligence, poise and perfection expected of an Uchiha and wielded the same chakra control and fiery spirit of her mother. Fireballs flew from her lips with as much ease as the ground shattered below her fists. She threw shuriken with scary accuracy and spun her sharingan in a way that left Sasuke with no doubt that she had Itachi’s eyes. She weaved through training dummies with a chidori that chirped more violently than his own while her long, dark hair flew behind her.

And Sasuke smiled. He was full to the brim with a kind of pride he never thought he’d feel again—the kind when you’re so proud of your family that it leaves a visible smile that stains your heart forever. He hasn’t felt this way since Itachi was in his life, but he knows what he’s feeling now is even more abundant than the love and pride he felt as a genin baby brother, because Sarada is his daughter, his flesh and blood, and in the simplest of words, she’s incredible.

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What NCT would give their s/o on Valentine's Day


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Taeil is a very shy guy, and the idea of getting you something for Valentine’s Day would haunt him. Not because he doesn’t want to, because he wants to get you the perfect gift. He didn’t want to get you something overwhelming neither did he want to get you chocolate because he felt that was too cliché. He would ask Hansol for help but then regret it because Hansol’s ideas were useless and un-romantic, so he would just trust his instincts and buy something that reminded him of you. A necklace. It’s a simple, yet beautiful, necklace with a diamond on it. He felt proud of himself and decided to write you a song so he can sing it for you as he gently puts it around your neck. He would also make you hot chocolate since you both love hot chocolate. You would drink it while you cuddle up watching a movie.


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Hansol would be so #confused he would have no idea what to get you. He would think of getting you a teddy bear but then realize that he doesn’t like that idea. He’d think and think and would come to no conclusion. Finally he would go and ask Yuta. Yuta would give him great ideas but that would make hansol feel worse about himself and have thoughts like “I’m such a bad boyfriend” or “Yuta should be her boyfriend”. Valentine’s Day would be so close and Hansol still didn’t think of a gift he wanted to buy, so he decides to go to a mall and see what type of things people are selling. As he walks through the mall he notices a shop which sells watches. And it finally hit him “I’ll buy her a watch”. He buys you a pretty pastel blue watch with silver stars dangling from it. He gets excited to give it to you on Valentine’s Day and he cant help but smile on his way home. When he gives you the gift, he notices your smile and he feels proud of himself, he knew it wasn’t much but he was sure you don’t mind what he gets you because you would love him anyway.


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Papa Johns would feel really chill, he would think he has everything planned and that he doesn’t have to worry at all, but when he realizes that valentines day is in two day he would start to panic. He would think “I KNEW WHAT I’D GET HER BUT WHY DID I FORGET” he would come up with ideas of doing something like make you dinner but then again his cooking isn’t the best. He calls his mum in Chicago for help and she tells him to give her a keychain and Johnny liked that idea. He went to the store and bought a custom keychain which says “Be there or be square” and as he was walking he sees a BIG brown teddy bear. He picks it up and examines it when a lady comes up to him and says “It looks like you” and that’s when Johnny was like “Yup this gonna be lit” he bought his gifts and took them home. On Valentine’s he would give you the gifts and you of course would love them and he would say “Yeahhh… I knew it. I even got them a month in advance” and send you a wink. You would spend the day together eating pizza.


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Taeyong had completely forgotten about Valentine’s Day. He was too busy practicing. You expected him to forget but you knew that he cared and if he wasn’t busy he would’ve spent it with you. Jaehyun asked Taeyong “Hey aren’t you going home yet? Valentine’s Day is almost over” and Taeyong stood there frozen. When Taeyong got home you noticed he looked really sad, you wanted to approach him but you didn’t want to remind him about Valentine’s Day since you knew it would make him sad, so instead you said “Heyyy ty track! Do you want some dinner?” And he shook his head and looked at you with really sad eyes “I’m so sorry” and he took you into a hug. You hugged him back and told him it was okay. You took the gift box from your pocket and gave it to him while looking at your feet. He looked shocked and took it nonetheless. He opened it and his eyes widened with awe “Omo! Y/n you didn’t have to. I feel worse now” you had gotten him a cartier bracelet. You told him it was okay again and you understand that he was busy but he was determined to get you something anyways “Don’t worry I’ll get you something by tomorrow. You’ll love it, now lets go eat dinner” he looked happier and that’s all you cared about. No gift would replace that smile of his. As you eat dinner he would tell you how much he loved you and keep staring at you with a huge smile one his face.


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Yuta would be most prepared. He would have probably been extremely excited about valentines day since a month before. He would have probably had the idea of pranking you by doing something witty and then give you his real gift. Yuta would love you so much he would want to give you everything and anything he can offer. You didn’t want him spending too much but that didn’t stop him anyways. He wanted to buy you more than he did but he knew you would be sad. After all he was just showing his love to you by spoiling you. He had bought you LV sunglasses that he thought would look super hot on you. He also bought a Hermès coat that would keep you warm in the winter. And last but not least he bought you the nicest smelling perfume because he wanted to smell it on you when he hugs you. He knew you were humble and wouldn’t accept it straight away but he didn’t care because he knew you would when he gave you his killer smile. On Valentine’s Day he had his plan set. He gave you a big gift box with a photo of him smiling and doing the peace sign. He saw your genuine smile and was surprised that you were happy with only that. But when he told you he had more you were shocked. And he laughed at how cute you were. You kept telling him it was too much but he would just say “My everything deserves everything” and he shot the killer smile that made you melt on the spot.


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Ten is such a sweetheart. He would want to do the cliché things couples do on Valentine’s Day but not to be cliché, just because he wanted to experience everything with you. Ten noticed you getting excited over valentines however he couldn’t help but feel something wrong. He wanted to make it extra special, he really did but he didn’t know how. Then the thought hit him. What better thing to do than celebrate Valentine’s Day in the place he loved most, with the person he loved most, Thailand. He booked the plane tickets the moment he got home from practice. He was so hyped. He got his bags ready and he got your bags ready and put them in the car. And all that was left was for you to come home. When you did Ten pulled you into a hug and told you that he was talking you on a small trip. You kept asking where he was talking you but all he would say was “somewhere nice”. You gave up and soon after you went to sleep. An hour later your boyfriend woke you up by planting a kiss on your eyes. You blushed at his action as you got out of the car. You were extremely shocked at where you were. The airport. You looked at Ten as he handed the tickets over to you, your jaw dropped and your eyes were popping out of your sockets “I didn’t pack my bags!!” He assured you that he did. When you arrived to Thailand you and Ten spent the best Valentine’s Day ever. He did all the cliché things but it was super fun and adorable to see that side of him. You gave him the gift you bought him which was a set of earrings and he absolutely loved them. When you got back to the hotel you took a shower and got out with a robe. You looked for your clothes but you didn’t find any underwears. You looked at Ten and asked “Did you pack me any undergarments” and he froze. He realized he didn’t. “Dont worry I’ll buy you some” and a smirk appeared on his face.


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Jaehyun is the SWEETEST man ever ever ever. He would be super super SUPER excited for Valentine’s Day. He already bought your gift and organized everything. He would’ve planned to cook you dinner and serve it under the moonlight, sing for you a love song, and last but not least give you his gift. He had cooked meat, spicy pork, ttaekboki and for dessert he will serve peaches and green tea ice cream. For the gift he got you a beautiful set of jewelry. Star diamond earrings with a matching bracelet and necklace. He prepared the a pathway of rose petals from the front door to your balcony so when you enter you would be welcomed with that. And on the balcony there would be a table that served your dinner. As you enter Jaehyun would sing for you and sit you down and when you are done with the delicious meal Jaehyun had prepared he would give you his gift. Jae would make the day end in a very special way. He would fill your backyard with candles in a shape of a heart and in the middle would be a mat to lay on and chocolates shaped as hearts. Jaehyun would make you feel very loved on that special day, since it only comes once a year.

Towards All Tomorrows

Inside the Meido

A little girl tugs at the only thing she can reach, the strange green skirt. She mumbles sternly, “No crying”
The woman shrieks, scaring the little white-haired girl, whose eyes shut and ears flattened in pain. After feeling warm familiar arms, the young hanyou opens her golden eyes to find the strangely dressed miko hugging her close.
“I’m not alone!” The miko exclaims, though the girl did not know she was talking to herself.
“Of course not, stupid!” She reprimanded softly.
Kagome blinked and put enough distance between them, though still not wanting to let go of the only other soul in this darkness, to see who this little demon child might be. What a strange thing for A CHILD to say. She wouldn’t put it past Inuyasha to say something like that but …
If she hadn’t been so scared, she would’ve cupped her mouth with her hands in instinct but she just gasped and gaped at the girl who was giving her a strange look.
She sniffed, “You smell weird. Who are you?”
This is Inuyasha’s child! It has to be! She looked to the jewel, seeking clarification. After all, why would the jewel allow her to see anyone? What was it plotting? But it gave no answer to her silent question.
She looked back to the girl to find a frustrated expression and a twitching ear that she knew all too well. She knew that the hanyou child was getting impatient. Kagome smiled, “I’m-”
“MORIKO!” Kagome whipped her head about at the sound of Inuyasha’s voice. Instantly the girl shouted back, “PAPA!”
Was she not an illusion after all? “INUYASHA!” Kagome yelled as well.
“You know my daddy?” The girl questioned. Kagome smiled, “Of course I do. I love your daddy towards all tomorrows.”
The little girl’s face lit up at that. “You’re-”
She paused and sniffed the air. Then she wrenched herself from Kagome’s hold and ran towards … Kagome’s heart wrenched in pain as she saw Inuyasha appear, the tetsusaiga in its meido form casually laid back one shoulder. “Inu-”
“Moriko, are you alright?!” She giggled as he sniffed her, checking her well-being.
His little girl climbed up on his other shoulder once he finished. “Papa! Look!” She pointed but she didn’t need to, he already knew.
Inuyasha had smelled her and heard her begin to say his name the moment he’d come here. At that moment he remembered his wife saying that time was a tricky thing, and that it was best not to mess with it. But what the hell am I supposed to do now?? She’s already seen both of us.
The young Kagome smiled, and his heart melted when she spoke, “So you got to have a happy future. I’m glad.” He could smell the tears beginning and nearly flinched.
“Kagome …” He didn’t want to spoil the future and he chose his next few words carefully.
“I guess the meido’s fabric of time is different. Somebody important to me once said that time is a tricky thing,” he quoted his wife, “Perhaps you were meant to meet us before so that you would know what you would be coming back to.”
“Ah.” Kagome rubbed her eyes, which were already raw. She was beginning to accept that Inuyasha must’ve fallen for another woman and had a child. She knew she shouldn’t ask about the future but … “Come back? Do I leave? Am I stuck on the other side?”
The young half-demon on his shoulder looked confused. “Daddy? What are you and mommy talking about?”
Kagome deadpanned, then blushed and Inuyasha put a hand to his face and groaned (but secretly enjoying young Kagome blushing). “So much for trying to avoid screwing up the future.”
There was a moment of silence before the older Inuyasha steeled himself, “Kagome, have faith in me … The- the young me” He clarified.
The pure soul that was Kagome smiled, “I have to believe that the future is not set, Inuyasha. Besides, I know better than anyone that ‘time is a tricky thing.’ But what’s going on? How are you here and not your younger self?”
“He’s here too, looking for you. As for why I’m here, this little rascal got too close to the meido. It was an accident.”
“Sorry Daddy.”
He nodded to her, then continued, “Kagome. You’ll know what to do, and you can do it. I promise.”
Inuyasha turned then, whipping his sword through the air, opening a meido. Through the opening, Kagome could make out an unfamiliar house and garden on a sunny evening.
He stepped forward, then leaped through. On the other side, the little girl on his shoulder waved. Inuyasha turned and yelled through time, “The idiot forgets to say it but I’ll say it for him: I love you!”
Then the portal shut before she could reply. It was so sudden that she burst into tears despite the fact that she has already cried all her tears away. She wasn’t sure if it was because she was so happy, or because as the portal was gone so could that future.
After some time, the jewel spoke again, “Be true to your heart, Kagome. What will you do?”
She gathered herself up from her knees, holding Inuyasha’s words dear to her soul. Kagome stared at the jewel with new determination, “I won’t make a wish. I believe Inuyasha will come for me.”

Ten years later

“Soooooooooo, how was your little trip?” His wife grinned innocently from the doorway, her arms crossed over the swell of her belly. He was only a few weeks away from meeting his second child. He smirked as he remembered his bet with her over his unborn’s gender.

His mind acknowledged her question, and remembered what happened before he jumped in after his daughter. Kagome had simply watched, as if she hadn’t been concerned in the slightest.

Growing bored watching her father pondering his thoughts, Moriko hopped off and dashed up the few steps to hug her mother’s leg as all children often do. She rubbed her cute chubby face in the fabric, apparently in love with the sensation, then perked up, “Momma! You won’t believe it! We met your twin!”

Kagome smiled softly at her daughter, but before she could say anything, her daughter continued, “Papa called her by your name though…” she gasped, “We traveled through time! Just like you used to do! Why did you wear those strange clothes? I could barely reach them.”

His wife pressed two fingers to her own forehead, feigning that she had a headache, “So many questions.”

“Keh.” Inuyasha ascended to her side, tickling her ear with his soft whisper, “You were just as annoyingly smart wench.”

She returned his smirk and smacked him a quick kiss. “And you were just as impatient.”

The couple watched their daughter bound about the yard like a puppy, which she technically was being part-demon. Kagome sighed, “And energetic as well.” She pulled his clawed hand and pressed it to her swollen mid-section. He nearly jumped at the harsh thump that came from inside her. He was used to this one being calm, only hearing its heartbeat.

Giggled at his reaction, she gave him this expression full of love, “I love you.”

Cupping her cheek, he replied, “Towards all tomorrows.”


*squeals loudly* I AM A GENIUS!!!

WEEEELLLLLL This took two hours of my ‘study time’ … no regrets

lookie wut I made @keichanz

ColdFlash Earth-X Tragedy

I had this idea the other day of the portal in STAR Labs opening up, calling down the team to see who’s coming through it, and out walks Captain Cold holding a little girl, only this is clearly a different Cold than theirs from the design of his costume and the earnest expression on his face. 

He’s looking for asylum, for help, because terrible villains have been wreaking havoc in his world and his Flash is dead. 

He sets the little girl down, who’s been hiding her face in his shoulder, and when she peeks out and sees Barry, she runs to him, “Daddy!”

Barry allows her to hug him, frozen, unsure what to do. The others all stare. 

“Papa said they killed you,” she sniffles into his chest. 

“Nora,” Snart calls to her, walking over slowly, voice tender and patient, though his face shows how stricken he is. “That’s not Daddy. Remember, I told you the people here would look like the ones we know, but they’re not them. I’m sure he’s just as good of a man as Daddy…but he’s not him.”

He extracts the girl from Barry. She’s crying but she looks at him with understanding. “You’re The Flash like Daddy was?”

“Yeah…I am.”

“Then you can help us?”

Barry can’t possibly say no.

Sing Me To Sleep

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir fanfic
Summary: In which Marinette nurses a concussed Chat back to health. Unabashed MariChat fluff.
Snippet: Marinette observed him briefly as he reclined on the couch, eyes closed with a look of self-satisfied contentment on his features. She was tempted to snap at him and tell him not to get too comfortable – she wasn’t going to wait on him hand and foot indefinitely – his cockiness definitely didn’t need any bolstering. But he just looked so peaceful, like he was right at home and this was the most natural place in the world for him to be. ‘I wonder how mom and dad would feel about taking in a stray cat…’

Originally posted on fanfiction.net and archiveofourown.org on 03/26/17, reposted here since I want to make my more memorable one-shots available on tumblr.

Pinks and yellows, frills and lace, sparkles and glitter – these were the things cherished most by the merry toddler as she twirled about the room in her favorite dress-up tutu. Today she was Princess Belle, beloved by all her plush animal subjects in the kingdom of her living room. An elaborate spread lay in front of her as she danced, so she was careful to avoid the delicate plastic teacups and the croissant Maman and given her for her afternoon snack. Her world of make-believe was full of sunshine and rainbows, despite the grey and wet atmosphere that hung around her ‘castle’.

Rain began to patter against the windows, but she fancied it to be the sound of the court minstrel striking up a jolly jig for the beloved princess to dance to. As her pace quickened, she became lost in her performance, her adoring subjects cheering for their beautiful leader to dance faster and faster. It was in her fervor that she forgot to carefully check each step before she made it, so when a flash of bright light shone in her peripheral, her distraction cost her an unfortunate misstep and she found herself tumbling headfirst into her tea party. The clap of thunder that followed rattled her nerves even farther, and soon the shock of her fall gave way to the realization that she was in pain, and scary loud monsters were coming to storm the castle.

“Marinette! What’s the matter?” her most loyal knight hastened to her side, leaving his post in the kitchen, where he had been working on preparing that night’s royal feast.
Through sniffles and sobs, the child fell into “Her royal knight, Sir Papa!”’s consoling embrace and first chastised him for getting her title wrong – again. “I’m not Marinette; I’m the princess!”
With a soft chuckle, Papa argued, “Every daughter is a princess, so even if I don’t always call you my princess, you always will be, mon petite Marinette.” Rubbing her nose affectionately with his own until she giggled, he then repeated, “Now tell me, Princess Marinette, what seems to be the trouble?”

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i know i just messaged you but can i humbly request OtaYuri and their daughter is going on out her first date and the parents READY TO SQUARE UP

Jillian I’ve been thinking about this a lot okay

Katya was just sixteen years old when she was asked out for the first time. She knew that she had no choice but to tell her fathers but oh, was she dreading it.

She chose the smart route and went to her Papa first. Otabek was grading papers in their study, glasses pushed up his nose. After he retired from skating he had gone back to school in order to become a teacher. Yuri supported him fully of course, in exchange for Otabek supporting him becoming a model when he retired five years later at twenty-eight years old.

“Papa?” Katya approached him with a knock on the door. She was the spitting image of Otabek, with thick dark hair and eyebrows, but she had fair features just like Yuri.

Otabek looked up, fringe falling into his eyes. He still had the same hair he had all those years ago, but little spots of gray were starting to grow in. It was most likely from having to deal with Yuri all these years, and their two children.

“What’s up, princessa?” The nickname had stuck even after all these years and it always brought a smile to Katya’s face.

“Um, well.” She traced figure-eights onto Otabek’s desk. “Mikhail, from my class, asked me to hang out with him this weekend. Is that okay?” She bit her lip and looked at him with the most innocent look she could muster.

Otabek blinked for a moment and took off his glasses with a sigh. “What would you guys be doing?”

Katya blinked. He had just invited her over to his house but she knew he wouldn’t let her go if she said that. “We were going to get a bite to eat.”

They stared at each other for a moment, Otabek’s dark eyes narrowing a bit in thought. Then he shrugged and put his glasses back on. “As long as you aren’t out too late.”

Katya perked up and beamed at him, coming around the desk to throw her arms tightly around his shoulders. “Thank you Papa! Love you.” She kissed his temple and then skipped off, almost knocking into her younger brother Nikolai. He was named after Yuri’s late grandfather yet he was Yuri’s spitting image.

Everything was fine after that except for one small detail.

Otabek and Katya failed to mention the date that Katya was going on to Yuri.

Katya was almost able to slip out the door too until Nikolai called. “Where are you going Katya?”

Katya turned around and glared at her younger brother, who was grinning at her sweetly. Nikolai was five years younger than Katya, having been born right after Yuri’s last season. 

“Shut up Nikolai.” She hissed at him. 

Nikolai’s grin didn’t let up but only grew wider when Yuri padded into the room, raising his eyebrow at her. “You’re going out?”

“Um, yeah.”

“With who?” Yuri asked curiously.

Katya mumbled the name and then said louder: “Mikhail.”

Yuri’s face fell. “You’re going out with a boy?”


“Beka!” Yuri screeched and both Katya and Nikolai flinched. This couldn’t be good.

Despite what everybody would have thought, Yuri was not a laid-back parent. He was very hands on and he was a bit of a worry wart. He was also very strict. Otabek was the more laid back one, letting his children get away with anything as long as there was a good reason. Yuri would freak out over every little thing.

Otabek entered the room then, running his fingers through his hair. “Yes, dear?” He teased.

“Did you know about this?” Yuri asked, motioning to their daughter.

Otabek’s eyebrow rose. “About what?” 

“She’s going on a date.”

“Oh. Yes.”

Yuri gaped. “And you let her go?!”

“Yura, she’s sixteen-”

“Don’t you remember what we were like when we were sixteen?”

“Well, you were a punk who hated everybody and went out of his way to piss people off. And you rebelled. I was well-behaved.” 

Yuri grit his teeth. “Yeah. Exactly. She’s not allowed to go.”

“Dad!” Katya protested.

Yuri turned back to him. “Absolutely not. All teenage boys are the same and I’m not going to let my daughter be taken advantage of!”

“It’s not like we’re going to have sex, we’re getting food and then going back to his house.” Katya exclaimed.

Otabek sighed and muttered to himself. “Oh no-”

“You bet your ass you’re not going to have sex you’re not going!” Yuri yelled.

Katya glared at him. “That’s not fair! You just don’t want to admit that I’m growing up! I’m not six anymore, I’m sixteen and I can do what I want! You can’t control me forever!”

“I’ll damn well try! Ekaterina Altin, you will go to your room.”

“No! I’m going out! Mikhail is already here.” Father and daughter glared each other down with identical pairs of eyes, jade green staring down jade green. And then Katya defied him, grabbing her jacket and storming out the door.

Yuri was ready to go after her but Otabek grabbed him around the waist, holding him back. 

“Beka!” Yuri looked at him incredulously.

“Just let her go and deal with her later.” Otabek said calmly. “It’s like when you went to Japan.”

Yuri’s eyes went comically wide. “This is nothing like when I went to Japan! This is WORSE!”

Otabek just hugged him close and tried to get him to calm down. Their daughter was right; Yuri was just afraid of her growing up. Otabek stroked Yuri’s hair, which fell halfway down his back still, until Yuri’s breathing returned to a normal pace. He would never admit that Otabek was right.

“Papa? Dad?” Nikolai asked from the couch.

Yuri and Otabek turned their heads to give him their attention. At least they had one obedient kid.

“What’s sex?” Nikolai asked.

Otabek and Yuri looked at each other. Shit.

More Otayuri parents!

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Oh with the polyverse, Coran's (and maybe also the royals) reaction when Allura first calls him 'Aipa'

The nurses and tutors said many times that she was a precocious child, something she struggled to learn meant ‘bright before the right time’. Which sounded weird. What was the ‘right’ time, anyway? And all she did was study and watch and listen the way Mama and Papa and Uncle Coran told her to, it didn’t seem like a big deal.

Uncle Coran… that didn’t seem right either. Didn’t feel right. He wasn’t Mama or Papa’s brother. 

He wasn’t family. 

Or he was. 

She thought he was. 

He felt like he was. 

What was he?

Going with Mama to meet Amai was fun. So much new family to see! So many presents! And as always, she watched and listened and studied.

And slowly, little bit by little bit, she thought maybe the pieces began to fall into place as she saw the way families on Mama’s other world worked. 

“Amai, can you have lots of mamas and papas?” she asked one evening as her mother slept beside them near the fire.

“Of course you can, little pip, why do you ask?”

“Nobody at home does.”

“Ah,” her great-grandmother murmured, stroking her hair. “Some might. But that’s just the way different cultures do different things.”

“Oh…” she rested her head on the old matron’s broad torso, sleep threatening to claim them. “What do you call them? Mama One and Mama Two?”

“No, dear,” came the soft chuckle.

And she dozed off with new names as faded whispers in her mind.

She forgot about them in the days past, didn’t think about them as she returned to play and study and watching all the little things that make her softly giggle -the little hand touches, the soft kisses when no one but her is there to see-

-until the word came to her entirely unbidden when she couldn’t attain her beloved Vulluna, put way too high by an unthinking nurse after being watched. “Aipa, I can’t reach!”

The room went silent, and she went still, the eyes of all three parents -yes, three, because that was what they all were, she knew, she knew- staring.

“Allura, where did you-” 

“From… from Amai,” she said, fisting her hands nervously in her dress as her eyes stung. What had she done wrong? Didn’t they know? They had to know, they-

Her Mama scooped her up into a warm hug, and she buried her face into quilin-spiced curly hair, reassured. Mama wouldn’t hug her like that if she was mad. “It’s okay, sweetbug,” Mama murmured, rubbing her back. “But you have to listen to us, alright? Never call Coran that around anyone else.”

Another hand touched her back and she raised her head, and her Papa and Aipa’s faces were comforting, but serious, and she knew her Mama meant it. “But why? That’s what he is.”

“There are people who don’t want him to be,” Her Papa said softly. “And they might try to hurt him if they knew he was. So we have to keep it secret, okay, dolly?”

She looked at Coran, at her second papa who was family and important and was never ever supposed to be hurt, and reached out with little fingers to squeeze the hand he offered. “Okay. But… You’re still Aipa here, right?”

And he smiled, eyes strangely watery, and squeezed back. “Always, sweetbug.”

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Sakura did tell Sarada that Sasuke was on a grueling mission (chapter 7 or 8 I believe)and yes I know the no contact thing is there and it's no excuse. I just hate how people use it to claim that Sasuke "hates" Sarada & Sakura when within Gaiden we see that's far from the case. People demonize Sasuke for Kishi's half assed "dramatic" writing.

Ok, here’s the classic quandary: blame the character, or blame the writer? It’s a case by case thing.

When it comes to the Naruto ending (ch 700, Naruto Gaiden, Boruto: the Movie), there’s no one thing you can change and make it better. It’s just layer after layer of bullshit. You peel away one layer and you discover something else just as bad.

Sasuke is an absent father who is never in Konoha; he doesn’t recognize his own child and tries to kill her AFTER she calls him “papa”; Naruto experiences being Hokage as a bureaucratic busy work nightmare with no real reforms; Orochimaru never stopped experimenting on children yet Naruto strolls into his hideout like he’s on an episode of MTV Cribs (hat tip to @thatshinobilife for that turn of phrase); Yamato is isolated and miserable; Sakura is codependent and miserable; everyone lies to Sarada and hides what’s going on from her for no coherent reason other than “Kishimoto doesn’t know how to write an exciting plot that doesn’t involve a mindfucked tween”; Konoha is super prosperous except what the hell are all the ninjas doing and how the hell is the economy working; Kishimoto only remembers economic hardship if it can punish a female character like Tenten’s shop; the ninja economy is dead because it’s sooooo peaceful yet they still gotta make teen soldiers, fuck outta here; Hinata’s character development was made to atrophy for two years so that they could start The Last off with nothing changed; more alien bullshit. It just keeps going.

With such an onion o’ bullshit, yeah, you gotta blame the writer(s) (because Kishimoto isn’t alone in writing/creating the Naruto ending). But. That only works if you basically decide to throw the whole thing out. Both Naruto Gaidens, aka the two post-699 stories that Kishimoto drew himself, can’t work without every adult character being either a villain or an accomplice. “The Path That the Full Moon Illuminates” isn’t about anything BUT Orochimaru being able to freely experiment on human beings, brainwash, drug, torture, etc Mitsuki to make him into what he is. “The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring” isn’t about anything BUT Sarada being lied to or denied the truth about who she is, where she came from, and her family history; and that even when she attempts to confront her father about this, she is savagely invalidated by him:

Like… why? This is a happy ending? This is a reformed Sasuke who has rejoined society? This is a strong leader Naruto?

No. This is a Sasuke who learned sweet fuck all from Itachi’s manipulation of him. This is a Naruto who just stumbles along with what his society’s always done to children and fills out forms instead of protecting victims from victimizers.

And if the story was honest with itself about what it was, that might be ok. Not what I would prefer, because I unashamedly like happy endings and successful societal reform is my shit, but it would be a consistent story. Loads of people like to tell and consume nihilist “nothing ever actually changes” stories.

The problem is that the Naruto ending wants nothing to actually change but also wants to depict Naruto as a hero who accomplished his goals: bringing Sasuke home, saving Sasuke from the darkness, becoming a Hokage who changes the Hyuuga, doesn’t objectify people into tools, being part of a family, and makes it so no more children have to suffer pointlessly.

Actual outcome of these goals in the Naruto ending: Sasuke’s never home, Sasuke’s still pretty fucking dark, Hyuuga who?, everyone’s expendable, his family gets the clone while the forms get the real him, and heck yes we still have child soldiers, and that kid in a tank at Orochimaru’s? Not his business.

Originally posted by georgetakei

actual video of Naruto getting the yearly report from Yamato about Orochimaru’s latest medical torture of children

So, Anon, I’m guessing you’re a Sasu//Saku shipper, so it’s natural to think you have to be satisfied with the ending because your ship “won”. But you don’t have to! Take it from me! (Ships Naru//Hina, Shika//Tema, and Sai//Ino.) I don’t blame you at all for liking Sarada; Kishimoto is good, really good, at character designing. But my humble suggestion is that rather than trying to square the circle by saying “Sasuke isn’t a bad guy, he’s just written that way”, you throw the Naruto ending out. Throw it all out! Freely help yourself to Sarada when you make an AU ending where Sasuke isn’t a bad guy. Just recognize that “Sasuke, Sakura and Sarada are a happy family” is an AU. The Sasuke in the Naruto ending IS a bad guy, but you know, so is literally every other adult in the Naruto ending; it’s just Sasuke is especially appallingly douchey.

Also, here’s a little aside: I can’t make a post about what actually happens in the Naruto ending without tons of trigger warnings. Maybe this is a sign that it’s not a very happy ending.

Teen Titans: Judas Contract

Alright well first off, I just finished watching Judas Contract. I wanted to wait to get it on DVD instead of watching it online but then I procrastinated when I bought it on Tuesday and only just got around to it. I also bought the deluxe edition that came with a cute little Blue Beetle figurine

With that out of the way, wow. Just wow. I never read the original comic for Judas Contract but I know the base storyline - Terra joins the TT, works for Slade as a double agent??, betrays team but then feels salty about it and tries to fix the situation? - something like that. I assumed that Cyborg was going to be in this movie before they released the trailer since at the end of TT v JL he said that he was gonna stay with the team instead of the JL but I don’t know.

First off, I must say that I loved seeing Kid Flash (I’m always a sucker for Wally and Bart) and it was really fun getting to hear Jason Spisak and Crispin Freeman reprise their roles as KF and Speedy; whom they played in the Young Justice cartoon.

So from seeing (almost) the original Titans in action through a flashback to Raven showing a pouting Damian a black lab puppy, I was thoroughly amused throughout the movie.

What surprised me though, was seeing someone that at first I thought looked like Jericho. For those of you not familiar with the name, he is Slade’s son and for those of you thinking ‘Deathstroke has a kid??’. Yes, he does. 3 actually; Grant, Joseph (Jericho), and Rose. Back to what I was saying, I was like ‘Oh my god that’s Jericho? That’s so cool that they would put him in here.’ - but then he got shot in the forehead and seemingly died……and I thought that maybe it was just an extra with an uncanny resemblance to the character? I was a little sad because I got really excited that they were going to somehow add Jericho to the Titans roster.

Moving on, there were two moments in the movie that had me laughing my ass off. The first was when Dick and Kori were sparring and Starfire knocked Nightwing down and she proceeded to tell him that he “lasted far longer this time” then Beast Boy and Terra giggled and Kori had to explain that she meant about their training session and was going to make clear that he was quite proficient during sex when Dick cut her off. 

The second one kind of ties in later but it was when Damian had been captured by Slade and Terra and the mercenary got up close and personal in Damian’s face when he started to mouth off and told him that “inside a month he’d have him bringing him a pipe and calling him papa.” This popped up later when, during the final battle, Damian charged at Slade with a  pipe and said “Hey papa, here’s your pipe.” Like I honestly can’t help but love Damian’s snarky attitude even when he’s being a complete dick or asshole.

As I said earlier, I never read the original Judas Contract comic so I have no idea if Terra died in that as well as in this movie (though they didn’t state that she really did?? She just kinda passed out maybe but then again she did get caved in under tons of boulders so) but they could also be doing a thing kinda like in the Teen Titans cartoon where Terra didn’t die in the cave in and lived but oh well.

I was extremely happy that they introduced Donna to the team at the end! It looked like she was having trouble flying so maybe she’s not used to her powers or maybe it was just a stumble on her part. Nonetheless, it was a great way to end the movie-NOT. The best ending for the movie was actually after the credits, if you watched that far (I learned from Marvel movies to always watch after the credits for extra bits).

It shows the seemingly dead Jericho look alike open his eyes and loe and behold they glow. What’s so special about this, you ask? Well if you don’t know, Jericho’s ability is that he can possess a person after making eye contact with them. His eyes glow and his astral form? leaves his body and possess another. This allows him to access the host’s powers, be it physical, mental, or magical, as well as their memories. The host is conscious throughout this time but unable to do anything as they are not in control of their actions.

Beauty and the beast

A/N: I came up with this idea whilst practicing for my singing exam (yeah, beauty and the beast for grade 1 exam in march…fun) so anyway, here’s some Galra!Keith x reader!

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Tale as old as time

Echoes of your horse’s footprints against the cobblestone grew louder and louder as you approached the desolate castle. Your father was missing and this is where your horse had led you. Whatever had happened to him, it couldn’t have been good. Landing on the ground, you swept your dress up as you walked up the steps leading to the door…which had been broken open…strange, you thought. Your horse protesting whinnying in fear. “Shush, I’ll be back with papa soon. Don’t worry.” You reassured her.

True as it can be

Lifting a lit candelabra, you carried on your brave journey through the abandoned castle…or so you thought. “She might be the one!” you heard a voice whisper shout. “Who’s there?!” You called out. “Me.” A voice announced. “Who?” you asked nobody in particular. “I said me.” As if trying to prove a point the candelabra in your hand pointed at its self. “Oh!” You dropped the candelabra in shock. “Now that was rude.” The talking candelabra. You got down on your knees. “You’re…alive?” it was supposed to come out as a statement but ended up being a question. “Why, yes. Now if you don’t mind. I will introduce myself. I am Lance.” The candlestick bowed and reached out to your hand as if to kiss it, but you were scared it was going to drip hot candlewax on you so you pulled your hand away from the objects reach. “Lance, you don’t even know if she is compatible with the prince and you’re just going to assume things?” Another voice called out. “Who was that?” you asked Lance. “Pidge.” Lance responded almost sourly.

Barely even friends

 “Don’t you go and say my name like that Lance! You know I’m right.” A small clock started stumbling off an overturned table. “Hello, my fair lady. I am Pidge.” The polite clock bowed in front of you, now beside Lance. “How are you two like that?” you asked curiously. You knew you had been asking for adventure, but you didn’t expect it to come in the form of magic. “Well, the castle is under a tragic curse unfortunately.” Pidge started. “I’m sorry, I would love to hear the story behind the castle but I need to find my papa.” You told the personified objects, getting up from the floor. “Wait!” they called after you, waddling and hopping after you in urgency.

Then somebody bends

As you climbed the stairs leading upwards towards the top of the castle. You started to notice how most of the other non-talking objects in the castle had been destroyed or overturned. Most of the faces on the paintings decorating the hallways had been riddled with…were those claw marks? Whatever curse that had taken over this castle…it must have been a powerful one. Yet the candelabra and the clock kept on following you, up and up you went and they would not give up on stopping you. No matter how short their legs were. “Wait! My lady you don’t know what you are getting into!” Pidge called after you. “I can defend myself thank you!” You shouted back at him. You didn’t like to be told what you could and couldn’t do. No matter how hard the task was.


“Papa?” You called out as you finally got to the top of the castle. “Y/N! You shouldn’t be here!” Your papa worried from a cell. You ran over to him, kneeling down beside him, holding his hand through the bars. “Papa, what is this place?” You asked feebly. Worried for your father’s welfare. “Y/N, you shouldn’t have come, this castle is alive!” he stressed. “I’ve noticed, and just like that the candelabra and little cogs worth clock caught up with you. “My lady!” Pidge retaliated. “Y/N, they are kind but there is something else living here, a beast!” Your father had fear in his eyes. And that was when you realised, the claw marks, the overturned furniture. Suddenly, you had this feeling you were being watched when the hairs on the back of your neck stood on end.

Just a little change

“What are you doing here?” a gravelly voice called out from the darkness of the prison. “I’ve come to retrieve my father.” You furrowed your brows in anger at the person who had treated your father in such a cruel way. “Visitors aren’t welcome here.” Was all he said. “Well, I apologise for my father’s trespasses, but can you please let him go?” You asked. “No…he must serve for his crime.” The voice relented. “Why? He didn’t do anything!” You shouted at the dark corner. Suddenly, yellow eyes glowed from the corner of the room. You gasped slightly, you weren’t expecting this. I mean…stuff like this only existed in story books? Right?

Small to say the least

You squinted at the eyes following your trembling form. “There must be something I can do?” You questioned to yourself more than to the mysterious figure in the dark. “Well then he shouldn’t have come here!” The voice yelled, making you shrink back towards your beloved father. “Wait! I’ll do anything…” You tried to bargain. “…take me instead.” You refused to think over it. You didn’t want your father to die in this place, scared half to death. “Y/N no!” your father protested. “You…you would, do that for him?” the voice softened slightly. “If I did, would you let him go?” You asked. “Yes…but you most promise to stay here forever.” The voice bargained. Before you could agree, you needed answers, squinting your eyes slightly. “Come into the light.” You stated. You heard small footsteps before a figure stepped into the light.

Both a little scared

You gasped as the figure revealed himself to you, purple fur riddled his being, cat like ears sprouting from the sides of his head. He had yellow eyes with no pupils, black claws and sharp teeth. Turning back towards your father he searched your eyes for some other way. “NO Y/n, I won’t let you do this!” he refused, but it was too late. “You have my word.” You stepped into the light, in front of the figure. “Done.” He growled before dragging your father out of his cell. And away from your sobbing form. “Papa!” you called out. You didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Neither one prepared

It had been a few days since the beast had taken you as prisoner, you had refused to come out of your room. The wardrobe was the only thing that kept you company. He comforted you through the whole ordeal of being trapped forever under the beast’s control. “Oh, Coran, what am I going to do?” you sobbed. “Trust me kiddo, the master has good intentions, once you get underneath all of the fur and…well, meanness.” Coran summed up. Just great, you were never going to leave. But you couldn’t stay in your room forever, you’d have to eat sooner or later. And just as if on cue, the beast knocked on your door. “What is it?” You asked, distress clearly found in your voice. “Would you like to come down for dinner?” he asked. “No.” you responded blatantly. He let out a small growl. “Would you like to come down to dinner please?” He asked once again in a much angrier tone. “No, thank you!” you refused once again. You then heard a murmur of conversation from behind the door. “It would give me the greatest honour if you would join me for dinner…please.” He tried once again. “I said no, thank you!” you shouted back at the door. How could he imprison you forever and then just expect you to both get along like old friends?! It was so unheard of!

Beauty and the beast

“Fine! You can’t stay in there forever!” he yelled. “I can and I will.” You promised. “Ugh! Fine, go ahead and starve for all I care!” he continued to scream and shout before you heard him stomp down the corridor…this was hopeless. Later on, the objects of the castle took pity on you and snook you down stairs for dinner, unknown to the master. They sung you a lovely tune whilst you ate and everything was so divine and delicious. And like Lance sang, nothing came second best! Afterwards, you grew curious towards the rest of the castle. “Hey Pidge…I bet you know everything there is to know about the castle.” You poked the clockwork’s chest slightly. “Well…well I, yes, yes I do.” Pidge’s clock face practically steamed up.

Ever just the same

Exploring the castle, you all took a stroll down a corridor lined with knights armour on either side. It was like it had just come out of one of your story books. “This is amazing.” You breathed. It truly was, even though the architecture of the building had grown grotesque and gothic, it was truly a marvel to look at. But when Lance and Pidge told you about the forbidden west wing of the castle, you couldn’t help but grow curious. Whilst distracting them, you jumped up the stairs at the first chance you got. Sometimes your curious mind just wouldn’t quit. As you wandered down the hall, you realised everything had grown more destructive and even more desolate. Like a hurricane had ripped its way through here. You came across a portrait where a pair of kind brown eyes stared at you, not being able to see the rest of the persons face, due to most of the painting hanging off the frame due to more claw marks, you tried to raise the fabric and see the rest of the strangers face before you heard something get knocked over. Thinking it was the beast, you ran into the nearest room to hide.

Ever a surprise

Almost tripping on multiple objects, you navigated yourself through the room until you came across an almost pristine table. Where a rose floated, a jar being placed above and around it as if it was the most precious thing in the world. In curiosity, you got swept up from your own common sense and decided to lift the glass jar to investigate. But as soon as you did, you heard a growl from the other side of the room. Turning around you saw the beast, he was staring at you angrily with his yellow eyes, he looked as if he were ready to slice your throat with his jet black claws and paint the walls of the castle with your blood. Continuing to growl, he then prowled towards, growing more furious with every step he took. Snatching the jar from your hands he placed it back over the rose protectively. His yellow eyes fell on to you…you couldn’t seem to find a soul behind them.

Ever as before

“Why did you come here?” He snarled, his lip curled upwards, revealing more of his fangs. “I’m, I’m sorry.” You stumbled over your words in fear of what he would do to you. “You were told it was forbidden to come here. You knew and you came anyway!” he shouted. “Do you realise what you could have done!” He then back handed what was left of an overturned table, snapping the leg of it clean off. Startling you greatly, you backed away, your back pressing up against what was left of a wardrobe. “Get out!” he said in a low and dangerous tone. “wha-” “I SAID GET OUT!” He practically roared in hatred. You dashed out of the room before he could hit you and snap you in half as well.

Ever just as sure

“What? Where are you going?!” Lance shouted in protest. “Anywhere but here! I’m sorry!” You shouted back at Pidge and Lance as you made for the door. Finding your horse outside you swung your leg over the saddle and rode into the dark wood. But as your horse started to buck and quake, wolves emerged from behind the trees, growling in anticipation of their next meal. Your horse ran away from them in fear, but they were a lot faster and stronger. They started to snap and howl at your horse’s legs, managing to keep up with you at a steady pace. Before you could get any further away from them, ice broke beneath your horse’s hooves. Finding yourself engulfed in icy water. One of the wolves snapped and whined as it drowned into the depths. Managing to make it out of the water, you continued to gallop away from the predators, but they jumped in front of you before you could go any further.

As the sun will rise

In fear, your horse threw you off. Landing in the snow, you got back up to protect your friend. Grabbing the nearest fallen tree branch, you began to hit any pouncing wolves in the head. But before you could get back on your horse and charge away. One of the wolves ripped the branch out of your grip, leaving you and your horse defenceless. Game over. One of them pounced on you, biting and dragging you by your cloak. But before another one could bite or snap off any of your body parts, the wolf was ripped away from you mid-jump. Suddenly the beast appeared, roaring in the wolf’s face. He then began to protect you, nothing but hostility on his face as he leaned over you. As if using his body as a human shield. He then began to attack the wolves, even though they constantly bit and ripped into his fur and flesh. He was crazy.

Tale as old as time

They relentlessly attacked him, but he kept on tearing and ripping them away from him. Throwing them into nearby trees as if they weighed nothing. In fear, the rest of the wolf pack ran away, knowing there was another predator much larger and scarier than them. The beast stood alone in the snow as it fell, he looked almost at home, in the woods. As if he belonged here. Before you could get a word of thanks out, he turned towards you, revealing blood pouring out numerous deep gashes on his forearm. He fell into the snow, clearly exhausted. Turning to your horse, you considering running away back to your village and father, leaving him here to die in the cold. But you couldn’t find it in yourself to leave him, after all…he had just saved your life. You ran towards his passed out form, ripping your cloak from your shoulders to keep him warm. Carrying him onto your horse, you then led her back to the castle.

Tune as old as song

As soon as you got back to the castle, you settled the master into his chair. Having Allura, the teapot, pour some hot water into a basin, so you could clean his wound. Wringing out the towel, you made your way over to the now conscious beast, who was licking his wound. “Here, don’t do that.” You scolded lightly, but he just growled at you, as if nothing had changed. The objects backed away in fear of what he would do. You reached out towards him, hoping he would relent, but he just continued to move his arm away from you. “Just hold still!” you ordered, the towel brushed against his arm slightly, causing him to roar in pain. “That hurts!” He shouted in your face. “Well, if you just held still it wouldn’t hurt as much!” you shot back. “If you hadn’t run away, this wouldn’t have happened!” He carried on, gesturing to his wounded arm. “Well if you hadn’t scared me half to death I wouldn’t have ran away.” You settled. The beast looked for something to shoot back at you but his face fell as you had won the argument. But a smile erupted onto his face as he came up with something “Well, you shouldn’t have been in the west wing!” He pointed out triumphantly. “Well you should learn to control your temper.” You settled.

Bittersweet and strange

“Now hold still.” You held his arm gently. “This might sting a little.” You added before pressing the towel to his arm. He cringed away in pain as you began to clean the wound. “By the way…thank you for saving my life.” You continued gratefully. His face relaxed tremendously before turning back to you and responding in a calm tone, “You’re welcome.”

Finding you can change

Later on in the week, you found yourself strolling the grounds with your horse in tow. Your eyes travelling around the snow filled garden before your horse nuzzled you in the back. Turning around, you hugging your horse happily. Little did you know, the beast was watching you from one of the balconies, conversing with Pidge and Lance. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.” He mumbled aloud, looking down at his bandaged arm. “I must do something for her.” He declared confidently. “But what?” a confused expression fell across his face as he turned to his friends. “Well, there are the usual things, flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep.” Pidge listed off. “No, no, no. It has to be something special. Something that sparks her interest. Wait! I got it!” Lance held up his arm as if to click, but all that happened was his flame flickered.

Learning you were wrong

A couple of hours later and you find yourself being led towards a pale white door by none other than the beast himself. “I want to show something to you.” He declared, gesturing to the door. His ears flapped excitedly, he was so much different now you thought. It was like all that anger had just dissolved from his being. He began to open the door, but closed it instead turning to you with excited eyes rather than angry ones. “But first you must close your eyes.” You gave him a sceptically look but obeyed anyway. He bit his lip in anticipation as his eyes scanned your peaceful face. ‘God, she was beautiful.’ He thought to himself, blushing dark purple at the thought. As he led you into the room by your hands you asked “Can I open them?” the beast turned back towards you, an excited glint in his eye. “No, not yet…wait here.” He left your side for a moment.

Certain as the sun

You heard him opening numerous curtains before you asked “Now, can I open them?” you asked with a slight laugh in your voice. “Alright…now.” The beast whispered gently. Opening your eyes, revealed thousands upon thousands of books. It was a huge library. The one that Pidge and Lance had told you about but nothing got the time to show you. It was simply breath-taking. “I can’t believe it; I have never seen so many book in my life.” You twirled around in a circle just so you could take it all in. “Really? You like it?” He asked. “Yes, it’s wonderful.” You walked around him, looking through all the different shades of leather. “Then it’s yours.” He declared, a smile brightening up his features. “Thank you so much.” You turned towards him, taking his hands in yours. The objects were staring at you all from the door, fangirling among themselves as they declared that it was working. “What’s working?!” Hunk, the teacup asked, jumping up and down to try and see. “Allura, I don’t understand!” He pouted. “All in good time Hunk, all in good time.” Allura chided.

Rising in the east

Over the next couple of days after that, you and the beast grew gradually closer and closer. It started with breakfast together. Where the utensils would make you porridge, you would politely use your spoon and sip away from your bowl. But the beast just devoured his greedily with no eating utensils whatsoever. It was kind of a turnoff for you. Looking away in embarrassment you continued to eat your porridge. After getting encouraging looks from Hunk and Allura, the beast tried to eat with a spoon at the side of his bowl. He couldn’t use it very well after so long, but instead you offered him an encouraging smile and held up your bowl. Smiling at you the beast mimicked your movements, doing the same. You both toasted each other before you sipped from the bowls. Then you both fed the birds in the garden, you showed him how to get the birds to go into your hand with the help of the seeds. He seemed very happy about this accomplishment, which made his ears perk up in joy. You giggled at the cute expression. There was suddenly something that hadn’t been there before. It then suddenly turned into a snowball fight, which you both greatly enjoyed.

Tale as old as time

That night, the beast took a bath, nervously blowing bubbles into the water as if contemplating on whether he should drown himself. “Calm down your majesty, tonight is the night. You will be bold, daring!” Lance encouraged. “Bold, daring!” The beast repeated beginning to shake as he rid himself of all the water matted in his fur. “And when the moment is right! You confess your love.” Lance sighed dreamily. “I…I can? No, no I can’t.” he discouraged himself. “You care for the girl don’t you?” Lance pointed at him with a flickering hand/candle. “More than anything.” The beast stared at his reflection in the mirror, revealing the adoration he held in his eyes for her. “Well then you must tell her!” Lance instructed. The coat hanger then continued on styling the beast’s hair, resulting in a short ponytail tied off with a red ribbon. Pidge then scuttled into the room, clearing their throat as they did. “Your lady…awaits.” He gestured towards the door.

Song as old as rhyme

You gracefully strolled down the stairs, wearing an over the shoulder yellow dress, revealing your curves yet plooming out below your waist. Your Y/H/C hair put up into a bun while the rest of your hair cascaded over your shoulders. To put it simply you looked absolutely stunning. So stunning, the beast was stunned into silence. He looked to Lance for guidance, him giving the best thumbs up he could muster before he took a deep breath, meeting you halfway. He was dressed in a red suit, making him look rather dashing, his hair tied up into a ponytail, revealing his jaw line more even though it was hidden under purple fur. You smiled at him all the same, he offered you his arm, taking it gratefully you let him lead you down the stairs.

Beauty and the beast

You had dinner, the beast tried his best to eat politely, which made your heart warm with how much effort he had put into making tonight special. It truly made you happy that he had grown to care for you so much. As the coat hanger began to play the violet, you grew excited. Getting up from your chair, you ran over to the beast, grabbing his hands in excitement, leading him to the ballroom. He looked at your hesitantly, afraid that if he held you too tight, he might break you. As you entered the ball room, you led him to the centre of it. Placing your right hand in his left, you guided his right to lie on your waist. You saw him gulp nervously, he certainly wasn’t used to such close contact with a beautiful girl like you. As you pulled yourself closer towards his body, you gave him an encouraging smile before you started to dance with him. Your dress twirled out beneath you as he twirled you around, he may not admit it, but he was a good dancer.

Tale as old as time

You grew to be happy with him by your side, resting your head on his chest, you enjoyed the moment as best as you could. Little did you know that the beast was looking over at his friends in excitement with nothing on his face except the expression that said ‘it’s working!’. But the night had to come to an end eventually. So he led you out onto the balcony, where you both gazed at the stars. Sitting down beside him, you nervously fiddled with your dress, doing your best to hide your blush underneath the darkness of the sky. But the beast was well prepared to confess his love for you. “Y/N?” he asked hesitantly, shuffled a tad bit closer to you. He took your hand, “Are you happy here with me?” he started. “yes.” You answered without even thinking about it. The beast smiled in happiness, but you looked towards the sky in sadness. There was just one thing. “What is it?” the beast asked, noticing your discomfort. “I just wish I could see my father again; I miss him so much.” You confessed. You knew it was selfish to ruin such a perfect moment with your thoughts, but it had to be said sooner or later. The beast thought deeply before coming up with an answer to your problems, leading you up to his room, he showed you the magic mirror. Placing it in your palms, the beast trusted you with it. “Just ask it.” He told you. “I would like to see my father…please.” You asked. Before you could prepare for what was supposed to come next, an image of your father falling down on a country lane crackled to life on the mirror’s surface. “Oh no!” you cried “What is it? What’s going on?” the beast asked, concerned for your father. “My father, he is ill, maybe even dying and he’s all alone!” you explained. If only there were a way…the beast looked down at the magical rose, another petal fell from it as it drooped. He was running out of time. “Then…then you must go to him.” He turned away, almost as if the words physically pained him. “What did you say?” you couldn’t believe it. “I release you.” He stated louder. “That means…I’m free?” you asked yourself. “Yes.” He confirmed sadly. You turned away to go retrieve your father but before you left you turned back to return the mirror to the beast. “No…keep it.” He pushed it back into your hands. “So you can always look back…and remember me.” He added softly, brushing his fingers through your hair fondly. You were going to miss him. You wanted to hug him goodbye, but you felt as if you did that, it would just make leaving harder. Leaving the room, you ignored Pidge looking dreamily up at you as he entered the room. “Ah…I’m guessing we’ll be human again in no time, huh?” They started. “I let her go.” The beast answered. “Ah yes…young love so romant-wait, wait, you did what?!” Pidge realised. “How could you do that?!” they shouted in distress. “I had to.” He replied softly. “But why?” Pidge cried. “Because…I love her.” he looked downwards as if her not being in his presence caused him pain.

Song as old as rhyme

Leaving the castle, you found your father on the country road and brought him back to your little town. “Oh papa, please don’t ever do that again. You gave me such a fright!” you told him as you fed him soup. “I’m sorry Y/N, but I couldn’t leave you with that…that beast!” your father cried. “Oh but papa, it turns out he’s so much nicer than he made out to be. He’s kind and considerate, he cares about me.” You told him gently. “Sounds like someone has a little crush?” your father wiggled his eyebrows at you. “What? Papa!” you slapped his arm playfully. But something didn’t feel right. You missed the beast so much. Going outside you looked up at the stars. Taking out the mirror, you held it up as you spoke the words “Please, show me the beast.” You asked politely. The mirror crackled to life as it revealed to you the beast, he was lying down in a field near the castle. It looked like as if he had lost the will to live, he wasn’t dying was he? But the curse…the rose…it barely had any petals left!? Does that mean when the petals run out he dies?! NO! this can’t be happening. You had no time to lose. “I’m sorry Papa, the beast is in danger I must go help him!” You shouted to him as you jumped onto your horse once again. “Be careful Y/n!” you heard your father shout out after you. “I will!”

Beauty and the beast

As soon as you got back to the gates of the castle, you launched yourself off the back of your horse and ran as fast as you could to the gardens. You turned around frantically, trying to decipher exactly where you saw him in the mirror. Running to a path leading out of the garden, you followed the path, hoping with all your being, you would find him before it was too late. “Beast! Beast, where are you!” You cried out. “Y/N?” the beast called out. You ran over to his side. “Oh Beast, what is happening to you?” you began to cry. “I’m dying Y/N.” He answered sadly. “But why? I want you to stay.” You took his hand and held it to your face, showing that you weren’t afraid of his claws or his fur. You truly cared about him. “I’m sorry Y/N…I was going to tell you that night, under better circumstances.” He started to cough. He really was dying. Tears starting to stream down your face. “What? What were you going to tell me?” you urged him, placing you hand on his cheek so he would stay awake. “I was going to tell you…that I love you…and I always will.” He finished, tears in his own eyes. “Oh beast, I love you too.” You moved quickly as you bent down to meet his lips, giving him a true love’s kiss. But before anything else could happen fireworks started to set off, literal fireworks. Sparkles of light shot out of the beast’s limp body as he fell dead. He was then lifted into the air by some invisible force. Being turned around as light shot out from his arms and legs and finally his head. You started to panic, what was happening? As the beast fell back to the ground, you waited to see if he could move. Lance, Allura and Hunk watched from the side-lines, silent tears running down their faces as they watched what was going on, but not from sadness, from joy. You backed away as the figure began to move. He stood up, admiring his skin coloured hand and touching his ears before turning to you. Revealing a human man, with dark hair, brown eyes and white pearly teeth. Who was this person? “Y/N, it’s me.” He confirmed. You walked up to him, placing your hand on his cheek hesitantly. He leaned into your touch, showing you how much adoration he held for you in his eyes. “It is you!” you cried. “Wait…I never really asked you for your name?” you asked him. “I’m Prince Keith, and I’m hoping you will become my queen.” He looked at you seductively. Blushing under his gaze you just mumbled a shut up before pulling him closer to you so he could kiss you. His lips melding into yours as more fireworks set off.

Beauty and the beast

Before you knew it, it was your first dance after your wedding. You were married to Keith and you were now his queen. Your father, Allura, Hunk, Coran, Pidge and Lance all stood to the side, happily human again. Watching happily as you stared into each other’s eyes with nothing but how much love you held for each other. “Are they gonna live happily ever after Allura?” Hunk asked her. “Yes, my dear friend. Yes indeed.” She nodded. “Wait…do I still need to sleep in the cupboard?” he asked, making all his friends laugh as they celebrated throughout the night. They could finally live the rest of their lives as happily as they could. What about Y/N and Keith? Well, they both lived happily ever after.


The weather in London had been gloomy and overcast for days and chilly, perfect weather for snow and Rosie who was now two, stood at the window everyday and asked for snow ever since she heard her daddy mention the word.

Sherlock picked her up and looked out the window and was of course happy to indulge her by explaining where snow comes from and all the previous snows in recent history but she just frowned and pouted “I want snow now!” with her little fists rolled up in a ball.  it was actually really cute and John had to turn so she wouldn’t see him grinning at her which would just make things worse.

Sherlock put her back on the floor and explained to her that she’d have to wait and maybe if she got lucky they may have snow later today or tomorrow.  All day she kept wandering to the window and walking away broken hearted because there was no snow.  

When John arrived home from the clinic she wailed at him, “Daddy I want snow!”

He scooped her up and said, “I know love and tomorrow the forecast is calling for snow so maybe you’ll get lucky and have your snow then.  Do you even know what snow looks like?”

“Yes, papa showed me some on the laptop and all the kinds of things you can do in the snow.”

John smiled at Sherlock and mouthed thank you and Sherlock nodded.

“Let’s decide what to have for dinner and spend the rest of the evening drawing about what we want to do if it snows tomorrow.”

Rosie seemed to like that idea and agreed to John’s suggestion of stir fry and soon they were all lying on the floor drawing pictures of tomorrow.

When Rosie’s head began to droop around eight, Sherlock picked her up and carried her upstairs and got her ready for bed while John cleaned up the pictures -carefully hung them on the wall - and put the crayons and leftover paper away.

Overnight the temperature dropped and the snow began to fall.  When morning came there was at least five inches on the ground and John could hear Rosie calling from her cot.  “Daddy! Did it snow yet?”  

Sherlock buried his head under his pillow and John got up and put his robe on and took to the stairs.  “I don;t know sweetheart, let’s go find out.” he said cheerfully.

He picked her up and took her downstairs to the window where she could see everything covered in glistening white.  Her face lit up. “Daddy, it’s beautiful!”

“Yes it is sweetheart.’

She squirmed out of his arms to the floor and took off for their bedroom and jumped on the bed.  “Papa, papa! Guess what?!”

“What love?” Sherlock asked, his voice gruff, peeking out under the pillow.

“It SNOWED!  Can we go play in the snow?  PLEASE?”

Sherlock sat up and John nodded yes and Sherlock said “I think that would be fine as long as we have good breakfast first and bundle up warmly.”

Rosie nodded her head and asked for pancakes and John headed into the kitchen to start the pancakes so they could begin their day.

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Sometimes you don’t get what you want

Thomas Jefferson knew he’d die one day, he wasn’t immortal, no one was. He sighed, looking towards the wooden box. “Patsy… I must ask a favor of you.” He pale but still dark hand reached for her weakly as he smiled weakly.

“Yes, anything for you, Papa…” She clutched his hand, her eyes frantic as his weakened state.

“I must plead of you to deliver the box. Deliver it to Alexander Hamilton.” He whispered out softly. He had spent so much time in those, he couldn’t bare to dispose of them, “He must know of the truth of my feelings.” He breathed out, pain coursing through his body.

“Papa…” She looked down at him worried, he wasn’t supposed to pass so soon. She looked at the date and sighed.

“What is the date, my dearest?” Thomas asked softly.

“December 3rd… 1800.” Patsy replied, looking down at her feet, tears slid down her face as she knew she was going to her lose her other parent.

“It’s alright, child. Promise me- Promise me you’ll give it to him. He must know of the truth of my feelings. Feelings I have been hiding for too long.” He smiled before his eyes closed.

Patsy froze, slumping over his body as she let out a wail and cried, “Papa… Please no! God, I plead of you… Not Papa…” She wailed loudly, clutching onto him.

It had been days since then, Patsy dressed in black, knocked on the door of the Hamilton residence.

Alexander Hamilton himself had opened the door, blinking down curiously at the woman dressed in black, “Yes, how can I help you, Miss-?”

“Martha. Martha Jefferson. You may call me Patsy, I am the daughter of Thomas Jefferson. I have come with news.” She spoke, trying to hide her pain.

“What has that bastard gotten himself into this time.” He scowled.

Patsy scowled at him, “The bastard you refer to is my father. And he has passed, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t refer to him as such.” She snapped. She shoved the wooden box into his arms. “He has instructed to delver this to you. Good day to you, Sir.” She turned on her heel and walked away.

Hamilton wanted to reach out, plead for forgiveness to a Jefferson for the first time in his life, but his full attention was on the box. Why would Jefferson ever leave him anything?

He carried it inside, locking himself in is office as he carefully opened it. Letters upon letters flew out, finally free. They looked old but there was one of top that looked fresh.

He carefully grabbed the newest one, opening it.

‘Dear, Alexander Hamilton.

If you’re reading this then your wishes have come true. I have finally passed from this life. I never imagined I would die before you. Ironic, isn’t it? I guess it’s for the best. I don’t think I would have been able to express my feelings to you (more like for you) while being alive.

I tried to stop myself, I tried to stop my feelings. I tried to hate you. For a while it worked. I hate you, so much. And it was horrible because hating you hurt more than loving you. Someone once told me ‘Loving someone is to give them the power to destroy you.’ And I have let down my guard, I would have let you destroy my heart and crush my soul if it meant that you would have been mine.

But let us admit the matter of the fact, you would have never been mine, not in this lifetime and not in the next. You might not believe in reincarnation but I very much do.

It is with the greatest pleasure that I bid you adieu and pray to see you in my next life.

With my sincerest love and Apologies,

Your Obedient Servant,

Thomas Jefferson.’

Alex hadn’t even realized he had started crying until his tear drops hit the paper, crinkling it as he let a sob tear from his throat.

Alexander liked to think he was observant… but he realized this a little too late.

Now, Thomas was gone but he was still there.

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Did you ever name Feysand's son? I would say he's nameless but that hits a bit too close to home rip

Don’t remind me fam. 

And yes! I did! And like I could just tell you orrrrrrrrrrr


“I don’t know where he is.” Eleana told Rhys, a trace of panic lining her face. His son was only one month old, and was already casing so much commotion that Rhys could tell there would never be a dull moment in his life.

Rhys glared playfully at his daughter. He was sitting peacefully on his couch reading a book when he heard her rummaging around upstairs. He knew exactly where his son was, of course he bloody did, but playing with his twenty-three-year-old daughter was too good of an opportunity to miss.

“What do you mean you don’t know where he is?”

“I thought he should have a nap, and then I decided I wanted one too, but then I woke up and he wasn’t down here so I checked the whole house and it’s not like he could’ve flown away, he can barely open his wings! And I have no idea where he is,” She cried.

“I’m not bothered.” He stood up, put his book down and pulled her into his arms, resting his chin on the top of her head.

“How can you not be worried? He’s so small!” She wailed.

Rhys decided the joke was over and smoothed back the hair from her face. “I’m not worried because I believe his sudden disappearance probably has to do with your mate gallivanting out of here with him about fifty minutes ago. I think they went shopping for Theodosia’s birthday.”

Eleana pushed his away and smacked his chest. “Why would you do that?!  And that bastard! He took my baby brother literally from my arms while I was sleeping. I was so scared.” She breathed a sigh of relief, and before Rhys could reply he heard someone come in the front door.

There was a very limited number of people it could be due to the wards, and he guessed it was the bastard that Eleana loved so much. As usual, he was correct, and her husband came in with his son nestled into one arm and bags in the other.

He stopped dead when he saw the furious look on Eleana’s face, and lowered the bags to the ground. “Hey,” he said slowly.

She stomped up to him and snatched away her brother. “I’m mad at you,” She kissed the baby’s head while sashaying away from her mate, Kaden.

Kaden looked at him for help, but Rhys simply laughed and shook his head while on the way to the kitchen to get his son, Hazael, a bottle. Little Haz was usually breastfed by Feyre, but she was away dealing with a small rebellion in one of the Illyrian camps. They had refused to accept one of her new reforms, and she wanted to deal with it herself. Rhys said he would go, so she could rest, but she told him males may need a month to recover from a significant event but she was a strong woman who was perfectly capable thank you very much.

Rhys warmed the bottle with his magic and made his way back to his children. He was met with the sight of Eleana leaning over and kissing her mate, so she must not be that mad.

They looked like a little family all together. With Haz in between them while they looked so affectionately at each other, it was like a vision into the future. Eleana handed Haz back to her mate - his perfect little baby was so small that he could fit into the crooks of people’s elbows easily. Rhys smiled fondly and let them be. He knelt down so he could inspect the bags of shopping Kaden had gotten, wanting to know what they had gotten his niece Thea for her birthday. He was surprised to see pink baby’s clothing, which was strange considering there were no babies in their family that would need such things. There were also toys, dummies, bottles…

Rhys reeled back in shock. Eleana had been acting so emotional lately, not just today but over the last week he’d noticed her moods swinging sporadically. And to buy all these clothes…

“Oh. Um. Ah. Eleana. Kaden. Um. Oh.” He sputtered. He turned to look at them, his eyes so wide you could see a ring of purple around his irises. He looked at Eleana’s abdomen, trying to discern whether she had a baby bump or not.

“Papa, are you okay?” She said, concern in her voice. She only called him papa on days she was particularly happy. She did a lot when she was a child, less when she grew, and now her child would be calling him grandpa.

Feyre Feyre Feyre Feyre Feyre Feyre

He had to summon his mate here as fast as they could, so they could celebrate their baby girl on her – Oh cauldron, on her baby girl from the looks of it.

He was in shock to say the least. Why hadn’t she told him? They were so close, and this was such huge news. He wanted what she wanted, no matter what it was, and if this was it then so be it. A little Eleana with blonde hair, or a little Eleana with eyes so dark when you looked into them it was like falling into the night sky.

Rhys pulled out a pink onesie from the bag. He was shook to the point where he was shaking slightly. His chest had seized from the emotion, and his mouth gaped open and closed trying to form the words. What came out instead were noises that were either a groan, a moan, or a gag. He ended up just pointing at Eleana, and then at the onesie. She gasped when she realised what he thought.

“Oh. No! No. Nope. Noooo. Not today. Na-da. Definitely not. Oh no.” She moved towards him and got to her knees so she could look him in the eye. “I’m not pregnant.”

“Are you sure? Because you’ve been so emotional lately and if you’re just not ready to tell me that’s okay-” Rhys started crying then - very real tears that fell like a waterfall. “Is it because you don’t think I would be happy? I’m not sure I’m ready to be a grandfather but I would love the baby so much,” he sobbed. “and I would buy you all the chocolate and pickles you want just like I did with your mother. I’m just really surprised,” he hiccupped, “it was only a month ago you told me you weren’t ready for children, and now this!” He pulled her to him, sobbing into her hair – he was a blubbering mess.

I’m not pregnant.” She looked pointedly at her mate and waved him over. He brought Haz to her. “These are clothes that Kaden got for the orphan program in Hewn City, and I’m emotional because I’m on my cycle.” She brought Haz between herself and Rhys, presenting him to her father. “I’m not ready for this. We are not ready for this.” She looked achingly at Kaden. “I don’t need to tell you why, because you already know, but it will be a really long time before we’re ready to even think about children. It’s good to know that you’d be excited though!”

“Really? You aren’t having a baby? You’re sure?”

“Of course I’m sure.” Her face crumpled, and she held back a sob. “You would be the first person I tell - even before that bastard probably.” His daughter got to her feet and pulled him up with her.

“I mean, he’s so oblivious sometimes he might not even notice.” Rhys teased. Rhys took Haz from her arms, cradling him gently. He was squirmy and started to whine from being jostled around so many people, and Rhys hadn’t given him his bottle yet.

Eleana pressed kisses over her brother’s face, then skipped back to her mate.

Rhys admired the pair – knowing that one day, when the timing was better and his daughter was ready, they would be fantastic parents. Until then, “would you two mind taking Haz for a few hours? I may have already told your mother you’re with child, and I think I have a lot of explaining and making up to do. Or she could very well kill me.”


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papasuke + sarada headcanons

  • throughout sakura’s pregnancy, sasuke was scared shitless; orochimaru was obsessed with all things related to life—including childbirth. he knew just how many things could possibly go wrong in a pregnancy and did everything in his power to keep sakura healthy and safe
  • when sarada was born, sasuke cried (and swore sakura and tsunade to secrecy)
  • sasuke teaches sarada how to walk on water during bath time
  • sarada first activates her sharingan when she’s really young, thinking about how her papa left and how much she misses him
  • as a child sarada had an overt crush naruto and kakashi. it mortified sasuke particularly when she claimed she was going to marry one of them when she was older
  • sasuke likes taking long walks with sarada (he especially likes when she starts to get tired and reaches for his hand)
  • sasuke’s happiest when watching sakura and sarada play in the yard; he likes the view of the uchiha crests on their backs
  • sarada used to be weary of her aunt ino, despite her being her mother’s best friend, as she used to hear stories about ino crushing on sasuke
  • sasuke and sarada have a secret signal for when to activate their sharingan
  • sarada spends a lot of time in the mirror looking at herself, sharingan activated, perfecting her pout
  • when she first wakes up, sarada’s hair resembles sasuke’s genin haircut
  • sarada reminds sasuke a lot of itatchi
  • sasuke never believed in “baby talk” and thus refused to dim down his words when talking to sarada, the result being that at four years old she was calling bortuo an usuratonkachi loudly and proudly
  • it’s sasuke who braids and brushes sarada’s hair before bed
  • sarada and sasuke spend a lot of time laying in the grass on hot days talking about anything and anything. she likes it when papa tells her stories about him and uncle naruto and his travels. he likes it when she tells him about her mama and new skills she’s learned
  • sarada’s has a comprehensive collection of sasusaku onesies, including but not limited to ones that mimic sasuke’s susanno, katsuyu, aoda, garuda, and a police officer
  • sarada and sasuke have matching ponchos
  • instead of bedtime stories, sarada asks sasuke to tell her stories of him has a genin
  • (he opts to one up her proposal and shows her with genjutsu; she thinks it’s the most amazing thing in the world)
  • garuda is her favorite of her parents’ summons
  • sarada hates tomatoes, but has a garden in her window sill where she grows them for her papa
  • when sarada sees a picture of her grandpa for the first time she vows to become police captain like him and sasuke is thrilled (he knows they would have loved her)
Lords reaction to accidentally hitting their daughter [Headcanon] (Request)

A/N: I just know this is going to be both hilarious and painful. Rest under the cut to save dashboards.


What did he do? That was the price of his pride, wasn’t it. The girl was crying in his arms, a big bruise on her forehead that was caused by his own practice sword. Nothing seemed to work. She wouldn’t stop crying. He knew it had been a bad idea to let her stay. He should have sent her away, with her mother, but no, those puppy eyes were stronger than he was. And everyone tried to warned him, to tell him that his girl was walking right to him, but he thought they were trying to distract him.

They weren’t.

“Here, have some sugar stars”, he wiped her tears away, before kissing the red mark on her forehead. “Mama’s sweets will make you feel better, ok?”


He thought it was a good idea. To show his daughter that he was strong, that he could protect her too. And so, he couldn’t say no when she asked him if she could stay in training. Well, what could go wrong? Right? Everything. Everything could go wrong. He was always so defensive that when he heard something behind him his first impulse was to attack.

He wish he hadn’t.

“Are you okay?!” he rushed to her, hugging her and trying to cease her tears. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Papa was careless”. Mitsuhide showered her in kisses and pampers, guilt heavy on his shoulders after seeing the bruise that was sure to appear any time.


Oh boy. 

Oh boy.

It had been a long time since last time the retainers had seen Yukimura panicking so much. He was carrying the little girl in his arms, running around the castle, yelling to the maids, for someone to help him. When you heard him, you left the kitchen as fast as you could. Then you saw him. Your daughter in his arms, both of them crying. 

“I… I…”, he sobbed. “She… I… I’m sorry…”

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johnlockedatbakerst  asked:

Headcannon/prompt: Sherlock is mid case at NSY & John has to pick up toddler Rosie. When he brings her in, there's a few incredulous questions about Sherlock helping raise her from Greg and snide remarks about it from Donovan. Rosie is a bit tired and fussy. However, as soon as Sherlock walks in, Rosie lights up and reaches for him and he settles her on his hip without blinking and carries on working, while she rests her head under his chin and settles down. The others are surprised- John is not

@johnlockedatbakerst This has been sitting in my inbox for awhile now but I hope it’s worth the wait!

Sherlock was mid rant about footprints in “his” crime scene, mocking Anderson’s ability to handle a scene when an alarm rung out from John’s phone.

“And that’ll be John’s cue to go pick Rosie up from daycare,” Sherlock’s said, punctuating the end of his rant.

“Yeah,” John agreed, switching off the alarm. “Where are we in this? Do you still need me? Should we go home?” John never really wanted to go home while Sherlock was on a case. Being stuck at home going stir crazy when there was adventure going on was never good for his state of mind. But NSY wasn’t exactly the most inviting place for a two year old. With the phones and criminals and the office workers cooing at her, distracted detectives splitting their attention between the baby and the investigation, and Sherlock’s manic energy a trip to the office was a cocktail ensured to create a tantrum. But he always left the option to come back open, just in case.

“I’m not sure yet. I’ll text in twenty. Go get Rosie, I’ll be just fine without you for now.”

John nodded. “Right.”

On his way to the lifts, John placed an order for an Uber and it had arrived by the time he exited the lobby of the building. He was walked through the doors of Rosie’s daycare to find the blonde sniffling and rubbing her eyes. Seeing her obvious malcontent, he bent down to scoop her into his arms and comfort her.

“Hey there, little bee. What’s the matter, love?”

One of her caretakers appeared beside them and said, “someone’s a little crabby today. We had a little trouble napping today.”

“That’s not on at all, is it,” John asked Rosie whose only reply was to whine and mash her head into John’s neck. Well, home it is, then, John told himself. He didn’t deny the small pang of disappointment but his daughter needed some rest and Sherlock hadn’t texted so it wasn’t likely he was needed.


John flinched, Sherlock’s text alert summoning part of his attention. One handed, he dug into his pocket to read the incoming text.

-There were lacerations found on the victim’s feet. Definitely not self-inflicted. Need your opinion.

John clicked the talk to text feature, a godsend that Sherlock installed to help him with what his partner called “deplorable use of opposable digits”. The microphone icon glowed blue and John talked into the phone, “Rosie is fussy. Send a picture?” He pressed the send button and walked outside, bouncing Rosie on his hip as he went.

The reply was immediate.

-Bring her. Lestrade won’t let me take the pictures home. Says they’re evidence.

-Terribly inconvenient.

-Shouldn’t be too long. We can go home once you’ve gotten a good look.

-You can make the thing with the peas for dinner.

John replied, “are you sure?”

-Of course. See you soon.

John kissed Rosie’s forehead and asked her, “papa needs some help. Want to go see him?” Rosie nodded her head, her curls tickling his skin as she moved. “Well then, let’s get a ride then.”

Fifteen minutes later, John and Rosie were walking through the doors of NSY. It had been quite awhile since they had brought Rosie to NSY. Even then, only a handful of times before daycare started. Back then she mostly slept in the carrier or was passed around the office like a bag of chips, watched over by a couple of friendly officers. It hadn’t escaped John’s notice that people had intensely watched Sherlock interacting with Rosie without trying to look like it. They muttered under their breath about Sherlock’s apparent lack of attention and wondered why John was “allowing” Sherlock to dictate where “his” daughter was taken.

John had bit his tongue. Of course he was irritated that, even after all this time and everything Sherlock had done to prove his was human, that he did care, there were still people who saw him as he was before John. Unyielding, cold, distant. That just wasn’t the case anymore.

John had been given the gift of Sherlock’s unflinching devotion and that devotion naturally extended to Rosie. It didn’t take too long after Mary’s death for them to finally pull their heads out of their arses and admit what had been glaringly obvious from the moment they met; they were impossibly in love with each other and always had been. And once that fact was embraced, there was no turning back. They were both in with both feet in both love and work. But that didn’t mean much had changed.

They still shared 221B. The only real difference is that John had folded his clothes in alongside Sherlock’s in their drawers and Rosie had a room to herself. They still fought over silly things like whose turn was it to get the milk; it was perpetually Sherlock’s because John always broke down and bought it because the Great Detective couldn’t be arsed to actually get it. Only now, those fights ended in kissing and maybe a tussle in the sheets. They still worked together, as effective a team as there ever was. Only now they were sure not to take unnecessary risks with their lives to avoid making an orphan of their daughter. Still, they took out life insurance policies and updated their wills to provide a future for Rosie.

From the outside, John did admit, it didn’t look like much had changed in Sherlock. He still snapped at his colleagues, he still called everyone idiots, he still dashed off without much warning, and he still ran intellectual circles around everyone he came in contact with. But if one was inclined to look, they would see that little things had changed.

Sherlock never failed to check in on John while he poured over documents. When Rosie was with them, he made sure that someone checked Rosie’s nappies, even if it wasn’t him. He even tried to scarf down a few nibbles of food at John’s insistence when he was feeding Rosie and himself. Granted, he didn’t pick her up or fawn over her while he was working. But he didn’t pay close attention to John or himself when he was working. His partner was more than affectionate enough for the three of them when he wasn’t swimming in a case and John clung to those moments when The Work took precedence. Sherlock’s emotional distance while working was an accepted and predictable pattern, anticipated by all those who knew and worked with him. He had known and prepared for it and it bothered him that no one else could see the softer Sherlock. The one who read bedtime stories in funny voices, loved bathtime because he could play pirates, and learned lullabies on the violin. But that Sherlock wasn’t the one who saved people, so John tried to push his irritation aside. John knew that having a child wouldn’t change much about how Sherlock went about The Work. But John wasn’t about to get into a long drawn conversation to defend Sherlock against people who refused to see him.

There were more important things.

Stepping out of the lift, he was greeted by Lestrade. “Hey there, John. And Miss Rosie, how are you darling?”

Rosie turned her head away from him, hiding her face in John’s neck. John smiled at the movement and cupped her head, lightly massaging the back of her head. “We’re a little fussy today.”

“Gotcha, no stranger to that,” Lestrade said, giving them a little space. “His Majesty call for you, then?”

“Yeah, where is he?”

Lestrade gestured to a bank of empty interrogation rooms. “We’ve got him set up in one of the rooms over here. But if Rosie’s needing to go home, I’m sure he’ll be fine without you.”

John shook his head. “He said he needed some input on the lacerations you all found. It won’t take long, a half hour won’t make much difference in her mood to be honest. Then I’ll be taking them all home and out of your hair.”

“Don’t mention hair, mate,” Lestrade joked deprecatingly, running a hand through his thinning hair.

Donovan met them outside the room and said, “are you serious? He’s calling for you when you have her?”

John’s brow furrowed. “I always have Rosie. That’s part of the “parent package”, Sally.”

Donovan rolled her eyes. “Anyone can see she’s in no state to be out. Sherlock’s just being selfish, calling for you when you should be at home.”

John frowned, knowing that in a way she was right. Rosie did need to go home. But if Sherlock needed him, he wasn’t going to ignore him. That’s not how they worked. Not anymore.

He opened his mouth to speak when Rosie started whining and squirming in his arms, clearly restless and her patience wearing thin. John struggled to hold her and Donovan said, “see? Just take her home. Even Sherlock has to see that she shouldn’t be here.”

As if on cue, Sherlock poked his head out of the door, requesting post-its. “Oh, John! Wonderful, come here, I think I found something.”

At Sherlock’s voice, Rosie went still and whipped her head around to see Sherlock. Her eyes, watering and nearing Impending Tantrum territory, she shoved her little arms out to him and called out, “papa! Want you!”

Sherlock, without pausing, said, “of course. You can help your daddy and I figure out this little puzzle, come here.” He took her from John’s arms and settled her on his hip and in three seconds flat, she was quiet and still.

Lestrade and Donovan’s jaws hit the floor.

Without giving his colleagues the time of day, he refocused his attention on John. “Now that that’s settled, come, I have pictures to show you. Molly won’t let me see the body until tomorrow, most inconvenient.” He swanned into his temporary office, gesturing wildly with his one free hand as he went. “Now, this is going to sound highly improbably, but just hear me out.”

John grinned, tucking away his beam of pride deep in his chest and followed his madman into the room, bypassing Lestrade and Donovan. “Of course, love.”

Sherlock, with Rosie along for the ride, began to pace around the room spouting off his theories. John leaned against the metal table in the middle of the room and looked at the pictures Molly had sent them. Eventually, the even, if quick, pacing of Sherlock’s feet soon had Rosie snoring in his arms. At a particularly loud snuffle, Sherlock stopped mid sentence. He glanced down at the girl tucked into his body and curled his other arm around her to hug her closer. He smiled down at her and kissed her forehead before making eye contact with John.

Sherlock whispered, “naptime a lost cause at daycare, then?”

John nodded. “She probably won’t sleep long. But if we’re lucky she’ll make it home and be ready to eat something when we get back.”

“The thing with the peas,” Sherlock asked hopefully.

John smiled fondly and nodded. “Yeah, I can do that.”

Sherlock nodded slowly, smoothing Rosie’s curls with his palm. John couldn’t help himself, he straightened and closed the small distance between them to kiss his daughter and then Sherlock’s lips. The kiss was chaste and sweet and when it ended they pressed their foreheads together, eyes closed.

John whispered, “you know Donovan and Lestrade are watching.”

Sherlock huffed. “Let them look.” Sherlock extricated his arm from between John and Rosie and wrapped it around John’s waist to pull him close. “You were angry when you came in. It made Rosie more irritable. What happened?”

John chuckled lightly. “What? You can’t deduce it?”

“Of course I can. You just want to talk. So talk.”

“Git,” John whispered under his breath. “They still think you’re a machine, that you don’t care about us.”

“They’re idiots,” Sherlock said simply. As if there was no need for further explanation.

“I’m an idiot,” John pointed out. “Said so yourself.”

“Yes, well,” Sherlock said, amusement in his voice. He pulled back slightly and they opened their eyes to look at each other. “You’ve always been quicker on the uptake than the rest.”

“Took me long enough,” John mumbled.

“But you got there. That’s all that counts. Now,” Sherlock said, leaning in to kiss him softly once before straightening himself up and holding Rosie more securely. “I think it’s time we get our little bee home. We’re all hungry and I need my violin. Don’t bother putting anything away, Lestrade can do that.”

Lestrade’s voice over the intercom came through, “oi! I am not your nursemaid!”

“That’s what you get for A. spying, and B. not letting me take things home with me.”

“It’s evidence you berk,” Lestrade complained.

“Tsk, tsk, detective,” Sherlock chided, walking towards the door. “Such language. And around little innocent ears.”

“Bite me,” Lestrade barked back before silencing the intercom.

John chuckled and shook his head. He quickly scooped the papers on the table into a stack and stuck them in an empty folder. Lestrade met him in the doorway, looking somewhat sheepish. He had never seen Sherlock so demonstrative before and John supposed it could be considered a shock.

John just gave him a knowing smile. “We’ll let you know what he comes up with. Night, Greg.” Without another word, he followed in his partner’s footsteps to find him waiting at the lift doors. John placed a hand on the small of Sherlock’s back and pressed the call button. “Ready for home?”

“God yes,” Sherlock replied.