or that he's girly or not manly

Artemis Fowl and Sexism

Many people agree that the Book Artemis Fowl deals with the topic Sexism really well.

We have Holly, the first female Comander, she isn’t just there to be a love interesst, but to kick ass. And even when she is romantical involved in any way it is necersary to the plot ( or funny like how she dated kelp three times and the get thrown out a stadium). She listen to metal and likes action.

And then we have Juliet, she seems at first glance like a girly character, but in the end she is a Butler, she has amazing skills and is one of the most dangerous fighters. But she also knows what she want, like that she wants to go into wrestling as a princess. She is beautifull because she wants it, but a boyfriend is never mentioned, because it isn’t needed.

But thats not my point, my point is Artemis itself. He alone completly destroys the typicial picture of a man. he doesn’t need to be manly.

Just think about it :

He is terrible at sports or other activitis. He doesn’t want to impress or pick up woman. He is concerned about his looks, wearing suits all the time, having manicures and massages. Like there is one part in the Book where he is worried about his dirty nails and that his hands look…ugh…like of a dirty worker and not a pianist.

Additionally he CARES about his health, yes, in Atlantis complex he needed his time to go to the psychatrist. but he knew that he needed him. Also befor in the books he often realised that he needed to think and sort himself out to avoid mental illnesses. THIS is so amazing.

I could get on and on how amazing I think Artemis is show how stupid the tipical manly thing is.

I mean he isn’t the only one in the books. We have Number 1 , one of the most powerfull creatures in the universe who sometimes likes to wear dresses. We have Butler who suits this typical manly thing with being really muscular and strong, bu if we think about it, he mostly raised Artemis and does care for the people he love.

What do you guys think ?

By encouraging men to cling to work that isn’t coming back, Trump is doing them a disservice. The more important and difficult task is figuring out how to change the culture in ways that will allow them to do the jobs of the future. In other words, if Trump really wants to get more Americans working, he’ll have to do something out of his comfort zone: make girly jobs appeal to manly men.

can i give a shoutout to the nickelodeon cartoon The Loud House real quick? the main character lives in a house with his 10 sisters but the show isn’t about how annoying they are and how much he hates them. the episodes usually end with him being helped by them in some way and it emphasizes how different each sister is but how all of them, including him, have something to offer. One episode was even about how Lincoln (the main char.) was worried he was getting “girly” by being around all his sisters but at the end he realized he doesn’t have to worry about what’s “girly” or “manly” he can just enjoy what he enjoys. Plus lincolns best friend is black kid who has two dads. And interracial gay couple that is always seen as loving and caring. Plus it’s funny and sweet and just…a wonderful break from all the other cartoons that perpetuate the same old roles and stereotypes it’s just nice and shout out to nick for doing it

so i wanna make some embroidered napkins for my parents because why not

originally dad’s was gonna have just DAD written on it in big bold manly letters

but i remembered he insists on buying me girly things, because ‘im a lady’, even though its not my style at all and it makes me uncomfortable

Why Men Should Be Feminists

Feminism is about making all gender roles completely equal. So, when a man is told he is gay for liking a girly television show, that is part of what feminism is trying to change. If a man ever feels too weak or not “manly enough,” thats a perfect example of why they need feminism just the same. BEING PUT DOWN BECAUSE OF YOUR GENDER SHOULD NOT BE NORMAL. Be part of the change.

BTS REACTION - When their gf don't use/wear girly things (dresses,makeup,heels,etc.) and is more tomboyish


Namjoon is fine just with a jeans, a white shirt and a converse high, he loves you whatever you wear.

Whatever you look, as long as he is prettier than you.

He tries to introduce cute things to you, but he is okay even if it doesn’t work

J-Hope tries to look more and more manly by your side.

Jimin likes this. Mainly when you use his long shirts after waking up.

“You’re so pretty whatever you wear”

“How can you look more handsome than me?!”


Woooahh… long time no posting… I missed you guys <3

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things my youngsters did today at work

  • one ten year old boy who was standing on two different scooters was being all sassy and told me that he wouldn’t get off and i couldn’t make him so then i lifted him off of it and he just said oh
  • “christmas is girly” said by a seven year old boy
  • that same seven year old boy saying “pink is my favorite color okay it’s manly” 
  • a six year old boy with a lisp said “god damn it” twice and i’m just like child…. CHILD
  • a fourth grade boy actually stole a golf ball from the bowling alley that we had to take back later
  • “dirt is made of plants” “no dirt is made of dirt” 
  • “people can drink beer at 18, right?” 
  • one little girl going to the bathroom like 17 times and after the first 3 i’d make a joke every time and she got all smiley 

With relatively falls, I can see some things being swapped, like Ford in sweater town. I also can see Stan having a manliness crisis after Ford making a comment about their dad thinking some of the crafts he does with Granty are girly. And idk, I kinda replaced the Baba songs with a can of glitter in my head, like Stan calls them tiny stars and just adores them, and maybe bugging Ford with them is why Ford brings up their dad. And he learns it’s perfectly manly to stand up for yourself and your interests.

Plus it totally sets it up to have Stanley love Dipper’s birthmark because it’s like permanent “little stars”.

stop forcing your “straight manly male” standards on sungjong, stop trying to prove how “manly” he is, start encouraging him and telling him it’s okay to be himself, that its okay to be the happy kid he used to be, that he can be whatever he wants to be and that you’ll be here for him

So…a boy from my class saw this photo of Luhan on my phonescreen and asked me :”Who’s that girl?” I told him that he’s a boy and he replied:”He is so gay and he looks very girly!!Why do you even like him?!?!?”

..so I wanted to prove him that he really is a boy and he doesn’t look that girly using this app

but something went wrong…

and I though that there is something in the photo so I chose another one MORE MANLY


do u ever think abt how manly dan called dipper a little girl and he got v uncomfortable and said “um actually-” do you ever think abt how multiple characters have called dipper girly and he hates it every time do you ever think abt how theres a whole episode dedicated to his manliness do you ever think abt how dipper is trans

xsolaar  asked:

❛ Hnn--- A girly one, aren't you. ❜

    — It wasn’t as though he hadn’t heard this one before, the teasing however became less likely the more powerful he grew and once he had become a pirate, he didn’t have to deal with ridiculous teasing of kids and bullies as when he had been a child. Still, that didn’t mean he had become indifferent to it all.

    ❝ Who are you calling girly?! I’m the most manly man there is!


This MMV contain chapters 1-28 of the manga title: Mizutama Honey Boy
Here’s my first MMV using this manga “Mizutama Honey Boy” from Ike Junko: using my favorite pairing of this series: Fuji x Sengoku or (Mei x Shiro). Right now I’m so overly hook with this manga: it’s so cute and a funny manga ( Fuji is so hilarious seeing his girly side and when he acts all manly: I always get candy eyes, lol xD: the main pairing are so adorable together: I really cherish their chemistry so much: (me always fangirling whenever they have a passionate moment together: especially about Fuji, he’s so cute: I love him, , lol). I really hope this manga gets animated one day: this manga does has potential for a future shoujo anime written all over it.

The idea of this MMV is how Fuji (Shiro) always tells Sengoku ( Mei) about his feelings of love he has for her and he’s hoping to see a day she feels the same for him ( hang in there Shiro, we all know Mei has feelings for you and soon yours and Mei’s love relationship will blossom to the fullest and everything will be “pink” and “shining hearts”.

Thank you for viewing my MMV: I hope by watching this video inspired you guys to read the actual manga: it’s so interesting and cute. :) I’m planning to make more Maga Music videos with this manga and for those of you who haven’t heard about manga I do recommend checking out . ;)

Imagine: Getting Dean hooked on “Girly” Drinks

“Stop being a tough guy, just try it,” you shove your brightly colored drink towards Dean.
“Fine, fine,” he grabbed the glass from you, eyeing the straw oddly.
“What’s wrong now?”
“There’s no manly way to drink out of a straw…”
“Then take a sip from the side of it, whatever makes you feel better, macho-man.”
Reluctantly, he took a small sip of the fruity drink, an instantly look of surprise on his face.
“So there’s no alcohol in this?”
“Actually Dean, there’s like 3 kinds of alcohol in that bright little drink.”
He took another sip, “this is really good, what is it?”
“Midtown Muse.”
“Why with the girly names? You know that’s the only reason men don’t drink these, the names are embarrassing.”
“Sex on the beach.”
“Sounds hot, but not a drink I’d ever ask for.”
“Fuzzy Navels.”
“That’s just weird.”
“Slippery Nipple.”
“Are… are you flirting with me?”
“Nope these are all drinks, lets see, red headed slut, liquid viagra, the leg spreader.”
“You’ve got to be joking…”
The waitress walked over and Dean quickly slid your drink back to you.
“You all set here?” The blooming redheaded waitress asked as she ogled at Dean.
“Actually, can I get a red headed slut?” You quickly ask, “Oh never mind, I’ve already found one.”
She shot you a look of disgust and you matched it with a glare that could’ve froze hell over. Silently, she walked away. You smirked and looked back at Dean.
“Son of a bitch,” he let out a breathy chuckle, “Remind me not to piss you off.”
“So what do you want?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well let’s start you with sex on the beach, and go from there.”
“I’m not ordering that, I’ll get mugged. Will you go order it for me?”
“And what’s going to happen when I get it back to the table?”
“I don’t know, just leave it in front of you and I’ll steal it once in a while.”
“Nope, you want a ‘girly drink’,” you threw up quotes, “then you go get it.”
He walked to the bar, ordered a sex on the beach 'for his girl’ and got a beer. As he walked back to the table he set the beer in front of himself and the brightly colored mixed drink in front of you.
“Thank you, but I thought you were drinking this?”
“I am, just, keep it in front of you,” he took a small sip and set it back down in front of you.
You grabbed the beer and took a large swallow of it, then set it in front of you. He watched as you slid the fruity drink in his direction.
“Y/n, come on.”
“What? It’s not like you’re going to score with me sitting across from you anyways, you might as well just embrace it.”

Yeah based on my vague memories of 02 and JesuOtaku’s old retrospective videos I’d feel preeeetty ok calling TK a Knight. Don’t mind me I’m a heathen who stubbornly uses dub names because that’s what I grew up on. P: Unimon is also good! I tend to pay more attention to the rookie form/overall Digivolution line (which is why Solarmon from Digimon World Dusk is PERFECT for Dave) hence Biyo/Shoutmon. Shoutmon plays into his overall aesthetic, and at least in Xros Wars (which I admittedly never saw more than a few episodes of??) has a robotic evolved form. Plus the association w/ music and his rapbots. Then Biyomon fits the Strider family motif of birds + fire + it represents character growth he has to come to terms with because he has HEART, and the Crest of LOVE, and he does love so very very much but he can’t let himself show it because MANLY MAN-NESS and what do you mean his partner is this girly pink thing

(The tiara in DDOTA is present for this exact reason and not at all for a dumb joke later on.)

(Also I like Biyomon. Growing up I desperately wanted Digimon to be real and felt in my heart Gatomon and Biyomon were my chosen partners.)

I’d also like more headcanons of boys in skirts and other traditionally feminine clothes and hobbies without needing a nonbinary headcanon attached- nothing against non-binary headcanons, just not too happy with the unintentional implication that you can’t be totally a boy if you’re into girlie things. Anyway, have some headcanons.

  • Doyle wears skirts because he likes the way they make his legs look, ie, a-fucking-mazing
  • Wash wears skirts because if he’s tired enough to not wear armor he’s also not bothering with pants
  • Bitters wears skirts because he likes the freedom of movement and the nice breeze and they’re just more comfortable
  • Matthews likes to wear accessories with pretty bows and frills on them
  • Caboose has 57 different headbands to keep his hair pulled back and all of them have pretty bows on
  • Before he got too big and started stretching them out, Manly used to steal Girlie’s dresses for dates
  • Grif wears skirts because he’s too lazy to deal with pant legs
  • Kai wears skirts and other girlie things because being a boy doesn’t mean he doesn’t still enjoy them
  • York wears skirts because he has the legs for them. He has flashed everyone at some point while doing the leg thing.
  • Maine wears skirts because he wants to and because who’s going to tell him to stop. You? -snorts- Okay. I’m just gonna stand over here.
  • Leonard wears skirts because he’s less likely to split the seams when he stands with his legs wide apart
  • Birdie and Manly steal Girlie’s dolls and play dress up with them all the time.
  • Sharkface wears make-up, or he would if it was an option in, you know, prison
  • Pillman doesn’t consider any outfit completely without a corset. His figure looks great in them