or that he's girly or not manly

Let Laurent be masculine

Okay but I think people are forgetting that Laurent isn’t a feminine man by any means…he’s actually kind of fuckin manly. He’s built like the statue of David, described to have broad shoulders, a cut body and not to mention the strength to whirl around a 500lb+ horse while cutting down soldiers with one arm.

Damen used to chase after gladiators for crying out loud. You know he’s gotta admire Laurent’s body for how sporty and strong it is. He’s not like this…slight, soft-bellied boy I tend to see around the fandom. The super long hair, the soft body, always making him bottom (did we forget he nearly topped Damen if not for some rude premature climaxing)…

idk I feel like Laurent is being feminized into very boring, stereotypical role where there always has to be “a girl” of the relationship. And I feel like with all the different ways Pacat described him she was very careful about trying to avoid this very thing! Laurent may be a prettyboy but that doesn’t mean he isn’t masculine af too. I just don’t want his awesome character to fall into the same void that nearly every other ‘bottom designated’ gay man gets in any given fandom. 

So in light of recent events, one thing was made perfectly clear and I feel so damn justified now.

I always have Yuuri either doing the lifts or wanting to do the lifts in my YOI fics. And always did I get people claiming that ‘there is no way Yuuri could hold up Victor for even a second’ or ‘it’s not something that fits his soft character’. What is going on is some heteronormative BS. Yuuri is the more physically dainty of the two and people either intentionally or unintentionally, assigned an assumed feminine role to him. Lack of obvious masculine traits or whatever, obviously makes him the Sub or Uke in the relationship. The weak girl so to speak.

There are people who look at same sex couples and will ask who is the guy position during sex and who is the girl. Instead of just thinking ‘sex’ they assign age old gender roles to the couple and determine based on height, body mass, hair, eyes, facial structure, voice, and even other things, on who is the ‘girl’ and who is the ‘guy’. It’s intrusive and annoying.

Katsuki Yuuri:

  • Is muscular and capable of keeping two grown men parallel to the floor while holding both of them up with only his arms and hands.
  • Is sassy and willing to take control of the situation if need be. Will give orders.
  • Has an amazingly toned body that is capable of several types of dance as well as a demanding sport.
  • Has a voice that can go deep instantly.

He’s also very emotional and kind and has a big heart that he wears on his sleeve. Just because the list of ‘masculine traits’ isn’t obvious upon first glance, doesn’t mean those traits does exist in him.

Yuuri does not need to be ‘obviously’ anything in order to be a strong character. Just because he has emotions and is nice to people and shorter, doesn’t mean he is suddenly the ‘bottom’ or the ‘girl position’ in their relationship. Saying that doing physically demanding tasks usually assigned to masculine roles, isn’t ‘capable of being part of his character’ is ridiculous and I’m sick of seeing it.

  1. ‘He’s too girly to be able to do that.’
  2. ‘Yuuri is more gentle and wouldn’t ever do such rough guy things.’
  3. ‘Yuuri needs to be protected because he’s smaller and weaker.’
  4. ‘Yuuri wouldn’t be able to handle the dangers of the military.’
  5. ‘He’s so small someone could hurt him!’
  6. ‘Why do people always make him stronger than he is? He’s not strong, he’s practically a twig. Victor would be better at it.’
  7. ‘It’s out of character to make Yuuri weight lift. That’s for manly men and he’s a figure skater.’
  8. ‘Yuuri is too sweet and it would be dangerous for him to drink beer at a bar.’

And so on and so forth are examples I’ve been given in reviews and comments.

The comic has Yuuri lifting Victor high. Boom!

I was completely in canon with my belief and am so damn happy. Also, Yuuri continuing to break gender norms will always be my cup of tea.

Feminine Who? -Yugyeom (Got7)

Y’all here we go again smh! These have me bent outta shape because I really do not understand how anyone could possibly see Yugyeom as “girly”. Like come on now use your B R A I N..

Ok first up, feminine where cause really where I don’t see it?

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Like god damn boy lemme speak to your momma

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Feminine h o w.. god dern I’m in love

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Let’s all take a moment of silence to appreciate how sexy and manly he looks

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He may have a baby face but we all know what’s really not babyish about him ;)

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“You make me feel like i’m living a teenage dream the way you turn me on” -Katy Perry

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Feminine when?

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Next time I hear someone say he looks like a girl they’re gonna get smacked the hell up, that’s disrespectful

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Ok I lied this is real disrespect

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“Oh baby baby, baby baby” - Salt-N-Pepa

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Why is he so fine?

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Feminine when? Oh right.. Never

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Hey there.. Ya gotta nice neck ;)

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Is it hot in here? Or is it just him?

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I’m seriously laughing omg skkssksks but really ppl don’t come for his neck.. EVER

-Admin Lia

I just like to think about the fact that Barba is close to his mom and grandmother, heavily into fashion and classy eating, and enjoys musicals but is never portrayed as anything less for it.

He’s constantly surrounded by women, his closest companion from SVU is a woman whom he enjoys meeting up with and shares some pretty deep stuff with, and it’s never pointed at like “He’s less of a man because he surrounds himself with all this girly stuff.” He wears pink, takes care of his girls, still calls his mother “Mami” (or “Mommy” phonetically), and honestly couldn’t give a shit what others would think of him for it and deeply loves his job and that’s all that matters.

He’s hella manly not in spite of, but because he has all these things going on in his life and thinks nothing of it and doesn’t give in to the toxic masculinity ideal. And aside from his intelligence and driven personality, that’s what I love about Barba the most.

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basically just a load of hcs @thatdidntgotoplan and me (but mostly me) made up where washington and king george III were school teachers for like the rest of the cast

also we live in fucking england so this is basically like reception to year 1

anyway enjoy


*troublemaker who gets told off by the teachers

*has the whole “big boys don’t cry” mentality

*always brags to everyone that he kissed eliza even tho he didn’t

*heard washington accidentally say “shit” one time and then proceeded to walk around the playground pronouncing that the wobbly bridge and the play castle were shit. he then called seabury shit and got yelled at


*obsessed with pokemon and beyblade and kids’ anime

*he put one of his beyblades into seabury’s hair once and got yelled at. a bald patch still remains in seabury’s hair to this day

*a master of pokemon trading cards except he can’t read so he’s all like “big picture in….in…kinoar?”

*has that one ash and pikachu lunchbox that’s personalised with his name on the front in comic sans. everyone thinks it’s the sickest thing ever


*c’mon we aren’t even gonna pretend laf wasn’t THAT ONE KID who threw rocks at everyone and got into loads of trouble

*jefferson gets hamilton, laurens, and mulligan into trouble but not lafayette bc lafayette always gives him his babybel or cheesestring at lunchtime

*was the donkey for the nativity but in the middle of the play he stole the baby jesus and ran off the stage

*gets high on dip dab and eats it like 24/7 even though he’s allergic to it


*the slowest reader in the class

*he made washington a really pretty daisy chain once. it had buttercups and everything. washington cherishes it.

*always does the pencil roll in p.e. because his head hurts when he does any other kind of roll

*he does horseriding and everyone makes fun of him because they say it’s girly but then he tells them that it’s the most EXTREME MANLY THING EVER and they all think he’s so cool


*the quiet kid on the top table who actually gets on and does his work

*he’s like a golden child. washington’s so glad to have him in his class

*if he ever argues with alex he automatically becomes really petty and joins jefferson and madison

*he goes to the corner of the field and plays restaurant all the time. he takes it super seriously and serves leaf kebabs and chicken nugget rocks to all the kids on tree stump tables


*teachers’ pet who always crosses his legs, folds his arms, and puts his index finger on his lips

*fucking snitches on everything, especially alex. washington would question him except his family’s loaded and they might sue him

*has like two friends but thinks he’s hot shit. 

*tells everyone he’s going to be in the next diary of a wimpy kid book and that his uncle is the author. they all believe him.


*always up at first aid. he likes it and the nice lady martha gives him a lollipop and a sticker for taking his medicine

*chubby and bad at p.e. but nobody dares to say anything because of jefferson

*jefferson’s wingman. he never leaves his side like EVER

*probably still wears drynites to bed

and that’s all bc i don’t want to make this a long-ass post

stay tuned for part 2 


Headcanon - Henry Turner

Request: "Please could you do like a Henry Turner headcannon of like how Elizabeth and Will react to Henry and the reader’s relationship??“

gifs are not mine.

Will and Elizabeth’s reaction to your and Henry’s relationship would include:

  • Them being extremely proud of their son to find such a literate and intelligent young woman
  • You being quite nervous about meeting them for the first time
  • “I really can’t understand why you’re stressing out so much. They’ll love you.”
  • And they sure as hell did
  • Sometimes Will and Elizabeth look at the two of you chatting or lightly cuddling and remember themselves in their younger days
  • What makes them tell you stories about their adventures
  • You being mesmerized about their marriage, especially about the fact that they married during a battle
  • Henry quietly watching you with a little smile while you listen to his parents’ stories
  • Having girly talks with Elizabeth while Henry and Will are occupied with manly things
  • She tells you the story about how she met Will and how they came to be together in the first place
  • “Henry is much like his father - he’ll do anything for the person he loves.”
International Men’s Day

I celebrated International Women’s Day earlier this year by posting about some of my favorite fictional ladies, so now it’s the guys’ turn!

Perseus “Percy” Jackson

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Percy may be the character that I relate to the most. I’ve gone into depth about how much I love his character arc, particularly in The Lightning Thief. Percy uses his smart mouth to cover up his deep self-esteem issues, and it’s truly encouraging to see his view of himself improve throughout the series. While I would never class him as “confident,” he does learn to trust his instinct and that, maybe, he’s a good kid after all.

Nico di Angelo

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Another from the Percy Jackson series and one of my all-time favorite characters. Nico goes from being an optimistic and cheerful kid to a bitter teen to a slightly less-bitter teen, his arc following the grieving process over the loss of his sister and dealing with the fatal flaw of Hades children (grudges). I will admit that seeing more Nico was one of the main things that kept me reading Heroes of Olympus and what will ultimately motivate me to finish it. I hope there’s more of him in Trials of Apollo, given who his boyfriend is. Nico is a complex character who has been through a lot and he is also my son who I will fight the devil himself over if needed.

Asuka Masamune

I love Otomen, and a big reason why is its protagonist, Asuka. Asuka is accomplished in kendo and the martial arts and appears at first to be the Manly Man’s Manly Man, but he also loves soft, cute things, baking, shoujo manga, and other “girly” things. In fact, he fits more of the “girly” stereotypes than his girlfriend, but his friends don’t look down on him or consider him any less of a man for it. The main conflict of the series is Asuka dealing with the gender norms that are being enforced on him by his quite literally transphobic mother and society as a whole. Asuka finds acceptance with his friends and helps others like him find acceptance, showing that there’s nothing wrong with a man who likes baking, sewing, flowers, or other “girly” things.

Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir

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This is a recent addition, but I think that season two of Miraculous Ladybug has really won me over. As Adrien, he’s a sweetheart who does his best to please his distant father (both of them still grieving over the disappearance of his mother) and is just happy to finally go to school and have friends. He’s generally nice to everyone but rarely has time to spend with them between school, private lessons, his modeling career, and being Chat Noir. As Chat Noir, a lot of the walls that he puts up as a civilian come down and he’s free to be a lot goofier and, well, more like a normal teenage boy with a crush. I’ve seen it suggested that to him, Adrien Agreste is the mask that hides his true identity and that he is more true to himself when he’s Chat. I can definitely see that. I’m excited for what we might see from his character in the future, especially with his dad’s secrets starting to come out!

Feel free to add some of your favorite fictional men!

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all your faves are trans Percy? Trans Anna Beth? Trans Piper? Trans anyways could I get some more trans headcanons *wiggles eyebrows*

all my faves are trans as hell, bruh!!!! 😎 im always up for givin trans headcanons!

trans percy who takes advantage of being able to swim in a binder because his clothes dont get wet when he’s underwater. he’s ecstatic, because he loves being underwater and he hates not binding and now the water even heals his wounds so he can stay in his binder even LONGER underwater and have it still be safe binding and- well, he’s very excited. sometimes, though, he does take it off to swim with the other/younger trans kids at camp. he knows hes something of a Big Time Hero, so he figures he can use that to their advantage and help them accept themselves. he may not like his body, but he can help them learn to like their own.

trans annabeth and trans clarisse who both come out as trans girls around the same time without the other knowing and so they both show up to the campfire dressed the way they want to for the first time, clarisse’s short hair pulled back in a bandana headband and annabeth’s in grey ribbon. they look at eachother like “what the heck??” and even though they dont get along, they sit next to eachother and stick close together for most of their time at camp half blood. they’re rivals, but not in this. they’ve always been cousins, but now they’re sisters in something that feels even bigger than divine blood. they dont have to like eachother to support and protect eachother.

trans nico who feels like a freak. bianca keeps trying to convince him to go with her, please, the hunters can be a safe place for us! but he tells her no. it feels wrong to be like that, among women when he feels so out of place there. later, after he runs away and percy seems him again for the first time, he’s shocked by nico’s self-cut short hair and too-big boys clothes. it takes a long time for nico to understand himself, but less than most people. not many know this, but the dead are good company. their stories hold him in a place of belonging, they speak in old tongues of skin that felt so wrong on their bones. “but you can make it a home,” they tell him. “like a bird bites holes into a cactus to create shelter from the storm, you can make it a home. nico’s father makes sure he has a binder, that he never uses bandages or other unsafe methods. he’s seen enough kids in his realm to know that children like nico need support. he wont let nico turn into another sad, transclucent face in the fields of asphodel. not over this. and neither will nico.

trans piper mclean who fights tooth and nail to be as ‘girly’ as possible, and when that doesnt work, fights to be as piper as possible. if they wont accept her as they want her to be then screw that - she’ll be herself. she’ll wear her biker boots and her big, “manly” coat and her skirts that are too long and her skirts that are too short. she’ll wear her hair cut short in the way that made grandpa tom cry with old tears and yet tears of pride too. “your blood will always fight” he tells her, one of the last things he tells her. “i was certain you would sing our songs but instead you sing your own.” there is mourning in his voice and there is mourning im her heart when he passes. she cuts her hair once more unevenly when his spirit leaves the body, and that is the last time for a very, very long time. her uneven hair grows unevenly and she stops thinking about rebelling and she stops thinking about conforming. she sees her sister, drew, trans like her and fierce like her with something broken and angry in her too and piper’s caring heart finally knows rest. she finds the love she wishes she always had, the acceptance. she saves the goddamned world and it isnt about being what people do or dont want to see. it was about those kids at camp, like drew, with the sad eyes and the bitter tongues. kids like her that cut their hair and made their grandpas cry. it was for love - love for others and love for herself.

im feeling a lot of emotion now wtf…. this started off pretty benign and then as i got into it i slowly started making it almost autobiographical alfjakf oopsies - mod will

insatiable || dylan o’brien

author: @broodybell
pairing: dylan x reader 
word count: 797

authors note: in case you guys get confused, Y/F/N = your friends name, and Y/E/N = your ex’s name. 

summary: teen wolf cast are doing an interview, but dylan is head over heels for a co-worker. 

Keep reading

Marco Is Non-Binary

If you think Marco is trans, great, go ahead, but I’m going to disagree with you. I mean, sure, Marco could be female on the inside. I believe it is a possibility, but personally I have a different theory. Marco is non-binary. I don’t know if it’s genderfluid or non-gendered (probably genderfluid) but I believe Marco is non-binary.

Why? Well, Marco actively does take an interest in things that are both “manly” and “girly” (not saying a girl can’t like manly stuff or vice versa, but, well, Marco really liked ‘his’ 30 year old body, and ‘he’ obviously had complete freedom for its aesthetic).

Also, the few times Marco does take on female terminology, it usually due to the context. Marco wants to be queen, but that’s just continuing on in the conversation, as they were talking about Star becoming queen. Marco just stuck with the same pronouns. In the recent episode with Heinous, it’s obvious she never clued in that Marco was born a boy, and Marco’s expression had a moment of “what? I’m not - oh whatever” and so the use of female pronouns stuck.

Let’s also look at 30 year old Marco because, as I mentioned, ‘he’ had complete control over how it turned out. If Marco was trans, I feel like it would’ve been more clear - a different hairstyle, a different outfit (if Marco was a girl at heart, I can’t imagine that vest being okay. Not without something to tie it in the front at least a little). No, its a very manly outfit and 30!Marco had stubble (I will pass that as due to not having time to shave). Other things, however, lean towards a more girlish look - the earrings, the design of the tattoo. Other things I probably can’t think of right now.

Basically, Marco generally gravitates towards “manly” things, but also enjoys more “girlish” things to. There are lots of little examples of that, and none of them are played off as pointing to a specific gender even if they can be read as such. They’re just MARCO THINGS.

That’s why I think Marco is non-binary and likely genderfluid. While usually going around as a guy, Marco will easily switch to female if its easiest to do in context. Marco has only identified as female if female terms were used previously by another character. So Marco isn’t trans, ‘he’s’ non-binary.

Edit: Due to the fandom basically having “trans!Marco” as the exact same thing as “fem!Marco” or “genderbent!Marco”, I use it as a term to reference that. I’m fully aware that the umbrella term of “trans” applies to non-binary people. “Trans” here is used purely to reference the popular fan theory.



  • wet lined paper
  • because he needs to write 281 apology letters to kyungsoo
  • but accidentally spilled kyungsoo’s tea on his paper
  • 282 apology letters now


  • a calculator
  • because he has trouble calculating how much sehun and jongin owe him
  • also because he wants to calculate how much those baek shoes cost
  • he wants to also buy a rolex for baek’s birthday


  • a red pen
  • because he wants to doodle blood all over the bathroom
  • so he can convince junmyeon that baek has his actual fucking period
  • also to doodle red dicks on everyone’s foreheads when they’re drunk


  • a stapler
  • so he can staple beagle line’s mouths shut
  • not that cruel but he also needs to staple a new recipe together
  • because he wants to cast chanyeol into an eternal slumber


  • a highlighter
  • so he can highlight everyone’s highlights
  • also so he can highlight the part where chanyeol signed to buy him food
  • isn’t jongin such a highlight to exo ???


  • a backpack
  • because he needs something “his style”
  • also so he can throw it at maknae line
  • and annoying people


  • a mini glue stick
  • so he can glue exo back together ):
  • also so he can glue his undies back together
  • damn it those undies can’t stand such manly perfection


  • whiteout 
  • so he can whiteout all the screenshots where he was called girly or pretty
  • also so he can whiteout yixing’s mispronunciations bc layhan
  • also bc it reminds him of another white substance if u know what i’m sayin


  • a pair of scissors
  • so he can cut the ties between him and his clothes
  • damn it we wanna see the mystery baek’s been speaking so highly about
  • long sigh


  • hot glue gun
  • so he can forcefully glue exo back together
  • yixing step aside i have a fucking gun
  • insanity unfolds in the dorm bc “hE HAS A FUCKING GUN”


  • a binder
  • so he can document every single ghost and cockroach in the dorm
  • also to hang on the wall so everyone has scheduled showers
  • isn’t he just so organized ???!?!/1/!?


  • a new laptop
  • so he can sell exo on ebay for the modest amount of $3
  • he’s honestly so tired at this point
  • also to buy more coffee beans bc maknae line ate all of them

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Hiya. So im genderfluid and having a dysphoric day. Any chance for maybe transboy dean being comforted by cas??? Maybe someone calls him a girl by mistake and it just hits him?

Aw I’m sorry :( that sucks. I’ll try my best!


Dean had been having an okay day. They were at Cas’s parents house for the fourth of July weekend and things had been going great.

“I’m sorry Cas, but I hate your asshole sister,” Dean said, rubbing at the tear tracks left on his face.

“I know, baby. I’m sorry. She said she wasn’t coming and then showed up at the last minute,” Cas replied, pulling Dean into his arms.

“I just… Why does she insist on calling me your girlfriend? I’m here in my swim trunks, I don’t even have boobs anymore, like what is her problem?” Dean mumbled into Cas’s neck.

“I’m so sorry, Dean. I don’t think she did it on purpose,” Cas said.

“Not trying hard enough to not call me your girlfriend is a conscious choice,” Dean said, frowning. He crossed his arms and pulled away from Cas, “It’s fourth of July, we’re meant to be having fun.”

“I didn’t mean to make excuses for her, babe. I just don’t think she’s being malicious.”

“It feels like she is,” Dean said, “I know I still have kinda girly eyes and lips, but like… I look like a dude, more now that ever! Right?”

“I’m sorry. You do look like a dude, and your eyes aren’t girly because they’re yours, and you’re not a girl, okay? You have manly eyes that happen to sparkle like emeralds. I don’t know why Hester has so much trouble with this. What can I do to make it better?”

“Let’s have loud gay sex right here,” Dean said.


“On her car?”


“Okay, final offer, we go to her house and I fuck you in her bed.”


“Okay, fine. Whatever. I didn’t want to bang you anyways.”

“How about we go enjoy the sunshine, and eat a lot, and prank my brother. I’ll pull Hester aside and let her know what she did and that it’s not okay. She’ll apologize once she realizes, I know she will. Don’t let her ruin your holiday,” Cas said, “And then when we get home later we can have loud gay sex.”

“Hmm…,” Dean said, pouting, “Okay. But I don’t want to talk to her today. She can write me an apology. And also I want chocolates - from her, not you. Although if you want to get me some also, I guess I would be okay with that.”

“Alright, deal. I’ll make it happen. Wanna go eat hot dogs suggestively?” Cas asked.

“Hell yeah,” Dean replied, taking Cas by the hand and leading the way out into the back yard. 

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Hi sorry I'm not sure if this is how suggestions work but I was wondering if you'd done one with Mark and Gravity Falls yet? I feel like he would be the guy who would "girly scream" and then try covering it up with a manly "auauuh"... Again, sorry if I did a goof, but I hope you have a great day anyway!!

I’ve done some with Gravity Falls, and Mark is in some of them. :3 They’re in this tag

I’ll make a note of that  specific thing, though!

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Helloo!!! How are you? I love your blog so much. Can I request a reaction of EXO singing and dancing their GF idol song for a stage (taking her role)? Thank you so much!!!! 😍😍

Ahhh~ thank you, we’re doing fine! Glad you like our stuff. ^^

- Admin Gumi


Has a lot of fun pretending to be you. Fans laugh when he starts singing purposely with a higher voice and makes girly dance moves, and in the end he starts laughing himself.


Is a little embarrassed at first but feels more comfortable when the music starts playing. Even though it’s clearly for fun, he slays the whole performance and fans love it.


He enjoys it a lot and isn’t embarrassed, instead he practically lets the fans die because of his sexy moves. He makes it look like it was all prepared for a male singer.


On the other hand feels pretty lost, but lets out his acting skills and shows everyone how good he can act a cute-sexy girl. Only at the end of the show he stops hiding his embarrassment.


Becomes intense and slays the dancing part, even if it’s girly. He enjoys the performance a lot and makes it all look pretty hot, probably also making you jealous of his moves.


He’s very awkward during the performance and laughs at what he’s doing, but fans think he’s just being his dorky self. He can’t really perform like you so it all is clearly just for fun.


Makes it look professional and doesn’t let himself get embarrassed at all, instead he just does what you would do if you were there, making it all pretty sexy.


At first doesn’t want to do it (because he won’t look manly!) but finally agrees, making it look awkward as hell but also cute. After that people think he’s made for such stages (but he doesn’t find it funny).


Honestly tries his best but can’t hide his blush during the show. In the end he goes off the stage and just cringes at how embarrassing it was for him.


He’s been dressed as a woman before so it’s nothing new for him. He smiles shyly during the performance but manages to make it look pretty well, so you’re later proud of him and his acting.

(imagine that he’s on stage)


Before starting he states “I’m a man, okay? I’ll do this only once” but later does it all pretty damn good. He looks cute and his voice sounds sweet so both his and your fans think it went very well.


Becomes a cute almost-girl and his dance moves show that he’s doing it for fun but still wants to make it look good. He ends the performance with confidence but blushes hearing the audience shout and clap.

- Admin Gumi and Admin Tian

bootyshakerkegrimm  asked:

Since it says requests are open, can you do hcs for Kirishima and Shinso where their s/o gives them something cute and a little girly to keep on them to remind them of s/o when they are apart? Sorry if tjis sounds dumb.

It doesn’t sound dumb at all! I really appreciate the request. :)

And yaaaaaas shinsou is my bias

Kirishima Eijiro

  • He would be kind of embarrassed but in a warm, fuzzy way. After all it is a miniature teddy bear with a bright pink bow so it isn’t very manly but it came from his s/o. How could he refuse?
  • Whenever he gets really lonely he strokes the teddy bear’s fur and imagines its him stroking his s/o’s hair.
  • Would brag about it to his friends, despite how ridiculous they think it is.

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • Would treasure it. It’s one of the best presents anyone has ever given him and he’s happy to have it.
  • He would carry the teddy bear in his bag at all times because it was like having a piece of his s/o with him.
  • He’d tease his s/o about how girly it is…even though he secretly loves it.
  • Would have it next to his bed so that if he ever sleeps when he sleeps it’s the last thing he sees.
Reaction of the Captains discovering their S/O had been tattooed in secret

Shunsui Kyoraku: At first, he’s startled and hesitated to mention the subject. But, with time, he became proud being the only one to see it. From time to time, he loves stroking the tattooed area.

Soi Fong: She enjoys the idea so much that she would like to do one too. Even if she seems a bit cold and harsh, she’s quite romantic when it comes to mach up something with her S/O.

Rojuro Otoribashi: He used to be against but his life in human living world opened his mind. He wouldn’t mind tattoo if it’s appropriate for his S/O. He’ll have a fetish in musical tattoo (keys, scores…).

Unohana Retsu: She doesn’t expect it so she disagree the fact that her S/O tattooed. She warns them she wants to be aware if they provide something (with her creepy smile, you know what I mean…)

Shinji Hirako: He’s a little bit surprised. He knew that his S/O loves tattoos but he didn’t expect them to do without telling. However he finds it sexy and asks them not to tell him if they do another one. He likes presents.

Byakuya Kuchiki: He’s clearly shocked. He thought that his S/O is some innocent fluffy baby bunny. He doesn’t wait to tell her that he’s against this and he doesn’t them to do it again. But he won’t ask them to erase it… Know that he will secretly love to see it during the do.

Komamura Sajin: Untattooed, full tattooed, just one… He won’t mind at all. He loves his S/O for who they are, not what covered their body. Even if the natural, simplicity is well enough.

Kensei Muguruma: He couldn’t disagree the tattoo, knowing that he’s their model. He asks where, how many, if it hurt… He takes the habit to lick it every time he can. He is one to encourage her to tattoo more and even pierce.

Toshiro Hitsugaya: He isn’t one to care for long. He’ll be honest if he likes it or not but won’t encourage to tattoo too much. He would prefer them to be natural with just a bit of fantasy.

Zaraki Kenpachi: Discovering the tattoo, he bursts out laughing. Then he’ll calm down and ask them to show it closer, saying that it’s cool. He loves them not to cover their tattoo and show it to everyone. He feels proud that they look as badass as him.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: He’s mad. For two reasons. First, he doesn’t have any attraction for the human’s things; he doesn’t understand why they did this. The second reason it’s that IT’S FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. He wish he could do something that beautiful for (and on) her. In secret he’ll research on it, wanting to experiment tattoo session on his S/O.

Jushiro Ukitake: He will freeze. Depending on what the tattoo is, he will accept it or not (like bird, flowers, some discreet and girly for girls / not too much manly for men). However he’ll forever more treasure an untattooed skin.

anonymous asked:

I never understood why people say that Freed looks girly anyway. Is it his long hair? I bet if he had short hair people wouldn't say that he looks more feminine. Only yesterday I saw a post arguing that Freed does but the arguments were kinda weird and invalid b/c it was anime comparions and something about Freed having a rounder face or not-masculine clothes what isn't even a thing so I got kinda confused lol but whatever

Ah I believe I know which post you are referring to but yesterday I didn’t have the energy to comment/join the discussion so I just left it at that.

Anyway, much like you do I think it has to do a lot with his long hair and stereotypes (which is p dumb). I mean, we HAVE seen him with short hair

and um no, i cannot see anything ‘girly’ here either. To me he looks like a serious mafia guy who’s handsome and beautiful all the same. And the change of his hair length does NOT change anything about his facial features, obviously.

So I think many just go ahead and blame the long hair or ‘think’ it because of the long hair. Long hair on men is a discussed topic I think and there’s two opinions; either it looks good or it does not and Freed certainly rocks it. Hell, in some cultures long hair on men is/was considered a sign of strength and manliness. And nowadays is becoming more acceptable again, I think perfect examples are Brock O’Hurn or Gil Ofarim lmao.

About the face shapes, idk man I can’t really say something about this because honestly Mashima himself keeps changing them up in all of charas, it’s never 100% constant.

he has more time/more detailed work when he draws his twitter sketches of one single character because obviously one character is less work/and he’s more time for it than getting 20 pages of a chapter done with many characters. And Mashima gave us this blessing

Holy hot damn So I mean look at him?? Wtf he’s so handsome and he has the more oval/sharper face shape here as well and you get a better idea of his body statue as well (now knowing that this coat hides those nicely tones abs and arm muscles)

About his clothes uh well I don’t see anything feminine about it nor abt any of his behavior he is shown so I kinda do not get that too? No need to say more here I think. xD

The one facial feature that makes him look a bit ‘softer’ (idk what word to use lmao) to some is probably his added lashes but again, that’s not a women-only thing, he’s not an exception. Two examples:

At some point I had thought maybe it could be the eyebrows too but then I noticed lmao no literally 90% of the guys have thin eyebrows except for Laxus (and probably Orga).

So yes, Mashima did great with his design honestly and balancing out his long hair and facial features. I’ve seen guys with long hair that really honestly looked really feminine (which is not bad btw, men can have feminine touches and females can have masculine touches that’s just natural and does not equal x looks like a girl/x looks like a man, just to clarify!!)

Thank you.

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punk phil swears he's not gay, until he and pastel dan hangout, and dan gives him the greatest bj he's ever gotten and still swears he's straight ?

Warning: Smut; Blow jobs, dirty talk (if you squint), Dan’s in a skirt and leggings, bad flirting, etc.

~Phil swears he’s straight, no matter how attractive a guy may be, Phil is straight and by no means will he ever ever ever be attracted to guys.

~Phil is a punk, he’s the cool, tough exterior type that likes girls and rides motorbikes. Until he becomes friends with Dan.

~Phil gets stuck with Dan for a group project, and they’re working on the same half of it together.

~Dan is Dan. He wears pink skirts and lacey tights, pale colors and white clothes. The day Phil comes to Dan’s for a school project, Dan is wearing a pale pink jumper and white leggings, with a short and ruffled light grey skirt.

~Phil is straight. No matter how much Dan looks like a girl, no matter how much Dan looks like a guy, no matter how cute and pretty the pastel teen is, Phil is straight.

~Dan says he is gender fluid, which is why some days he wears girly things and some days he wears manly things, but he’s a boy no matter his gender identity. Phil doesn’t understand.

~Phil also doesn’t understand why when Dan bends over to pick up something, tidying his room so it’s more presentable, Phil doesn’t understand why he can’t stop staring at Dans ass.

~Phil doesn’t understand when Dan chews the end of his pencil, why he wants the teens pink lips wrapped around his cock.

~Phil doesn’t understand when Dan sits cross cross, why he wants to move his hand up his skirt and slowly stroke his length until the pastel tease cums and ruins his pretty skirt.

~Phil does understand that he’s straight. But maybe not when it comes to Dan Howell.

~Dan smiles at him and stands up, twirling around a bit as he looks for his notebook, getting it off his piano and sitting on the bed, smiling at Phil. “Okay so we need to make a quiz to give at the end of the presentation.” He says.

~Phil’s nods to his words, not understand what he said, more focused on the memory of Dan twirling and his pretty skirt flying up.

~Dan giggles at him again and looks at him. “You seem distracted. What’s going on in your heavily pierced noggin.”

~Phil shakes his head and smiles at him, shrugging. “Ah. Just usual worries. Does your mum know you wear skirts and stuff?” He asks.

~Dan nods and looks at him, his dimples showing as he grinned. “Yeah she does. She kinda supports it since she always wanted a girl but never had one. Just her two boys.” He smiled.

~Phil smiles and nods. “Alright. That’s fair.” He hums. “You look really cute in skirts.” He comments, not really thinking about it.

~Dan giggles and shrugs again, his cheeks a bit rosy at the compliment. “Thank you. Some people say I look a little funny in them since I’m a boy but I think my features are pretty androgynous so the look works for me.” He explained.

~Phil just nods along. “You’re hot.” He blurts awkwardly, not thinking still as he spoke.

~Dan giggles a little more, looking down and fidgeting with his skirt to hide his blush. “I’m nottttt.” He insisted. “I just have a really good ass.”

~Phil chuckled and nodded. “I swear I’m straight. I’m straight. You’re just…really good looking.”

~Dan shrugs and looks up, leaning in a bit. “You’re not straight if you think I look good. If you were straight, a guy in a skirt would repulse you.” He said.

~Phil shrugs and looks at him, leaning closer too, not really realizing what he was doing still. “That’s not true. You just happen to look very, very good in a skirt.” He smiled.

~Dan smirks and leaned in and presses his lips to Phil’s, kissing him hard for a moment.

~Phil kisses back, moving a hand to the back of Dan’s head and pulling his hair gently as they kissed.

~Dan moves forward, standing up on his knees with Phil as they kissed, letting out a soft and feminine moan, turning Phil on even more.

~Phil kisses him roughly, nipping his bottom lip and tugging at it, moving his other hand to his lower back and slipping a couple fingers under the waist band of Dan’s skirt.

~Dan squeaks softly, not expecting Phil to move his hands so low so soon, his mouth opening and feelings Phil’s tongue slide into his mouth.

~Phil’s hands go under his skirt further, gripping his ass gently and hearing Dan moan into his mouth.

~Phil feeling his erection growing, pressing hard against his upper thigh in his jeans.

~Dan pushes Phil back, crawling on top of him and sitting on his hips, feeling Phil’s hard on press into him and smirking.

~Dan leans in and uses two fingers to tilt Phil’s head, kissing his jaw and neck, listening as his breathing hitches.

~Dan sits up and tugs at Phil’s shirt, asking him silently to take it off to which Phil complies, pulling it off and tossing it across the room.

~Dan hums and looks at him. “Straight. Okay.” His eyes roll playfully as he starts to kiss down Phil’s chest, scratching his sides as he does.

~Phil’s eye go back in his head, knowing where Dan was going with this and it had been so long since he’d gotten a good blow job he wasn’t complaining.

~Dan’s hands move down, undoing the button on Phil’s jeans and pulling down the zipper, looking up at him innocently.

~Dan starting to mouth over his length through his boxers, listening to Phil’s gentle gasps and muttered curses.

~Phil moves a hand to Dan’s hair, pulling gently and chewing his lip as he waits. He never thought he’d get blown by a guy.

~Dan stands up and pecked his lips, tracing over his jaw with his finger as he stood up and looking at him. “I saw you staring at my ass you know.” He says casually, pulling his leggings off and tossing them to the hamper in the corner.

~Phil groans softly, seeing Dan get back in position on the bed.

~Dan pulls out Phil’s length and licks his lips, wrapping them around his head and sucking teasingly, running the tip of his tongue through his slit.

~Dan lifts his lower half up, letting his ass sit in the air as he bobs his head a bit lower, teasing Phil and only going half way down. His skirt rides down, exposing his ass and he hears Phil groan when he sees it.

~Phil looks at it and sits up on his elbows to get a better view of Dan’s ass, his mouth working over his length. “Cheeky bastard…not wearing underwear.” He murmurs and looks at him, seeing Dan’s head bobbing down.

~Dan moans softly around him, bobbing his head down quickly and feeling a blush rise to his cheeks when he looked up, seeing phil staring at his ass.

~Phil groans softly, watching as Dan’s hips moved side to side. “You blow guys you just met 3 days ago often?” He asks with a smirk before moaning again.

~Dan looks up at him through his eye lashes, pulling off and stroking him quickly so he could talk. “What can I say. I’m always a slut for cock. It’d be an honor to have one your size fuck me.” He smirked before going back down, taking all of him and swallowing around him a few times, bobbing his head faster than before.

~Phil groans and leans back again, moving his hand back into Dan’s hair and pushing it back, grabbing a fist full and gripping it tightly and soliciting a moan out of Dan, sending vibrations up his cock.

~Phil starts to talk again, remembering Dan’s words. “I don’t know. I’m straight..” He mumbled, his words slurred as he grew closer. “Maybe I’d make an exception. I’d love to fuck that pretty ass of yours…oh god..” He mumbled still, bucking up his hips a bit and starting to thrust into Dan’s mouth. “So fucking close holy shit..”

~Dan smirks around him, doing his best and swirling his tongue around him each time he went up, swiping his tongue over ha slit to collect the precum pooling at his tip.

~Phil groaning loudly as he came,, bucking his hips erratically and hitting the back of Dan’s throat as he worked himself through his orgasm, feeling Dan swallow around him, effortlessly taking all he had to offer.

~Dan pulls off, the suction from his mouth making a small ‘pop’ noise as he did, looking up at him.

~Phil sits up, breathing heavily as he tried to calm down. “That was without a doubt the best blow job of my life.” He whispered.

~Dan rolling his eyes and smirks. “I’ve been told I do pretty well when it comes to giving head. Still straight?” He asked, his tone faux mocking him.

~Phil chuckles. “I’m still straight. But maybe next time we work on this project I’ll make an exception and fuck that ass of yours.” He smirks. “Still straight though.”

~Dan just rolls his eyes and nods. “Sounds perfect.”

A/N: I went haywire with this it’s more of a fic at this point. Also sorry anon but I worship Dan in skirts and leggings and tights and pretty girly things. It’s just…so damn perfect. Also send me head canon prompts✨