or that cas cares about anyone other than dean

Destiel, sensuality and sexuality

Okay, I am writing my ask it this way, because I would like to ask everyone out there what they think about this. After reading this meta about reasons why Cas and Dean have not yet started bumping uglies (other than the narrative, I mean), I started thinking about the corporal part of their relationship (no, not in THAT way). 

I mean, no one can deny their obvious emotional connection, “a profound bond”, but yeah, that is not the only aspect of a love relationship there is, right? If anyone knows that, it’s people here on Tumblr.

And as much as I don’t care about sex scenes between the two of them (okay, maybe ONE. One cute, passionate sex scene should be there), I want them to have a sweet, sensual relationship because I believe sensuality is a big part of feeling happy and safe with your loved ones - hugs, kisses, cuddles, and yes, orgasms too. 

We know Dean is very sensual, we saw him talk about it enough, and as much of a macho man as he wants to be seen, he is a big softie, who would do anything for his lover. So no problems there.

But how does it translate to Cas, an Angel of the Lord, a walking pillar of marble - even if he loses his grace at some point? I still can’t figure out where he stands on the sexual spectrum, if he is attracted to Dean in a sexual way (since I remember somebody said that he doesn’t even see him as a body, just a spirit?)(but then why was he sassy that he looked like a lumberjack?), and if he enjoys (or even feels) touch? Is it something that he can learn as well, like emotions? Do you think it’s true that his body reacts to women (like the porn he watched) because Jimmy had a set sexual orientation? I know he hugs people a lot, but is it something he enjoys sensually, or just a symbolic gesture of love that he learned?

I personally thought that it was very good that Cas experienced sex since it is such a big part of the human experience (plus he learns human experience from Dean, so sex is a big part of that), but I don’t know how much of a sexual being he actually is while being human. As to endverse!Cas, I think he just, once again, inherited Dean’s default coping mechanisms, i.e. booze, drugs and women, so it’s hard to judge from his behavior there. 

Can sex and sensuality be something he would do for Dean, even though he has no interest in it, or maybe he will start having an interest in it once he will see how important it is for Dean? Would he be a demisexual, where his sexual drive comes from the emiotional connection?  Would Dean somehow teach him about this part of humanity as well?

I honestly would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on that. @amwritingmeta @tinkdw @bluestar86? Anyone?

12.15 Coda / Word Count: 1578

Something had been off about the phone call.  Dean didn’t know what but he could tell Cas was holding something back.  He had no claim to the angel.  He knew that.  Hell, Cas had almost died and Dean couldn’t even say that he loved him back.  He just stood there helpless and stupefied.  And just because Castiel was holding back didn’t mean something bad was happening…right? Things were bound to be strange between them for a little while.  Those three words come at a high price.

Dean tried to put the thoughts from his mind.  A week passed and Castiel hadn’t returned his texts.  Which was fine, he didn’t always respond right away. But Dean couldn’t reason away how his stomach twisted with nausea.  A week and three days and still nothing.  Dean tried fruitlessly to call him but it kept going to voicemail.  

“Cas.”  The name came out more tearful then Dean meant for it to.  “Cas - call me please or text.  Just let me know you’re okay.”  A few beats of silence passed. Dean let out a sigh.  He wanted to say ‘I love you too, you idiot, please be okay.’ but for all he knew Cas was fine and he was worrying over nothing. He couldn’t shake the nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach.  Besides he didn’t want the first time he said it to Cas to be on a voice mail.  “Call me, please.” There was no mistaking that Dean was on the verge of tears.  Cas would be able to hear it in his voice, if he was okay.

He spent the nights pacing in the library.  He and Sam were currently without a case and he was too frantic to lose himself to Netflix.  He hadn’t slept in two nights.  He finally broke down and got himself flat on his ass drunk.  He hated it.  He knew it was stupid, but dammit he needed sleep.  He could feel the whiskey spreading down the back of his throat to his extremities.  He became increasingly aware of how heavy his arms were.  It burned warm in his stomach and mingled with the fatigue.  He barely landed face down on his mattress before falling deep asleep.  

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been passed out but it felt like a long time.  He didn’t feel rested but at least his body would be able to function.  The room was dark except for where is alarm clock beamed across the room.  He couldn’t make out the numbers, his vision still blurry with sleep.  That’s when Dean heard it.  A sound he hadn’t heard in a long time.  The flutter of wings and the slight breeze on the back of his neck.  His heart was in his throat.  Castiel hadn’t had his wings, since he’d been cut off from heaven.  Was he dreaming?  Worse yet, was it another angel…someone besides Cas?

“Cas?”  Dean barely whispered the name.  His eyes filled with bewilderment as he rolled over to see the angel, cloaked in his trench-coat, broad black wings tucked behind him in place where they should always be.  “Cas.”  Dean cried out with relief at seeing him.  He tugged on his trench-coat. “Cas - your wings - how?  Am I dreaming?”  Castiel beamed a smile at Dean the likes that Dean had never quite seen.  

“You’re not dreaming. Dean.”  Castiel slipped his hand into Dean’s and held it.  

“Well - are you dead or something, what’s going on?  I thought you were cut off from heaven?”

“I’m not dead, Dean. They let me back in.  They said if I agreed to help them hunt down this child, this nephilim - they could reinstate me.  I could come and go as I please.”  

Dean’s face fell sullen and Castiel did not understand why.

“You’re fighting for heaven again…after everything?”  Dean’s words were coming out like accusations.

“It’s not like that Dean.  It’s not like it used to be.  Everything has changed since God and Amara and everything that happened.  Things aren’t perfect but I have my wings.”  

Dean dropped Castiel’s hand in disdain and turned away from him sitting up on the other side of the bed.  

“Dean, why are you angry?  I thought you of all people would be happy for me.”

“Why would I be happy Cas?  Answer me this - one of them came to you and said they could take you to heaven and reinstate you…how could you be sure that they weren’t lying…weren’t just using you again…weren’t going to get you to heaven to smite you or imprison you or brainwash you to fight against us…how did you know?”  

Dean was shouting now and his chest was heaving and he could feel the alcohol sloshing around in his belly.  He was still intoxicated.

“Answer me.”  He commanded.

“ I didn’t know for sure Dean, but I - I had to try.” Cas began to stammer. “I was already hunting the nephilim…I didn’t see the harm…if I could get my wings back.”

“And you couldn’t bother to let us know…to let me know - what you were thinking…what you were doing.  You couldn’t bother to say - by the way I’m going to heaven - I don’t know if I’ll ever be back…Cas you know better than anyone that they are a bunch of mind-controlling, back stabbing dicks who don’t care about you…they only care about what you can do for them.”  

Dean was propped up against his dresser pinching the bridge of his nose.  

“I’m sorry that I didn’t stop to consider how this might affect you Dean, but I honestly did not think it would matter that much to you one way or the other.”  

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”  

“I told you I loved you Dean.  I was clear about what I meant.  I could see it in your eyes. You knew and you couldn’t look at me afterwards.  We spent the next few days tiptoeing around each other in awkward silence.  I knew it was possible that I would go to heaven and it would have all been a lie but at least I wouldn’t be here to torment you…and if I went to heaven and got my wings back I could be of better use to you.”  

Dean audibly scoffed.

“Seriously - Dean - I’m not a hunter like you.  I’m not good at being human…I’m not good at being half angel.  I’m a burden - I’m someone you have to watch die.  I’m no use to you.”  A few beats passed.  Dean’s seething anger was palpable in the air.  Cas broke the silence.  “I’ll go then…it’s for the best…”  His wings seemed to spread in slow motion as he prepared to vanish before Dean’s eyes.  

“You shut your stupid mouth…”  Dean crossed the room in a few long strides.  He jerked Castiel up off the bed by his trench-coat smashing their lips together in a kiss which seemed more infused with anger than affection.  Castiel froze as Dean did his best to bruise his lips. His knees buckled from the emotion and the effects of the whiskey. Castiel pulled him into his strong arms and they collapsed backwards against the bed.  Dean clawed into Castiel’s coat and crawled onto his lap. He smoothed his hands around to tangle them in Cas’ feathers.  He knew that Cas was letting him see them, that Cas was proud of them and he should be they were beautiful.  

Castiel let out a whimper into Dean’s mouth.  He relaxed in Dean’s embrace wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling him close.  Something seemed to break inside of Dean.  “I’m sorry Cas…I’m sorry…I shouldn’t have yelled at you…of course you deserve a chance to be whole…to have your wings…please don’t leave me…please…”  The whole room went black as tears flooded Dean’s eyes.   Before Dean knew what was happening, Castiel had engulfed them both in his wings.  

“I won’t leave you Dean.  Shh…Shh…”  Castiel rocked him gently.  

Dean was sniveling like a small child his words were coming out broken between sobs.  “Just - what if - what if it was a lie - and I wouldn’t know what happened to you…I wouldn’t know how to find you…”   Castiel smoothed a thumb under his eyes to wipe away the tears.  “

“You’re my angel. You hear me…you’re mine and it may be selfish…I know I’m no catch - but dammit you belong to me - not heaven - that’s not your home - I’m your home and I may be some emotionally constipated asshole whose longest and healthiest relationship has been with a car but tell me now if you don’t want this - if you don’t want me - because I can’t bear to lose you again.  I’ve got to know - tell me now if you’re mine?”

Dean’s chest heaved and his cheeks were flushed.  

“Of course I’m yours.” Castiel peppered featherlight kisses all across Dean’s face, murmuring words of affirmation between each peck.  “I’ve always belonged to you, Dean always.”  

“You’re so beautiful, Cas, your wings are so beautiful.” 

A few hours later Sam watched a groggy Dean and a rumpled Castiel saunter into the kitchen for coffee.  Sam watched as Dean stood behind Cas sipping from his coffee mug.  Something was different about Castiel, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what.  He seemed to put two and two together though when he saw Dean run his fingers through the invisible wings at Cas’ back.  

“What are you looking at?” Dean bit out, still hung over.  

“Nothing…”  Sam shook his head and tried to hide his grin.  

                        Thank you for reading!  I hope you liked it! :D


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Keeping Secrets

Castiel x Reader

Summary: You keep your relationship with Cas secret around your brothers, the Winchesters.

Warnings: Implied smut, brief cursing, cuteness overload.

Requested by anon~

A/N: Man, it seems like I haven’t written for Cas in a long time. This request was honestly so cute; I’m so sorry it took me months to do! Enjoy :)

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“You sure you’ll be fine, baby sis?”, Dean asks, picking up his duffelbag. 

You sneeze. “I’ll be fine, Deano. Just the flu.”

“Alright”, Sam says from behind you, “There’s some soup leftover in the fridge, and you call us if you need anything, okay? We’ll be back by Monday.”

“Thanks guys. Be careful”, you scold playfully, leaning back on the couch. 

Soon, the roar of the Impala’s engine fades away, causing you to grin. “Hey, they’re gone”, you say, your voice echoing off the walls of the bunker.

Not two seconds later, the sound of flapping wings appears behind you, and warm hands rest around your waist. 

“Hey, angel”, you laugh as he places butterfly kisses on your neck and face. You try to place your lips on his, but he pulls back with an amused smile on his face. 

“I thought you were sick”, Cas teases, chuckling when he sees you roll your eyes.

“Shut up”, you whisper, your lips melding with his. Cas indeed shuts up, exploring your mouth with his own. His rough hands land on your hips, eventually sliding down further as the kiss became more heated. 

Once air becomes necessary, Cas pulls away, leaving open mouthed kisses around the exposed skin. “How long has it been since we’ve gotten to do this?” He asks breathlessly, gently biting your earlobe, causing you to gasp as shocks of pleasure ran throughout your body. 

“It’s been too long. I’ve wanted to make you mine for days now”, his hot breath fans against your ear. “I wouldn’t even care if your brothers were here– Oh father!” He cries out when you take over, suckling at the sweet spot around his collarbone and raking your fingers through his raven wings, which are now fully accessible to you. 

Cas allows you to thread your hands through his feathers only for a while, before he grabs your hands with his grace and pins you against the wall, his lips meeting yours again. 

Excitement coursed your form, causing you to shiver. You knew Sam and Dean would freak out if they found out you and Cas were dating (because after all, they haven’t had the best experience with angels…), so you decided to keep it a secret. Though, it got harder to hide the marks on your neck, the look of passion and love that filled your eyes when you saw Cas.

Cas’s hands reach underneath your shirt, causing goosebumps to form as you waited for what’s coming next. Before your shirt can come off, Cas breaks the kiss, leaning his forehead against yours. 

“I love you, Y/N”, he whispers lovingly, his blue eyes boring into your soul. 

“I love you too, Ca–”

“What the fuck?!”

Cas quickly turns around, shielding you with his body and wings. His eyes show pure shock when he’s met with the sight of Dean and Sam’s fuming personas. 

“You weren’t supposed to be home until Monday!” You shriek, a deep red blush forming on your cheeks. 

Dean steps forward. “Well, you were supposed to be sick!”

Sam rests his hand on his forehead, massaging his temples as if he had a headache. 

Ignoring Cas, Dean looks directly at you. “Did he do something to you?” He scowls, his hand going to the gun in his coat. 

“No!” You protest, your hand gently resting on Cas’s clenched fist. You take a deep breath before continuing. “Cas and I are dating.”

Cas’s eyes widen, but he can’t deny how good it sounded coming from your lips. 

“Y/N, you know how dangerous this is, right?” Sam pipes in, giving you a cautious look. 

“I don’t care. I love Cas, I really do. I trust him more than anyone”, you speak honestly, noticing how Cas’s fingers thread through yours.

Sam and Dean look at each other, having a silent conversation.  

“Fine”, Dean puffs out hesitantly. Cas grins, placing a soft kiss on your forehead. “But!” Dean interjects, poking Cas in his chest. “If you ever hurt her, Sammy and I are going to hunt you, got it?”

“I understand. I would never dream of hurting Y/N.”

Dean backs up. “Good”, he says before following Sam to the kitchen, muttering something about needing a drink.

When the room is just filled with you and Cas, you break into a deep smile, pressing your lips against Cas’s. “That felt good to get off my chest”, you admit, and Cas nods in agreement. 

“You know what else would feel great to get off your chest?” Cas asks. You look at him with confused eyes until you feel his hands return under your shirt.


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The Necessities

Prompt 14 of 642: What three essential items would you take with you (if you were exiled)?

“Condoms, lube, and Dean.”

Castiel burst into a fit of hysterical, drunk giggles and rolled back onto Benny’s bottom bunk.  The other buzzed and drunk people laughed and giggled in awkward amusement as they tried not to look at Dean.  Dean was staring at his best friend with his mouth hanging open like a particularly dumb species of fish.

Philosophy had seemed like such a safe topic for drunk people.  To be or not to be?  Is the world nothing but shadows on a cave wall?  Would you kill one person to save nine, or let someone else kill all ten because killing one person, even for a “good reason” was morally wrong?  Stupid stuff from Ethics 101.  And someone had brought up Napoleon.  And how he was exiled to Elba.  And then the question became where would you want to be exiled to?  And then Charlie had asked what three things would you take with you?

And that had come out of Castiel’s mouth.

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i don’t know why people don’t appreciate sam and cas’s relationship as much as they should like they love each other, whether you see it as platonic or romantic, they love each other, with or without dean. like yes, dean is what brought them together, but if you think cas only cares about sam because he’s dean’s brother or sam only cares about cas because dean does, you’re wrong. sam understands cas better than anyone, he never has given up on him, like he’s had his doubts a few times, but in the end he never has truly given up on him. he even said he’d die for him. “i’d die for him, i would.” quote from 6.20 and cas? from the get go, despite not understanding humans as much, he didn’t take their first meeting as an insult. holding sam’s hand with both of his hands should prove that. and of course, he’s there to help sam over and over again, no questions ask. he’s repaired him, despite that he’s the one who broke him, he’s the one who raised sam from the cage and get this? he didn’t have to! it was dangerous beyond belief, no one told him to do it, and yet he went down and dragged sam back up. yes, he forgot his soul, but as i said, it wasn’t exactly an easy task and he STILL repaired him in the end. plus, cas stood against LUCIFER, telling his brother to stay away from sam and when cas let him possess his vessel in later seasons, when lucifer was after sam, cas was able to shove him back down to keep him from hurting sam. “you’re not taking sam winchester. i won’t let you.” quote in 5.10 upon meeting lucifer. and of course, one of my favorite scenes, when cas was extracting gadreel’s remaining grace and he stopped because he didn’t want to kill sam in the process. “nothing is worth losing you” in 9.11 so you know, i stand by what i said…more people should appreciate their relationship. they both care about dean, yes, but they also care about, and love, each other. please don’t forget that, or ignore it for that matter. sam and cas love each other, so much.

Cas being a YouTube celebrity who uploads book reviews and tutorials for homemade seed bombs. His most popular videos by far are his food vlogs, where he visits famous diners and waxes poetic about their best burgers.

Once he gains a sizable following, his subscribers start asking questions, most of them along the lines of, “Hey, who’s Dean? You’re always talking to him off-camera.” They also ask about the Impala, the “sexy car” that chauffeurs him to all these diners, but it’s Dean who draws everyone’s interest because of the “baby”s and “angel”s and “Both your voices are seriously hot.”

Eventually, Cas films a boyfriend tag, asks his followers to tweet him their questions. The number is a bit overwhelming but Dean holds his hand and says, “Let me answer the tough ones.”

It turns out they’re all harmless and cute, things like “How did you two meet?” and “What do you typically do on your dates?” The last one is “What do you love most about each other?” and that’s when Cas stutters and blushes bubblegum pink. “It’s impossible to choose,” Dean grins toward the camera, “but if I have to then, well… I love how caring you are.” He turns to Cas with his warm, green eyes and crooked smile. “You’ve got more heart than anyone I know,” he adds.

Cas nearly forgets that they’re recording as he mirrors Dean’s smile. “And I love that you accept me no matter how weird or dorky I am.” He’s still flushed when Dean tells him, “Aw, thanks, babe” and presses a kiss to his lips.

The video is his first to hit two million views, and by popular demand, Dean joins his food vlogs and offers his opinions on pies.

anonymous asked:

Reverse!Verse Please!

Oh gosh golly gee these are so challenging. Alright let’s see what I can do…

1. Dean doesn’t understand what it is that pulls him to this human but he’s never felt the need to be so close to anyone before, not even his brothers and sisters. All he knows is that he’s constantly getting distracted by the man’s thoughts, not all of which are entirely PG-rated.

2. He thinks Cas tried to kiss him once but he got scared and flew away. Not scared of Cas, no…scared of his feelings. Angels don’t feel this way. They’re not supposed to, not about anyone. But it’s not like things haven’t been stranger than that as of late. Even Sam is exhibiting symptoms of…whatever this is.

3. Weeks later, when they’re fighting about Cas caring about his own life, Dean doesn’t know what possesses him to do so, but he slams Cas against the wall and kisses him hard. The human struggles for a second but his fighting hands pushing against Dean’s chest gradually turn into gentle fingers brushing through his hair.

4. They’re scared to be apart after that, scared of what will happen if they turn the other way, scared that one of them will disappear if they allow a blind eye, and most nights, Cas sleeps tangled in Dean’s arms, Dean’s ethereal wings spreading over him like a sandy feathered waterfall.

5. One night, after a long hunt, an extended period of time where they were seperated, soft kisses turn desperate and hands start to wander. This is new. This is all so new to Dean and he’s scared, so scared, but he’s not going to run and hide from his feelings again.

6. Cas discovers the secret that most angels keep thoroughly hidden until their last breath: human hands in angel wings makes for a screaming angel, clutching at twisted bedsheets and heaving for air. Dean assures himself that this is not sin.

7. Days turn to weeks turn to months turn to years, and they hold hands in public, kiss each other’s temples before wrapping themselves in each other’s arms at night, hold each other as often as possible, and don’t even get them started on the early mornings where they have time to waste and Dean rediscovers how fantastic Cas’s mouth is.

8. Cas dies an old man, tucked serenely into Dean’s arms, his lips caressing Cas’s cheeks as he takes his last breaths. And Dean doesn’t cry. Not a tear. Because he’ll see Cas again in a few minutes, up in heaven where there are fields upon fields of flowers to dance through, ballrooms to circle around, monsters to pursue and beers to chug.

9. Dean smiles because this thing…it’s called love.


Cas doesn’t see Dean as a brother: It’s been canon since S6

Something occurred to me while I was watching the season 6 finale. Overall, the show has left a lot of ambiguity regarding Dean and Cas’s relationship. Dean describes it all the time as familial, which (as a million other metas have pointed out) could be for a whole host of reasons. Still, we get less from Cas, textually, regarding just how he views his relationship with Dean. Is it a brotherly bond, or something more?

Except, we do get an answer.

After Cas swallows the souls of Purgatory and becomes God, Dean implores him to stand down. He tells Cas that he’s lost Lisa, Ben, and Sam, and that Cas was like family to him. Cas’s response is pretty clear:

What really strikes me about it is that he doesn’t say, “You’re not my family anymore.” He simply says that they’re not family, which implies that they never have been. That he’s never seen Dean that way.

The other thing that makes me think this is important—more important than the times that Cas does call Dean family, or goes along with Dean’s definition of their relationship—is that this is God Cas. God Cas gives no fucks. Unlike regular Cas, he doesn’t care about pleasing anyone, nor is he trying to fit in in the Winchester’s world by adopting their view of things. He says exactly what he thinks, and he does not think of Dean as family.

Which means that everything he’s done throughout the show, his willingness to die for Dean or literally stay with him forever, are not because he shares Dean’s (stated) view that they’re family. Whatever Dean really thinks of Cas (and I’ll let y’all draw your own conclusions there), Cas’s feelings for Dean are definitely, textually, not brotherly. 

Longer thoughts on 10.23, “Brother’s Keeper” (spoilery, Destiel-y)

This wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great, either– and a season finale needs to be great for me to love it. This was just about the weakest season finale SPN has had, so far as I can remember.

-I did like the Darkness. Even though the info dump explaining that the Mark is actually a lock and key holding back something awful seemed to come out of nowhere, considering that we’ve been dealing with the Mark for a year and a half now, it’s still an interesting idea. Darkness is a common part of many creation myths (someone pointed out that one word for it is Erebus), and it is a part of the Biblical tale of creation too:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spiriti of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.

Sounds cool, and looked very cool. Unfortunately, SPN’s budget seems to pretty much require that all bad guys look like humans, so the Darkness will probably take human vessels, which means it won’t seem all that different from angels and Leviathan and every other bad guy. Still, it beats the hell of the Styne family, so I won’t complain too much.

(A side note about spoilers for 11.1, echoing something I posted previously: Actress Taylor Poyfair claims to have already been cast for the season premiere, playing a character named Helen. This is more believable to me now, because Helen, in case you didn’t know, means “Light.” That seems like an obvious setup for a major character to fight the Darkness alongside the boys– and maybe a love interest, too.)

-Rowena has accumulated power– enough to cast a spell on an angel. Presumably she’ll be around next season too. I’m pleased by this, as she’s grown on me. At first I found her annoying, but I’ve come to like her as a character.

-I was very annoyed, however, that Rowena’s love for Oskar became a key component of the spell to free Dean from the Mark. Rowena? Really? In a season in which Cas and Sam been devoted to saving Dean, they go with the idea that it’s Rowena’s love for some random guy that matters in the end? Similarly, in a season in which the title card appeared to show angel grace obliterating a smoky devil’s trap, they went with a magical spell freeing Dean, rather than a particular angel’s grace? Really? That felt kind of like a deliberate slap in the face to Destiel shippers, frankly.

-Brotherly codependence and angst, again. It’s expected in the finale, but if it’s not balanced with something more interesting, then it feels like the same stuff we’ve already rehashed over and over again. I felt like the boys were getting somewhere last night in recognizing the toxicity of their bond, but maybe not far enough. And then Sam’s well-meaning efforts to remove the Mark came to fruition and set the Darkness free anyway. (I felt like Gabriel at this point: “Let me guess. You two muttonheads broke the world.”)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am sick to death of brotherly angst, to the point that I just don’t care any more. I want a season eleven that resolves the codependency up front, and shows us the brothers (along with Cas, Charlie, Kevin, Bobby, and other friends) fighting the Darkness as a strong, united front. I want the writers to give the brotherly angst a rest, and let our boys have other permanent people to love in their lives.

-Cas didn’t interact with Dean, and that sucked. Furthermore, it’s becoming increasingly clear the writers don’t really know what to do with Cas. They are trying to keep him away from Dean, but they’re not sure what to do with him otherwise. They have downplayed his friendship with Dean to the point that Dean doesn’t even think of letting Cas know that he’s planning on getting Death to kill him, and Sam seems to be mostly using Cas as a tool again. No one even seems to have asked Cas to stay in the bunker, which is inexplicable and kind of dumb. They need to fix this.

-As others have already pointed out, Rudy had no point in the plotline except to water down the impact of Dean and Cas’ fight last week. Rudy’s death didn’t add anything to Dean’s realization of what the Mark was doing to him; the guy didn’t even die directly at his hand, but rather due to his arrogance and lack of caring. The death of the innocent teenager last week was far more shocking and horrible. That, and his memory of a bloodied Cas, should have been plenty of impetus for him to summon Death. Bringing in Rudy just diluted Cas’ apparent importance to Dean, reducing him to “I look in the mirror and see these guys I’ve hurt lately” rather than “oh God, I almost killed my best friend.”

-Echoing others, I don’t see the point in a lot of stuff they did this season now. Why have Cain make that speech about Dean living his life in reverse, when Dean didn’t kill any of them? Why have Dean make that speech to the priest about wanting different experiences with someone? Dean didn’t show any signs of caring about anyone besides Sam when he was planning on dying, so what was the point? Going further back into the last season, what was the point of making Cain’s story revolve around Colette?

-The Death thing was interesting. Dean’s killing of Death reminded me of On a Pale Horse by Piers Anthony, in which the incarnation of Death is periodically replaced by anyone who manages to kill him. So if you kill Death, you become Death. This would be an interesting outcome for an episode or two, but it is obviously unlikely that Dean will be Death for much longer than that. Dean serving food to Death to get on his good side was clever. I’m not sure why the hell Death would hand his scythe to Dean instead of just having him kill Sam with his own weapon. If Death was aware he could be killed by his own scythe, this would be ridiculously stupid, unless Death actually wanted to die. Then again, I’m not certain Death is actually dead. I’ll just wait and see what develops in that particular plotline.

-I admit I expected more blood and death out of this one, but that’s mostly because the actors and writers have been hinting at multiple deaths. But it was also a reasonable expectation based on the fact that we had a big dramatic death (which I still am totally pissed about, by the way) in 10.21. Knowing Supernatural as we do, one would expect a death of a more major character in the season finale. Instead we didn’t get one, which surprised me– I honestly expected Sam’s head to be rolling on the floor (to be fixed next season, of course), but in the end the only apparent casualty was Death. It all felt kind of anticlimactic after Charlie’s death, to be honest.

-So at the end, we have Sam and Dean and Baby in a black cloud (reminscent of both demon smoke and Leviathan goo), and Cas under the “attack dog” spell charging Crowley. (It wouldn’t have hurt them to explain the spell again– I wondered if casual viewers might be confused as to what was going on with Cas, because it’s been a while since we’ve seen that particular spell used.) All four of them can easily come out of this unscathed, and probably will. I hope that Misha and Mark remain regulars, and that Misha gets his episode count bumped up so they can have Cas actually move into the bunker and be a better integrated part of the story. Here’s hopin’ that season 11 is slightly more coherent than season 10, and with a Big Bad we can all love to hate!

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So I discovered what a destiheller was a few minutes ago, (I found the tag) and I am very sad now. Which sucks, cause I was in a nice mood. Why are we being persecuted for a ship? Whats up with that?

yeah, don’t go to that tag if you want to preserve your sanity. I was actually a little shocked that when I started shipping Destiel (not even until season 9) that I saw people react so hateful towards it. It made no sense to me. Like, why do they care so much about who I ship?

Then I started seeing explanations, like “but Dean is in love with Sam, not Cas” or “Dean isn’t gay” or “Cas isn’t gay” and all of it was like… okay but that still doesn’t explain why you hate the ship so much. (Especially the gay thing because most of us are aware of Dean being Bi, not gay and Cas, well, he’s without gender so…) 

I get that the people who ship Wincest don’t want to see anything in regards to Dean/Cas or Dean with anyone other than Sam, and that’s fine, just like I prefer not to go down the Wincest road and remain on the Destiel road because that is my OTP and it makes me happy. To each their own. 

but the hate has to stop. It just does. It not only makes the fandom look like a bunch of spoiled brats, but it makes the people who are throwing hate look even worse. It’s bullying, and it’s scary, and I don’t think it’s healthy. 

People should not be afraid to ship whoever they want to ship. If I don’t like it, and I express WHY I don’t like it, that’s one thing, but to make someone feel bad or to make fun of them, or bully them, it’s just wrong. SO WRONG. I want to scream GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!! 

Has there been hateful Destiel shippers? Yes. Have they attacked people on twitter and tumblr? yup. But all in all, from what I have experienced, it’s rarely coming from us, unless it’s a troll or someone pretending to be a Destiel shipper to make us look bad (yes, they are actually out there) can you imagine having all that free time???

I also think a lot of them hate Misha. How anyone on this earth can hate him is beyond me, but they do, and all I can chalk it up to is that fact that HOW DARE HE COME BETWEEN THE BROTHERS. LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I steer clear of it as much as I can. I prefer to remain in my fun bubble of Destiel and Cockles, and Team Free Will, and not give a rat’s ass about what awful people decide to do with their time. They want to make us feel bad? It ain’t workin because we are still the #1 ship, we are still one of the most loving and creative fandoms to date, the cast talks about it, Jared is like obviously a Destiel shipper, even if it’s just for fun, Richard came out on stage and announced “We are here to talk about the gospel of Destiel” in his speech about love, Curtis Armstrong tweeted about Dean and Cas having real sexual tension and went on to say that “Yeah I said it!” after a fan went nuts saying he ships Destiel, Robbie Thompson asking the question “Destiel isn’t canon?” and so so so many more (especially recently as I think it’s not as taboo as it used to be) 

so all those people who just hate us, can suck it. 

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Why is everyone so convinced that the third ingredient to close heaven was the "grace of an angel in love with a human"? I understand that the first two ingredients have everything to do with love, is that the only reason? Are there other reasons to think that? How would Metatron even know about who Cas may or may not love? He said Kevin told him about Cas and I'm pretty positive Kevin didn't know that. Thoughts?

Dear anon,

well there you are asking me one hell of a question. :) I of course cannot speak for all of tumblr, but only from my personal point of view and why I think the third ingredient might have been the “grace of an angel in love with a human” or if you’d like to keep it a little more open “grace of an angel in love with humanity”.

Like you say yourself, the first and second - the death of a nephilim (a being created from an angel and a human, who were in love) and the bow of a cupid (which last made two men fall in love with one another which I think might be significant if you look at it with deancas goggles) - ingredient are pretty openly about love and about love between a supernatural being and a human being as well as love sparked by a supernatural being between two humans. Now, if we follow through with this whole set up and with spells or quests in fairytales and fantasy stories in general “third time’s the charm”.

We saw that three-step-structure in Sam’s hell trials as well for example:

- killing a hellhound

- rescuing an innocent soul from hell

- curing a demon (not completed, because it would have meant certain death for Sam - though as we know not following through meant death as well)

Now with Dean and the mark of Cain, we see a similar set up imo:

- taking on the mark of Cain

- resonating/connecting with the first blade

- killing Abbadon (and with that possibly truning into a knight of hell and become immortal - which I think would be a nice reverse parallel to sam dying)

Most of the time when dealing with this sort of three-step-structure they are circling around a core notion and in the case of the spell that expelled all angels from heaven that core notion was “love”. Three kinds of love imo. The love of the past (Nephilim), the love of the present (the two guys falling in love in the bar) and the love of the future, the love that isn’t yet put into words. And that last one in my opinion fits the bill to Dean and Cas quite nicely, no matter if you want to call what they feel for another romantic or brotherly love.

That is as much of an answer I can give you on why I personally think that the thrid ingredient was the “grace of an angel in love with a human/humanity”. Something that to me also comes into play here and this aspect calls back to, though I have no elaborate base for this ~assumption other than my personal feelings, is the crypt scene and the question of “What broke the connection?”, which anyone I guess would agree to would have to be answered with “love” (brotherly or romantic) or “deep care”.

As for Metatron knowing or not-knowing about the depth of understanding Dean and Cas have for one another or whether he may know or not know who Cas may love: I guess that is yet to be seen. As of now I think he underestimates the Winchesters and particularly Cas’ and Dean’s bond and that might be part of his downfall.

I actually have to admit I don’t remember that Kevin told Metatron about Cas, I would have to re-watch, so I cannot really give you a definite answer on this question. But either way I think Kevin was well aware that Castiel is very important to the Winchesters, whether he might have realized how the feelings of one of them might differ from the other, I really don’t know… I guess now that he is a ghost, he might have gotten some more glimpses in that regard… :)

Did I just in any way manage to give you somewhat of a satisfying answer, dear?

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Do you ship Destiel bc I feel like ud be really good at writing destiel fanfic

I have actually been waiting for this question since I started this blog, and now the time has come.  Let’s see if I lose any followers for what I’m about to say.

I don’t ship destiel and tbh it’s my NOtp.  I don’t think I ship anything less, actually, and because I have actually had a person call me homophobic for not shipping it (which is not true in any way, shape, or form), I’m going to explain why:

(and this got long, so if you really want to read my “rant”, click keep reading)

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Do you ship Wincest??

No, not in the way you are thinking. I don’t ship them sexually, but I also don’t ship them as only a brotp? This is super hard to explain, but I will try.

Do I believe that Sam is the most important person in Dean’s life? Yes, of course.

Do I believe that they are soulmates? Yes, because your soulmate can be platonic and someone you are related to.

I believe Sam is Dean’s soulmate and Cas is the love of his life.

I also believe that in order to survive, Dean needs both of them more than he needs air.

Have I read Sam and Dean fic? Yes, because I want to read about their relationship and it’s never portrayed enough to satisfy me in Destiel fics (which makes sense because it’s destiel fanfiction).

Another thing, I believe that Sam and Dean love each other more than they will ever love anyone else.

This probably makes me a bad destiel shipper, but I really, really don’t care.

Sam and Dean’s relationship is super important to me.