or that I annoy them

As I’ve reached 500 followers a few days ago, I thought it would be a nice idea to make a follow forever c: Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure to meet so many amazing people here and I’m so thankful for everyone of them!

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@staff please stop trying to make money off of high traffic accounts by posting ads on people’s mobile blogs without asking or offering a share in revenue. Also they’re ruining my aesthetic
And for everyone else you can remove these in the settings when you view tumblr in desktop mode in your Internet browser

Wishing this feeling would go away…

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Word Prompt: Annoying neighbour

“If I see them poke their head over my fence one more time, I’m gonna lose it.”

“Why are they always getting my mail? Why don’t they just bring it to me instead of sending it back?”

“They do nothing about the fence. It’s breaking down on their side, so maybe they should fix it, not me.”

“I’d be lying if I said they weren’t attractive, but damn are they annoying.”

Why intjs should not teach
  • Teacher Friend:man the kids were really annoying today, were they annoying for you, also?
  • INTJ:yeah. Well no. Actually I'm annoyed by most of them on a daily basis for existing.

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they’re pretty robotic and insensitive and judgmental like… they’re boring as hell too there’s literally nothing to say about them. their outer layer is like stale bread they project their most negative traits just to weed out the people who don’t feel like digging to get to their real personality and figure out what they’re thinking. they’re pretty cold and don’t like to talk about feelings like ever. they have terrible dad jokes and make the most annoying puns too… i don’t claim them

I’m so fucking angry that AFI News HQ has ruined not one, but two of my favorite AFI fan tumblr users. (One being citywasaflame, the other davey-havok.)

As much as I appreciate them for their ability to receive news so quickly, the way that fans are treated on there sometimes is bullshit. And if they were stealing gif works from these major fans without leaving credit nor considering them, I’m seriously annoyed. Both users made INCREDIBLE content on here, now both of their pages are cold. fewfuhwfeu.

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(Lesbian here) I find a lot of ace people annoying but tbh I still think of them as lgbt since they experience abnormal sexual attraction-- or none at all in this case

did you just call sga attraction abnormal

Okay honestly I kind of resent it when people are like “can you stop being negative all the time” because that’s literally a part of having chronic depression and it’s not something that’s really in my control. And by saying that, they’re acting like me being depressed is very annoying to them and that I should just stop, and unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

There’s ppl on here I wanna be friends with so bad but I’m so fucking scared that I annoy them bc I have a lot of annoying habits and boy I can’t wait for my period to be over bc I have had these sort of negative thoughts in ages and none of my coping strategies are working

I’m not saying that all yaoi shippers are like this but I’ve noticed that some of them hate on Nanami, Sonia, and Yukizome just because they “get in the way of (insert yaoi ship here)”. Of course I understand some of them would be hated for another reason, which I understand, but it annoys me to see them hated just because they apparently get in the way of some ship