or that I annoy them



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y do u keep letting ppl tgat constantly hurt u back into ur life and make them ur favs lol

sooo annoying i dont have favourites

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I'm out to a few people at school, and they keep on using the wrong pronouns and name for me. How do I correct them? I feel annoying when I want to correct them.

I promise what makes you feel comfortable isn’t a burden. Also I find it easy to just say “—-(pronoun) actually” and then continue in regular conversation.

-Mod Dyl✨

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ok so im fluidflux, so i change pronouns a lot. i also change my name a lot. i dont want to annoy ppl by asking them to use different names/pronouns like *every single day*¨but at the same time?? dysphoria??? idk can u pls gimme advice in asking them to use differnt names/pronouns every day?? thank you so much!!

I’ve seen some people who will have a few different bracelets of different colors for the different pronouns/names that they use.  If your name changes along with your pronouns, then you could just wear one bracelet so everyone knows that the purple bracelet means x pronouns and x name.  If you pronouns and name change independently of each other, you could have one bracelet for name and one for pronouns.  I hope this helps!


meganrosesims replied to your photoset “r e m o t e ”

What world is this???“

Saaqartoq by @nilxis :)
It’s not actually that vivid, those are just my weird-ass ReShade settings. It is a really beautiful world though!

I’ll start tagging posts with #world: ___ rather than just the name. Also, I’m never sure whether to tag the world creators in scenery pics or if they like to keep their user tag for more personal stuff. I figure they all track the tags of their creations but I also feel like I should include their name as credit. Then again I don’t want to annoy them… would anyone care to weigh in on that?

Something that annoys me...

If people don’t like the idea of NCT Dream then why even bother commenting on it? First of all, not every KPOP group has to have an older member that you find “hot”, it’s okay to like a group that’s younger than you because it should ultimately be about the music. Yes, KPOP is filled with visuals, but that’s not all it should be about. Also, I understand if some people just aren’t into the overly poppy music, but don’t call a group like NCT Dream “unnatural” “unusual” or “strange” just because they’re younger. NEWS FLASH!!! Some of the older generation KPOP groups were as young as these boys are when they debuted. So if you don’t care for NCT Dream that’s fine, that’s your loss, but don’t try to bring them down.

The entire Charming softball team and their pirate mascot. 

(Killian was not happy when he learned what a mascot is.)

Someone requested this ages ago and I had an idea for it today so I gave it a go. The team colours are based on the Charming crest. Apologies in advance for any inaccuracies, I’ve never played softball and know nothing about it!

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i’m gonna bundle you all together as much as i want to write a cute little message for you all just to say how much i appreciate you, i think i’ll probs be here forever! but these are people who never fail to make me laugh/smile, people i can rant with and sin with. i love y’all soooo much!!

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i’m only including the people i don’t talk to as much as i should. you guys are amazing and ily and we should talk more because what the fuck ?? (although i blame myself because i’ve got the worst attention span)

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i still love you guys and you know you can message me whenever. chances are i miss you but i’m too awkward to strike up conversation

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