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Imagine Dean staying up all night with your daughter

You walked into the front room to see Dean lying on the sofa, your daughter curled against his chest, his arms protectively around her.

You smiled to yourself, sitting in the armchair and skimming through the local papers that you’d retrieved on your morning run.

The rustling of the paper caused Dean to stir, his eyes fluttering open and arms tensing before relaxing again.

“What time’s it?” he murmured, and you shrugged.

“Ten-ish,” you told him, “You can go to sleep, if you want. I can take Kate from here.”

He fake-glared at you, his arms tightening around Katie, “You will not take my niece from me.”

You smiled at his protectiveness.

“Isn’t she getting a bit old to be sleeping with her uncle?” you teased, mimicking his words from a few months ago.

He smiled, kissing your daughter’s forehead.

“I’ll take all the snuggles I can get.”

Daddy!Sam verse


am i allowed to keep making jokes about the fandom’s shipping habits?

Yet another favorite set of gifs... This time of Star Wars

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Inspired by ‘A Bit Western-ish’ by @humansrsuperior

Completely forgot I had made this. Found it last night when I was looking for pics to photoshop. Unfortunately the fic was taken down but you should definitely check out her artwork. She has some gorgeous Nine x Rose, Ten x Rose and Tentoo x Rose pieces as well as artwork from multiple other fandoms.

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oh my gosh (i sent in the fun fact ask) when rose and ten were separated I couldn't stop crying my heart hurt so bad they were SO SO SO good together i can't

Doomsday is simultaneously one of the best episodes in television history and also one of the worst?? Russell T. Davies hates the world?? it is confirmed. Their romance is so beautiful though and at least Rose ends up happy in s4!!! bless tentoo for saving the day

Warning: cavity-inducing fluffy nothings, feat. the Clacks.

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RULES: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle, and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people

  1. Who Am I by Vance Joy
  2. Too Good (feat. Rihanna) by Drake
  3. Daddy Issues by The Neighbourhood
  4. Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy
  5. Yes, I Was Drunk by Twin Atlantic
  6. A Little Death by The Neighbourhood
  7. Hummingbird by Wildling
  8. Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran
  9. Your Graduation by Modern Baseball
  10. for him. by Troye Sivan

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How he kisses you:

When he’s tired: He’ll come home from the studio or a long flight, walking in the house to look for you. You’d be in the kitchen cleaning or cooking; he would come up behind you and wrap his tattooed arms around your waist. He would kiss your neck then beg you to come cuddle for minute. After much begging, you would agree for a short ten-minute ish cuddle and he would be happy. He’d drag you over to the couch plop down on top of you and be the little spoon. You would play with his hair while he tells your little parts about his day as he drifts off to sleep. Some other day he would just come home exhausted and go straight to the bedroom and sleep. You would be confused at first because he wouldn’t even say hi or give you a kiss. You would just make dinner or go lay on the bed with him until he wakes up and he would apologize by giving you a short chaste kiss then cuddling with you until he falls back asleep. Another day he would come home really late from the studio and you would be sleep naked on the bed you two share. He would get the biggest smile on his face, strip down then cuddle up behind you kissing your forehead carefully not to wake you up. His kisses would be soft and sweet when he’s tired.

When his friends are around: Justin loves to show his girl off so if you’re hanging around squad you would always be on his lap. He would every now and then kiss your neck or cheek or even on the lips. Sometimes he would get a little carried away and fully on French kiss you in front of them earning lots of teasing from his friends. Justin wouldn’t care because he likes to be affectionate with you so people know that you’re his. He would kiss you in sort of a possessive yet loving way.

When he’s jealous: Justin would take you to the club one night and you’d both be dancing and having fun throughout the night. You would go and dance while he has a conversation with his boys and some random guy would just start talking to you and you wouldn’t really mind. Justin would be mid-conversation then his eyes would kind of glance over at you laughing at something the guy was saying and he would have to do a little double take. He would instantly get up and walk over to you, grabbing your chin, and tongue kissing you right in front of the guy. He would grope your ass and start full on making out with you in front of him and the guy would just stand there awkwardly clearing his throat making Justin pull away and say something like “Hi baby.” To you in a low voice.

When he’s horny: He’ll come home from the studio or be on his way there. If he was on his way he would wrap his arms around you and kiss your neck repeatedly then start begging you to have sex. You would say something like “When you get back” or “You’re going to be late” and he wouldn’t care about being late. He would pick you up and just press his lips against yours lustfully trying to make you give in, which you would eventually. If he was coming home from the studio he wouldn’t waste any time before pinning you up against the wall and kissing you. You really wouldn’t have much time to react because he would have your clothes off and you on the bed seconds later. Another time you two would just be cuddling watching a movie and he would randomly kiss you or say something like “Can we make out?”.

When he’s stressed: He’s would be fed up with work or something he would want to relive his stress so you would make him take a break and that break would turn in a make out session of him tugging your clothes off.

When he’s missed you/is going to miss you: He would be coming back from tour or a guys vacation of something and just attack you with kisses. He would tell you about how he’s missed your lips and that’s what he’s looked forward to all day. If he’s going away he would kiss you with so much passion and hold onto your hand for as long as he can. He would tell you his usual speech on how he’s going to call you every day about how much he’s going to miss you.

When he’s clingy: You would be taking a nap or doing some work and he would get extra clingy because he wants your attention. He cuddle up next to you or sit behind you and repeatedly kiss you until you wake up or agree to take a break. He would be happy and probably slyly make you make out with him.

Proof that Witchcraft takes time and dedication.

I was about ten-ish when I received the Mythic Tarot from my grandmother. I cherished the cards and I tried to read them. I got answers that made no sense, and honestly, I don’t think they would have for me at that age. Now that I’m 23, I may not have EVERY card memorized, but I can provide excellent readings. 9/10 spot on (the one is me). I don’t know where my Mythic Tarot deck is now. The woman my father married probably threw it out after she shipped me and my sister to Kentucky. I have so many gaps in my memory. I would love to try working with that deck again. Working with the Welcome to Night Vale tarot, the Tarot of Vampyres (it’s an app and works surprisingly well. I suspect the programmer is a tech witch because it’s scary accurate. Or maybe I’m the tech witch…), and Madame Clara Sees All, the only “bad” readings I have gotten have been for myself. This is just one example, but witchcraft takes time. At ten, my comprehension for anything like this was clouded by AWANAS (a weekly church youth group, kinda like the scouts but Christ-focused, and according to everything ever, Jesus hates witches) and more importantly, doubt. At 23, I have no doubt these things work. I am no longer Christian and I feel like I am getting to the right path for me. Time and dedication. Dedication will remove your doubts. Time gives you experience. This is my approach to witchcraft.

I would love to see others share things like this for baby witches or witchlings who need some reassurance for things they may be working on. I chose tarot. You can choose anything.


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So what would Minimus, Ratchet, and Ten give their s/o as a secret Santa-ish gift?

  • Ten: A large bouquet of synthetic flowers in all of your favorite colors. (Think spark flowers without the death part!) Completely hand-made with intricate light patterns that shoot through the translucent petals. They’re modeled after earth flowers and forever in bloom. You bet he put his all into making something for you!
  • Minimus: He creates an entire playlist of songs that remind him of you, from your personality to your cute little quirks. He puts it on a CD for you to listen to. Of course, he buys all of the songs first because illegal downloads? Pfft who do you think he is? 
  • Ratchet: He’s that old ass grandpa that gets you socks, tbh. He will get you practical things or things you use for your hobbies: i.e. sketchbooks if you like to doodle, replacement guitar/violin strings for musicians, etc. Dig a bit deeper and you will find a sweet hand written note. It’d probably express his feelings for you a bit better. ;)

Rules: Using songs from only one artist, answer these nine questions and tag ten (ish) people.

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Artist: the dears

What’s your gender?: never destroy us

Describe yourself: heartless romantic

How do you feel?: who are you, defenders of the universe?

If you could go anywhere: where the world begins and ends

Favorite mode of transportation?: ticket to immortality

Your best friend?: ballad of human kindness

Favorite time of day?: end of a hollywood bedtime story

If your life was a TV show?: you and i are a gang of losers

Relationship Status?: warm and sunny days

Your fear?:22: the death of all the romance

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Giovanni reminds me very much of my absent father (except my father is a mechanic, not a mob boss) and as a result, I could never find him attractive in any way. I mean, he just up and walked away from his ten-year-old-ish son while the kid watched.

No offense but im gonna fight him

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salted caramel?

Salted caramel: favorite movies?

I’ll do ten-ish and list, not necessarily the best but the ones I can watch over and over again.

Disney’s Hercules
Casino Royale
The Maltese Falcon
Hello Dolly!
Coming to America
Anything with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
the Dark Knight Rises
My Fair Lady

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I have like 3 things I need to do for school which were due like Friday and I'm watching a livestream which will be going until maybe ten-ish tonight what is my life

Ask Alice! Advice Column/ Problems about life

Dear Idontwannadomyhomework, 

do ur fkn homework, the shaming from ur peers
and teachers arent worth it