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HERE IS THE LATEST COMIC PAGE FOR @teensaiyajinhighschool !

Vegeta’s dad is always so embarrassing and innocently inappropriate! But what he always forgets is this. (or maybe he doesn’t know?)

After a deep and loving relationship together, Vegeta and Bulma split up. It was very complicated but positive and mutual, they stay close friends and talk to eachother about everything! Hell, Vegeta even shares things with Bulma that he would think twice about telling Goku…
Cutting a long story short, they still hang out together regularly (platonically OF COURSE) and they are totally BFF’S .

Bulma helped Veg come to terms with being gay and was a big part in his finding his feet. He really cares about her.

They hang out and wear each others clothes and cuddle and stuff <3

angelrin89 replied to your postWhat would you say are the 10 dumbest things about…

Honorable mention: Goten’s haircut, Piccolo’s horrible manipulative to the audience-death AND HAVING HIM IN HELL WTF?!, Leaving Goten out of the first arc for literally no reason, teasing the possibility of adult Gotenks only for Gary Tsu Goku (that’s what GTGoku stands for) be like lol no you guys stay out of this MY FIGHT-wow you cockblocker!!!, Bra can fly but doesn’t do anything and becomes a teenage Bulma clone but lacks the charm or smarts that even shallow teen Bulma had, the supporting cast doing practically nothing, setting up interesting ideas like with the shadow dragons and Baby and botching them to all hell, UTERLY WASTING THE PERFECT OPPERTUNITY TO DEVELOP UUB SINCE WE DIDN’T GET MUCH TIME TO KNOW OR DEVELOP HIM IN THE EPILOGUE, Trunks’s outfit, THE FREAKING ENDING WTF WAS THAT?!?!?!?!

Picking just ten bad things from GT is really hard. There are so many bad things about GT.