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Dominique is a nuclear engineer, a motivational speaker, has a YouTube channel where she speaks positively, an album where she speaks positively, owns residences in two states, and I believe she used to be a pastor, yet the small bearded man wants to talk down on her and everyone wants to act like she’s the one trying to cause drama in the house?? This girl’s whole life is about being positive and spreading positivity lol he needs to take a seat very quickly.

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Random but maybe one where you're playing spill your guts or fill your guts with James and Harry and maybe you and Harry are dating but no one knows so basically everyone is just asking embarrassing questions and maybe James says something like "Y/N, last time you were on the show you told us you'd never been kissed before. My question is: has that changed since and if so who's the lucky guy?" (And it's Harry obv.). So it's up to you whether she answers or not but yeah... Ok thank you xoxo

This has to be my new favorite concept.

So here you have found yourself, having to choose between outing your relationship or eating a sheep testicle. The obvious answer is in front of you, so to speak - Harry is beside you - and what makes it worse is James knows. James knows all about you and Harry, has even come over to dinner with the two of you with is wife. 

He looks at you with that cheesy grin, one that speaks the truth without you having to say a single word, but you don’t give it another thought before you’re picking up the sheep testicle and shoving it in your mouth.

You regret it instantly.

“She actually went for it!” James is gagging, and Harry has his eyes covered as you lean over and spit everything out into the bucket provided for you. “You’d rather eat sheep balls than answer that question?”

You fidget in your seat a little bit, diverting your eyes elsewhere, while James looks over at Harry with his eyebrows raised.

“What about you, Mr. Styles? What looks good on the menu tonight?” James blatantly peers back and forth between you two, pulling his lip between his teeth as his smile grew larger. 

He laughs, clearing his throat before taking a sip of his water. “I think the cow eye is calling your name, James.”

“Maybe, but I know who’s calling yours…”

Harry thinks about throwing the crickets at him, maybe even the seaweed and octopus smoothie, but he stays in place, staring James directly in the eye as he tries has hard as he can to stifle a chuckle, and just nods his head.


Gotham S4 Preview is AMAZING!

It won’t be seen by most Gotham fans for another two days until the Gotham panel on Saturday. But I went to The 5th Annual Musical Anatomy of a Superhero panel today and they showed clips from all the shows represented at the panel. David Russo, who is the composer on Gotham, was there. I got into the room just after they finished showing Gotham’s intro, so I don’t know what they showed for that video, but I could hear the familiar music as I was getting my bag checked. But then they also showed the S4 trailer as part of his introduction later.

MAJOR Spoilers Below……………….Stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoiled! Also adding a “keep reading” just in case.

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Fluff ask: if Harry's girlfriend was the lead in a broadway musical...him crying and being so moved watching her onstage :(((((


HE WOULD BE HER BIGGEST FAN. Giving her kisses all over her face before she heads back to hair and makeup, sitting in his seat with his family and gushing about you to everyone around, posting a photo to Twitter and Instagram of the playbill, and sending you comforting texts before you go on to calm any nerves.

And the whole time he would be so drawn to you. His eyes barely leaving your spot, and him knowing all the words to every song because he’s had to listen to you practice for months and months on end. And when you nail the one note that you were nervous you couldn’t hit, oh he would be floored. 

And when it’s all over, and he meets you backstage with a large bouquet of roses, you would be in his arms instantly, and the rest of the night he would tell you over and over again about how well you did and how proud of you he was. 


Doyoung: *talking to no one but everyone at the same time* wow they’re really out there

Doyoung: *slightly louder* alive and stuff

Doyoung: *whips head around to look at everyone backstage while Dream performs* *wipes tear revealing beady eyes* M Y BOYS


So listen. This was what someone wrote on a reblog of my “Just Imagine Kissing Cullen” post. I want to be clear that I have blocked this person and have not directly engaged in any form of discourse with them, and I have cropped out their username to protect their unworthy identity.

This was directly reblogged from me. They are not following me, and they clearly do not like Cullen, which means that this person purposefully entered the #cullen tag to look for things to hate.

With this and all of the anon hate flying around, I feel forced to ask myself: What do these people think of themselves? Do they consider themselves good people? Do they consider themselves nice people? Moral people? Do they think they are crusaders of some kind?

I didn’t go to this person’s house and piss in their mouth, though I’m certain it would have been easy enough to do, given they are obviously a mouth-breathing Neanderthal. But perhaps that’s an insult to Neanderthals. Even so, this person felt the need to seek someone out, to try and dampen my happiness by belittling me and something into which I put demonstrable effort. Why? To get a rise out of me? To make themselves feel superior? To what end?

I propose that these hateful people spend their days and their clearly abundant time trying to tear others down in an attempt to make others feel as small as they are. There is no logic to this behavior, no belief system, no creed. Just tiny acts of evil. They are not significant evils, not all of them, but they are evils.

Do not succumb to evil, however small, however petty. Do not let these “people” affect you or taint your perspective. Do not let them win.

You win. You fucking win.

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Harry and you deciding to get your first puppy!! Cheesy but still cute :)

At first, you would be dropping hints whenever you could. When the two of you were cuddled on the sofa and the second a puppy pops up on the telly, you’d lean in real close to his face and just smile. When the two of you were walking around the park and a woman with her dog passes, you’d wiggle a little and get a little giddy, whispering to Harry, “See it’s little butt, wiggling! See it?” When the two of you were out shopping and pass a pet store, and you’d make the mistake by peering into the window to see the all the little puppers in the back sleeping, or jumping around. 

But Harry’s reply was the same each time, “I’m not home a lot, love. You’d be taking care of it by yourself for the most part.”

And it’s true, but it deterred you none.

Eventually, a day comes when you return from a shopping trip with Gemma, to find Harry on the living room floor with a small, yappy puppy jumping into his lap.

“Look who I found today, love.“

The look of pure joy etched on your face was completely worth it to him. You fall to your knees in front of him, letting the puppy come to you with it’s tiny paws pattering against the floor.

“I know I’m gone a lot but thought this little guy would keep you company.” He says, watching you interact with your new friend. “Was a rescue, only a couple months old.”

You want to cry, and you nearly do. When you look up to meet his stare, his reaction is all he needs to know you’re extremely grateful.