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I’ve seen a lot of comments about how Claire Novak is “annoying”, a “brat”, how she’s always “whining” and I’m sure those people don’t remember how hard her life has been.

Let’s start from the beginning:

  • Her father gets possessed by an angel leaving her and her mother alone for more than a year.
  • Still as a kid she becomes aware of the supernatural. 
  • Her mother gets possessed by a demon.
  • She gets possessed by an angel.
  • Sees her father almost die, only to see him get possessed again. Also, this is the last time she will ever see “Jimmy”.
  • Her mother leaves her.
  • Spends her childhood in group/foster homes. 
  • The only grown up she sees as family uses her for his own agenda.
  • Gets attacked by a man that wants to rape her.
  • Sees said grown up dead after Dean goes on a killing spree.
  • Finds her mother after all those years only to watch her die a few minutes later.
  • Is a hunter but people think she’s the odd kid.
  • Gets attacked several times and becomes a werewolf (for a while but still).

And these are just some of the things she has been through. Claire Novak is an amazing character with a fantastic story line and what we got to see in the Wayward Sisters episode showed us that there’s still a lot to come for her, and  I can’t wait to see more of her.

I forgot to tell y'all about the new friend I made this morning. So I work at a university, and when you have to deposit money, you have to call the campus police and have them come pick it up. When they arrive, it’s typically a pretty transactional encounter. You sign a paper, you hand over the money bag, they leave. Most of the time they don’t even say hi when they walk in.

But today there was a cop I’ve never seen before. An older man, probably in his sixties or so. First of all, he introduces himself to me. “Hi, I’m Mark. My friends call me Mark.” Hi, Mark. Introduce myself. Sign the paper. Hand over the bag. “Hey, I know that guy.” He’s pointing at my desktop wallpaper, which rotates every ten seconds but is currently on a picture of John. “He’s a doctor. Went to war. Got shot. Came back with a limp.” Yeah, that’s him. The picture then changes to one of Sherlock. “Can I just say… I have the biggest crush on Benedict Cumberbatch?” By all means, Mark, please go on. “He’s just so handsome. And he’s such an amazing actor. He disappears into his roles. He’s so different as Khan–did you see Star Trek?” Yes, I’ve definitely seen Into Darkness. “Well he’s so different there from when he was Alan Turing, with the stutter and the way he stands and everything. Can hardly tell it’s the same guy. He’s so good. And so good-looking…”

He literally spent a full five minutes in my office talking about Ben.

And that’s how I made friends with a campus police officer.

0okay see the thing is max wasnt really integral to s2 and the plot would have gone on mostly the same had she not been there BUT that doesnt stop me from loving the heck out of her and you should too

-beats the boys at their favourite game in one go what an icon

-calls the boys out on their creepy behavior

-calls the boys out for acting like their party is some sort of honour and for assuming she’ll be scared of bullies

-refuses to be cast aside when the people who are trying to be her friends start excluding her she’s all in right away what a kid

-knows how to pick locks

-confronts mike when he’s being a dick and asks why he doesnt like her

-apologizes when she thinks she’s being too mean

-when she realizes that the party isnt treating her with respect she leaves

-calls lucas out for telling what she thinks is a made up story to get her to forgive him (can u blame her)

-but is still willing to give lucas the benefit of the doubt and sneak out with him

-afraid of billy but puts a stop to him when he turns abusive and takes it into her own hands

-genuinely excited to meet jane and doesnt hold any animosity towards her

-fucking threatens to chop billy’s dick off with a nail bat how badass

-rational (“why are you guys running TOWARDS the noise?”)

- smart and well spoken

-tries to look on the bright side of things (“i just mean, we’re stuck here, so-”)

-just fucking wants some friends let her have friends my god

i love max mayfield so much thank you for coming to my ted talk

Pet peeve: Medical students who go on about medicine being the ‘hardest’ degree and act like it’s the best, most important thing someone can do. That kind of intellectual snobbery is just so annoying. You’re not better than other people who study other subjects or do different careers. 

Medicine isn’t ‘the top’ (as I’ve seen some people and posts on tumblr say), it’s a certain career path that we have chosen. Most people just don’t want to be doctors, ya know? Your ‘top’ goal may be medicine, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone.

Of course studying medicine is hard work. I find it hard, I have to study a lot, I sometimes find it difficult to balance things. But you know what I’d find harder? A physics degree. The complex science they have to learn goes way beyond what we learn in med school. Or an English degree, because I suck at writing essays. Or a nursing degree, because even in their first year they have so many hours of placement and have to do night shifts. Or going to study for a year in freaking JAPAN like my friend did. Or being a policewoman. Etc. Most career choices/degrees are hard in their own way and give different challenges.

It’s fine to be proud of studying medicine. I am. Just not so much that it blinds you to the hard work and challenges of others, and not so much that you become one of those, as we call here in Britain, ‘medic wankers’. 


in which aizawa regrets introducing yamada to his cat

inspired by this

there’s this movie i remember from a long time ago about this like apartment complex with a public swimming pool and this guy who studies folklore or something or is some kind of writer who finds this girl who he finds out is very much not strictly human and is being hunted by this weird twig glass wolf thing.

anyways, i don’t remember much of the actual plot, something about there being a story related to the kid and there needing to be specific people to fulfill specific roles to protect her and return her to her home somehow, and all the tenants in this complex seem to match, only the main character can’t figure out a couple roles and assumes he needs to be the champion figure in the tale who fights the wolf, but it doesn’t work or something.

now this part i remember clearly, it turns out the actual champion person is this one guy who’s been doing this personal experiment where he only works out one half of his body, resulting in one side that’s super built and buff and his other side being very twiggy in comparison.

what the hell was the name of this movie, it has to be something from the nineties or early oughts. it was in english and i liked it.

hi hello everyone I would like to talk about Marius Pontmercy

and how he grew up his whole life separated from and hating his father bc he thought he didn’t care abt him

until his father died and he realized that none of that was true once it was too late

he was then kicked out of his home by his own grandfather and had to learn how to do pretty much everything

and then he made all these important friends only to lose every single fucking one of them

but he still found a way to be happy with the woman he loved

bless this boy