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Didn’t see the full set of these anywhere, so I figured I’d post them all together! These are photos from the handbook that comes out on the 14th, but some bookstores already have it on shelves. Note that I didn’t take the photos, I’m just collecting what was posted earlier today.

a few people have been asking for a more in detail look at the outfits Lance n Keith have in the Soul Eater AU, so I got around to doing that at last 🙌

This literally breaks my heart??? Like when did we, as a fandom sunk so low, that Finn Wolfhard can’t catch a fucking break without being criticized, as if he owes us shit? Like he literally can’t be happy about his own achievements because every step he takes away from what the “fans” want to see him do (as if he’s some kind of a circus animal), he’s suddenly rude, awful, ungrateful, stuck up, whatever. He’s 14. He’s a kid. Neither of the other kid actors from IT or Stranger Things get as much shit simply being the way they are as Finn. Just because the way he looks, he’s being attacked, preyed on, and honestly I’m not surprised it takes a toll on him. 

He’s under so much pressure and we fans should be a safety net he should be able to rely on, not something he will eventually come to hate as you all will be ruining him in years


A doodled comic about my many inconsequential quirk related questions 

Just talking to some peeps ;3

(Thank you all those who wished me to get better, the requests will be out soon)


Saudade (n.) - a deep emotional state of melancholic longing for a person or thing that is absent

when fall out boy plays save rock and roll live theres a moment at the end where they stop playing their instruments and just…sing. andy stands up behind his drums. pete and joe are screaming the lyrics into their mics. patrick riffs like fuckin hell. and the whole arena just fills with the sound of hundreds of people shouting the lyrics along with the band and it’s honestly one of the most breathtaking things i’ve ever witnessed 

Friendly Reminder

Sam Cortland was tortured, whipped, beaten, his eyes gouged out etc but he was okay with it because he thought Celaena would be safe.

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius is currently being tortured, whipped, beaten, cut up etc but she’s okay with it because it means Rowan is safe


…the Earth had to shake for us to find each other again


times have changed