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Kageyama Tobio for my dearest friend, Seda ♡♡

Previews: Drinks

He’s new.

It was the first thought Riven spared the stranger standing behind the counter of Gragas’ bar. He was too well-dressed and did not look nearly drunk enough to simply be a customer who had found himself behind the counter after one too many drinks. He was tall – perhaps even taller than her, which would be impressive in and of itself – and had on a crisp, black button-up dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up past his elbows. His arms – what she could see of them – were fairly muscled, and though the light in the bar was dim and smoky, Riven thought she could make out the pattern of some tattoo coiling down his right forearm.

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This is a SUPER LATE Bday/Christmas present for @min-xie! I’m so sorry that i never finished it your bday was in the same week all my exams were due and ahhhhhhh

This is her OC Colette! I love her design and I can’t wait to see more of her :D

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Belated Happy Birthday Present for rebootrenew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The absolutely adorable scene from 1000caloriemichaelietrash‘s own birthday Lailix fic, thank you again for giving me the idea and allowing me to draw it Brownie!!! <33

Hope you can forgive it being nearly two days late Lost, Happy Birthday all the same!!!! <3333