or suit

A crossover I thought about as soon as I got into OPM.
Knuckles as Saitama :)
Drawn on Drawpile, and my pen stopped doing pressure for some reason, so sorry for the boring lineart ~

My Close friend @dohnutdoodles was drawing with me, and has drawn another part of this, I’ll reblog it when she eventually gets to posting it ^^

  • Cyborg: Now, are you familiar with the gear shift?
  • Beast Boy: You mean... the “prindl?”
  • Cyborg: The what?
  • Beast Boy: The “prindl!”
  • Cyborg: ...Are you referring to the shift lever that says P-R-N-D-L?
  • Beast Boy: I’m not a child, Cy, I know how to spell “prindl.”
  • Cyborg: It is not something you spell. It is a gear shift. The letters stand for park, reverse, neutral, drive, and low!
  • Beast Boy: You’re making me nervous with all this technical talk!
  • Cyborg: Oh, I’m sorry! Why don’t we just relax and turn on the radio? Would you like “AMMM” or “FMMMM!?”

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The world is bad— but being with you is so, so good.

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