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Dirk Gently “The Salmon of Doubt” collecting issues #1 to #5, foreword by Fiona Dourif and fanart gallery!

“Take Bart, she’s never felt like a girl, or really understands that the world sees a difference between the two genders. I’d be interested to explore her world with that twist thrust on me (might I say I dare them).”



SOOOO I was redrawing the Iconic Pirates Duo with the Other Iconic Pirate duo and I noticed some… SIMILARITIES RIGHT ? 

From the cape, to the head gear, to the little things hanging off your waist Lance, even your characters are somehow similar ? It’s even the same color scheme guy !

Anyways I might color this later 

A Thought: Jack going back on the Pearl after the “What interest is she to you” scene, to find Elizabeth gone.

He searches the ship for her: paces all across the deck, squinting at people as if he doesn’t recognize them (when actually he is trying to make sure he is not hallucinating and maybe failing to see her), scours the rum cellar under the guise of “doing inventory”, opens every cell in the brig (under the guise of continuing to thrash Will with every insult ever invented), hell, he even checks under his bed in his cabin (because hey, a man can dream, right?)

He, of course, refuses to ask where the bloody hell she is, because why should he care? She killed him! And since he doesn’t ask, nobody tells him she left with Sao Feng. So he just wanders the ship like a wraith, all its darkest crevices and secretest spots, back and forth, with ever-growing, poorly concealed franticness.

Then he comes across Barbossa (on his third visit to the dining room in the last half hour, during which he actually kneels down and looks under the long dinner table). Barbossa sneers at him with a knowing, shit-eating grin. Jack rolls his eyes and fakes indifference CONCEAL DON’T FEEL JACK. He turns to leave the room but is stopped cold by Barbossa’s voice, casual: “She’s not here.”

And Jack — oh, we have a lovely saying for this in Mexico — “Se hace el que le habla la Virgen”, roughly interpreted as: he pretends the Holy Virgin is speaking to him, which is entirely too important a circumstance for him to bother paying attention to Barbossa. I mention this idiom, because I can perfectly well imagine Jack literally pretending a deity is speaking to him to avoid acknowledging someone.

Barbossa’s grin widens. He knows Jack like the back of his hand. He knows Jack’s deflection mechanisms, and he knows he has hit the nail in the head. “There’s more to Turner’s wench than meets the eye, eh? She bargained herself to Sao Feng, in exchange for his cooperation with our cause,” he continues, knowing that Jack is hanging onto every word. “Have to say, I pity the man. He has no inkling what awaits him with that one,” at this he laughs that weird, bouncy sound that seems to ricochet out of his chest like a spring wound too tight.

“Do you reckon he’ll make it to Shipwreck cove alive?” With Jack’s back to him, he can only see Jack’s hands, clenched tightly into fists, the skin of his knuckles white. Then he adds, in a conspirational whisper: “Well, guess it depends on whether the little waif keeps her lips to herself, ain’t it?”

Jack storms out of the room. Barbossa laughs and laughs and chokes on mouthfuls of juicy apples as he continues to laugh.

And his filthy laughter follows Jack all night, as he continues to haunt the ship like a restless soul. 

There's literally nothing I don't love about Pirates COTBP

- Captain Jack Sparrow
- Cinnamon roll William Turner
- Sassy fearless (pirate) Elizabeth Swann
- Captain Jack Sparrow
- Barbossa’s general badassery
- Governor Weatherby Swann’s immense love and acceptance of his daughter
- Commodore James Norrington not being vilified and being a good man
- Captain Jack Sparrow
- The best and most iconic musical score known to man by Klaus and Hans
- The fact that they actually shot the scenes with real ships in the actual freaking Caribbean
- That people expected it to epically fail and it ended up being the beginning of one of the most successful movie franchises ever
- The sheer quotability of the entire thing
- Captain Jack Sparrow

Am I missing anything? Ah yes.


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You shouldn’t love him, you know you shouldn’t but here you were on his ship. Again. Helping him find some stupid lost treasure. Elizabeth tried to make you to stay with her but you just couldn’t, so you snuck out and met Jack at the docks. You tried to convince yourself it was your love of the sea and the idea of adventure, but no matter how hard to tried, you knew it wasn’t the reason you were on this bloody ship. 

Captain Jack Sparrow

Dark are his eyes, as dark as the sails of his Pearl.
His hair flowing in the wind, Like a sparrow’s wing.
He’s the Captain, sailing under a pirate flag in his
own little world.
Nothing can stop him, not even Norrington’s man.
He’s Captain Jack Sparrow don’t underestimate him.
He can be gentle he can be rough, a true man of 
my own heart.
Daft like him can no other pirate be, give him his rum
and you wil see ……

~ Missy Sparrow

sparrow-girl  asked:

Hey! So I suppose I wanted to weigh in on the innumerable messages you're being sent, both for you and for your anons. I just think it's important to remember that, at the end of the day, Dragon Age is a game created by people. And what I think a lot of blogs forget is that these are fictional characters. And it makes me really sad for this to be causing so much sadness and drama when, ultimately, these are characters through which we can discuss important issues. Which I guess is a reason why..

…I’m both a fenris and Anders supporter ect. Because I see the merit in both of them. And at the end of the day, I think it’s as important to critique the game and how it’s written as it is to have fun and appreciate the characters and storyline for what it is. And you’re one of my favourite DA blogs because of this, I find that you approach it so well both as a game and as a conduit for discourse that’s relevant to the outside world…

the thing is, while it is just a fictional video game, making the distinction between player choices and player opinions is really important. 

for example, if you have a character who say idk. kills a helpless child for no reason. that’s awful right? if you have a character who agrees with the killing of the child, thats ok. if you, the player, say “i like this character because they’re an asshole, i still think killing that child was bad even though i like the character as a whole” that’s also ok. but when you the player says “i think they were right to kill the child” that’s when you have concerns about the type of person the player is. 

its why i can still get along with people who like characters i dont, so long as they can see the flaws of their character and have a healthy discussion about it, it’s all good! 

so on one hand im very much like well, it’s just a video game who cares? multiple studies have proven that fiction has no real bearing on reality, but on the other hand it can bring out pre-existing shitty opinions that have the right to be criticised.

…if that makes sense lol


PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN –> Fathers and Children

You knew my father. I knew him. Good man. Good pirate.


Disney has this new technology where they work with motion capture, body doubles, CGI, and practical effects to make ‘older’ actors appear in their youth. Previously there was Jeff Bridges on Tron: Legacy which was entirely CGI and looked cartoonish. RDJ’s in Captain America: Civil War was the best, looking seamlessly like a younger him. Carrie Fisher’s cameo in Rogue One was such a reveal it because while many should’ve seen it coming because it was visually her it blew us away. Johnny’s was easily the highlight of the film as it was a fuller scene and it’s importance was so enticing for its own story. Needless to say this tech is at the forefront of Hollywood legends’ appeal and I can’t wait to see who jumps in Disney’s time machine next.