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My newest video. A tribute to the many gorgeous characters of Johnny Depp. I recorded my own cover of this song for this video. Hope you like it! :)


Pirates of the Caribbean -Sparrabeth-Summer Nights
Another of my all time faves.

I’ve been wanting to share this with you for so long. With today’s chapter update, I finally can. 

The wonderful @blauerozen drew this brilliant piece on fan art for my “Sparrow,” and though I’ve been marvelling at this finished beauty for weeks now, it still amazes me, every time I look at it. I adore their expressions, the colours, the atmosphere. All the fluffy snowflakes. 

Thank you so very much for this. It’s hauntingly gorgeous! 

As they step out of the café with the familiar tinkle of the bell, Eren can see it has been snowing for a while. A thin blanket of white covers everything so neatly, it’s as though someone had taken a big sieve and sprinkled the world with powdery sugar like cake. It’s beautiful. Eren smiles.

They begin to walk through the streets, two silent figures in green, minds in harmony but each drifting away in an own trail of thoughts.

—Sparrow (Revised), Chapter 14

anonymous asked:

Headcanon: The #2 thing Viktor loves about Hasetsu (#1 being Yuuri, obvs) is that No One In Hasetsu Gives A Fuck. He could walk around wearing his Team Russia jacket with all his medals and accolades and introduce himself as Viktor Nikiforov, Figure Skating Legend, and everyone's just "Oh hi, Yuuri's boyfriend! How are you today?"

anon you speak the gospel

anyway i’ve said this multiple times at a loud yell before but like! hasetsu is so good! for!! victor!!! nobody gives a fuck that the glory of russia rests on his shoulders! he’s just yuri-kun’s weirdass foreign boyfriend who can drink pretty okay! nobody cares he’s famous! people will lie to keep the paparazzi off his ass! he makes friends with dogs and eats weird squid ink ramen! if yuri-kun has to marry a foreigner, they hope it’s Vicchan, who is unreasonably interested in gatchas and remembers dog names. he’s such a nice boy. his accent is so terrible, but he tries so hard.