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170325 show! music core: movie (goodbye stage)
eunkwang → jigsaw, minhyuk → crown prince yeong, changsub → the mask, hyunsik → thor, peniel → léon, ilhoon → captain jack sparrow, sungjae → kaito kid

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I had a pretty crazy role reversal AU idea. What if sometime before Hanzo fought Genji, Mercy had a mission in Hanamura that resulted in her capture?The Shimada Clan saw her skill as a pilot, mission experience, as well as her incredible knowledge of the human body and thought she would make an excellent assassin. So they brainwashed her and turned her into their cyborg warrior whose only purpose is to serve the Clan, despite the dislike of the young, and very human, master Genji

Ohhhh, I love this because instead of Genji ending up where Mercy is, Mercy ends up where Genji is… Plus, I haven’t written anything for Cyborg!Mercy yet so lets do this!

  • No one was aware of it at the time, but Talon drifts in the shadows. Aiding the powerful Shimada Clan as to have an ally, and extra resources. 
  • Overwatch makes their preparations to take down the clan. One of their best agents is known as Mercy. A skilled fighter with her bo-staff and fast movements, but she delivers her final blows quickly. Never enough time to blood out, as they said. 
  • Overwatch started really making trouble for the Shimada Clan, and they struck back. Infiltrating their own base, they wreck havoc and kill but find the agent all alone. 
  • They know of the deeds she can preform, so they take her. Someone who can fight so quickly and effectively can be of great use to them. 
  • She fights them, and does her best to get away but its all in vain. Talon suggests letting them make her more… ‘cooperative’ They give her up reluctantly but only because they can’t get her to do anything for them. 
  • Genji Shimada takes his role as the heir’s son seriously, but his focus is not of building an empire. Try as he does to be a good son, the art of medicine has enchanted his mind from a very young age. 
  • The clan changes when the elders introduce to his father their newest agent. When Genji first sees her, he swears its a spirit. 
  • Silver, metallic smooth plates covered her body. A helmet of silver with wings branching of to the side decorate her head. A yellow lighted visor acting as her view to the world. She stands like a statue, and wears swords and knives across her back. Lose clothes of black cover her form. 
  • From his secret learning of medicine, Genji knows that that person is not an omnic, as the elders are trying to say. Its a breathing person with cybernetics, and with that much work done to her body, she has to feel alienated in her own skin. Or rather, armor. 
  • He stays silent at his father’s and brother’s side, but plots as to how to get close enough to speak with her. Somehow, he will set her free from what his family has done to her. 

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Dead Men Tell No Tales Trailer 4 (2017)

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When you were voicing Revali and Teba, did you ever think of bird puns you could have used? You're good at bird puns.

I’m sure I could sparrow joke or two if I’d really put thought into it, but I doubt folks were raven about the puns to begin with. I much rather prefer clever terns of phrase.

when heskie got ASDL
he played it all the time,
then he saw dragon ball
and then he ate a lime.

Riley needed personal
space until he fell off a chair.
Then because of the princible
he killed Ben ‘cos he was there.

Yesterday was when
Dish arrived with his bow and
arrow. He laughed so much he could
have died when he killed a sparrow.

Now I see them in my
mind they are a funny group
but as I go back into bed
I feel the need for soup

When they arive you shall
be beaten.. then your small
bodies will be eaten !

Now young people take my key
as what is old you now will see
short and following as we go
searching for a place we know.

—  Phil Lester, The Mark of Oxin 2001-ish