or something that looks like a muffin

⭐Going to cafes with Haechan⭐

//I was trying to keep a positive mood while writing this but I have my angst playlist on because I ran outta cupcakes yesterday and now I’m sad// 

-requested by @cryinggoutloud-

♥ When your on a date, Haechan likes to take you to the same place which is this one cafe
♥ Mainly because of the memories
♥ Or the old couple that runs it that always gives you free muffins
♥ Mainly the last one bcz he’s prob a cheapskate
♥ You guys never change what you get from there??
♥ If you do get something different, he probably begs for a small bit
♥ By a small bit, he probably eats ¾ of it
I suck at fractions
♥ You guys love going in the Winter and sitting by the window
♥ The snow always looks pretty
♥ Plus you can write “Haechan is an idiot” on the steam buildup on the window :)
♥ Sometimes you drink hot cocoa in the summer just to annoy him
♥ “[y/n] that’s not how summer works!11!!1”
♥ Roasting people as they walk by the cafe
♥ Imagine you and him just snorting every time someone you hate walks by
♥ Since you go there so much, the Dream Team knows where to go if he skips practice
♥ “Hyuck gotta love young love, but gotta love practic– GET YOUR BUTT BACK HERE”
–Mark Lee 2k17
♥ Once on your 2nd anniversary he bought everything at the store that was in stock
♥ He ate most of it although
♥ The couple there absolutely loves you guys though
♥ They probably offered to plan your wedding tbh
♥ You got your first job there because they overhead you talking about getting a job
♥ Whenever Hyuck is on break he comes to tease see you and buy some cocoa to go
♥ Ain’t that just adorable (⌒ω⌒) 

sorry its short I’m just kinda sick and can’t concentrate on writing ty ily guys 💕💕

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some anon replies!

1. YES, it was very frustrating and time consuming. i’ve been painting with a lineless 1-layer style for about 9 years, and i’ve only felt moderately confident with it in the last 2 years. it isn’t for everyone, but for me it felt compulsory. i kept doing it even when it was driving me insane.

2. chaotic-muffin was my prepubescent attempt at wit, i think. (it was from a time where “xD” was an acceptable and widely used emoticon, if that gives you any frame of reference.) i started calling myself feverworm like 5 years ago because i needed a new name that wasn’t already indexed in google. i kinda just mashed words together until i found something that looked satisfying lol

3. WAO i wouldn’t call anything about my style “confident,” especially my lines. i have very shakey hands and tend to etch at things until i get the form i want. i guess maybe my strokes kinda look like confident contours because i work at really high resolutions? it kind of hides a lot of the squiggles.

4. y e s  p l e a s e

5. in my head, the shapely, feminine duarda are sort of in fashion at the moment? a magician can create almost any form he’d like when summoning a duarda, but having a really beautiful and delicate looking one stirs up more envy from his peers. i’m gonna explore more exotic shapes in future adopt batches though!

6. holy ding-dong-damn, thank you so much. i don’t often reply to these kinds of anonymous messages because i worry about sounding disingenuous or coming across as aloof even when i mean everything sincerely… but your message made me feel all tingly and i needed you to know, whoever you are, that your sentiment means a lot to me. as much as i try to market my work and appeal to wider audiences and all that, this kind of thing is what makes me the happiest and is the most encouraging. thank you again ;____;


Dating Killer Croc (Waylon Jones) May Include…

“I Love You”

  • You were the first one to say it
  • It was the first time he’s ever heard the words
  • He waited for you to say “Psych!” but you never did
  • “I…Love..You..” The words were drawn out
  • But true, nonetheless
  • He felt super uncomfortable afterwards
  • You both silently agreed to never say the words again, only show them through actions and other variations of words


  • He’s a insecure guy
      • He doesn’t act like it, but he has
      • He’s tried to shape himself into a monster
      • Something that people fear
      • He uses his appearnce to his adavantage
      • But he still wishes to be someone–something–else
  • You always reassure him that no matter how he looks or acts or is, you’ll still be here with him
  • You’d never leave with your own free will
  • You love him


  • His: He isn’t much for nicknames, but he does like calling you Lovely.
      • Because you’re lovely and like the Heaven to his Hell
      • That makes like no sense
      • ha
  • Yours: Dino, Cutie,Godzilla, Scaly-Boo, Boo, Dork, Honey Muffin.


  • Waylon loves hoodies, jackets, sweaters
  • Over the time you’ve known him (and been dating), you’ve gotten him a ton of clothes
      • Some that you’ve stolen
      • Some you actually bought
  • Your favorite thing to do is buy matching clothes
  • You bought him a sweater for Christmas that says “See Ya Later, Alligator” and you got one that said “After A While, Crocodile”
      • He wouldn’t say it
      • But he loved it
  • You also got him a dinosaur onsie
      • *cough* danisnotonfire *cough*


  • Waylon isn’t big on PDA
  • But he does love to hold your hand whenever given the chance
  • And nuzzle his face into your cheek/neck
  • He likes how you smell too
  • But not in the “I’m going to eat you way”
    • I mean, he’ll eat you…but not in that, amiright? (;
    • Well, if you’re a guy he’d just blow you tho
    • Hah
    • Someone kill me
    • I hate myself


  • You had a tough time getting Waylon to move into your apartment
  • He didn’t think he deserved to not be treated like the monster he thought he was
  • The idea of living in a home, with you, was…surreal


  • He likes to hold you close and snuggle his face into your shoulder
  • Your scent gives him peace
  • He hasn’t had a nightmare since he moved in tbh
      • He had nightmares of the sewar
      • And of himself

And I’m blank, oops

DATE: AUG. I 2016
NOTES: Sorry for the wait. I have until Thursday to be all packed and moved out so…

Egg muffins, an excellent idea for lazy cooks such as myself. 

I’m still recovering from this weird cold/chesty cough illness. Everything is taking so much energy and another treat filled weekend after my appetite came back is not helping. 

Alas I am planning healthy meals for the week ahead and the above look pretty good. Breakfast has become a bit boring so definitely want to try these -  Meat/Cheese variety and something sweet like cinnamon and oats?? Would oats work?

To cook:

20-25 minutes @ 200 degrees

Anything You Say

Pairing: Dan x Reader

A/N: [Y/N] your name]

Warnings: swearing but tbh you should expect that by now lmao

Send us requests:)

“Daaaaaannnnn” you whined.
“I’m kinda hungry but not really”
“Well what does that mean?” Dan asked, looking up from his laptop.
“I want to eat but no like.. food.. I want something sweet, you know?”
“I’m sweet, have me,” he said with a wink.
“Dan shut the fuck up no!” you snorted. “Not right now anyway,” you finished, returning the wink.
“We’ll see, now get your mind off the do and help me.. with the food situation,” you added quickly, and Dan laughed. “You know what I mean though. I want cookies or muffins oh my god muffins would be so good! Do we have muffins?”
“Nope, Phil finished them off last night, sorry chick”
“Well that fucking sucks”
“So do y-”
“Do not do it Daniel, do not go there,” you scolded.
“Okay, okay I’m done!”

“I just had the best idea!”
“This doesn’t sound good,” Dan mumbled. “Anyway, what are you thinking?”
“We should make muffins!”
“You mean you should make muffins”
“No, we, we should make muffins. We as in us, and in me and you like [Y/N] and Dan,” you said, standing up from your place on the sofa.
“But I’m comfortable,” he whined.
“If you don’t help bake, you’re not getting any muffins”
“Come on bubs!” you smiled, ruffling his hair before walking out of the lounge and towards the kitchen.

“Dan, what’s taking so long?” you called, putting the mixing bowl on the counter. Just then, you felt a pair of hands snake around you waist, coming together in front of you. “I’m here,” Dan hummed before pressing a kiss to your neck. You turned around in his arms so that you were now facing him and stole a kiss. “What took so long?” you asked.
“Well I figured that if you were going to make me bake, I might as well get a video out of it. Are you okay with being in a video? Because I can forget about it if you don’t want to,” he smiled.
“What’s up?”
“Are you sure? I don’t want you to get loads of shit because I’m in a video,” you sighed, looking at your feet.
“I won’t, they love you! And even if I do, fuck them.”
“Are you sure? Like really sure?”
“Babe, they love you! Remember when you were in my liveshow for like a whole 10 minutes last month?”
“Yeah,” you hummed, smiling at the memory. “Yeah okay, fine let’s do this”
“Thank you,” Dan smiled and placed a gentle kiss to your lips.

“Now, throw in the flour”
“Throw the flour?” Dan asked, a hint of mischief in his eyes.
“Yeah, into the b-” You were too late, and now you were covered in flour.
“DAN!” you squealed, but he was too busy laughing to reply. With that, you grabbed the bag of chocolate chips that were resting on the counter and started to pelt them at Dan, one by one. “What the fuck is? What are you hitting me with? What is that oh my god!” Dan screamed as you continued to hit him with the chips. “Okay, okay you win! Cease fire!” he called over your laughs.
“Damn right I win, now back to my soon to be muffin babies!”

“Now whisk!”
“I got this, I am a man! I can whisk until the cows come home!” Dan announced proudly.
“Oh my god,” you smirked.
“What? What are you smirking at?” Dan asked as he began to bring the ingredients together with the electric whisk.
“You! A man! Oh my g-”
“I am a man hush!”
“You are but a mere child,” you giggled.
“Oh I’m a child, am I?” he asked, turning the mixer off. “Would a child do this?” Dan leaned in to kiss you and brought his hand towards you to cup your cheek. What you didn’t realize was that his fingers were covered in the mix, and so, instead of the sweet kiss you were expecting, you got a face full of batter.
“Fucking right I did!”
“Seriously, c'mere,” you smiled.
“Nope you’re going to do something,” Dan said, shaking his head as he retreated backwards.
“NO FUCKING SHIT” you called as you collected batter on your fingers and through it at him.
“I WILL GET MY REVENGE” Dan shouted as he began to speedily make his way over to you. Neither of you had realized the batter on the floor though and as Dan slipped, you seen this 6ft meme coming crashing towards you. “DAN” you shrieked as he fell on top of you. This of course resulted in you falling onto the floor with your boyfriend crushing you. “Hey, anything you say can and will be held against you, so only say my name and-”
“Dan! Now is not the time to be quoting fall out boy,” you laughed, hitting his shoulder. “By the way, you’re crushing me, very soon I will be nothing but pulp”
“Ssshhhhh” Dan whispered before kissing you.
“Oh hey guys what happen- I’M CLEARLY INTERRUPTING SOMETHING I’LL JUST GO” Phil rushed as he practically ran out of the kitchen. With that, you and Dan erupted into a fit laughter. “Dan, go help him! He doesn’t know what just happened,” you snickered. “Why can’t you?” he laughed.
“Because you’re literally crushing me”
“Not any more,” Dan smiled as he put his forearms on either side of your head to take some of the weight off of you.
“Great thanks”
“You’re welcome,” Dan said, pecking your lips.
“Just go and make sure Phil is okay, I’ll clean up”
“Ugh fine” Dan groaned, kissed you on final time and went to check on Phil.
You however, stayed lying on the floor in the batter for a few more minutes and just let thoughts rush through your head for a bit. You smiled to yourself knowing that the video you had been recording would never make it to Youtube, but instead would be kept as something private that you and Dan could look back on. You slowly stood up and moved so that you were in front of the camera. “Look at me.. I’m a mess,” you said, as you grabbed the camera off of the tripod. “And it is entirely your fault Howell,” you continued, sitting up on the counter top and holding the camera at arms length. “I would say something sweet and mushy, but that’s not really me.. so anyway I-”

“Babe who are you talking to?” Dan asked from the sitting room. You looked with your eyes wide towards the camera. “No one really, just myself,” you called back in response.
“Okay, just checking you’re okay”
“I am.. hey bubs?”
“I love you”
“I love you more”
“I love you most” you smiled.
“Nah” Dan replied. You could hear him making his way around the flat, towards the kitchen. “Shit, fuck you’re coming,” you whispered to the camera.
You jumped down from the counter, put the camera back onto the tripod and quickly grabbed a tea towel, using it to brush the flour off your shirt as Dan entered the room. “Alright?” he asked. “Mhmmm just trying to get some of this shit off of me,” you said, pulling at your shirt. “You could just take the shirt off,” Dan winked. “I am not going to walk around the apartment in my bra when Phil is here! He already thinks he walked in on us almost frick fracking on the kitchen floor today he doesn’t need to be scarred anymore than he already is!”
“So you would if he wasn’t here? Because I can get him to leave”
“Fuck off!” you giggled, hitting his chest.
“You know I love you right? Even if you do abuse me,” Dan smiled.
“You’ve mentioned it once or twice,” you said, reaching up to wrap your arms around his neck, your fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. “I love you too, even if it means I occasionally have batter in my hair and flour down my top, which by the way is definitely your fault”

“Oh hush” Dan mumbled. He leaned down slowly and stole a kiss. An then another. And another. “Hey Dan,” you said, pulling away and he hummed in response. “I think the camera is still on,” you blushed. “Oh fuck, yeah sorry,” he rushed once he realized what you had said. He broke away from the hug you had been sharing and went to stop the recording. When his back was turned to you, you blew a kiss at the camera just in the nick of time so that it would make it into the video.



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“Isn’t he cute?” You whisperd over the sleeping kittens purrs. T'Challa smiled like a proud father, scratching behind his ear. “Guess what his name is?”

You two had spent hours talking over names like he was your first born. He needed something strong, powerful, but of course something cute considering he’s just about the cutest cat.

T'Challa looked to you from the cat, back to you. He wasn’t fond of the names you’d had on your list. He liked the cute ones like Muffin and Boo and Button.

“I present to you T'Challa Junior!” His face lit up, a smile pulling at at the sides of his lips.

“Really?” He asked like an excited child.


Respect The Lady

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Johnny Storm x Reader x Steve Rogers (platonic)

Imagine: a fight breaks out between your boyfriend Johnny Storm and your best friend Steve Rogers

A/n: this seems like something that would happen considering how Johnny is a douche bag and Steve believes in respect lol

Genre: Romance, Friendship

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You were sitting at the huge island in the middle of the room in Tony’s tower, eating a muffin while drinking your coffee. Your thigh was getting rubbed by a warm hand, making you feel relaxed and you smiled. You looked over at your boyfriend Johnny Storm. He had a smile on his face as he drank his coffee. You made a funny face at him and turned when you heard the door open. In walked your best friend Steve Rogers.


You jumped off your seat and ran to him, hugging him. Steve laughed and hugged you back while you asked.

“How was your mission?”

Steve groaned and let his head fall back.

“It could have been done quicker if we hadn’t miscalculated the amount of agents that were.”

You gasped and led him to the island, sitting beside Johnny. You held Johnny’s hand and you asked Steve.

“Miscalculated? How did Tony do that?”

“Considering how everything seemed to be encased in very cold metal that disabled any kind of thermal detection in the lower levels of their base, my theory? Underground bunker made by scientists who think they can outsmart me…which they did.”

You turned to Tony and fake sniffled.

“Aw, you poor thing. Someone outsmarted you. So sad.”

Tony rolled his eyes and Steve smirked. Johnny asked you, playing with your hair.

“What do you want to do today?”

You shrugged and thought aloud, looking up.

“Well, I got to train with Stevie today for maybe an hour or two. Then I got to go grocery shopping and get Thor his pop tarts. Then Tony and I are going to go to an important meeting with Fury.”

Johnny huffed and pouted.

“So you can’t do anything we me today?”

You supposed.

“I mean…I guess I could try to cancel the grocery trip to tomorrow…”

Johnny beamed and you rolled your eyes. Tony asked.

“You do know that you don’t have to go to the meeting, right? Fury just needs me.”

“I know, but I’m going on this mission too. What, does he want you to give me a half-ass debrief on the mission?”

‘Uh, excuse me. I can give a perfect brief on the mission, thank you.”

You rolled your eyes and yelped when Johnny lit his land on fire and pinched your butt. Johnny snickered and you glared at him. He quirked an eyebrow up and you rolled your eyes. Steve tensed up and you looked at him.

“So Steve-Ow! Johnny!”

Johnny smirked and you pushed him. He yelped and regained his balance on the stool. Steve pursed his lips and you shook your head.

“As I was saying, do you have anything new coming-fuck! Johnny, quit it!”

Johnny laughed and asked.

‘What? Can’t take the heat?”

“Not when it’s pinching my ass!”

Johnny held his hands up in surrender and shook his head.

“Alright, alright. Just one more.”

He pinched you again and Steve affirmed.

“That’s enough, Mr. Storm.”

Johnny looked over at Steve and you looked at Tony, mouthing

‘These two are going to get into another heated argument. Do something!’

‘Not my problem.’


Tony put his hands up and walked out. By this time, Johnny and Steve were in each other’s face.

“You better learn how to treat a woman with respect.”

“She’s my woman! You don’t have any authority over me, Mr. patriotic.”

“I shall remind you of my status then. I am your captain and you listen to me.”

You were biting your lip as you watched, unsure of what to do. Should you just let the two get the fight over with? Should you get in the middle of them and stop them before Steve decided to break Johnny’s face? You gasped when Steve snarled.

“You’re going to treat her with respect. When she says stop, you stop.”

“I was going to after that last one, asshole. Buzz off and stay out of my business, grandpa.”

Steve clenched his jaw and countered.

“It’s my business when it concerns my best friend, Mr. Storm.”

“She’s my girlfriend, idiot!”

You sighed and greeted Clint when he walked in.

“Hey Clinton.”

“Hey, little bird. Those two at it again?”

You nodded and gasped when Johnny threw a punch. Immediately, they both started to fight. You ran to them, dragging Johnny away from Steve and Clint grabbed Steve. You stood in between the two and yelled loud, stomping the ground and producing a shockwave.

“Hey! Knock it off!”

Steve yelled.

“He started it!”

Johnny yelled back,

“You should learn to keep your nose out of my mother-fuckin business!”

You looked at Clint for support and noticed he was struggling to hold Steve. You started dragging Johnny away and patted his cheeks. He looked down at you and you sighed, rubbing your face.

“We can’t keep getting into these situations. You’re going to get banned from coming here.”


“Shush. Let me finish. Johnny, when things are starting to get heated like that just walk the fuck away.”

You tended to his bloody nose and Johnny kissed you softly. You kissed back and Johnny whispered.

“I’m sorry.”

“Apologize to Steve.”





“Ok, ok! Holy shit, I’m going.”



Lentil Flour Banana Bread

Makes a small loaf:
75 g red lentil flour (i just put dry red lentils in my vitamix and make flour)
75 g whole grain spelt flour
½ tablespoon flaxseed flour (optional)
2 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon flaxseeds
1 tablespoon liquid sweetener of choice (i used date syrup)
1 tablespoon coconut oil (melted)
1,5 big ripe mashed bananas

How to:
Mix all dry ingredients together (lentil flour, spelt flour, flaxseed flour, baking powder, cinnamon/vanilla). In another bowl, mix mashed bananas with coconutoil, flaxseeds and sweetener of choice and let it sit for around 5 minutes. Give the dry mixture to the banana mash mixture and combine until you have something like a thick batter (mine looked kind of fluffly when everything was combined). Line a cake-pan of your choice (i used a small one for bread, but i’m sure even muffins would work!) with baking sheets and fill in the batter. Preheat your oven to 160°C and bake until your banana bread looks brownish and a toothpick comes out clean!


no but a plot where muse a is a twenty something year old darling guy who absolutely loves to cook and he helps his mother run a family bakery and is a total gentleman boy-next-door type, and muse b is this gorgeous girl who is basically their best customer and comes in every day for blueberry muffins, but is head over heels for her best friend but he’s gay/won’t ever like her for some reason but she never loses hope and muse a notices how she starts to look sadder etc and as days go by she comes in dressed in shorter skirts and more drastic makeup as she tries to get her best friend’s attention and muse a asks how she is but doesn’t dare ask anything too personal as that’d be rude. ANYWAY one day muse b doesn’t come in and muse a gets worried and they end up actually not coming in for a whole week till she finally appears but in sweats and no makeup and she looks like she hasn’t slept for a year so muse a gets her normal order of goods but adds a note saying: ‘Call for a chat and free blueberry muffins :)‘ with his number and just cute stuff ya know??

Valentines AU

An AU where Ciel works in a café and he has to put up with couples coming and going while watching them being all lovey-dovey, and that just sickens him. Especially their conversations, just… No.

“Come on sweetie, order whatever you like.”

“Oh, honey! Thank you! But I’m just so confused. I don’t know what order. Everything sounds so good!”

“You look so cute when you’re confused, muffin!”


“Do you want me to pick for you?”

“You know me so well poobear, don’t you? Isn’t he amazing? And isn’t it wonderful? How he knows me so well?”

And that’s when Ciel internally pukes and tries to back away. Poobear? Really? Uh, no.

Now, what started with taking orders ended up by being a part of the… Uhm… “conversation”, and that’s when Ciel’s brain alarm starts ringing.


And that’s exactly what he does, “Ahaha… Right… uhm well, I’ll give some time for your… ‘poobear’ to decide and I’ll come back later…” Ending it by sending them that million dollar smile! Real smooth waiter boy, real smooth.

“Excuse me, I’m ready to order.”

And damn, did Ciel’s heart just run a thousand miles per second after hearing that voice. It is true that the college boy hates nothing more than sappy couples and sappy relationships but he can’t stop his wild imagination from running around in the fields of his dreams whenever he sees or hears his, yes I said his, regular costumer, Sebastian Michealis.

The reason that Sebastian is HIS costumer is because that sex on legs, handsome piece of meat, huba-huba man, only comes in during Ciel’s shift. And if the young man didn’t know better, he’d say that Sebastian has a crush on him.

Not that he would mind, especially since his mind dictates him so many fantasies he’d just love to perform, such as kissing him so that those bloody desperate single women would stop staring at HIS costumer. Like damn, have some decency, will you?

Besides, Ciel is a healthy young man with raging hormones and he has every right to-

“Uhm… Excuse me?”

Damn son, DAMN!

After willing himself to calm down, Ciel turned around with his oh-so-shy smile and said, “Oh, yes! Sorry. Your order please?”

'Stop shaking. Stop shaking. Stop shaking. Breathe in, out, in, out. Okay, I don’t think he noticed that I’m shaking. Stay strong little me!’

“Are you okay? You’re shaking.”

'GAH! NOPE! NO! I’M NOT! Shit. Shit. Shit. Stay calm. STAY CALM! BE COOL! Okay… Okay… I’m cool. I’m good.’

“Yes I’m fine. Now, your order?”

“Oh yes, my order,” Sebastian looked up at him and smirked, that little devil SMIRKED, while leaning in and motioning for Ciel to do so.

Ciel at first was confused but did as told nonetheless. Aren’t they always taught that the customer is always right? But, oh boy, did he wish he hadn’t done that.

Ciel felt Sebastian’s soft lips and the hot air of his breath graze his ear as the man whispered, “You, me, date tonight. I’ll pick you up from here at 8 P.M. Don’t be late.” With that he stood up to walk away, but not before touching the back of Ciel’s NECK, pulling him close again and saying, “Oh, and wear something nice.” Then finally walking out after he winked at Ciel.

Like. A. Boss.

That son of a-

Ok so.

I’ve read in a few fics the idea that Steve stress eats. Like, you’ll know when there’s something bugging him if all the 80% of the food in the tower disappears. And then there’s Steve huddled around an armful of snacks, glaring and guarding his hoard. He pouts with a mouthful of muffin as he argues “I don’t stress eat" despite looking like a rather protective and aggressive squirrel. The man burns through calories like a furnace on a good day, and he lived through a depression for goodness sake, so no one (not even Thor) wants to chance losing a hand by taking food from a super solider who’s eating his feelings.

But then, on the contrary, there’s Tony, who does the opposite. He loses his appetite completely when he’s stressed, doesn’t even think about eating (which is already a problem for him when he gets caught up in projects.)

Steve burns the excess calories off with extra hours in the gym (which is also a stress reliever), but Tony just keeps working through it until a bot forces a smoothie on him. It’s still not usually enough though, and the longer he’s stressed, the looser his shirts fit him. Pepper and Rhodey (and JARVIS) have been on him about it for ages, but there’s only so much they can do without living there with him (or having a corporeal body, in the AI’s case).

Then late late one night, Tony stumbles into the kitchen in search of more coffee and finds Steve there with his high carb hoard. Immediately, he blushes and glares, saying “I’m not stress eating” and Tony raises his hands defensively with “I didn’t say anything”.

Steve’s glare doesn’t let up, but he nods, and then notices that Tony is only bumming around the kitchen for coffee, not actual food, even though the man looks like he could stand an extra meal or three. “Aren’t you going to eat anything?” he asks, and Tony sits with his mug and shakes his head. He eyes Steve’s pile before half-smirking.

“Would there be anything left even if I was?”

The blush and glare grow deeper on Steve’s face, but there’s also a flare of shame and concern. He reaches into his pile and takes out a raspberry scone, then holds it out for Tony. The brunet just stares at it, blankly, and Steve just holds it closer.

“You need to eat, Tony.”
“I’m really not hungry.”
“I can hear your stomach from here.”
“It is a liar and a traitor.”

Steve’s right back to pouting again, “Look, come on, just, please?” He looks from the scone to the scientist mournfully. “I even picked the best one…”

Tony tries to keep down the chuckle that’s going to escape him at Cap’s whine and pitiful pout. "Are you sure you can give it up?” The pout increases but Steve stubbornly pushes the scone forward. Tony laughs lightly, “Alright, alright,” and takes it easily from the blond’s grip.

He thinks that Steve is going to take it back by how intently he’s staring at it, but Cap just frowns and says “Go on, eat it already.”

Tony slowly takes a nibble, and then a proper bite, and hot damn, Steve has good taste in snacks. His appetite finally starts creeping back as he swallows, and he holds onto the scone protectively, not wanting Steve to snatch back his prize.

But Tony’s surprised to see the pleased expression on his captain’s face, as is Steve himself. He looks a little mystified and is still blushing, before he digs into his pile again with enthusiasm and pushes a portion over. “Here, take these too.”

Tony wants to argue, really he does, but Steve just looks so damn pleased. He acquiesces and the two end up snacking together (with Steve’s pile still being quite considerably bigger than Tony’s), then actually talking about what’s been stressing them out.

The other Avengers start seeing Steve head down to Tony’s workshop with an armful of snacks and a determined look on his face. He then sits at a work table and pouts with his best puppy dog eyes until Tony gives in and sits with him to eat something. Chatting just comes naturally with that.

This, of course, leads to Steve making real meals, with proper vitamins and protein and everything, and taking them down to Tony (though he leaves plenty of leftovers in the fridge for the others) saying that “Thor looked like he was going to cry if I kept stealing all the pop tarts.”

And then Tony starts buying enough pizza for everyone once a week (and at least three boxes of Steve’s favourite) because “I’ll allow the introduction of vegetables into my life, Rogers, but I need some grease in my system.”

And they all begin eating together as a team and a family, though Steve always hunts Tony down with bags of chips in tow when he’s upset and JARVIS announces to Steve that there just so happens to be a fresh raspberry pie just delivered to the workshop for ‘no reason at all’ when Tony’s not at his best. The food always gets eaten (though still and unsurprisingly disproportionately), but they begin to realize that it’s not the food they’re seeking out when they’re stressed, but each other, and it’s been the best stress reliever yet.

(Well, until one time when Steve reaches over to wipe away a smear of raspberry jam at the corner of Tony’s mouth, and then follows it up with his own mouth. They then discover that stress relief can also be found on the workshop couch, or Steve’s bedroom wall, or the padded floor of the gym that one time when Clint interrupted by yelling "Oh god, now I’m deaf and blind!”)

So Steve stops hoarding and Tony’s shirts fit him right again, though if he ever shows up in the kitchen wearing one of Steve’s instead, big on him in a way that makes Steve preen and Tony grin, no one says anything.

i got to the coffee shop at 6:40ish am and it was more or less empty so i was able to snatch the only private niche in the place. there’s two tables so i had enough space to bring out my laptop, my reference books, and my notebook, as well as my coffee and muffin. At around 7:20 a dude walks in and looks genuinely surprised, and then annoyed, to see me sitting there. he then proceeds to take the table next to me, whip out his computer, and huff at it because his screen is way more visible than mine from where he’s sitting. i keep stealing glances and he’s def writing something and it’s just so funny because he’s dressed like the stereotypical pretentious writer you see in movies and i’m here in my tattered ravenclaw jacket, jeans, broken boots, and blueberry muffin crumbs all over my lap. also a writer. i’m willing to bet he’s probably writing true crime fiction or something.


Dr. Mildred Watson: You’re just like Don Quixote. You think that everything is always something else.
Justin Playfair: Well, he had a point. ‘Course he carried it a bit too far. He thought that every windmill was a giant. That’s insane. But, thinking that they might be, well… All the best minds used to think the world was flat. But what if it isn’t? It might be round. And bread mold might be medicine. If we never looked at things and thought of what might be, why we’d all still be out there in the tall grass with the apes.”


I feel highly awkward i would never wear something like this and these shorts are giving me major muffin top ness and it looks bad but STEVONNIE FOR SHUTO

Three days on the other side

i failed to write stancest so here, have some gen

“Hey Grunke Stan, how did you lose your hand?” — asks Mabel, sweet little Mabel, who simply doesn’t see this kind of questions as something horrible, who simply doesn’t see those kind of questions like something at all. Sweet little Mabel that put stickers all over Stan’s old ragged coat: sun stickers, hearts stickers, puppy, kitty, stars, bunnies, muffins stickers — Mabel has a lot of those, and she didn’t hesitate to give them up: she said stickers make everything look better. Stan decided not to argue — how can he argue with sweet little Mabel anyway? Mabel follows him everywhere, she smiles at him and offers him a thing called “Mabel juice” (witch, as far as Stan is concerned, consists above all of a small dinosaur toy and a lot — a lot — of glitters) just to make him feel better: she doesn’t know that Stan didn’t “feel better” for years — there’s no much sense to start now.

Or maybe she does know, but keeps smiling, and as if, as if Stan can not to smile back when she looks at him this way. It just… Happens. Stan just doesn’t want to upset sweet little Mabel.

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— Blue! Finally! Oh, just look at you!
— I missed you too, Muffin.
— Two months! What a hell are you doing there above all this time?
— Not anymore. I need a break.
— Didn’t find anything? About the Institute.
— Not yet. They waiting any information from me about it. But it was a good experience anyway.
— Learned something special, soldier-girl?
— Some more that I had known in my… previous life.
— And what about your big steel friend? I don’t like him still.
— He’s my sponsor now… You know, some kind of commander. But we’ve become a good friends. Don’t look at me like that, Piper. Nothing more than… I think.
— I think there’s more though, Blue…
— Maybe. Let’s find the Railroad. They might know something about the Institute.
— Oh come on! I can’t believe these two months on giant ship was so boring.