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okay but the first thought that came to mind about the whole ‘keith wearing lance’s jacket’ thing is that he obviously looks distressed and tbh think about them being attacked, suddenly and without enough time to change into their paladin armor or something similar to that.  think about keith getting injured or anything like that. think about lance draping his jacket over keith’s shoulders and tugging it on him before running off to be a hero. think about keith desperately calling for him to come back. 

My thoughts on what could happen in tomorrows clip, if Sana does in fact go to Isak and Even’s place. 

I think tomorrow’s clip could potentially be where Even and Sana’s connection comes in full circle. Last season, the first Friday clip after the hiatus was Isak coming out to Jonas. And Julie has said how the response to that clip meant a lot to her and so I think tomorrows clip will also be similar in style. Discussion, no drama, and possible breakthrough moment.  

Sana texted Isak when she was upset. I believe we were supposed to interpret that moment as Sana wanting to study with Isak, so that maybe she can get info on Sara from Isak. Info that could potentially be used to expose her online, as she was just rudely talked about online in a public forum. We know that Sana is regretful that she wrongfully accused Jamilla of something she did not to. So why would Sana want to potentially do something similar again to Sara. 1) Sana is upset, feeling completely disconnected from her friends, and just very lost right now. 2) She is more certain now of what Sara has done. Whereas with Jamilla she assumed before getting all the information. 

We are supposed to assume that Sana will go to Isak and Even’s to get info on Sara. But will she? I don’t think so. Its really important that Sana is going to Isak’s place because Even will most likely be there. 

How does Even relate to all of this? 

Even has not had the best experience with social media. We know he posted stuff on facebook. We know it was all so bad that he completely deleted all his social media. There is a good chance that after what happened, Even may have been bullied online in response to his own posts. Even knows the harm that posting on social media can do and potentially how exposing other people online (as he may have been), will not lead to anything good. Because as Isak said “girl you can’t run away from the internet.”

Even and Isak (who is aware that Even wrote stuff on facebook) will not give Sana info on Sara. Right now Sana needs someone to talk to (aka Isak and Even in this case), not someone to convince her to expose Sara online. It’s not the right response. There are other ways to go about it.

When Isak told Sana all that stuff about Sara the other day. He didn’t tell her because he wants Sana to expose Sara on facebook. Isak doesn’t know whats going on with the girls. All he knows is that Vilde, Eva, and Noora are all Sana’s closest friends. He knows Sana is a good person. He was telling her, your friends are getting played as a heads up. 

If Even talks about what happened to him in relation to social media, we will get Even explaining what happened with Isak present, what exactly the fight was all about, and Sana finally having someone to talk to. Because as the doctor told us last season, we all need someone to talk to, we can’t go through things alone. 

Sana may go into the situation hoping to get info on Sara but I hope instead it will end with her finally texting Jamilla. That would be really nice. 

Or this could all be wrong who knows. All I know is that Sana has a good heart, she is a great person. As much as she wanted to send Sara that comment today, she didn’t. That’s important. 

it’s something of a cliché to say that we all think we’re monsters [pike’ahlia]

Vex knows.

It is not so hard a thing, to see yourself reflected in the facets of others; she has seen herself in her the strained lines of her brother’s laugh and the twist of his shoulder when he throws a dagger and the roll of his silent feet upon the earth. She knows how to find her own doubt in Keyleth’s bold uncertainty, and her lingering shadows in Percy’s stalwart refusal to speak of the past, and her brimming anger in Grog’s rage-blind eyes. Even Scanlan’s gilded tongue holds slivers of her silvered speech. 

For all this familiarity, rough-edged figures cut from cloth that is not the same but similar, is something different to see it in Pike.

Pike does not wear her similarities outwards; she holds them tight inside, and if it were not for Vex’s sharp eye (and that is hers; that she shares with none of them, the keen glance, the discernment, the quiet certainties about the pressing world) she would not know it. But Vex’s eyes are quick and clever, and Pike is not so good at hiding as she likes to think.

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Daniel Kyre’s Birthday Memorial

Around September of 2016, we had kicked off the ‘Daniel Kyle & Suicide Prevention Lantern Project’, which resulted in this beautiful wreath (https://magicmadiplier.tumblr.com/post/154142206560/daniel-kyre-suicide-prevention-project-final) (which took up a large part of the floor, as I’m happy to recall) later in the year. This was in honor of Daniel Kyre, as well as the wonderful efforts of suicide awareness and prevention as a whole.

Yes, we plan to do something once more, whether similar or different, around the two-year mark of his tragic passing. For just Mr. Kyre’s birthday on July 6th, however, I’d like to focus on a celebration that could’ve been…maybe it still is.

Why? I don’t know. I had just remembered Dan’s birthday, and, well…just worried. For Matt and Ryan, for Dan’s friends and family…for everyone else that joined in mourning. I could say it’s me being sensitive; maybe realistically, it is. But, there’s no shame in coping this way.

So, here’s the plan. It’s a little more detailed than the first project, but, I hope people join nonetheless:

Just take a picture. As long as it has nothing malicious or hateful, it will do. It can be serious in light of Dan’s passing - or it can be fun and silly to celebrate his life as a whole; in truth, he was more than a man that died young. Maybe you want to submit more things. However, the maximum will be kept at five. I’d recommend one or more of the following:

* Selfie

* Art

* Candle(s)

* A Typed/Handwritten Message (must fit in one photo, unless you are able to place a full letter into a ‘collage’ format)

* A Quote

* A ‘Memorabillia’ of Sorts 

* Your Favorite Photo/Screenshot of Daniel and the Cyndago Group

* Have a Similar or Entirely Different Idea? Go for It! (You may also combine several of these ideas into one photo, so long as it fits.)

Where To Submit Your Entry(ies):

Easiest Solution: My Submission Box, also under the longer title of ‘Fan Art, Pictures, Thoughts - Send Me Anything!’. These, however, will be kept unrevealed; I will only be transitioning the photo onto my computer for safe keeping, until they are ready to place in the mosaic.

If you are uncomfortable with submission, you are more than welcome to PM me for my email. If requested or recommended, I can also make a separate email for exclusively this project.

All Entries Will Be Due By July 5th, 12:00:00 PM Central Time. Therefore, you all have plenty of time to get things together; I’m only getting this out there straight away to spread the word. So, please take your time.

If you have any other questions, please don’t be afraid to ask. 

Thank you, and have a great day.

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lol2always  asked:

I absolutely love your art style! I've tried to mimic it or attempt to make something similar, but it ends up looking too cartoon-ish. Is there any big secret that I'm left out on? Thank you so very much, and keep up the good work! 😊

Hmm, my art style is pretty cartoon-ish to begin with. I guess what I would advise if you want your art to look more realistic is to use photos as references. Learning anything always starts with imitation, but when you’re learning how to draw something for the first time, I think it’d be better to go back to the primary source. You can still use other people’s art as references - try to look at which parts of the real object they attempt to highlight - but at this stage, avoid copying from them directly, because you’ll be making your own interpretation off their interpretation, and this repeated removal from realism could be the reason why you think your art looks cartoon-ish. Copy from multiple photos, and copy everything - be meticulous. By the time you’ve learned to draw the thing more or less by memory (not necessarily in a photo-realistic way, just enough that you can recognize the object as being the object) , you’ve pretty much already developed your own style, but here’s when you can start mimicking other people’s styles to further develop yours. (I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that you like my art style so much you’d like to mimic it??? wow???) Choose what you like about their art and try it out. Look at many different artists’ work and learn from them. What usually happens is that eventually you change so much of that aspect you mimicked from other artists that you make it uniquely your own. 

being multilingual like...

What people think it’s like:

  • *speaks multiple languages fluently on command*
  • *is very sophisticated*

What it’s actually like:

  • constantly speaking to people in the wrong language
  • managing to squeeze 3 or 4 languages into one sentence without noticing
  • gradually forgetting your first and second language, while not speaking anything fluently anymore. not even your first language is safe
  • Grammar? What grammar? Which grammar??!!
  • being permanently confused
  • can’t even order bread at a Danish bakery after 2 years of language training
  • cry and curse yourself for moving somewhere where they don’t speak English or your first language. but mostly cry. and weep

I went to go see Jurassic World again, this time with my family. And as I was driving my little brother back to his house, he expressed disappointment that the original cast (bar the scientist and the t-rex) didn’t make appearances. Then he said something that set me off in a Jurassic Wonderland of wasted possibility.

“What I want to know is why the two kids weren’t running the place. Why was some strange lady in charge of the park, instead of Lex? Why was some navy guy in charge of the raptors instead of Tim?”

And I just… can you imagine what the movie would have been if that had been the case instead?

Imagine that at some point, there wasn’t a choice. Hammond’s will allowed for the continuation of the park, or a creation of a new one, and InGen was going to do it with or without Lex and Tim, but the kids remembered what happened to them when they were little. They remembered, and they knew it would happen again. Of course it would. But they agree to it, they go back, because they figure that they can at least be there to handle the fallout. So they go back, they help design things, they fight for every precaution and for every reactionary defense. The park will never be safe, but they’re going to do everything in their power to ensure that if it’s happening anyway, they’ve got their hands in it to ensure the least damage and loss possible.

So Lex get put in charge of the park- the computer system isn’t just something she uses- she fucking designed it. She designed it and worked on programming it. She was the one who designed the tracking system they use with all the dinosaurs because she needs to be able to assure herself of where every single one of them is at any time, and she carries a tablet with her that does just that- taps into the network and shows dino locations. She fights the board on every new carnivore they want to create; It’s a bad idea, she tells them. Carnivores eat meat which in case you have not noticed, humans happen to coincidentally be made of meat. She also doesn’t just track the dinosaurs- there’s no way anyone will ever suffer through what she and Tim and Grant did. Every visitor to the island has a wristband that talks to the mainframe and gives their location at all times.

And Tim, head of the animal care and behavior department with his wife, Kelly (you know, Ian Malcolm’s daughter from the second movie). They don’t just know know anything about the dinosaurs; they know EVERYTHING about these dinosaurs. Tim has Hammond’s hearteyes wonder mentality partnered with Grant’s thirst for knowledge and fueled by his own curiosity and experiences. Kelly has her dad’s caution and her mom’s free spirit and drive for pushing boundaries. They are there for every birth, and have their hands in the raising and care of all the dinosaurs. Like Grant, Tim has a soft spot for the raptors, and they have a soft spot for him as well, after he raises them himself, imprints them on himself and Kelly at their island-side residence.

And we mustn’t forget Eric, the kid Grant and his team saved from one of the islands when he crashed on it parasailing. Eric survived down there on an island full of dinosaurs when pretty much no one else could have survived even a few days. He’s the one out in the field, in charge of containment and tactical defenses for when (not if, WHEN) things go wrong. Because they will. They’ve been waiting 10 years for it to go wrong. They’ll continue waiting, ready.

Imagine the look on all their faces when InGen admits that a dinosaur was created behind their backs, a hybrid of several species, because someone wanted to create more ‘wow’ for the park. Only what they created wasn’t what they meant to create. This new dino is smarter than anything they’ve ever made before. Bigger than the T-Rex. Stronger. It surprises everyone with it’s ability to mask its heat and change its skin color. It’s a mistake but ohhh what a mistake- the InGen folks have hearts in their eyes thinking about how they could apply these changes to raptors.

Imagine Lex’s utter outrage at being lied to, but now that the life has been created she can’t just take it. The animal didn’t ask to be born, but now that it has been, she ensures that it has what amounts to a bomb-proof enclosure in a remote section of the island. Heat sensors, sound sensors, tracking device, motion sensors- this thing has got the works in her pen. Lex forbids opening it as an attraction, this enclosure is for containment only. And the would-be social creature, deprived of social interaction with humans or its own kind or with anyone really, becomes the Indominus Rex we see in the actual movie; she does not understand boundaries or dominance or good behavior.

But the movie dynamics are now shifted. Instead of the park destroying itself from within, it is under attack from without. It isn’t because Lex was careless about security. There is no tension between Lex and Tim outside of normal brother/sister banter. Imagine that InGen wants those raptors badly enough to force a field test of them- imagine they purposefully release Indominus, thinking Tim’s raptor squad can beat it. Imagine the moment Lex asks him if the squad is ready for search and rescue, and he agrees they are.

Imagine Tim and Lex gearing up to go into the wilds of their park because there are people stranded at the far end. Imagine a movie where the wholesale destruction and terror are not because everyone is ill-equipped to handle the situation (because Lex and Tim? They’ve made fucking preparations for this shit, they have thought of everything for this kind of situation) but instead a story about how all of those preparations mean shit against this superdino. She outsmarts them like the Clever Girl she is, avoiding traps, clawing out her tracker, taking out their electricity, setting free the other dinosaurs. She talks to Tim’s raptor children, and they walk away with her- imagine how CRUSHED he is to see Blue just… leave him.

Imagine half the movie following two young girls, strangers, who got put together on the rolly ball ride. One is a mechanic’s daughter who can disassemble and reassemble whole cars if she wanted, who fiddles with the ride to let them free-roll anywhere they want. Imagine she does it because the other girl is a younger trans girl who has spent her whole life admiring Dr. Ellie Satler and wanting to be a paleobotanist just like her, but the ride doesn’t get close enough to the plants for her to see them well. Imagine that they escape Indominus by ducking under a plant that the botanist-in-training recognizes as basically a giant ancient fucking nettle plant and Indominus takes one faceplant into it before deciding WOW NOT WORTH IT BYE. And the two girls stick together until they meet up with Lex and Tim who are out trying to find the rolly ball inhabitants that went off road because they are the last two left, and Lex has been following their wristband signals.

Indominus finds the InGen beach camp and attacks with her new raptor compatriots. Lex and Tim, after seeing all the civilians (including the two young girls) safely to boats, split up to come to the rescue, Lex with Eric and Tim with Kelly. Tim and Kelly win back their raptor clan (let’s be real, they didn’t have to win them, they left to gather intel on the iRex) while Lex comes charging down the beach in the original Jeep the mechanic’s daughter fixed, road flares tied to the roll bars and madam Queen-of-All T-Rex chasing after her to start the final showdown.

No giant seamonster needed- T-Rex + Raptor Squad + InGen army + Lex and Tim and Kelly and Eric are enough to bring down Indominus. Barely, but they win. And T-Rex is there, but she’s had quite enough fighting against raptors after the first movie, and so she leaves, heading into the jungle to let the humans recover.

Lex fires everyone at InGen. They go get ice cream from the cafeteria and Tim eats an entire chocolate pie by himself. They call Grant the next day and say “You are possibly the only person who will believe the day we just had.”

my favourite thing about phineas and ferb is that perry being a secret agent is a secret to absolutely no one aside from the flynn-fletcher family and their circle of close friends, excluding stacy for whatever reason. even after they befriend vanessa doofenshmirtz, who tells anyone who listens about her dad being an evil scientist who fights a platypus named perry, they still dont know. this is the kind of dramatic irony i live for.