or something similar

Oh fuck, is this another gem monster? We haven’t seen one of these in a loooooong time, and it would give Steven a good excuse to pull his shield off.

Probably something with powers similar to those of Lapis?

Oh boy, yeah definitely some sort of clam-like gem monster.

Let’s just hope it’s not as powerful as Lapis because that would be a problem.


Okay maybe this is Steven dreaming about his powers?

My Dr. Zehra pumpkin that I carved at a pumpkin carving party with my bff on Sunday.
I actually came home from school Monday to see some North American Ants (Or something similar) had swarmed it and I spent about an hour and a half (Maybe?) burning them with cedar candles and vacuuming them. Then I proceeded to stick my precious Zehra pumpkin in the fridge when the battle was over.

Fire/Vacuum = 1
Scree’s Army = 0

I won the war.

if “ironic juxtaposition between clowns and scary violence” eventually morphed into “clowns are scary violence” i wonder if something similar will ever happen to like swing music as it gets used more and more for killing spree montages

14 Examples of White Privilege in Latinx Communities
Latinx identity in the US is complex. But it's clear that white supremacy has an influence – and here are some of the ways that might benefit you if you're perceived as white.

The histories of white supremacy are rooted in the policies and ideologies of many of these countries and in Latinidad as a whole. Ideas such as mejorar la raza – “improving the race” – have praised whiteness and light skin since colonization.

White supremacy rules racial hierarchies, both in Latin America and amongst U.S. Latinidad.

Again, this is not to say that conceptions of whiteness are the same across Latin America and the United States. Each Latin American nation has its own categorizations for race that have to do with ancestry, skin tone, and class that is different than how many of us in the U.S. think about race.

But something that is similar in all of Latinidad is this: that if you are perceived as white, you are someone who benefits the most from power structures.

As Latinxs in the United States, we carry these legacies of white supremacy with us. In my experience as a mixed Afro-Puerto Rican, I’ve seen and experienced the ways in which whiteness is upheld, both because of the way race has been constructed in Puerto Rico and in the United States.


On this day in music history: October 25, 1968 - “Cloud Nine” by The Temptations is released. Written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, it is the twenty fourth single release for the legendary Motown vocal quintet. After lead vocalist David Ruffin is fired from The Temptations in June of 1968, he is replaced by former Contours (“Do You Love Me?”, “First I Look At The Purse”) member Dennis Edwards. With the new addition, producer Norman Whitfield takes the opportunity to take the group in a new musical direction. Using the template of Sly & The Family Stone’s recent hit “Dance To The Music” (at the suggestion of Temptations leader Otis Williams), with its funky and driving back beat, along with the band’s unique habit of having several members taking a turn at lead vocals in the course of a song, inspired him to try something similar with the Tempts. Lyrically, “Cloud Nine” is different from anything previously released by Motown, with its narrative about being poor and disaffected, looking for an escape and release from that situation. The basic track for the song is cut at Golden World in Detroit (Motown Studio B) with members of The Funk Brothers on October 1, 1968. Whitfield also hires another young Detroit based guitarist named Dennis Coffey to play the signature wah wah guitar part on the song. Dubbed “psychedelic soul” by music critics and the public, the single marks the beginning of a new era for The Temptations, quickly racing up the R&B and pop charts immediately after its release. “Cloud Nine” peaks at #2 on the Billboard R&B singles chart and #6 on the Hot 100 in January of 1969. It also wins The Temptations a Grammy Award for Best Rhythm & Blues Group Performance, Vocal Or Instrumental in 1969, making them the first Motown artists to receive that honor. “Cloud Nine” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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In every echo, we will gonna at different area? Is the echoes will something similar to Underverse?

Yep, you go to that Echo’s version of the Underground.

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i honestly think urie would have lost it and fucked torso up like people were shocked at what mutsuki did to torso but...urie would probably have been waay worse lmao

I think what Mutsuki did to Torso couldn’t even compare with what Urie would have done to him if he would have found him right there, with Mutsuki, doing god knows what. I have this version in where Urie completely loses his shit and starts stabbing Torso with his kagune like over, and over, and over again and he doesn’t stop, and Mutsuk is behind him tearing up like “Urie, stop!” bc the motherfucker is already dead but Urie goes on and on and on and he’s crying and releasing his frustration and Mutsuki calls his name again and Urie turns out and there’s this beautiful sad panel of his face crying, something similar to Akira’s face after talking with Takizawa. I really was expecting something like that, but I think it was necessary for Mutsuki to save himself instead of needing the help of someone else, and I think it’s better like this. I wonder if Mutsuki will tell him what happened, but I guess Urie kinda suspects. This is so terrible and sad holy moly ;_;

So to explain what exactly happened yesterday.

Yeah, I have been quite stressed the last two weeks, and I didn’t have much motivation to do much. I thought the thing called exams would be over and then this sort of thing happened to me:

I lost my wallet.

I was able to cancel my credit card and all, but I am still pretty shaken from losing my wallet.

If it is not too much for you guys, do you mind telling me stories if you have ever experienced something similar? Thanks!

read a cute little article about peter’s stay in buenos aires, reasons for staying, about the shows idk and thought i’d translate for you. a must read imo.

insomnio, bandiola and rock and roll

he walked, ate and performed. details of the course of Pete Doherty, singer of The Libertines, in his unexpectable and unpredictable porteña stay.

His first morning free in Buenos Aires, the one of Sunday 16th, (Libertines’ singer, Kate Moss ex, one of the most talented composers from the UK) met one of the most significant antidotes for hangovers from the port: bodipan. Someone showed it to him as the great resource for the afterparty and wanted to try it in that exact moment. He could barely believe that around 7 am, as cold as it was and in the street, you could get something similar to a barbecue. Minutes later, on Costanera Norte,  it would be even more difficult to understand that nobody cares about eating something served by a man with filthy hands and old bandages in his fingers, like the one who was cooking his sandwich. He was about to say no to the food, but finally he completed the ritual. If he wanted to be porteño, this was a crucial step. He ate sat on one of the benches in front of the river, dressed with an altiplanic outfit that one of his peruvian fans gifted him. The outfit included a colourful poncho and a hat, and was part of a plan to dismiss paparazzi. Then he’d realise that no paparazzi in this city would lose sleep to take a picture of him, even if he is Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse’s ex. Yes, he’d spend the morning surrounded by photographers, but those strange photographers that hang around Río de la Plata at dawn, with huge lenses, to capture pictures of birds and sun rays. He shared the view with them and entertained himself throwing the rest of his sandwich to the ducks, until ten, time that was set for his girlfriend to arrive to Argentina. Pete, the bandiola and the altiplanic outfit could’ve been a great picture for the Daily Mirror but here, it wasn’t even on Instagram. 

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Monday Messages: 10/24/16

Hey, everyone! I’m sorry this is a day late but I had a pretty rough day yesterday, so it kind of put me behind. This week, it seems there’s a lot of healing and letting go of past painful experiences. It’s funny how every sign seems to be going through something similar but there are some differences, so I’m interested to see what you all think. 

As always, please keep in mind that this will not resonate for everyone since this is a general reading. Also, check your sun, moon, and rising signs. Feel free to reblog and leave feedback if you feel called to. 

If you’re interested in a personal reading, please visit Blue Skies Tarot!

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Uncomfortable Truths - 50$ + 10$ S/H*

This piece is just around 4.5 x 4.5 inches.

*(domestic price only - international would be much higher!)


I took my time with this one, no wrist pain this go around. :-) I’ve got a better understanding of my workspeed when it comes to my embroidery and already the companion piece to this one is mostly done. That being said, as pretty as it is, metallic wrapped thread is not my friend.


I ship all packages USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day shipping which includes 50$ of insurance as well as a tracking code.

Please email me at nebulous.studio@gmail.com (please be mindful of the period between ‘nebulous’ and ‘studio’!) If you’d like to take this piece home!

Want something similar? I’d be more than happy to work out a piece just for you!

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Oh, oh! Going back to the evil/anti!Jack thing (I'm really sorry if I'm annoying but ugh I love it) what if, after Sam was corrupted, Jack tried to shatter himself but only managed to crack his gem. So from when the diamonds betrayed him until Kevin heals him (or something similar idk), THATS when he was evil....okay now I'm done

You’re not annoying at all! That’s actually a good idea.

I don’t know if it’ll be canon but it’s a neat headcanon.

What if the only time he was actually like his non-cracked self after this was when he was around Sam? Because he’d never, ever hurt Sam…right?

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Apparently a later ppg reboot episode ends up turning blossom into a cave woman was that in the original or at least something similar?

I vaguely remember this! Yeah! There was a later season episode that I’m too lazy to find where the girls were cavegirls.

They don’t know when to quit stealing, these scamps!

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I read ur answer to the girl abt internet harassment and something similar happened to me. I had a male friend thru internet (same area but never met irl), he was my friend on facebook for sometime, we had fun chatting, lately he became boring till one day he got mad at me and started caps locking and insulting me to the point i had to block him, weeks later wrote me an sms and told me basically that i blocked him cause i don't wanna face the truth (his insults lol) man are disgusting abusers

yeah this is why I don’t befriend men ever. I don’t accept their friend requests and I block a lot of the ones that follow me on insta and I barely interact w them if I can help it (the internet being the one place that we can choose to not interact with men usually). It’s a preventative measure to not have to deal with their potential abuse 

I’m really happy

with the quality of fanfiction that the Daiya no Ace fandom has. I go about looking for something similar in other fandoms but they end up to be lacking. 

Also, why is it that AO3 seems to be better overall in filtering the good stories from the bad? I try and read the most popular stories for a particular series on FF.net (ones with most faves) and barely 2 chapters in, I really can’t take it anymore.