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❤Hi, I love your drawings! They are so cute! I was wondering if you could draw Tyler as a Hufflepuff and Josh as a Ravenclaw or something similar.❤

here, but why do you think Josh is a Ravenclaw?

Half cosplay, half my rad photoshop skillz

(Amelia, the Burrowing Owl Siren from @emo-rock-tale)

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I'm going through your Crow tag, because of course I am. I have generally been trusting of crows, but in middle school I read a story that moved me, an Ojibwa story. Now I talk to crows as I pass but dont feed them or anything, and rarely pause. I use an anglicised version of the Ojibwa name for Crow, like "How are you, Crow?" "Oh sush, Crow." How would the crows at EU respond to such a naming--not an Ojibwa name, but something that sounds similar yet is still an English name somehow?

With the crows, intent matters more than technicalities. They’re the polar opposite of the Gentry in this regard.

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Out of all the Bellarke scenes (from S4) that we've gotten so far, which scene is your favorite?

I’m going to have to go with the list-hand nuzzle.  I feel like that is an easy choice. Too easy even. It was such an important scene and so clearly about their intimacy and importance to each other. But what can I say, it was beautiful.

Almost scary in it’s depth, actually. Like how do you take that kind of devotion and move it to the next step? The only step they have left to go, honestly, touching skin to skin.

I wonder if there is a parallel to their scene in Ye Who Enter Here, also a third episode, though. Because in that scene, Bellamy asks Clarke to come home with him, and she refuses him. 

And in the hand nuzzle scene,  I’m feeling like this is a move she uses, when she wants to initiate something physical. She did similar with Niylah. She put her hand over Niylah’s hand on her shoulder and moved it to where she wanted it to go. This time, she put her hand over Bellamy’s hand on her shoulder and pressed her cheek to it. 

But his response is not to take her up on that physical contact but to say, “get some sleep.” which is a clear rejection of that opening. And Clarke takes it as a clear rejection, making that tight smile that is not a smile, dropping her had and saying “okay” while letting her disappointment show for just a moment. He walks away, not too happy, and her eyes follow him until he leaves. 

So this time, Clarke asked Bellamy for physical comfort, and he refuses her. Gently. While taking care of her needs. While being responsible and a good partner, right? But still he turns her down and a rejection definitely says, “I don’t return your feelings,” even if he’s only not returning them for fear or some twisted self denial or self sacrificial instincts that she doesn’t know about because all she feels is rejected. 

Oh, and what does Clarke do when she feels rejected? When Bellamy rejects her?

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last night i had a dream that i was trying to show my mom something on my computer and usually i can type in one letter of my most common websites and get there, you know? but in the dream i tried this and my computer decided to search 'hot teen girl rides older woman' (or something similar) in front of my mom agghhhhh

HOT TEEN GIRL RIDES OLDER WOMAN i really hope you’re psychic

needed to get this off of my chest.

I’m very disappointed in you, JSE community. Very.

Let me clear this up.

Jack is not backstabbing anyone in the video. He genuinely support Felix. He even said it himself in the video. It’s common knowledge.

Again, it’s not backstabbing. If your friend does something not right, you have rights to disagree about that. It develops a strong friendship. Trust me, I have a few friends that usually does something similar to Felix too, and I have the rights to disagree about those things.

Do you expect to shoot someone and then say “it’s a prank” and getting away with it? No. It’s also applied to those jokes. Felix was wrong for making that joke, because some people has a family member died in Holocaust. But before you bash me, Felix is still a good person.

But I didn’t agree to everything Jack said. Wall Street Journals is also wrong for taking it out of context and calling Felix an anti-semite, so it’s a fair game. Both sides are wrong for one part.

For a long time, I thought this community is very supportive and friendly, but this situation made me very pissed off. If you bash jack because of his opinion, you’re not a real fan. Consider to leave and watch another YouTuber. End of story.

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Did you buy any dojins ?? Can you show us ?

Yes, I found some! I was SUPER PICKY this time though, so I only had 3 (last time I bought 30 or something similar lol)

Makoharu one, because Haru was super cute with this art style. This was overall very good artistic finding! Side profiles and noses are the best.

Eruri one, because art was amazing in this one, too. Levi is a great source for art inspiration (I should draw him a way more often).

Original series called D. S. P. Romeo. This is volume 5, just brand new. Art looked interesting but I feel I hoped a bit more from this than what I got (compared to the price which was over 1 200 yens)

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hello!! I was wondering if you knew any names of mexican (or any latinx!) actresses from the 40s-70s? I'm Mexican and I feel weird because I know like all about the white actresses but nothing about my own people :/ I'm sorry if someone else has already asked something similar and thank you in advance!!! 💝

just some off the top of my head, names bolded are mexican :)

maria felix, maria montez, katy jurado, movita castaneda, carmen molina, dolores del rio, elsa aguirre rita moreno, columba dominguez, lilia prado, chelo alonso, raquel welch, helena rojo

I love how perfectly imperfect Jay and Erin’s relationship is. They’re both learning to trust and to let the walls down. They have both been lonely in their pain and sadness in the past, and they had been through so much individually before meeting each other. They still have a lot of insecurities and guilt and baggage.
So yes they will sometimes lash out and snap at each other (Jay admitted that it’s his coping mechanism very early on). They will sometimes choose unhealthy ways to deal with certain situations - we saw Erin do that and we know Jay went through something similar when he came home. They have both been in survival mode before and for both that means building walls up to protect themselves but also the people around them. And because they both still feel like they’re not good enough sometimes, going back to survival mode can be easier than facing the problems head on.
The journey of them learning to trust each other and lean on each other is not going to be easy or fast. Easing into it slowly but surely is the realistic approach and I am so glad we have gotten to see it, and am hoping we will continue to. There’s so much beauty in their bond and a part of it is exactly the fact that they’re learning simultaneously, as they go. Both their pasts were incredibly hard and they’ll always carry the demons from those times with them. But they make it easier for each other now. Best part of it is, the journey is not over yet at all :)

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J'ai! Can I have for Viktor, Yuuri and one of your choice wedding hc. Like in which season, location (church, outside, beach, ...),theme/color/style, big or small ceremony, music (band, small orchestra, DJ). Which kind if dress they'll like the most for their wife, kind if meal, the after party. Location for honeymoon. Meal, liquor, best man. And I can go on and on. Sorry if its kind of weird, I just want your opinion on this quite important moment. Thanks and I love your blog.

Something quite similar was done here, but less detailed. 
Beka would DJ for all their weddings, no doubt about it.

Viktor would want his wedding to be outside, possibly with light purple as a theme. For his future spouse, a simple outfit, but still elegant. Yuuri is definitely his best man. 

Yuuri would want his wedding to be traditional, so probably something like a kimono or haori and hakama. He’d most likely ask Phichit to be his best man and he’d love blue colour as the theme. 

Minami actually wants his wedding to be as extravagant as possible, since it would be his way of showing his future spouse to everyone. For the theme, probably golden and he’d want it to be on the beach. 
His honeymoon would probably be quite simple, possibly simply traveling around the country by car.

Query Round-up 2/18

Here’s a quick query round-up for those who find them helpful.

Queries Read: 134 (light week but lots of great projects!) 

Requested: 4

Romantic Suspense – great concept, loved the writing

YA Fantasy – sounds really different and unique and the voice grabbed me immediately

YA Paranormal – it’s about time for paranormal to come back, right?

Literary MG – was instantly in love with the voice

Passed to NL colleague: 6

YA Paranormal Fantasy with great writing, great comps and great opening (too similar to something I recently sold)

Contemporary YA – great writing and solid concept, but a little too musical/dance/theater for me (context: I hated Glee)

Literary coming of age novel – not right for me but great concept

YA contemporary – loved the writing but too similar to something on my list

Non-fiction – not for me, but the author seems to have an interesting platform

Historical fiction – really interesting story, great writing, a bit too similar in themes to something I’m working on

Regretfully Passed: 2

MG - enjoyed the voice, read all the pages, but was worried the concept didn’t quite stand out enough

Historical YA - great query, but didn’t love the pages

Personal Response: 

Literary distopic fiction – great query, but no pages; I asked to see the first 5-10 pages

YA fantasy – good engaging writing, but voice and concept felt more suited to MG in my opinion

Adult fantasy – loved the query but just didn’t get sucked into the pages, would love to see this revised

General observations:

If you’re writing fiction, go ahead and write your bio, rather than just linking to your website. I know it’s going to sound lazy of us agents, but giving us extra work to do isn’t going to necessarily help your case. (If you’re an illustrator, linking to your portfolio is fine). 

Still seeing a lot of YA fantasy and adult fantasy

Highest word count: 155k YA romance

Lowest word count: 17k comedic fiction (adult)

First and for mostly, thank you to everyone who has offered kind words, encouragement and advice. I really don’t know how to thank you guys properly. YOU make being here all the more reason to continue to share.

But it comes to the second-
This is a personal blog. I post personal things. Things that tickle my fancy as a human. Things that make me emotional. And a solitude for when I get depressed.
I am not here specifically to create content for any one given idea or fandom or person.
I have OCs I’m passionate about.
I have friends I am passionate about, whom I love to dote upon and share their amazing creations and I am more likely to reblog that more than my own content.
I WILL NOT be pushed or bullied into doing something I may not be passionate about or have strong feelings over.
I try and treat everyone here with respect. I can only hope that I would get something similar to that.
If you feel so strongly against what I’m making or what I’m posting, I’m not going to be upset over you hitting the unfollow button. I’m not worried about a follower count. I’m not worried about becoming popular.
Anon asks are disabled for the time being. If you ever want to discuss YOUR OCs, YOUR characters, you are more than welcome to message me here. I would LOVE to hear about them. To see them, to learn about them!
But please understand that this is a place for me too. <3

One-armed Bandit Tarot

*Slot Machine Spread*

The archetypical slot machine typically have three reels of symbols, but there’s nothing wrong with adding more reels (rows of cards) if you are so inclined and if it fits a particular reading you would want to do.

In this example, I will use 3 card reads, which literally could be anything that’s supposed to be read in a linear fashion (past, present, future - mind, body, spirit etc.)

You will need: A deck of cards, a coin or something similar (like a stone)  and at least one six-sided die.

With your, or your clients question in mind, shuffle the cards in your normal fashion. Cut the deck as normal, and deal out three rows of cards, each with six cards in them.

Offer a coin as a symbolic gesture. This could be a magical coin if you have that, or you could make one for this specific purpose, or if you like to do post-apocalyptic witchcraft, you could use a bottle cap, or any kind of stone or an object of symbolic value to you or your client would do. 

Pull an imaginary lever. Roll the die one time for each row. Turn over the card corresponding with the number on the die. There you have your results.

You could variants on this if you would like. Like for instance, use more rows, as mentioned, or put more, or less, cards in each row, if you own polyhedric dice. You know, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20. Or use a random number generator either online or on an app on your phone. 

You could even turn all the cards over before rolling the dice and pretend you are allowed to step up or down a number of times in order to make a more favourable read. 

Have fun! 

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How did you come up with your dogs' names?


Max was Maximus with his first home. He knew his name so well we didn’t want to change it. Maeby was “Lakely” at the shelter. She had 2 other homes prior to us. We wanted something that sounded similar & we like Arrested Development.

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Every year, on their adoption anniversary, the boys do something special for the kids. For Elisa, they get her a flower and take her to dinner wherever she chooses (it was happy meals a few years in a row). And for Oliver, they get him a new book and let him choose the restaurant (which ends up being shitty Italian food and Sonny tries not to cry).


Of course Elisa wanted McDonald’s for her special adoption anniversary dinner, I’m crying.

Also, you know that little artist Elisa has saved every single one of the flowers that her daddies have given her and pressed them into a little journal with their corresponding dates and where they went for dinner that year.

Oliver does something similar in the cover of his books: he writes the date that goes with it with the name of the restaurant underneath. 

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for the headcanon voice askmeme, i just imagine something similar to jack spicer's, but maybe a bit deeper. or just like, if The Void (tm) and the most melodic sounds ever fused that would be your voice.

its me, ur pal, the Void™

If you’ve seen something similar to this, it’s because I posted it on my personal earlier but I think it bears repeating.

I have seen several posts calling Archie a fuck boy. HOW is he a fuck boy? Am I mistunderstanding the meaning of a fuck boy? Is it because of his relationship with Grundy? Is it because he couldn’t tell Betty that he loved her because he was sure what he had with Grundy was love?

ArchIe…. is a teenaged boy. He has no idea what he wants and makes mistakes, just like every other teenaged boy I’ve ever met. There’s no need to label him as a fuck boy, especially when there are characters like Chuck Clayton who fit the label much better.

I am apparently the head of the Archie Andrews defense squad because he needs defending, at least in this moment. He was taken advantage of. He deserves better. He is not a fuck boy because girls like him or because he cannot return someone’s feelings.