or something like that


Black Women Try “Nude” Fashion 

I am pleased that this video exists.

i may not know the smell of your skin
or how you look when you first wake up
your hair a mess from fitful dreams
and your eyes covered from last nights
but i do know what haunts you,
what you hope to be,
and i may be falling for
all the ways you speak
with our words only given
through our finger tips
but that’s okay
i’m not afraid
i’d rather touch you
through our poetry
before learning
of your body.

This year’s improvement meme!!
Looking back at last year i guess I did improve a bit after all!! (tho I wish I would have spent more time year-round on painting full pictures as much as I did over the summer;;)

Thank you once again for another year of your support and kindness–and thank you to all the wonderful new followers, friends, and acquaintances I’ve met in the past year. You’ve all had a hand in helping me grow and I’m deeply, deeply grateful to you T___T////