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End of the palette challenge!

Every ask about the palette challenge sent after this post will be deteleted!

The challenge it’s still not finished for me I still have a lot of palettes to do in my askbox and I think that for a first time doing these kinda of things it would be enough. i’m definitely doing more of them in the future

So thank you everyone who partecipated :)


Black Women Try “Nude” Fashion 

I am pleased that this video exists.

Have you ever noticed...

that look Louis has when he thinks he’s in trouble with Harry…  

“I know you lint rolled this earlier, but I had to wrestle Liam to the ground in the green room, Haz…Haz? HARREH. I HAD to.”

(Telepathically, of course) “Babe. Baaabe. Haz. Hazza. Har-old. Look at me. HARREH.”

“I didn’t mean to make the thing open, it just DID. Haz, I swear this time. It wasn’t my fault…Still love me?”

Harry: *muah* Course I do, boo.

anonymous asked:

Oh my god! Niall's face when Liam says: "nah, I guess he's just tired" does tell a lot. lol XD.

Niall’s actual internal thoughts:

Oh shit. OH SHIT. OHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT. Please let Liam answer this. Oh GOD. How is he gonna answer that? They’re literally together. Larry is so real.

Uhhhh. Heh. Yeah. Haha, tired. Nice one. So tired. Tired of deez nuts. Heh. Good one Loam. I mean, Lima. I mean. SHIT.