or someone was impersonating him

okay but let’s talk some structural ass paralleling here boys and girls

1x01: lucifer saves chloe from someone who shoots her; she doesn’t know what he is (pilot)
2x01 chloe saves lucifer from someone by shooting them (with a taser); she tries to find out what he is but is derailed by amenadiel (everything’s coming up lucifer)

1x02: we first learn a little about chloe’s dad/her past as an actress/her dad dying (lucifer, stay; good devil)
2x02: we first learn a little about lucifer’s mom/his past in heaven/him being thrown out/losing his relationship with his father (liar liar slutty dress on fire)

1x03: lucifer is angry that someone is impersonating him/taking his role (the would-be prince of darkness)
2x03: lucifer is angry that someone is taking his job as punisher and talks about how it changes you/nobody asks for it (sin eater)

1x04: lucifer tries to get chloe to sleep with him, but she discovers his wing scars/what makes him vulnerable/she shoots him and he bleeds (manly whatnots)
2x04: amenadiel discovers that chloe is lucifer’s weakness/his deal with dad/everyone spends the episode basically telling chloe she should get laid by someone definitely not named lucifer (lady parts)

1x05: lucifer is intrigued by the idea of being mortal/the danger of it; maze wants to return to hell (sweet kicks)
2x05: uriel appears to order lucifer to send mom to hell/he IS mortal i.e. lucifer kills him (weaponiser)

1x06: lucifer discovers his wings were stolen/struggling with the legacy of who he used to be as the FAVORITE SON
2x06: lucifer melts down because he believes that he is a MONSTER

(oh my god the parallels between that just, from favorite son to monster, and focusing on his idea of himself oh my cheesus no)

1x07: deeply personal episode for lucifer centering around his past and what he got from his dad (his wings) and how he is shaped by that (wingman)
2x07: deeply personal episode for chloe centering around her past and what she got from her dad (her career as a cop) and how she is shaped by that (my little monkey)

1x08: lucifer is so jealous of dan he can’t see straight, even though nothing is really going on; blames linda for ganging up against him (et tu, doctor)
2x08: chloe is so jealous of ella she can’t see straight, even though nothing is really going on; lucifer and linda have the first real breakthrough in their relationship (trip to stabby town)

1x09: father frank, piano scene, DEATH
2x09: i don’t know but it starts with D and ends with

Think about this : 

Graves is found. Shackled, starved, bruises and cuts all over, but he’s found, and healed. Physically, at least. Progressively. He gets money from the MACUSA as an apology, and thousands of well wishes cards and love letters from fans he didn’t know he had. Praising his bravery. Wishing him a good recovery. 

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I’m screaming, so basically Sasuke heard about them kidnapping Sakura, showed up, made sure she was alright and then left. Originally when they told him someone was impersonating him he was like “you guys deal with it” but when Kakashi told him about Sakura he was all “IM ON MY WAY”

when Ino and Sai showed up to save Sakura she had already escaped lol. The villain even had nine tails chakra and she still kicked his ass

the last line was “Tadaima, Sakaru” which means “I’m home, Sakura” 

I think we all know who said that ^ ^

Here’s the Facebook post since I’ve gotten so many questions:

Now a lot of you have messaged me about an interview that no one can actually find. What I think might have happened is that some of you got this post confused with an interview. Now as far as the validity of this Facebook post goes, there is no “official” Vic Fuentes Facebook page. It doesn’t exist. Also Vic has written the lyrics for four albums, graduated high school, and was accepted into college but somehow can’t spell the word “whether.” This post is full of grammatical errors. The boy uses punctuation in his tweets. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be careless enough to write “a addiction” or “it serious” especially when writing about such a serious topic. I’m sorry if I seem upset but it’s not fair to Vic to have so many rumors going around about him because someone wrote a post impersonating him.