or someone just trying to freak us out

Okay because they don’t get enough love on the show here are Kevin x Joaquin headcanons

Joaquin sneaks through Kevin’s window to bring him gifts without the sheriff realising. Kevin finds flowers on his desk at least once a week

Kevin has to hide the fact that through Joaquin he knows a few serpents and criminals. He’ll visit his dad at the station and try not to get recognised by the few serpents who he’s been introduced to

Joaquin and Jughead know each other through Jug’s dad and Joaquin finds himself talking a lot about Kev without even realising it because he’s proud of his boyfriend and ‘hey did I tell you about Kevin…’ and Jughead just can’t escape the relationship drama

Kevin gets dragged to a few bad places by Joaquin and just freaks out a little because he’s pretty sure half the people in these bars look like they wanna skin him alive and Joaquin finds his worrying adorable.

Finding decent places to hang out is so hard. They can’t at Kev’s house because of his dad and Joaquin hangs out at bad places and Pops would be too easy for Veronica to spy from another booth or for someone to recognise one of them and tell someone. Hotels are usually easiest.

Joaquin keeps trying to keep Kevin out of serious harm with the serpents. If someone suggests going after the sheriff or using Kevin to get info, he’ll immediately change subjects or suggest another plan. He knows they think using Kev is the endgame of the relationship but Joaquin is genuinely happy with Kevin and wants to be with him as long as possible. And God forbid someone try and come near HIS man

Kevin finds it SO HARD to keep this stuff a secret. Finally an openly gay guy who’s not only gorgeous but likes him back?! He of course can’t resist giving details to Veronica and Betty. It’s not even like they ask he just goes ‘fINE I HAVE A BF HIS NAME IS JOAQUIN AND HES BEAUTIFUL ’

Joaquin works on Andrews construction with Jug’s dad so he can find a subtle way to see Kevin. The others keep teasing him for going soft.

Kevin has one of Joaquin’s serpent jackets hidden at home. He breaks it out when his dad is out of the house or when Joaquin is stuck on business and can’t call. Somehow it makes him feel safer

Joaquin watches Kevin without him realising. There’s a killer on the loose and though Kevin would say he was fine. Joaquin wouldn’t let anyone get near his boyfriend. It’s this that makes him realise how bad he’s fallen for him and how guilty he feels for what the serpents might make him do

Once they go on a walk and end up and they end up where Kevin found Jason’s body and Joaquin is there to help calm him when the memories come back.

Humans are weird: ALLERGIES!!

Jumping on the humans are weird train. What if humans and some creatures on earth are the only ones to have allergies? Like aliens would refuse to let us eat anything with peanuts because they encountered someone with a peanut allergy and just assume it is deadly to all humans. Then someone eats like a Payday or something and all the aliens freak out trying to get the human to spit it out only for the human to be ok. That’s how they learn peanuts are only deadly to some humans. Then they accidentally feed someone something that isn’t widely known as an allergy, like bananas. Now they have to make lists of what foods are deadly to which humans and they have lists like: do not feed human Bobby oranges or mangoes
Human Tiana can consume a small amount of peanuts before it gets too deadly.
Just aliens having list of food to not feed humans. And then there are the creatures that some can’t even be around, like some people are allergic to cats and some to dogs and the aliens are just so confused.

Find You (Part 4)

Summary: Bucky has moved into a new apartment, not knowing that its previous tenant thinks they still live there. And he’s the only one that can see them.

Word Count: 1,364

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: Ahhh things are getting more exciting :D I hope you all enjoy! Please let me know ^^ 

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The woman smiles at Bucky as he calls out to her, as if she knew that he was going to approach her. Bucky gives her an uneasy grin and clears his throat. He’s opening his mouth to tell her something when she thrusts a business card out at him.

“I have an appointment I have to attend right now,” she says, not waiting for Bucky to say anything else. And Bucky feels a shiver go through him. She knew too much, and when she stared into his eyes it was like she was looking at the deepest parts of him. It unsettled him. “You can call me next week and we can settle an appointment.”

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What if Deku actually had the quirk to steal other quirks? (Villain Deku headcanon)

Purely villain deku? I think that’d be an interesting thing to see, is it literally if he wants to steal someones quirk he can, like permanently and for as long as he uses the other is basically quirkless until Deku stops? We need a bit of realistic (whatever realist means in Bnha) ness here. I think Deku would be outcasted like in canon except this time he would be bullied way more, Kacchan wouldn’t touch deku but he would definitely hurt him with his explosion quirk more.

Im putting it as Deku making physical contact and wanting the quirk not just the quirk activating on its own. So when hes young and amazed by Kacchans quirk Kacchan pushes him or something and his hands start making little explosion, when Kacchan sees this he gets angry and tries to use his but finds it doesnt work. After They freak out and such Kacchan gets his quirk back but he’s still creeped out that someone was able to take something from him that made him well himself.

I think Deku would try really hard to be a hero but everyone would tell him he does nothing but bad (similar to how people feel scared being near Shinsou cause of his quirk) eventually unlike Shinsou though he starts believing it. HC that in this his father leaves him because of his quirk, a child that can steal your quirk no thanks. His mom tries to be supportive but flinches whenever he tries make contact or hug her. I think he would still take notes on heroes but eventually find it much easier to steal quirks and use it to his advantage.

Lets say he gets into Yuuei somehow (steals and uses other peoples quirks, those people failed, Deku felt no sympathy) but hes not put in class A-1 heroics but in the general department. (Hero Teachers were wary of teaching someone with a stealing quirk ability to use it for something) so of course Deku is pissed, he wanted to be a hero but even the pros thought he was a freak. Kacchan avoids him when they walk back home, so he doesnt notice when Deku is grabbed and dragged into a dark alley. There he mets, you guessed it Black Mist (we all know Shigaraki would freak him out and that would get the VA nowhere so BM went instead)

Surprsingly it didnt take much persuasion, talking about how everyone is against you and your family spilt because of you can really change a persons path. Deku would still be in Yuuei just not as a hero obsessed student, hed be a spy. Hed take notes of everything that happens that he can find in Yuuei and report it to the VA. He makes friends with Shinsou of course and Neito weirdly (apparently copy cat quirky and hating class A-1 kids gotta stick together)

Since only Kacchan and Eraserhead (since he refused to have Deku in his class) know his face and such he is unable to help out much during the Breach with 13. He’s to take notes on each students quirks and report back. It doesn’t work out well since he gets caught in the fighting (stupid lackeys not knowing he’s helping them, he’s also wearing a Yuuei training outfit soooo) he’s dropped off where Todoroki and Hagakure are, he’s surrounded but saved by Todoroki who didn’t know there was a another student here but cmon he’s not going to let the kid get killed. Its weird since for once someone saved him without hesitation (during the sludge incident All Might was hesitant to help Deku after seeing his quirk in action to get the sludge monster off) Deku is taken by Todorokis ice quirk and immediately recognizes him as Endeavors son, however instead of being amazed hes a little bitter on the top 2 hero, which Todoroki is taken back but slightly pleased and very curious as to why. He noticed Hagakure (just cause her face is invisible doesnt mean her training clothes are), When All Might is fighting the Noumu, Deku slips away without anyone really noticing (except Todoroki but he’s preoccupied)

After the whole thing, where Deku was found to be excused from class (thank you Shinsou’s quirk, the boy never noticed his quirk was stolen) to be there and scolded. He did however gain an in with the Class A-1 kids, thanks to Todoroki being a bit worried and talking to him which caused a few other students to talk to him Hagakure clung to him since he talked to her during the incident a bit. Thats all i got for now Sorry this is long!!!! I got really into it

GOT7 Reaction // When GOT7 and their s/o go through a haunted house together.


Hi there! Thank you I’m so glad you’re liking this blog so far. i’m pretty sure this is more of a scenario but oh well. I tried to make this request as funny as possible! ENJOY! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ 


You and Mark had been planning this for a while, and once you actually got to the scary amusement park, he was already wanting to go home. Once you guys were in the haunted house, he wouldn’t stop gripping onto your arm. At one point, this scary clown came out of nowhere trying to scare you and mark ran away from you. He was so glad to be out of there once it was over.

“It wasn’t that bad.”

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You were probably more nervous than him. In the line, he was constantly reassuring you that they’re just actors and they won’t touch you. He let you grip onto him whenever you wanted. There was a man with a chainsaw going after everyone and Jaebum even let out a scream. Now he was the one holding onto you. He told you to never speak of it again.


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As both of you went inside the haunted house, you held each other’s hands so tight and said you both were gonna make it out alive. Let’s just say Jackson didn’t. He could not get over the darkness and all the noises. Anytime something would pop out at him he would actually scream. When he saw a person with a chainsaw, he ran away and left you behind. You had to finish it without him, and then later scolded him for leaving you alone.

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He would probably be the calmest one in a haunted house. NOT. He knew what to expect and he saw everything coming from a mile away. There was a hallway of doors and he knew there was going to be someone popping out at him, but when it happened, he practically fell down on the floor. Towards the end of the haunted house, he let out a sigh of relief, only to see one of the actors with a knife chasing him. This made Jinyoung snap back and hide behind you for a shield.

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Youngjae would be one of those people, from the moment they stepped in the haunted house, they wanted out ASAP. He made you go in front of him to lead the way, and used you as shield. “Please I don’t like this!” he cried. He thought that if he tried to be friends with all the actors they would go easy on him, yeah no. He was so scared he could barely make it through the haunted house. At one point, he was saying how much he loved you cause he didn’t think he would make it out alive.

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Okay but for real. BamBam would be the calmest one in the haunted houses. Whenever someone would try to scare you guys, he would jump a little and just laugh. He started freaking out because he encountered a maze and had no idea how to get out of the haunted house. He teased you so much throughout the attraction. A clown popped out at you and you fell to your knees and he tried to pick you back up.

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You would be so chill about the haunted house, but then there’s Yugyeom trying to be chill but he’s actually really nervous. Once you got in the haunted house, he was immediately grabbing your waist and asking you to protect him. You had to keep him from accidentally hitting someone because of his reflexes. Yugyeom would let out a tiny scream whenever someone tried to scare him.

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This was so much fun to write hehe.


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How would Megatron/Rung, Cyclonus/Tailgate and Ratchet/Drift react to having a young child reader on board who is scared of them and one day having to be locked in a room with them because of a malfunction.



  • As soon as you realized you were in the same room as them you turned to hightail it out of there, only for the door to slam and make a noise like grinding metal.
  • You hide in the corner while Rung comms. Ultra Magnus and Megatron tries to pry the door open without causing damage to the ship.
  •  They talk quietly between themselves for a few moments before Rung gently tells you that it will be at least a few breems before someone can let you out.
  •  Rung desperately wants to comfort as you quake with fear. Megatron is silent as he stares at the floor with an unreadable expression.
  •  Every so often the door makes an odd noise, like it’s trying to open, and it spooks you each time. You curl up and start to cry.
  •  Finally, Rung can’t take it anymore. You’re a helpless terrified child; he has to do something. He takes great care not to startle you as he approaches and kneels, not too close. He holds out his servo palm-up and promises neither of them will hurt you.
  •  When you allow him, he picks you up slowly and cradles you against his spark window. Megatron’s posture relaxes, and he even smiles at you. Eventually, you’re more curious than scared, and starting asking questions.
  • You end up learning a lot about each other, and everyone is surprised to see you sleeping in Megatron’s servo when the door finally opens.


  • Tailgate is just as freaked out as you when he finds out you’re all trapped. Cyclonus has to calm him down by assuring him that help is on the way.
  • When Tailgate notices how frightened you are he immediately rushes over to you, saying “It’s okay, someone’s coming to get us out!” He gets too close and it startles you, and you start crying.
  • Cyclonus scolds Tailgate and tells him to give you space. He does, but he still watches you worriedly.
  • It isn’t long until someone comes to open the door- that is, they try to kick it in. 
  • The door flies off of its hinges. It would’ve crushed you if it hadn’t been for Cyclonus shielding you. The door is heavy for him, but he’s able to throw it off of himself. He asks if you’re alright, and all you can do is nod.
  • On you’re way out you shyly thank him. Tailgate is ecstatic that you finally spoke to one of them.


  • Ratchet is spewing curses at the closed door until Drift reminds him “there is a child present. Besides, Rodimus was taking care of this.”
  • “Oh, well if Rodimus is taking care of it-” you cover your ears to block them out. You’re trapped with two big scary robots and now they’re fighting. You whine; you don’t want to be here!
  • Drift notices your distress and instantly hushes Ratchet. “Hey, it’s alright,” he says. “we’ll get out of here in no time.”
  • Ratchet agrees with him. “Even if Rodimus is a total airhead, Ultra Magnus wouldn’t leave us locked up in here.” You giggle a little at that. Yeah, Rodimus is an airhead. Ratchet smiles at you.
  • Drift invites you to meditate with him. You figure it can’t do any harm, so you copy his position and take deep breaths. 
  • You must have meditated really well, because you were so relaxed you fell asleep. When you wake up there’s a large crystal in the corner of your habsuite, glowing like a nightlight.
what if there was a kid before jace that alec had been interested in?

I like to think that there was a boy before Jace that stayed in the Institute for a while whom Alec would’ve been interested in. They were young, only about 7 or 8 years old, but Alec would always notice and admire the boy during training.

He wasn’t at the age to really know or understand what it meant to like someone or to be gay. He just knew that he wanted to impress the boy no matter what and was desperate for the boy to like him, even if as friends. Alec found himself actively seeking the boy out and wanting to be around him all the time in hopes that he would be noticed. He was still a shy and anxious kid and he was fine with admiring from afar.

After a while, the boy began to notice Alec, especially when he was trying to figure out which weapons he liked best. In fact, it may have been the whole reason Alec even took up archery. The boy suggested that Alec try using a bow and quiver and Alec immediately found himself invested in it.

One day, they would’ve been alone in one of the corridors while making their way to their rooms and Alec had an urge to touch the boy. It wasn’t a violent feeling, he just wanted to hold him, see what it felt like to lovingly touch someone that wasn’t his family. He reached out a shy hand and brushed his fingers against the boys’ hoping that he would return the gesture and clasp his hand.

Instead, the boy freaked out and pushed Alec away furiously. Alec looked back, hurt and confused, not understanding why the boy would treat him like that. “You can’t do that!” the boy would’ve exclaimed. “Are you… gay?”

Alec didn’t understand what that word meant. Gay? If gay meant that Alec was able to hold someone he admired and was inspired by, then he didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Nevertheless, the boy had told – or yelled – at him that two boys weren’t supposed to do that and that it was utterly gross. He had told Alec that if he was gay, he would never find another Shadowhunter boy like him. And that he would be alone, or have to ‘settle’ for a Downworlder. And Alec didn’t fully understand the harshness of the connotations this boy was alluding to.

From then on out, Alec would’ve become extremely repressed and deeply closeted. He never even thought of expressing what he really felt after that. And after he met Jace, after all those feelings returned in full force, Alec became terrified. He finally found a boy that completed him, someone he could be truly honest and open with, yet he couldn’t talk about that aspect of his life. He ignored his feelings and a deep hatred for himself grew within him.

It was only after Alec met Magnus that he realised what it was like to be truly open and comfortable with one’s self. Magnus was the first person to ever explicitly show his affection for Alec. And Alec was confused. All those years of feeling conflicted and repressed flashed through his mind and he realised that he didn’t care anymore. He wanted to express what he felt. He wanted to be happy.

And if that meant risking his life for even a chance of feeling again, so be it.

i hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box.

in the meantime, magnus and alec try their best to settle a dispute.

All Started With a Song Part 7// Conor Maynard

Word Count-  1852

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) so sorry it took so long. i was at my friends and couldnt get time to post. heres part 7. i hope you enjoy. im also not going to lie ot you guys, i have no idea when part 8 will be up. this is laos the longest imagine ive written so far!


You groaned as you rolled over in your bed, the loud noise filling your ears. Your alarm was going off. You slowly reached your hand out from under the blankets and shut it off. You were so tired but you knew you needed to get up. It was currently midnight. You needed to pack everything into the car, get to the airport and get everything checked in by 2:30.

You reluctantly got out of your oh-so-warm bed and walked to the guest room.

“Ali, get up. We have to get ready,” you whispered, lighting shaking the brunette.

You walked to the other side of the bed, “Livy, c’mon. We have to get ready.”

“Why did we stay up last night? We’re so dumb,” Alice groaned, sitting up.

“I regret it so much,” Olivia whined, pulling the blanket over her head.

You laughed lightly, grabbing the blanket and ripping it off the bed.

“You bitch! What did I ever do to you?!” Olivia shrieked.

“Get up you lazy bums. I’m making breakfast,” you said walking out to the kitchen.

“By making do you mean getting the cereal and bowls out?” Alice smiled, following you.

“And the milk!” you retorted.

“Hey Liv, can you bring me some Ibuprofen? My head is killing me,” Alice lightly shouted. A few moments later the blonde came out with a bottle of pills.

“Why did we do that last night?” She groaned.

“Because we’re dumb and immature,” you laughed.

“Not so loud please,” Alice whispered, swallowing 2 of the pills.

“Sorry,” you gave her a smile. “Maybe some Cheerios will help.” You passed her a bowl full of her favorite cereal.

“Oh my god,” she moaned as she took a bite. “God is real.”

You and Olivia laughed.

“Did we take any videos from last night?” you asked, handing Olivia her bowl.

“Let me check,” she took a spoonful of cereal while opening her camera roll. “Oh. My. God.”

“What?” you and Alice asked in unison.

“Look,” she had a weird look on her face when she handed you her phone.

You looked at the screen, mouth wide open.

You were stood on your bed, in an old t shirt and booty shorts. You were clearly drunk and very happy.

“Y/n!” shouted Alice. “Give your bae a quick shootout!”

“Yeah!” Olivia giggled, her grip on the phone shaky.

“I don’t have a bae,” you said sadly. “But I will give a shout out. Shout out to Conor Maynard for being a grade A asshole.” You hoisted the bottle of beer in your hand into the air. “You really know how to treat a girl. Hope your mommy’s proud of you.” You kneeled on the bed and got really close to the camera.

“Oh, and I think I might love you…” you said quietly. And then the video ended.

You stood there, not realizing the tears that had shed down your cheeks.

“Oh babe,” Olivia wrapped you in a hug. “I’m sorry.”

“No. Don’t feel bad. I was drunk, I said something I didn’t mean.” You lied through your teeth, hoping they would believe you. “We’re going to LA in a few hours, we should be happy!”

“Speaking of that, we should really get ready.”

“Oh crap,” Alice said looking at the clock. “It’s already 12:45.”

You three quickly washed your dishes and rushed to the bathroom. You guys spent the next 45 minutes getting ready, jamming out to music and packing your essentials into your carry ons.

By 1:30 you three were stood at your door, making sure you had everything.

“Carry ons?” you asked.


“Check,” Olivia placed her hands around the straps of her backpack.

“Phone and charger?”

“Got them both,” Alice said phone in hand.

“Where’s your charger?” you asked.

“In my bag.”

“Prove it.”

She sighed, “Yes mom.” She took her backpack off, opening the front pocket to reveal her various chargers.


“Check and check, “she had her charger in one hand, phone in the other.


“We packed all of it into yours.”

“Oh right. I have the necessities, Liv has the snacks and you have the activities,” you pointed at Alice who nodded.

“Suit case?”

“You can see them!” Olivia chuckled.

“I’m just going through the list we made!”


“Yes! We both have them! Can we please go now?”

“Yes! Let’s go!!” you squealed, shooing them out the door. You placed the key in the lock and turned it. “Hold on, I need to do one more thing.”


You ignored their questioning looks as you walked across the hallway, knocking on the door. The door opened faster than any of you expected.

“Mornin’,” said the very attractive young male who just happened to be shirtless.

“Hey Alex, here’s the key. Feel free to eat any food you find and use my Netflix.” You smiled, handing him the key.

“No problem,” he smiled, leaning against the door for support. “What exactly am I doing again?”

You chuckled, “Just making sure no one breaks in.”

“Right,” he straightening himself. “I can do that.”

“Thanks again,” you reach up and kissed him on the cheek. “I owe you.”

He smirked and closed the door. You turned around to two girls gawking at you.

“What the hell was that?” Olivia asked.

“That’s my neighbor Alex,” you said, grabbing your suitcase and beginning the long walk to the elevator.

“Why have you never mentioned him?” Alice asked, following you.

“Never came up, I guess,” you shrugged, approaching the elevator.

“Can we also talk about how its Alex. As in Jack Maynard’s friend Alex.” Olivia trailed off.

You laughed, pressing the elevator button, “It’s not a big deal guys. He doesn’t really socialize with anyone but the boys.”

“Have you guys hung out?” Alice pestered, following you into the elevator.

“Once, but it was when I first moved it last year. He was nice, but then had to leave cuz Abe needed help with someone. We just never clicked,” you shrugged once more.

“Why are you not freaking out?” Olivia questioned.

“Because I wasn’t going to use him to get to Conor, so why try? Yeah he’s nice and stuff, but I’m not that kind of person. Also he’d find out sooner or later that I’m a fan of him and his best friends.”

“You have a point, but I would have been all over that,” Alice laughed.

“Do you want his number?” you joked.

“You have it?” she gawked.

“No,” you laughed. “I just wanted to see your reaction.”


It took you girls a solid 10 minutes to figure out how to get everything in the car, it was like a giant version of Tetris.

The car ride was full of out-of-tuned singing and dirty looks from people who were stuck at the stoplight next to you.

When you finally got to the airport you parked in the long term parking and walked inside. It took about 20 minutes to get through security. You had to stop and beg the security to let you take the snacks on the 11 hour flight, which they eventually allowed.

You stopped by a Starbucks because you were all running on about 2 hours of sleep.

“Guys look!” Olivia smiled, pointing out the large windows that displayed all the airplanes.

“Let’s get a picture!” you giggled.

“Hi, could you please take a few photos of us?” Alice asked a teenage girl.

“Sure!” she smiled a big toothy smile and took the phone.

You guys took some facing away from the camera, some facing the camera and some sitting on the ground. After thanking the girl, you exchanged pictures.

While you were sat at Gate 4 waiting for your flight to LA, Conor was an absolute mess.


“I fucked up mate,” Conor sighed, spreading across the couch.

“And I don’t feel bad,” Jack said annoyed. Conor did this to himself.

“What do I do?” he asked his younger brother.

“Let her go. Bro you lost her, just accept that.” His brother sighed, pausing the game to give Conor his full attention

“I can’t,” Conor sat up, squeezing a pillow tight to his chest. “I like her a lot.”

“Then why did you ‘forget’?” Jack asked, using the finger quotes when necessary.

“Because I was jealous, I wanted to make her jealous. But I regret it,” he groaned, slamming his head into the pillow.

“If you regret it, why did you unadd her on everything?”

“I don’t know, I was upset that I just let her leave.”

“Bro, you’re so fucking stupid.” And with that Jack got up and went to his room.

Leaving Conor by himself while he was sad was a bad idea. He always did things he would later regret. And this time was no different, he opened his phone and went to Instagram. One lil peek wouldn’t hurt.

Yes it would.

He typed in your username and noticed you had a new picture. The picture was of you and two girls, the same two girls from your previous post, in front of a giant window of what looked like an airport. All three of you were in a squatting position. Alice and Olivia had their fingers pointing at the camera and you were in the middle, hands in prayer formation.

His eyebrows knit together in confusion as he read the caption.


spontaneous vacay with my besties? i think yes!

Where were you going? Why? Who were you going to see there? What were you going to do? He clicked the picture and went to the brunette’s, Alice, page. He was even more upset after seeing her post.


a spoon full of travel makes the sadness go away

Her picture was off you three, once again in front of the giant window. But this time you were in the middle, one arm wrapped around each girl. Alice was throwing up a peace sign and the blonde, Olivia, had her hand on your face, squishing your cheeks together. He once again clicked on the picture, this time going to Olivia’s page.

Her post was of you three facing away from the camera. Conor couldn’t see your face but he knew you looked beautiful.


LA, we’re coming for ya ;)

California? Why were you going to California? What was in California that wasn’t in London?

Lots of things you idiot.

Conor was half tempted to message you about it. But then he got a call.

Incoming call: Anth

Anth? Why was Anth calling him?

“Hey bro, what’s up?” Conor asked, curiosity filling him as he laid back on the couch.

“Before I tell you anything, you have to promise not to get mad or do anything stupid,” Anth said slowly.

“What are you on about?” Conor chuckled.

“Promise me,” there was no laughter in Anth’s voice.

“Okay… I promise. Now tell me what’s going on,” he sat up again.

“Y/n is coming to LA to do a cover with me,” Anth said quickly, fear consuming him.

It took Conor a few seconds to respond but Anth never expected him to say what he did.

Imagine: Being Clint's Daughter and being sick of living in hiding so you get to go with him to the Avengers tower

“Please Dad!!!!!” You were desperately trying to get out of the house for something other than school. Luckily Aunt Nat was there to back you up. “Clint, she’s a teenager let her have some fun… besides she’ll be at the tower with us.” She gave him an encouraging smile and when your dad wasn’t looking she sent you a wink. He sighed and looked back and forth between both you and Natasha. “Fine but you have to stay in the tower for the whole week.” You and Nat high five. While you ran up stairs to go pack you miss the next part of the conversation going on between Nat and your dad. “Ya know, it’s not he safety I’m worried about,” Clint paused looking Natasha in the eyes to make sure she knew he was being serious. “I’m worried about her and Parker… they’ve only met a couple of times but I caught him making googly eyes at [Y/N] and you know she’s my world.” Natasha nodded. “It’ll be fine Barton… don’t worry your bird brain about it.” She smirked as she ran upstairs to see if you were ready. Five minutes later you and Nat were were dragging down your luggage, pillow and a blanket. Hiding inside your pillow case was your Spider-Man plusher that no one knew anything about. You would never admit it but he was your favorite. “I’m ready!” You smile excitedly dropping the stuff you were carrying for your dad to pick up as you ran outside. There it was… the quinjet you’ve heard so much about. Before going on you look behind you to make sure your dad and aunt were coming. Once you saw the door shut you continued running right onto the high tech plane. When you got inside everything felt like a dream, there in front of you were all of the avengers. “Hey baby Barton,” Tony said giving you a hug. You look around and said your hellos trying to find one person in particular. “If you’re looking for Parker he isn’t here, said something about school and Liz.” Steve was too observant sometimes but wait… who was Liz? You mentally curse yourself for thinking you even had a chance, it wasn’t like you were the only available girl in his life of course there would be someone. “Thanks,” you try your best not to look disappointed. “Cheer up kiddo, Liz is dating Michelle… not much of a shock once you meet them.” Tony patted your back. In all of the commotion of your feelings you didn’t notice that all of your stuff was packed up and the quinjet started moving. The fly to New York wasn’t that bad especially since you go to look out the front window while your dad flew the jet. “This is gonna be great Dad, I’m so excited!! Thank you so much.” You kiss his cheek while making your way to an actual seat for landing. Once in New York and at the tower you got settled into a guest room not wanting to share one with your dad. You exact words were “heck no.” After strategically hiding your Spider-Man plushie you deemed your room safe for trespassers and went out into the rest of the tower to explore. The first thing you wanted to find was the kitchen, sure you’ve been there a couple times before but it been awhile. A good 15 minutes passed by of just you wandering when you see the familiar blue jacket. That jacket appeared in all of the snapchats Peter Parker sent, you guys had a 200 day streak. Sneaking up behind him you wrap your arms around his neck and whisper… “Boo.” You smirk as the dork freaks out and turns red once he sees your face. “Jesus [Y/N], say hi like a normal person next time.” He was trying so hard to hide his blush, you didn’t catch it but someone else did… your father. Using his impeccable aim he starts to fling whatever small object is near him at Peter. “How ya doing /Spider-Boy/?” You could hear the bitterness drenching the words. “I-i’m fine Mr. Barton… uhh how a-re you?” “I’m just dandy.” Your dad smiles. “that’s great,” Peter basically whispers. The rest of the team walk into the kitchen carrying pizzas and breadsticks. “We bare gifts.” Tony said walking in front of everything bowing. You run over to be the first to grab pizza while behind your back an intense stare down was going on between Peter and your father… or was more one sided. Clint was glaring while Peter was sliding into his seat wishing he had stayed home. When you return Peter feels safe again because Clint decided not to let you know that he was murdering Peter with his eyes. “Hey do you wanna go eat in my room so we can catch up on things?” Your smile seemed so inviting to Peter but Clint’s squinty eyes said otherwise. “Uhh sure.” Peter decided just to ignore your dad… not the best way to get on his good side. Before going into your room you steal a whole box of pizza while Parker smuggled a bag of breadsticks in his jacket. To get settle you and Peter decided it would be best to build and fort and watch movies on your laptop. Once you were finished building the fort everything had to be transferred inside. You left Peter in charge of grabbing pillows and you grabbed your laptop. “[Y/N]… what’s this?” “Hmm?” You stuck your head out of the fort to see Spider-Man himself holding your Spider-Man plushie…. “Hahaha….. wwwhaaattt, th-h-at must be my little brother’s.” You blush. Peter looks at the little heart shaped patch sewn crudely on the butt that had two initials on it. “[Your Initial] plus P.” Peter read out loud. When it registered that it was yours and his initials he blushed. “So uhhhhhh your brother just happens to think we’d be a good couple?” He jokes nervously, never in his life did he think his crush would like him back… never EVER. “y-ya caught me… i-i-,” you stammer getting cut off by a short yet sweet kiss. Peter slowly pulls you by the hand back to the cover of the fort. You guys proceeded to make out for who knows how long. It got pretty heated and you’re 100% sure he left multiple hickies leading all the way down to your collarbone but don’t worry you got him back by leaving a really big and noticeable hickie on the side of his neck. Suddenly there was the sound of a door opening. “[Y/N], I’ve been trying to stop your dad from coming in here for two hours what are you even doing?” You hear Natasha’s voice coming from oddly close to the opening of the fort. Peter’s fingers leave the hem of your shirt and you quickly burst out of the fort almost bumping heads with Natasha. She took one look at your neck took your hand and called for Parker to follow quickly behind. You were sat on a chair in her room while she rummages through her makeup. “I really don’t want any death tonight and I know your father would kill poor Parker over here as soon as he saw those marks on both of you.” She sighed saying something about young love. Once Natasha finished with your next she ushered you out saying that it would be suspicious. You didn’t leave the room until you got one last kiss with Peter. “See ya later.. Spider-man.” You wink and blow him a kiss.

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zombieland starter sentences
  • "It's amazing how quickly things can go from 'bad' to 'total shit-storm'."
  • "Stop, no names. Keeps us from getting too familiar."
  • "You almost knocked over your alcohol with your knife."
  • "More? No, one for me. One and done, I always say...I said that once."
  • "I'm sensing you're a bit of a bitch."
  • "You're a peppy little spit fuck, aren't you?"
  • "I could use a Twinkie."
  • "I hate coconut. Not the taste, the consistency."
  • "I find lots of things disturbing."
  • "When you're afraid of everything that's out there, you quit going out there."
  • "I don't usually unlock my door to the sounds of panic...but my neighbor is insanely hot."
  • "Look, the point is I'm here for you, okay?"
  • "And as long as you're by my side, I'm not leaving this apartment."
  • "You see, you just can't trust anyone. The first girl I let into my life and she tries to eat me."
  • "You wanna feel how hard I can punch?"
  • "I'm worried about you."
  • "Time to nut up or shut up!"
  • "You got a purdy mouth!"
  • "Someone's ear is in danger of having hair brushed over it."
  • "Act normal, try not to freak her out."
  • "Better you make the mistake of trusting us, than we make the mistake of trusting you."
  • "Nice going genius."
  • "I never had headaches like this 'til your ass came on board."
  • "Do what you want with a man, but do not fuck with his Cadillac."
  • "Thank God for rednecks."
  • "Gotta enjoy the little things."
  • "She was like a crouching tiger."
  • "You got taken hostage by a 12-year-old?"
  • "Well, girls mature faster than boys."
  • "It's amazing how far you can get with some costume jewelry and a cut-throat attitude."
  • "You know what, I may not shoot you, but you still royally piss me off."
  • "How about we play the quiet game?"
  • "Let me begin my three-part apology by saying I think you're a wonderful human."
  • "You gotta enjoy the little things...Even if that means destroying a whole lot of little things."
  • "You know, I think sleep deprivation is like the number one health problem in America."
  • "We're in Hollywood, let's sleep in style."
  • "Dibs on the bed."
  • "Oh, this is so exciting, you're about to learn who you're gonna call...Ghostbusters."
  • "Take away a man's son, you've truly given him nothing left to lose."
  • "Don't make me drink alone."
  • "I don't even know your name, but this is actually really nice."
  • "You know? Between me and you, you're actually kind of cute."
  • "You are like a giant cock-blocking robot developed in a secret fucking government lab."
  • "This is the problem with getting attached to someone. When they leave you just feel lost."
  • "That's why I don't let people close, you only get burned."
  • "Not bad for that scrawny little spit-fuck."
How you dare coming back?

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Featuring: Damon and Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert

Words: 2409

Warning: some angst.

Tags: @vashanatasha

Request: requested by @vashanatasha:

“Hey B. Could u write 16. How you dare coming back? with Kai? Please”

Notes: I know I always say it but I really feel bad for taking so long with the requests! I hope the wait has been worth it and you like it V!

PS: I know I already wrote this one with Tony Stark but since it was requested as well with Kai Parker from TVD, I decided to make it as well :)

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You thought you had found love for once and for all after all those terrible mistakes. Out of nowhere he had appeared in your life, colouring it, making you feel more alive than ever before, making you question yourself about everything. It hadn’t been easy. Kai Parker wasn’t easy. He was a psychopath and a sociopath, a dangerous combination. Everybody told you to stay awake but you just couldn’t, somehow you were attracted to him and, for some reason, he was attracted to you as well. You were like two satellites one around the other until you both put all the cards over the table.

Happiness had never been more authentic for you in your whole life. He was the one, you just knew it. It didn’t matter all the bad things he had done. He was a new man which was something that surprised everyone. It didn’t matter the fact that you were just human, he loved it. It made you two live every single moment like it was the last.

But you didn’t lie to yourself. You knew he had changed, you knew he was better than before, but you still knew he was dangerous. You knew he could hurt many people if someone pissed him off, you knew how much he could hurt you but you trust him and you knew he would never do anything that would harm you.

You were wrong.

He left as suddenly as he had come into your life months ago, leaving you with a hole in your heart and in your life. He didn’t leave a note or gave you an explanation. You just woke up after spending the night with him, he was gone and no one had seen him. He had just vanished. Immediately, you payed the Salvatore brothers a visit. They had always been fighting Kai so you accused them of doing something but soon you found out they were as surprised as you were. At least Stefan.

Damon just told you all the things you didn’t want to hear: he had left you, he never cared, he was mad, a psycho and a sociopath who didn’t care for anyone. He had fun but he got bored and you had to move on with your life. Which you did. It took you moths, crying and pain but eventually you started to go out again, to smile and to laugh. Of course you still missed him, like hell, and you knew you would never feel that way again but your life wouldn’t stop and you couldn’t forget to live it.

“You look good” Elena told you when you two were having brunch at the Salvatore mansion.

“I feel good”, you nodded with a slight frown. “Better at least”, you added with a shrug.

“I’m glad”, she smiled at you. “We kinda missed you around”, you smiled thankfully at her just when Damon came into the dining room.

“Don’t get too excited. She missed you. I never complained”, he said wrapping his arms around Elena from behind.

You were so happy for them. Damon had fought for Elena during so many time, he totally deserved to have her. Maybe he was an ass sometimes but you could see how much they loved each other and, from your experience, you knew that was the most important thing. It didn’t matter what people say. They were in love, they were happy and they had to take it.

“He missed you too, don’t listen to him” Elena smiled up at him.

He kissed her forehead before letting go of her and going to the fridge to grab something drink. Then, he abandoned the room, leaving you two alone. With a sigh, you left the fork, not being hungry anymore.

“Are you alright?” Elena asked.

“Yes…” you mumbled and then chuckled sadly. “Just…seeing you and Damon made me think about…you know” you explained.

“I’m sorry…” Elena apologised holding your hand and giving it a tight squeeze.

“It’s ok. You don’t have to worry”, you gave her a reassuring smile. “It’s…hard but it’s ok. He made his choice”, you shrugged.

She smiled at you sadly but decided to change topic which you appreciated. Talking about Kai was still something really sensitive for you and you rather not thinking about him. When you finished your brunch, you helped Elena cleaning up, ignoring her complains about it, and left the mansion since you had some stuff to do at home.

When you parked your car out of your house, you saw another car parked there that you didn’t recognised. It was a black Porsche you had never seen which was something strange in Mystic Falls where everyone knew everyone. Maybe it was a friend of your father or your mother but they were both out of town so it would be weird. Still confused you got out of your own car and locked it before walking towards your house.

The moment you opened the door you realised it had been unlocked. Since it hadn’t been forced, you assumed someone had used the spare key hidden in the plants. At that point, you were starting to freak out so you took out your phone and texted a simple SOS to Elena, knowing it would be enough.

Slowly, you walked in the house and closed the door trying not to make any noises. All you had around to defend yourself was an umbrella so you took it and started walking further into your home. First, you peeked into the kitchen which was empty, then the living room but it was just like the kitchen. It was time to go upstairs. The moment you were on the second floor, you saw your room opened and immediately you knew where you had to go. You always closed the door of your room when leaving. Always.

Slowly, trying not to show how scared you really were, you walked to the room trying not to make any noise. You walked into your room, taking a deep breath and looked around, feeling how your breath got stuck in your throat the moment you saw the man who had break into your house.

“Kai…” you mumbled, feeling how you could easily faint just there.

He was there sitting on your bed, with his hands clasped together as he rested his arms on his knees. The moment you walked in the room, he looked up at you and then at the umbrella you were using as a protection.

“I hope you weren’t trying to kill someone with that”, he commented pointing at your ‘weapon’.

Slowly, not believing what you were seeing, you put the umbrella down, next to the door but without taking your eyes from him. Four months after he left you completely heartbroken, he just appeared there in your room, like nothing ever happened, like this was the most ordinary thing in the world.

Your emotions were too confused, just like you: on one hand you wanted to go, hug him, kiss him, tell him how much you had missed him; on the other hand, all you wanted to do was punching him, kicking his ass, telling him to go to hell. But you were completely frozen. No words could come out of your mouth and your brain couldn’t form any sentence or any word.

Just when he got up you heard more noises downstairs and voices shouting your name. It was Elena. And of course she would bring Damon and Stefan. Kai looked at you with a frown when he recognised the voices but you were still frozen.

“(Y/N)!” Elena exclaimed running into your room. The moment she saw Kai, she stopped on her tracks, looking as shocked as you were. “Kai…” she said.

“What the…?” Stefan said when he walked in the room.

“Family reunion. Wonderful” Damon sassy voice mumbled behind you.

“How you dare coming back?” Elena asked with fury in her voice.

“You called them?” Kai asked you. All you could was nod, feeling how everything was spinning around you.

“Elena…take me out of here, please”, you mumbled not being able to take your eyes away from the man who broke your heart.

“Sure”, she said taking your arm carefully and dragging you out and downstairs to the kitchen where she started preparing a cup of tea to calm your nerves.

From there you could hear heated voices up in your room. Probably the three of them where having some kind of arguments but your head could even think about it at the moment. Everything was too confusing.

“Here…it will help you”, Elena said placing a cup in front of you before she took a seat next to you. “Hey…look at me”, she whispered trying to get a reaction from you.

Finally you looked at her, not really knowing what to say. She looked at you, not knowing what to expect at that moment.

“What is he doing here?” You finally asked, quieter than you expected. Elena sighed taking your hand.

“I don’t know but…he coming right here…has to mean something”, she said squeezing your hand.

“What if I don’t want anything to do with him anymore?” You asked.

“That’s it?” His voice said from the kitchen door. You looked at him to see him standing there with Damon and Stefan behind him.

“Let’s give them time”, Elena said getting up and walking out with the Salvatore brothers after her.

“You don’t love me anymore?”  He asked.

Instead of replying you turned to grab the cup with your hands and took a sip from it, trying to earn some time to figure your feelings out.

“(Y/N)…” he said moving closer to you.

“I don’t know what I feel right now, Kai”, you finally told him. “I loved you, more than anything, and then you left. I cried, I grieved you, I was getting back to my old me and now…you’re here, like you never left, how am I supposed to react?”

“I had to leave. There was a reason”, he said with a frown.

“Care to elaborate?” You asked sarcastic. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“I really was hoping I could explain all of this over dinner or something”, he said.

“I have no time for dinners or any kind of that shit. Talk now or you can leave just like you did once”, you said coldly. He gulped as he heard your tone and nodded.

“This woman, a witch, was looking for me. She…wanted something from me. Something I couldn’t give her, not anymore. So when told her no she…threatened me. She told me she would…” he closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. “She said she would kill you and…send you to hell, literally, if I didn’t do as she said. I had no other option than leaving. I couldn’t risk you.”

“What did she wanted you to do?” You asked frowning.

“She wanted me to…look for a vampire slash wizard. She wanted his magic and I was the only one who could transfer it”, he explained.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You inquired. He chuckled a little and looked at you like he had always done. With such love in his eyes that made you look away.

“Would you have let me go?” He questioned. Biting your lip you looked at him, ready to say yes, but the moment you looked into his eyes you knew you would have done anything to keep him with you. So you looked away. “Exactly”, he said.

You sighed and looked down at your hands, not knowing what to say. He did have a good reason to leave but still, he could have left a note instead of just disappearing. It would make his comeback much easier and his leaving much forgivable. But at that moment you didn’t know what to do. Yes, you still loved him, he still made your heart race and your whole body shiver with just one look. Now that he was just there, you craved his touch. But you were too hurt and you didn’t think you were ready to forgive him just yet.

“Tell me something, please”, he said trying to take your hands but you pulled them away.

“I… I understand why you left Kai but… I can’t just forgive you right now and just go back to being your girlfriend all over again”, you said looking at him. “I love you. Of course I do but I still need time to heal”, you added.

“I understand…” he nodded. “Do you want me to go away?” He asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

“I would like you to be around but…not like before, at least not for now”, you replied. He looked a bit confused but nodded anyway. “I’m sorry”

“No! You don’t have to apologise, I’m the one who messed it up and I’m sorry”, he said.

“Okay…” you said.

Then silent came. It was awkward and it made you want to run upstairs and lock yourself in your bedroom for days. Eventually, you got up to put the cup into the washing machine. When you closed it and turned around, you gasped when you found Kai so close to you.

“I need to ask you something”, he said. You nodded, signalling him to speak. “Can… can I, at least, kiss you?” He asked.

A kiss. Something you’ve been dreaming about for months and now he was just there, in front of you, asking if he could kiss you. Yes, he could, you wanted him to, but probably it wasn’t a good idea. You looked at his lips for a moment and sighed, there was nothing you wanted more in this world than feeling his lips once again so before you could think about it anymore you nodded your head once.

The look in his eyes turned to surprise but then a tiny smile appeared in his lips and he closed the distance between you two, cupping your face like he used to do and then his lips were over yours, kissing you slowly and time stopped. It was like he had never left. Butterflies in your stomach, shivers down your spine and a stupid smile on your lips as you kissed him back. You would heal, maybe it was too soon, but eventually you would be ready to be with him again. And when the day came…it would be forever.

Secret Idol Relationship With Youngbin

-oh man secretly dating this man would totally be an exciting rollarcoaster, something about a hunk like him being secretly in love with you makes you feel like out of all the idol girls, you’re the most beautiful-which you are to him. When you two are promoting at music shows around the same time, he’ll do that thing where you’re walking by in an empty hallway of the music show building and you’ll suddenly get snatched into a closet room or empty waiting room by Youngbin and he’ll just hold you and kiss you for a few seconds making you feel butterflies and electric shock all over cuz what was that for youngbin and he’ll just smile and caress your head and say “fighting for today babygirl.” Isn’t a very obvious type, sometimes he won’t even look at you at all because he wants to protect you, however when watching your performance in sf9′s waiting room, he’ll be super extra -squeal and fanboy and even annoying the members like “jkhsdkfjhkhdkfhk look at her go!Do you see that? She’s doing great! Everyone watch!!!! Is EVERYONE PAYING ATTENTION?”

-Instead of matching rings or bracelets, you guys have matching socks and pillows cases (basically items that will be hidden in public but who needs to show off as long as you two know you’re matching, he’s perfectly happy). Also calls eachother late at night out on your balcony when both of your groups are sleeping and you guys whisper through the phone but always failing to not laugh and its super cute because you guys chat it up about anything and everything and will do it for hours until you’re like ‘ babe you have to sleep we have go to music bank to get our picture taken early in the morning’ and he would chuckle on the phone and cutely sigh like ‘alright. sweet dreams, dream of me. see you soon there, dont stare at any other boy groups. remember sf9′s the best. But mostly me.’ and you jokingly reply like ‘nah actually zuhos my bias’ just to hear him freak out on the phone like a kid.

-Is super excited when your group was going to kcon as well as a part of the New York Lineup and will board the same plane If he doesn’t sit behind you on the plane, he’ll switch with someone else in sf9, lowkey not really switch but force dawon out his seat.Walking past eachother when getting up to use the bathroom would just be you two exchanging small glances and him winking and you two trying to not snicker too loud. Since you two are at the window seat, he can often hold your hand through the crack of the small space next to the window, also offering your another blanket because you might be cold. Passing notes through the whole ride until you both fall asleep as well, the last note saying I love you. 

-Every time he performs, he looks into the camera like he’s staring at his girlfriend and you know he’s sending you heart eyes through the camera. In their new album it was told he wrote his own raps but only you know that they are dedicated to you (Even the sexy lyrics like youngbin please this is too much) . Listens to your songs everyday and even stream your album on melon to help for voting, makes all the members vote like crazy so when suddenly your group was nominated for number 1 even tho yall barely a fresh group ud be like omg youngbin did you even sleep at all this past week and hell be like ‘nah I was up replaying your mv over and over again I want you to win, a week well spent indeed.’

-You guys end up dating for like 5 years straight and leave everyone shook, around that time sf9 will be in their senior prime years so you won’t get alot of hate and possibly both have so much free time to finally be together and do couple things in public especially on sns.

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anonymous asked:

Zen and Jumin having a little sister who is depressed and have anxiety but hides it behind her smiles, jokes and corny puns. I'm sorry if this disturbs you, I'm just really having a bad life. You don't have to do this if you're uncomfortable with it. Thank you.

Oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry it took so long for me to answer you, I was just following the order of the requests, I hope you’re feeling better by now. If you feel like it, come by and talk to me a little, okay? I really want to know if you’re feeling better…

I also wish I had something better for your request, but that’s all I could think of.

(I’m not sure if it is necessary, but):

TW: Mentionings of depression and anxiety


  • It’s been a while since they haven’t seen each other, things been weird ever since he left to pursue his acting career
  • She missed him more than she though she would. Most of the time they were fighting, anyway.
  • But as soon as she saw him, she couldn’t hold back this huge smile and all those bad puns about his hair turning grey at such a young age
  • He smiled softly, yeah, he missed this, he missed the teasing, he missed all the good and bad things only her sister could pull it off
  • He seemed fine! Great, actually… he talked about the roles he was managing to get, and with so much enthusiasm!
  • “Yeah, I could use some of your joy now, bro.” you said, more to yourself than to him, but he listened.
  • “Okay, what did mom do right now?”he let out a deep sigh and asked.
  • “Nothing! I swear, it’s just… it’s hard, you know? Having this illness and people don’t really seeing as a disease… I’m kinda of done right now, I guess.”
  • “I see… well, you know I’m not a therapist, so I don’t really know what to tell you…” “Just you not saying that I should just smile and try not to feel sad is really useful, bro, believe me.”
  • “Well, I do. I… always believe in you, sis, even when you don’t believe in yourself, you know? And… I’m sorry if I’ve been a little distant, but you know I’ll always be there for you, right?” “Yeah, I know…” she rests her head on his shoulder briefly.
  • “And, you know, if things get too tough, you can always move in with me!”. She scoffed: “We as roomies? That would never work, Hyun!”
  • “Why not?” “Because you would freak out everytime I brought someone to stay over. What would be our code? A tie in the knob?”
  • “I… don’t think we should be discusing this. And you should never bring a man to your place!” “So I should go to his place?”
  • “NO! THAT’S EVEN WORSE! Just… focus on your studies for now, okay? You’re smart, just finish. When you do, I’ll help you get a decent job. We’ve got each other’s backs, don’t we?” “Yes, of couse we do!”
  • “Good, so stop talking about men and focus on your studies.” “That coming from school dropout himself…”
  • “Well, I’m not as smart as you. But don’t waste your talent! You probably disagree with me, but you’re smart, talented, amazing and will make through everything, I swear.”
  • “Okay, granie, I’ll… I’ll consider evrything you said… and YOU! Don’t get away of my sight like this again, okay?”
  • He didn’t answer her, at least not with words, he just hugged her tightly. Well, that was the right answer after all.


  • They’re half brother and sister. She is the daughter of some of his father’s ex wife
  • Not that it matters, because somehow he always found himself… liking you and… caring for her, like he generally never cared or liked any of his stepmothers.
  • Maybe because she’s nothing like her mother? Or just because she was the only one who doesn’t bother him with annoying questions about girlfriends and such?
  • Even with her weird sense of humor and all, he always felt a little more comfortable around her than with the rest of the world. Even when his father and her mother weren’t together anymore.
  • It’s been a while since they don’t see each other, she was tudying abroad and got back recently. Okay, not really an excuse hen you have Skype or FaceTime, but still… they both have been busy, let’s put it that way.
  • “So, are you really in line for being CEO?” “I suppose is a little early to discus this, my father is very healthy and he probably will stay as CEO for a few more years… what about you? Preparing yourself to take over your family business?”
  • She let out a sigh: “Don’t even get me started on this, bro. I… forget it.” “Go ahead, tell me.”
  • “I… I wasn’t studying abroad. I… I was at this clinic…” he doesn’r really understand how this answers his previous question. “Clinic?”
  • “It was a mental insitution, I… have been struggling again…” oh, now he gets it, yes, he remembers their brief conversations about depression and anxiety, how she was scared of starting to take those meds…
  • “Are you feeling better now?” “That’s a very relative and subjective question. It’s not like you to make this kind of question…”
  • “Yes, I appologize…” “Don’t be so formal, bro. I was just messing with you. But… to answer you, I… it’s a journey, you know what I mean? Some days I feel like I’m at the top of the world, ready to conquer and divide, but there are those other days… and I just… want to disappear, forever, if possible.”
  • “Make sure to contact me when these days come, then. I’m… not good at comforting and I don’t think I can possibly relate to your problems, but you can come here and just… vent. Walk in my garden, pet Elizabeth the 3rd.” You scoff “I read somewhere animals are a great therapy, please consider my offer. She won’t judge you, and if you’re wondering, neither will I.”
  • If she wasn’t paying fully attention on this, she would never notice how kind his words were, because his tone was so stoic and monotone, but he has always been like this: kind in a unnusual way.
  • “Actually, maybe we can manage to help each other. I… I may be in need for some advice from a… female perspective.” ohohoho, was Jumin Han in love? She wanted to tease him, but nah, she would never do this, she knew how uncomfortable this was for him.
  • “Sure, anything you need. We’ve got each other’s back. ” she patted his hand quickly and smiled.
  • “Yes, we always had.” he tried to pat her shoulder, but this felt out of place for both of them.
  • Actually, she was always more comfotable knowing she could always count on his reliable words, this was more important than hugs and pats.

anonymous asked:

what are some of the best ways to support a friend or partner w/ bpd?

- don’t call them crazy or irrational. Usually, we know we’re not being rational. Validate their feelings… Even if the way they feel doesn’t make sense, they can’t help it.

- If you won’t be able to talk to them for a while, send them a text with something like “hey I’m gonna be busy, but just know I’m thinking of you and will get in contact when I can”. Because of the fear of abandonment, even a few hours waiting for a reply to a text can be tortuous. Yes, you won’t be able to do this all the time, but when you can it can help ease the anxiety

- if they split on you, please try to understand that it’s not something that can be controlled. It doesn’t mean they love you any less, it’s just a defence mechanism.

- don’t read books like “walking in Eggshells” or “I hate you, don’t leave me”. These books are incredibly stigmatising, encourage stereotypes and generalisations, and kinda make you feel hopeless about the situation. Don’t go on bpdfamily.com for similar reasons (they freaking encourage abuse and think they’re doing the right thing, it’s insane). Also “out of the fog”. Basically sooo many “BPD resources” are made for the family and friends of people with BPD, not the sufferers, and often the people who make these sites and books are bitter and horrible.

Try to stick to just plain facts and if you read articles written by someone without bpd, read them very critically

- little things can make us incredibly happy. If you think about them, send them a text letting them know. You never know if it could help. Actually, this is a rule for all people.

- if they’re in treatment, support them. If they have complaints about their treatment, listen to them and take them seriously if needed.

- if they’re not in treatment, gently encourage them to do it. If they get overwhelmed or get resistant, maybe help them track down resources and stuff, be there for them if they have to make phone calls if that’s a source of anxiety, etc.

- remember we’re all different and don’t take one example you read as gospel

Okay I know this sounds like a lot but it’s not. The most important thing for a person with BPD is to have a support network that is both informed on the disorder and compassionate. Some of us might try to push people away, but that’s just another defence mechanism. Try to stick by us, even when it’s hard.

Most of this is just little stuff… But little things are huge to many people with BPD.

The Hidden Ticklishness All Around Us

Most people’s everyday persona is quite different from their being-tickled-self. That’s why I feel like being tickled reveals who you really are. 

So sometimes it’s fascinating to wonder about all the people we see in these very professional roles…and what kind of ticklishness or tickler-ness is just beneath the surface.

Maybe that really confident classmate of yours absolutely freaks out when someone as much as wiggles a finger on their side.

Maybe that hot, kind, gentle barista would much rather be using those fingers that are moving toward you as he hands you the coffee to tickle you.

That teacher or professor of yours who you’ve always wondered about? She just giggled her way through a physical at the doctor’s before she came into work. She felt so girlish and embarrassed about it and now she’s trying so hard to put it out of her mind as she starts teaching this lesson.

The cute restaurant hostess? She has a boyfriend who’s always tickling her and omg she just can’t staaannnd it she literally feels like she’s going to diiiiiie…

Your really beautiful co-worker who is always slipping her shoes on and off at work? She’s a bridesmaid in her friend’s wedding this weekend and is terrified to get her first pedicure tomorrow with all the girls, after having avoided them her whole life because of how ticklish her feet are.

That person sitting at the table in the library trying to concentrate on studying stumbled across your Tumblr the other day and found it surprisingly hot and now can’t stop thinking about wanting to be tickled.

That girl sitting across from you on the subway? She’s wondering if you’re ticklish right now. She’s pretty sure you must be, just by looking at you.

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I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just confused. Can you explain what's making people upset about tinashe?

We’re not upset with or mad at her. It’s just that, to us ( @pocinamedia & @kpopbrowniefics ), she’s just kinda okay. I mean she is AMAZING dancer and a great performer, but she’s not like first on our list to freak out over. Like for me personally, if someone were to make choose between her and Kehlani (who has a similar vocal range and is just as excellent as a dancer/performer and also has a similar skin tone, which was key to the discussion we were having), Kehlani wins hands down every time.


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"Every injury you ever get, your soulmate gets, too and vise versa." - UT, UF, US, SF mains.

Mod God
UT Sans: Welp, he’s pretty good at not getting hurt. Hopefully you are too. He keeps healing items with him just in case. Don’t get to hurt or there won’t be no more sans.

UT Papyrus: This precious cinnamon roll. Every time he gets hurt he worries about you. Whenever you get hurt and he feels it he worries about you. He tries so hard to be careful.

UF Sans: He’s a little prone to injury. He doesn’t even notice when the pain he’s feeling is from you getting hurt. He’s just not even thinking about it.

UF Papyrus: Hopefully your tough. It’s hard in underfell and he’s part of the royal guard. He’s not going to slow down for someone else. That might change after meeting you though.

US Sans: He tries to be as careful as possible. He doesn’t want you to get hurt. Every time you get hurt he freaks out. “Are they okay? Should I try to find them? What if they need help!”

US Papyrus: Dude never gets hurt himself. Anytime you get hurt he just thinks “shit” and tries to stop the pain. On the inside he is worrying about your wellbeing though.

SF Sans: Just like UF Papyrus, hopefully your tough. But he will be a little more careful for you.

SF Papyrus: Hello anxiety. He’s already pretty careful himself, but every time you get hurt, oh boy. He freaks out and hopes treating the wounds on himself will help you.

Accidentally in Marriage - Chapter 4

Series: Yuri!!! On ice

Pairing: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov

Rating: Mature

Chapter Rating: Teens

Chapter Title: You gave me magical, I’ll give you wonderful

Summary: Yuuri Katsuki, one of the dime-a-dozen top figure skaters certified by the JSF, ends in last place at his first Grand Prix Final after bombing his performance. When he thinks things couldn’t get worse, he wakes up absolutely hangovered in an unknown hotel room with no recollection of what happened the previous night.Next to him is his idol Victor Nikiforov, now legally his husband.

Link to AO3 here

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What kind of girls do you think the guys of AHS would be interested in? Like what personality traits do you think each individual would look for?

I feel like they all would be attracted to girls who were someone they could place their trust in, but to be more specific;


empathetic, understanding, forgiving, individualistic, introverted, caring, protective, coddling, likes to cuddle, not scared of him…


sweet, innocent, empathetic and sympathetic, loving, patient, kind, a good cook ;)


fun-loving, either outgoing or mysterious, one he can protect, funny, intelligent, super kind, loves dogs ;)


sweet, innocent, very loving, open minded, one who isn’t afraid of the freaks, empathetic, comforting


someone to spoil, impressionable, innocent


sly, obedient, loyal, looking for a safe haven, someone he can spoil, intriguing, seems innocent but… ;)


mysterious, hard to read, a challenge, he can use his detective skills to try to figure her out but can’t in the end 


fun loving, silly, puts up with his antics, not picky, just likes girl in general…

just decided to do the main male characters since there are too many altogether…

anonymous asked:

How would josuke, okuyasu and mista react to their crush playing the pocky game with someone else? Would they try to interfere with the game? If so, would they use their stands or just straight up karate chop that pocky stick? Thank \( •̀ω•́ )

I think the idea of this is too cute XD Anyways thanks for being patient and I hope you enjoy Anon! 

Okuyasu reacting to crush playing Poky game w/someone else

Originally posted by arenkav

- It actually would be brought to his attention by someone else. That you (his crush), happened to be in the middle of playing the Pocky game with some one else

- Would 100% freak out and want to stop you immediately

- Josuke and Koichi would have to literally grab him by his collar and hold him back from angrily running over to you to stop the game by bringing up the point that you didn’t even know that he had feelings for you!

- At that point, Okuyasu would calm himself seemingly in defeat. But the moment Josuke and Koichi let go of him (not being able to stand watching you lock lips with someone else) Okuyasu would sprint over to the both of you regardless before rashly and quite loudly declaring his love for you!

- At Okuyasu’s sudden declaration your mouth would drop and your cheeks would go beet red. The already half-eaten Poky stick dropping to the ground as you can’t help but look up at Okuyasu and smile shyly

Mista reacting to crush playing Poky game w/someone else

-  Mista would see you (his crush) in the middle of the Pocky game while he happened to be at his favorite pizza parlor along with the rest of Passione 

- Would kind of be offended as he see’s you getting closer and closer to kissing the other person. Thinking to himself “Fine. Go ahead and kiss them instead for all I care…”

- But he would be visibly pouting at the idea. Hating that he’s getting so bent out of shape and yet can’t seem to stop watching, with one fist clenched tightly to his side

- Without even realizing it he would have Sex Pistols out and ready to go. Debating within himself if he should send No.1 over to blow the Pocky stick to pieces before your lips touch the other person’s. But ultimately deciding against the idea due to Bruno’s look of disapproval….

- But of course he can’t just let you kiss the other person. So scooting out his chair loudly, Mista would quickly walk over to your table and with a sharp glare tell the other person to “beat it”, shocking you and everyone else in the restaurant at the sudden tense/challenging display.  

- Although before you could even open your mouth to question his actions, Mista would boldly take out a fresh Pocky stick from the small box and place it in his own mouth teasingly leaning over while offering to resume the game with you!

Josuke reacting to crush playing Pocky game w/someone else

- Josuke would see you (his crush) just beginning the Pocky game while you guys, along with the rest of his class, would be having lunch in home room

- Would try his best to play it cool, but anyone would be able to tell that he was visibly jealous watching you from across the room

- Like seriously, he would be mid conversation with Okuyasu and wouldn’t even be paying attention to the conversation he was having

- Just nodding “uh huh…yeah” as he obviously strains his neck to get a better look at you, eyebrows scrunched together unhappily 

- Unable to take it any longer, Josuke would subtly walk behind you before interrupting the Pocky game with Crazy Diamond. Sending the Pocky stick flying so quickly, that to you and whoever was playing it would seem that the biscuit just abruptly vanished into thin air! 

- In the confusion Josuke would then formally interrupt. Claiming that a teacher from a couple rooms over needed to talk to you, smugly ending the game while keeping his crush on you hidden a little while longer ;)

Thanks for requesting!

Mod Golden