or someone else has. if so

less “chosen one” heroes, more heroes that chose THEMSELVES. give me heroes that see a problem, look around, and think, “WELP, clearly no one ELSE is gonna fix it, so APPARENTLY it has to be me” and goes to their friends and is like “Y’ALL, GET YOUR SHIT, WE’RE GOING ON A QUEST”

“what wait why”

“the world is broken and the people in charge aren’t doing anything, so we’re gonna do something for them”

“didn’t the prophecy say a wise and noble mage would choose someone to conquer the evil?”

“yeah well, i can do magic, and i’m pretty fucking wise and noble, right?”



*hasty statements of agreement*

“exactly. so, i’ve come to the conclusion that i’m the mage of the prophecy. and guess what. i choose myself. now let’s go.”

Stozier; it’s like marmite. You love it or you hate it.

I love reddie and stenbrough but here’s why I fucking ADORE stozier, strap yourselves in

- they’re literally childhood best friends, they met when they were super young and are around each other 24/7

- they’re polar opposites but that’s what makes them perfect

- richie would literally kick anyone’s ass that tries to make fun of stan

- and honestly, stan would do the same

- Stan keeps richie in line

- richie gets stan to loosen up

- their fiery tempers cause a lot of sexual tension, frustration ensues

- Stan hates hugs and cuddling, but for some reason he lets richie do it?

- richie hates having people in his house because of his parents but his mother actually knows Stan’s name and Wentworth actually tries with stan

- out of all the losers club couples they are the angstiest just try and fight me on this

- stan has seen richie at his WORST, like hysterical sobbing and screaming

- richie has seen stan at his LOWEST, because Stan’s mental health is something no one but richie knows about

- They would follow each other to the end of the goddamn earth (because richie wants to annoy stan forever and stan needs to make sure richie doesn’t end up hurting himself over something dumb)

- their banter is so savage and everyone is so shocked they don’t actually get upset over it

- but if someone else insults the other person they square up

- ‘Only I can say belittling and down right mean shit to him, how dare you!’

- their fights are explosive but they last like 2 minutes

- he’ll never admit it, but seeing richie blush is Stan’s favourite thing in the world

- Stan is a smooth talker and gets richie flustered sometimes in the most annoying places and Richie hates the shit eating smirk on Stan’s face

- their first kiss was during an argument because richie is a jealous little shit and hates stan being around bill so much

- Stan kisses him to shut him the fuck up (and also because he’s been wanting to do it for years)

- To calm him down stan holds Richie’s hand behind their backs and rubs his thumb over his knuckles

- Stan gets panic attacks a lot and Richie knows that he just has to tell him to breath and to make sure he’s not touching him (claustrophobia is a bitch) before he can calm down


- They’re the most stubborn boys on gods green earth and will never admit they love each other and just kiss and hook up as ‘friends’ because it’s easier

- It’s also a good way for stan to take out his anger and richie loves it??

- But one night richie has a bad night at home and stan literally spends HOURS worshipping him to make him see that he’s loved

- Richie was a mess afterwards and even cried, but stan held him so close and stroked his hair and cried with him as they fell asleep together

- Stan attends every one of Richie’s band gigs even though he hates crowds and loud music because he lives for seeing the look of pure joy on that boy’s face when he’s on stage

- Richie goes bird watching with stan even though he can’t sit still and asks dumb questions throughout their time together

- Richie sang ‘ever fallen in love’ by the buzzcocks one night and stared at stan the entire time and stan literally had a panic attack and ran out because oh shit he really is in love with this fucking idiot SHIT

- Their first real ‘I love yous’ are outside stans house at 3am in the pouring rain and richie can’t see because he’s glasses are soaked and stan is shivering because hes only wearing a thin jumper but richie still kisses him like Stan’s air and honestly stan just melts


FMA Live Action Movie: Full Summary/Review

Alright, now that I’m home, I’ll try to give a detailed report on the FMA live action movie. All of this information comes from the premiere screening at Anime NYC. The movie has not been released in Japan yet, and there is no information about a publicly available U.S. release yet either. Also keep in mind that I have a bad memory and also wasn’t able to pay 100% attention during the movie because I was extremely uncomfortable the whole time due to the positions I had to sit on in order to see the screen as someone who’s Ed’s height, so there might be things I missed or remembered wrong, and a lot of this is fairly subjective. Anyone else who saw the movie is welcome to share additional comments!


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You know that actually did help. Maybe it's knowing that someone I've come to look up to is going through or has gone through something similar. Or maybe it's just knowing that someone else cares, even if I know you don't know me. So I wanted to say thank you. And maybe sneak in asking for a hug? Sorry, I haven't had a hug in a long time.

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word to the wise: don't check out K2 blogs. apparently the show is over and missing its heart and Liz will "never" get over Tom or be happy ever again

1. There are still K2 blogs? 

2. It’s so odd cause if memory serves me right, Liz is pretty used to Tom not being around. I mean he went off on that “Redemption” mission (remember how that was cancelled due to bad ratings even though Tom is a ‘fan favorite’, according to some) to learn more about his past, after all, which certainly was listed higher on his priority list than taking care of his family. And I could be wrong but I have never actually seen Tom Keen/Christopher Hargraves/Jacob Whatever The Fuck His Name Is on a promotional poster, so “heart of the show” might be a bit of an exaggeration. That same “heart of the show” also wasn’t in fact part of the show for a number of episodes and we all somehow survived and, would you believe it, enjoyed the show even more because his waste of screentime could be devoted to characters that actually matter. Like, ha ha ha, Red and Lizzie (you know, the people on the posters).

3. Let’s also not forget that he himself is not only responsible for his own death, but also for putting the wife he loved so much in a 10-month coma. And before doing that, she had to watch her husband being physically tortured, had to fear for death herself and had to fear for the well-being of her daughter just because a certain someone thought he knew better than just about anyone else. 

4. Liz is better off without him and so is the show. The end.

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Headcanons for the Bakusquad and Dekusquad doing group projects?

This ended up being super long, so I’m really sorry :’) I just *clenches fist* I love these babies so much


- Kirishima has the biggest house of them all, so before they moved into the dorms, they’d go to his place if they had a project to do.

- After the dorms, they tend to study in one of their rooms.

- Mina’s happens to be the most study-friendly, with armchairs, bean bags, a dope window seat and a snazzy little couch thing. Plus, her bed’s super comfy. Her room becomes the official/unofficial sleepover-study-movie night place for them all. 

- What’s Blu Tack? Glue? Pritt sticks? Sero’s got everyone covered and will 100% be highkey oFFENDED if anyone uses anything but his tape to stick stuff down.

- Mina has so many highlighters? She has pastel ranges, scented ones, glittery ones, thin ones, thick ones, really obscurely-coloured ones (Denki: why the fuck do brown highlighters exist? Mina: why the fuck do you exist sparky. aLSO IT’S HONEY-TINTED CARAMEL)

- Denki makes the BEST playlists? He really loves lo-fi, so he makes his own hand-picked mix to listen to with his buddies.

- Kirishima is the motivator. He’s the one bringing food!! Hugs!! Screaming the harmony to that song!! Rapping the alphabet backwards!! Rapping the facts on the impeccable notes Bakugou has down!! Rapping each individual letter in each person’s name!! Beatboxing as someone tests someone else!! M A N L Y!!

- Bakugou has the most beautiful notes anyone has ever seen. They’re clearly written, colour-coded, key words have a different font to the rest of the writing and there’s diagrams punctuating anything. It makes Mina downright proud.

- Ya boi Blasty McSplody is the one helping everyone with things. If it’s a presentation, he’s the one assigning roles. If they’re making a poster, he’s giving everyone a handmade, laminated information sheet and setting them sections to do. If they’re just revising, he brought flashcards, a whiteboard, and two laptops (he stole Deku’s oops- he 100% knows his password still. It’s been KatsuDekuBFFs123 for 11 years now) so he can both make and take part of Kahoot tests and Quizlet quizzes.

Presenter: Kirishima
Co-presenter: Mina
Scribe: Sero
Posters and stuff: Denki
Leader man: Bakugou


- Everyone studies in the library or in Tenya’s room.

- They’re all- with the exception of Ochako- in the top 10 of the class.

- Ochako sometimes feels bad about it, but the rest of the Dekusquad is quick to reassure her that it’s fine! They like tutoring her.

- Flashcards is literally the way that these children work.

- Tsuyu has the best memory out of all of them?? Nobody knows how or why. She always gets 100% on points tests.

- However, Tsuyu doesn’t have much time to revise when she’s at home because she has to take care of her siblings, which is why she’s not closer to the top of the class.

- After they move into the dorms, her techniques start to improve and she starts giving Shouto a run for his money.

- Tenya has a never-ending supply of index cards. He uses them for speeches!! Flashcards!! Little doodle notes!!

- He really just likes to hold them. It makes him feel more intelligent. In fact, his erratic movements calm down just a bit when he’s holding them, because our fast boi feels like a true intellectual with them in his hands.

- Shouto literally has never revised in his life.

- He calls reading through a textbook 15 minutes before an exam at the speed of light heavy revision.

- Light revision is spending 5 minutes highlighting his notes from class.

- Everyone is literally horrified, and they teach him the glory of Quizlet and planning out revision schedules and colours and highlighters.

- Now he has the Quizlet and Kahoot apps on his phone and spends 99% of his time on them.

- None of them particularly like to eat during studying as they find that greasy fingers aren’t too pleasant over their notes, and there’s always a risk of food spilling onto whatever they’re working on.

- Izuku and Ochako have a friendly rivalry about whose notes are better.

- Ochako’s are colourful! Visuals! Fonts! Diagrams! Colours! Boxes! Bubbles! Bullet points in those boxes and bubbles! Studyblr! Different pens!

- Izuku’s are all separated by topic! Underlining! Boxes! Bubbles! One pen for writing, one colour for highlighting! The most colour you’ll find is when he’s highlighting one of his definitions or drawing a box.

- Visual, colourful notes and diagrams are better: Ochako, Shouto

- Linear, bulleted notes are better: Izuku, Tenya, Tsuyu

- Another friendly rivalry is whether mind maps or flashcards are better.

- Mind maps: Ochako, Izuku, Tsuyu

- Flashcards: Tenya, Shouto

i have to drink acid to forget the conversation i just had with my coworker lmao imma give yall the highlights 

“really? you don’t want kids? what if you find a boyfriend that you love and he wants kids and he’s all sweet about it and wants a family with you? wouldn’t you do it for him? i would!!” the answer is no what the fuck if he can’t accept that i don’t want kids he can find someone else who does, i won’t hold him back. i’m not gonna do it just for him what the fuck also i’m mostly asexual and not even remotely interested in anything even vaguely sexual so here we are also the “it’s amazing that you’re still a virgin!!” it’s amazing that you care because i don’t

also ‘sadly a woman has to work to get respect from men’ uhm no a woman doesn’t have to do shit and respect should be a normal thing? it’s common decency to respect everyone? if you have to WORK for your husband or boyfriend or whatever to respect you then what the fuck are you even doing in that relationship “a man has to think his wife is loving and honest or he won’t respect you anymore” also “do you really not want to get married? but what about god’s blessing?” oH MY GOD WHO CARES ARE U OK WOMAN 

that and more on this fine monday morning i could really do with that acid now a part of me has died and has flown right into space 

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I wish you would share your thoughts about Harry. I feel like you want people to catch on on something they might have no clue about or haven't even considered. Would be great to hear your vision and opinion.

Thank you for wanting to hear my opinion. You’re right. I want people to see what I see. So many people seem to love Harry without seeming to see what I see, and it just baffles me to no end because what I see is what makes me stay here. It’s what makes me respect the hell out of him, and all the boys, by extension. I feel like I don’t understand any of them nearly as well as I do Harry, but the things I see from him help me figure out the others. I’m sure some of that is projection and bias- I often wonder if I’d be a bit more like Harry were I raised differently (and had his talent). I often try to put myself in each of their shoes, and Harry’s just fit the best. I’ve been able to understand his past actions and predict others because it’s exactly what I would expect for myself.

Harry doesn’t like to lie, but he has no problem pretending to be someone else if everyone knows he’s not being himself, because he’s not really lying that way. He’s incapable of not taking into account others’ feelings. He respects other people, sometimes more than he really wants to. It’s reflex. He can’t deal with hurting anyone, and will gladly hurt himself first. It’s a strength, and it’s a weakness, and tptb know it.

Tptb wanted him to be the cash cow. He was supposed to be the rockstar heartthrob that everyone had a chance with. Imagine the dollar signs that flashed in front of their eyes when they found someone young, impressionable, charming, a bit androgynous, and eager to please. He was the perfect person to take advantage of. And they did. I think they still are.

Think about his current image. He’s still being pushed as the heartthrob rockstar. He’s not allowed to publicly interact with anyone in a way that doesn’t support the idea that he’ll love anyone and everyone. It’s a truth that they’ve twisted, so it’s hard for him to ever fight it.

Think about what he said he wanted when he was younger. He liked being domestic. He liked being with one person only. He hated being seen as a womanizer. I think that had less to do with the fact that he was with a man, and more to do with the fact that he could never be harmful to someone else like that, and it hurt that anyone could think that of him.

I think all he wants is to be able to be himself, privately and publicly, and he’s not there yet. I see so much two-sidedness in everything he has done as a solo artist, and it’s very him except for one thing. I think he likes being a bit mysterious. I think he likes sharing things about himself, but only if you earn it- only if you put in the work to meet him halfway. That way it’s communication and human interaction instead of just screaming into the void.

I think he has a much easier time expressing himself through actions and other nonverbal communication, but he loves being able to verbalize his thoughts, too, especially in creative ways. He loves a good puzzle, especially if he makes it. He needs that intellectual challenge and outlet.

I think he loves rock music but has zero interest in being a typical rock star. He just isn’t, and as I said, he doesn’t like to lie. Beyond that, I think he despises anything that puts him into one box or another. He doesn’t like being tied down like that. He wants to be free to explore, to keep his mind and his options open. He appreciates nuance and variety.

All that said, he needs his routine. He needs his home base. He needs some constancy. Back to tptb, think about the one thing they can always hold over his head. The one thing that he will always hurt himself for first. The one thing he will give up everything for; just ask him to.

I think Harry is doing everything he can to be more powerful, but I think all of this is why and how he’s doing it, and so much of what we see is that battle. I know who I want to win, and I know who is already on his side, fighting too.

I hesitated to say some of this, but I hope I made some people who believe we’re on opposite sides really question if that’s the truth, or just the story we have been told.

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Can you do Moira and forms of affection?


Moira’s displays of affection

  • She absolutely despises PDA, so there will be none of that. Moira has to bite her tongue every time she sees a couple getting intimate in public, turning to you instead to blow off some steam. “Look at them, Y/N. Inconsiderate neanderthals.”
  • If she REALLY must, the scientist may hold your hand when the two of you are out and about. Normally she’ll do this when she feels threatened - if someone else is staring at you for too long, Moira will grab your hand and give the offender a cold, dead stare.
  • At home, she becomes more tolerant. Still though, she won’t be the initiator. If you want a cuddle, you’d better be the one to wrap your arms around her. Moira may grumble a bit, especially if you start being sappy while she’s working, but deep down, she likes the attention. She adores it when you kiss her hands, especially grotesquely purple one. Due to self experimentation, that hand has become extremely sensitive, so feeling your lips against her palm will elicit shudders.
  • Moira believes that affection can be a variety of things. No, it doesn’t just have to be lovey-dovey dribble. It’s the way she fixes your blouse before you head out to work, or cooks you a flawlessly home-made dinner every night. “I don’t need to justify my feelings for you with silly little gestures. You should know how I feel.”
  • However, even she has her moments. If she notices that you’re looking upset, the scientist may pull you into her lap, and press a small kiss to your forehead before hugging you into her chest. When she catches you smiling at her kindness, she frowns and explains “Hugs are beneficial. It creates an oxytocin flow, which lowers your cortisol. I’m only doing this because it is scientifically proven to reduce stress.” but really, you know that Moira loves the way you melt into her touch when she cuddles you.
Will/Hannibal: An Inky Dark

Title: An Inky Dark (1/?)

Authors: @destinyawakened @mrs-graham-lecter

Rating: M

Chapters: One |

Characters: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter

For: @reapersun though we know someone else already wrote a thing for your art, we were inspired, so, here you go. Art can be found here.

Summary: Looking for inspiration for a tattoo a client wants, tattoo artist Will Graham has a run with a doctor/art collector who wants nothing more than to prod at his darkness and lure out his demons.

“Behold a great red dragon,” he said, his accent thick and dripping like overturned honey. “It is beautiful is it not?”

The brunet turned enough to see over his shoulder and pocketed his phone before anyone knew what he had done. “It is. I’ve seen it many times online. I wanted a better view for myself.”

“His work is not for everyone,” the man said, pressing down on his tie. He was there to buy a new piece, being a collector of such and smiled faintly, offering his hand. “Doctor Hannibal Lecter.”

“Will,” the younger of the men said, shaking Hannibal’s hand, the shift of his arm catching the light on one of his many tattoos that was shown, hooves of something further up his arm.

“A pleasure, Will,” Hannibal said, looking at the various tattoos on Will’s arm. He shook and let go of his hand, placing his own back into the pockets of his fine three piece vested suit. “One might think you are here for inspiration for your own personal canvas.”

“No,” Will said with a shake of his head, hands in his own pockets now, not to draw too much attention to himself. “A client.”


Moirai Fanfic [III] (If you don’t come back)
Previous Chapter: HERE
Genre: Fantastic/Magical/Romantic/Angst (hahahahaha)
Length: 975 words
Character: Kyungsoo
Summary: Do you ever stop and wonder, why are you here? Why has your life turned to the way it has until now? Maybe thought that your life… it’s just one part of the whole puzzle? Do you ever think about that puzzle, the one you and someone else might complete one day when you find the missing piece? (omg this sounds so cheesy I’ll stop)

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I can't wait to get out of here, and I want so badly to just cut them off, to live happily without them, but I feel terrible for thinking that way, especially knowing so many people have it so much worse. I'm sorry this is so long, but I needed to get this out- And, if you wouldn't mind giving it, I need advice. (final part)

First off, you don’t need to feel bad for wanting out. This community has a tendency to believe “someone has it worse” and use that belief to suddenly negate the pain you feel and that’s just not right. It’s true some people have it worse, but guess what? Someone has it worse than those people and someone else has it worse than them. It’s a cycle and there really is no way to judge what is worse and even if we could it wouldn’t matter because it doesn’t make your suffering go away. I’ll get off my soapbox, but i think it’s important for people to know that and stop comparing their situation to other people’s.

If you really want to leave and think that you can do it, by all means. Seriously, do it if you think you can. I have a “moving out ref” tag you can look through to get some tips on doing that.

They seem to be putting you through a lot of emotional abuse as well. I have a “coping” tag that could help with a lot of the stress they’re putting on you.

Them saying things like they wish they had your friends as kids and calling you f-ed up is emotional abuse and not okay. You’re not imagining it and it’s okay to be upset about it. I hope everything goes well and if you need to talk, my messages are always open.

thoughts on revisionist history and fascist narratives in videogame commentary

hey, so i wanted to get down some things i’ve been thinking about a lot lately real quickly. these are inspired by a tweet thread made by @rainworlds on twitter: https://twitter.com/rainworlds/status/932350899720253440

i think it’s pretty safe to say that commentary about games (both writing and in video format) is driven by novelty. it’s hard to trace any sort of through-line or establish a solid conversation in talk about games. instead, talk about games tends to function as a vessel for personality on the part of the commenter and a narrative about their own personal experience. because of this, there tend to be so many different game writers/commentators who think they’re the first to come up with an idea - either because they’re simply not aware someone else has come up with that idea, or they don’t care. why would they not care? well, research isn’t really encouraged or necessary at all, because the personal experience of the game is the default language for the culture. and so it’s hard to trace any context. we know little about who made games, and what we do know tends to just be the same gamer platitudes that get repeated over and over again. and there is no real pressure to challenge that.

basically, the game commentary landscape tends to be just a bunch of people playing to their own disparate audiences. and it’s often a survival of the fittest - where those who know how best to play to an audience consistently talk over (whether or not they get that this is what they’re doing) people who might actually understand the context and have something new and insightful to add. youtubers who might have something insightful to say have a fraction of the following that someone who repeats the party line about games. the culture is defined by what’s new, and it’s defined by signifiers and personal gamer cred instead of trying to a need to find some sort of deeper insight inside the experience. gaming is presented another kind of lifestyle brand - that aggressively tries to argue for itself as more than just a lifestyle brand. this is especially ironic when people who present themselves as “outsiders” and normal people e.g. Penny Arcade, PewDiePie, TotalBiscuit, etc have a tremendous amount more power in that landscape that anyone else. 

the games landscape is also huge. it’s spread across so many different outlets and avenues. and there tends to be very little interest, both from institutions and from audiences, in trying to bring those conversations together and draw a larger picture. 

why is this? well, games academia tends to be very new, and driven by the demands of what’s already popular. because of this, most games academics and people more seriously engaged with games don’t want to risk alienating the kids who are coming into their programs by challenging the notions of the media that those kids identify with. they want to be a part of that culture, not against that. and because of that, they are pretty content to just let the wisdom of the market decide what commentary is generated about games. there’s no real way for them to challenge that, because there’s no resources or institutions interested in talking about games that aren’t highly market-driven.

this just means that any gaming personality who can speak the right language and market themselves in the right way has a tremendous amount of power and advantage in driving the conversation about games. of course, they can hide behind the lens of personal experience, or their gamer cred as a way to justify it. and that will usually be enough - even if they are being challenged by factual claims, games are a realm of fantasy. people don’t care much about who actually made them, or all the things that went behind them. they’re a vessel to talk over. 

this one of the things that fan culture and a cultural landscape of games built so much around personal consumer choice has wrought. something outside your sphere of interest might as well not exist, and there’s no reason to engage with it if it doesn’t check your boxes, and it might as well not be made by real people with real experiences and feelings.

i shouldn’t have to say that this is a VERY BAD THING and i wish more people like, understood that and tried to do anything to bring it to light and acknowledge it. it’s a big reason why we have loud, ignorant mediocrity gaining so much of a platform in game culture. most people who seriously follow games have some awareness of this now, but there seems to be a larger attitude of powerlessness about trying to change any of it.

if you want to fight against your medium being used as a way to recruit fascists, you have to fight for establishing a solid, consistent narrative that is based in truth against all the strains of revisionist history that dominate the commentary sphere around games. you have to fight for all the voices that have gone unrecognized and crushed by corporations and media outlets that serve as mouthpieces for those corporations. you can’t let the conventional gamer wisdom decide when the conventional wisdom is highly toxic.

the fact of the matter is game culture is NOT okay. it’s really fucked up. and something better needs to be fought for. if you look at something like gamergate and trace its role in our current political climate - and pretend that there still isn’t a disease at the heart of games culture, i’m sorry, but you’re out of your mind. we can’t let what’s popular decide the culture, especially when what is popular is so toxic. we have to fight for what is right, and complicate that narrative in any way we can.

it’s not even that people aren’t doing that too! i’ve found so many interesting and unusual games have come out this year alone that challenge the usual game conventional wisdom - particularly in the indie space, but even outside of that to some extent. hopefully i will have a chance to talk more about that in the future. the point is that it seems like the culture has a potential to shift in a different direction. but it won’t do anything if there isn’t a consistent, strong, and powerful effort put behind bringing these conversations together. like listening to the people who actually worked on games and giving them a voice. and challenging the gamer conventional wisdom of pro-corporate revisionist history with something better and more factual, that can’t be used as a venue for reactionary right-wing ideologies.

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“I think the hardest thing was maybe to understand, or to find a way of understanding how someone could leave their daughter. That was really tough.” Yes heartwrenching but when reading the book, didn't you still want Claire to go back to Jamie, no matter the terrible cost? The show never laid a strong enough foundation as to just how epic, unconditional, powerful, and superceding all else J/C's love is. The book made the sacrifice understandable at some level. The show, not so much.

Yes of course, but I still find it hard to wrap my head around it, even in the book. Brianna being okay with her leaving is just as unrealistic, especially since she lost her Dad only two years prior. Speaking as someone who has lost a parent around the same age, there’s no way in hell I ever would go through this willingly.  

This ain’t going to happen but…

Future Miraculous Holders? Gonna guess future holders so lets start with someone who has the highest probability of getting one.

1. Alix Kubdel

Alix, i believe, is the most likely to get a miraculous out of anyone else on this list. Not only does she have a snake design on her sleeves and there is a snake kwami, but Timebreaker still left something that hardly anyone talks about - her pocketwatch she got on her birthday. Why was the ancestor ‘ahead of their time’? Who was their ancestor? And did they have any connection with the miraculouses? Or something else? Seeing how season 2 refers back to stuff that happened in season 1, i wouldn’t be surprised if they mentioned Alix’s pocketwatch. The snake miraculous is the one i believe she would have.

2. Juleka Couffaine/Le Chien Kim

On a booklet-type-miraculous-thing there was a bit of information on miraculous. One particular page caught my eye. It was the character page. Juleka and Kim were highlighted as more bigger characters than the other students, next to Marinette’s parents, and someone else - Gabriel. Why was Gabriel Agreste put next to everyone else from Marinette’s class? More minor characters? I believe Juleka and Kim are going to be more relevent in terms of plot. If i had to guess Kwamis? Probably the tiger for Juleka and the dog for Kim.

3. (Most random one) Nathaniel Kurtzberg

Literally found out recently that the name of the historic horse that won the King Edwards VII Stakes and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes was called Nathaniel. Nuff said.

Like i said, this is not going to happen but it was fun to do. Hope you enjoyed reading this thing.

Ps. First serious post in a long time. Yay.

Help Me Get to CHINA

This is kind of a shot in the dark here, but my one source of funding has fallen through for my study abroad program in China.

I’m currently $2,000 short and I’m looking for study abroad scholarship opportunities (!!! NOT donations !!!).

My application deadline is early February, so I have a few months left to earn the $2,000. My tuition is covered, this remaining amount covers the cost of travel.

Even if you yourself don’t know of any opportunities, reblogs are appreciated, because someone else might.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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So does the bonus doodle on nsfwlizard confirm ticklish Risk? And what shall his fan base do with this information?

well he’s mostly screaming because no one has ever in their life done this to him and he was alarmed LMAO but yes he’s ticklish, but he’s mastered that psychological wizardry where he can keep a totally straight face when someone tickles him (this is possible bc I can do this)


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I've only used one name since I came out but really want to change my name. My boyfriend is so against it, saying "but your name is C___!" I can't seem to reason with him, everytime I bring it up he gets visibly uncomfortable. I don't think he's being rude, he just doesn't like the change. Is there anything I can do?

Personally I believe it’s your name and nobody has the right to tell you not to change it or be happy about it.
So my suggestion is start going by the name you want to and if he can’t accept that then that’s his problem really

Don’t hold yourself back for someone else -Matt