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v important rant

this is something thats been irritating me so much for a while and i really wanna talk about it i also think its super important honestly so. we all know that dan wasn’t really in a good place in his life before he met phil and he’s been getting happier and happier especially lately, yes phil is definitely like a crucial part of dan’s development and has impacted dan’s life very positively, but i just have an issue with the fact that so many people in the phandom keep giving phil all the credit for dan’s wellbeing. like i see so much of “phil saved dan’s life” and “dan was depressed until he met phil” and like i just hate it because it glorifies the idea that you need someone else to conquer something as complex as depression. phil changed dan’s life thats a fact that dan keeps mentioning every chance he gets but dan was the one responsible for getting through all the shit he used to feel and the insecurities and self-doubt. even though dan wasn’t in a good place he still let phil in and managed to be able to succeed in youtube which was something so new to him and look how far they got together.

my point is, if you’re suffering something you’re the one who’s responsible for your achievements. if you notice your life getting better with somebody else’s presence, keep them closer than ever but also give yourself credit for not giving up and choosing to surround yourself with people who affect your life positively. 

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Lets.... Let's calm down here folks. Is everyone else safe atleast? The girls, Jake and Rich? Jeremy?

Chloe: Everything’s alright. The hospital said that the fire was contained to one part of that floor, so we were just moved some where else.
Chloe: There’s… there’s a lot of emotion. Christine’s a mess, Brooke has to sit on Jeremy to keep him from running back in.

Chloe: As for Rich and Jake…
Chloe: You never know how much you love someone till you almost loose them.

  • Peridot: Question. What if I see something that I wanna take and it belongs to someone else?
  • Pearl: Then you will be arrested.
  • Peridot: But what if I want it more than the person who has it?
  • Pearl: Still illegal.
  • Pearl: That doesn't follow. No, I want it more, Pearl. Do you understand me?
  • Lapis: What if someone does something that irks me and I decide to remove his spine?
  • Pearl: That's... that's actually ...murder. One of the worst crimes of all, so... also illegal.
  • Lapis: Hmm.

u know i really wanna see kurapika get into a situation where his nen conditions actually become detrimental and he like… really relies on someone else >> 

so far kurapika has been the strongest and most versatile of the main 4 and it’d be more interesting to see his super strict conditions actually backfire a little?? like the reason they’re so strong is that they’re mostly meant for phantom troupe, but so far he’s been doing well against most people :U

a theme of season 15′s is story telling. 

  • dylan is a reporter. her commitment is to telling stories that are true, but they are stories nonetheless. this is a story about the reds and blues.
  • she meets kimball, who tells her a story. then she meets the reds and blues, who tell her their story. 
  • @anneapocalypse and i have poked fun at this, but temple tells her a story, too, even though he doesn’t have to.

so, with that foundation laid, here’s a crack* theory: season 15 is jax’s version of the story. it’s the script of his docudrama. if he’s retelling events that have already taken place, from accounts he received firsthand, he can dramatize scenes he wasn’t present for. that’s why certain scenes feel campy, why he breaks the fourth wall so often, etc.

it’s jax’s prospective movie. we’re reading the script.

* = please note this is a crack theory. i’m sharing it because it amuses me. if it turns out to be accurate, i will have won the internet, obvs, but please don’t buy into this if it’s going to crush you to find out we were meant to take the season’s events at face value later on. with that said, if anyone decides they want to make the events of season 15 au later on, you have my permission to do it this way. xo

Okay people can hate Simon and Clary as much as they want but that scene where she has to kiss Jace and Simon watches???? Like the Queen told her to kiss who she most desires and Simon said “Just hurry up and kiss me” so quickly, like he is so in love with her, there was not a shadow of a doubt in his mind that obviously she felt the same and their kiss would be the key to their escape, and then to have it fail, and then to have to watch that person make out with someone else and have it be the answer to all their problems, I mean, like…I can’t. This kid waited literally years to have Clary feel the same way as him and now he realizes she still doesn’t and never will and no matter how many times she says “I love you” she will never mean it with the same gravitas he does I mean can you imagine that though??? Like really imagine that. Loving someone with everything inside of you and then having to come to terms with the fact that they feel that way about someone else??? Like I seriously can’t deal Simon is too pure for this life that episode was too savage I’m -

Give Me Just One Night

Pairing: Kenny Omega x AJ Styles

Summary: As AJ is settling himself into living in a foreign country, he doesn’t realize someone else is also becoming fairly comfortable with him as well (I kinda suck at summaries, but I also dislike giving TOO much away).

Warnings: None really? m/m smut, porn without much plot. A little bit of fluff here and there. Again, if you don’t like slash pairings then don’t read this fic.

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Fuck Flowers, Fuck Spring, Fuck This

Anon asked: Ok, you don’t even have to write this as a fic BUT CONSIDER. Micheal has really bad allergies or a really snotty cold. His face is red, is eyes are watery, and he won’t stop sniffling. So, he shows up to school and everyone thinks he’s crying and they’re all just like “Bro are u ok?” especially Jeremy.

You know what it’s 2 am but fuck sleep I feel productive and as someone with 25+ allergies I relate to this on a spiritual level, let’s g-g-g-GO

You know what fucking sucks? Hay fever. You know what else sucks? Spring. Everyone loves spring but Michael is a big bag of snotty suffering because of all the god damned pollen in the air. Fuck allergies, seriously. He went to bed the night before sneezing and sniffling and only able to breath from one nostril. He was too damn tired from school and more importantly socializing to actually do anything about it, so he slept it off.

But the thing about hay fever? It could last more than a day. Michael woke up with his nose itchy and blocked and his face feeling warm and gross. His eyes hurt, his head hurt, and he wanted nothing more than to curl into his bed and sleep. But his alarm was still going off and he couldn’t skip school over allergies, not with all the stress days he’s taken.

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I'm sorry I think you misunderstood me, I'm not Wiccan, and I've said it a few times to other people out of kindness, and I haven't ever said it to you, nor would I now that I know you don't like it of course. I meant I didn't understand the negative connotation it has. I don't want to say it to someone and unknowingly offend them ya know?

Honestly I feel like no one should say it to anyone else unless they know the person they’re saying to is Wiccan/okay with it. Look up the Fivefold Kiss ritual. That’s why so many of us are uncomfortable with it being said to us. It doesn’t just mean “be blessed” like a lot of people think. 🌹

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I've been in a relationship with this person for almost 2 years. living with anxiety and depression has made it stressful in feeling confident about showing my body or knowing how to bring up interesting conversation. I know that they mean well but I'm always in constant worry of annoying them or making them bored of our relationship (yes, I have told them about this- they said that I had no reason to be concerned). but I'm just so tired of feeling this way and I wish I was better at speech ugh

hi friend,

♡ your anxiety is lying to you! it might say you’re boring, or you partner would prefer someone else, but that’s wrong! if that was the case they wouldn’t still be with you. having these thoughts doesn’t make them true! your partner loves you very much and you are enough for them.

♡ with conversations, they don’t have to be on an interesting topic. most of the time, just saying something random is nice. and i’m sure your partner enjoys being with you, in itself. 💕

I hope this helps! 🌿

Letter #14

Fiona, you are a savior and you’re not even aware of it, you are a therapist, a long distance friend that feels close, a mentor.

I don’t know if you are aware of how you’ve changed people’s lives and how you have helped them through your music but you have had a great POSITIVE EFFECT on many people, specially young girls that need to hear similar experiences someone else has had and to see how that person has thrived. You rise above, your life speaks loud and you have made a change, this is the only reason I wish you get to read these letters one day, not for the praise of your music but for the gratitude and love from those whom you have helped.

You may not like to hear compliments or praise so much, you’re humble, but every once in a while it is okay to become aware of the good you’ve done there’s nothing wrong with being happy because of what you’ve done. With the warmest “hug” I tell you, thank you, I truly love you and appreciate that you came to this world!!

sleeping headcanons

its a little long, sorry

barrows can sleep for 2-4 hours at a time, takes shifts with nurse graves. at least one has to be on duty at any given time

carol has some degree of insomnia, also snores rlly fuckin loud but doesnt know it

charon Does Not Sleep

crowley’s a heavy sleeper and can usually stay knocked out till the afternoon. he sleepwalks tho so watch out

greta Cannot Sleep unless shes holdin onto someone, usually carol. she keeps a tight sleeping schedule so do not go to her for midnight snakcs and above all else do not wake her up

no one has ever seen griffon sleep but he is kinda chatty when he does

patches will sleep anywhere he Does Not Give A Fuck. he talks/snores/gnaws on his fingers and rolls over a lot. also a pretty heavy sleeper

quinn is a very light sleeper and keeps an inconsistent schedule. probably thrives on caffeine.

snowflake sleeps at precisely midnight every night, usually so he can get his bed before patchwork can take it. hates sleeping on the floor. would probably be the person to use like 20 blankets

tulip is a pretty light sleeper too and trues to keep a consistent schedule but It’s Hard. always reads before going to bed. she sleeps curled up Always

no one has seen willow sleep either. rumours say that she never does.

winthrop just works till hes exhausted more often than not. can maybe get a couple naps in during the day but it’s rare.

dog owner au

requested by magical dog owner anon. i know you also asked for the dogs’ names, but i was too indecisive and left names out. i’m so sorry, but i hope everything else is okay!

JinJin has two dogs, a Basset Hound he’s had since she was a puppy and a very old Pit Bull that he rescued from the animal shelter he volunteers at. He takes them both to the park every day, even though neither dog cares much about being there. The Basset Hound is too slow to keep up with most of the other dogs, so she usually just sniffs whoever is nearby and then lays in the sunshine and waits for someone to rub her belly. The Pit Bull has a bad leg and is happy to just sit at his feet while he talks to his friends (which is really why he goes there).

MJ’s Miniature Pinscher like short walks and long car rides. Sometimes, they get in the car and just cruise around town, so he can sit in MJ’s lap with his head out the window. Other times, they drive out to one of dog friendly cafes around town because he always gets so many compliments and treats from the servers. Every once in awhile, when the timing is right and MJ knows JinJin and Sanha will be there, they drop by the park to let his pup get the “zoomies” out. This basically entails the Mini Pin running laps around the park (MJ insists it’s called “zooming”), while MJ chats with JinJin and Sanha.

Eunwoo’s Australian Shepherd has a ton of energy, so he has to visit the park every day to give her time to exercise. Her favorite thing in the world is to herd Moonbin’s dog away from all the other dogs, but Eunwoo also brings a frisbee along for the days Moonbin isn’t there. She probably the best fetcher in town, returning the Frisbee every time, even when Eunwoo accidentally gets it stuck in the bushes. She also knows a handful of tricks (which JinJin taught her and Sanha makes her do every time he sees her).

Moonbin’s pup is some sort of black lab/hound mix with long, floppy ears and three white feet. Most of the time, Moonbin runs with him. But he takes him to the park on occasion, because it’s a guaranteed way to get to catch up with his friends. The dog’s main goal at the park is to steal everyone else’s balls and toys and run away with them. Moonbin is constantly having to chase him down and apologize to the other dog owners (unless Eunwoo is there, and then his Aussie keeps Moonbin’s mutt in line).

Rocky, like JinJin, has a rescue from the shelter. His Pit Bull doesn’t always get along with other dogs, so he avoids the park. Instead, he takes her hiking on the trails outside of town where she’s less likely to run into other dogs. For really long hikes, she has her own little backpack for snacks and water. Rocky knows that her missing ear and handful of scars make her look intimidating, and most people, with and without dogs, give them a wide berth. What those people don’t know is that, second only to peanut butter, her favorite thing is snuggling with Rocky on the couch.

A Pomeranian is not the type of dog Sanha would have sought out for himself, but a friend of a friend needed to re-home her Pomeranian, and Sanha accidentally volunteered. And now he spoils the dog with the most expensive food, fancy sweaters, and daily trips to the park. The first fifteen or twenty minutes of every visit, he plays fetch with her (which is really more him throwing the ball, her chasing it, and him chasing her to get it back). The rest of the time, she tries (and fails) to get JinJin’s Pit Bull to pay attention to her.

alternateastro | an astro au blog | requests: open! 

Anyway, just like @redmensch said yesterday, I am so fucking tired of, whenever someone brings up antisemitism, someone else has to say “Make sure this discussion doesn’t take up too much space. It’s taking away from talking about other marginalized groups.”

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Hey! I love your blog, and it's inspired me to start an advice blog to help others, if you don't mind, could you maybe post this to try and get my blog noticed? It's advice-xoxo, thank you!

Wow this made my day. I inspired someone else to help others…that’s pretty freaking cool! I just had to look back and reflect at how far my blog has grown and it’s making me emotional! I love you all so much and messages like these put a smile on my face all day long. Go follow @advice-xoxo ! A new blog that will definitely be going places:) xx

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Ok totally random but I will subconsciously associate whatever character someone has as a profile picture with said blogger or whatever. So like for u I obviously don't think that u are allura but I subconsciously have associated u the traits like kind and protective? I guess? Idk it's weird but just thought I'd share to see if anyone else does this too.

That’s so sweet! Those are the traits I like to think I share with Allura so thank you! I will be yall’s space mom