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If Much Ado About Nothing took place in a preschool classroom:
  • Beatrice and Benedick don’t know how to be friends. They tried yelling at each other, hitting, and biting. Those attempts were unsuccessful. 
  • Claudio, Hero, and Don Pedro decide to help them out… but their ideas are… questionable. 
  • Their very important list of ideas includes: 1. Convince them they are already friends 2. Draw pictures where they are friends 3. Masks
  • Leonato is that parent who is somehow both like ehhh let kids be kids and YOOO LET’S MEDDLE IN THIS
  • Don Jon is that kid who waits until the teacher isn’t looking, hits another kid, and screams when they hit back just to get them in trouble

i had a really cute dream that Uraraka somehow like…. got hurt, and was in the infirmary (which was, for some reason, huge), but the entire class was hanging around her and a few other students who were hurt (i can’t remember who else it was, but there were at least 3 others)

Bakugou was on her right side and he made her food, and absently brushed her hair while she talked with Mina. he was kinda acting like a grumpy caretaker. and then the class all ended up falling asleep in the infirmary and Bakugou ended up sleeping on the same bed with Uraraka. just kinda…. sprawled out next to her. he kinda looked like he might fall off the bed somehow, but didn’t

some of the other kids were like on the floor, or sleeping in other infirmary beds, or in weird positions, but they all refused to leave the room when their friends were all hurt, haha

and the funny thing is, in the dream, i thought it was from a new chapter or something and i was rushing to make a post about how cute certain panels were and was trying to crop one of them when i woke up

it was so cute, hahaha

I finally realized what bothers me about the whole “Teaching kids about asexuality somehow sexualizes them!!!”  argument.

Like… my parents gave me The Talk when I was about 7 or 8. I got my first sex ed class in school when I was in 5th grade. That’s a class full of 10-11 year olds being taught about sex.

So, it’s okay to teach really young kids about sex – before a lot of them have even hit puberty, so they probably don’t get a whole lot of sexual urges – but it’s not okay to tell them that they don’t need to want it?

Is that what the aphobes are telling me? Because that really sounds like what the aphobes are telling me.

”JJ says Leia and Rey hadn’t met before? RIP REY SKYWALKER.”

I’m sorry but why is it so impossible to imagine that Leia never met her niece before TFA when she didn’t meet her own father until ANH?


fucked up that in The Matrix (1999), they managed to somehow include a character that looks exactly like the kid at your school who was way too into The Matrix (1999)

dear people who see this: im so sorry



So there’s this anime coming out next season called ‘Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku’ (or ‘Magical Girl Raising Project) in which apparently 16 magical girls are put into a survival death game

Aside from the concept itself, my favourite part about this is how there’s a character with purple hair and eyes voiced by Yoko Hikasa

What I’m getting at here is Kyouko Kirigiri reincarnated as a goddamn magical girl and she STILL can’t catch a break from these killing games

So I know the whole “Albus Severus” controversy has been going on FOREVER now but I just saw an interesting post about it which got me to thinking. I agreed with a lot of the points it made but much like many other posts it implied that Harry somehow neglected people like Molly and Arthur and Remus by naming his kid after Snape and Dumbledore. 

But I really disagree with this? The thing about most of the people (apart from Hagrid) who the fandom consider “more worthy” of being the namesakes of Harry’s children is that they all have other people who can name their children after them. 

I see people complaining that Harry never called any of his children “Fred”, but wouldn’t Fred II have been born by then anyway? Same goes for Molly. Teddy’s middle name is “Remus” and honestly if I were Harry I would want to leave Remus to Teddy, should Teddy wish to name any potential future children after his father. 

But the thing about Albus and Severus is that they have no remaining family. They have no decedents who will remember them. They will both be mentioned in the history books, but they nonetheless remain very lonely figures, and I think Harry identified with that. 

I’m not saying that they aren’t both deeply flawed (though I think the tumblr attitude to both of them is very one-sided and I dislike it), but in a way I feel like it made total sense for Harry to name his son after them. 

Dumbledore did some deeply sketchy things regarding Harry’s treatment during the war, but the strain put on him was massive. He was the one person everyone looked to for the safety of the wizarding world and Harry knows that pressure. He knows how isolating that can be. 

When Harry sees Snape’s childhood he sees himself - lonely and abused, but finding solace in the magic of Hogwarts. There, of course, the similarities between them essentially end, but again that feeling of loneliness is something that Harry knows all too well. 

Its not about shunning those who loved him in favour of people who treated him poorly, it’s Harry knowing that most of those people have other family to remember them. Snape and Dumbledore don’t have that, and despite all the other shitty things they did, both of them did help Harry in their own ways. 

So Harry wants to ensure they are remembered, because if he doesn’t do it, who will?

I love Leia, but, like. Imagine, in a universe where the Jedi can carry children, thanks to the Force, Kylo/Ben finds out that, while, yes, his dad is Han Solo, Leia isn’t his mom. Imagine if Han and Luke had been together, and Luke gave birth to Ben, but, because of the Jedi code, no one could know, so Leia covered for her brother. Imagine Ben being so shocked, he turns to the one person he can still trust – Hux – and a love story follows, along with Luke’s return, and trying to accept the truth. Imagine.

Also, Obikin. Oh, my headcanon for Obikin.

I don’t know why, but I can’t stop thinking about a normally grumpy giant who everyone’s afraid of finding an abandoned tiny (like, baby to toddler age) and just taking them in for a while cuz they may be a grumpy ass but it’s not like they’re gonna just leave this child

And then, somehow the kid grows on them, and the next thing you know the giant fucking loves this kid and basically adopts them, but still acts super mean around other tinies and giants, despite the fact that their new child is currently using their hand as a jungle gym

Look I just need multi-size families and if no one else makes this I will

Ok, so aside from the fact that Tony and Ziva having a child is still so completely surreal and bizarre I think the thing that is more unreal and weird is that the child who is playing the child of Tony and Ziva ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE THE CHILD OF TONY AND ZIVA

anyway i would bet money on the fact that the marauders were those kids in school who, like, somehow always had food. at every possible moment. it’d be the middle of history of magic and lily would be falling asleep at her desk and james would nudge six granola bars at her and tell her to take her pic and she’d just look at him questioningly because “where the hell did you get these, potter?” and he’d just shrug and smirk and say “i have my ways”. they’d be sitting in the common room, studying, with almost an entire feast laid out in front of them on the table, complete with drinks and a slice of cheesecake. they’d be learning a new spell in transfiguration and remus would be munching on a chocolate frog. one time peter dropped his book bag and seven bananas fell out (”you’ve got to be prepared!”). sirius had three different brands of licorice candy in his robes. under each boys’ bed was a stockpile of food for emergencies, and when sirius got a particularly nasty letter from home, or remus was feeling down after a full moon, they’d dive in and eat chocolate until their covers were stained. james would sometimes pass first years crying in the hallway, and he’d kneel down and comfort them and send them on their way with a packet of bertie bott’s every flavor beans. if some random kid proclaimed loudly enough in class “i’m so hungry!”, sirius would chuck an apple at their head. and whenever anyone asked them why they felt the need to walk around like walking vending machines (”what on earth is a vending machine?”) they’d simply shrug and point to themselves and say “growing teenage boy”

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Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back. My Yami and Ammy.

If They Had A Kid…

  • Name: Satoru[gami]
  • Gender: Male
  • General appearance: Short black hair and fair skin. Indigo markings that are usually disguised, but appear more often as he grows up. Fond of dressing casually at home, but when out and about, he dresses a little more formally.
  • Personality: Satoru is a young man who, as soon as he could speak and read, almost seemed to immediately be wiser than his first few years. He prefers to not speak, if necessary, and when he does, often steers for deeper topics to talk about. A young god of learning and understanding, he only seeks to understand all he can, as well as the much needed balance of darkness and light that his parents exist for.
       However, he’s also a bit of a sickly child, not quiet suited for either side. Using too much darkness (especially when influenced by his inherited rage) hurts him. Using too much divinity? Hurts him. Because of this, he’s been raised more on the mortal plain, as the balance the land provides suits him and his health a lot better, in the long run.
  • Special Talents: As a young god born between light and dark, he is considered the “grey area” of his parents, balancing both within his grasp. He knows the brush techniques, but cannot use them all the time, as his brush sometimes doesn’t summon like it should.
       Has a wolf-seal hybrid form by default and must shapeshift proper fore-paws in. (Something like this.)
  • Who they like better: Both, equally. To anyone else, he’d explain it off as their importance to the world at large, but he does love them dearly.
  • Who they take after more: Slightly more of his father. Especially since when he gets mad, his powers default to darkness and it’s that darkness that often makes him unable to summon his brush.
  • Personal headcanon: Is the little kami of balance and understanding new things. Those who might pray to him would do so to find balance in their life (overcoming bad things) or to better understand something they can’t right now, whether learning something like a lanugage or understanding their friend better so they can continue to support that friend.
  • Face Claim: Selim Bradley from FullMetal Alchemist

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