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Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are very happy that their dormitory is in a tower. Most of the windows can be climbed out of and they pull themselves onto the roof. They don’t do it like the Gryffindors do, for bravery, but for solitude. There is an unspoken rule that if a Ravenclaw sees another Ravenclaw on the roof, they don’t talk. On the roof or afterwards. It’s a safe space. Sometimes it’s where Ravenclaws be the teenagers they are and smoke, while sometimes it’s a peaceful place to just read. If a Ravenclaw is sitting on the roof crying, any other Ravenclaw, friend or not, will go and sit on the roof with them until they calm down. And another unspoken rule is that if someone sat on the roof and cried more than twice in a week, they have to talk to someone about it, a friend, a professor, or Madam Pomfrey. This is what once led a third year Ravenclaw to march a first year Gryffindor, who had somehow made his way on the roof of Ravenclaw Tower, to Professor McGonagall. He thought he was in trouble, but became very confused when he was simply asked how he felt.

why is it that all of broduce 101 self introduction videos are them competing to be the most extra

like … there’s that kid who sat and ate chili peppers and nearly choked and that kid who randomly did a backflip and let himself be hit by various types of sports equipment while singing and that one legend who ended his by doing a bottle flip not to mention the center dressed himself in a present box and then proceeded to rip it in half and how could i almost forget that kid from jeju who started talking about his mom’s pig farm

i had a really cute dream that Uraraka somehow like…. got hurt, and was in the infirmary (which was, for some reason, huge), but the entire class was hanging around her and a few other students who were hurt (i can’t remember who else it was, but there were at least 3 others)

Bakugou was on her right side and he made her food, and absently brushed her hair while she talked with Mina. he was kinda acting like a grumpy caretaker. and then the class all ended up falling asleep in the infirmary and Bakugou ended up sleeping on the same bed with Uraraka. just kinda…. sprawled out next to her. he kinda looked like he might fall off the bed somehow, but didn’t

some of the other kids were like on the floor, or sleeping in other infirmary beds, or in weird positions, but they all refused to leave the room when their friends were all hurt, haha

and the funny thing is, in the dream, i thought it was from a new chapter or something and i was rushing to make a post about how cute certain panels were and was trying to crop one of them when i woke up

it was so cute, hahaha


I saw @xgracigloo(x) and @actualkana(x) do their versions, and I just had to try my hand at it.

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Voltron High School Au

Buckle up, cause this is a mess from start to finish

  • Lance and Keith suddenly start an old west standoff in the hallway during passing period
    • The freshies are very confused
  • Pidge: “Lockers are for dumbasses.“ 
    • Bends over to tie shoe. Gets crushed under the weight of their backpack
  • Senior year Shiro just dropped and started twirking in the middle of the Annual Lunch Room Dance OffTM
    • The supposed prize is free HC tickets
    • But we all know the real reward is hilarity and scrutinization
  • Pidge vowed murder when the Sophmores held up a ‘George shoots Lenny’ sign during an assembly freshman year
    • They were ironically the one to replace the sign come next year
    • They also happened to be the one to start the ‘fuck the freshmen’ chant during HC
    • Sendak was too busy laughing his ass of to repremand them in anyway
  • Lance’s the kid that blasts marache music during passing periods
    • Keith’s the one that tries to shove the speaker down his throat
    • He also managed to fit Lance into a locker one year
      • It was all for shit and giggles until Lance got stuck
        • A custodian only helped him out after taking pictures
        • …Which then circulated around the school
          • Shay found it very amusing
          • Lance’s mother did not
  • Speaking of Shay, she made ‘the SH-A’ club for variants of the name (Shea, Shae, Sheala, Shealin, etc.)
    • It’s surprisingly popular and meets twice a month
    • They bake brownies and plot the drill teams murder
  • Teacher: I can hear you music.”
    • Allura: “Good.”
  • Hunks the kid that plays Neko Atsume under the desk in class
  • That one time Shiro almost dropped sodium in water
  • That other time he nearly killed the FACS teacher with his cooking
  • When Pidge tried to bargain with the lunch ladies
    • All they wanted was a cookie
    • And vengeance
    • It’s always vengeance tbh
  • Hunk fainted in the middle of gym, woke up, then started speaking French for a solid ten minutes before switching back to English
    • He remembers none of it
    • The only reason no one freaked was cause it was SAT week
    • Really, it’s a reasonable explanation 
  • Shay met the team when she accidentally punched Shiro in the face
    • Let’s just say it had to do with salt and vinegar potato chips and a bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Keith somehow managed to get out of swim gym by convincing the teacher he was half mermaid
  • Lance tried  jumping out a first floor window during a fire drill
    • Said it was optimum time to 'flunk outta finals’
    • He was also the kid to have a stress induced heart attack and come back to school the next day
      • (*shrugs* “I had a project due.”)
  • Hunk accidentally attended detention once
    • He meant to go to the test make up room
    • Instead he was stuck next to the kid who shoved the starting quarterback down the English wing stairs
    • And that, my dear friends, is how Hunk meet Keith
  • Oh, and Shiro threw up in someone’s gym locker once
    • It was Hunk’s
    • Oops
  • That one time someone tried to sell pot to Pidge and failed miserably
  • Tbt when Keith wrote 'welcome to hell’ under the school sign
    • Then proceeded to get dragged into the principals office by the leg
      • Thanks for that, Sendak
    • He also managed to get a HC float on top of their rival schools roof without getting caught
    • The dude’s a legend among the student body
  • Coran’s the random, Irish accented English teacher that’s obsessed with stories involving fire and over the top analytics of LOTF
    • He also spends more time talking about Froid, Maslov, and Kohlberg’s theories than the actual book
  • Lance is the kid that calls teachers by their first name and somehow doesn’t get in trouble for it
    • Save for the one time he called Haggar by her first name
      • She nearly castrated him
      • Plus detention for one moth
        • Mama Mclain-Sanchez was not happy
  • Pidge will do anything to get to the outlet
    • Anything
    • They need their phone charged, goddamn it
  • Shay abuses the fuck outta 'Hawaiian shirt day’
    • It’s hilarious and terrifying at the same time
  • Keith’s the random dude that has Cup of Noodles every day seventh hour
    • Teacher: “Can you-”
    • Keith: slurp
    • Teacher: “-put that away-”
    • Keith: sluuurrrpppp
    • Teacher: “-please?”
    • Keith: makes eye contact “No.”
  • Allura with randomly quote the beginning of the pacer just to piss off her gym teacher
  • Shiro brings a spoon and a jar of peanut butter for lunch
    • Somehow he’s still alive
  • Also, Pidge binges on the terribly made mozzarella sticks
    • “It’s like someone fried string cheese.” *takes another bite* “Tastes terrible.”
  • Lance is the guy that never has a pencil. Ever. Not even during testing
    • He’s also the kid that borrows a mechanical pencil and keeps it
  • Shiro walked into the first day of finals with a supersized coffee and a 'fuck off’ attitude and absolutely no one gave him shit for it
    • He also flicked off every teacher and freshmen in the school
    • Individually
    • Pidge got most of it on Snapchat
    • It was glorious
  • Hunks the kid that wears a full body morph suit to school on Halloween
    • Nearly scares Haggar shitless when he sprints down the hall
    • Hey, a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do, especially when the cafeterias last corn dog is on the line
  • Pidge has stabbed nearly everyone in their grade with a pencil
  • Keith’s the jackass that stops in the middle of the hallway
  • Allura’s that one kid that just nonchalantly shoves people out of her way
    • She also pushes couples apart mid-make out to get to her locker
  • Hunk: “What'cha doing?”
  • Pidge: “Procrastinating”
  • Shiro’s almost burned down the school at least five times
  • Shay somehow managed to get the band and orchestra kids to like each other????
  • The freshmen started a club dedicated to worshipping Allura
    • Coran’s the supervisor
  • Pidge got stuck in the basketball hoop twice their junior year
  • Shay gets voted HC queen every year
  • Keith and Lance met during freshmen orientation and it’s been annoyance and mutual pining ever since
    • Even the deans are sick of their shit
      • Sendak: “For fucks sake, Kogane, just kiss him already!!”
      • Haggar: *making smoochy faces in the background* 
Pietro Maximoff supporting his children at sporting events would include...

Requested by anon
“Pietro supporting his children at sporting events fluffiness”

If I’m being honest, I had no idea how to put this into a full one shot, and thought a headcanon would have been easier and sometimes they’re just as good :)

Headcanon / Full Masterlists

small authors note: i gave you and pietro three kids. gender/names are not specified so that is all how your mind picks it up; for the kids i used their ages to specify which one i was talking about and use “they/them” pronouns 

  • Pietro would be so happy his kids like sports
  • It’s even better if they like to run track/cross country
  • let’s say you and pietro have three kids 
  • And, obviously, he is all about the running and making sure to work out because running!is!fun!!!!
  • even if you don’t like it, somehow it get’s passed down to your kids
  • but you don’t argue
  • at least they’re outside being active
  • and not staying inside watching tv shows excessively and on the computer for hours at a time
  • (HAHA who am i kidding my kids will have a tumblr from day one)
  • but they’re making friends from it
  • and they enjoy it
  • and they’re very hyperactive i mean look at pietro he’s hyper in itself of course your kids are like him, too.
  • so it’s getting all that energy out
  • FORGET “SOCCER MOM” he is the ultimate soccer dad
  • because nearly every kid starts out playing soccer (even i did…and now look at me)
  • he will volunteer to bring all the snacks and water for the kids
  • then after the season ends he will throw a huge party 
    • sometimes he gets to have it at stark tower if tony is out of town
    • dont tell tony
    • he cant know
  • he wishes he were the coach but with this superspeed thing it would be hard for the children to understand and he kinda has this whole “saving the world” thing on his shoulders so its probably not the best idea for him to do that
  • but damn
  • he is standing on the sidelines at every game
  • he is screaming for your kids team to get the ball
  • “pietro please don’t swear in front of the kids.”
  • pietro has gotten so into he’s sworn so much that he’s been asked to leave
  • pietro would be so hype to go to every. single. game.
  • Stark needed him for something? It can wait until after the game.
  • Cap needs him on a mission? He’ll be there once the game is over.
    • “Pietro, your kids will have a million games. You can miss this one.”
    • “They aren’t going to be this small ever again, I’m not missing the game. You are not my top priority, my kids are.’
  • fast forward a few years so we can talk about other sports than soccer
  • all throughout elementary school the eldest kid decides to stick with soccer and is really good at it
  • the middle kid ends up deciding soccer is not for them and picks up a bat ready to frickin hit that ball out of the park even if they are super small they still get home runs, and the youngest decides they like basketball.
  • and just because pietro is getting older does not mean he is getting any less hype. he will be hype all his life. he is pietro maximoff.
  • more years pass because there are more sports options as you get older so:
  • lets say now you and pietro have a sophomore (15-16 y/o), a eighth grader (13/14 y/o), and a seventh grader (like 12?)
  • in highschool the eldest is still sticking with soccer because they’re a fast runner and are really good, plus a bunch of their friends are still on the team and its really fun
  • pietro almost cries when they come home saying they want to join the team
    • “I’ve been waiting for this day to come”
    • “dad, are you crying?”
    • “He’s just happy, dear, you know he loves to run.”
    • “but it’s…it’s just cross country…I’m not even on the team yet.”
    • “Let him have this…it’s better that way”
    • “yn i am so fucking happy they like running wE CAN ENTER MARATHONS TOGETHER BABE”
    • “im happy for you pietro”
  • and when the middle child is in 8th grade (13/14 y/o) they make the baseball/softball team 
  • so now they’re not in a random team outside of school this one is with the school
  • pietro loves to help throw the ball for them to hit back and run around the backyard
  • yes, the child and pietro have broken so many windows you have found non shattering glass
  • they still break it
  • but hey thats how the kid hits the home runs
  • the amount of balls on your roof though
  • there are so many
  • one day it gets to window out and everyone is at the table eating dinner and all the sudden like fifteen balls go past the window
    • “please stop hitting them on the roof”
  • there is no stopping pietro
  • okay and your youngest child is not as into sports as the other two, but really likes basketball
  • they don’t want to be on the school team, they like the community team better and have more friends there
  • the youngest is more introverted and quiet and at school, very shy, so they like to do a lot of reading and writing and you best bet they have a wattpad and a tumblr and an ao3
  • so when people from school hear that the youngest maximoff will literally scream on the court, no one believes it because no one from the school is on the community team and doesn’t think young maximoff is capable of screaming
  • one day they’re invited to play at recess 
  • and damn, young maximoff makes everyone’s eyes go wide when they get on the court
  • because they have skills
  • young maximoff knows what they’re doing
  • young maximoff will call someone out if something is wrong
  • young maximoff is not afraid to yell
  • young maximoff is a really good shot
  • but dang when recess is over and they go back to being their shy selves, people still want to talk to them and get to know them
  • and before they know it, young maximoff is asked to play basketball everyday
  • to wrap this up pietro loves his kids and is so so so so so so supportive and loves to watch them run around the field (or on a track) and is very pleased.
  • now he’s just waiting for the day one of them comes home saying “uh, mom, dad, i can run…really fast…like dad…”
  • because bruce told them since the power is in pietro’s dna it’s a possibility that the kids could have the power, too
  • but until then, you and pietro will watch from the sidelines with big smiles on your faces
  • pietro is soccer mom™

He loved cars and girls and getting into fights…Neapolitan ice cream and the color green…and most of all he loved the thrill of being Robin.

Jason Todd falls in love.

It’s easy for him, Bruce observes. Like water, or like breathing. His heart bleeds each and every time, but he can’t help it.

He falls in love each time.

The first that Bruce knew of was a girl in his art class. Her pale hair always tangled in a bun, and she always managed to look like a half-frightened deer. But Jay loved her with the shy love of a twelve year old, with the reckless idea that seventh grade lasts forever.

Then there was Rena. Oh, but did that boy moon over Rena. She was sharp, but in that intriguing sort of way. Like a brambleberry bush and its thorns, all brown and dry but full of promise. She hurt him, in the way young girls always do. Too inexperienced to really care, at least properly. Jason was devastated, but he was still a child. Childhood love becomes lodged in you, a tender memory that loses its pain as time goes on. Eventually your wound goes golden and you look back fondly.

There were others, a rainbow of girls ranging from interests and hobbies and, hell, once he hit high school, philosophies. Jason always had girls around. He liked girls, genuinely liked them. And girls liked Jason, because he treated them like people. His soft words and smiling eyes helped some too, but Jason was never interested in fooling. He was upfront and clear as glass and just…Jay. 

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anonymous asked:

Dude, how is your life so perfect? It really seems like you've got a guardian angel or something.

my ‘guardian angel’ is having been born into a loving, supportive, white middle class family with two parents who adore me and have always given me whatever I needed without a thought

my excellent education is a direct result of the privileges of my upbringing and the cool career opportunities I’ve gotten so far have been because I’ve made great connections at my university so it really all traces back to that same old thing

I’m not better than you or more deserving; in many ways I’m just playing the game of life on easy mode and I’m hyper-aware of that every day. if there was ever a month where I couldn’t pay my rent I wouldn’t feel afraid for a second because I know my parents would happily and easily take care of it and that’s the sole reason I’m able to do all these things

Alright yall I have a thing

What if Rebecca Barnes grew up and had children. And then those children had children and so on. 

One day, one of the great grand kids gets an assignment in history class about finding an interesting ancestor and writing an essay on them. So the kid goes on Ancestry.com and learns that Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, is his great grand uncle. 

And that kid tell his parents and the entire family is like “woah!!”

So somehow, the kid contacts Tony Stark and asks him about Bucky. And Tony, feeling extremely guilty for how he treated him, comes up with a brilliant plan. 

When Bucky Barnes wakes up in 2018, he’s surrounded by all of his nephews and nieces and grand nephews and nieces and that one specific kid walks up to him and holds out their hands. 

In their hands is a giant scrapbook of Grandma Rebecca’s life and his family.

Please give me a hug i’m in tears omg. 

Originally posted by catnoir-will-jace

dear people who see this: im so sorry

since it’s relevant, some notable bits from sentimental na ongakku etc:

Reita’s lil nose, and a scarf in the time before Kai

Aoi in black lipstick and a torn outfit all whilst looking like an emo kid

Uruha with anime eyebrows, rocking a lacy emo dress and stockings yet somehow not looking like an emo kid

and of course Ruki, suffering

Student Council Prez [10]

Episode 9 - Episode 10 - Episode 11
Words: 5.1k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

Just ask him.

UGH! No! In what world do you think he’s going to say yes? He’ll probably laugh at you. You’ll be embarrassed for the rest of your life!

Since when have you ever had any shame Y/N?! Just ask! Jesus Christ! It’s not that difficult just do it!



“Are you alright?” Yoongi perks his head up from the couch, watching as you’re deliriously shaking your head at nothing. You sigh, one huge long breath that takes up twenty seconds before you slowly turn to him.

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hetaliankilljoy  asked:

How about a fluffy destiel single dads au, where they meet somehow because of their kids (like a toy store where one is the clerk or something)? (You said it's time for prompts:) )

Love this! Here you go :) I might develop this into a longer one! In fact, I am absolutely going to develop this. Keep an eye on my AO3 later today! And I actually pulled a thin plotline from my DCBB fic into this too ;)

Sammy, five years old, runs up to the counter with a pink and orange stuffed dinosaur in his hand, and stands on tiptoe to hand it to the clerk. Dean is a few steps behind him, completely distracted by how awful the toy is, and simultaneously thankful that this time Sammy hasn’t gathered up almost every toy in the shop and cried fat tears while asking why he can’t take them all home. He’s so distracted by the dinosaur in fact, that he doesn’t notice the (considerably attractive) man staring at him from across the counter, and has to ask him to repeat what it was he had just said. His cheeks don’t flush with embarrassment until he looks up, staring into clear blue eyes and a polite smile, showing perfect white teeth, then he turns the colour of a stoplight as his brain registers damn, this guy is cute.

The guy, who is wearing a plastic nametag reading ‘Cas’ merely smiles at him and says, in a rough, husky voice: “My kid likes that one too. I’m still struggling to see why.”

“I know, right?” Dean exhales in relief. The guy clearly doesn’t think he’s a total blundering idiot. “It’s so…garish!”

Cas shrugs. “That I can understand. The bright colours help with cerebral development. I just think it looks like it comes alive at night. Look at those eyes. Totally evil.” He drops his voice to say the last part, but it doesn’t matter; Sammy is distracted by a display of flashing lightsabers, and Dean decides to pay quickly so he doesn’t get the pleading eyes and quivering bottom lip that come out whenever Sammy really wants something. He can’t resist that expression. He tugs out his wallet, and notices Cas staring over at Sammy with a fond expression.

“How old is your kid?” He pulls out a wad of cash, and Cas rings the dinosaur through the till.

“Hmm? Oh, they’re four. Twin boys. Little monkeys, both of them, as you can imagine.” Cas’ eyes light up as soon as he starts talking. “How old is yours?”

“He’s five.” Dean takes his receipt and the dinosaur. “Uhm,” He stalls, wondering if he’s crazy to ask his next question. What the hell. All in the name of settling in. “We just moved here, actually, and Sammy doesn’t start school for another two weeks. Would you be interested in a play date? Get the kids together, maybe go for a picnic or something?” He gestures to the large floor-to-ceiling window at the front of the toy store. “The scenery around here is gorgeous. I know you’re probably really busy. But I just thought, you know, if you weren’t…”

“I’d love to.” Cas cuts him off smoothly, extending his hand across the counter so it rests in the middle, palm down. “ My twins love making new friends, and we’re great tour guides. It would be my pleasure. I’ll probably need your name first, though.”

“Oh! It’s Dean. Dean Winchester. And that’s Sammy.” Sammy is currently sitting in the middle of the floor reading a Beauty and the Beast colouring book - upside down.

“I’m Cas. Here,” Cas scribbles something on the back of Dean’s receipt. “Give me a call sometime and we’ll get a date… a playdate arranged?”

As Dean leaves the store with Sammy in tow, he can’t help the pleased glow that pulses in his chest. Settling in is going just fine, and was that accidental that Cas had said date because if it wasn’t then Dean can certainly think of worse ways to spend his time… He fervently hopes Cas is single too.

They hop into the Impala, parked right outside the toy store, and when Dean chances a glance back over his shoulder, he sees Cas watching them go, a gentle smile playing at his perfect lips.