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I'm actually really pissed.

Yesterday someone makes some jabs about my height.

And I don’t really care about my height. This is how tall I am. I can’t fucking change it and I don’t really care to.

It doesn’t affect anything except maybe that I have less expensive clothes and can be carried out from emergency situations while your giraffe ass gets left behind.

But it did piss me off because it came out of fucking nowhere?

And what the fuck anyway, like, I’m just trying to play a game here and suddenly someone’s calling me a midget for no reason, like, that’s the angle of insult he thought he would go for?

Like he’s trying to be funny and playfully insulting.

He’s trying to be animentality-levels of dickishly amusing.

But animentalitys written conduct is different than his verbal conduct.

And just out of the blue warbling about how I’m short and how apparently hilarious the fact is?

It’s just being a dick at that point.

Making fun of my gaming skills, whatever, but I can’t change my height.

I wouldn’t even if I could.

It’s a dumb thing to be irritated by, but a lot of my gaming friends have been getting on my nerves.

You know why?

Because no one understands that I like a good insult here and there and some friendly teasing.

But just insulting my physical appearance isn’t amusing, not to me.

And it’s also not particularly clever either. People say my height explains my anger, oh haha, aren’t you original, but fine. People say it must be hard to hear them from down there, oh hardy har har, never heard that before, but fine.

But just saying I’m shorter than “(insert item here)” and how crazy that is, I mean, do you write for family guy?

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So ok i kno ppl r like making kuroo the perfect bf or whatever even tho he can b a lil shit sometimes and like weird little things he does. So headcannon about kuroo and his flaws and some quirks ?

Many people see him as this godly smooth bf and even though that’s a nice image, Kuroo is such a dork and a nerd. I also have some things [here] about him that could go with your request.

Tetsurō Kuroo:

  • As smart, quick to think and collected as he is, when Kuroo is tired, he can spill out some nonsense he himself can’t believe he’s saying. He also tends to act more on impulse than usual, his actions becoming more brash and less analyzed.
  • Sometimes he doesn’t realize that his sarcasm can be too stingy and sometimes he accidentally hurts the feelings of the people he cares for. He’s quick to apologise and win their forgiveness tho. He never wants to hurt the people he loves.
  • Kuroo is very intelligent and with his love for knowledge and science he could get very far and into reknown Universities. But sometimes he finds himself unable to get the motivation to study when there’s a chapter he despises, making him procrastinate.
  • When he’s nervous, he has the habit of cracking his joints when playing with his fingers, a quirk which really annoys Yaku and Kenma, but he can’t stop it.
  • Have I told you about puns? I’m sure I did! Kuroo would love to annoy his friends with puns, especially when he knows they are absolutely terrible. He has been thrown out of the Nekoma group chat a couple of times because of that, but there’s no sign of stopping.
  • Underneath, he is a perfectionist and he always beats himself up if some things don’t go according to plan, be it in volleyball or school. Especially at tests, if Kuroo makes a mistake just because he wasn’t fully paying attention, he’ll be frustrated about it a long time.
Rachel Miner

Note: I didn’t write this after SeaCon because I was in a really bad place with my depression. I tried writing some things and just wasn’t satisfied with the nonsense I was putting out. So…months later here’s the thing I should have written back then.

Y’all. Can we talk about Rachel Miner for a second? This chick is made of love and magic and I don’t even understand how we got so lucky to have her in our SPNFamily. We all try to take really good care of each other and be kind. Rachel, though…she’s on a different level altogether. 

My friends and I met Rachel before con even officially began. We were standing outside of the hotel with a random assortment of other con attendees whom we had just met. One of the girls in our group informed us that a car had just pulled up and Rachel was arriving. Being who I am, I was terrified and wanted to melt into the sidewalk. The girls decided that we would all shout “Hi Rachel!” together once she got out of the car and was situated. I think three out of eight of us managed to squeak anything out. 

Here’s the really surprising and amazing thing, Rachel was delighted to see us. She seemed so surprised that people were standing there and wanted to say hello to her. We all inched closer and closer to hear her talk. Remember, folks…don’t scare off cast members in the wild. Approach slowly. All of us were trying to give her space and not get yelled at by her handler (btw, her handler was super kind and patient with us.) This was a whole new world for so many of us. A cast member wanted to talk to us

“Guys! Handler’s trying to handle!” my friend called out from the back of our pack. 

Before we could disperse, though, Rachel asked us for hugs. That’s right…she. asked. us. I was blown away. Getting a chance to hug Rachel and speak to her outside of the convention was a highlight of my weekend. My mom has MS (like Rachel) and I know how hard it can be to make commitments and stick to them. It takes so much more effort than completely healthy people can imagine. It meant everything to me to get a chance to thank her for making the effort to come be with us.

Rachel’s panel was an absolute delight. Rob and Rich escorted her on stage (as a true queen deserves.) I was first in line to ask a question on my side of the room. The volunteer leaned over and said that Rachel would talk for a minute and then it would be my turn. Unfortunately, a minute was just about all the prep time I got and I was surprised I got to speak so quickly! 

Even now, I feel a little guilty for my question. I’ve always been a fan of Yellowcard and had only recently realized Rachel had been in one of their videos. Time means nothing to a fangirl, and I asked about the experience of working on the video. She handled my question really well, even though I was backing away like “Please, don’t worry! I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast! You don’t have to remember things from years ago!” 

The best part of her panel was how she spoke from the heart. A friend of mine had been struggling with physical limitation due to chronic pain. It was upsetting her that she couldn’t be as mobile as she wanted to be. Something big happened in that room, though. Rachel spoke of learning to work with what isn’t working each day. She talked about finding ways to restructure plans without surrendering herself to MS. My friend decided to heed Rachel’s wise words and used a wheelchair for the rest of the convention. There was no need to keep causing herself more pain. Because of Rachel, my friend was able to figure out a way to work with what wasn’t working and have a great weekend.

The line to get Rachel’s autograph was super long and definitely took a minute to get through. Here’s the reason, though, she was having a chat with everyone. This lovely woman was taking time to really say hello and ask questions of the autograph seekers. By the time I got to the front of the line, I think I was a little overwhelmed. I had Rachel sign a painting that I had made. It wasn’t fancy or anything. Just a Megstiel thing done with spraypaint and sharpie. It completely blindsided me that she was trying to chat with me. So….I kind of made a goob of myself and probably looked more than a little lost. We went back and forth on where she should sign the painting:

“Where would you like me to sign?”
“Anywhere is fine with me.”
“But, where would make you happy?”
“There is literally nowhere on there that will make me sad.”

It was so crazy for me that she cared so much about me being happy with where her autograph wound up.

As I gathered up my painting, again, I told Rachel how much it meant to me that she was there. And…she started tearing up. Y’all, I am utterly useless when people cry. Like…seriously. All I could do was quickly say “Oh, my god. Please don’t cry? Can I…hug you???” She let me come around the table and give her a hug. It was a great moment.

Finally story to tell you how gracious and cool this woman is:

Saturday of con, I was in the lobby. The wind was blowing pretty seriously outside and I couldn’t think of any good reason to still be out there. I had smoked more than enough cigarettes and didn’t need to freeze to death just hanging out. Through the front door, I saw Rachel getting ready to leave. She had stopped to take a selfie with a fan. Because Saturday!Me is only afraid of Mark Sheppard, it seemed like a great idea to run out and ask for a selfie. I had my camera ready to go and hustled outside before she left. 

Approaching her from behind, I called out “I’m not trying to be a creeper and scare you, I promise!” 

She turned around and I quickly asked for a selfie, which she agreed to (if I was fast about it because she was about to leave!) Looking at that picture now, it cracks me up how well she handled it. I didn’t even realize I had my hood up on my sweatshirt when I approached her. Imagine being in a scooter and having a six foot tall weirdo wearing a hoodie approach you from behind. This woman is grace under pressure.

All of that is to say the following:

We are so fucking lucky to have Rachel with us. I am so grateful that someone as kind and loving as her is part of our family. Over the past month I have seen her grow on social media. She has gotten involved with Wayward and Gishwhes and all sorts of shenanigans and it’s fucking beautiful.

Here’s the thing, though:

Rachel…I see you. It’s really easy to see you’re testing the waters. At times you might feel like you’re playing with toys that might get taken away from you at any moment. I want you to fully understand this: You belong with us. You are one of us. We’re not going to ditch you and decide you’re not cool enough or Wayward enough for us. You are the exact amount of enough that you need to be and you are loved more than you’ll ever know.


July 25 2017

Ok holy shit. I am really bad about talking on camera, but I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone that’s been following me so far and THANK YOU so much for being patient with both me and @cyriusli with our ZoSan Egyptian AU!

For those of you who don’t follow, if you’d like to see Kitty-Pharaoh-Sanji and Son-of-Anubis-Zoro get together and be cute and smutty together, you can FOLLOW HERE!

Now since I’m absolutely awful about talking coherently on camera, I’ll decipher some of my garbled nonsense in text:

Again, THANK YOU so much for all the attention Kittypatra-ZoSan has been getting. I’m not the biggest or best artist on tumblr or the internet, so this really means a lot to me that people would be interested in my art. I know that my partner @cyriusli (she’s on hiatus right now, but Chapter 2 is coming out in a few days with Anubis!Zoro) appreciates this so much as well!

I know that Sanji wearing nothing but a loincloth or shendyt isn’t the most original thing in the world, because COME ON, we don’t get enough of shirtless Sanji EVER! It’s always Zoro! Haha! Other than the sweet sexy post-timeskip Sanji I have going up tonight for all of you, I also will be making more vlogs about how I make my art. As you can see from the video, I have a separate device from my laptop that I use to make my art! It’s a lot of detail to go into, so I’ll make some more coherent videos in the future!

I wanted to start making these videos as some form of getting back into the ‘recording’ thing I used to do a lot when I had a youtube channel. If you guys are familiar with THIS VIDEO, I was the one who made that. I’ve sort of abandoned my channel now because ergh, creepypastas aren’t scary anymore, so I wanted to try something new that would maybe help me get back into the spirit of making videos.

With that said, BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR SEXY SKIMPY SANJI! Haha! If you think that shendyt-wearing pre-timeskip character design was all I had up my sleeve and I can’t make him any skimpier you’re DEAD WRONG! Let’s all enjoy some nekomimi-blackleg eh?!

- Mossy

PS: I know my camera was moving really fast, I’m sorry! If you’d like to support either me or cyriusli, you can do so by checking out my page where it links to my patreon and @cyriusli‘s page where it links to her ko-fi so we can keep bringing you more ZoSan art and fics! 

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Wait how did those girls end up eating with baekhyun??? like he just joined them?

idk but they probably did some type of sell ur soul 2 the devil nonsense and honestly? i’d do the same for byun baekhyun 

okay, okay, hear me out:

what if the boy who lived was the girl who lived? scruffy tomboy harriet “call me Harry” potter, getting extra rubbish from the Dursleys both from being a girl and being the wrong kind of girl

and absolutely nothing in the entire 7-book series changes except for pronouns. because girls can be brave and imperfect and angry and sulky and loud just like boys can.

(except a girl harry would room with Hermione Granger and the Patil twins instead of Ron and Sean, but that’s literally the only thing I can think of that might change)

A Crooked Way to Fly (15k)

“We can’t just leave him here to die.”

“He’s an emissary, Scott.” Derek tried to make his tone empathetic, but Scott’s tendency to fight back on everything always grated on his nerves. “His pack is gone, he won’t survive more than a day or two either way.”

“Then we should stay with him.”

Derek sighed as he studied the man for a moment; he was too pale against the fur rim of his hood, almost grey from lying out in the snow, and his cloak was stained with dark dried blood around a protruding arrow shaft. It was unlikely he would even last the night. They would probably be able to carry on in the morning with little time lost, if any.

It wasn’t a horrible idea, Derek decided reluctantly. They hadn’t been able to set up a real camp for a few weeks in the open foothills, and they were all on edge from sleeping in exposed areas. A defensible place to sleep would be good for them, even if they were surrounded by death. They would be able to give the pack proper burials, at the very least.

“Fine. One night,” Derek relented, already moving away to check on Isaac. “He’s your responsibility.”


I imagine the family skate was….A Lot for Jack.


Lyra lied out of NECESSITY. She lied to prevent her brother from being KILLED.

Maggie lied to PROTECT ALEX FROM EMOTIONAL STRESS. She lied to help her partner cope with her new identity and ensure that her coming out experience wasn’t miserable like hers was. It was a SELFLESS lie.

Mon-El lied for CONVENIENCE. He lied because he was fully aware that the DEO would throw him in jail if they knew his true identity. He lied to PROTECT HIMSELF FROM BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS COWARDICE AND LONG HISTORY OF SELFISH CRUELTY.

Stop comparing their lies and pretending that they are the same. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.

about shiro not backing keith’s story in bom: i think there’s other factors that a lot of people overlook. namely, the fact that shiro’s response isn’t just him reacting to an isolated incident–its him finally putting together the pieces after a long time of dealing with constant doubt and concern. because he knows something’s up with keith. in season 2, he’s the only one that does. on two separate occasions, he takes keith aside and tries to talk to him, to ask him what’s wrong, to try and get him to open up. and every time keith shuts him out? you can see the fear on shiro’s face, can see that he feels like they’re slowly drifting apart and he’s losing keith

these two strike me as friends who probably used to tell each other everything. so the fact that keith is refusing to talk now, that he’s forcing this distance between them? shiro doesn’t know what to think. and when he sees keith has this alien knife and is maybe part galra? maybe isn’t even from earth at all? shiro is very quickly finding out that this person he’s very close to, someone who he thought he knew everything about, is quite literally becoming alien. his best friend is suddenly a stranger, and he’s questioning whether he ever even knew him at all  

looking at shiro’s face here, he looks just as panicked as keith. despite how good he is at improvising and acting, he doesn’t even have it in him to scrape together an excuse or cover story. he’s genuinely shocked, and just blurts the words out without thinking. “I…I don’t know”–he hesitates, stumbles. he’s seeing the person he thought he was really close to in a whole new light, and he doesn’t know how to handle it

and keith? when he’s down on the ground, the first thing he says is “Shiro, you know me.” becuase he’s trying desperately to bridge that gap, to make shiro see–to prove that, even if keith’s going through some shit, even if he doesn’t know who he himself is, he hasn’t changed. the person shiro knew is still the same. 

also, look at shiro’s face after that exchange. that doesn’t look like someone who just sold out or distrusts their friend. he takes the time to look at keith and kinda check in, to see how vulnerable and scared he looks (scared because he thinks shiro doesn’t trust him)

before he goes right back to glaring and confronting the bom

he then tells keith theyre leaving and starts walking away. he realizes there’s some kind of conflict here between keith and the bom, so he tries to separate them. if he really didnt trust his friend, he would’ve insisted he either 1 hand over the knife or 2 started asking a bunch of personally invasive questions–after all, this is the person that insisted on morally grey mind control interrogation to extract information from a galra. 

instead, he sees how honestly hurt and confused keith looks, so he gives him some space and tries to quickly remove him from the situation 

and when keith insists on staying? shiro’s worried look in the background there? even if he doesn’t understand what’s been going on with keith all this time, he’s clearly concerned, clearly cares. he backs off a bit and let’s keith say his piece, because he realizes just how much all this means to him. shiro doesn’t interfere again until after he hears keith’s life will be on the line, and immediately tries to get him out of there 

he goes right up to keith’s side when he tries to reason with him, and we get a repeat of that shoulder touch thing these two do so much. shiro especially does this to keith a lot, and it honestly seems like a kind of grounding thing. he reaches out to keith, tries to tell him that whatever’s going on his life isn’t worth it, holds onto him to offer some kind of comfort. the way shiro tries to convince him here reminds me a lot of that thing joaquim said in an interview, about how “shiro is sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” shiro very much tries to do that here, sees that keith is angry and upset and tries to keep him from making a reckless decision. 

was shiro really taken aback and hurt initially? i think so, yes. but once he kinda has a bit of time to recover and think things through he’s still thinking of keith and trying to help him as best he can–this is also why he doesn’t try to stop him again until it’s absolutely necessary, because he respects keith’s volition and understands the importance of that autonomy. when push comes to shove, regardless of the situation, shiro still steps up to protect keith 


“So I had my avatar marry Izana because apparently you can do that” resulted in a child that looks a lot like his father but got none of that laid-back personality and a whole lot of pointless energy (which he uses, of course, for evil)

@iceychuu had a hand in some of this

[also some of the images have captions have fun]

Ways to Have Fun in Fandom

1. Focus on creating your own content. Even if it doesn’t get a lot of traction right away, it will get seen by some people and they will enjoy it.

2. Compliment and support other artists if you like their stuff. Don’t be clingy or fantasize interacting with other popular content creators, just support them like you would an artist or a writer in real life.

3. Be generally polite to your online peers and be careful with being obsessive. Understand that everyone has personal boundaries and they all vary from user to user.

4. Spread your interests out to keep from getting creatively burnt out on something if you want to focus on it long term.

5. Write down all the ideas for content you’d like to create and pick the top three you you want to do most. You’re not going to have time or energy to make everything all at once, it’s ok if you miss other ideas.

6. Try to finish projects but don’t feel guilty about posting small sketches or writing in small chunks or works in progress.

7. Don’t feel bad about stopping production of content if you’re sick of it and want to move into anything else. Fandom usually isn’t something you do for profit, and in the grand scheme of things, notes and reblogs won’t count for much.

8. If something stops being fun, enjoy what you did and move on. It’ll still be there if you ever want to go back to it.

9. Try to stay casually in contact with people you’ve interacted with, explain why your leaving or taking a break from the fandom, and support their works if you’re still on good terms with them. Even if you do leave their fandom, it’ll show good sportsmanship.

10. Take breaks from tumblr and share work over multiple platforms. Twitter, instagram, and Facebook are all good ways to get tranction for your content, even if Tumblr is the go-to for fandom interactions.

I’ve seen a lot of the “Lance’s family immigrated to America” thing in fanfics, but the beach he mentions is in Cuba, so I’ve been thinking…

Please consider: a Lance who isn’t an American citizen. Who grew up watching Florida’s space shuttle launches through a scope his father dragged down to the beach at Varadero. Who literally spent years trying to train away his Cuban accent so he’d have a better chance of being accepted into the world’s most advanced space program. Who has to balance worries about his student visa not being renewed with the challenges of his tough piloting courses. Whose feelings of inferiority to Keith are being badly exacerbated by snide whispers from classmates about how he must have only gotten in on affirmative action. Whose disappearance causes an international incident between America and Cuba.

(And maybe also: A Lance who’s able to automatically accept Galra!Keith not just because “Ooh fuzzy <3” but because he knows exactly what xenophobia and racism feel like–knows exactly what it’s like to be treated like an alien in the one place he most wanted to belong, and he refuses to ever make someone else feel the way he did.)

Just sayin’.

You know, reading @whitefire321′s post gave me another opportunity to draw background Camilla and here she is

cant believe fred andrews is gonna roll up, bail jughead out of jail, throw his dads ass down in the street, sign the custody of child papers, take everyone to pops for dinner, pay off jughead’s tab at pops, build jughead a bed, dresser and desk for their spare room with his own hands in the driveway, open a college fund for jughead, drive to bring his mom and jellybean home safety, make jughead a gourmet 5 course meal and buy him a dog 

But you aren’t a chicken…? 

Those kid education books about animal sounds is probably different in every country, but I have a lot of foreign classmates in art school and we have an ongoing chicken inside joke. And we say ‘bok’ or 'pekak’ for chicken noises.