or so people in this situation know they have every right to get out of it


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“It’s like ‘The Matrix’.”

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Yo, for sure, if that’s your situation then I’m not doubting you. You know your life better than I do, so if you say it’s that way, then it is. I’m just saying that I’ve had it with posts like “does anybody actually have a good relationship with their dad???” (that’s an actual post I saw circulating a while back) because that’s just cultivating hate. You may not see eye to eye with your parents, but unless they’re abusive, what reason do you have to hate them? And statistically, most people do have good relationships with their parents. 

Tumblr just feels like some kind of teenager stuck in their rebel phase to me, like “oh fuck parents wow im such a badass i said ‘fuck my parents’”. And it’s pissing me off when people complain needlessly when actual people out there have every right to complain but don’t because they’re automatically put in the same boat as the ones with the petty complaints if they do. 

Also, more things I wanted to respond to in fullyarticulatedgoldskeleton​‘s post.

Every person can only connect to an issue by going through their own internal processes first.

That’s so, so important and I want to single it out. It’s like… just as people have different learning styles, people have different emotional absorption styles.

Some people can get everything from reading essays and blog posts. Some people need to know someone who’s been in that situation, or imagine that someone they know is in that situation (”what if it was your daughter?”) And some people, yes, do have a positive response to Nuker-style tactics - it’s just not everyone.

If you don’t know what I just said there, read this post on Nukers, Appeasers, and other activism styles - an understanding that I think has really fallen by the wayside. It popped up in 2009, right when RaceFail was happening (the kickoff point, I think, for the whole online SJ movement), and talks a lot about how Appeasers are dominant in the activism sphere and Nukers are generally disliked. It made a good point - but I think as RaceFail gained momentum, pretty much everybody blew past that point (we need a balance of tactics to make progress, not just one, and different strokes work for different folks) and tried to redress the balance in favour of the Nukers, and never actually stopped.

Now, in 2015 on some parts of the internet, it’s almost taboo to be an Appeaser, and being a Nuker is seen as the only legitimate tactic. We haven’t redressed the balance, just swung it way in the other direction. And the point that Genderbitch (I hope that’s your preferred name, sorry, couldn’t find any other) made is still getting ignored: that we need a spread of approaches, and also, careful use of each of those approaches in the times and places where each are needed.

(I’m gonna continue this in a second post; stay tuned. This is 1 of 2.)

My baby ❤️ hope you’re all having a good day!:) Appreciate everything in the moment. You only live every second once, don’t let it slip away worrying about the future. Life’s a learning journey, you don’t need to get it right every step of the way. Don’t compare yourself to somebody else, cause everyone is at different places in their lives. Someone may be fit, healthy and busting it out in the gym, you on the other hand might not be so fit and interested in the gym and that’s fine! That person may have gone through a similar process or stage in their life to you. People’s goals in their lives are all different and vary depending on their situation and what’s going on in their personal life. Also, you never know what’s going on behind the scenes. Someone could look like they have the “perfect” life to you, but maybe they are restricting their calories and obsessing over body image all the time in order to get that “perfect.” I remember being like 5-6kg less than I am now and in my recent pics ( a while ago) and people saying “uh perfect body” “not fair, I’m so jealous” “you’re so lucky” I hated those comments. I wasn’t naturally super skinny, enjoying a balanced life, thriving… I was recovering from putting my body through starvation, but to others all they could see was a smiling girl with a really slim body! Focus on feeling good now! You only get one body, don’t exercise too much, eat super clean like your life depends on it cause it doesn’t and try not to compare with others cause you don’t know the full story ❤️ by healthyisbalance http://ift.tt/1EE6Pge

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Hey so I'm coming to WSU next year and I want to know how is the campus? More specifically, and let's be honest please, is racism alive there? How do you feel about Black people? Would you date a black guy (youre pretty hot btw)? Etc. Please be honest.

This is my first semester at WSU, and I have friends from high school here so I haven’t be in very diverse situations. However, in my small classes, I’ve met more foreign exchange students.. But I love it here. I was previously at a community college, and I really missed school pride and spirit. I would recommend doing a school tour to get a feel for it. Also, there are so many culture clubs and help centers for just about every culture here in the CUB. Definitely check it out and feel free to shoot me more messages and thank you!

As for dating, I’m not really looking for anything right now but personality is everything.

i feel like if family knows you’re coming to visit, they should be okay with you staying at their place. like, dad. calm down. he’s your brother. yeah, i get it. don’t just assume things. you got in trouble for it when you just showed up on people’s doorsteps when you were younger. this isn’t about you trying to make sure i don’t make your mistakes.