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You never could look at yourself, Addy,” she says.
What you wanted, what you’d do to get it. But here you are.”
You wanted it. It’s yours now,” she says.
It was always you.

-shit I kissed my best friend and booked it AU-

“Hey, Minho, can I tell you something?”

As is usual at midnight on a Saturday, they’re using Minho’s PS3.

His living room has been trashed as much as two teenage boys can trash a room; that is to say, quite a lot. There are crushed chips on the floor, an empty pizza box, foil wrappers covering up a soda stain in the carpet that Minho says he plans to “deal with sooner or later”.

He still made Thomas take off his shoes, though.

Minho keeps his eyes on the screen. “If you make some stupid headshot pun I will murder you for real.”

Thomas kicks his shoulder, “No, come on.”

Minho takes a sip of soda, chokes when he’s killed by an NPC, and coughs out, “Fine, what is it?”

“…It’s kind of… bad.”

“Ok, whatever, doesn’t matter.”

But Thomas says nothing.

Minho looks at him. “What? Just say it—”

A grenade flies out from nowhere on Minho’s half of the split screen while he’s distracted and he dies in a flash of red.

“Jesus chr—dammit, Thomas.” He pauses the game before he can re-spawn and turns to his friend. “Seriously? Bro, you know I’m with you no matter what, but if you killed someone or some shit, you have to spit it out so I can go out and buy a shovel and some lighter fluid.”

“I didn’t kill anyone!”

Minho’s eyes widen. “…Worse?”


Minho sighs, “Then what is it?”

Thomas plays with a loose string on his pants, mumbles something.


 Thomas clears his throat. “…Newt and I… kissed.”

And Minho’s controller drops from his hands.

 “You said it wasn’t worse.”

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Important updates:

⋅ 21 is fine. They did X-rays and sent her home but she’ll be plenty sore. I guess he hit her pretty hard. Pisses me off.

⋅ My hair. I’m getting used to it but yikes it feels so weird. BONUS: I’ve had several people tell me I look like Megan Rapinoe so yeah I like that.

⋅ All my work shifts this week sucked ass and I only got a few hours sleep today but I’m off til Monday so imma weekend like a boss.

🎶🎶working on my night cheese🎶🎶

“ I know everybody probably tells you this but umm…you were amazing on Pushing Daisies, and he was like oh my god, you know, nobody tells me that…so, thank you. “ - Megan Hayes, supporting actress on HACF talking about Lee Pace on Afterbuzz TV

I know Lee exaggerates sometimes, but still I find this lack of recognition sad and upsetting.