or so megan tells me

What if this movie was made in the past?
    — Re-Animator as a 1950s science fiction movie


John Dall as Herbert West
Farley Granger as Dan Cain
Audrey Hepburn as Megan Halsey
Boris Karloff as Dr. Carl Hill


Important updates:

⋅ 21 is fine. They did X-rays and sent her home but she’ll be plenty sore. I guess he hit her pretty hard. Pisses me off.

⋅ My hair. I’m getting used to it but yikes it feels so weird. BONUS: I’ve had several people tell me I look like Megan Rapinoe so yeah I like that.

⋅ All my work shifts this week sucked ass and I only got a few hours sleep today but I’m off til Monday so imma weekend like a boss.

🎶🎶working on my night cheese🎶🎶

“ I know everybody probably tells you this but umm…you were amazing on Pushing Daisies, and he was like oh my god, you know, nobody tells me that…so, thank you. “ - Megan Hayes, supporting actress on HACF talking about Lee Pace on Afterbuzz TV

I know Lee exaggerates sometimes, but still I find this lack of recognition sad and upsetting.