or so he says


Grease: Live dress rehearsal - Danny’s first scene (x)

‘We had chemistry together last year.’ ‘Hah, I’m sure we did.’

The Morning Show: Co-star Connotations with Aaron Tveit (x)

“Also from Les Mis, the Oscar-nominated Eddie Redmayne.”
“Uh, one of the
smartest…um…coolest guys I’ve ever gotten to work with - and, again, just one of the nicest people I know.

Edited to remove the segment-intro filler. The one where Aaron is supposed to summarise his ex-colleagues in “a word or very short phrase,” and instead gushes about how nice everyone is. The line-up comprises Hugh Jackman, Eddie Redmayne, Ricky Gervais, Vanessa Hudgens, James Franco, and Blake Lively, but since this is Wall “Eddie and Aaron are our BROTP” Journal, we’re somewhat fixated on the fact that he launched into describing Eddie exactly as how we’d always suspected he views him…and ended off with “one of the nicest people I know,” giving us faint hope that our BROTP Masterpost isn’t quite over yet…

Imagine telling Woozi how amazing he was as a goalkeeper during the futsal match at ISAC.

BONUS: Woozi gets a little flustered when you say he looks sexy when he’s focused.

now thinking back on the time i met guy fieri, who literally thought of everyone else in the room and not himself, and didn’t flaunt the fact that he is a celebrity and he made all of us working there feel important and special

guy fieri is literally a precious cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure

Ist Impact In Japan Interview- Mark talks about Jackson :3

Inquisitor playing with Dorian’s hair and Dorian loving every second of it.
Even if it’ll take him ages to get it fixed.

Lmao I wake up and go to the bathroom n come back and my boyfriend just woke up and immediately engaging in discourse on fb ….. I love it!! hahaha 😇😇😇 Mmhm then the other day we were at someone’s house and I was sitting near the bonfire and my bf and friends were playing beer pong n one of the girls kept saying “tr*nny” so my boyfriend was like “I don’t think you should call them that” n she’s like “what do you mean” and he’s like “they’re transgendered people” “and she’s like no men who dress up as women and wear lots of makeup” and he’s all “drag queens?” And she keeps fuckin sayin it n he’s just like :||||

And I’m watching from a distance like :“))))))) I’m so proud. Lmao

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I’m just going to pass this one to @ursulaismymiddlename who can definitely answer this far more accurately than I ever could. 

look, you can take away all my Leftist Cred Cards, but justin trudeau warms me sometimes, okay? he says some pretty cool things for a leader of a first world country. he really, really does.