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TEEN TITANS; founding four

How Many Others?

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Pairing : SamxReader, DeanxReader
Words : 856
Author : Mel

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Garth had needed help with a hunt. Dean wasn’t exactly fond of the kid, but you didn’t mind him, so you told Bobby you’d do it. He was sweet and funny. And a hugger, which you didn’t mind.

When your hunt had gone easier then expected, you called Bobby to see if he knew where the boys were. He told you they were on a hunt about 4 hours away from you. “Thanks Bobby.” you said before hanging up. Smiling you sent Sam a text. Things were a bit weird with him since he was soulless, but he was still your closest friend, and your boyfriend’s brother.

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Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1293

Request from anon: “Hi! I was wondering if you could do a fluffy one shot dean x reader. where the reader is turned into a child or 4-5 years for a few days by a witch during a hunt. The boys discover that the reader already knows the world or supernatural and her parents (also hunters) have started to teach her anything because there is a demon that haunts her family. Dean spends all the time with her and when the reader returns to normal he promises her that he will find and kill the demon?”

Here we go, two requests in one day! :) I loved writing this one, kids are my favorite. I hope I did well enough on the request! :) Enjoy everyone!

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The Adventures of Harold the Elephant, chapter 1
Part 2 of the Seeking Friendship ‘Verse

In honor of Asexual Awareness Week

Dean and Cas have been dating long enough to be comfortable together—and by comfortable, Dean means lazy.

Sure, romance really never had that much of a chance with Cas being aromantic and all, but that doesn’t mean that intimacy is dead, too. Just because they’ve been living together not having sex for two years doesn’t mean they should act more like roommates than boyfriends.

Dean’s been trying to think of things he could do to keep their relationship alive and unpredictable—OK, well maybe unpredictable is too much of a reach when they literally go through the same routine every day of their lives and are actually pretty happy with it. (Whoever wakes up first makes coffee, kiss on the way out the door, Dean makes dinner four days a week, Cas moans around his food like it’s the first time he’s had Dean’s cooking, sit on computers, fall asleep together in front of the TV, curl up in bed giggling at each other like idiots, date night every Saturday.) But so far, Dean’s got nothing. He’s already doing all the ways to Cas’ heart he knows of—food, cuddling, kissing him in public, whispering cheesy things in his ear—but it’s all just gotten complacent. Lazy.

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