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i-cannot-live-without-coffee  asked:

I love your headcanons! I’ll probably spam you frequently. How about Marie-Grace and Cecile, Kit and Ruthie, Samantha and Nellie, Emily, Julie and Ivy, and Chrissa, Sonali, and Gwen?

Marie-Grace and Cecile

  • Listen there’s a lot of discussion of which American Girl is the gayest and while it’s probably not MG and Cece they I think are the closest to being canon
  • Like. Look at this shit
  • GAY
  • “Best Friends” Just call them the Red and Blue Gal Pals we know they are
  • I don’t know if “single” women could adopt orphans in the 1800s (I’m guessing they couldn’t) but I can guarantee you they kept volunteering at the orphanage and consider them all their children
  • Cecile ends up being a lot taller than MG and MG has to stand on her tiptoes to kiss her
  • They both sing the prettiest duets together
  • I feel like Marie-Grace would become a popular singer around the area she lives in, while Cecile would become a writer and poet.

Kit and Ruthie

  • They’re both Bi and in a poly relationship with each other and Stirling
  • Kit and Ruthie have known each other since they were toddlers, and have like a million inside jokes
    • None of which Stirling understand
    • “Hey Kit… watermelon” “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN”
  • Kit does pretty well in writing/reporting, and adopts like a million Basset Hound Puppies
  • “Kit… we can’t keep them all…” “We can and we will
  • Wherever they live they build a treehouse in the backyard if they can
  • Stirling probably volunteered for World War II, but he probably still had his million allergies and wasn’t considered healthy enough
  • If he did go tho Ruthie and Kit send him like a million letters a day
    • A lot of them are “I found another dog and you can’t tell me no”
  • Every time a relative gives Kit a fancy dress as a gift Kit gives it to Ruthie. If neither of them like it they cut it up and sew it into an outfit they would wear, since Kit is not really a spender (for obvs reasons) and so doesn’t have that many outfits anyway

Samantha and Nellie

  • I actually think Nellie might be the previously mentioned gayest doll but Molly also gives her a run for her money
  • Whenever Sam and Nellie are apart they call each other frequently or send letters if they’re really far away
  • Even if they’ve only been apart for like 20 minutes
  • They tend to spend more time outside than inside, and have a lot of picnics in the fields.
  • Nellie also spends a lot of time volunteering to help other orphans at the orphanage. Jenny and Bridget help out when they get older, too.
  • Also Samantha definitely babysat baby Rebecca when she was younger. I will fight for that Headcanon


  • She keeps in touch with Molly a lot once she’s back in England because she’s gay
  • She sometimes visits her Aunt in America and often stays with Molly while she does
  • In the 1950′s when she comes to visit and she would totally buy those Poodle Skirts she would look great in them
  • She and Linda sometimes team up to prank Molly and it will often go horribly wrong but it’s fun anyway
  • She’ll then turn around and prank Linda with Molly
  • Once she warms up to Molly and her friends she becomes the Prank Queen

Julie and Ivy

  • Julie’s sister Tracy is a lesbian and introduces her to the Gay Rights Movement (which I believe was really big in San Francisco in the 70′s)
  • Tracy has a girlfriend there and her parents are pretty accepting but it takes Julie a while to understand, but she still supports her sister and goes with her to meetings and stuff
  • As she gets older she starts to realize that she likes girls too and is like “… OH”
  • What she doesn’t realize is Ivy has had a crush on her for ages 
  • One time they’re hanging out and Julie is like “Hey Ivy, if I liked girls like Tracy does would you still like me” and Ivy responds by kissing her
  • In 1978 the movie Grease comes out and Julie adores it.
  • She and Ivy go all 50′s aesthetic for a while and they sing “You’re the One That I Want” to each other all the time
  • “Single” Parents were allowed to adopt children by the 1970′s (I literally just googled it now) so Ivy and Julie probably both adopted once they were older
  • Julie continues playing basketball forever and teaches both her kids and the neighborhood kids how to play, often acting as a Coach

anonymous asked:

hey! was wondering if you had any les mis fic recs that don't have the cheesy fanon tropes argh

i can rec authors! :) i don’t really actually read modern aus because i feel like they’re in a world of their own and because of this i don’t catch the ones with a deeper connection to canon, although i have one… semi-in-progress au that i like but, it’s mine, so i’m biased. (my ao3 w/ canon setting fic is smithens and i, of course, recommend me) 

so, canon setting authors list whose works i really like, listed by the roundabout order i managed to get their ao3 links:

  • eglantine writes very good bini and bini+musichetta and generally fun character driven fic
  • oilan writes a lot of enjolras/combeferre as well as other stuff that is just as absolutely excellent. 
  • bobbiewickham writes a lot of excellent gen fic and has a few excellent double quartet pieces too
  • shellcollector writes bini and 19th century medicine and sadness, and also silliness, and it’s all very good
  • amarguerite has been writing for this fandom for yeeeeaars and her stuff is excellent, some courfeyrac/enjolras goodness, some gen and character pieces
  • kvikindi is no longer active in lm fandom but i come back to these works sooo often, very poetic writing style and great sense of character
  • genarti writes good gen and vignettes and has a really good way with Feelings i love all of her stuff, kind of across the board mood wise and it’s all excellent
  • bobcatmoran writes fun fic wherein fun things happen, often with science or general canon setting events. lots of ami friendship goodness
  • anacrea writes good enjolras/combeferre and also has an excellent ensemble piece. they also really like angst and are generally evil (we’re friends)
  • elenchus has a most wonderful fic about joly acquiring a kitten, has a great enjolras+grantaire dynamic, and is very good at classical references
  • kchan88 has a long and awesome pirate au and also writes really good vignettes and character pieces
  • temperamental_mistress has a magic au and also writes sweet nice shippyfic and characterinteraction fic

if you read any of their stuff remember to leave kudos and comments if you enjoy it, they all deserve it!

I might get worked up for the smallest of things but I wanted to make something to celebrate this milestone! 


Firstly, I want to give a shout out to some awesome Bastille-related blogs I follow (in no particular order):

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Secondly, I will do a small drawing of Bastille to anyone following me (and who’s interested in having one lol). You just have to send me a message telling me you’re interested and the band member of your choice 
 So, I’m not sure which one you guys would prefer so giving the options

 a) I’ll make a hand drawn piece and send you the original by mail

or b) I’ll make a hand drawn piece, scan it, post it on my blog and tag you on the post.

((if you’re into the first option and you have to be comfortable to share your address with me so I can send it.)) 

((also I have no clue how much time it will takes as I have no idea if I’m gonna get one or twenty requests, I’ll probably update you guys on that)

The Beforever House... (pt 1)
  • *Ruthie chasing Kit through the upstairs hall and down the stairs*
  • Kit: She loves me, she loves me! Ruth-ie loves me!
  • Ruthie: Grrr, gimme my diary back you little sneak!
  • *Ruthie bumps into Kit from behind as Kit bumps into someone. It's Elizabeth.*
  • Elizabeth: What on earth is all this racket about?
  • Ruthie: Kit's stolen m---
  • Kit: Ruthie lurrrrrrrrrves me! She wants me to be her girlfriend! *_*
  • Ruthie: (blushing hotly, looking away) I DO NOT! (much) *Kit suddenly hugs Ruthie and gives her a big wet kiss on the cheek; Ruthie just squirms a little and mumbles*
  • Elizabeth: Aww...
  • Ruthie: She's been reading my diary! Those are my private thoughts!
  • Elizabeth: Kit, you should give it back. You know it'd be the proper thing to do.
  • Kit: ...
  • Elizabeth: Kiiiit...
  • Kit: ...
  • Kit:
  • Kit: Ruthie's been writing about how much Felicity likes you too, y'know.
  • Elizabeth: Really? Lemme see!
New thoughts about giomis

Sometimes I remember how much giorno needed the encouragement mista gave him back in the white album arc, how much he changed his aproach to the other team members and how he acted upon them when they needed thanks to that.

At the same time, i’m caught thinking about how mista trusted and placed all of his bets and faith in Giorno, a boy he barely knew, but managed to spark a feeling of loyalty in him he never felt before, even towards bruno.

Mista was so precious while encoraging giorno to use his stand in creative ways in order to help others instead of self sacrificing for the sake of a mission, as giorno was doing so far. Even in the face of a stand that completely counters both of their stands, mista’s guts and encouragement inspired giorno to not only act considering his allies actions, but also help them and believe that they will be there to fill in his own faults.

Giogio learned an important lesson of not only not carrying the weight of everything on his back, but also accept that others will try helping him and are willing to take some of that weight not out of obligation, but out of friendship and loyalty.

Different from bruno, mista had no previous motivations for simply trusting giorno and putting his faith on the new gang member. Bruno had his reasons and, even thought giorno wasnt aware of the whole picture since he doesnt know bruno’s backstory, he knew that the gangster had a grudge against drug trafficking. For giorno, bruno has loyalty to him but mostly because he was loyal to the cause they were fighting for.

Bruno has to keep his leader image intact through the whole passione vs. Squadra part of vento aureo to mantain the notion that giorno was just a new member of the gang and nothing suspicious was going on. Giorno picked the cover up right away and thought of many ways of having the rest of the gang to trust him. He tries hard to impress them, but it proves more difficult than it seemed and giorno notions of self preservation and self esteem dropped drastically.

He was casted aside, frowned upon whenever he came up with an idea and criticized for his plans or actions by the other members of the crew. It wasnt easy for giorno to earn their trust and the boy had never been faced with such a situation before. He never had to make friends because people around him had always been forced to accept him thanks to the mobster he once saved. He never had to activally earn someone else’s trust and he thought that he should commit the ultmost sacrifice in order for people to accept him in the gang. But of course, mista had none of that.

Mista is a very religious person, not in the following tradition sort of way, but more in the instinctive and emotional placement of faith sort of way. Mista believes deeply in destiny and fate, and he notices that giorno had a huge impact on fate thanks to the fact that things were set in motion ever since the boy appeared on their lives. Mista notices this early in vento aureo and takes an interest in, not only approaching the boy, but also seeing how far his “good mojo” would take the gang.

By the time the white album arc rolls around, mista is not only hyper aware of how many things happened to them ever since giorno appeared, but also that he needed someone to back him up during missions, and he would like giorno to be that person. If giorno died back in the white album arc, not only the things that were set in motion would lose its momentum, but mista would lose his only viable support.

Mista believed at this point that giorno was placed there by god to set things in motion, and he was betting that there was some kind of heavenly plan that prompt the boy to change things. Giorno’s fate had such an impact on things around him, that mista wanted to be part of it. With giorno dead, not only his propose would be lost but there would be a fatal blown on mista faith and beliefs.

Of course, since giorno is a rational guy, he never really understood the place where mista’s sudden loyalty came from. There was no logical reason for that to happen, since giorno always thought that whenever him and mista tried working together, gio would fuck up somehow and that should give mista a feeling of distrust, instead of the opposite. Giorno had a difficult time to understand mista’s reasoning, but he couldnt deny the fact that he was inspired by the gunner’s actions.

Giorno changes his approach to the rest of the gang because mista’s loyalty and brilliance illuminated his path ahead, and made giorno want to share the weight he carried with someone who wanted to help him achieve his dreams. For the first time, gio understood that his dreams were not worthy achieving alone and that he shouldnt try accomplishing them on his own when there are so many people around him feeling the impact of his fate in motion. Mista’s attitude made giorno feel more at ease with his decisions, since the thought that he was actually using those gangsters as a stepping stone for his selfish goals was really messing him up.

There is another relationship we see in jojo between a character who has a huge goal and is captivated by someone else who placed faith in them not out of self interest or common goals, but instinctive faith placement, loyalty based on friendship and a desire to be closer. The relationship in question is the dio/pucci relationship.

Araki confirmed them to be canon at some point, and i understand that dio was actually manipulating pucci into being useful for him to achieve his goals of becoming a god. But at the same time, there were scenes showing their interactions that… felt genuine. Dio told pucci that he’ve never felt that at ease whith someone else, simply for the fact that dio knew people wouldnt approach him out of emotion and faith placement. He knows he’s evil af, but also knows how charismatic he is and how easily he can manipulate people. But pucci, even thought he was being manipulated, made dio feel at ease because he noticed that pucci trusted him for pure instinct and faith placement. He believed dio and loved dio as he loved god itself. That felt too important for dio, because he never had someone like that in his life. Its no wonder that dio never used pucci as a subordinate and ended up developing a romantic relationship with him. He let himself trust pucci in a way he never ever trusted anyone so far.

Even thought giorno and mista are not at all similar characters to dio and pucci, the mechanisms of their relationship are almost the same. After the white album arc, not only did giorno felt needed by the other crew members, but he also grew attached to mista. They end up pretty close to each other, with giorno not completelly aware of why he felt so at ease with mista and mista knowing exactly why he felt so safe around giorno.

Mista was the first one to pledge loyalty to giogio after he became a don, but the act itself was really unecessary, since it was pretty clear how loyal he was to giorno. The power ballance shifts for one that placed giorno as his superior, a dynamic they didnt know how to act upon because they saw themselves as equals. I doubt giorno ever let mista call him boss when they are alone and they would go on missions together, even thought giogio shouldnt risk his life with the dirty work, for the old times sake. Also because they work pretty damn well together and gio would never forgive himself if his second in command ( dont try denying that giorno personally places mista this high in passione’s hierarchy ) and best friend died during a solo mission.

They have all the reasons to be smithen by each other during vento aureo and i wouldnt be impressed if araki actually confirmed them. He made them kinda obvious but well. You can interpret their relationship anyway you want, but always keeping in mind about how healthy they are to each other.

American Girl Doll - House Sortings - BeForever

About a week ago, I posted two polls to see what houses the AG Fandom thought best suited the American Girl Dolls. You can see the Contemporary one Here.

I will post most of them under the cut so this post doesn’t get too long. :D

Two quick disclaimers:

  1. These are NOT CANON. This is the majority that the fandom voted on. 
  2. I [Mod Samantha] am also a Mod on “Pottermore-Sorts.” The fandom sorting will not affect future American Girl sortings on that blog.

Alright, onto the girls!

Kaya’aton’my (1764)

At 51.5%, Kaya was voted a Gryffindor!

Gryffindors values bravery, courage, and daring, which fits with how impulsive Kaya can be and in how brave she was during her Escape.

Felicity Merriman (1774)

At 54.5%, Felicity was voted a Gryffindor!

Like Kaya, Felicity is very impulsive and brave, and often doesn’t think things through. She shows her bravery during Felicity Saves the Day, and in the first book when she frees Penny.

Elizabeth Cole (1774)

At 42.4%, Elizabeth was voted a Hufflepuff!

Hufflepuffs values hard work, loyalty, and kindness. Elizabeth can be very loyal, but also works hard… but only when it’s something that interests her!

Caroline Abbott (1812)

At 37.5%, Caroline was voted a Gryffindor!

Caroline is brave as well, showing this when she sends a message to her father and almost burns down the shipyard.

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“Meet the blogger” meme

Rules: answer the 19 questions and tag some amazing people you would like to get to know better. 

tagged by @ellenolenska​ and @oilan​ :)

i. name: i go by smithens(y) on here!

ii. nickname: none on tumblr that i know of but i have a significant amount for my first name and unofficial middle name

iii. zodiac sign: scorpiooooo. 

iv. height: 5′4″ /163cm

v. orientation: lesbian, which is probably also my gender identity

vi. ethnicity: white american; european heritage

vii. favourite fruit: all fruit is good. yesterday i had an excellent plum. having not eaten a mangosteen for over a year now i am going to go with that. (generally all fruit that grows well in the west/south pacific appeals to me)

viii. favourite season: i like coastal climates that have one or two seasons (rainy/not rainy) that are generally warm and sunny, because i currently live in a place where summers have regular highs of 100+ F degrees and forest fires, and inversion winters with negative lows and lots of and snow. 

ix. favourite book series: i hate this question because my answer to “what is your favorite book” is always, of course, les misérables. but i don’t think that counts despite having multiple volumes. i will go with pullman’s his dark materials because it is good as a child and as an adult, whereas a series of unfortunate events is now actually rather hard for me to read because it’s easy and i get bored.

x. favourite flower: conceptually, probably lilies, but cats can’t have them around so i’ve never actually like, had them as decor or in a garden. jasmine and japanese cherry blossom are very nice to look at too though.

xi. favourite scent: i am on a jasmine vanilla kick right now.

xii. favourite colour: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe emerald green right now because i’m accepting that it’s the color i look best in, whereas pink has betrayed me.

xiii. coffee, tea, or cocoa: tea. i cannot stand the smell or taste of coffee, and cocoa is a two-months-out-of-the-year thing.i also like hot cider more than cocoa.

xiv. average sleep hours: in an ideal world, 10pm - 6am. in reality i go to bed at midnight and wake up in fifteen minute alarm intervals between 6 and 7:30.

xv. cat or dog person: i love cats, and i love my puppy. dogs are generally louder and jumpier and messier than cats, though.

xvi. favourite fictional characters: frankly i’m not sure. there are a lot i like but i hate picking favorites now. my default answer to this used to be enjolras and fantine from les misérables but i’m not sure now.

xvii. dream trip: i’m going on it (southern france) for an entire year, amazingly, which now means it isn’t my dream trip anymore and i’m disillusioned with it until i get there, so: i would really love to be able to visit everything on my list-of-places-in-japan, and also korea and southeast asia. 

xviii. blog created: my first tumblr was around 2010, my first livejournal was several years earlier than that. i’ve consistently kept a tumblr account for seven years which is horrifying.

xix. number of followers: since the blog switcharoo, over 1,000. previously, around 250. 

wow i forgot to tag people! 

tagging: @patronminette, @domericbolton, @revolutionarypoodle, @soilrockslove, and @minstr3lsong… i think most people i usually tag have already been tagged (or tagged me).

Prompt: Cosette, fic or art, gen preferred, rated up to T. Specifically, convent shenanigans! We learn in the book that Petit-Picpus has some interesting going-ons. I’d love to see Cosette fitting in with her peers and taking all things in stride, before she was aware of or concerned with men who passed her garden or set their eyes on her in the Luxembourg. Convent OCs and the inclusion of Jean Valjean and Fauchelevent very much welcome, but I’d like the focus to be on Cosette first and foremost. Sneaking about the grounds with friends and leaving no stone or leaf unturned, asking the nuns blunt (though entirely innocent) questions, her study of music and needlework, the beautiful friends she later recalls in “The Rose Perceives…” in canon, etc! Cosette in the convent having fun in both learn and play, knowing that she is loved. Hoping for something lighthearted and sweet, with no archive warnings necessary and child-appropriate circumstances, since she was a child at this point in canon. I’d welcome either fic or art for this one!

My other piece for smithens for Les Jours D’été, a canon-era Les Mis exchange, which you can see at AO3. Thank you for asking for such a cute prompt, I loved drawing it. <3

(I also filled another one because I can never resist drawing Montparnasse.)