or smell nice

Ok but imagine Kanan getting super flustered while watching Mari perform Strawberry Trapper on stage and it pisses her off because she’s so used to being able to handle her emotions and keep a calm demeanor but she’s standing there with a racing heart, flushed cheeks, and sweating from head to toe. To her, Mari is just supposed to be that annoying rich girl who never takes shit seriously and does whatever she wants. But up on stage, Mari just looks SO cool and throughout the performance Mari’s expression flips from goofy and silly to sultry and intense. Kanan simultaneously feels like pulling out her own hair in frustration because she shouldn’t be feeling these things and passing out because all her blood is rushing to her face 

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just imagine cuddling on the couch with luke watching disney movies and feeding each other popcorn and just giggling as you try to throw popcorn in his mouth and ending up making a huge mess and idk where I'm going with this but cuddling with luke = happiness

this sounds absolutely divine!!! :’) sigh cuddling with luke would be absolutely everything rn (▰˘◡˘▰) 



Here is an interesting story only two and a half people may find interesting.

On the left is a drawing i did for a project back in high school. 2005-2006 ish?? This was the first time i had the concept of gas/air producing balls which later became a staple item for my OC Flu.

Its interesting to see where the original idea came from and how it evolved. In the original its a pink smoke that probably smells very nice. In the final usage of the concept they end up being drug producing smoke bubbles.

Ah. Yes. How aging changes you ahahahaha.

daisies for the evans

A/N: Well…my attempt at writing a drabble series with my oldest characters. Let’s see how this goes.

                             “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

                                                  - Aubrey Hepburn                

i. (the garden of mementos)

Darren Evans never thought he’d ever hate flowers.

Flowers used to decorate the outside of his childhood home. He remembered how in comparison to the austerity of the house, the garden was always more magnificent. Buoyant vegetable plants were perched on top soil of the garden bed while spry vines wrapped the stakes in various shades of viridescent. And yet Darren’s eyes would always dart towards the blossoms that lined the edge of the garden. The flowers that he planted.

The florist by the corner of his childhood home used to sell him a bulk of leftover seeds at a discount rate and after planting the seed, his knees covered in damp mulch, he’d guess what kind of flower the seed would blossom into. Their fragrances usually smelled nice too. His favorite fragrant was always the daisies.

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piper tries really hard to keep herself clean. like, there’s not a lot of clean water she can use to shower or bathe, so a lot of the time she reuses the water and uses a very small amount, just enough to wash off the dirt and sweat from her skin. she doesn’t pay too much attention to her hair, mainly to her scalp and behind her ears but it’s in better condition than most wastelanders because she does have more access to clean water and soap but she doesn’t like to be wasteful so she definitely isn’t as clean as she could be but she Tries and she smells much better than most people and even though her clothes are super dirty and torn apart, she likes to smell nice and have clean skin whenever she can. smell her, she smells goooood (for the wasteland, at least)

Dan’s Livestream // 7.19.16

He’s wearing the weed sweater

Drinking water for like a solid minute honestly idek

YouNowception was slightly delayed because his computer 

Cheeky knee

It’s hot af

Haircut scheduled for Thursday

He’s had a terribly week

He’s taking 8 pills a day for his pneumonia poor 

Esophagus the size of a squirrel anus jokes don’t ask

*cough cough*

His hair is slightly curling at the tips 

YouNow crashed so I might’ve missed a bit soz @ younow get your shit together

Pokemon Go discussion

There will be another Pokemon Go video after his dinof video

His phone is dead so he just like threw it across the room

The Bird Poop Saga

“It shit horizontally”

He dabbed r u kiddin m8

Phil cleaned the initial poop

Someone approached him while playing Pokemon Go and he didn’t want to start a conversation so he said his game wasn’t working

When they filmed the video everyone they saw playing was like ages 6-9 and it was very cute and pure


“Be nice, smell nice, and don’t be crusty” 

He put on lip balm this is a weird liveshow

Him and Phil know each other’s passcodes

He keeps forgetting to paint his nails

They don’t actually exercise now because they’re doing the vigorous stage show

Pokemon cosplay discussion

Phil’s fedora was in his room he doesn’t appreciate it 

He named a cactus Susan 2 after about 30 seconds of contemplation 

Kimye vs Taylor 

“Phan. Wildcats. Hi from Russia.” while reading the confused portion of the chat

“That’s Taylor on the floor. Why is there a giant rubber snake on the floor what has Phil been up to today I don’t know.”

To be clear his general opinion is “who knows” because he doesn’t think there’s really enough context and what was said could be taken different ways

He went to the doctor to be “investigated” 

He got into a very intense discussion about his job with his doctor 

Pubic lice Pokemon discussion 

They have matching bomber jackets: Phil has the red and blue (which was in the video) and he got a black and white one

Talked about their Nerdy Nummies collab 

Rosanna is chill, happy, fun, and good at baking what other qualities could you need

Their height difference is insane

Talked about how good the donuts tasted

They started watching Code Gaess

Opinion shovel

“’Rosanna looks like yours and Phil’s child’ could be.”

Meme hipsters

He has the best pizza ever in Boston so he literally searched it on google

The hair is now a quiff 

“There’s nothing wrong with guys wearing leggings”

“’Hi Dan you look lovely today’ I’m gonna punch you”

He gave a Pokemon tip to make it think you’re walking 

Talked about their YouTubers React video (go sub to Carly)

“Bo Burnham is my dad”

He doesn’t think Phil needs a cosplay because he looks very Ash in his jacket


Apparently Ro was stood on a box during the video so could you imagine the actual height difference

He’s v excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon 

Picking sides discussion 

“I’m going to look like a rat”

“#NicerInternet can we bring that back”

New Undertale video soon 

“You’re worth it because you’re special”

“Hope you’re good. Remember to always test your own opinions”

“Have a great week you little ducklings”

Mentions of Phil: ||||| ||||| |||

Bisexual Ransom

Justin never thought he was queer growing up.

He liked girls, and he just focused on that because little boys like little girls, that’s just how the world is.

he liked the ways girls smelled, the way their hair was always soft. he liked how Judy in his 3rd grade class always colored her people with purple hair.

the same time he meets Judy, he befriends Isaac. Isaac never smells nice, and his hair is always a mess, but he shares his favorite snacks with Justin at lunch time, and he always picks Justin first to be on his team at gym.

Its not until he is 13, and has been best friends with Isaac for five years that he notices the dimples in Isaac’s cheeks when he laughs, the way his eyes are a perfect mix of brown and green, how his arms feel strong and safe when they hug.

Justin doesn’t think much on it because he likes girls. he always has.

a year later, when Isaac is sleeping over, Justin is about to go to sleep when the bed shifts, and when he looks up, hazel eyes meet his.

they kiss.

its over in a flash, and Justin isnt sure if it even happened, except then why does he have butterflies in his stomach? why are his lips tingling?

Justin doesnt get a second kiss, and Isaac moves away that summer.

But, he spends many nights after that staring at the ceiling of his room, asking himself ‘am i gay?’

he cant be gay. he likes girls.

Then he starts high school, and hockey, and he’s dating a girl named Lily in his English class who he’s head over heals for

but sometimes he catches himself staring in the locker room.

‘im not gay’ becomes a mantra that Justin is finding harder to believe the more he says it.

‘im not gay, im not gay’ turns to ‘shit, im gay.’

but he cant be gay, he likes girls.

he likes the way they smell, he likes their voices.

he likes boys.

he likes their eyes, he likes how big their hands are.

when Justin Oluransi first learns the word ‘bisexual’ at 15 in sex ed, it is a revelation.

‘i am bisexual’ he says like a mantra, and he feels warm.

when he comes out to his best friend Mark, who says ‘come on man! youve got the whole female population falling over themselves for you, but you still want all the guys too? you are one greedy son of a bitch’

Justin laughs, but he feels cold.

When he comes out to his parents, they tell him, ‘we love you son, and when this phase passes, and you make your choice, we will love you then too.’

and they smile, so he smiles.

Justin picks Samwell, and he tells everyone its for hockey, but the ‘one in four maybe more’ certainly helped.

He meets Adam Birkholtz, who walks into the first team meeting wearing a ‘Bi Pride’ t-shirt and a goofy grin.

‘i like your shirt’ Justin says afterwards, and the words warm his lips.

‘BRO!’ Adam says and Justin smiles as he notices how his eyes are not just blue, there’s a little bit of green in them too,

he likes the crinkles he gets by his eyes when he smiles.

Justin never stops having moments where he thinks ‘maybe they were right.’

he never stops thinking that he is greedy, that he’s just trying to get attention, that he’s going through a phase and soon enough he’ll snap out of it.

but, then he looks into blue-green eyes that crinkle around the edges, and he thinks that there is nothing more true than how he likes girls,

and fuck if boys arent great too.

  • Hotch:the dad, has a resting bitch face, loves everyone but will not tell them, appreciates dogs
  • Gideon:the uncle, hotch and him are referred to as dad and bro, likes pats on the back and making people feel good
  • Rossi:weird highschool teacher that is deeply involved in your life, nosey, in your business, ???
  • Elle:mean older sister, likes picking on you, will steal your fries, if someone is mean to their younger sibling they will kick the crap out of them
  • Derek:older brother, loves everyone, don't get on his wrong side, will either kill you or hug you, doesn't want anyone else to be sad
  • JJ:middle child, hair is always perfect, kinda gay, is good at keeping secrets, always smells nice
  • Penelope:family friend that just kinda is always there, everyone has a nickname, computer nerd, will beat you in any video games, hella bi
  • Spencer:little baby child, thinks he can hold is own and sometimes can, only likes hugs sometimes, obsessed with Halloween, book worm, facts
  • Emily:older sister, very chill, very angry, likes girls, looks good in all clothes, will buy you icees, contemplates by looking out windows
Missed Male Advice

So I didn’t go through my teenage years with a Male presence. Because of this I missed out on somethings. Many were lessons I was told, but failed to click without that similar presence. Many I just flat out had to learn on my own, and as much as I would say that these lessons are universal, I believe they also impacted the kind of male figure I am today. Not all of these are things that just a father figure could have taught but they are things that I needed to have heard from one, other my mum (who is still awesome btw)

  • Shaving against the grain is a closer shave, but you’ll probs get a rash. Shaving with the grain won’t be as close, but it won’t hurt later
  • Shower at least every other day. People are attracted to people who smell nice.
  • When it comes to screws - Righty tighty; lefty loose.
  • Learn to understand the presence you have. Often it will be intimidating to others, especially at night. People may cross the street when they see you walking towards them. That’s okay. They’re not worried about you, just who you could be.
  • Try your hardest not to become who that could be. 
  • Understand also that you will be given better chances in this world than people of the other gender, non-binary or trans. Treat them with respect and try to bring them up to your level. 
  • If you’re worried you’re jerking it too much, I had a friend who did it 7 times in one day. You’re fine.
  • Sex is weird. You might enjoy it the first time around, you might not. It’s okay either way. Just makes sure you and your partner are enjoying it.
  • Anything but a yes, means no. 
  • It’s not too small. Also, they can actually be too big.
  • Sex is wet, it is smelly, it is weird and gross and nothing like porn. But that’s okay. It’s not meant to be. Porn is about showing, and spacing things out. In real life, when you’re that close to someone, that intimate, then all that weird stuff is okay.
  • Learn to understand how other people and how they tick. The stereotype that when women say they’re okay, they’re not isn’t always untrue (and actually applies to all people). Learn to know when someone isn’t okay when they don’t use their words.
  • Every bad statistic you hear about the things that men doesn’t have to be true for you. But it is up to you to make it untrue. Become not that.
  • It’s okay to get mad. I was a really angry kid. Just don’t take it out on those around you. As much as it feels like the right thing to do in the moment, it’s frightening and dangerous.
  • It’s okay to be upset and cry.
  • It’s okay if you want to be super feminine
  • It’s okay if you want to be super masculine.
  • It’s okay to be you; however that is. 

If you have more lessons you missed from your father, please add them.

And i’m sorry if people don’t like this, I just wanted to fill the gaps and many deadbeat dads leave for people.

Bath Bombs

Description: You introduce Bucky to bath bombs and things take a pleasant turn.

A/n: expect this gif to make several reapperances O-O


Originally posted by fireeyess

“What’s that smell?” Bucky said, sniffing the air as you came drifting in to the living room in your pyjamas.

It was late and you always spent this time of day with your friends in the living room, finding it to be a great way to relax when Sam and Bucky weren’t at each others throats.

“Hey, it wasn’t me this time!” Sam said defensively, throwing a scowl his way.

“Not that. It’s a nice smell.” He said, continuing to sniff the air.

You smiled as you sat next to him, watching his brow furrow and his nose scrunch up adorably. He moved his head around, trying to catch the trail of the scent like a dog. He finally turned to you and widened his eyes in realisation. He took your arm and rolled up the dressing gown sleeve, pressing his nose to your warm skin.

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Klance Headcanon - Smell and non-physical displays of affection

Keith has a thing for smell (and if he’s part alien even more so). And it’s infuriating that Lance can’t realize he actually has a very nice, natural smell, warm and a little salty with subtle hints of some alien fragrance akin to vanilla and lavender from his body wash because he showers like eight times a day. What’s a little infuriating is that Lance is convinced that he stinks when he sweats, when in reality he sweats like fresh spring daisies, and Keith has lived the desert hermit life, he knows what bad odor really is and Lance’s BO is like holy water in comparison.

Keith isn’t much of an affectionate person. Despite his relationship with Lance, Shiro is still the only person who can touch Keith liberally without the other trying to escape or fight. Whether it’s a trust issue these two still need to work on or if he’s just a little frightened considering Lance’s touch comes with the loaded meaning that this is more than just friendly fondness between them or something like that, Keith doesn’t really let Lance get physically close unless it’s during those extremely intimate moments. Maybe one day, Lance will join the list of the very, very few who can hug Keith from behind and not be body-slammed to the floor with a knife against their throat.

Basking in his smell is a way for Keith to feel close to Lance, and show Lance this closeness, without getting all touchy-touchy. Keith really enjoys wearing Lance’s clothes, it’s actually one of the biggest perks of this entire relationship as far as he’s concerned. Not all the time though, otherwise his own smell will start to dominate the fabric and that just makes it a moot point. He likes stealing Lance’s pillow, too, since they still sleep in separate rooms most nights. They’re not quite at that point where Keith can sleep comfortably with someone else in the room, much less share the same bed with that someone else unless, once again, sexual intimacy is the excuse and he’s rendered too tired to crawl back to his own bed. Keith is just really, really not used to being this close to other people. He’s getting there, albeit slowly.

For someone as affectionate and touchy-touchy as Lance can be, he knows that Keith will come around in his own time. He knows because it’s evident when Keith is curled under Lance’s jacket napping on the couch, or Lance discovers he’s missing a pillow for the fifth time, or Keith is walking sleepily into the kitchen one morning rubbing his eyes with one of the sleeves of those Blue Paladin pajamas that are just slightly too big for him.

And sometimes – sometimes – Keith will initiate physical contact for no other reason than to lay his head against Lance’s shoulder and smell him.

Sometimes Lance returns the affection by wearing Keith’s shirts. Problem is, Keith’s shirt doesn’t exactly fit right. They are about the same size, but Lance is a beanpole and on the verge of another growth spurt (so he claims, incensed that he’s only 5’11”, so close and yet so far from the golden 6’0” ideal). So Keith’s shirts come up a little short on him. They seem to fit just fine at first glance, but when Lance reaches up for something, like space juice on a high shelf or whatever, Keith’s shirt rides up and ever so slightly exposes the skin of his stomach and a hipbone peeking from over his low riding jeans and Keith is destroyed.