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Daddy Negan {Negan Smut}

Word count: 1.7k
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: In celebration of Negan smut weekend! @negansmutweek
Gifs are not mine.
This MIGHT be a two part thing, if I’m feeling nice, aha~ 
Summary: You accidentally call Negan daddy in front of everyone. 
{Part Two} {Part Three}

You stayed locked up away in your room, hugging against your legs, burying your face into your knees, trying to keep yourself together. The words slipped from your mouth without thinking and in front of so many people, you groaned out, trying to forget this horrible mess. Your chest still heaving from the run up here, the moment those words fell from your lips, you took off, leaving everyone in the room not daring to look back, you couldn’t bare with the judgmental eyes.

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Doggie Play Date

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3800

Author’s Note: @mf-despair-queen gave me this idea (as usual) and I thought it was good and decided to write it. It’s super adorable and I hope it doesn’t seem like, rushed. I hope you guys really enjoy it :) Mal has also proofread this for me ‘cause she’s amazing.

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I was tangled in my comforter as I slept, dreaming about what it’d be like to be in a relationship that I’d be happy in when I heard my door creak. I ignored it, turning around as I pulled the comforter up to my chin, breathing heavily through my nose. I felt a hot breath fan over my face as I furrowed my eyebrows, moving my face into my pillow. I groaned when I felt a tongue lick my face and I sat up, seeing my adorable black lab standing at the side of my bed, wagging his tail. I sighed, rubbing my cheek of his slobber before running a hand through my hair, checking the time. 10:20. I pet his head as he jumped up on the bed, laying his head in my lap as I picked up my phone, looking at notifications from different apps, finding nothing super important. Coal whined, nudging my hand as he hopped down off the bed, heading to where I assume is the kitchen. I place my hair into a quick bun, following him out as he sat by his dog dish, wagging his tail and breathing heavily, tongue hanging out and all.

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Reconnection (a Zen fic-series)

a/n: well hello everyone!! it’s been forever i know….. i actually wrote this quite a while ago with the intention to post it but aaa… idk…. anyways. i hope you guys like it! let me know what you think!! and if you’re at all interested in the continuation!! love you guys so much. thank you for being patient with me. ♥

You were mid-laugh when your eyes locked with him from across the café.  The connection lasted less than a second, but your laughter dissolved and your smile nearly faded completely. You snapped your happy demeanor back as quickly as it went, however. Your hope being that the man sitting across from you hadn’t noticed.  Turning to face him again, though, you knew he had.

“Something wrong?” he asked with a look of only mild concern on his face.

The man you were sharing a drink with was named Joowon. You knew him from work. Your relationship with him wasn’t exactly professional any longer, but it was definitely platonic.

You chuckled lightly in response to his question, contemplating how to answer. Was there really a reason to try and cover it up? You were close with Joowon after all. He’d get it out of you eventually, anyways.

“My ex is here,” you said finally.

Joowon grimaced in a sympathetic way. “Bad break, then?”

You flashed him a small, almost sad smile before responding. “No, actually.”

“Could’ve fooled me,” Joowon said before nonchalantly taking a sip of his coffee.

You hummed softly in response, trying to decide if you should give him more details. It would be nice to get it out. Especially to someone who wasn’t intimately familiar with both you and your ex. He ended up deciding for you while you were lost in thought.

“So, are you gonna elaborate or just deprive me of the details?” he said with a cheeky grin.

He was trying to get you to smile as the atmosphere had suddenly become a bit too tense for his liking, but he was also genuinely interested. His interest spurred from concern of course, though only in part. Truly, he was just very curious as you rarely talk about personal matters such as this.

You took a long sip from your own coffee, closing your eyes and mentally preparing yourself for the untouched feelings you were about to bring to the surface once more. You had been ignoring the nagging thoughts of words left unsaid and things left undone for months. Perhaps it was time to finally face them.

“It happened slowly,” you began while placing your cup down on the table between the two of you. “Like watching something die… powerless to stop it.”

Joowon studied your features intently, wondering if maybe he should withdraw his curiosity.

You continued however, with little hesitation. “It was my fault, truly.”

Joowon started to protest, thinking you were just beating yourself up. You waved him off, though, insisting what you had said was completely truthful.

“Let me explain.”

And so you did. You detailed how your mind and heart began to wander and how you foolishly thought there was something more out there waiting for you. As you spoke, you stole glances in your ex’s direction. Only succeeding in fueling the emotions that had begun to bubble as you told your story.

“It was only ever intended to be a break… time to figure things out,” you said after you’d finished explaining how it had gotten to that point. “But, we didn’t know how to just be friends anymore… and eventually we just stopped talking altogether.”

You took a moment to collect your thoughts after having just spoken about something you’d vowed to keep inside you. You stared at your hands, wondering how it came to be that your ex had shown up here today. Though, the realization hit you suddenly. It wasn’t such a ludicrous thing for him to have been here at this specific café. You two had come here a lot when you were together after all. How you hadn’t realized it until then was truly telling of how much you’d tried to forget him. Part of you knew, though. It had been you who suggested this location to meet with Joowon today. Your subconscious memories of him influenced that decision, clearly.

“Do you still have feelings for him?” Joowon’s voice broke through your thoughts, startling you a bit.

You lifted your gaze and turned it to fully look at your ex as he chatted with one of the baristas. He hadn’t seemed to change a bit. Frozen in time; beautiful as always.

Your eyes were still tentatively glued to him as you responded to Joowon. “I… don’t know.”

Was that true? Or had you just convinced yourself that it was?

“Well, I’m no expert, but it seems there might be something unresolved there.”

He was right, truly; you knew that. But, what could you do about it now? After so much time had passed? Your eyes fell back to your hands.

“There’s not much that can be done about it now,” you smiled weakly as you voiced your thoughts.

In another effort to break the uncomfortable tension, Joowon suggested something of a game. “Let me see if I can guess which guy in here is your ex.”

You looked up at him, smiling wider than you had previously. “Good luck.”

“I’ll definitely need that luck. There’s an alarming number of dudes by themselves in here today.” he chuckled before sweeping his gaze around the café.

“Okay… how about the brunette leaning a bit too close into his laptop?” he suggested.

You didn’t even have to search for the man to know that he was wrong. Your ex was no brunette. You told him to try again, silently worrying what would be said when he finally did guess correctly.

“The dude in the green sweater who seems to be in an intimate relationship with his phone?”

Wrong again. You had stared at your ex long enough earlier to know that he was wearing a leather jacket. His favorite leather jacket, in fact. You shook your head with a small laugh, telling him to try again.

“So, I wasn’t going to guess this guy, but I’m all out of likely suspects,” he explained.

You scanned the café, seeing the two he had guessed previously and silently agreeing you would have been a bit offended had he guessed any of the other lone guys here.

“There’s a guy with long, silver hair over there staring intently at a stack of papers… is it him?”

You almost immediately told him he was right but thought of what he said previously. “Why weren’t you going to guess him?”

Joowon shrugged. “He’s attractive enough, just doesn’t seem to be your type is all.”

“I see…” you trailed off.

Joowon’s eyes widened a bit. “I’m right then?”

You nodded, a tiny blush rising to tint your cheeks ever so slightly.

“Really? Huh…” he rubbed his chin, seeming to think about it for a moment. “What does he do?”

You shifted in your seat, a bit uncomfortable with the fact that he could now put a face to your ex’s name. “He’s a musical actor.”

Joowon raised an eyebrow but quickly shrugged it off. “I think you should try and talk to him.”

Now that really made you laugh.

“Laugh all you want, but I’ve noticed him stealing a few glances in our direction,” he said, crossing his arms across his chest. “Although he looked a bit… put off a couple times.”

The residual smile from your previous laughter curled into a coyer one. “I can guess why.”

You continued to smile to yourself, recalling how easily your ex became jealous. Though you doubted his current motivator was jealousy. He was always protective, especially in regards to other men, even before you two had gotten together. Your heart skipped a beat at the realization that he must still care at least enough about you to worry for your safety.

“What do you have to lose by talking to him?” Joowon asked suddenly.

A great many things came to mind. You had no way of knowing your ex’s feelings or where he currently was in life. So much could have changed since you last spoke.

You shook your head, still smiling. “And how do you propose I initiate this conversation?”

Joowon leaned back in his seat, really seeming to give it some thought.  Why he seemed so intent on helping you reconnect with your ex was beyond you.

After a brief moment, he leaned forward once more and placed his clasped hands on the table. “Finish your coffee, go throw away your cup, and just sit down across from him.”

You gave him an incredulous look – he can’t be serious. “’Just sit across from him?’” you repeated his words.

Your companion simply nodded as if to say “Why not?”. He couldn’t see anything going wrong with that scenario.

You could, of course. Briefly, you thought of your ex being cold to you or even outright ignoring you. However, you quickly cursed at yourself for thinking that way. Your ex didn’t have the heart to be that way. Of that, you were sure. At least… mostly sure. You cursed yourself again for doubting yourself. But, that evil, little voice in your head was being particularly loud right now.

You looked to Joowon, who was looking back at you expectantly. “…Fine…” you said with a sigh.

You had agreed, but if you would really go through with it was another thing entirely. You kept thinking of everything that could go wrong as you downed your last gulp of coffee. However, Joowon’s encouraging smile gave you a tiny confidence boost as you got up to throw away your cup.

Trying not to walk to close to your ex’s table, you made your way to the trash can, taking the long way around to reach it. After tossing the cup in the bin, you braced yourself against it and steeled yourself. You really had no idea what to expect from speaking to him. A million thoughts were going through your head. Taking a deep breath, you turned around, nearly marching towards your ex’s turned back. You rounded his unaware form and swiftly took the seat across from him.

He looked up at this point of course, his warm, red eyes almost chilling you. The look on his face mirrored your own. It was a look of confusion and of subtle pain. Pain stemming from everything that still hung in the air left unsaid when you two had parted ways.

“Hello, Zen,” you managed to say with a tiny smile.

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Can I see some scenes where Tracer, Widowmaker, Mercy and Sombra find out their male s/o had previously been in an abusive relatonship and was afraid to tell them because they were worried about them not taking it seriously and thinking less of them, like everyone else they had told?

I’m going to make the reader gender neutral because Tracer’s isn’t attracted to guys romantically and because I’m more comfortable with writing either gender neutral or female reader-inserts. Hope that’s alright with you, love :)

Also trigger warning: abuse

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Halise Lavellan - “Trial by Fire”

Cassandra still stood by her side, but she heard footsteps coming down the hall. Very male footsteps. Halise turned to see who the steady walk belonged to, and her eyes fell upon a tall blonde man with a coffee mug in his hand and a rakish scar over his lip. Her mouth fell open into an incredulous grin.

“Cullen. Fucking. Rutherford,” she said loudly.

Cullen almost stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her, obviously realizing who she was without a second glance. A slow smile curled his lips, curving that damn attractive scar as he continued his walk toward her. “I hope you remember that’s not my middle name!” he called out.

“It is today!!!” Halise laughed, reaching out to grasp his hand. He looked good in his slim fit black suit, white shirt, and red tie. Almost too good.

He grabbed her hand to shake it, and she felt his same slightly rough skin against hers. All at once, a thousand tiny memories came flooding back into her mind, nearly sending a flush up her cheeks. She almost didn’t realize that she’d held onto his hand for just a moment too long. His amber eyes gazed into hers, little crinkles in the corners from his wide smile and the seven years since they’d seen each other last. The miniscule wrinkles only served to make him more attractive. Damnit. Also, no glasses?

“You two know each other?” Cassandra asked, obviously a bit surprised.

“Yeah,” Halise replied, still looking at Cullen. “I used to kick his ass at mock trial during law school!”

Cullen grimaced, his smile intact. “It was only a couple of times, Halise.”

“I still kicked your ass!” Halise snickered, trying very hard to ignore what she was leaving out. Despite her best efforts, the thoughts crept back into the front of her mind. He’s also been inside me. More than once. More than more than once.

Oh shit.

I was lucky enough to snag a commission from the lovely and incomparable @cocotingo for Deputy District Attorney Halise Lavellan in my modern Cullavellan lawyer AU “Trial by Fire.” I can’t stop internally screaming at how wonderful and fabulous and beautiful this is! There’s also been a liiiitle bit of external screaming, too.

I risked life and limb on the freeways of Southern California on my way to work to snag a commission spot, and I cannot recommend commissioning @cocotingo highly enough if you get a similar opportunity!!! Thanks so much to her for her beautiful artwork, for bringing my girl to life, and for just generally being awesome!!!

Seokjin Scenario: Lonely Hearts Club.

The Costume Party Series

Genre: Fluff

Jin stared surprised at Yoongi’s back when the latter walked away from him with a deep frown furrowing his brows. Or well, not that surprised in fact. Yoongi pulled at his girlfriend’s forearm muffling what seemed like nonsense to Jin and left him alone with his thoughts. He knew this was going to happen, Yoongi wasn’t really feeling like going to the party and Jin was the one doing half of the convincing, but now he was alone and the rest of his friends were all scattered around.

Seokjin released a sigh and took in the sight of people chilling to the loud music and the drinks, but he didn’t really catch a glimpse of the boys so he walked calmly towards the stage, surfing between the moving bodies to a safer and maybe loner place if he was lucky enough. 

Actually, the one convincing him about coming here was Hoseok, who went away to park his car and seemed to be lost in the way because he never came back. Now standing at the opposite side of the crowded stage he felt somehow awkward, but tried to shrug that feeling away, not everything could be so bad right? 

He spotted a table and decided to pour himself a glass of soda and maybe grab some snacks. Once in front of the table he assessed his options and picked a few cookies, shoving one inside his mouth. After that, his hands instantly went for the Coca-Cola bottle but when he tried to open it, the cap was so hard he struggled. 

-You’re not getting away from this - he murmured under his breath kind of annoyed and pulled the Coca-Cola close to his torso, gripping the cap more firmly this time. He was oh so ready to fight that bottle and he was putting his heart to it, so deep into the task that when he moved a step forward due to the struggle and got closer the table, a little scream made him jump back, the Coca-Cola bottle fell noisily to the floor and he stared down. Peeking from underneath the table’s cloth was… a hand?

Seokjin was staring at it at a loss of words, the hand was lean and delicate and he had just stepped on it, but he didn’t have much time to think about it before that same hand got a good grip of the edge of the bright blue pants from his Super Mario costume and started to pull him down. 

-What the…- Jin had to kneel and was starting to freak out before a girl revealed her face from under the white cloth, her hand still with a deadly grip on Jin’s pants, her eyes were big whilst staring at him expectantly and her free hand was pressing her index finger against her lips motioning for Seokjin to be quiet.

You looked at him  and then back to the party’s crowd, freaking out for having to come out of your little hideout.

 -Please don’t scream- this time you grasped his arm. He stared at you, mouth hanging widely open and you ignored the aching of your hand to pull him towards you. -Come, come. Quickly!-

Your voice was all anxious and Jin stared back to the party, so you thought he was getting back to it. But he didn’t, and even if he thought you were being a total crazy, he followed you. You held the cloth up, enough for him to slid next to you under the table and take part inside your little hideout. You took the forgotten Coca-Cola bottle quickly and let the white cloth fall again, leaving you alone under the table with the handsome boy that had just stepped on your hand.

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EXO when you are insecure about your weight

Could you do the BTS insecure about your weight for EXO please? Your reactions are amazing σ(^_^;)

Do you think you could do a written exo preference where you’re bigger and insecure about it ?

ANNYEONGHASEYO!!! Can i request EXO and BTS reactions to dating a chubby girl? (looking forward to see Kai’s because he’s life and i just) 

I would like to clarify that I don’t think they would have any different reaction to dating a chubby girl or a thin one. If they love you they love you and that’s it. So I went with how they would react if you were insecure about it, because honestly there is no different etiquette to dating people with different body shapes. When you love someone, you don’t really care whether they are short or tall, thin or chubby. You just love them.

Suho: He would have bought you a pretty dress, something classy, slightly tight, but not enough to make it uncomfortable, just because he had thought it would look great on you, but as time went on, he never saw you wear it, and got curious and a little upset over this. At first he didn’t want to ask, maybe you didn’t like the dress and didn’t want to hurt his feelings by telling him so, but day after day, it started bugging him more and more.

So he confronted you about it, gently, of course. You stared at him in shock as the question rolled off his tongue, and you quickly tried to come up with a reasonable excuse, but your mind was blank, so you went with honesty and told him you hadn’t worn his beautiful dress because you were very insecure about your figure. You notice his facial features turn from confusion to pain, as he ran to your side and enveloped you in his arms, kissing the top of your head, and telling you how silly you are, and how beautiful you are to him.

He asked you to at least try the dress on for him, so you obliged, and it was the best choice you ever made, for the smile on his face when he saw you walk out of the bathroom, wearing that gorgeous gown, could have lit up the whole town.

“You look perfect” he would whisper, his eyes twinkling as he looked at you like a man who had seen colors for the first time.

Baekhyun: Baek and you had always been close, even before your relationship started, you told each other everything, you never kept secrets, and eventually he knew you so well he could see right through you, so why lie anyway?

He knew right away the true reason why you rejected the guys’ invitation to go to the pool with them, and although he stayed quiet while they were still around, the second he got you alone, he confronted you about it.

“You’re being silly right now” he stated, looking you right in the eyes.

“I’m not Baek. I just don’t want them to think less of me. You guys are always surrounded by those gorgeous, thin idols all the time, and I’m just me. I don’t want them thinking you deserve something more than me.” You sighed, keeping the eye contact. He smiled, you were always so honest with him, it made him feel special.

“They won’t think anything. And even if they do, my opinion is the only one that matters here, and I think you are gorgeous the way you are. So stop being silly, and look for your bikini, because we are going to that pool tomorrow, okay?” He ordered you with a smile, and although he did sound like he was playing around, you could see the honesty behind his eyes as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, and kissed your nose. Gah, how you loved this fool.

Chanyeol: He loved you, he knew he loved you from the moment you agreed to going on a date with him. But he couldn’t help but feel frustrated whenever he noticed the little signs that let him know how insecure you felt about your body. Always wearing covering clothes, sometimes a bit too loose, always darker colors, how you always tugged at your clothes uncomfortably, a frown upon your face. He didn’t know what to do anymore, to show you how beautiful you were to him.

He had had enough. It wasn’t in his nature to act like this, and he knew it. He knew how off character his actions were, but the matter was serious and it required extreme measures. He barged into the room, while you were getting changed, just as you were slipping off your shorts. You screamed in fright, but he ignored it, grabbing your arm, and pulling off your shirt with one swift movement. Your heart was beating fast, and you could see he was blushing furiously, but he didn’t stop or hesitate.

He spun you around, and made you stare at yourself in the full-length mirror on your wardrobe’s door. At first you made a face of disgust as you saw your semi-naked figure staring back at you from the reflection, but then you looked up at Chanyeol’s face, and noticed he was looking at you so lovingly it melted your heart.
“Look at your reflection, do you see it? This, all of it, is perfection to me. You are perfection. I love you the way you are, and I find you incredibly attractive, so you have no reason to be self-conscious. You are gorgeous” He whispered in your ear, as he wrapped his arms around your body from behind, and for the first time as you looked at yourself again, you smiled slightly, finally beginning to accept yourself a little.

D.O: He stared at you while you poked around your plate, pulling tiny bits of the sponge cake out, but never bringing them to your mouth, and he frowned. You loved cake, he knew you did, and he had just bought your favorite.

“Do you not like it?” He asked, eyes looking sad, you sighed, feeling guilty. You knew he had made the special effort to go out and buy you your favorite cake, but how could you tell him you didn’t want to eat it?

“No, it’s not that Soo.” You replied softly, so softly hadn’t he been listening so carefully he would have missed it completely.

“Then what is it jagi? Why are you not eating?” He asked, concern written all over his face. You swallowed hard, looking down at your plate. You felt the tears coming all over again, but you had to be honest with him.

“I just don’t want to put on more weight. I feel like I’m not good enough as it is, and I feel that if I eat this cake, I will look worse than before. I love it, I really do, and I’m so happy you remembered it’s my favorite, but how can I ever be good enough for you if I’m so out of shape?” You confessed, thick, salty tears rolling down your cheeks, onto your lap. He stared at you in surprise for a few seconds, before rushing to your side, and grabbing the fork from your hand.

“Princess, you are beautiful. You are more than enough to me, more than I could ever wish for. This is just a piece of cake, and it’s your favorite, what would life be like if you couldn’t enjoy the things that make you happy? So, why don’t you stop being silly while you enjoy your favorite cake, and I enjoy watching my favorite person being happy?” He would tell you softly, picking up one of the bits of sponge with the fork, and feeding it to you, smiling as you opened your mouth. If he thought you were good enough, then that was all you needed.

Kai: He scrunched his nose as he stared at you from the doorway, clearly unhappy with what he saw. Why you may ask? Because there you were, in the middle of his room, staring at your body in the full-length mirror with the most disgusted expression you could muster, as you pinched at your stomach, and pulled back at the skin on your thighs. You sighed, and bit your lip, trying your hardest to hold back the tears. He felt his heart shatter.

He couldn’t take it any longer, so he walked in, and wrapped his arms around you.
“What are you doing?” He’d ask you with his puppy face, as he nuzzled his face into your neck.

“It’s wrong, it’s all wrong. Look at me” You’d tell him, pinching again at your stomach, your voice breaking, as one single tear managed to escape your self-control.

“How? How is any of this wrong? You are beautiful. You always will be beautiful to me. You are healthy, you have a healthy body, you have the most beautiful smile in the world, the prettiest hair. You shouldn’t care what other people think about you, you should care about your own opinion about yourself, and if you like yourself, if you love yourself, then what more is there to care about? I fell for you, just the way you are, isn’t that enough? Why would I ever need you to change?” He’d tell you, his voice slightly shaking from all the suppressed emotion, but still strong enough to make you understand he meant it all. You smiled to yourself.

“That’s it, now you look just perfect.” He told you with a smile, kissing your cheek before taking your hand and pulling you out of the room, ready for your date.

Sehun: “It’s okay to be wrong.” He told you sassily, and you looked up at him in shock. You had just confessed your insecurities to him, and this is what he replied to you?

“Excuse me?” You replied, eyes wide, still in shock from his reply.

“You heard me. It’s okay to be wrong. And you are. All you just said about your body, it’s wrong. You are beautiful, I don’t care if you don’t look like those girls in girl groups, and I don’t understand why you would want to look any different. Take it from Oh Sehun here, you are perfect, the way you are.” He told you, a gentle smile now forming on his lips, and you blushed as he softly caressed your cheek with his hand.

“I just want to be worthy of you, Sehun.” You spoke with such sincerity it almost broke his heart.

“But you are, you always have been. You are more than I have ever deserved, you are beautiful, smart, funny, and you put up with me, in any case it is me who doesn’t deserve you” He confessed, blushing harder but never breaking eye contact, as he pulled you closer to him.

“I love you Sehun” You whispered, closing your eyes.

“But I love you more” He whispered back, as his lips brushed over yours sending chills down your spine.

Kris: He knew you were lying right from the start, mainly because you were a terrible liar, your voice quavered uncontrollably, and your hands fidgeted constantly, but also because he knew you more than you knew yourself.

“I just don’t want to go to the beach, I don’t feel well.” You told him, although you were already dressed for the occasion. You had taken one last look in the mirror before heading out, which was a mistake, for now you were feeling self-conscious.

“Come on Y/N, I know that isn’t true. Don’t try to lie to me” He told you, his face stern. You played with the hem of your dress, and looked up at him, tears threatening to invade your eyes.

“I don’t want to go. Bikini’s don’t look good on me, I’m pretty sure there will be paparazzi out there, and I don’t want pictures of my body all over the internet.” You confessed, one single tear rolling down your cheek. He wiped the tear away with his long fingers, and sighed deeply.

“You know what looks best on you? A smile. And I don’t see you smiling right now. Look if you really don’t want to go, I understand, but honestly? To me you look great. Curves are sexy, and that bikini surely will make heads turn. Actually, maybe we should just stay here, I don’t want to have to fight guys off you.” He told you, thinking his plan through, and you laughed, because although you knew he spoke in a joking tone, somewhere deep in him he was half-serious, and was there anything better than jealous Kris?

“Let’s go, just don’t let go of me okay?” You requested, holding his large hand tightly in yours, and he smiled, darting for the beach bag before you could change your mind.

Tao: He knelt down in front of you, eyes tearing up as he saw you crying your eyes out, your frame shaking slightly from all of the locked up emotions suddenly surfacing. How had he been so blind?

He had always seen you with love filled eyes, to him you were Aphrodite incarnate, you were everything he could have ever hoped for, not just beautiful, but so smart, and funny, and full of life. How could he miss all the little signs that showed how unhappy you were with yourself?

“Why do you feel this way baobei?” He inquired, his voice shaking like a dry leaf in the Fall.

“Why shouldn’t I? Just look at me Tao..” You spoke with such bitterness as you looked down at your body he felt his soul breaking.

“I am, I am looking at you, and do you know what I see?” He questioned, and you shook your head, tears still cascading down your face like Niagara Falls.

“I see the most beautiful and amazing girl in the world, crying over something that makes no sense. I see the person I love, hurting because she believes what other people say. I see someone who deserves the world, breaking herself when she should love herself. You are perfect baobei, you are. Stop crying, you are beautiful, and it hurts me that you can’t see it.” He would state, holding you tightly as you cried into his arms, both of you a crying mess. From that day on, he made sure to tell you every day just how beautiful you are, and how amazing you are as a person, until you started believing it yourself.

Luhan: He wouldn’t have it, he wouldn’t let you bash yourself for something he actually loved about you. The moment you voiced your insecurities, he would contradict you, and for everything negative you pointed out about your figure and general appearance, he would counter-argue with a reason why that is actually a positive thing about you. He would interrupt your small rants, not because he didn’t care about your feelings, or he wanted to diminish them, because he did care, but because he couldn’t stand the idea of you even thinking those things about yourself.

From the moment you confessed your feelings about yourself, he made sure to make you feel beautiful and loved every single day. How you may ask? He would leave little post it notes on your mirror every morning, telling you to smile, another on the bathroom mirror, telling you how gorgeous you are, little post it notes all over the house with confidence building messages, and wishes for you to have a good day.

“Because the most important thing is not what the world, or even I think of you. The most important thing is that you learn to love yourself.” He’d reply, when you asked him about this, and you would beam at him, knowing you had fallen in love with the right man.

Xiumin: He would be understanding of this, he wouldn’t judge you because he has had people commenting on his weight before, and he knows what it feels like to be insecure. However he would not hesitate to tell you how beautiful you are in his eyes, and how there is nothing about you he would want to change.

He would be your exercise partner, coaching you and helping you pull through the toughest moments of your fitness quest, he would help you find healthy but tasty meals to prepare, sometimes even cooking them for you. And well, let’s just say he would also claim  exercise in the sheets also counted as a step towards achieving your fitness goal, so he would take advantage of that.

He would help you with all of this, just so you would feel better about yourself, building your confidence, and would cheer you on as you slowly began loving yourself a little more. But at the end of the day, he wouldn’t fail to remind you of his true feelings.

“You look great now, I love the confidence and security this fitness plan has brought you, but you didn’t need all of this to look beautiful in the first place. No matter how you look, you will always be my beautiful princess, so never forget that, okay?” He would tell you, showing his powerful aegyo by making a heart shape with his arms.


“What’s wrong jagi? Why do you look so sad? Do you not want to come to the studio with me?” He’d ask, walking in the room after 30 minutes of waiting for you to get ready. He wasn’t running late, but he had hoped to be able to take you for ice cream before he had practice, since he hadn’t had the chance to take you out since he got told about the upcoming comeback.

“I do, I’m almost done. It’s just, whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I just can’t help wondering what the hell a guy like you is doing with a girl like me” You tell him sincerely, you had no secrets with Jongdae, and that is something he loved about you, you had always been 100% sincere with him from day one.

“Why would you ever question that? What do you even see in the mirror that I don’t see?” He’d ask, looking at your reflection, then back at you, incredibly confused.

“Whenever I look in the mirror, I want to cry Jongdae. I don’t like myself, I don’t like what I see. I look hideous, disastrous, and it’s just so embarrassing…” You confessed, quickly wiping a tear away with the tips of your fingers.

He walked further into the room, straight at the wall holding the mirror, without uttering a word, and began to lift up the mirror, removing it from the wall.

“What are you doing?” You asked him, clearly confused, unable to comprehend your boyfriend’s random actions.

“I’m taking it back and getting a new one, this one is clearly broken.” He told you, completely serious, and you laughed, telling him to put it back.

“No, if you can’t see how beautiful you are in this mirror, it clearly doesn’t work. Jagi you are beautiful, and I’m sorry if I don’t tell you it enough, but you are. You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen, and that’s just one of your many, many good qualities.” You laughed, and ran to him, putting the mirror back in its place, and wrapping your arms around his neck, peppering his face with kisses. Sometimes he could be a troll, sure, but he never failed to make you feel special.

Lay: He felt broken, like someone had just punched the air out of his lungs, and he could no longer breathe. He felt your tears stain the front of his chest, but he didn’t care, he just held you close, feeling a whirlwind of emotions take over his mind. Confusion, sadness, pain, anger. How could you feel this way? How could you not see how amazing you are? He winced as he heard your sniffles and cries. Hell, he wanted to cry too.

“I just want to be good enough for you” you confessed, your voice muffled by his chest. He felt his heart shrink to the size of a pea.

“Don’t you see?” he asked you, as he pushed you slightly away so he could look into his eyes. You looked at him surprised, eyes wide open, waiting for him to continue.

“Don’t you see Y/N? You already are. You are more than enough for me. You look after me, you protect me, you love me. That alone is enough, but you are also beautiful, and caring, and your smile could light up the night’s sky. If only you could see yourself through my eyes, you’d never know insecurities. I wish you could see how beautiful you are to me.” He admitted, looking you straight in the eyes, before crashing his lips onto yours.

That night, as you slept on your shared bed, he walked to his music room and grabbed a guitar, determined to compose the most beautiful song, which he would surprise you with onstage one day, just so you could understand how he felt about you. And as the healing unicorn he is, he healed your heart, making you see your real worth.

Showing Off- Liam Dunbar

Requests-  Can you write a reader insert Liam story where the reader is just really good at lacrosse and she kicks Liam’s butt in practice and he gets super jealous and then they end up making out in the locker room? (But make it kind of sexy like your teach me story because that was nice) pleaaaaase

I don't know how to sexy D: but I hope it’s good enough for ya!

Ever since Liam joined the lacrosse team, he had been deemed “the best” by the majority of his peers. Being the best meant he automatically became Coach’s favorite, and that was rare (considering the fact Coach hated everyone and had extremely high standards). Everyone knew about his incredible talents and his abilities as a player. Everyone knew he would go off to college on a scholarship, everyone knew he would go pro, everyone knew. Everyone knew he was the best damn player to ever set foot in the league and even he knew it, and that seemed to boost his inflated ego. He tried to be humble, but he couldn’t help but show off.

Practice was always boring for the young beta, considering he barely practiced anymore. Most of the time he stood on the sidelines, snickering at his teammates and the comments Coach would make. Most days were boring, but today, today was definitely different. There was competition in the air, which wasn’t normal. Someone was challenging his status, and he didn’t like it one bit. Someone new didn’t know their place, and he was going to show them.

He marched onto the field, letting his cerulean eyes wander over the practicing boys -and Kira- with a scowl written neatly on his face. He tried to pin point it, the boy who thought he could walk up and steal his title. He narrowed his eyes dangerously and watched, letting his glowing orbs run over his teammates until they snapped onto someone in black sweats and a simple t-shirt. They had their pads on, stick gripped tightly in their hands and a helmet pulled down low on their face. Liam growled to himself, watching as Scott passed the little white ball to them, the boys feet kicking off the ground as he ran towards the goal. He dodged Stiles, ducking under the poor human before hurling the ball at the net, stopping to watch the ball smack into the net behind the goalie. The guy threw his hands in the air in victory, competition radiating from their stature.

Liam cracked his neck and threw his helmet on, taking a step on the field to declare his dominance, a growl slipping from his lips. The guy looked at him, tilting their head with a smirk radiating from their plump lips. “Go against me.” Liam hummed, tightening his fist around his stick. He gave him no choice to accept or decline, lining up near the goal with a shake of his head. There was no way they would get past him.

He watched closely, watching the muscles strain against his competitors thin t-shirt when they started for him. He braced himself, trying to dictate which way the would go. Liam went right, and the stranger went left, their snicker loud enough as they hurled the ball into the net. Liam stood stunned, his eyes widening when he turned to look at the celebrating boy. He almost snapped his stick in frustration, a louder growl emitting from his throat.

Who was he? Liam thought in agitation, wanting to know who was behind the mask.

“Dunbar! Is that the best you got?” Finstock yelled at him, clapping his hands together aggressively. “Come on! My star player can’t even beat a newbie. Pathetic.” Liam growled and looked up at his competitor, their eyes meeting through their masks. There was something about them that made him stop in his tracks. Maybe it was the challenging look, or maybe it was the dangerous glint, but whatever it was, it only seemed to piss him off even more.

“Let’s dance.” He spat ruthlessly, lining up.

He couldn’t believe it, not a single bit as he listened to the roar of applause and the sound of the ball hitting the back of net. Fifteen times they had gone up against each other, and fifteen times he failed to even stop them once. It was embarrassing, it made him mad, and it felt like he couldn’t breathe properly from how mad he was. He stormed off to the locker rooms, keeping his head down and his jaw clenched. He banged into the locker rooms, tossing his stuff down with an aggressive snort leaving his lips, he’d show him. Maybe teach him to mind his own place while he was at it. He smirked at the idea and tossed his stuff to the ground, waiting until every boy was out of the locker room before marching towards his cocky opponent. He grabbed him tightly by the collar of his shirt before forcefully pulling the helmet off, wanting to see who the asshole was. What he saw surprised him, and made him stop in his tracks.

It was a girl about his age, her hair messy from being stuffed in the helmet. She had big eyes, her mesmerizing orbs staring straight back into his, something along the lines of determination and excitement dancing in the pools. Her plump lips were pressed into a thin line, suppressing the smirk that wanted to slip on her face. She quirked an eyebrow and pried his fingers from her shirt, snickering lightly. He stuttered out a simple phrase, his surprise noticeable. “You’re a… you’re a girl.”

“Yeah, I know.” She teased, brushing the front of her clothes down with an amused smirk. “My names Y/N, and I just moved here.” She introduced herself, sticking her hand out politely with a twinkle in her bold eyes. Liam looked at her hand before shaking his head to clear his surprise, gripping it tightly in his. She gave him a smile, a challenging one as she started to pull away, a mixture of dominance and danger in her bright orbs.

“My names Liam.” He started, letting his eyes wander over her dominant stature, a smirk rising to his face. He leaned in closer to her, letting his mouth hover around her ear. “I don’t think you got the message, but this is my team.” He whispered close to her ear, his warm breath sending shivers up and down her spine. She chuckled at his words, pushing him back slightly to look at his attractive face. His cerulean eyes were twinkling with dominance, his mouth cocked upwards in a smirk, and his jaw set in a tiny bit of annoyance.

She pulled him closer by his neck, her warm breath tickling his lips as she bumped noses with him, their eyes locked in a stare. “I think its about time someone came and stole your place.” She whispered back challengingly, letting her eyes flicker down to his lips before shooting back up. Liam noticed it, a growl slipping past his lips when he smashed their lips together, taking her by surprise by how dominant he could be. She took a step back and pressed herself into the lockers, feeling his warm and rough hands slipping underneath her shirt to grip her bare sides.

She let out a tiny moan and closed her eyes tightly, feeling his nails drawing patterns in her sensitive flesh. Liam felt his own eyes closing, the kiss turning more passionate by the minute until they were full blown making out. Y/N opened her mouth and let his tongue slip in, her fingers dancing along the curve of his spine before they slipped into his hair, tugging and pulling until a groan left his kiss-bruised lips. He pulled away all to fast, dipping his head down until his lips grazed her jawline and his teeth nipped her sensitive skin. She let out a quiet ‘fuck’ and raked her fingernails down his back, leaving angry red marks in their wake. “Shit.” He whispered, arching his back as a little bit of pain and pleasure ran through his body. Liam lifted her with ease, wrapping her legs around his waist as his head dived to her neck, his teeth ravaging the sensitive skin and leaving marks that would not be covered by any shirt.

“Liam.” She gasped out, banging her head back against the locker when his teeth pricked her skin again, only this time harder than before, like he was trying to draw blood. He smirked and looked up at her, noticing the ecstasy crossing her face. He pressed a light kiss to her neck again before kissing back up to her lips. She looked at up him with glazed eyes, noticing the cocky smirk on his face. She was like putty in his hands, and the feeling made her feel special.

“You think you learned your place now?” He growled softly, nipping relentlessly at her earlobe. She hummed and tilted her head away, her eyes rolling back in her head from how good it felt. She chuckled and shook her head, biting her swollen lip as her fingers ran up his neck.

“No, I don’t think I have.” She said challengingly, gripping his biceps tightly in her hands. “Do you think you could show me?”

Liam smirked and leaned back in, his warm breath fanning across her face. “Definitely.”

okay here’s the thing

when tv execs and writers use the word “preference” w/ regards to sexuality, they are NOT using it the way we in the bi/pan communities use it

“preference” has always been a nice sneaky way for them to avoid specifically labeling the sexuality of a character. it’s been used with gay characters to allow the writers to do 180s and make them “straight again”. it’s used to explain why bi characters have 1 slightly substantial relationship with someone of the same gender before its dropped and never mentioned again

before you start accusing people of blowing this thing with sara out of proportion, do even just a tiny bit of digging. that same scene where sara said she had a “preference”, laurel then asks her “are you /sure/ you prefer girls? he [ray] was hot.” sara is bi. why does a preference for one gender affect her ability to find any person of any gender attractive? it doesn’t

or how about when jonah hex made a sexist remark about a man “breaking sara in” or w/e. and mick butts in to tell him that won’t happen. not because sara would hand any man’s ass to him if he tried. but because she’s into girls. implied to be exclusively into girls. and sara isn’t even given a line to correct him.

or how about when one of the lead writers during s2 of arrow said they didn’t want to label sara bisexual because it would be “salacious”? how about that the cw has a shitty track record with wlw characters? how about that it has been reported the cw has been pushing the writers to clamp down on sara’s bisexuality and make her exclusively attracted to women?

don’t act like we’re pulling this out of the god damn air. as a bi woman, with a preference for women, i KNOW that scene in the 100th ep wasn’t for me. and god knows if it had been a scene that led to sara saying “you know i prefer men” people would be sharpening fucking pitchforks

City Girl.

So I came up with this idea for an AU and I wasn’t going to go through with it, because I didn’t know if you guys would like it, but I decided to post it, and if no one likes it, I’ll delete it.

So, Riley moves to Texas from Miami with her mom, her dad staying in Miami. She shows up and she meets the group. Lucas, Zay and Farkle are the three most popular guys in school, but they’re not your typical jocks, they’re just all loved by everyone for different reasons. Isadora is Lucas’ half-sister and Maya is Farkle’s cousin, who lives with his family(I’m not going to tell you the reason yet) as well as Katy. This is a rucas fic, as well as smarkle and zaya. I don’t think Josh will be in this story, but Cory will be mentioned and I haven’t decided yet, but he might actually show up.

Please message me and tell me if you like this, because if no one does I will be discontinuing it!

Love you guys!

“Seriously, Em. Texas is really beautiful. We live in Austin, and it’s such a small town, when I walk down the street, everyone greets me and tries to make me feel welcome. I never thought I would love it here, but I do.”

“That’s great, Ri. I can’t wait to come visit. I miss you already.”

“I miss you too. Look, I gotta get leave for my first day of school now, but I’ll call you either on my lunch or tonight. Love you.”

“Love you too, girl.” When Emma hangs up, I feel my anxiety building up. I’ve never been so nervous. Back in Miami, everyone was so confident, because each and every person had their own style, and people respect that, but today is my first day of school, in a new place, which I’m guessing is not like that.

The apartment building where my mom and I live isn’t far from my new high school, so I put my headphones in and start walking. When I reach the front of the school, everyone is hanging out on the front lawn and inside the school. Not only is this my first day in an new city, new school, it’s my first day in a real school. I’ve been online schooled for as long as I can remember since my dad moves around a lot.

I walk in and make my way to my locker. I put all of my stuff in there and lock it, and decide to walk around the school to get to know it, since I still have 20 minutes before I have to get to class. As I walk around the school, I see that high school is not like the movies. There aren’t really any cliques. There are groups of friends but it seems like all of the personalities are mixed. I can easily tell the jocks, from the geniuses, from the rockstars, to popular chicks, but it seems like they’re all best friends. I’ve already seen a jock and genius bro-hug.

Well, I probably shouldn’t have listened to those teen high school based movies. As I’m lost in my analysing state, I bump into an extremely tall, blonde-haired cutie.

“I’m sorry.” I say, taking my earbuds out.

“It’s my fault.” He smiles. “Hey, are you new here?”

“What’s with you people?” I laugh. “I feel like I’ve been asked that 12 times already.”

“Sorry. It’s a small town.” He chuckles. “I’m Lucas.”

“Riley.” I stick my hand out and he shakes it.

“Hey, Luke!” I hear a voice coming from behind Lucas. I peer out and see two boys who look to be my age running down the hallway. One has dark skin with a muscular form and is holding a football. The other is light-skinned, a tiny bit less muscular (just slightly) and sports a wide smile. They’re both pretty dang attractive, like Lucas. If I knew Texas had this many cute boys, I would’ve begged daddy to fly me here a long time ago.

“Hey, guys. This is my friend, Riley. She’s new here.” Lucas introduces me.

“Yeah, we can tell, Lucas. It’s a small town, you know.” The light-skinned boy laughs and sticks out his hand. “I’m Farkle.”

I shake his hand just as the other boy speaks up. “I’m Zay. Nice to meet you, Sugar.”

“Nice to meet you too.” I say after shaking his hand.

“Okay, we have to go meet our other two friends. You can come with us if you want?” Lucas suggests.

“Sure.” Ten minutes in and I’ve already made a few friends. This isn’t so bad.

We make our way through crowds of students, and I listen to Lucas and Zay’s conversation on a football game coming up. Farkle stays beside me, and he tells me about their two other friends. One’s named Maya, and she’s his cousin as well as Zay’s girlfriend. He tells me that Maya and her mom live with him, since they aren’t exactly financially stable right now. Then there’s Isadora, who goes by Issy most of the time. She’s Farkle’s girlfriend and Lucas’ half-sister. We all stop at a locker on the other side of the school, and Farkle tells me that it’s Maya’s.

“Issy, Maya, this is our new friend, Riley.” Zay introduces me.

I shake Maya’s hand and then Isadora gives me a hug as everyone laughs.

“Sorry.” She laughs. “I love hugs.”

“It’s okay, I love them too.” I reply and Maya pulls my schedule out of my hand.

“Yay! We have second period together!” She smiles and I smile back as Zay peers over her shoulder.

“We have first together.” He walks over to me. “I’ll show you the way.” We bid our goodbyes to the group and Zay leads me down the halls to his locker.

“So, it’s your first day and you’ve already made five friends. That’s better than I did, and I’ve lived here my whole life.” We both laugh. I get the sense that Zay is the funny one in the group. He’s very chatty too, which I like, because so am I.

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singledadniall  asked:

Niam; snowed in at the airport the night before Christmas 💖

on the first day of Christmas …

Liam’s standing in Duty Free, staring at the perfume stand in mild horror. None of them look like the pretty flower bottle he swears he’s seen on his mum’s dressing table but he’s really, really screwed if he doesn’t pick something up (and hopefully convince someone to gift wrap it for him) since it’s Christmas Eve and he’s on hour six of his delay, and counting.

Not that he’s the only one. The shop is full of last minute shoppers and if he doesn’t pick something up soon, there’s not going to be much choice left.

“Last minute shopping?”

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Soul Mates (DeanxReader oneshot)

Request: Please can you do this? Where the imagine starts off with a craftsmen (who is a prophet) making two identical samulets. Then is informed to drop it off at the readers house and the other at the bunker. When they receive it, the reader and Dean both go to the shop who sent it (they don’t know each other) and meet each other for the first time? And it’s written in the natural order that the reader and Dean must meet because they’re destined to be together? Sorry it’s so specific 😂

A/n: So i know this was at like the bottom of my list of requests but it was so cute I had to write it :3

Words: 2514

Warnings: Fighting, swearing?

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could you do a fanfic with Peter slowly becoming attracted to you after kidnapping you and there’s a tiny bit of smut?

sorry it kinda sucks and sorry it’s REALLY LATE I’ve been super busy lately

Day 4 on the island

“C’mon, "lost girl” show us what you can do" John, on of the lost boys say handing my a sword which was slightly rusted and flimsy. After being pressured by John and some other lost boys I finally stood in position ready to attack, he held his sword to the side whilst I held my near my chest. He took the first swing and missed as I ducked down. “C’mon what are you waiting for” he slightly shouted. I took my swing missing my a centimetre, the lost boys shared “ooo’s” as we continued, swing after swing, out sword clanged and battle for dominance. As we fought, Pan steps into everyone’s view, we stop fighting and Pan gives us a confused look, “what? keep going” he urges, he stands still watching us with his arms crossed, John takes a swing cutting my arm “well?” he says I take all my anger out on trying to get back at him and before I knew it, I knocked his sword out of his hand and pushed him to the ground, I held the tip of my sword toward his face, “win” is all I say before I turn around, I see Peter starring at me with a smirk as everyone around cheered. Some patted me on the back and then we all ended up walking off. And before I could realise it Peter was gone.

Day 6.
Peter has got all of us cutting wood for the fire as tonight we were celebrating the new lost boy, Freddy. He was small but happy. As the lost boys piled up wood In front of me, I started cutting it. Peter comes around to see how were all doing, like he even cares. “Are you okay?” He asks me “fine” I reply cutting into the wood “do you need some help?” he asks, i swear I showed no sign of struggle “what because I’m a girl?” I asked slightly offended. I cut the wood, and with just one swing it was cut. I looked up and his face was shocked “why don’t you help them over there,” I say pointing the others who look like they needed help “looks like they could use it” I say, before he smirks and walks off.

later that day…

I walked off and sat at the camp fire where food was being served, of course I sat alone and Peter was in his tent. What did he do in there? As we devoured our food I see Peters shadow approaching the entrance/exit, he comes out holding a piece of paper, he looks around and his eyes land on mine. He walked in my direction when he was about 3 metres from me he said “come with me”. I left my seat and followed him to the back of his tent. “What do you need?” I asked, with out warning, he forced his lips onto mine. His hands were on either side of my face, I held onto his wrists as we moved together. after a while we pulled apart “sorry I just had to do that” he said.

come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound (3/3)

FINALLY, got this done. The last part of my present for my amazing friend, Elisa (aka frilencer). I love you so much, buttercup and I hope you enjoyed this! <3

part one | part two


just close your eyes
the sun is going down
you’ll be alright
no one can hurt you now
come morning light
you and I’ll be safe and sound 

“Has anyone found it yet?”

Killian sighs as he sits down across from Henry at a booth, not wanting to look up when he delievers the negative news. He already knows his battered spirit will not be able to handle it.

“Not yet,” he says, attempting to keep his tone light. “Belle and a few others are still steadily searching through The Dar—Gold’s shop, hoping to find it. No luck yet.” He glances up, and the sight before him breaks his heart even further. The Truest Believer, the one who is supposed to always have hope for happy endings, looks utterly defeated.

“I never should have broken that stupid quill,” he mutters, putting his head in his hands. “I could have fixed this somehow.”

“Hey,” Killian whispers, hesitating only a moment before he reaches out to touch Henry’s elbow. Henry glances up. “If there’s anything I have learned around this family of yours, it is that as good as you all seem to be for attracting danger and insanity, you are just as effective at solving or defeating it. I have no reason to believe that this time will any different.”

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