or silly

When John is still at work and you think you are hungry

When John is not at home and you need a pen on the coffee table desperately

When it’s obvious that Mycroft has lost some weight

When you accidentally calls Lestrade “Greg” and Lestrade seems happy

When Molly refuses to give you some severed toes

The weather is so hot that you may have to take off your Belstaff coat

inuyasha is important to me

Imagine your OTP used to be porn stars, and met each other while filming a movie together.
Now, some years later, their kid(s) ask them how they met. Person A wants to tell them the truth, and Person B will try to make up a credible lie about their first meeting, while trying to stop Person A from telling their kids the truth.


Happy Birthday Jimmy!! Can’t believe you are 3 already! These are photos from his daycare party yesterday. They put him in a hat, and damnit he looks adorable (extra adorable because he looks like he is sassing them for the transgression!)!! I baked peanut butter banana pupcakes which I ‘frosted’ with peanut butter, and goodie bags of peanut butter pumpkin dog cookies. The last photo is Fae and one of Jimmy’s BFFs Cooper looking just ridiculously happy!