or shushu


Purple wig with beads :) par J&C entangled

Reiji why ? 😢

Shu: reiji i am here

Shu: im sorry …i should have had treated you better but now that you are on your deathbed……

Reiji: ..shu

Shu: yes brother ?

Reiji: are the triplets here ?

Kanato: *crying* y-yes

Ayato: we….are here

Laito: what is it that you request ?

Reiji: and is ….subaru here ?

Subaru: im here !

Reiji: ……you fools then why is the air condtioner running in the living room??

Everyone except reiji: *horrified gasp*


Ariel and news^^

Today I am finally back home from holidays. I found some time to play and photograph Ariel but unfortunately the photos didn’t turned out so good..
 The wig from J&C is really nice on Ariel and definitely and upgrade from the previous one. I am so happy^^
 The exiting news are that I am planning to make a huge order from fairyland soon^^
Finally I am going to have Ariel’s boyfriend^^ So she is so exited too ;-)

For all my dislike of Kojima Haruna, I have to admit, it seems that she at least managed to assemble quite a setlist for tonight's concert.

Bringing back Akimoto Sayaka to do Mushi no Ballad and Matsui Sakiko to intro Ponytail to Shushu; Arranging a livestream for Nogizaka46 to join in on the NogizakaAKB song; Even roping in veterans Takahashi Ai and Matsui Rena to make contributions.

I hadn’t planned on getting a hard copy of this concert Blu-Ray, but it seems I may just be convinced otherwise.


Merry Christmas from my crew!!! <3 The bottom pic is a bonus picture as the head on the right doesn’t belong to me. :3 That little beauty belongs to Leliah, Culur, and is just visiting with me for right now. :)