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Truth comes first ~P.1

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► Summary: 

Despite the fact that the reader is just a teenager, she has bigger problems, some of them unable to handle. 

Also when the Jason Blossom’s case starts to become an attractive mystery to her, she looks for someone else to help her which leads her to Jughead Jones. 

► Pair: Jughead Jones x Reader

►  Word Count: 1,668

► Warnings: none

► A/N: Hello and welcome to the first part of the new Jughead Jones’ series. I hope you like and enjoy it, if that’s the case, let me know! I will appreciate it a lot and also I would know if I should start working on the next part! Tags are opened! 

Riverdale high school. First class in the morning.

The students start to fill the classrooms. Some of them are sleepy, as if they still were on their beds. Some others were ready to keep learning another day more and the rest just hated to be there.

You couldn’t be put in none of the groups mentioned before. You were just there. Ready for the classes? Of course. Eager for them? Not that much, at least usually. First class on Mondays were always an exception. Your favorite subject; psychology.

You were sitting in the placed you always used to occupy since the very first day without a partner by your side. Not that you didn’t have friends at all, you just knew how to enjoy loneliness most of the times.

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Unapologetically Yours

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Tags: AU (because apparently, I can’t write canon), smut, cheating (but is it really?), Dean’s really adorable, Teacher!Dean, fluff

Words: 1,585

A/N: honestly I have no idea what the hell happened here I just started writing and then….this. also I watched this gif like 1052093483 times in a row and now I feel like I should apologize to Jensen 

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  • Qiu Tong: I gotta focus on this beca-
  • Sun Jing: ladies and gentlemen,
  • Qiu Tong: please
  • Sun Jing: this is mambo no. 5
Positive post

We seem to have forgotten that these communities should be a safe haven, they should be a place where people can come for positivity and positive vibes, with the recent events revolving around Felix we forgot that, so this is a post to remind everyone.

Reblog and tag someone and give a reason why you’re their friend or why you love them.

I’ll start:

@lum1natrix i love you and i’m you’re my friend because you’re always there for me and you make me feel important

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Well, feminism is for equality, right? So shouldn't men and women be equal in responsibilities towards parenthood? Also I'm not pro-life, fyi. Dunno why you tagged it that way. I'm pro-choice, especially in the sense that both men and women should have the right to choose whether they're ready to be mothers/fathers. Obv biology gets in the way to an extent, but why not allow for equality?

First I’m going to stop you right there.

1. Stop assuming only men and women are in relationships.

2. Stop assuming only women can get pregnant.

3. Start listening when we talk about how abortion should be legal for the sake of bodily autonomy. Some parents can sign away legal rights if they wish. In the end it comes down to the pregnant person on what they want to do with THEIR body. It wouldn’t be equal to have the partner to have equal say because it’s not their body being used.

Mod Bethany

Sinful Sunday™ ❤

It’s 3am here and I’m in so much pain with my flu, it’s Sunday for you guys so I thought we should get to some sin.

So, send me any nsfw headcanon, question, fic rec or fanart about a Sebastian Stan character and let’s get the party started.

All posts will be tagged “Sinful Sunday™” for those wanting to blacklist.

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Hi! Relating(ish) to some earlier asks, what are some other terms that are problematic in the Pagan community and what words should I use instead? Also any practices that are commonly stolen from closed religions that I should look out for? (new witch here) Thanks!

Oh man, what a long answer this would be. Maybe have a look at this tag? 

Everything I have in that tag pretty much covers the very very long answer to this ahahah 

Also, thank you for asking this. It’s my biggest issue with the witch community, how unwilling people are to educate themselves on these kind of things, change the way they speak, etc. You are starting out on an amazing foot! I wish that more of this community asked this question!

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General Danvers was so awesome and like, there was the added bonus that Astra would have been a really good person for Kara to have around and liken finally there would be aomeone who understands Alex's thing about sisters who are larger than life ( and imagine Lucy joining that bonding session ). Basically what I'm saying is, Asrra is life. ( Also, I may have misunderstood your tags on the Kara stuff. What are your ships for her? )

haha for kara i ship supercat/supercorp/superlane (like 10/10 if kara ends up w a guy, should be james but like……the start? of their entire relationship/friendship? is a bit sketchy? which is why i ship james more w winn and the explanation for that is an entire different post but i’m also an equal opportunity hoe make james and winn officially bi 2k17)

also astra her FACE when she found out that for over a decade alex took care of kara when she couldnt and made sure she was safe and happy and /alive/ after the destruction of everything she knew–kara, who astra loves above everything. and not even kal-el took care of kara he gave her away, as if he was regifting a damn pet and alex was a child herself and still made sure to make sure kara was as well-adjusted as possible, something that probably keeps astra up at night–the guilt of not finding kara on earth, of /failing/, of being on the same planet as kara but not being there for her, not looking hard enough.

like for that alone astra would fall for alex but alex is also so brave and smart and fierce and stubborn she’s already so gone for alex??????

and poor alex when she looks back and realizes how big of a crush she had on astra. who she also killed. poor alex.


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A. Age- 15
B. Biggest fear- don’t even get me started I could go all day
C. Current time- 20:07
D. Drink you last had- a cup of tea
E. Everyday starts with- checking my notifs
F. Favourite song- this is a v cruel question so I refuse to answer
G. Ghosts, are they real?- I mean tbh to me, it doesn’t matter if they exist, just as long as I’m left alone I don’t care
H. Home town- dewsbury, I’m from fukin moreside mates
J. Jealous of: anyone with mental illness
K. Killed someone- m8
L. Last time you cried- two days ago wow I think I’ve gone the longest time w out crying
M. Middle name- Zoe
N. Number of siblings- 2, a brother and sister
O. One wish: that I could be healthy and happy for the whole of my life
P. Person you last called/texted- my mum
Q. Question you’re always asked- “are you the new girl?” NO IM NOT FUKIN NEW IVE GONE TO THIS SCHOOL FOR 5 YEARS IVE HAD CONVERSATIONS W YOU (can you tell I’m bitter)
R. Reasons to smile- the gay avengers
S. Song last sang- undercover of darkness by the strokes
T. Time you woke up- a long time ago
U. Underwear colour- pastel pink M8s
V. Vacation destination- Iceland or Italy
W. Worst habit- biting my nails
X. X-rays you had- like four on my teeth for when I got braces
Y. Your favourite food- apple crumble and custard
Z.zodiac sign- Gemini and proud

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Vector working at Heartland as an assistant but because he gets along so well with Haruto, Kaito decided that Vector should be Haruto’s second caretaker (Since Orbital is doing a lot of work with inter-dimensional portals himself and according to Yuma, Vector has been a lot happier since he starting working there.)

So Vector is totally trained to look after this kid. He knows all of Haruto’s medication and how to deal with seizures (Since in Tag Force, Haruto had epilepsy and it hurt my soul.) 

Haruto’s like “You don’t need to worry about that stuff, I haven’t had a seizure in years.” 

Vector just kneels down and places a hand on Haruto’s shoulder and says, “I have sworn to protect you no matter what. I will die for you.” 

“Vector please no”

I should never fangirl with people.

Sure, it starts off innocently enough… everything in all caps, the incoherent screaming about this or that. 

But before you know it it ends up with a plot bunny and I’m left holding the rabid little fucker. 

Now I gotta write Kala/Wolfgang fic for @charliechaplin2blr

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My favorite clean aesthetic is translucent blue and mint colored things like mouthwash.

Oh yes, don’t worry I have mouth wash and blue stuff coming up. I’ll get my hands on some mint colored stuff as well.
In the meantime there should be a couple of things in my ‘mouth wash’ tag and I started colorcoding today too. There might be some things in the 'blue’ tag already but nothing in the 'mint’ tag as for now.

Public Service Announcement

Most of you should know that recently, @askqueenmoon generously gave me permission to use her art for icons/to represent my Nightmare Moon. They were my inspiration in creating this blog in the first place, so this is an incredible honor.

But I want to clear something up before it starts happening.

Both our Nightmare Moons are different ponies from different universes. @askqueenmoon has her own story behind her Nightmare Moon, and I have a story of my own behind mine as well. Please do not mix them up, or mix them together. We have two different and independent Nightmare Moons.

It will be rather embarrassing for me if you guys were to send askqueenmoon asks that related to my Nightmare Moon. So I am just trying to clear this up now, because it has happened in the past with other people who play/have a Nightmare Moon of their own.


i cannot stop thinking about this glorious tweet about keith’s dad seeing keith’s hot galra mom for the first time