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Hi I was uh wondering what inspired you to make this AU? It's so wonderful and cool! How where you so confident about posting it?!

Honestly, I never planned on making Luresong XD I had so much fun drawing the first post of it and people seemed to enjoy it too, so I made some more. The ideas for what to happen just kind of came to me while I took walks and listened to Lilo and Stich music, and after the third post I decided if I was gonna keep drawing it I should give it a name (so people aren’t like whats that one mer au??)… So the Luresong tag was born! 

Don’t be shy to give your au a name and just start flooding your own tag with your drawings. Its pretty fun actually, and don’t wait till everything is perfect or planned, just start posting your work!

BBS AU Awareness Week

Basically, the whole point of this week is to help spread the amazing AUs in this great fandom. I feel like there’s not enough love for the great AUs in this fandom and, just like rare pairs, It should be more widely spread.
The week for BBS AU awareness starts on June 11th and ends on June 17th. This gives people enough time to make any art or fics on any of your favorite AUs, to contribute to the week. The tag you will use is #BBS AU week.
Just a reminder, you don’t have to do this at all! It’s just for fun and to help the AU part of this fandom grow. If you have any questions, please shoot me an ask!

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Do you have fanfics with supposedly, deep poetic meanings? Like, I remember this fic I read once where neither of them slept and Phil worked in a Tesco and they fell in love when Dan started visiting tesco in the middle of the night and it was written really beautifully. (sorry if that's vague)

here’s a mini masterlist. i feel like we should just start a tag lmao so if anybody has some more recs just send em in


Mikasa and Armin: An Ongoing Analysis (Part 1)

I’ve been wanting to go on a rant about these two for ages and, with the last anime episode that’s been released, I figured it’s about time I actually got started. 

So here it is! The plan is to make a series of posts looking at the significant moments Mikasa and Armin have together, volume to volume, and to make observations on their interactions and the importance they have to each other. 

(Note: everything I write about these two in this series is intended platonic. Arumika and other relationships mentioned will be written as their ship name because it’s more convenient than writing their names over and over)

(Everything I write here is my own opinion and different interpretations and discussions are welcome and encouraged)

(Also, this will NOT be spoiler-free)  

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Sooo guys- I obviously don’t dapple in art very much but @blindbae and I decided to do a little, um, challenge of sorts- draw each other’s OCs! I drew Stella- and gosh I had so much fun drawing her despite my throbbing headache! I’m honestly not fantastic at drawing, but I am pretty proud of this WIP! Now… I wanted to post this before I started colouring it because… LOL. IT IS GONNA DIE. POOR STELLA!

Anyways, lemme know what ya’ll think? Should I stick to writing? Probably. 😂😂😂

Tagging @cupnoodle-queen and @nifwrites as well because- soulmate AU squad 💜😎

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hey, that last long musing "i am broken beyond repair" one doesn't have a source on it. where's it from?

This one here? 

The only source is my own brain!
I had a moment of inspiration and jotted it down. 
I’ve actually been considering adding a new tag, 
something like  “mine”  or  “my musings”, just to 
make note of the ones I come up with on my own 
so people know… 
Do you think I should start doing that? Is there a tag 
that would work the best? 

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you should do the idea you had where you merged the original two ideas together!!

thanks sweetpea ! i think i’m definitely going to merge the two ideas together. i’ll find an opportune time to plan the initial plot drop where i’ll invite people to like for a randomized, generated roommate while also starting the tag for ‘shuffled:roomies’ whenever people ask if they’d like a roommate. members are also allowed to readily make posts offering to have plotted roommates with the aforementioned tag ! 

as always, members please like if you’ve seen !

ready. set. start!

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whew~ (◎`・ω・´)ゞ okay! that should be everyone who liked or reblogged my promo. As promised, I did some starters which you can find here. feel free to interact with any of those or even just shoot me a message if you have a specific scene in mind.

same goes for anyone else~ this is not just limited to the people I tagged.

thank you all again for looking my way! I look forward to interacting with you all.


i cannot stop thinking about this glorious tweet about keith’s dad seeing keith’s hot galra mom for the first time

Don’t anger Asian kids. They fight dirty. Part 3 of my #work doodles. Colleagues be like “that guy’s all you ever draw?” Well I’m sorry for being in love at first sight with this man, Bob. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

My wishlist for Harry’s SNL appearance:

1. a variation of this moment with actual Harry interrupting

Bonus: their afterparty reunion

2. Jimmy and Harry in a sketch where they compete who does a better impression of Mick Jagger

3. Harry doing one ballad when you can only see his face, his green eyes staring straight into your soul

4. Harry doing one smash rock song that will allow him to fuck the micstand while wearing a sheer shirt freeing all his nipples and his inner ho persona

Please and thank you.