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“Villainous”: Why you shouldn’t  throw hate to this show

Okay, so over the past days you may noticed a lot of fanart and posts about a particular show: “Villainous” (or “Villanos” in spanish). This is actually a mini series that is transmited between comercials for Cartoon Network México. Is about a villain (Black Hat) who tries to make the most evil and succesful artefacts for villains, along with Dr Flug, Demencia and 5.0.5.

So, what’s the problem with this mini-series?

There’s a few flaws that people have been complaining about, the most important of those being Markiplier voicing 5.0.5, a problematic artist (LemonTeaFlower) working on this show, etc.

Ignoring those facts, “Villainous” is pretty funny and entertaining to watch, and the animation and art style is really good. Is not the humour that everybody likes, but I personally enjoy it. But actually neither the characters or the plot are the reason im encouraging you to support this show.

This is the first ever cartoon (for Cartoon Network) created entirely by mexicans.

As a mexican, I can’t describe how happy I am to know that my country is finally making big steps in the animation industry, this is a huge opportunity for people like me, who aspire to be an animator but don’t have the resources to get out of their country.

And, if this show gets enough positivity and fame, Ai Studios, the animation studios who made this show, might actually do more cartoons! Better cartoons, with better plots and characters!

Let me tell you something, if Ai Studios doesn’t start making more cartoons, there’s literally no job opportunity in Mexico for aspiring animators. You either go to the U.S or forget about animation.

And yeah, this show might seem cringey, (well, it started developing in 2007, what did you expect?) and as I said it has some problematic aspects, but I dont think this is the right time to start making callout posts and discourse blogs for this cartoon. It hasn’t even aired in the U.S yet and there are already pleople complaining. And I don’t blame them, I would callout those things too if I didn’t already know how important this show is for Ai Studios, how important this show is for mexicans.

Many of the people who complain about it don’t even know that this show is made by mexicans and the opportunities it could give to us. So, what i’m asking you to do is simple.

Don’t throw hate at this show.

I’m not asking you to praise it, I’m not asking you to make fanart for it. I’m asking you to leave it alone, and leave alone the people who are enjoying it.

How can we do better if you don’t even give us the opportunity to make more cartoons?  

So yeah, that’s basically it. I’m not saying everyone should watch it and enjoy it, I mean, if you want to do it go ahead. I’m just saying it would be kind of egoistical to make discourse blogs and callout posts for the first mexican cartoon made by a new animation studio that just came out 3 days ago. 

Let us have this, please.

Recently I’ve been trying my hand at embroidery. This one’s for everyone’s favorite Fjerdan, Matty 🌷

Four Years...

I was just looking at pictures from Sochi compared to Pyeongchang, thinking ‘wow, what a four years it’s been…’

And then I stopped, thinking ’… wow, what a four years it’s been’.

I mean, I remember the high everyone came off after Sochi, and like a month later he became world champion (!!!!). All at 19.

During the summer there were parades, and ice shows, and interviews, and meeting the prime minister and the Emperor of Japan. Everyone lived and breathed Yuzuru.

Summer comes and goes, and a new season starts, and with it the Grand Prix events. And THE event. Cup of China 2014. Which left everyone in shock, whether they watched it live or not. Boy gets knocked out and concussed, bleeds all over the ice, nearly kills himself performing (and I’m not exaggerating here), and somehow still makes it with a little push from the judges.

A month later, battered and bruised, he competes at home, falls left, right, and center, and finishes off the podium for the first time in ages (and for the last time as a matter of fact).

Still makes it to the GPF, KILLS HIS PERFORMANCES, and finishes with almost a new FS world record.

But, our boi wouldn’t be our boi if he didn’t have something up his sleeve. And so, just after winning Nationals, it turns out he has to rush to hospital to receive abdominal surgery. Needs time to recover, has barely time to train (much similar to now, actually), and finishes second at worlds.

Seasons come and go, and after the year of tears we’re glad the drama’s FINALLY over but, haha, no. Because Mr. Hanyu comes back with a vengeance.

Introduces two masterpieces of a program (although the SP had been introduced in the previous season but it got a nice little makeover), and after struggling in the first two competitions, changes the layout to make them way more difficult… And drops a world record bomb at NHK. NEW SP record, FIRST to break the FS 200, and FIRST to break the overall 300.

And because he enjoyed it so much, did it again at the GPF. Because why not. Piece of cake, right?

He collects a few more medals over the season to finish second at Worlds again, because, surprise! He’s injured again. So, time off to heal. Again.

(He should really have a routine going by now but still the boy does not understand how to let his body rest.)

With the new season come two new programs, and one very purple suit. It was white at first, but white costume on white battleground? Meh, not necessarily the best choice.

Oh, and also a new quad. No biggie! With very young, very bouncy skaters right on his heel, he keeps on pulling all his tricks out his sleeve.

Turns out this is actually a very relaxing season without major injury drama (oh, the nerves!), and in the end he get’s rewarded with his SECOND WORLD CHAMPION TITLE.

And finally, the season of all seasons! It’s almost time for the Olympic Games! Everyone wants to be in top form! Everyone pulls out all the guns! And Yuzu brings back the two most beautiful programs in history (sorry, I’m biased)!

And because everything is going well enough, Yuzuru. Gets. Injured. Again. And badly this time. During the training of the quad Lutz he severely injures a lateral ligament in his ankle. Now, I’m not a doctor, but for an athlete that’s goddamn serious.

Withdraws from NHK which is a massive shock (and also a relieve). Withdraws from Nationals which is a shock (but is kind of expected and is also a relieve). Then nothing. Nada. Niente. The Olympic Games, HIS GOAL SINCE SOCHI and before (he once said he hadn’t actually planned to win the OGM at Sochi, that was supposed to be his test run to shake the nerves for Pyeongchang) and the driving force behind all of the above, come closer and closer and there is no word of Mr. Hanyu. Yes he got nominated. Yes he doesn’t withdraw. But were is he?

And then he shows up. Late to the party, with an entourage of bodyguards that look like they could snap your neck like a twig if you walked the wrong way, all smiles and deeply relaxed.

Gives a few interviews, turns up to training to do a 15 minute session of stroking, singles and a tripple Axel, byyyeeeee. Comes back the next day with almost his full repertoire of quads, informs us that he’s been training for a few weeks now, that’s good (giving everyone a heart attack, because HOW??), goes on with his life and smashes this competition.

And becomes a two time (consecutive) Olympic Gold Medalist.

I mean… one of the injuries above is enough to throw someone off so much that they never really recover and have to look on as younger skaters take over. 

But not Mr. Hanyu. He wanted that OGM, he worked for that OGM, and he went and goddamn took that OGM.

And I couldn’t be prouder to have watched everything unfold.

And I couldn’t be happier to see him succeed.

Mr. Hanyu, I bow to you and everything you have achieved in and for this sport. 

Wow, what a four years it’s been.

The Losers Club as things that have been said in my godawful writing class

Stan: “I don’t want to be rude here, I really don’t, but I feel like I need to have a tetanus shot after reading your poem and also you should apologize”

Richie: “EVERYONE SHUT UP, I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY…………..*whispering* what the sweet and sour FUCK is a PREPOSITION”

Mike: “Someone drew a frowny face on my manuscript and I’m going to give you all five minutes for someone to fess up before I tickle the answer out of you. Don’t make me go there, I am ruthless”

Eddie: “I wrote this scene out of pure spite and a lot of chocolate covered coffee beans so you can bet your mediocre ass that this word vomit would make Mark Twain shit himself and openly sob—in that order”

Bev: One girl showed up to class fifteen minutes late with just the excuse of “I was navigating my inner labyrinth for the answer to why God allows us to suffer” and the teacher asked if she found the answer and the girl just replied “Velcro

Bill: “I wrote this poem with a lot of alliteration because my lisp can go fuck itself. Power move”

Ben: “My poem has the structural integrity of mashed potatoes but none of the satisfaction”


Pennywise: Look all I want to do is kick back, listen to showtunes, and terrify some children, why is that a problem

Bill: William Shookspeare

Ben: Edgar Allan Woah man chill out

Richie: Charles Got His Dick-ins

Bev: Guys what the fuck is your problem, you’re being so rude???

Bill, Ben, and Richie:  …uh….we, um-

Bev: Let’s be feminists here. Jane AusDAMN BITCH

*disorderly high fives with reckless abandon*

“The Bible says that being lgbt+ is a sin.”

I don’t care what you think the Bible says.

“But the Bible DOES say it.”

I don’t care what the Bible says.

“But the Bible says everyone should care.”

I don’t care what the Bible says.

“But the Bible says that Jesus cares about you, so you should care.”

I still don’t care what the Bible says.

“The Bible says that if you don’t care, you’ll go to hell.”

I. Don’t. Care. What. The. Bible. Says.


Receipt #21 as to how Emily Fields is always a step behind everyone else. 

All the other liars have had flashbacks to show the audience a glimpse of what they’ve dealt with during the five year time jump. Aria has hooked up with Jason, Spencer in Madrid with Caleb, Hanna dealing with her issues with Caleb, and Alison teaching/being with Charlotte. What do we see with Emily? The most relatable liar who was dealing with all kinds of life-altering events? Absolutely nothing. According to Marlene, Emily dropped out of college in Cali, went to Italy, taught Caleb how to surf, had a DJ’ing gig while sluttin’ it up in the nightlife with all kinds of girls. Booooi, that’s the most interesting five year backstory out of everyone and we don’t get see any of it? And for such a huge adventure like that, she hardly ever mentions it, herself?? As if she never did such a thing?? We couldn’t see Emily being a mess in Italy or even dealing with the news of Wayne’s death but we had to sit through flashbacks of Ezra and Nicole???

From romance to the actual writing of her character, Emily will always be one step behind everyone else.

the signs as things my mom has said to me
  • Aries: I'm literally the best mother one could ever have tbh
  • Taurus: no, the food that I cooked isn't bad. your behaviour is bad and don't eat it if you don't like it. go buy yourself an unhealthy sandwich from that shitty McDonald's
  • Gemini: let's lie to your father that i paid 100$ for this necklace. I'll give you the other 50$ but you just stay silent
  • Cancer: you have no feelings
  • Leo: if you were like me and not like your father, you would have been an intelligent one
  • Virgo: I brought you into this world and you will do as I say
  • Libra: *judges literally everyone* we should be good people and not judge others!!!!!!
  • Sagittarius: I'm flawless, you're just blind
  • Capricorn: why do you behave like a middle-aged pretentious rich mom?
  • Aquarius: why are we surrounded by stupid people. ugh i should have stayed home. *to my father* your friends are so boring
  • Pisces: me: mom when i get my scholarship I will get so drunk and become a catastrophe. my mom: and why do you think that you're not a catastrophe already

Inktober 05 - Strawberry

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 4)