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Colin O’Donoghue--OUAT Chicago 6/11/17

Colin O’Donoghue Q&A Panel

Note:  I had some issues with my recordings of this particular panel.  I had to record the panel in 4 separate parts, because my voice recorder couldn’t handle any more than 17 minutes at a time.  A couple of the parts went missing.  I was able to fill in most of the missing segments after hunting through YouTube for videos to supplement what I had, but there are, I think, a couple of minutes I’m still missing.

Announcer:  Welcome Captain Hook himself, Mr. Colin O’Donoghue!

Colin:  Awesome!  A bit of Led Zepplin.  You can’t beat it.  Hello everyone!

Fan (from audience):  Hello, gorgeous.

Colin:  (looks around behind him)  Who you talking to?

Fan (from audience): You!

Colin:  Oh, thank you.  It’s a lot…it’s a lot of people.  Hello.  I guess I’m gonna start with the questions.

Fan: Hi, sorry. (giggles and cries)

Colin:  This is a good start.

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  • Holster: I'm really glad you're my...
  • Ransom: Don't say sidekick.
  • Holster: I was gonna say say partner. I should have said friend.
  • Ransom: You should have said hero.
  • Holster: My only heroes are Robin Hood, and that guy who always wins the hot dog eating contest.
  • Ransom: And Captain America.
  • Holster: Yeah, he's awesome.

Since we’re at the end and I’ve never really been a part of a fandom before I wanted to take a moment because I have too many feelings.

Shoutout to each and every one of my followers first and foremost. Thank you all for taking an interest in my blog; I never dreamed I’d have so many of you :) 

I tried to say a little something for everyone I tagged but for those of you I didn’t, just fill it in that your blog is awesome, you’re awesome, and people should follow you.


@anationofthieves  ​I know you’re not active rn but I loved all your posts and your gorgeous gifsets   that I’ll probably never be able to do haha 

@candlewindsI live to read your anon replies and your tags and your gifsets

@captain-flintThe very first Sails blog I followed and the Queen of Gifsets. <3 

@crucifythenburn​ (Trinity) I heart your shining personality on tumblr and your incredible Silverflint fic I Will Try To Fix You which everyone and their mother’s sister should be reading

@char7​ (Charley) <3  A gal after my own heart. I swear our brains are wired together; I agree with most everything she says about Sails and politics RPJ and everything else we’ve ever chatted about. And your sense of humor is fantastic

@dimplesflint​ (Mer) We are relatively new mutuals but I’ve followed you since your pianka days. Your Flint gifsets are positively scrumptous and thank you so much for commenting on a couple of my fics on AO3!! It meant a lot.

@ellelan(Elle) BS CATS FOREVER! You inspired me to make the Flint/Ginger Cat post, the first of several. So much fun. You’re such a great personality and the fandom wouldn’t be the same without your beautiful edits and words of wisdom (and your naughty thoughts for fics >:)  

@flinthamiltonStill one of the best Sails blogs and will always be near and dear to my shipper heart. Your gifsets and metas about James and Thomas are just amazing. You are sweet and kind in conversations and you even bother to reblog my things   

@flintsredhair​ (Meg) MEG!! I heart Meg. She is a superbly talented Flinthamilton writer and my favorite Flinthamilton writer. I feel like I can chat with her about all things James/Thomas. I don’t know how you keep pumping out so many great stories but keep it up!

@flintstruestlove Another recent mutual but since you jumped in here with nothing but a passion for James/Thomas AND  you make gifsets of seasons and things I haven’t seen forever, of course you make the list :)

@fmwisWe’ve never spoken I don’t think but you have faithfully reblogged literally every single Flint-related edit I’ve ever done?!?! Thank you!


@jadedbirch I think we’ve circled each other forever on here before we became mutuals lol. You are by far one of my fave personalities on here; you’re very easy going and I love that. And don’t forget whose idea the whole porn police thing was! ;)



@krimsnkramsart I love your style and somehow you come up with the sweetest James pairing drawings <3


@lady-eleanor-vane <3 You are so super sweet and a friendly person no matter what! Thanks for taking an interest in me and my blog 


@Maria (musemm)What can I say? You and shinmaya were so welcoming to me when I was a noob on here and gave me exposure. We both shared our love of Billy/Flint, and even though that hasn’t worked out, we’ve had many, many conversations about all kinds of things and I heart you; you’ve inspired my writing so much you don’t even know. *gives you a big fat wet kiss*


@mirandaabarlow The first person I’ve chatted with about Anne Rice on here. :) And oc your Sails gifs are Pretties I love to reblog


@ohflintYour silverflint edits are absolutely stunning and full of heart at the same time  


@old-long-john EEE I love your Silverflint fics!!!


@primal–scream​ (Lisa) I love your fics too and our funny ramblings on tumbles



@sagestreetEEEE SAGE! I must gush over your Black Sails painting/analysis posts; the fandom wouldn’t be the same without them!!! Also we’ve shared several convos about all kinds of things, serious and not so serious and I’m so glad to have met you here. Thanks again for those movie recs!

@shavingmysealegs<3 Another lovely blog ran by a lovely person ;)


@themissingmask Your artwork always makes me smile even on the worst days and is so very inspirational for writing fics     

@thewalruscaptain (Rachel) Along with Lisa, our funny ramblings on tumbles and also every so often you make fantastic pretties




@vowel-in-thug (Gemma) Your Silverflint fics are amazing!!! I always feel guilty because I can never read more than I write, but I read lots of yours even when I don’t comment <3

@zombievonmorgenWe haven’t chatted in a while but I’ve been loving every single Witcher post you’ve reblogged, and all those art posts very much. Your James Flint drawings are some of my favorite

…I’ll just be over here sobbing quietly now.

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So I just found out what the new Pirates movie is called and I find it so awesome that Killian said the same line! That "dead men tell no tales"! That's all I have, but I just fangirled a little over that!

You weren’t the only one! I got a bit of joy out of hearing him say the line too (I probably got a bit more joy out of this scene all around than I should’ve, but hey… Colin plays an amazing Captain Hook). 

Little bit of trivia - ‘Dead Men tell no tales’ is actually one of Cotton’s Parrot’s lines from the first Pirates movie. He says it when they’re coming up to the Isla De Muerta. ;)

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best advice you can give

Never go anywhere without your best bad-guy beatdown boots. And never go anywhere with space trash pandas who promise you cool tech.

Hang on… 

@meme-intern-of-shield just told me that I should be providing advice that’s actually useful. In that case… study hard. Work your ass off. Never let an injustice go unchallenged. And always remember that you are perfect just the way you are. And if anyone says differently, just tell them that Captain Marvel said that you’re awesome as is and they can just go jump in a lake.

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“Y/n, Are you sure we should be watching this? it seems really scary, And it’s rated M!” Peter 

“Peter, For gods sake we are teens and we can do what we want! Are you really going to not watch this awesome show because of that?” You cross your arms, Giving him a look that you knew would make him cave.

“I guess you’re right…” He sighs.

“Do you want me to hold your hand the whole time?” You jokingly say, But he nods his head frantically. “Okay then..”

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Eliza Taylor & Katie McGrath should meet each other, they're the captains of their ships aka Clexa & Supercorp.. It would be awesome! Better yet they should work together 😊❤

I’ve never seen anyone go as far as them into supporting a ship. And they’re not just saying these things. They seem to truly understand our POV. I’m so grateful for them. 😭🙏

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😍 for the emoji thing

we don’t really talk but we should because it seems like we like the exact same things?? like i read your description and you seem so awesome awesome because of your love of captains, prospects, etc.. and you like the exact same teams i do which is also really cool so because of that i just think you have such a great blog and i love following you

send me your favorite emoji and i’ll say nice things about you!

I just want to say, that if you’re a studyblr and you feel like you don’t have the “studyblr aesthetic” or the “studyblr grades” it’s okay. And you’re not alone.

If you think you can’t have a studyblr because you’re not a straight A student and captain of the debate team.

If you feel bad or awkward because your photos don’t look like everyone thinks a studyblr’s should.

If you can’t afford the awesome stationery and are using whatever you have.

If your things aren’t organized or super cute and neat.

If you feel like your studyblr is stupid because it doesn’t look pretty like others do.

Or if, in any way, you think your studyblr isn’t worthy of being one.

Your studyblr is gorgeous, okay? It’s awesome and super cool and it’s yours. You make your own aesthetic. Use those old pens and mechanical pencils. Take those photos with your blurry phone camera. Let your things be messy because life gets messy and that’s okay.

So what if your grades aren’t up there? You’re trying aren’t you? You’re trying and you’re fighting this battle called education, and darling, you’re a warrior.

So you keep studying, and you keep fighting, because this is your space and your journey, and you can do whatever you want with it.

  • Classmate: Is that Carmen Sandiego on your bag?
  • Me: No, it's Peggy Carter.
  • Classmate: Who is that?
  • Me: She was Captain America's love interest and she has her own show now where she's a badass that fights sexism and spies in the 1940s.
  • Classmate: Oh, wow, that sounds awesome! I may need to check it out.
  • Me: You should! Also if you ever want to talk about it in way more depth, please let me know. I was just trying to keep it concise because we're in an elevator and I know you have to get home.
  • Classmate: ...So what you're saying is you literally have an elevator pitch for Peggy Carter.
  • Me: ...Yes?
  • Classmate: Damn.

Now That’s What I Call Captain Swan Vol. 1
cs + lyrics #1-20

life support sam smith // treacherous taylor swift // all i want kodaline // hello adele // haunting halsey // lover of the light mumford & sons // working my way back to you four seasons // in her eyes josh groban @captainswanismyendgame // out of the woods taylor swift // beside you marianas trench @captain-swan-in-the-tardis // carry on feedback revival // sea of lovers christina perri @camelot-captain-swan // hold each other a great big world anon // if i could fly one direction @littlemisssunny // say something a great big world // gravity sara bareilles // gravity john mayer // stand by you rachel platten @firthmesideways// dark side kelly clarkson // alone heart @missielynne

Thank you to everyone who has been following, liking & re-blogging! I figured I should compile these somehow in case you all wanted a super awesome Captain Swan mix. Don’t worry, if you’ve requested already and haven’t seen yours yet… I’m well on my way into Vol. 2 ;) <3

yeah but au where derek is like the worst space pirate ever, so bad that he’s never even looted anyone successfully but the authorities send someone out to bring him in anyway because theyve never seen a single ship with so many traffic violations and so they send scott out to arrest him but derek gets the idea that kidnapping scott will be like turning over a new leaf it will be the start of his career as a real space pirate

so theyre sailing along with scott tied up to the bottom of the mast and derek’s telling the crew the plan for their next raid and idk he says something and scott pipes up like “um, no? thats a stupid idea you should do this” and it turns out scott is so good at being a space pirate wtf his plans are awesome and he gets them lots of loot and eventually derek steps down from his role as captain and scott takes over and maybe they fall in love and they roam the high seas together forever

Former captains comment on the current captains

As requested by anon. :)

There’s been a lot of turnover in the Bleach squads, if you count flashbacks. So now it’s time for former captains to take a look at their current squads, and let us know what they think!

1. Yamamoto on Kyoraku and Squad 1

Yamamoto: Shunsui is doing all of the things I hoped he would - he is leading his fellow officers through a very difficult time. He is bringing them together, preventing discord. He is stepping up and becoming the man I always knew he would be.

Yamamoto:But then, he’s also putting captains into death arenas. So that’s weird.

Kyoraku: B+ then?

2. Hikifune and Urahara on Kurotsuchi and Squad 12

Hikifune: I am so pleased that Squad 12 became the research squad!

Hikifune: The Gotei-13 always needed more science!

Urahara: Sometimes it’s less “science” and more “unholy experiments involving torture and pain”. T-these days, I mean!

Hikifune: Eh.

Hikifune: I’m Squad 0, you know. None of us got here by being - nice.

3. Isshin on Hitsugaya and Squad 10

Isshin: Toshiro has grown up to be such a good captain! So good!

Isshin: Responsible, brave, humble, strong, forgiving…

Hitsugaya: Um, forgiving?


Isshin: Bythewayyouwereinmyhousepleasedon'tbemad

Hitsugaya: WHAT?!?

Isshin: And he’s totally got his temper under control!

4. Gin on Rose and Squad 3

Gin: I guess Izuru seems happy enough.

Gin: He doesn’t cry any more than he used to with me.

Gin: And there’s nothin’ wrong with a captain who likes music!

Gin: On the other hand, Izuru never lost his entire torso under me.

Rose: Just betrayal, a complete shattering of his emotions, and some jail time.

Gin: You agree then?

5. Yoruichi on Soi Fon and Squad 2

Yoruichi: Under my leadership, Squad 2 was an elite, sneaky killing machine!

Yoruichi: Under Soi Fon’s leadership, Squad 2 is an elite, sneaky killing machine!

Yoruichi: That’s what we call consistency.


6. Love on Komamura and Squad 7

Love: No complaints. They seem awesome.

Komamura: I recently turned into an actual, non-anthropomorphic wolf, you know.

Love: I’m sure you’ll make a great wolf-captain!

Komamura: You really don’t want to come back, huh?

Love: Look, they have manga here.

7. Aizen on Shinji and Squad 5

Aizen: Captain Hirako recently lost a fight to a Quincy and he has crooked bangs.

Aizen: Do I really need to say anything?

Shinji: Ha ha well at least I’m not a fucking lieutenant-stabbing subordinate-killing traitor!

Aizen: You should try it. Maybe you would fail less.

Shinji: …like I want to emulate your “success,” Aizen.

8. Unohana on Kenpachi and Squad 11

Unohana: I created Squad 11 to be the strongest squad.

Unohana: Instead, it ended up with a captain who actively suppresses his power.

Unohana: It may be my fault, but it still stings.

Kenpachi: B-but I’ve unlocked my power!

Unohana: And I cannot wait to see how that changes things.

9. Tosen on Kensei and Squad 9

Tosen: The new captain is loud and brash and seems to care nothing for justice or fear.

Tosen: I am not a fan.

Kensei: Oh yeah? Well, which of us got Hisagi to develop bankai, huh?

Tosen: What bankai? I haven’t seen any bankai.

Kensei: …was that an insult to me or a blind joke?

Tosen: As if it can’t be both.

I woke up to this nice number (The 8 is my lucky number!!!)  and just wanted to say thank you to all of you. <3
As celebration I thought I could just make a follow forever list :)
Here we go.

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Sabotage...jeez...really??? Really????


 said:what do u think of some of the fans of kc that are threatening to sabotage felicity centric episodes? do u think they can?

I just…what??? Huh??? I’m having a Xander moment here.

Sabotage? Really? REALLY???? We’re better than this people. We are ARCHERS.

Bottom line? lol. No. The entire notion is statistically impossible and well…silly. 

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Heeeey!  I thought it was time to make a follow forever after 8 months on here, thank you for making it the best time ever. I wanna say thank you to every single person that follows me, you are awesome. I love every single blog that I follow, my mutuals and everyone who follows me. Unfortunatly I can’t really have all of you on here. These are the blogs I really like seeing on my dash and blogs that you all should follow. The ones in bold are the people I consider to be good friends, talk to alot or blogs that I’m a little extra addicted to I guess. 


alex-wennbergs - alexandersteen - bbickells - backcheckedbeaunnettbenngeron -  christopher-kreidophercaptainstamkostoews - captain-crosby - crosby-juice - captainjonathantoews - captainjontoews - danhammerhamhuis - daaanpotash - evgeniemalkin 


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valsnichushkins - you-saad-bro - youhadmeathockey 

if i have forgotten someone it is because I’m stupid and I’m sorry. But I do love all of you and I wanna be friends with you all. let’s make it happend. 

OUAT Positivity: Week 9

Week Nine // February 1 - 7 // Fandom Shout Out(s)

Who are your favorite artists? Favorite fic or meta writers? Favorite gif makers? Is there anyone that has helped you or made you feel better? This week is dedicated to letting them know!

I think this category is one of the hardest ever because the OUAT fandom and, specifically, the CS fandom, has so many talented people. Be it fanvids, metas, fics, gifs…this fandom knows how to do freaking everything! So, in this post, I wanna give shout outs to people I’ve got to known and who contribute to the fandom in any way they can. 

Fic Writers - This category has so many talented people but I’ll mention those fic writers that I’ve got to know, in whichever measure, and whose work has made me wanna write or even sometimes live the situations they write for their characters. Some of them are:

  • @weezlywrites - Her fic “a one time thing (and other untruths” was so so so enjoyable and she’s so talented that I just had to include her in this list. I’ve read some of her writings and she’s simply astounding.
  • @alexandralyman - I didn’t know much about her except she was writing a fic called “Beyond the Horizon” and, when I got around to reading it I was like “WHY DIDN’T I READ THIS BEFORE??!” The story is amazing guys, she portrays characters and feelings so accurate it transports you to the story. Simply incredible!
  • @nowforruin - Her fics “The Trouble with Faking It” and the outtakes of this same fic had me crying on the floor. Well, not really, but you understand my point. Her writing is simply amazing and she has a way of describing stuff that makes it real without being cheesy. Great writing, girl!
  • @xerxesrises - Just great. She’s such an amazing writer and everyone should go read “Make You Feel My Love”. The premise is awesome but once you get to read it, it is even more than you thought.
  • @phiralovesloki - As of now, I’ve read two of her stories. “With Affection” and “Give Me Love (Like Her)” which is the same story but in Killian’s perspective and they are PER-FECT! Seriously, they are so enjoyable, fluffy, a bit angsty and everything into one. Everyone should go read them now. 
  • @caishakalianah - Everyone should go read “Half of my Heart”. It is such an angsty fic. It’ll have you rooting for Emma and then for Killian, and then for both of them to just get their shit in order and be together, but there’s a great payoff. You really know how to write angst, Caisha! I both hate you and love you for it hahaha.
  • @thejeweloftherealm - Her fic “Until the Fog Lifts” is amazing. She adresses some of the issues we wish had been adressed in the show and makes such a good gob if redefining season 1 with Killian in it. And she writes amazingly!
  • @niniadepapa - I think it’s needless to say that if you’re new to the CS fandom, you just NEED to read “The Lost Boys”. It’s like an introductory course or something. That fic was one of the first ones I read and it is SO well-written and SO in character. The premise is amazing and it is definitely one of my favorites.
  • @navykillian - She writes amazing. I’ve read many of her stories, like “Search and Rescue”“(I Find Reasons to Believe) In My Daughter’s Eyes”“A Fleeting Light in the Darkness”“Crossing Party Lines”“Sailing Through Changing Tides”“A Day with Dad”“Rain, I Don’t Mind”“The Pitter Patter of Pirate Feet” and of course “When One Door Closes” and they are all amazing! You’re missing out if you’re not reading from her.
  • @ive-always-been-a-pirate - She writes such fun premises and such enjoyable stories. For example, I’ve read “As Real as You Want it to Be”“More than a Memory” and “Unfinished Business” and they’re both amazing. 

Meta Writers - This is one of my favorite contributions to the fandom because it helps us understand better what we’re seeing on screen and we can always come to these people and ask them something we might have trouble understanding. Also, they really deal with anon hate and these people just shut their mouths so beautifully I cry hahaha. So the following people are those I wanna give a shout out to for being awesome and writing great metas.

  • @hellowherearemypeople - She is super objective whenever she makes metas and that’s mainly what I love about them. Also, they provide proof so people who wanna hate on the producers, writers, etc., know that their beliefs are completely unfounded. She breaks down every of the character’s interactions. 
  • @qqueenofhades - Her metas and writings in which she calms down CSers when they start to freak out are awesome. They really help and they’re objective af. 

Gif Makers - I love this category. People are so creative and have done such amazing art that I’m constantly in awe of them. Here is a list of my favorite gif makers. 

  • @itsjustusyouandme - Her gifs are awesome and even when she says they’re not, they are, so SHH! She’s truly talented. You should go and check out what she’s done. Check them out here
  • @ohmycaptn - Anna is so so talented and the imagination she has for making parallels and gifs with cute fonts is amazing! Everyone should check out her gifs because they’re truly a gift for this fandom. Check them out here
  • @once-upon-a-captain-swan - Her gifsets are just gorgeous! I constantly see them in my dash and they’re truly lovely. Check them out here. Even though we don’t chat that much, your gifsets are beautiful and I love every single one. 
  • @onceland - She gifs beautifully and I really love whatever she decides to create. If you wanna check her gifs, click here
  • @thejeweloftherealm - So I guess Rebecca gets a double shout out both her fics and her gifs. They’re incredible. I love the ones in which it is Killian Jones in every episode. They’re stunning! Check them out here
  • @odonorude - Okay, so Ella gifs beautifully and she’s so so talented at making any kind of gifs. I love how she uses different and creative quotes , lyrics, as well as fonts and everything. Check her gifs out here.
  • @emmandhook - She’s so talented and creative and I love her gifsets 100%. Check her stuff here
  • @tough-lass - Shira is super talented and has so many innovative ideas that she applies to her gifsets. I love how she comes up with this new stuff and makes everyone in the fandom participate alongside her. If you wanna check her stuff out, click here

Special shout out too, to @illneverstopfightingforus and @killians-dimples, because their one-shots have made me swoon, cry, laugh and everything else in between.

This is what I don't understand

People who ship Snowing, but they think it’s “too soon” for Captain Swan or a Captain Swan wedding.


Snowing is the definition of FAST.  Okay so:

Snowing meets, we are introduced to their characters.  Within a couple episode time frames (since they don’t go in order), they are married and planning a future.  THEY JUST MET.  Sure they spend a lot of time apart trying to find each other, but the time they have actually spent together is short.  But it was true love, and that’s what matters.  But if we didn’t know the story of “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs” and know that Snow and Charming are true love, that would be hella fast! But again, true love. And when it’s true love, you know it’s right.

Now we move on to Captain Swan.  Who met in SEASON 2! We have now had 1.5-almost 2 seasons of build up for this couple. That’s A LOT for this show!! Hello!?

Rumbelle? About 2-3 episodes.

Eric and Ariel? One episode.

Snowing? A couple episodes.


So if you think all the others are perfect, why would you say it’s “too soon” for Captain Swan? Where are you getting this from? How in the heck?

So you’re telling me, if they get their True Loves Kiss at the end of this season, which I am almost 100% sure they will, they should “date a while first” before they get married?


That’s not how this show works.  Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL for a Rumbelle wedding! But I wouldn’t mind at ALL if it was Captain Swan, and I CERTAINLY don’t think it would be too soon.

When you know you know.  And I am pretty sure after True Loves Kiss, umm… well they are gonna know. So why wait?

I don’t care if they wait, that’s perfectly awesome too! But they don’t HAVE to wait.  

I am just so lost when people say they are so rushed, forced, and it’s all too fast. Like hello? Have you SEEN the rest of the true love couples on this show?

I don’t think you have.